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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  March 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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tasty p we've got tasty pdeliciousness, light, spicy end peasy to put together she says. phave a new gourmeting it up pchipotle shrimp wraps. pby the way i requested them by pway special request. pit's no the weight it's your phealth. pone expert's reason for not pfocussing on the scale. p>> and good wednesday morning pi'm laura moody. p>> and i'm russell rhodes. poutside. poutside with dave right now. pyou said it, a little humid ptoday. pit is a little humid today. pwe will take care of that. pgive me eight, ten hours. pokay. pbecause we do have front on the pway. pone thing the front's not going pto do bring us rain. pa lot of cloud cover outsidebut
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plook at the 70s. pbrandon 72. pst. petersburg, sarasota, pvenice, brooksville, crystal priver, all at 71 degrees. ptampa 69. pclearwater at 71. pforecast today, go up into mid p70s. pfor those heading down to the pgame today, that's right a first pspring training game 1:05 port pcharlotte in upper 70s with pmostly cloudy skies. pand just a very pleasant day peven by last pitch with ptemperatures in the mid 70s. pvanessa. pall right spring training. pexcited about that. p>> let's go ahead ask check proadways 9:01 two big wrecks to pmake mention of here at the top pof the hour this one coming to pout largo area. pstill shot from when skyfox flew pover a couple minutes ago ridge proad a 16th avenue southwest. pyou can see it involves an poverturned vehicle. pand some extrication that had to pbe done. pwe don't have any final report pcrash. pwe do know thattal the lanes are pblocked in this area. pwe do have some jams. lease avoid that stretch of
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pif you can. pmeantime, southbound veterans pexpressway is still pretty pheavy. pwe have a wreck that was preported earlier over by waters. pleft lane was blocked. pso we still have the all of pthose delays that spanning back ptowards ulrich road at this oint. plooks like you could save about pten minutes or so if you take phutchinson down to turner and pdown to sander on in that psouthbound direction. p>> vanessa, well it was super ptuesday. pit was pretty super for prepublican donald trump and pdemocrat hillary clinton. pboth solidified their front prunner status. pboth of them won seven states. phillary took a commanding lead pit wasn't knock out punch trump pwas looking for it did increase phis delegate lead to 85. pcruz is second one 61. pmarco rubio wraps up third with p87 delegates. pand so now, florida becomes pmarco rubio's focus with winner ptake all delegates and being his
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pthis senator. pso he sent out an email blast plate last night. pthe slug we're under dogs that pwill win. phe continues to write, the undits say we're underdogs i'll paccept that. pthis is a country of under dogs. pbut we will win. pand when we do, we will do what pneeds to be done. pand our children will be the pfreest and most prosperous pamericans that have ever lived. pit goes on. pthe and american dream will pchange more lives than ever pbefore. pand we're going to leave for pourp children what americans palways leave their children the psingle greatest nation in the phistory of mankind. pcraig patrick back with us our olitical editor talk about pthat. pgood morning, good to see you pagain. pwhat do you make of that? phow does that sound to you? pwell i think he's making the pcase that this is david versus pgoliath. pand rubio is comfortable playing prole david because america does
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prepublican voters really seem to prelish this year an outsider pdisrupter showing up in exit olls and not just returns, prepublicans are sick and tired pof broken promise from leaders pof their own party, dating back pyears. pa run away debt and they are plooking for someone to shake pthings up. pso when you are a member of the pu.s. senate, it works against pyou. pif you're last name is bush it pwonder against jeb bush that's art challenge rubio is facing paup and comer and under dog. p>> but not an outsider per se? pthat's his challenge. pyeah. pnow he made the case and he will pit to make the case that he was pcertainly an outsider when he pran in between 10. phe won with a good deal of tea arty support in the state of pflorida. pa lot of support that's resently going to donald trump. pand bet that he will beat drums pon that count he went to pwashington to try to change pthings. phe too is an agent of change.
