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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 big name candidates stop in the sunshine state on super saturday. we're breaking down last night's big winners p>> alcides: we're breaking down plast night's big winners and plosers. p>> anjuli: a plane is forced to pmake an emergency landing on a pst. petersburg golf course. pthis morning we hear from people pthat saw it all happen. p>> alcides: the lightning had a pbig, big win. pwhy this was different from all pthe rest during the season. p>> anjuli: good morning. pit's 7:00 a.m. on a sunday
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pmorning like we always do with a plook at the sunday forecast. pgood morning, lindsay. p>> lindsay: it's a cool start pto the day, but nice and bright. pskies are clear this morning, pand we've dropped 1 degree from plast hour. pso it's 52 degrees in tampa this pmorning. pgo to the trau berry festival to pstart out the day where we're at p5 degrees and skies are clear as pwell. pwe have 43 in crystal river, 52 pin tampa, 57 in st. pete and 51 pin wauchula. pthe changes, we don't have high pclouds and we have a very weak pfront knocking on the doorstep pthat will basically reinforce pthat low humidity and that drier pair in place so a fantastic day pto really do anything, but a lot pof people are headed to the pstrawberry festival. pwe go to the opening gate time, p10:00 a.m. and 64 degrees palready and pushing the mid 70s pthis afternoon under pwall-to-wall sun. pby late week more clouds and plots of 80s.
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pand how long it lasts coming up. p>> anjuli: a crash crashing pinto a building in tampa. pthe car came off there on pcauseway boulevard. pthe driver was cut out of the pvehicle and rushed to the phospital. pthey're on scene now monitoring pstructure. pwe have a crew on the way and phave a live report at 7:30. p>> can i have a pledge, a pswearing, raise your right hand. pi do solemnly swear that i no pmatter how i feel, no matter pwhat i the conditions are. p>> alcides: goodness, love him por hate him, thousands come out pto see donald trump in orlando. pthe republican presidential pcandidate held a rally at the puniversity of central florida. psupporters packed in the arena pto hear his more than one hour plong speech. phe talked about policy and pshowed a softer side stopping
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pfloor actually fainted telling pfainters. phe also tore into ted cruz and pmarco rubio and joked about his plarge hand size. p>> is voter turnout during the rimaries 50% up, 60% up, in psome cases 100% turnout. pthere it is, cameras. plook up there, camera. pcamera. p>> alcides: trump stopped his pspeech ten times to deal with phecklers. phe reacted in a similar way each pand every time, but he added in pthe end when he wins florida, pthis race will be over. p>> anjuli: senator marco rubio pwas in florida yesterday, too. phe held a big rami in pjacksonville. phe'll be in tampa tomorrow. phe'll hold a rally at the tampa pconvention center monday pevening. pit's a free event, but you must prsvp for tickets.
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pto 5:45 and doors open at 4:00. pthe republican primary is ptuesday the 15th with less than p100 delegates up for grabs. p five states casted primary pvotes on super saturday. pamong republicans ted cruz pscored victory in tampa and pmaine. p>> on the democratic side bernie psanders won nebraska while phillary clinton took louisiana. pwe have more from new orleans. p>> reporter: five states pholding presidential contests on psaturday, republicans go to the olls and ted cruz won in pkansas. p>> if donald wins in all plikelihood hillary wins. p>> reporter: donald trump plooking to extend his lead in pthe gop races and taking shots pat rivals including marco rubio. p>> i watched it the other day pwhere little marco is going, pwell, donald will not win. pthis guy has so many problems, i pdon't think he'll come close to
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p>> conservatism is not how loud pand ovenlgsive can you be and phow many bad words can you say pon television, that's not pconserve tichl. p>> reporter: democrats in pnebraska, kansas and louisiana pare choosing between hillary pclinton and bernie sanders. p>> we know the stakes keep pgetting higher, and the rhetoric pwe're hearing from the other pside keeps sinking lower. p>> in poll after poll including pa recent cnn poll we are pdefeating trump by pretty big pnumbers and bigger numbers than phillary clinton is. p>> reporter: democrats in maine pand republican in puerto rico phead to the polls on sunday. plooming beyond this weekend's pcontest are the crucial rimaries on march 15th in ohio pand florida, which could pmake-or-break some of the pcampaigns. pin new orleans, louisiana, fox pnews. p>> anjuli: new this morning the pcoast guard is searching for a pman who fell overboard a royal pcare bien cruise ship in key plargo around 3:00 a.m. on psaturday morning. pguests say they saw the
