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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba 3 3 it was a very super tuesday for hillary clinton an p>>laura: it was a very super ptuesday for hillary clinton and pdonald trump. pboth extended their delegate pleads but did not manage to win pevery state. pthe big upsets and marco rubio's pfirst win. p>>russell: scott kelly is back pon earth after spending a year pin space. pwhat's next for him? p>>laura: and developing this pmorning, two people and a dog pfound dead after a mobile home pfire in lakeland. pfox 13 shayla reaves is on the
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pinvestigation and who survived pthe flames. p>>dave: it is quite mild this pmorning. pin fact, 66 degrees out at tampa pinternational. psouthwest winds and some cloud pcover. pthose two combine to give us a pmild start to the day and maybe pa few sprinkles this morning. pnothing significant as far as prainfall goes and then it's pgoing to be a little drier this pafternoon as a very weak cold pfront moves through the area. pwe're back to the mid 70s today. pwe'll get more sunshine later pthis afternoon. p>>vanessa: thank you. phere at 6:01, nice road pconditions for folks heading out pthe door right now. pwe have a live look at the pinterchange. pi-4 and 275, looks like we're pstarting to visibly see traffic icking up a little bit but pwe're good as far as the travel ptimes. pwe'll check those out right now. psouthbound along 275 bearss pavenue to i-4 is a nine minute pride. pi-4 itself westbound between mlk pand the interchange, just five pminutes. p>>russell: developing this
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pfire in lakeland. pthe bodies were found inside of pa home. p>>laura: shayla reaves is live pfor us at the scene with an pupdate. pgood morning, shayla. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthe fire marshall remains on the pscene and it could take some ptime to determine exactly what pstarted this fire. pwe've learned the fire marshall pwould like to return to this pscene during daylight hours to pget a closer look at exactly pwhat happened, a closer look at psome evidence. pi want to take you to the scene pwe arrived to. pthis all started, we learned, paround 1:15 this morning in the p4300 block of old cold city proad. pauthorities received a 911 call pfrom a witness driving by who pspotted a mobile home on fire. pnow, at that point, authorities ptell us about half the home was pon fire in that time, and once pthose crews arrived about 10 pminutes later, the fire was
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ponce the firefighters made their pway inside, they determined both pan adult male and female were pdead in that home. pthere are a couple of pinvestigations going on today. phere is what the polk county pfire rescue public information pofficer had to say about that. p>> the investigation is running ptogether. pone is going to be from a fire prescue benefit. pthey'll determine the cause of pthe fire. pthe sheriff's office will be pinvestigating the deaths part of pit. p>>reporter: and we learned it is pfrom the polk county sheriff's poffice that we expect to learn pat some point the identities of pthe two folks who were found pdead inside of that mobile home. pwe learned that one dog was pfound dead inside as well and panother dog injured and we've psince learned that that dog psuffered a broken leg. pand in addition, a couple of pdogs were found tied up outside pof the home. pthey were said to be okay, no
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pthis is still expected to be an pactive, ongoing investigation pfor the next several hours. pfor nine who might use old polk pcity road, it's blocked off and pit could remain blocked off puntil this investigation wraps pup. pback to you. p>>reporter: thank you. plet's get to the race for the pwhite house. pit was a big night for donald ptrump and for hillary clinton. peach winning seven states. p>>laura: today it's the states pthey lost that are shaking pthings up. plet's start with the republican prace. ptrump takes alabama, arkansas, pgeorgia, massachusetts, ptennessee, vermont and virginia. pted cruz wins texas as well as poklahoma and alaska. p>>russell: and marco rubio pcelebrating his first win. phe took minnesota and at a rally plast night in miami, he promised pit wouldn't be the last state he pwins. phe's taking the flight directly. p>> five days ago, we began to
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pthat donald trump is a con partist. pand in just five days, we have pseen the impact that it's having pall across the country. pwe are seeing in state after pstate he loves to talk about olls. pwe're seeing in state after pstate, his numbers coming down, pour numbers going up. p>>russell: there's another prepublican debate tomorrow pnight. pit will take place in downtown pdetroit at the historic fox ptheater. p>>laura: donald trump skipped pthe last fox debate and a forum pbut a trump spokesperson says he pwill be there this time. pthe debate starts at 9:00. p>>russell: and now let's look at pthe democratic side. phillary clinton won alabama, parkansas, georgia, pmassachusetts, tennessee, texas pand virginia. pbernie sanders pressing on ptaking minnesota, oklahoma,