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pbe trailing significantly in his pown home state of florida. pby some 20 points in the olling. pkeep in mind that even if he pcloses the gap early voting, pmail-in voting has already pstarted here in the state of pflorida. pand with this he would have to pclose the gap and overtake pdonald trump awfully fast to be pable to make a differences on pmarch 15thall campaign know it punlike some of the other states, pmost of other states i guess, pit's a winner take allstate. pit gives an advantage to front prunner, because coming out of psuper tuesday you have a big pshot of mo menl item who has pmomentum now clearly donald ptrump. pwith this it sets him up with a ossible victory in florida. pthough it's a game and sets him pup for a possible victory in pohio as well. pthose key key contests could phave lot to to say in terms who pgets this nomination that's roblematic for all the other pcandidates. pit means rubio has to win pflorida to have realist shot of pstaying in this race.
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pjust a ben carson. psame for john kasich in state of pohio. plet's talk a little bit about phillary and bernie. phillary had pretty good night. pshe had an outstanding night. pbernie sanders won some states. pif you look at the pledge pdelegates. pnot a huge disparity between pthem considering fact you need p2300 to get there. pbut part of the advantages that phillary clinton has is not only pdid she win hundreds of pdelegates last night in terms of ledge delegates she also has a phun advantage in superdelegates. pright now she's 47 percent of pall delegates needed to clench pnomination. pi believe bernie sanders is more plike 15 percent of the way pthere. pshe's already more than a pthousand on her way to 2300. pso you have to ask, well how do pyou close that gap? pit seems extremely difficult if pnot near impossible to do. pbut what bernie sanders has pworking in his favor is a ton of pmoney. psome $40 million. pthat allows him to keep going.
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erspective, change things and ponce you get swo more winner ptake all states that maybe he pcan make a game of it in may pheading into june. pall right. pcraig, thanks. pthank you. pthanks for coming in to see us. pit 9:06 now the fracking bill pmoving through state legislature pis officially dead. pit had been kept alive last week pby a procedural move. pbut state senate declined to phear it again and killed it. pif bill turned into law it would phave allowed fracking to pcontinue in state while pdepartment of stwerjts rotection studied the ptechnique. pquite a few local company ban pit. pbut bill would superseded locals pand allowed companies to frack. pfracking is when energy pcompanies use high pressured pwater and chemicals to unleash pfossil fuels in the bed rock. pcritics say it harms the penvironment. psupporters say it's totally psafe. peither way the bill is dead and pthe local bans stay in place. p>> it was record month for pfloridians. paccording to jeff atwater the
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pflorida returned $32 million in punclaimed property back to the prightful owners last month. punclaimed property is money from pdormant bank accounts insurance pand utility accounts and pvaluable from abandoned safe pdeposit boxes. pby the way you can check to see pif state has anything of yours pby logging on to fl pyou should take a look. p>> and this developing story an povernight tragedy. pflames engulf a mobile home pkilling two people and a dog. pfox 13's shayla reeves has been pout there all morning long. pshayla have investigators been pable to figure out how the fire pstarted? p>> well no word yet on the cause pof this fire. pbut at this point, we can tell pyou the fire marshal has been pout here. palong with a dog they used to psniff for sni sort of paccelerants to determine if a pfire is suspicious or not. pit's unclear if that dog pactually alerted to anything. pbut i want to take you back to phow all of this began.
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paround 1 o'clock in morning paround that time when the polk pcounty fire rescue tells us they preceived a 911 call from a pwitness driving by in 4300 block pof old polk county city road. pthat witness described seeing a pmobile home on fire. pwell within ten minutes we plearned firefighters arrived on pthe scene, and they saw about 3 pquarters of that mobile home in pflames. pthose firefighters made it pinside of the home. pand discovered what we learn now pis a man and woman dead. palong with a dog that did not psurvive the fire. panother dog did suffer a broken pleg. pand two others were found tied pup behind the home. pat this point, it's unclear pexactly how that fire began. pand the identities of the man pand woman found inside the home. pthey have still not yet been pdetermined. paccording to polk county psheriff's office, it will take pan autopsy to identify the pvictims in this case. pand there are two investigations phappening right now. pthere's the fire investigation
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pand there's also the death pinvestigation to determine the pidentities of the people found pinside of that home. pso still active, still ongoing. pand of course we'll continue to pkeep you posted as we learn more pthroughout the day. pback to you. pwe know you will shayla, thank pyou. p>> all right. pit's march. phow are those new years presolutions working out to lose pweight get in shape? pbut, maybe its time to rethink pthe whole thing. phow we do any of this. pthere's a new book out and it's pcalled why diets make us fat. pthe unintended consequences of pour obsession with weight loss. pdr. sandra ammon, here's what pshe says stop diet does nothing pbut tresses us out. pand between actually causes us pto gain weight. pi like how she thinks. pwe need to focus on being phealthy rather than being thin a pdefinite correlation between poverweight people and mortality. pbut here's the catch, if poverweight people do just one
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plife-style in just one way the pdifference in their death rate pdisappears. pmeaning they have the same pchance of dying as that normal pweight person. pfour healthy things that can pmake a difference. pfirst, eat at least 5 servings pof fruits and vegetables every pday. pdid you know less than 20 ercent of adults get enough of pboth? pnext thing you can change, pdrink, do it in moderation. pthat is a glass of wine a day pfor women. ptwo for men. pnext, you saw this one coming, pexercise regularly. pexperts say that's three to four ptimes a week. p12 months a year. pconsistency is the key. pand finally, quit smoking. peverything from regular pcigarettes to e-cigs and cigars, pjust stop doing it. premember, change is just one of pthe ways to get healthy.