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pbalcony on the tenth deck of the pnavigator of the sea. pthe coast guard is using phelicopters and a plane to psearch over 946 square miles. p>> alcides: a small plane is pforced to make an emergency planding on a golf course in pst. petersburg. pamazingly no one was hurt. pthe plane was piloted by an p18-year-old. phe and his dad safely landed pafter they experienced engine ptrouble heading from lakeland to pmanatee county. pthey were able to get the plane pright into the middle of the pgreen. pfaa investigators inspected the lane along with the pilot and eople along. pinvestigators say there were no pobvious cause of engine ptroubles. p>> he did a good job landing pthat plane, man. pi mean, wow. pi seen it going down. pi'm like, whoa! pwe're having a crash. pmy homeboy came out of the papartment, and he seen the plane pright here and showed me. pi'm like, whoa! p>> the faa is investigating the
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p>> anjuli: a hulk hogan pautograph signing came to an punexpected early end for safety preasons. pthe former wrestling star was psigning autograph and a large pnumber of people were on the psecond floor balcony and felt a pshift in the building. pfirefighters evacuated the pbuilding, declared it unsafe. pthe fire marshal says the store pwill remain closed until the powner has a structural engineer pdetermine whether it's safe to poccupy. p>> alcides: allegiant airlines psaid a flight headed to st. pete paborted take-off because of pmechanical issue. pthere was smoke in the cabin. pall 159 people on board are pokay, and the plane was taken pout of the service. aej assengers were put on another pflight and given a $200 voucher. p>> anjuli: a litter of puppies pdufrned on the side of the road pwill be up for adoption.
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pthis is video of one of the uppies. pnatalie was severely pmalnourisheded and has a vitamin pd deficiency and ricketts that pexplain her walk but her wagging ptail shows she's a happy puppy pand will find a new home. p>> alcides: how cute. p>> anjuli: a big win for the plightning as they take on the phurricanes at amalie arena. p>> alcides: a big er ger win for a plocal wrestling team. p how sciences are working to pgrow a new florida strawberry to pbeat the competition come pupping. p>> lindsay: that reminds us of pspring and so do the ptemperatures as of late. pit's a cool start to the pmorning, though. pwe're down 52 in tampa, 45 in pbrooksville, 57 in st. pete. pskies this morning are not quite penough and they're clear skies. pit's 55 in clearwater and turns pto 72 this afternoon under
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pfeeling cool by the water at the pbeach. phowever, late week spring pbreakers, a lot mother of them pare out there because it's so
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pwe talk (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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in sports this morning: the lightning p>> alcides: the lightning win pin dramatic fashion, and the prays take on the orioles. phere's fox 13's kevin o'donnell. p>> there's not a team in the plightning right now. pmaybe it wasn't the best erformance, but the bolts know phow to finish and have the pconfidence to come back no
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pthe carolina hurricanes are in ptown and they finished up the ower play in the lightning pround, a breakout. pandre plot, watch his do his pwork. p1-0 bolts. pcarolina ties the game in the psecond, and later it's that guy pget palat, who holds the puck pand rips it off carolina's pgoalie. pbad break for the lightning. pcarolina on the power play and pbounces off his mouth and goes ast ben bishop for the tieing pgoal. pit was good. pthat hurt a little bit, too. phe gets the rebound over to iler pjohnson, and he slams it in. p3-3. psix minutes to play. pthis goes to o.t. pit's a wild one. pboth teams have plenty of pchances, but finally he muscles pthe puck away and up the length pof the ice. pthey have a new mark with the pninth consecutive win. pthey take over first place.