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pboth candidates are looking pahead to the general election. p>> now, it's clear tonight that pthe stakes in this election have pnever been higher and the prhetoric we're hearing on the pother side has never been lower. ptry to divide america between us pand them is wrong and we're not pgoing to let it work. p>> this campaign is something pall of you know. pthis campaign is not just about pelecting a president. pamerica. p>>laura: here is the delegate pcount as it stands right now. pdemocratic race, clinton leads pwith 1,001. psanders trailing with 371. p>>russell: trump leads the prepublicans with 285. phe needs 1237 to secure a
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pted cruz is next. phe's got 161 followed by rubio pwho now has 87. pand we're going to have more on pthe super tuesday results all pmorning long. pcraig patrick will be in at 8:00 pthis morning with his take on pthings. p>>laura: and florida is the next pbig state on the campaign pcalendar. p>>russell: there are 99 pdelegates at stake for prepublicans, 214 for the pdemocrats. rimary march 15. pearly voting has already begun. pthe polls are open in phillsborough and polk. pin hillsborough, more than 8,000 eople voted. panother 44,000 by mail. pearly voting begins in all other pcounties on saturday. p>>laura: according to the real pclear politics average, donald ptrump is still leading among pflorida republicans. phe has a 19 1/2% advantage over pmarco rubio. pted cruz is behind him. phillary clinton still has an pedge among florida democrats. pshe has a 29% lead over bernie
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pspike in the last week. p>> scott kelly back on mother pearth after 340 days in space. p>> we have a great view of him pnow. pthe folks here at mission pcontrol in houston letting out a pvery big cheer. p>>russell: the mission is pcomplete. pthis is our first look at pastronaut scott kelly breathing pfresh air for the first time in pnearly a year. phe and two russian cruise mates planded in kazakhstan just before pmidnight. pthey unloaded one by one. pthey're all okay. pbut they're still having to get paccustomed to gravity. p>>laura: wow. pthis is new video of the capsule pfalling to earth. pisn't this wild? pthe landing was picture perfect. pthe parachute unfolded exactly pas planned setting the pastronauts down gently. p>>russell: kelly conducted palmost 400 experiments.
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palso took part in research that pcould help with nasa's journey pto mars. phis identical twin brother, mark pkelly, participated in a series pof tests on earth that will help pscientists compare the effects pof space on the human body at pthe cellular level. pkelly has now spent a total of p520 days in space, more than any pother american astronaut. phe also broke the american precord for continuous space pflights. p>>laura: and today kelly will pfly to houston and go through a plot of physical and scientific ptesting and afterwards, he says phe just wants to jump into a ool. p>>russell: more trouble for pspace x falcon 9. pit continues to sit on the plaunch pad at the cape after the pcompany scrubbed the fourth plaunch in a week. pthis time space x blames upper plevel winds. pthe company says friday is the pnext chance to launch the procket. pthey think it's going to be too pwindy today and tomorrow. pand an exact time has yet to be pannounced. p>>laura: pasco county sheriff's
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phe's accused of planting drug pevidence on a suspect. pthe sheriff says that steven plablanc was in a feud. pduring an arrest, he ordered a araphernalia. phe returned the bag and never pfiled any additional charges. phe denies any wrongdoing. pno pnocco says that some of this was pon the body camera before he pturned it off. p>>russell: last week jim was paccused of stealing a $3, five phour energy from a 7-eleven. phe claims this was a mistake. pearlier this week, though, he psubmitted his resignation. phe is scheduled to appear in pcourt march 22. p>>laura: jury selection pcontinues this morning in the
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phulk hogan and the website pgawker. pthe judge has told potential pjurors to prepare for x rated pdetails in the case, too. phe's suing gawker after it osted a sex tape between hogan pand the ex-wife of bubba the plove sponge. p250 people in the morning, 250 eople in the afternoon received psummons. pquestionnaires. pthey will return to court today. pjury selection is expected to ptake all week long and we expect pto hear opening statements next pweek. pright now nearly 40 people are pstanding in line hoping to get phelp at the tampa i.r.s. office. pmany were turned away yesterday pand the line will only grow. p>>russell: the i.r.s.' response pwaiting. phigh heeled mistake that could phave kept one woman grounded. pwearing these shoes to the
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p>>dave: 6:11, our temperatures, pa lot of us still in the 60s at pthis hour because of the cloud pcover, because of the southwest pwind so a very mild start to the pday and look. pone, two, three -- yeah. pone or two sprinkles on the pradar this morning. pa front comes through today.