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phealth that matters the most. sounds.. that was pyou know those sounds? pthat was a fiddling red johnson pthe staple at the strawberry pfestival and long time plant president. pand we have some sad news to preport this morning, his great pnephew says he passed away. pthe man was one of the best pfiddler players in the state. pand even worked with hank pwilliams at one point. phe was 94 years old. pwell, mission complete and pcommander scott kelly is back on pearth. pand now he's on his way to phouston. pand then winning against all podds and obstacles. pamazing story. pthere's scott kelly. pand then we have the storied pordinary from walter. pnow we have charley. phi. p>> i'm back on earth as well. pno i'm not i'm in charley's pworld.
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pi am fascinated by this pshipwreck stuff. pi just i love looking at these pthings and trying to imagine a pstory that is they could tell. pand to think that they sat on pbottom of ocean so long. psomething dainty an a little tea pcup and saucer and it's intact pafter coming up off ocean floor pa ship that wrecked in 1865. plove it. pif you love it interested at all pyou can come to st. petersburg pmuseum of history because all of pthese finds are on display
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pi'll t some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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p u.s. gee lodge can being 7.9 pmagnitude earthquake struck off pthe coast of coast of sumatra. pindonesian officials are now phoping powerful and shallow pquake will not trishing any ptsunamis. pbut there is a tsunami warning pin place anyway. pepicenter of quake about 400 pmiles from any land. pabout 6 miles deep. p2004 a large quake off coast ptriggered that horrible tsunami. preally bad one that killed p230,000 people in 12 different pcountries. pkeep in mind, this is not the psame quake, may not be same pstructure the quake. pso don't let's hope that doesn't phappen here. p>> i don't think it will. pscott kelly back on mother earth pafter 340 days in space. pthumbs pick up we got a great pview of him now.
9:17 am
pcontrol houston letting out a pvery big cheer. pscott kelly as you just said preturned p>> mission complete. pour first look an extra not pscott kelly breathing fresh air pfor first time in near alli 83 phe two russian craw mates land pjust before mid fight capsule popened one by one astronauts pwere carried out menner okay it pwill take them a little bit of ptime to get used to something we pcall gravity. p>> and before he left space pkelly posted one last tweet, a icture of him in the capsule pand all captioned thanks for pfollowing our year in space. pjourney isn't over. pfollow me as i rediscover earth. psee you down below. pthat was posted shortly after he pmoved florida iss to capsule. pi can't wait now for this first pinterview. pfirst press interview once he pgets accustomed acclimated back pto earth and the what it was plike. pyeah, yeah that time i want to
9:18 am
pyou said regarding that pearthquake there's a huge pconcern what could happen pregarding a tsunami. pearthquakes different in terms pof how deep they are and things pthey can cause. pthat's the thing earthquake in pwas 2004, that was 9.1 pearthquake. pthis is 7..9. pi that numbers sound close but pthey are far, far apart. p7.9 to 8.010 times stronger. pso you can asee like a thousand ptimes stronger. pit was a much different quake. lus, the one in 2004 is only plike 90 miles off shore. pthis one over 400 miles. pit gives a chance for energy to pdisperse. pnow, will they have some damage? robably maybe a little bit of psue nam no thing like that what pemergency we're thinking about pwhen we first heard it uh-oh, psame area strong quake. pbut definitely different. p>> okay. pwe'll let you know the problem pis the information so slow to pget to this side of the world. pso we are looking at a very pwarm, very muggy start to our pday. pi know it doesn't stay muggy pvery often.