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pfuture game last night. pdrew smiley gets his first start pthis spring and it was a good pstart. psmiley making this one count. phe strikes out the orioles most pdavis. pthrough 30 pitches, 18 for pstrikes and struck out three pbatters so pretty good. pgreat starting pitching and pthe third. pnew ray is slicing that single pto left, and that's going to get pkurt and richie shafer in for a p2-0 lead. peveryone's favorite making the ptrip to sarasota, and it was pworth it. phe has a triple in the fifth. pthat scores miller, 4-1 rays. ptwo rbis and the rays club the porioles 10-6. p remember dan johnson? pjohnson hit two of the most prevered homers in rays history. pboth were game-tieing shots as a inch hitter. pfirst one came in boston pseptember 2008. pthat tied the game in the ninth. pthe rays won it in extra innings
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prays get into the playoffs. pthen again, in 2011, in game 162 pjohnson homered again bottom of pthe ninth. pthis goes into extras again pagainst the yankees, and we premember what happened after pthat, evan longoria has the win. pjohnson is back with the rays pand putting his bat away. pjohn is son is trying to presurrect his career not as a phitter but knuckle ball pitcher. pthey sign them to a minor league pcontract. phow incredible is that if pjohnson pulls this off? p kyle busch off to a great pstart this season. pbusch looking for his first win pat las vegas motor speedway in phis hometown. p63 laps to go. pcody ware gets loose and darrell pwallace can't get out of the pway. pjustin marks is tangled up in pit, too. pall three drivers were okay, but pthey're day is over. pit's busch that dominates this pone, though. phe leads all but one of the 200 plaps. phe cruises to his second xfinity pwin of the season, it's his
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phe also will start on the pole ptoday in the sprint cup race pright here on fox 13 at 3:00. p well, a shout-out to the pbranded eagles wrestling team. pthey win the 16th straight state pchampionship, an amazing feat pgiven the fact they lost pdistricts and regional but sent pseven to state and they pumed poff the win. pnordstrom won a rare fifth state ptitle joining only a few others pto accomplish that. phe won his first as awn eighth pgrader. pthat's a look at sports. phave a great day. p>> alcides: that's impressive, pas an eighth grader. p>> anjuli: that's incredible. p>> alcides: lindsay, bring out pthe sweaters and jackets this pmorning? p>> lindsay: just this morning. pwe know the afternoon we'll go pahead and get rid of those. pit's a cool note to start out pthe day, and skies are clear pwhich is one of the reasons pwe're a few degrees cooler in a pfew spots.
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pthe only thing we've done is premoved some of the high clouds pin place so skies are clear and pi think all day it's going to plook a lot like this. pnicely. pa little warmer this afternoon. pfor now it's a chilly but 52 pdegrees in tampa. pwinds are out of the north at 5 pmiles per hour, and a very weak pfront working through the state pright now believe it or not. pvery dry and comfortable and a plot of people were at the beach pyesterday. pbut i was told by some friends pout there that even though we phad the sunshine we can't forget pthat our water temperatures are pin the mid-60s, so even when our pwinds aren't directly off of the pwater with it nearby, it will pfeel a little cooler out there. pone of the warm spots right now pis sirata beach with a north pwind at 8 miles per hour. p40s and 50s rule the bay area pthis morning. pwe go from 54 in apollo beach to p48 in new tampa. pat clearwater we're at 55 pdegrees this morning and 47 in pdade city and 43 in crystal priver and 48 in inverness.
7:17 am
pneed that warmer jacket until p10:00 a.m. p52 in bartow and also 52 in phaines city and winds today pgenerally coming out of the pnorth. pyou can see a slight northwest pshift. pthat has signs an extremely weak pfront in the state. pit won't bring clouds or rain pbut reinforce the drier pattern pwe're in. pthat will keep us nice and quiet pthroughout the day. pa slight breeze at the bay and pbeach. pwe're cracking 75 which is the paverage high today. pthe further inland you are the pwarmer you'll be. pby wednesday or thursday these plocations will flirt with the pupper 80s to near 90 degrees. pthere's warmer weather on the phorizon. p74 in bradenton and 75 in pbrooksville as well. pin the southeast we have the 30s pand 40s north so the northerly pflow equals the cooler air, but
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pa surge shifts east throughout pthe work week, so that's in presponse to an upper level attern called the ridge that pwill be building in and warming pus up. paround the country if you're pcurious this morning seenably pchilly in the northeast. pwe're mild with the zonal flow pin place. pwatch the high pressure pbuilding, so obviously warmer. ptoday we're in the mid-70s and pby tuesday we're near 80 and by pwednesday, thursday, friday and psaturday locations in our area pwill be well into the 80s. pthat warmer surge of air extends pfrom the midwest to the pmid-atlantic and northeast. pon the backside dealing with psevere weather by friday and pinto the weekend. pour high temperatures though by pfar a big headline average today pat 75. pby tuesday, wednesday and pthursday, look at that. plow 80s, and if you're visiting pon spring break, this is the erfect week for you. pif you're suffering from pallergies, it's so perfect pbecause we could use temporary prelief. pno rain in site until the pweekend. pit's 54 overnight and clear