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p>>dave: 6:50. pwe've been talking about a cold pfront coming through wednesday pand friday but not a lot of prain. pi want you to look very closely pbecause i mean, there are just a pcouple of sprinkles. pthat's it. pso you may be driving down the pstreet and it sprinkles for a psecond or two. pokay. p10 seconds. p but the point is, there's not a plot of rain with this front as pit comes pushing through the parea today. pone of those if you feel a praindrop, you're a lucky one. pwe're at 62 degrees for our
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plower 60s west chase, brandon, papollo beach, a mild, mild start pto the day. pcrystal river, some strange preason they're still in the pupper 60s at this hour. p25 degrees warmer than yesterday pat this time so a huge pdifference as far as temps go. ptwo things. pclouds and a southwest wind. pthat's what it did to us this pmorning. pupper 50s from lakeland south paround 17 all the way to pwauchula and 60 degrees at psebring and obviously double pdigit warmth compared to pyesterday. pbrandon is 11 degrees warmer. pwesley chapel 10, and there it pis, 25 degrees warmer than pyesterday up in crystal river. pso it's pretty mild. phere's your southwest wind. pso that's one of the reasons pthat it is mild. pit's kind of muggy, too, dew oints in the lower 60s. pthis is one of those cold fronts pthat comes through and all it's pgoing to have to do is kind of pdry us out. pand we're beginning to see that rocess happening to the pnorthwest.
6:17 am
pthere with southwest wind. pwe go back to tallahassee, it pabruptly shifts to the northwest pso that's where the front dips. pit's moving through the anhandle now and working psoutheast. pabout a day or so, we'll begin pthe process of shifting wind to pthe northwest and that's how you preally know that the front is pthrough the area. pbut other than one or two tiny psprinkles, i don't anticipate a plot of rain. pall the rain is up here in the pcarolinas with this particular pfront. pafter it moves through and we pclear skies out, it's great, pright? pthen friday we get another front pjust like this move through. pbut then the weekend looks pgreat. pi'll be honest. pthe next seven days, and maybe peven beyond that, it's going to pget nicer and nicer and warmer pand warmer so this front is not pgoing to too -- going to do too pmuch to us. ptonight we'll be back to normal psetup. pyou wake up tomorrow morning pneeding your light jackets for pan hour or two and that's about pit.
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pwe're back in the mid 70s for phigh temperatures. pboating today, we're dealing pwith a light chop. pseas running a couple of three pfeet but the wind has shifted to pthe northwest this afternoon and pthe next seven days, you'll see pthat up in the 20% rain chance. prain-free through tuesday and if pi could extend this into a p10-day forecast, the 80s start pto appear next week and maybe peven the mid 80s for inland plocations. pdare i say it's going to get hot pnext week, vanessa? p>>vanessa: i can't wait to see pmore. pall right. pthank you, dave. p6:18. plet's check in on tampa area. plooks like we do have a couple pof crashes working but it pdoesn't really show any line pblockage on the f.h.p. side so pthat's good news for drivers. phere's one incident, rowland ark drive and 22nd street, we phear there are going to be parea. psounds like lights are pcompletely out. pyou'll drive carefully through pthe intersection.
