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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 fire breaks out at an p>>russell: twice in one night, pfire breaking out at an papartment complex. pinvestigation. p>>jennifer: there is a little pmore than a week left until the pflorida primary. pwhat marco rubio is doing to win pover voters with time running pout. p>>russell: it's a fight bigger pthan anything in the ring. phulk hogan versus the website pgawker. ptrial starts today. pat stake, $100 million. p>>dave: 55 degrees outside at ptampa international. pnortheast winds at three miles pan hour. pit's going to be a great day and pi know there are many areas away pfrom the water that are starting pin the 40s this morning. phowever, the sun will be up at pthis hour. pit should be gorgeous. pdry air works in quickly and pguess what? pwe're back in the upper 70s for
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pjust an extension of yesterday pafternoon. penjoy it. p>> we're clear along the proadways as well. pnot much to tell you about, pwhich is good. pi-75 this morning, lights here pat the southbound side of 75 pnear fowler avenue, your north pbound lane headlights there pmoving from fowler avenue as you pmake your way toward bruce b pdowns and the selmon, that's ponly eight minutes. pno problems for you through that pstretch. inellas county drivers, we're pchecking in problem-free. pearlier construction along 75 phas cleared. pu.s. 19, accident and delay-free pand no problems along the psunshine skyway through pinellas pand manatee counties. p>>russell: an apartment fire preignited hours after pfirefighters put it out. pthis was in hillsborough county pnear the intersection of 131st pavenue 20th street. pthe fire started around 3:00 .m. and then around 10:00 last pnight, sparked back up. pfor the second time, in a matter pof hours, the roof was covered pin flames. pthree families were forced from
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pred cross is helping them. pthe cause is under pinvestigation. pfirefighters say it started in pan end unit and then spread. p>>jennifer: a dog escaped panother fire in tampa. pstarted just before 2:30 at a pduplex. pfire started on one side of the pduplex where no one was home. eople on the other side made it pout safe, along with the dog. pno word how the fire started. p>>russell: fiercely protective, assionately devoted, nancy preagan once said her life began pwhen she married her husband. pthe widow of president ronald preagan died yesterday morning. pshe had congestive heart pfailure. pshe was 94. pshe'll be buried next to her phusband, of course, at the pronald reagan presidential plibrary in simi valley, pcalifornia. p>>jennifer: her spokesperson psays there will be a chance for pthe public to pay respects. pno other details have been preleased. pnancy davis began her career as pan actress in 1951. pshe met ronald who was already a
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pthey married the next year. pshe made 11 films. pher final movie, nancy appeared popposite her husband. p>>russell: nancy followed her phusband to the governor's pmansion and then to the white phouse which she famously predecorated. pas first lady she launched a roject fighting drug and palcohol abuse among young eople. pto this day, kids still know the hrase "just say no." pshe called him ronnie. pshe even consulted an astrologer pabout his schedule. pthe couple were separated by his pdeath in 2004. p>>jennifer: reactions have been ouring in from generations of oliticians and celebrities. pher fellow first lady, bar broo pbush writes, nancy reagan was ptotally devoted to president preagan and we take comfort they pwill be reunited once more. psenator marco rubio said that pnancy reagan had incredible
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pan inspiration to an entire pgeneration of americans. parnold schwarzenegger led the ptribute from hollywood to the pformer first lady. p>> she was one of the greatest pfirst ladies, extraordinary phuman being and such a wonderful artner to her husband, resident reagan, who was, pwithout any doubt, one of the pgreatest presidents in the phistory of the united states and pi know she will join him now in pheaven and this love affair pbetween the two of them will pstart all over again. p>>russell: governor pschwarzenegger shared the pcampaign event in john kasich. pnancy reagan's endorsement was pseen as a great prize and she pdid not endorse any of the 2016 pcandidates but yesterday, ronald
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pendorsed john kasich. p>>jennifer: senator rubio has icked up a second win in the pnomination. phe swept puerto rico with 71% pclaiming all 23 delegates in the rocess. psecond. prubio said the race will change pon march 15. pthat's the florida primary. p>>russell: later today he's pholding a rally in tampa. pshayla reaves is live at the ptampa convention center. pcan't say enough. phe's got to win florida to keep pthis going, right? p>>reporter: you're right, prussell. pin fact, all eyes are on florida pand right now, all of the pcandidates are trying to make pthat final push to resonate with pvoters. pamong them, of course, marco prubio. phe's scheduled to speak here in ptampa coming up this afternoon. phe'll be appearing at the pconvention center as one of two pappearances scheduled before pthat upcoming republican residential primary on pthursday. pnow, rubio will at that time pshare the stage again with