9:19 am
pnot going it to last because we pdo have dryer air just hours paway. pbrooksville st. petersburg, psarasota. pall of that 70 degrees. pthe wednesdays are out of the pwest now. pso you're pouring in some that phumidity off the water. pthe winds have shifted to the pnorthwest. pnotice around gainesville, where pwe kind of shifted that wind. pjacksonville front's through ponly a matter of few hours pbefore front comes through here. pit's not going to bring any rain pwith it at worst you will get a psprinkle. pso we're not concerned about pthat. pand it's not going to bring any pcold air. pjust going to dry us out a plittle bit. pso 75 degrees for a high ptemperature today. pt. will be muggy this morning ptonight as we clear it out, it pwill be drier tomorrow morning. pand a seasonable and high ptemperature of 74 degrees. peven though we have a light chop poff shore it's be careful pwednesdays abruptly shift from psouthwest to northwest later ptoday. pour next 7 days, another front pcoming through on friday.
9:20 am
pmaybe a 20 percent rain chance. pthen some drier air. plook at the warm up we have pthrough tuesday. pit would not surprise me i think pa probability that many of us pare going to be in the 80s. pvanessa. psounds good, thank you, dave. p9:19, we want to remind drivers pthat we have this earlier crash pstill working in lake wales parea. poverturned tractor trailer lanes pare blocked still between 10th pand 11th street you can see pwe're dealing can delays palternate berns avenueulmerton pand 58 the street east of 19. pwe have a crash with sp lane pblockage and delays both east pand westbound. p>> 9:20 the time this week we pfound investing in someone pinvesting in their future, no pmatter what obstacles can unlock punlimited potential opinion this pweek extraordinary ordinary. p>> make lots of new friends.
9:21 am
phard for her to hide that smile pwhen she's dancing. pbecause it's making me feel so phappy. pand that big smile and love of pdancing turns her into a fixture pspecial olympic healthy pcommunity center here in tampa pbay. pa rock star appear few years ago pher dream of becoming a dance ptampa bay. pwell tonight we have an pinspirational story about an a plittle girl living a big dream. pwhat great role model she will pbe. poh, isn't that something? pshe's so special. p>> we're going to following her rogress. pnow, an update that makes her pthis week's extraordinary pordinary. pand no work. pshe is the best. pdiagnosed with down stroem it pwas believed she wouldn't be pable to do much as an adult.
9:22 am
pmore importantly she never pbelieved that. pnow he's head of the class pteaching zumba twice a week. pso wonderful. pbecause she not only gets to pteach to people just like her, pbut they get the instruction of psomeone just like them. pit's been really wonderful to psee how they are so excited to psee her. pto come in here twice a week. pand now helping others with the pdevelopmental and intellectual pdisabilities to step out of pshadow of judgment and into the plight of endless possibilities. pjust like she did. pi was so proud of me. pthis is wonderful. pthey learn a lot. pshe tells us she's also pcompeting in rit milk gymnastic pspecial olympic games in atlanta
9:23 am
pextraordinary oert shoot knee a psuggestion on my facebook page. pwell tax season is here if you phave questions for irs get ready pto wait. pa live report from alcides segui pfrom a very busy, very slow irs poffice at 9:30. pcoming up charley belcher pshowing up the treasures of the pdeep.
9:24 am
9:25 am
podyssey p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from a st. petersburg. pwe're a st. petersburg museum u pof history such a great place to pcome visit. pjust at the base of the road pthat used to take you to pier. ptechnically is pier. psemantic they will rebuild
9:26 am
pstreet watching very close alli pkek kufk director. pwhat a great place. pwhat a neat exhibit. pi think it's so cool that you pcould partner with tampa company plike odyssey marine explanation pfor this shipwreck exhibit. pthis is really cool exhibit. pi mean it's a history museum job retty much to use artifacts and pcool images and words to share pstories. pbut shipwreck treasure of the pdeep, this is way, way cool. pi mean we're very fortunate that pwe hooked up with odyssey, at pthe exact right time. pwe're able to out put this pexhibit together. pwe they did an amazing job as pyou can see. pback in the actual exhibit pitself. pit really is neat. pand kids and adults and parents pand grandparents and that's panother one of i love all of pmuseum we have in our area such pgreat places to take out of town pvisitors and show off our area. pto sees these artifacts and.