7:19 am
p40s tomorrow morning. pduring the day on monday, a pcouple high clouds and that's it pand 77. pturning warmer with easily low p80s inland. pthere's a north breeze today for pthe boaters, seas at 3 to 5 feet pand that's especially offshore pat the beach mainly with waves ptoday. artly sunny mid-week and warmer pmid-week. plooking ahead to next weekend, pkind of tricky. pthe rain chance is on saturday pand not sunday at 30%. p>> anjuli: plant city is pcelebrating strawberries this pweekend, of course, but the pfestival isn't the only big pnews. pin the markets florida berries pare under attack from huge pshipments from mexico. p>> alcides: the future of pflorida's strawberries may pdepend on the sefrj arch for a pbetter berry. p>> this is our tissue culture pgrowth room. p>> reporter: plant scientists pvance whitaker has green sprouts pin tubes that grow into
7:20 am
pit's literally a breeding pground. p>> this is where we choose arents and we take the pollen pfrom one and put it on the pflower. p>> reporter: they're not pgenetically modified or gmos. pthis is traditional breeding pthey hope will produce a new pvariety of strawberry just in ptime. p>> it's really critical right pnow. pthe last four or five years have pseen an explosion of imported pfruit coming from central pmexico. p>> reporter: florida growers plook to whitaker and scientists phere at gulf coast research pcenter. pthey're experimenting with pthousands of plants. p>> this plant right here is a pvariety calmed sweet sensation. p>> reporter: trying to breed pthe very best performer. p>> it has to perform well when pit's hot, when it's cold, when pit's raining. p>> now in a field of many pvarieties, whitaker believes phe's closing in on the best pberry yet. pflavor. pwould you like to try one? p>> sure. p>> reporter: it's a new
7:21 am
p>> very good. p>> reporter: taste alone won't pwin. pthe newberry needs to ripen psooner, and that means plant pearlier. pit has to survive hot and rainy pweather in late september to hit pthe sweet spot on the calendar. p>> they need earlier fruit. pby the time thanksgiving rolls paround, they really want to have pvolume. p>> reporter: for years pstrawberry varieties named pfestival, radiance and sweet psensation carried the crop, but pwhitaker says they're narrowing pdown the field in the search for pthe new berry. p>> they just have numbers now pand no names. p>> reporter: the research never pstops but the competition from pmexico makes it more critical. p>> there's no such thing as the erfect strawberry, because we pcan always make progress. p>> reporter: perfection may be pout of reach but to get as close pas they can to the perfect pstrawberry is what florida pgrowers are depending on. p>> anjuli: it's fascinating.
7:22 am
psweet sensation three years ago. pthe target date for the new pstrawberry of 2017, and we'll pkeep you posted. p still ahead, before he went pon to be the number one player pin the world and win the pmasters, jordan spieth won the pvalspar championship. p>> the tournament is back and so pis jordan. pwe're talking with the porganizers about it coming up pnext. p pulitzer prizewinning pjournalist breaks stories and pthis weekend he's hanging out pwith it. p>> dude, what was that? p>> we break down the races in pmichigan and florida. pwatch "money, power and olitics" sunday night before contemplating the many choices on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus.
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3 before he won the masters.. p>> alcides: before he won the pmasters and before he was the pnumber one golfer in the world, plast year jordan spieth won the pvalspar championship right in pour backyard. phe's back this year to defend phis title.
7:25 am
ptracy west tournament director pas well as lee mccoy is in the ptournament as well. pthanks for being with us. pwhat's it like to have jordan pback this year? p>> we're absolutely thrilled. plast year when he won, coming pinto the tournament he had won a pcouple of tournaments and he was pa great amateur golfer. phe wasn't a household name and pnow he is. pwe're excited to have everyone pin tampa bay have a chance to psee him. p>> alcides: any changes from plast year? p>> yeah. pwe did some renovations to the pgolf course itself fshgs which pis terrific. pso some new grasses and the pcourses in tremendous condition pfor the players. pthen we've added some things for pthe tournament. pa par 4 miler that actually is phappening this afternoon, so eople can come out and run and pcopperhead course before they lay on it tomorrow. pthat's terrific. pthen our concert. pwe have rascal flatts on pthursday night. p>> alcides: be quiet, thursday pnight rascal flatts. pis that free or how much is it? p>> it's free if you have a
7:26 am
p>> that is fantastic. pall right, lee. pyou're playing this year. pwhat are your expectations, my pfriend? p>> you know, i'm just happy to pbe here. p>> alcides: i like that. p>> i'm a kid in college still, pso it's not very often a kid in pmy shoes gets to do something plike that. pi thank tracy and everyone at pvalspar for having me. pi grew up really close to the pgolf course in innes brook. pi would ride my bicycle down pevery week and watch them go pthrough. p>> alcides: he'd sneak in. p>> i can't comment on that. pi watched it every year, and pbeing near that growing up was retty cool. pit's an honor this week. p>> you play pga, right? p>> i'm almost down. p>> what do you shoot? pi have to ask you. p>> that's not a good question. p>> that's a bad question to ask? p>> it ranges between 62, 63. p>> my gosh, you're so good. p>> thanks, man. p>> you're so good. pi play golf and i'm probably one pof the worst golfers ever.