6:19 am
pdirecting traffic. phopefully it will be fixed up retty quickly. p>>russell: legal battle between papple and the f.b.i. continues. pyesterday the house judiciary phearing talked about whether pthey can be forced to unlock an piphone used by one of the san pbernardino terrorists. pthere needs to be an open pdialogue between the government pand tech companies to avoid this pin the future. p>>laura: a woman's shoes caused pa stir. pshe was stopped at a check point pwith these in her bag. pa pair of gun shaped stilettos. pheels are in the shape of phandguns. pthey are bullets around the psoles. pthe woman was told she could put pthem in her checked luggage if
6:20 am
pleft them with t.s.a. so she pcould catch her flight. p>>russell: michigan man had a pwinning powerball ticket in his pwallet two months before pdollars. pwinning drawing was december 16. pman says he always keeps his ptickets in his wallet. phe doesn't check them because he plikes to hold on to the dream of pbeing a winner. phe and his wife plan to use the pwinnings to help their children pcomplete some home improvements. pbut there's this. pflorida jackpot winner let p$73,000 slip through their pfingers on winning fantasy five plottery ticket expired at pmidnight. pno one made the trip to ptallahassee to claim the prize. pthe money not claimed goes to pflorida public schools. p>>laura: that is sad. p>>russell: it is. p>>laura: president obama and the ptampa bay rays are headed to pcuba later this month and they pwill not be alone.
6:21 am
prock band who is going along pwith them. p>>laura: and then you think it's ptough getting a pacifier away pfrom a child? ptry getting one from a dog.
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. p>>laura: all right. pit's time to see what's clicking pon the web this morning. p>>russell: how are you doing? p>>taylor: hi, guys. pgood morning. phello. pthis is me saying, hey, on a pvery special morning. pdr. seuss' birthday. prhymes matter to little girls pand boys when they start reading pto when they toss their toys. pwe all grow up and become big pkids just like the girl in the phot clicks did. ptake a look at this. pwouldn't it be nice if i could prhyme the whole thing, by the pway? p>>laura: i'll take the intro for pstarters. p>>taylor: see this girl? pshe's holding a dr. seuss book. poh, the places you'll go. pit was given to her by her pfather on the day she graduated phigh school.
6:25 am
psmiled and told him that it pmeant a lot but it wasn't until phe told her to open it that she plearned just how priceless it ptruly was. pyou're seeing an image of what pshe saw on each page was a note pfrom every single teacher she phad throughout the years. phe told her, quote, every year pfor the past 13 years, since the pday you started kindergarten, pi've gotten every teacher, coach pand principal to write a little psomething about you inside this pbook. pyeah. pshe burst into tears and said pthat it was, quote, astounding pto her to see something this pmoving, touching, nostalgic and pthoughtful. p>>russell: that's incredible. p>>taylor: they referenced her igtails and giggles and talked pabout her sharp wit, thinking pand dedication. pjust amazing. p>>russell: good dad. p>>taylor: it gives me chills. pit brought tears to my eyes. p>>laura: speaking of tears -- p>>taylor: yes.
6:26 am
pshould something to help. philarious video of a little boy ledging never to use his dad's prazor again after he completely pshaved just the front of his phead. p>>laura: walter said earlier it plooks like a cling-on baby. p>>taylor: and lastly, meet max, pan english golden retriever who prefuses to give up something pspecial to him no matter how phard his human tries to take it paway. pcan you tell what that is? pi think you mentioned earlier. p>>laura: it's a pacie. p>>taylor: it's a pacifier. pi just love how the human like, pyou know, owner gently retches pout. phe gently pushes her away. pno thanks. pno. p>>laura: funny. palways good for a smile.
6:27 am
pso the tampa bay rays have the pfirst spring training game today pbut an even bigger game coming pup. p>>russell: a historic trip to pcuba and who will be sitting in pthe audience, plus tax season, pit's here. palcides segui, good morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthis is hard to believe. ptwo hours before the i.r.s. poffice opens here in tampa and pthere are more than 70 people pout here. pa handful of them arrived at p2:00 this morning, others parrived at 4:00 this morning. pwe'll talk about this large pline, why they're here and how pcutbacks, federal cutbacks may pbe the reason behind all of pthis. prdinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves.