9:27 am
irate stuff i find it pfascinating. pand then there's the whole other paspect of it which is the pscience and technology part of pit. phistorical part is cool enough pjust to look at the great ptreasury and artifacts that are pbrought up. pbut do learn how to actually pdiscover and recovered these partifacts is amazing. pi mean this is a perfect exhibit pfor kids of all ages to come in pand explore. pwe'll be on display through may. pthrough end of may. pwe're open 10 to 5. pmonday through saturday. pand noon to 5 on sundays. pso 7 days a week you can enjoy pit. pby the way once you come in you palso have a great baseball pexhibit. pwe do. pworld large's collection of pautographed base balls from pcooperstown. pwhat else for right now. pno we have a st. pete exhibit. pwe always have. pthis tellses story of city. pusually kind of here. pit was in this room. pyeah. pwe kind of edit down a little pbit to host this great exhibit. pand it will be back here soon.
9:28 am
pand new cool interactive area. pand of course we have our pthree,000-year-old mummy. pnot every day you get to see an pegyptian mummy. pyou cannot come museum. pi get it. pthank you very much. pappreciate it man. pall right st. petersburg museum pof history come check it out. pcome do a little splo paringstories they tell. pstories they see. pit's amazing, isn't it? pgood stuff. pyeah it is all right charley, pthank you. p>> everybody hates tax season. pbut irs is making it more pdifficult. eople oar waiting in line for phours and hours and hours. psometimes a whole day. pand never making it inside the poffice at all.
9:30 am
9:31 am
pst p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p welcome everybody. pw 2 bes 1099s, ten 40. pit's never fun. pif you have question for them or pneed to ask in person good luck. pfox 13's alcides segui is a plocal irs office where people phave been waiting since p2 o'clock this morning for help, pright? p>> good luck is exactly right. pbecause, for some of the folks pthat are just arriving they may pnot be saying good morning now plaura and russ. pline thankfully is moving and phas been moving since we last pspoke at 8:30 this morning. pthere were well over 100 people poutside the irs office here in ptampa. pand you can see the line still
9:32 am
eople are still coming out, pthey are still parking, still pjoining the line. pgood news is, that the line is pstarting to move. pbut folks arriving 2 o'clock pthis morning 2, 3, 4 o'clock pthis morning just to make sure pthey get in unfortunately they ptake off from work and just pwaiting in line. pand then at 4:30 depending on pyou know, who's here and what pquestions and some of the things pthey are dealing with. pfolks behind them may number pline for lot longer carmen perez pjoining us this morning. pyou were here, come up here so pyou can get camera shot. pyou were here yesterday at 8:30 pin the morning. pand then at 4:30 a security pguard came up to we had to leave pbecause they were closed. pso you were here 8:30 morning pthat's an entire day. p>> yes without eating just pstanding there you can't move pbecause you will lose your spot. p>> so what's going on with you? pwhy do you have to be here? pi have to have supposedly, i pjust have to give them my i.d.