7:27 am
pbe so high, because after nine pholes i'm done. pi can't hit the ball straight panymore. pyou have to enjoy yourself, but pa person -- you're so pcompetitive and good at what you pdo, you can continue through 18 pholes? p>> yeah. pi play so much tournament golf pthat, you know, you get used to pit at some point. p>> so let me ask you, what's it plike to play? pwhat's it going to be like? pwhen you play with the rofessionals, that's got to be pan incredible story to even -- peven if you don't do well, just pthe fact that you're out there pand playing with those guys is pneat, isn't it? p>> yeah, especially being my phoim course, it's special. pin college golf we have parents pand coaches, and taets pretty pmuch it out there watching. pso, you know, i hope to have a pfew friends out there from home pthis week. pit will be a little bit of a pdifferent experience. p>> alcides: lastly, talk about pthe details, time, location and peverything. p>> the tournament is really this pwhole week, the 7th through the p13th, but the four-day pchampionship is march 10th
7:28 am
pit's all a long. ptee times will be announced on pthe website. p>> thank you for being with us. plee, we're cheering you on, my pfriend. pgood luck to you. p>> appreciate it. p>> alcides: thank you. p>> anjuli: still ahead, a sign pof hope in flint, michigan as psome residents see relief from pthe tainted water supply. lus, a car drives off u.s. 301
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he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. 3 good morning. thank p>> anjuli: good morning to you. pthank you for joining us this psunday for "good day tampa bay." pi'm anjuli davis. pwe have the forecast with plindsay in a minute. pfirst up a quick check on the
7:31 am
psarasota detectives are looking pfor this man after he took ictures up a woman's skirt at pbonbon vintage. pa 46-year-old woman noticed the psuspect following her all around pthe store. pshe saw him crouched down taking ictures of her. pif you recognize him, call the psarasota sheriff's office. p early voting in florida pkicks into high gear. pthis weekend is the official pstart date to statewide early pvoting. pit runs through march 12th. pthe florida primaries are coming pup on the 15th, and that's your plast chance to weigh in on who pyou think should be the residential candidates. p hillsborough county got a phead start on early voting on pfebruary 29th. pso far more than 73,000 people phave taken part, whether in erson or by mail. p and miss wheelchair florida phas a new winner. pheather lucille taylor took home pthe crown during the gala at pusf. pthey had to describe their latform, show their public pspeaking skills. pthe organization gives women who puse wheelchairs the opportunity
7:32 am
eople with disabilities. p>> lindsay: it's 7:31. pit's a cool but brighter start pto our sunday morning. pi hope you've been loving this pweather we've seen. pit's beautiful and comfortable pand really more of the same ptoday. pwe removed high cloud cover paround yesterday. pit's 50 in lakeland, which is pchilly, but you know with that pclear sky it won't last long. pat the beach we know the mid-50s pdon't last longer either. pclearwater beach showing 55 poverlooking pier 60. pas beautiful as it is, there is pan elevated rip current risk so puse caution. p42 in brooksville, 53 in psarasota and 52 in tampa and an pextremely weak front moving pthrough the area will reinforce pthe dry and mrechlts pattern. pit's all about the warming ptrend. ptoday they're out of the north pand breezy at times. p75 for the afternoon high. pby monday it's 77, and by
7:33 am
pweek we'll talk about that, pwarmer is the keyword coming up. p>> alcides: lindsay, thank you. pnew this morning we told you pabout this at the top of the pshow. pa car driving off of u.s. 301 pand into a building. p>> kelly cow when is live at the pscene now. pany idea how the driver is pdoing? p>> reporter: actually, we don't phave an update on the driver pyet. pi'm joined here by the owner of pthis business here. pthis is a law firm that the car pstruck. pnow, you weren't here when the pdriver of the vehicle was taken paway, but you did see the pvehicle. pwhat happened this morning? p>> it was absolutely pdevastating. pa car jumped the median it pappears and came across 301. pamazingly did not hit any light oles, signs or anything and pwent straight into two concrete pwalls of my building here right pthrough the fence that's owned pby wawa. pit threw bricks across to the pother property. pthe car was demolished. pi'm surprised anybody could live pthrough that. pwe're lucky the driver is okay
7:34 am
