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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 5, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EST

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new special k nourish.
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we leave you now with what could be a monumental find in the jonchts simpson murder case,
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o.j.'s estate. >> if you believe you are that individual that provided this knight knife we would love for you to contact our robbery/homicide decision. >> they're now searching for the person who found the knife at the edge of the property possibly during the demolition and gave it to an off-duty officer working on a movie shoot nearby. the officer apparently held on to the knife until recently when investigators learned about it. >> i was really surprised. i would think that an lapd officer would know that any time you come into contact with evidence that you should and shall submit that to investigators. i don't know what the circumstances are, why that didn't happen or if that's entirely accurate or if this whole story is possibly bogus from the get go, involving a variety of people. >> whether or not this knife is
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the murders of simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown-simpson and her friend, ron goldman, remains to be seen. o.j. is now in prison on an unrelated crime. >> i'm not an attorney but it's my understanding from being a police officer for 30 years that double jeopardy would be in place here. we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides he has already been charged with, because he has been acquitted. >> this development could not be more timely. fx is halfway through the ten episode run of "the people versus o.j. how the falcon 9 fared at an historic landing. it's opening weekend of the florida strawberry festival and they will be welcoming welcoming tens of thousands of visitors but you
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in traffic, all because of the construction at exit 19 on the 4. we are live to tell us about what is going on and evan the this. >> it couldn't. the florida department of transportation has been working on a project on not off-ramp for a few weeks and heading eastbound off of the ramp they are adding a right turn lane and this intersection. it was supposed to be done in time for the festival but the organizers think that this will cause a traffic jom jam during peak times. >> they called me and said that it was not going to be ready, i got quite a alarmed. >> the plant city commissioner says the state didn't make its deadline to have the construction done in time for this year's florida strawberry festival. he worries that visitors will be plagued with worse than normal
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weekend. >> the barricades are up and the barriers and cones and that make it difficult for people to come through there who have never been there before and it scares them and slows them up and we don't need anything slowing them up coming in. >> the florida department of transportation says they never promised to have the work done in time, but said they hoped to have it done. now they say it will be done some time in the spring. the construction did have the ramp down to one lane but for the festival the barriers have been moved to allow the normal flow, but still sparkman says it's a disappointmented but he says city officials have a plan to mitigate the back-up. >> we have enough personnel and we have a traffic dme committee and
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extremely well. >> think about getting off at alexander street or branch forbes road but fdof says it's important to use all three so no one route is overwhelmed with traffic. this project should be complete by april. >> the longest lines are those at the strawberry short take tent and not out on the road. the festival running through march 13. gates open tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and with all of the foond food and rides there are several big musical acts. including cheap trix and donee and marie. >> dozens of farm workers ers in pasco county are now looking for new homes because they were living in government subsidized housing because government officials say they lied about
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have to be out of the homes now tonight. how long have they been living there? >> in cases more than decade and it all started with an audit by the pasco county housing authority. many of the people they checked are migrant farm workers in a program that offers low rent to mainly agricultural workers. in december one came back as having a fraudulent social security card, and the agency sped up the process and identified 0 identified 30 people who are using fraudulent paper or who lied about their status. and now have ordered them out. one family member revealed how upset she is. >> this is inhuman, like give them a week to move out and it's not just two or three, there's a lot of families and it's just
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>> the chairman of the housing authority board says he is not sure how the workers slipped through the cracks and he placed a lot of blame on previous administrators. he says the agency has been under new management for about two years and says they've been cleaning up a 40-year mess, and now they are auditing every single one of the tenants in their properties. >> new at 11:00, sarasota county detectives are looking for the man in this video, saying he took pictures under a woman's skirt on wednesday at the bon bon vintage. the woman says she noticed a man following her around the store and when she turned around she noticed him crouched down taking pictures. when confronted he took off, if you see him call police. and police are looking for the
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and tackle. police have exhausted lair exhausted their public's help. the suspect is accused or damaging a shrimp tank that killed the sh shrimp and also a door, if you know this man, call police. and police are now testing a knife found on the former property of oj o.j. simpson, the murder weapon was never found -- or was it. today los angeles police announced one of their retired officers had kept a knife for years and just recently brought it to their attention. a construction worker found that knife while tearing down the home in the early 1990's. the construction worker gave the
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he recently called a friend who worked for the pd homicide division saying he was going to get it frames. well, he told his supervisors and now it's being tested for dna and other forensics. but specials say don't get too excited about this. >> more than a dozen knives were found in the area and none matched up with oj and one has to be careful that this could be just another head herring. >> and the knife could be irrelevant even if it is the murder weapon, as oj cannot be prosecuted again because of the double jeopardy clause, and now the police officer who kept the knife is being questioned to see if he could be charged with obstruction of justice.
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five tries but tonight spacex successfully launched its falcon 9 rocket at cape canaveral. but the landing? that didn't go go as planned. >> for the the fifth time seemed to be the charm for the launch of this rocket, a beautiful liftoff, taking a satellite into orbit that will support telecommunications and broadcasts over in asia. it marks the first launch this year from the space coast. spacex attempted to land the rocket after it detached it payload, on to a barge but the peament attempt was unsuccessful but everything else went awarding according
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successful event. >> and the ceo tweeted rocket landed hard on the drone ship, and didn't expect this one to land gently, because of . >> and this is an absolutely tunning image stunning image here, well, coming up it's the price you pay for internet fame. >> if you don't have people passionate enough to hate you, you are probably doing something wrong. >> for some celebrities there is a dark side to going viral. the blow back that is unavailable. wait, paul, don't talk yet. from trolls to tolls, an ideas that easies traffic on the veterans, but it will cost more
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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a plan to ease congestion on the veterans >> there is a plan to ease some congestion on the veterans but it may have you shelling out
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point b. plans are so add an express tollway but it will come on a road that already comes at price. >> those suppress lanes will be like highways within a highway. they are a part of the $380 million widens of the veterans that began in 2013. plans are to add wo two lanes in each direction doubling the highway's capacity, and so you can pay a little mother and more and use that lane to bypass traffic. the veterans would be the first toll road in the country with an even expensive toll lane. prices would fluctuate on the traffic and time of day, starting at 25 cents. and so the question? would you use it. >> if i'm in a rush or it's that time of day, like 5:30 and everyone is stopped i would probably use it, i don't see why i wouldn't.