9:33 am
pknow it's me so they can send me pmy taxes. pis that what you you need pin pnumber p>> and my taxes and my account. p>> so you were you were victim pof identity theft so you have to pcome here and just show them pyour driver's license and your psocial security number. pthat's it. p>> yeah. pthat's it. pand you've been waiting since pyesterday to do that? pthis is my six the day i've phere. psix the day here? p>> yes. pare you kidding? pyes. pmy six the day. pevery day they turn you away? p>> the first two days i was pinside with a number and 4:30 pbecause they close you have a pnumber don't have number they psend you home. pwow. pyes. pso you're not surprised to hear eople were here 2 o'clock in pmorning? p>> no. pi'm not surprised. plike i live an hour away from phere. pso gas, traffic, it's not easy. p>> wow are where are you at in pline they are saving your spot. p>> guy with a p>> you're midway. pso optimistic what what do you pthink will happen
9:34 am
psee, probably i don't, i don't pcome back again tomorrow p>> oh my gosh. p>> yeah. pi'm praying for you p>> thank you. p>> it sounds like you need some rayer. pi'm going to let you get back in pline again. pgood luck, thanks very much. pso you talked to the irs and pthey will tell you unfortunately pthey've had to make significant pcuts. pso that may be one the main preasons why we're seeing this plong line out here this morning. pi will say this laura and prussell we were out here joe and pi about three weeks ago i can't premember exact story, but i pdon't remember seeing the line pthis long. pi think as we get closer and pcloser to that mid april pdeadline, this line will pcontinue to grow as people are pfacing more and more issues. pback to you. p>> we're all just sitting here pin disbelief. pall for a pin number. pthese people are having to go pthrough this. pit's incredible. psix days. pshe may not get, she may not be pseen today. pshe'll have to come back for a pseventh day.
9:35 am
pwe don't have time for that pthese days. pthank you. psee you later, man. pis it? psuppose. psunny. pit sure looks pretty. p>> yes. pi got an update. p>> from the pacific tsunami pwarning center. pno tsunami has been observed. pgood. pno alerts issued the earthquake poccurred this is important. pearthquake occurred on a strike pslip fault. plet me explain that to you. pa strike slip fault is fault pthat runs like this. phorizontal. pokay. pand that's typically you don't pget large tsunamis with that pkind of motion. pwith the other earthquake they phad in 2004, it occurred on a pfault that drops underneath panother one you get that up and pit pushes the ocean in certain pdirection. pso that's why they think there's pnot groggy to be a large ptsunami. pthat is better news. pgood. psame time an update from the acific p>> very nice.
9:36 am
pwithout the internet? p>> tell me about it. ptell me about it. p>> i was trying to explain to my plittle boy i didn't even have a pcomputer when i was kid. poh, what did you do? panyway, you're right. pwarm, muggy. pmostly cloudy skies outside. pthat's going to happen that's pgoing to continue for most of pthe day with cloud cover. pthat we have to deal with. pwe're a 73 degrees in brandon. retty close to normal already phere at 9 o'clock 9:30 in the pmorningbradenton also at 73. psarasota, a lot of temperatures prunning in upper 60s and lower p70s. pwhere's the cold front? pi can tell you where it's pthrough. anama city. ptallahassee. ensacola notice temperatures in p50s and lower 60s. pthis front is the kind of front pit's not going to bring us rain. pit's not going to really bring pus cold air. pit's going to dry us out. plook at the difference in our pdew point which is 64. pit's muggy. pto 47 that uch in tallahassee. pi expected when you wake up ptomorrow, those are the dew
9:37 am
plook at all the clouds. pyou see clouds and front moving psoutheast ward through the pstate. pand there's your radar. pa couple of sprinkles off shore. pthat's about it. pso expect humid conditions pthrough mid afternoon. pthen it starts to dry out late ptoday with high of 75 degrees. pthrough next seven another weak pfront comes through friday. pa little impact on that as well. pthen pretty normal for the pweekend. pmid 70s for highs, mid 50s for plows. pwe start upswing in temperatures pthat will bring us likely into pthe 80s for highs at least by pwednesday. pgot a few first birthdays this pmorning. phayden todd who is turning one ptoday. phe loves to play the drums and pmoroccans. phe loves face timing with his pdad who is station ad fort pcampbell, kentucky. pwe hope you have a great pbirthday and save travels for pyour dad as well. pjesus is turning 1 today. pnow he loves to play ball with pdaddy and big brother. pand his favorite word is papa. phappy first birthday little
9:38 am
pand a belated first birthday pgenesis turned 1 last month. pshe likes to go to the beach and ark and read her books. pshe likes playing with her giant pstuffed polar bear. pso we hope you had a great pbirthday. pyou got to get your picture on ptelevision. phave a fwhe is a. pdave, thank you. pyes happy birthday to all. pall right time right now 9:38. pwe want switch gears get to psomething itty bitty more pserious we're getting word a edestrian involved crash coming pout brooksville area. preportedly along cortez pboulevard and griffin road. pnow fhp's able to tell me this pinvolves a pedestrian. pwe do know there there some pinjuries involved. pother than that we don't know pthe extent of injuries. pthere aren't any lanes blocked pin this area. pit appears as though emergency pcrew and medical transport has palready left. pwe'll keep you posted with more pdetails. p>> welcoming next bringing phistory alive. pthe only still flying b 29 pbomber in sarasota.