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p6:30. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pwe'll head straight over to dave pforecast. p>>dave: it's mild outside. psouthwest winds, cloud cover, pand catch this. pi do have a couple of sprinkles pon the radar this morning. pthere's not much rain moving pthrough the area today so i pmean, if you get it, consider pyourself lucky but for us, it's pthe clouds, southwest wind. pmorning. pwhile it's mild, then a wind pshift this afternoon to the pnorthwest. pthat will indicate to you, hey, pthe front is through. pwe'll drag in some drier air. pnonetheless, we're still going pto average out to be the mid 70s pfor high temps today. pcheck the roadways. phow does it look? p>>vanessa: we're starting to pslow down a little bit along i-4 pwestbound. pnothing serious. pwe don't have any incidents phere, just looks like normal pcongestion as folks start to hit pthe roadway. pit looks like we're dealing with
6:32 am
pcoming from mlk heading into the pinterchange. p>>laura: thank you. pbig night for donald trump and phillary clinton. ptrump walked away with seven psuper tuesday wins. phe didn't sweep the south as psome had predicted he would. pted cruz added texas, oklahoma pand alaska to his victory in piowa. pmarco rubio beat trump in pminnesota. p>>russell: and hillary clinton pwon seven states. pbernie sanders won four states. p>>laura: voters in five more pstates head to the polls on psaturday. pthen four more states hold pcontests next tuesday. p>>russell: and then there's the pflorida primary. pit is march 15. pand here's the current delegate pcount. ptrump leads the race 285. phe needs 1,237 to secure the pnomination. pted cruz is next with 161 pfollowed by marco rubio with 87. p>>laura: then on the democratic
6:33 am
psanders trailing with 371. p>>russell: and this is a look at psome of the top trending searchs pon google of super tuesday. pgun control was the number punissue followed by education pand i mean gags. eople are also interested in pted cruz and marco rubio, asking pwhere ted cruz was born and why pshould i vote for marco rubio pand what does marco rubio have pto offer? p>>laura: seven new jersey pnewspapers are calling on pgovernor christie to resign in pthe wake of his failed residential campaign. peditorial outrage was sparked by phis refusal to answer questions pabout anything other than his pnomination of the state supreme pcourt judge. phis endorsement of donald trump pdid not help the situation, peither. pthe newspapers noted that pchristie spent part of 261 days pout of state last year pcampaigning. p>>russell: well, donald trump's pname is on skyscrapers, hotels, pgolf courses. pthis weekend one of his golf pcourses is hosting a big event. pthe world golf championship's
6:34 am
pthe past golfers have said that pdistraction. pnow they say they can't imagine pwhat's going to happen if he pshows up with his campaign pentourage. p>> i think it's great if they phave -- if there's a big raucous pwhen he shows up because then pthe media gets away from me and pyou don't hear the bad comments por twist them. pno. pi mean, it's going to be pdifferent. pwe never had this. pwe've had presidents, pex-presidents show up and cheers pat different events so that's retty neat and unique. pbut for being in the middle of a prace, yeah, it's going to be pdifferent. p>>russell: officials have been ptold that trump will likely make pan appearance at some point, pmost likely sunday, and this pcould be the last tournament at pany of his properties. plast year he had comments about pmexican immigrants and events pwere cancelled.
6:35 am
pfirst preseason today against pthe washington nationals. pthe season kicks off at 1:05 in ort charlotte. prays finished 80 and 82. p>>russell: in three weeks resident obama will make a phistoric trip to cuba. phe'll be the first president to pset foot on cuban soil since pcoolidge in 1928. p>>laura: the rays will also make phistory and walter allen has the pdetails on that. p>>walter: this has been in the pworks for months but now, pfinally the rays are going to pcuba to play the cuban national pteam in an exhibition game on pmarch 22. resident obama is expected to pbe in the stands as baseball pbrings our countries together. prays were selected to play in pcuba by lottery in november. phundreds of workers are reparing the stadium for the pbig game, fixing the roof, pgetting the field surface ready. pthis will be the mlb's first ptrip to cuba since the orioles layed there in 1999.