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make a difference i would still pay the normal price to get to point b. >> those stress express lanes should be open by 2017. in tampa, josh cascio, for fox 13 news. >> parents were pushing for school recess and now specifically they will have to wait until the next legislative session to get it through. a final attempt to get the senate to take up the issue failed today, and they were told this is a rules issue because the sponsor of the bill tried to attach it to a larger bill. it would have required 10 required 15 to 20 minutes of recess a day, a house. and this is maybe the last thing you would expect while driving.
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moment that a roadway crumbled and swallowed the trailer this truck was pulling. officials say a sewer pipe gave way. >> when they stopped at the red light the ground just gaved it caved in with a big sound, like boom! >> this truck was sitting halfway in the hole. >> there it is, fortunately no one was hurt. the whole is about 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep and 4 feet across, but that is formidable. and we all have seen snow flurries but it got a little cool out there. >> and when you hit a golf ball, all of a sudden a hole in the ground opens up.
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>> the state is set for a beautiful weekend and a warming trend and they are wrapping up a beautiful day at the strawberry festival. lots of sunshine. day two of the festival is in the books and don't forget your sunscreen if you're out and good this weekend. the sun now is about as high as it is in the sky in late september and early october and so you can certainly get a sunburn on a day like we'll very well over the weekend. beautiful view late today, loved this shot from tony turik on will st. pete beach. the water temperatures warming up and approaching 70 after being in the 60's a couple of days ago. downtown tampa with the sunlight
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downtown. this photo from ballast pier. and this is the intercoastal, ed, always like your work. and in clearwater, lemon bay, down by englewood, always a great place to hang out. clouds late in the day making for a great sunset. and a front produced storms and rain today, and the front drifting south and the rain collapsed. all we had behind it were a few wis wispy high clouds. right now, every checkpoint is clear. tampa with a 60 and the same in pinellas park. there will be 40's across our
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we'll rapidly warm up into the 59. inland, a whole bunch of 50's, including 59 in sebring. outside now it's 60, dewpoint 51, a light north-northeast wind at 9. around the country watching a huge storm outside in the west. and watching some model data come in on this. you add it all up and there are areas from san francisco going all the way up into canada, into british columbia that could receive between 15 and 20? a. s of 20? a. inches inches of rain. snowing up by lake tahoe, and last winter they couldn't buy a drop of rain. this el nino winter has been hit-or-miss, heavy rain up in washington state but not so much
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the models are predicting several inches of rain but i think this is undercutting the potential for an even flooding event out in the west. we say in the 40's and 50's and tomorrow, lots of sunshine,80's inland and 70's near the coasts. and this is interesting for next week tf there . there is going to be a big trough developing in mexico that will produce snow in the mountain office mexico s of mexico and then a severe weather event in the plains next week and some of those storms could make it across the gulf and impact us in the next 7 seven to eight days. tomorrow, 55 by daybreak, and hope you have a great weekend. lots of sunshine, low humid and 75.
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sunday, and do we still xerox? i don't know if we do, but eventually we get into the 80's and areas inland, or areas next week could top off in the mid to upper 80's. >> and a heads up for any of you heading out, avoid 275 southbound at 38th avenue, brake-light city, because of an accident with injuries that is causing a really back-up against 275 southbound, 38th eave 8th avenue south. rescue crews are out there and you see the flashing lights, and it's slow going right now. coming up a warning for anyone who uses social media especially if you share videos that could become popular.
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>> all right, so we all know this a goal for people who use social immediate where a is media is to get people's attention but sometimes you can get a little too much of that. there are consequences for every postyou make, and there is also a dark side to going viral. >> i have -- >> shut up -- >> we are double choppering the
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>> patty, patty! >> we watch and laugh and reshare and then click on a different video. this one nearly nine years on youtube, keyboard cats. in 2007 when charley realized he might profit off his pet, he contracted a musician. >> this is the future of characters. >> today he calls himself a mean manager and he started advising keyboard cats owner several years ago. and today he has seven full-time clients, including including grumpy cat. >> some people cry and some bring gifts. >> it attracts the good, the bad and the unknown. >> in the entertainment industry, people sign up for that part of the job but it's hard when you are posting
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you have to you know, uphold yourself like a celebrity or something like that. >> creators rarely find themselves prepared for their video to go viral creating a command for people to protect themselves. >> chic sure make sure that you are not releasing personal information and that you are sending to different sources that are not revealing to your home address or your high school -- >> as vp of talent, julie representing 73,000 creators and says a viral anything attracts harm. >> it attracts haters and trolls as they call them. >> gumpy cats owner claims so ignore all of that negativity and enjoys the world's reaction
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>> when we do appearances, there is no touching grumpy cat. >> if you don't have people passionate enough to hate you are, you are probably doing something wrong. >> the building is on fire. >> i'm matt king for fox news. >> so hacking and cyber bullying are two of the biggest negatives but some have experienced more serious threats like having their personal information published like social security and even bank accounts. and so keep an eye on it when your video goes viral, there is a downside to that. >> and this is a sport you probably don't hear about every day, the usf pole vaulter is reaching new heights and he has (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with


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