p>> reporter: you say the pvehicle was demolished. pwhat did it look like? p>> when i got here, the driver pwas gone, but the top of the car pwas gone and the whole front end pwas smashed. pit was absolutely -- it didn't peven look like a car. pit was bad. p>> we know anjuli that the drive pof the vehicle had to be cut out pof the car this morning. pthere was also an issue where pbecause he went through this pback wall here, the light pole pactually came down, part of the plight fixture came down and pthere were concerned about pelectrocution phe was cut out of the vehicle pand was taken to the hospital. pat this point we don't have an prink prinky tells me he was responsive pon the scene. p>> the officers said he was pthe hospital. pthat's a good sign. pmy prayers go out to the family. pif that was someone in my pfamily, if that something
7:35 am
pi couldn't even imagine going pthrough two concrete walls. phe had to have been going pretty pquickly to hit both corners. p>> reporter: anjuli we will pfollow the story throughout the pmorning. pfor now reporting live, kelly pcowan, fox 13 news. p>> alcides: kelly, thanks so pmuch. p>> anjuli: looking across pamerica, new developments in the pongoing water crisis in flint, pmichigan. pcrews have started digging up plead pipes on the city's east pside. pthe mayor made the announcement pin front. pfirst home to have its lead plines replaced. pit's part of the mayor's fast pstart program to work to replace pled pipe with copper lines. phoming with children and regnant women and where there pwere higher lead levels take riority. p>> i want to say that the goal, pmy mission is to totally get the pled out of flint, but we cannot pand we will not stop there.
7:36 am
pcomplete renewal of flint's pwater system, because we owe our presidents something. pwe owe the people in this pcommunity something. p>> anjuli: last month pmichigan's governor promised $2 roject. pthe city is still under a state pof emergency after lead from paging pipes leaked into flint's pdrinking water. p>> alcides: a washington, d.c. pbar is in trouble with the city pfor labeling its bathrooms men pand women. pmadam organ's recently got apers claiming they're in pviolation of a ten-year pregulation regarding rest rooms. pthe law orders single occupancy pbathrooms be gender-neutral and pjust be labeled rest rooms. pd.c.'s office of human rights psays it's not about transgender pcomfort but clearing up alleged pconfusion if a parent, for pexample, is helping a child of a pdifferent gender. p>> anjuli: firefighters in new phampshire brave the capitol philly temperatures to rescue a oor little pup in need. pfire crews got a call about a
7:37 am
priver. pfirst responders hopped into a prow boat and made their way pthrough the ice to reach the pdistressed dog. pthe dog jumped into the boat and pwas taken back to shore. phe's treated by a local vet and pis expected to make a full precovery. p time is 7:36. pin world news now, two big pdevelopments concerning the punited states' relationship with pchina. pa u.s. aircraft carrier and pseveral battleships are atrolling the south china sea pright now, an area china claims pas its own. pthe appearance comes as the pwhite house growing increasingly pconcerned about china's pmilitarization of the area, but entagon officials insist it's proutine. pwe learn the chinese government pis scaling back the military. pthe budget will have the psmallest increase in the last pfive years. p a stolen fire truck in pnorthern ireland leaves a trail pof devastation in its path. pa teen and 66-year-old man are punder arrest after it plowed
7:38 am
pcrashing into the front yard of pa house. pthey spend down street in an pengine with the lights flashing. pthe damage included eight pvehicles and a house on a presidential street. p>> alcides: preparations for a pvisit from president obama and pthe tampa bay rays later this pmonth. prepairs are made to the seats, proof and grounds as well as a pfresh coat of paint account in p1946. pit's dubbed as the yuaning keys pstadium of cuba. p>> lindsay: say it again. pnailed it. pi love it. pi would not have said it that pway. p>> anjuli: tax season is upon pus. ptaxes are due in a month. p>> we show you the simple pmistakes you make when filing ptaxes. p>> look at this one. pa cute bundle of joy full of penergy looking for a forever phome.
7:39 am
pshe' (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
7:40 am
7:41 am
p>> lindsay: good morning. pwe have a sunday treat. pwe have annie. p>> yes. pthis is annie, and she's just psuch an adorable little puppy, pas you can see. pshe's a 2-month-old terrier mix. pshe came to us from another pshelter so that we could find pher forever home. pshe's extremely affectionate, layful. pshe'll be a wonderful dog for an pamazing family. p>> we were playing with her pbefore the segment as well. pshe's a blast. p>> she was having a blast. p>> she came from georgia, so pinteresting story.