9:39 am
pthe details. p>> and then, a live look at the
9:40 am
pwe'l (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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9:42 am
3 3 ((russell/wiep vo)) it was called p it was called suicide pmission. pdo little raid april 8, 1942. pjust 4 months after pearl harbor plaunched b 25 bomber from an paircraft carrier they flew over ptokyo and bombed it and landed pin china and russia. pbombers didn't have enough range pto make it back to the ships. pwhile that raid did little hysical damage it was enough to pchange the momentum of the war. pit boosted morale for our psoldiers. palso got boeing the company that pmade the bombers busy creating a pbomber with a longer range. pand they did. pthe b 29. pcalled the flying super pfortress. pit could fly longer than older pbombers by far. pand now you can see one. pthe last flying one up close and ersonal. pand fox 13's jen epstein is at pthe sarasota bradenton airport pwhere this is on display. pright? p>> yeah. pit's quite morning. pimpressive. pyou explain what the b 29 is. pstanding behind us.
9:43 am
lanes that are here there are pquite a few. pit's the brave men who fought pfor our country. pand we're here with lieutenant pcolonel george hardee this pmorning. pwith at tu ski guy airmen. pwhat as what they did can you pexplain a little bit about it? pi'm african american. pduring world war ii military was psegregated. pi had to to go through flying pschool at. pgermany. pi was 19 at the time. pi mean, what was like being pbasically a kid and having to do pall of that? p>> couldn't beat that p19-year-old second lieutenant pflying a b 51. p>> it was just delightful. pand the crazy thing about it pwhat you told me earlier, the pfact that you were flying these pbefore you even had your pdriver's license. p>> well, yeah. pwell yeah. pbefore i drove a car.
9:44 am
pbefore i drove an automobile for pthe first time. p>> and i got to look inside this paircraft this morning and it is pincredible i can't imagine what pit's like when it's up in the pair. phow did that feel? pwell this airplane behind me is pb 29, of course. pand after racial integration ptook place in 1949, i was passigned to the neenth bomb pflying b 29s. pwhen in guam when korean war pstarted we moved up oklahoma now pwas and started flying missions pover korea particularly north pkorea how much time did u put in pthe service? p>> well i got out in '46. pwent back in '48 and retired in p1971. pit has got to be important for paircraft to be out here for pweekend ask show this piece of phistory to the younger pgeneration especially people who pdon't know much about it has got pmean lot to you as well. pit does mean a lot when you pthink world war ii so many young
9:45 am
psuch as this, and we're very peffectively did the job very peffectively. pthank you for being out here pwith us thank you for your pservice, of course and, it's a pgreat experience to come out phere gates are already open. pit opened 9 o'clock. pthey will open until 5 o'clock. pand people can come out here, ptake look inside, get inside the pcockpit you can even pay for a pride. pimagine that. pwouldn't that be incredible. psure would. pyou know you can imagine at that ptime during that time, seeing pthose historical pictures just pthink i just think about during pthat time what an amazing feat pof technology that must have pbeen. pand what, you know, i don't pknow, what a rush. pyeah. pwhat rush it must have been to pbe a part of that to know you pwere doing something that was pmaking the world better. pyeah. pi know. pneat. pthanks, jen. p>> all right coming up next get pready. pvanessa is showing off her
9:46 am
ptasty the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine r that helps make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... i love ya, tomorrow p in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto helped more people
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and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow r ask your heart doctor about entresto.
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p>> p hi there welcome back to pgood day gourmet kitchen. ptoday's recipe is a russell prhodes request he wanted psomething wrapped in lettuce so pi came up with recipe for shrimp plettuce wraps with lime chipotle pdressing. pwe're going to start with the
9:49 am
pfor that i need a food proser pand start with a lime. plet's get the zest off. pwe're going to juice the lime pnow. pso now we're going to add olive poil. pnow we're going to do garlic i'm pusing a smaller glove. pi don't want whole lot garlic pflavor in here but a little bit pis good. p>> chipotle powder. pa little bit of sour cream. pjust a little bit of salt and pblack pepper. pmmm. pokay. pthat is all done. pso we're going to set this off pto the side. pall right we want to work on the pshrimp now. pi'm going to use medium shrimp pand put them on a grill pan. pso these look like they are pdone. pthey've only cooking for about 5 pminutes or so. pi'm just going to remove them pfrom the heat. pnow we'll do a couple toppings pfor the shrimp.