6:36 am
pamerican teams to play spring ptraining games in cuba. pof course, that was before fidel pcastro's revolution. pthere have been no trips between pmarch 19 9 59 and 1999. pthe game will be televised by pespn. pless than 40 players and a few pspecial guests will make the ptrip. pthe roster is not final yet. pthat's what spring training is pfor. pthey're working on visas and pother logistics. p>>russell: thank you. pin addition to catching a game, pthe president is also scheduled pto meet face to face with resident castro. phe will not meet fidel, though. pobama administration is still pdeciding which commercial pairlines will begin carrying pregular flights to cuba. pall the major airlines have papplied for the opportunity. pthat application process could ptake months. p>>laura: rolling stones are also pmaking the trip to havana. pthey're expected to play a free pconcert march 25. pthe stones will be the biggest
6:37 am
p1959 revolution. pcuban government once persecuted pyoung people for listening to prock music. pit was seen as a actual of pwestern capitalism. p>>russell: well, we've got just pover a month left now that we phave to file our taxes. pdeadline is april 18. p>>laura: and a lot of people pneed to actually meet with an pi.r.s. employee. pthat's proving to be very pdifficult. pwe're hearing about long wait ptimes at local i.r.s. office. p>>russell: alcides segui is live pat boy scout and dale mabry. p>>reporter: i have to tell you, pit's hard to believe how many eople are out here right now. pthere are about 80 people poutside the tampa office. pa lot more than i expected. pa handful arrived at 2:00 this pmorning. pothers started trickling in at pabout 3:00 and 4:00 this morning pand again, there are 80 people pout here right now, about that pand this office doesn't open puntil 8:30 this morning. pit's another two hours before
6:38 am
pkeep in mind we were out here pyesterday and spoke to a couple pof people. pthey waited six to eight hours pand about 4:30 in the afternoon, pa security guard came out and ptold them there was no more room por time for them to be seen and pagain tomorrow. pas you can imagine, a lot of eople frustrated because they pget off work, have other pobligations and all of a sudden, pthey have to come back out here. pyesterday. pyou got here at 11:00 last night por 11:00 in the morning pyesterday. pwhat was the line like pyesterday? p>> incredible. p>>reporter: what time did you pget out here this morning? p>> this morning i got here at p2:00. p>>reporter: you got here at 2:00 pthis morning. pso you're one of the top 10 to pget in. pyou obviously got here early pbecause you learned from pyesterday, right? p>> right. pyes. p>>reporter: why are you here? p>> i went to file. pit was rejected. pi didn't get in.
6:39 am
pthat you can go online and take pcare of or do you have to call? p>> you have to call but you can pnever get through. p>>reporter: you tried to call? p>> yes. p>>reporter: how many times did pyou try? p>> over 10. p>>reporter: was it busy? p>> the call was busy. pyou would be put on hold and pthen it would hang up. p>>reporter: what are you hearing pfrom some folks out here? pyour friend, does she need a psecurity pin, too? p>> yes. p>>reporter: you have a job, you pwere telling me. pit has to be frustrating because pthis is your second day and you pmissed work. p>> right. p>>reporter: how frustrating is pthis? p>> very frustrating. pit's ridiculous. p>>reporter: thank you for your ptime. pi appreciate it. pthe i.r.s. did make a statement pto fox 13 and here's what it psays. pmost taxpayers centers like the pone here in tampa run on a first pcome, first serve basis. passessors may not be able to
6:40 am
pdemand periods, particularly pday. pkeep in mind, many questions can pbe resolved online without pwaiting in line. pand again, that's a quote but pthe folks we spoke with out here psay, that's not the case. pthey cannot go online to get pthat answered and when they try pto call, the phone is busy or pthey're put on hold for a very, pvery long time. pi don't know. pi've never seen -- i was trying pto think last year when we pcovered the story, i don't premember this many people out phere this early in the morning. pback to you guys. p>>russell: did she say she got pthere at 2:00 this morning? p>>reporter: yeah. pand she's not the only one, prussell. pthere are five people that parrived at 2:00 this morning and pthere are about six to 10 that parrived at 3:00 this morning and pkeep in mind, this office does pot open until 8:30 a.m. but pthis is their second day missing pwork so they can't -- they're pnot taking any chances. p>>laura: you can't do that.