7:42 am
pthere wasn't enough room for her pwhere she was at, and she pbrought her down to us so that pwe could find her forever home phere. p>> lindsay: she has cute little punderbite as well. recious little lady, good with pkids and other dogs? p>> i think so. pshe has an amazing personalities pand temperament. pshe'll be a fantastic dog. pif you'd like to support the phumane society in other ways, pthere are other things coming pup. p>> we have a benefit night at pbone fish grill tomorrow night, pmonday night. pthe restaurant is open from 4:00 pto 10:00 and you can come in and pmention our name and bring in pthe flyer and 15% of your total pbill goes to support us. pso it's a wonderful way to eat panimals. p>> fantastic. p>> then we also are excited pabout the usual annual easter pegg hunt and photos with the peaster bunny that we have. p>> lindsay: so much fun.
7:43 am
pyou can bring out the entire pfamily to our shelter. pfour-legged, two-legged, we have pall kinds of activities and hotos with the easter bunny, pegg hunt for children in or prabbit resort. pwe have egg hunts for dogs, pcrashes for the children. pwe have food from the grilling pand chilling team. pa really great time and peverything supports the animals. p>> lindsay: we have good news. plast week or kitty got adopted, pright? p>> yes, amy got adopted by the pdowelling family. pthey were looking for a pwonderful cat to match their pactive lifestyle and fell in plove with her. p>> lindsay: fantastic. pwe want to share annie's picture pnext week with her new home. pif you're interested in this psweet little lady, come and meet pher today at the humane society pof tampa bay, 3607 north armenia phours. pshe's a sweetheart and won't
7:44 am
7:45 am
pthanks.@"h"h right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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ba da ba ba ba 3 it's 7:xx looking at p>> lindsay: time is it 7:46. pthis is a look at stop stories. pinvestigators say someone poured pan accelerant.
7:47 am
pflames whether crews arrived. pthe damage is estimated at p$5,000. psavings. pthis year you have three extra pdays on file taxes, but some eople wait until the last pminute. ptoday we had the list of top pfive mistakes people make that pcould delay your refunds. pwe have's kati pkiefer. pmistakes are something everyone pis doing or a good position. p>> the irs estimates you're 20 ptimes more likely to make pmistakes if you paper file. pa lot of times we do efiling, pbut there are stinking usage pmistakes with e-file. p>> if you do it electronic ally ally pyou're better off. p>> but you still make mistakes pand in the be one mistake is pincorrect bank information. pyou need to have a buddy that
7:48 am
p>> your spouse can help you out. p>> definitely or older child or pwhatever. pthe other things are your social psecurity is number is missing pand wrong filing status and pincome information is wrong. pcrazy. pyou will not get your money. pit will totally delay things if pone number is trans posed. p>> i think i've done this once. pyeah. pit doesn't take very much. peverything else is correct. p>> and then you're delayed. p>> incomplete income pinformation. p>> so missing w-2s or 1099s are pvery commoning. pon february 23rd is when peveryone in the whole nation pshould have got the w-2 or 1099. pif you didn't contact the irs or pcontact your employer, maybe pit's a past employer because psometimes you leave a job in pbetween. pknowing that those will pdefinitely delay your refund if pyou don't have the w-2 or 1099. pthe company submitted it into pthe irs and your information pcoming and doesn't match. pcauses a problem.