9:50 am
pjust going to cut this in half pand make little scores here. pjust little slices. pso i have corn roasting in the poven. ptake that out. pso it has pretty nice char on it pbasically just put it under the pbroiler. pfinally we will do some chives. ptime to build it bad boy. pstarting off with some butter plettuce and two leafs of lettuce er wrap. pwe'll add the shrimp. pyou don't want to overload pwraps. ptomato and avocado add our proasted corn. psauce. pand then finally our fresh pchives. pand see how this tastes.
9:51 am
pvery tasty and very saucey. pnice smoky spicy flavor. pnice brightness with the lime. pvery good. phope you guys enjoy. p>> nice. pvery nice. pvery nice. pyeah. pwell you still got to taste. pi told you when ever you make precipe that's hand cover your pmouth one you know it will be a pgood. pa good sign. pthis is your special request. pall right. pi will go with this one. pall right. psalute. pthank you so much in advance. p>> in advance. pwhat kind of lettuce is p>> butter lettuce if you have pfavorite type go for that. pyou might not have to double it pup leak i did butter lettuce on pthe sturdy of too. phe's walking away. phe's walking away. pbut, you know i think most of us pabout lettuce wraps we think of psomething asian. pbut you know if you're trying to pcut back on bread or gluten psensitive this great way to eat
9:52 am
pit's not like a flavorless pthing. pyou know got chipotle i i will psay if you've never used pchipotle pointed he would just seudo three quarters of a pteaspoon maybe do quarter tee pspoon blend and taste. padding. pit can powerful. pif you don't know how it tastes pin unfamiliar with just add a plittle bit at time and taste. pit's a perfect spice. p>> it's not too, you know what i pmean not too, it is gorgeous. pthank you. pbeautiful. p>> presentation is good i love pthis. pthank you so much. pa little love going on in the
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
we'll be right back with a last look at dave's forecast. 3 3 3 (( plet's gets right to to lauren psim nelson mandela hey lauren. pafter super tuesday we not so psuper wednesday. psolt biggest thing for the year pfor nasdaq yesterday. psecond biggest for the dow. pwe have a slight sell off right pnow. pdow is down 70 points other pmarkets are lower oil prices are pdown. pand we got a report on the rivate sector job creation. pnot best number in the world. pnot terrible either but maybe pfolks a little bit nervous pheading into friday's big pgovernment jobs report. pnot some good news for name we pall know around here we see pbusinesses all time we're ptalking about sports authority. p>> yeah filing for chapter 11
9:56 am
pit is official. pas a result of about 140 of 460 pstores across the nation will peither close or be sold. pyou know what killed sports pauthority is a good question. ponline trend, amazon. pand also, app leisure. pyou look around you see women in pthere yoga clothes. pbrands lululemon really very opular right now. pyou normally would work out gear pand sports authority now you're pgoing to other stores to do so. p>> true. p>> all right. p>> thank you, lauren. p>> see you guys tomorrow. pbriefly we did want to bring you pupdate pedestrian involved crash pout brooksville cortez boulevard pand griffin road we're getting pword from fhp that the edestrian was a nine-year-old pgirl. pthe car struck her apparently as pthe school bus was loading. pshe was air lifted to st. joe's phospital fortunately we can pinjuries. pminor injuries. pgood, good, good. poh, good.
9:57 am
pit will turn dryer late this pafternoon. pbut looking forward to lower 80s pby next week. pokay. phere it is, folks this is how pgood day gourmet ends. pclean the plate club. pclean the plate club gold stars pall around. pyou going to eat that? pthat will do it for us today is pmarch 2nd. pwe're gone. psee you tomorrow. ptake care everybody.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new series, "the family," joan allen. and a tasty, heli dish from "orange is the new black" star lauren prepon. plus, your questions and comments on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your


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