6:41 am
pwe don't want an audit. p>>laura: they needed to take psecurity procedures, too, pbecause of fraud. p>>reporter: we ran out of time. pi was going to get into just how pmany times -- there were 774,000 eople that may have been victim pof identity theft and that may pbe one of the main reasons these pfolks are here. pi.r.s. taking extra precautions pthis year, making sure that pthose victims do not become pvictims again this year. pso again, we'll dive into that. p>>russell: see you in a bit. p>>laura: charley belcher is psurrounded by treasure this pmorning. pwe'll check in with him in a few pminutes. p>>russell: and dave osterberg phas a treasurable forecast. pi got lost. pi got lost there. pand it turns out the man who
6:42 am
phunt had some help welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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pwhat it looks like for just pabout everybody outside. pyou have mostly cloudy sky, a plittle hint of sun here and pthere as we're waiting for the pcold front to come through the parea. pi say the word cold front ploosely because it's not going pto really get cold behind this pfront. pit's more going to dry out pbehind this. phere's another picture of plakeland reporting mostly cloudy pskies. pbecause of the clouds and the pwinds out of the southwest, it phas been a very, very mild pmorning and many places you robably need a jacket first pthing. plook at the rain. pone, two, three, four -- i mean, pthere are just a few sprinkles pon the radar and this is what pit's going to look like today poverall. pnot much in the way of rain. pthis is not one of the fronts pthat's going to be big pthunderstorms through the area. pnot one of those fronts that's pgoing to cool us off by 20 pdegrees. pit's not going to happen. pin fact, low to mid 60s pretty pcommon.
6:46 am
pmorning, crystal river is at 66. pbrooksville is 60. ptampa is at 66. psebring, winter haven, haines pcity, even inland locations are pin the 60s. pnow, as you go behind the front, pit does go up a few degrees. ensacola and panama city in the pmid to upper 50s. pthe front itself is squeezing psoutheastward. pyou'll know it's through when pyour winds shift to the pnorthwest. pright now, jacksonville, pgainesville, you see that psouthwest wind so the front has pnot technically come through pyet. ensacola it has. pcover today. pyou need a random sprinkle or ptwo and then the northwest winds pare going to come in and begins pto dry us out. pthat's why i think in general, pwe keep a lot of cloud cover paround, at least for the morning phours and then start a clearing ptrend late this afternoon. poverall, it's not a bad day. pa couple of sprinkles, 75 pdegrees.
6:47 am
p50 for tonight. pall we're going to do tonight is pbring temperatures back down to pwhere they should be for this ptime of year. pthen end up with a beautiful day pfor thursday, mostly sunny and pseasonable with a high ptemperature of 74 degrees. pwhile we're only expecting a plight chop offshore, be weary of pthe fact the winds are southwest pto northwest later today. panother quick front comes pthrough on friday. pnot going to do much. p20% rain chance. pthen a slow but steady warmup. pthen a slow but steady warmup. pwe'll find us 80 degrees for pearly next week. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: on the roads it looks plike we're not dealing with pserious incidents. pthe volume is building a little pquicker than we're used to pseeing this time of morning. pthis is near fowler avenue. pit's already crawling at this articular area where we're pchecking out heading southbound, pin the red. pbearss avenue to i-4 in the red.
6:48 am
p10 minute ride. pdrive safely. plet's get over to charley pbelcher. pgood morning. p>>charley: good day to you, pvanessa. phow are you this fine morning? p>>vanessa: great. phow are you? p>>charley: good. pi'm fantastic. pi'm going to talk a little money pmanagement with you. pfinancial website called wallet phub conducted an in depth panalysis and came up with 2016 pbest and worst cities at money pmanagement. pthe number one is interesting pand the worst one is interesting pto me. pso here we go. pthe number one city in the pcountry whose residents have the pbest money management skills? pit's a city i've never heard of puntil i had an iphone. pcoopertino, california. p>>vanessa: yeah. p>>charley: well, they're very pgood with their money there.