7:49 am
p>> math mistakes is when you phave a coupon buddy for pcouponing and you need a buddy pfor this. pmath errors are common, common roblems. pthe electrical ones that you pfile have a built-in calculator pto help. pit's an issue with math errors pand one thing that relates to it pis there's a free app called psmart receipts because receipts pcan be part of this playing in pwhere you need to actually prove pthat you've spent things, you pknow. pso a free app called smart preceipts you can take a picture pof it and it will read it and pkeep track of it for you. phow duly? pyou can enter it in and figure pout the budgeting. p>> this seems like a simple pmistake, sign the forms. p>> i know. p>> you probably don't think pabout it. pyou've done everything else and pi forgot to sign. p>> it's like signing a check pwhen you send it off to the pelectric company and they go pnope and you have all the fees pbecause you forgot the darn psignature. pwith an electronic one you have
7:50 am
pi had to send a separate file pthat is a form 70 something that psaid, yes, my signature it my pelectric niching signature. p>> we are running out of time. pyou can file your taxes for pfree. p>> yes. ph&r block, turbo tax, tax act pand even the has free pfeeling. pdon't pay to do your taxes punless you have a whole bunch of pcomplicated things and are out pof luck. pmost of the americans don't have ptoy pa i to file taxes. p>> it can be boring. pcoming up in the next hour we ptalk about coffee creamers? p>> yes, coffee creamers. pthat's right. pkeep you awake. pget two for under a quarter. p>> that's in the next hour. pthanks, kati. pnow your sky tower radar pforecast. p>> i hope we don't bore you with pthe forecast because it's more pof the same but a good more of
7:51 am
pthe mornings are cool and the pafternoons are warm but comfy pand a change this morning is the phigh clouds from yesterday don't pexist. pwe're clear and it's 51 degrees pand north-northeast winds at 5 pmiles per hour. pwhat a day to head to the pstrawberry festival. pif you dent get a chance to go pyesterday, today is just as pnice. pslight breeze at times out of pthe north. pthe gates open at 10:00 a.m., pand i know it will be crowded pout there today. pif you're not headed there, pmaybe you're doing the beach and icture-perfect on bradenton pbeach this morning. pnot many people out there, but i phave a feel spring breakers may pbe up early at times enjoying a pcomfortable feel to the air. phere's what we have going on. pslight breeze out of the north pand low to mid-70s. palong the coast at times with a pslight wind shift out of the pnorthwest it will feel cooler. pthere's an elevated risk for rip pcurrent today if you're brave penough to hop in the 56-degree
7:52 am
pit's 42 in brooksville and 57 in pst. pete. pso looking back at this time pyesterday, maybe one or two pdegrees cooler, not a big deal. pskies are clear area-wide. pwinds out of the north. pthat's a dry flow, and we also phave a reinforcing drier air pmarches on the backside of this pextremely weak front that will pmove through the area the next pcouple of hours. pyou probably won't notice this. pinto the evening hours tonight, pwe won't see as many clouds as pyesterday. phigh pressure shifts east and as pit does so the winds shift. pthat will be out of the a warmer pflow. pso today mid-70s and tomorrow pupper 70s and even warmer pweather on the horizon later pthis week. pour active weather this week pwill stay on the west coast. pyesterday we had one storm psystem, today we have another. pand i think the biggest deal ptoday is is that snow is really iling up across the higher pterrain with the cold air and pdeep moisture. ptemperatures are surging across pthe plains. pthis is that building ridge we ptalked about and it will be
7:53 am
pweather later this week. p56 in dallas and 52 in familiar a and 34 in new york city. phighs today pushing 80 i punderstand land. p77 in bartow, 76 in wesley pchapel, 75 in sarasota. pbut at the beach mainly low 70s pand over the next several days pwe add a few degrees to the phighs each and every day. ptoday is an average day. pthat's our average. p75 degrees. pnice and mild, lots of sun and plow humidity and slight breeze. pcool tonight, 54 for the povernight low under clear skies pand any clouds tomorrow will be phigh in nature turning warmer, pthough, 77 means low 80s inland. pon the water today i encourage pyou to key it near the shore. pseas at 3 to 5 feet by the pafternoon hours. phigh tide is 1:21. pst. pete pier through the next pseven days an unbelievable pwarm-up mid to late week. pas the rinl breaks down, we pintroduce the rain chances next pweekend. pi keep it 30% for now on
7:55 am
7:56 am
pmove it3 people put their "pucker power" to the test. p>> alcides: people put their ucker power to the test. p>> anjuli: it happened the pconch blowing festival at key pwest. pdozens compete. pthis is the fifth year for the
7:57 am
pit gives people the chance to pshow off their skills as a pseashell musician. pcontest antses r graded on pquality, duration, loudness and pnoeflt of the sounds they can pmake. laying a conch can be touch, pbut winners say it can be done. p>> i think i won because i layed a trombone as a kid, and pit's that -- it's that puckering pand how you blow into the morn pis the same way. pi have a tiki bar at home, so pwhen it's time for happy hour, pi'll let everybody know in the pneighborhood it's time for a phappy hour. pi give them a happy hour blow on pthe kofrn kofrn shell. p>> today i played a piece i pwrote on the conch shell myself. pit was the debut. p>> alcides: s in 1800s when the pkey's economic was based on psalvaging shipwreck cargo, psailors attracted attention by pblowing blast i'm savin' you five hundred coming soon from progressive, it's "savin' u," the new hit
7:58 am
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or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow r ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible. you're only a day away. 3 donald trump splits the super saturday primaries... and calls on **one of his rivals to step down. p>> alcides: donald trump calls pon a rival to step down. p>> anjuli: a st. pete golf pcourse has the fairway become a prunway for a teenager and his pdad. p a bay area church pcelebrating a milestone pbirthday.


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