6:49 am
psaratoga, california. pthe first florida city on this plist comes in at number six, pmaybe not a surprise, sun city pcenter. p>>vanessa: okay. p>>charley: those folks better be pgood at managing money. pthey're living on retirement and ensions and that sort of thing. pthe rest of florida not so good. pin our immediate area, i did a psearch, sarasota ranks 977. pthe next best is -- well, it's pgetting worse as they go. psarasota the best. pthen clearwater at 1412. pst. pete ranks at 1839. plakeland, 1991. pbrooksville, 1940. pthe city of tampa comes in p2,181. pnow, this is out of 2576. pwe're not doing too good with
6:50 am
pthe last one, at 2,570, boone, pnorth carolina. pi will tell you the last time i pbounced a check, i was living in pboone, north carolina. pi was a college kid. pso yeah. pthere you go. pboone. psome of my friends say because pit's more expensive to live pthere because of tourists but pthey don't pay that much there. phighest credit score in florida, pthe villages. ponce again, listen to your pelders. pi'm at a great place, st. etersburg museum of history. psuch a fun place to visit at the pbase of where we used to have a ier at the end of it. pthe place formerly known as a ier, they teamed up with podyssey team exploration, ship pwreck. pthere are an estimated three pmillion ship wrecks around the pworld still out there pundiscovered. podyssey is discovering them as pfast as they can. pwe'll show you some cool stuff pthey've brought up from the pdeep.
6:51 am
pthank you, charley. p>>russell: all right. pthis morning there is a new list pof the world's richest people. p>>laura: coming up, who is pnumber one? pand who is catching up quickly? pand a small fortune catching pgiant snakes. pthere they put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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3 3 3 for p>>laura: welcome back. pyou know, forbes has released pthe annual billionaires' list. p>>russell: it has the usual psuspects on the list. pjoining us is lauren simonetti. p>>reporter: i don't see your pnames on this list. pi'm sorry. pyou're not one of the 1,810 pbillionaires around the world. pforbes says they clock in a ptotal wealth of $6.5 trillion pand believe it or not, that's pactually less money than they phad last year. pwho made the top of the list? pstock market didn't do so good plast year. pthird year in a row, bill gates pis number one. p$75 billion. pthen there's ortega. pyou might not know his name. phe's the founder of zara. p$67 billion for him.
6:55 am
pcarlos slim helu is number four phere but look. p$50 billion. phe actually lost $27 billion plast year. pthat's not so good. pbut he's still making the list. pamazon jeff bezos and facebook pc.e.o. and founder mark pscrubbing pzuckerberg is number six. ptry for 2017. p>>russell: there's always next pyear. psee you later. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for pchannel finder. pwe talked about the longest and pmost pythons, they took home pthousands of dollars and pyesterday we caught up with the pwinner. p>> we grabbed the snake, we ulled it out of there and i
6:56 am
pon the edge of the levee there pbecause we were exhausted. pthe snake was tired, we were ptired and it was just amazing. p>>laura: during the escapade, pnearly a third of the 106 ythons captured during the hunt pwere caught by the three. pthey had 33. pthey walked away with $8,000 in preward money. p>>russell: clearwater marine pwill release two sea turtles ptoday. pone was attached to a four foot plong fishing pole and the other phad a virus. pboth are fully recovered. pthey'll be returning to the wild pnear the sand resort. pit's happening about 11:00. p>>laura: and you can't take ictures, though. ptime to break out the green eggs pand ham.
6:57 am
pdr. seuss' birthday. phe was born today in pmassachusetts back in 1904 under pthe name dr. seuss. phe wrote 44 children's books, pincluding the classic like p"green eggs and ham" and "the pcat in the hat." pto celebrate today is read pacross america today where pschools and libraries across the pcountry will hold special events pto celebrate all the benefits of preading. p>>russell: boy, do we have psomething special for you. pthe world's only flying b 29 is pin the bay area this week. p>>laura: and jennifer epstein is pchecking it out this morning and pshe'll tell us all about it pcoming up at 7:00 and then pabsolutely incredible video of a pfamily in lakeland. phave you seen this? pa visitor decided to take a dip pin the pool and it didn't go pwithout a fight. pit's all ahead at 7:00. p>>dave: only in florida videos? pwow. p66 degrees. pwe're looking downtown, you see
6:58 am
pthe clouds today and winds out pof the southwest keeping it nice pand mild. pdon't look now but i do have a pfew sprinkles. pnothing significant in terms of prainfall today. pwatch this forecast. pmostly cloudy, 75.
6:59 am
7:00 am
pand 70 before the clouds come3 3 (russell- tragedy in the middle of the night. a fire kills tw p>>russell: tragedy in the middle pof the night. pfire kills two people and a dog pand how it could have been pworse. lus -- p>>reporter: big super tuesday pfor hillary clint sxon -- pclinton and donald trump. p>>laura: and fast start.


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