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pgovernor john kasich and texas psenator at the time cruise. pit's the last time they'll meet pbefore the march 15 primary but pto get to the primary, senator prubio must get through tonight. phis rally starts at 5:00 in the ptampa convention center. pdoors open at 4:00. phe's expected to deliver remarks pand share his vision for the pcountry and then tomorrow, he'll phead over to sarasota for panother rally at that location. pbut over the weekend, he was not pthe only one, of course, with peyes on florida. pas you know, donald trump made pan appearance in florida as pwell. phe held a rally in orlando and pthen followed up with another pappearance at a golf tournament pin miami. pall of the candidates at this oint are trying to make that pfinal push hoping what they have pto say will resonate with voters pas they make their way to the olls. pback to you. p>>russell: we'll talk later. phere's a look at the latest real pclear politics average of the precent florida polls. pright now, donald trump leads
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pthat's a 19 point lead over pmarco rubio. phe has been on the rise since pthe end of last month, though, pwhile cruz has been falling in pflorida. p>>jennifer: bernie sanders icked up another win last pnight. phe won maine adding 15 delegates pto his total. phillary clinton leads by a huge pmargin. pshe's nearly halfway to her pgoal. psanders has promised to keep pfighting for all 50 states. p>>russell: the democrats have ptwo more primaries. p>>jennifer: candidates took part pin the least civil debate yet pand walter is here with more on pthat. p>>walter: michigan is a big rize, 148 delegates at stake. pthey faced off in flint, their pdrinking water contaminated with plead. pthe candidates were asked now pthey would handle the situation pif elected.
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presigned or recalled. pwe should support the efforts of pcitizens attempting to achieve pthat. pbut that is not enough. pwe have to focus on what must be pdone to help the people of pflint. p>> what is going on is a pdisgrace beyond belief. pthe president of the united pstates, this is what i would do. plocal government does not have pthe resources, if state pgovernment, for whatever reason, prefuses to act, children in pamerica should not be poisoned. pfederal government comes in, pfederal government acts. p>>walter: candidates also pclashed over the auto bailout pand guns. pmother of a teenage whoer psurvived a shooting spree in pkalamazoo, michigan asked the pcandidates how they would paddress gun violence. p>> no other industry in america
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psell products all the time that pcause harm. p>> if that is the case, pessentially your position is, pthere should not be guns in pamerica period. p>> that is like the nra osition. p>> can i finish, please? pall right? pand there are people who hold pthat view and that's fine if you phold it. pi think what you do is you hold pthose people who have used the pgun accountable. pyou try to make guns as safe as pthat. p>>walter: let's take a look pwhat's coming up on the campaign ptrail. ptonight clinton and sanders pagreed to meet for a town hall pon the fox news channel. pthis will be clinton's first pappearance on the fox news pchannel in two years. pagain, mississippi and michigan rimaries are tuesday along with pidaho's republican primary and
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pclinton planned to be on get out pthe vote rally. plast thursday's g.o.p. debate pwas the second highest rated rogram in fox news history. p17 million viewers. pthe debate is in miami because pthe florida primary is march 15. pit will be too late to swing psome voters. pabout 10% of people registered pto vote in hillsborough have palready cast their ballots peither in person or by mail. pflorida is a winner take all pstate, guys. p>>russell: it's 6:10 right now. popening statements finally set pto begin in the civil trial pbetween hulk hoeing on gan and gawker. p>>jennifer: hogan is suing pgawker for $100 million. pthe website published a sex tape pof him and the now ex-wife of pradio host bubba the love psponge. phogan's attorney says it was precorded without his knowledge. pthey say it's been viewed more
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pgawker says the video was news pworthy because hogan has talked popenly about his sex life in the ast. pjury will determine if gawker pviolated hogan's right to rivacy when it published the pvideo. p>>russell: you can count on fox p13 to bring you the latest pdevelopments both there and ponline at p>>jennifer: hogan has another pbig concern. phe was holding a signing at his pshop in clearwater beach when eople felt the floor shift. psupport columns that were pholding up a second floor had pseparated from the concrete. pno one was hurt but the entire pbuilding was shut down. pthe structural engineer was pcalled in to install more psupport beams. pmore permanent repairs could pcause traffic delays in the area pso be aware if you're passing pthrough. pthe shop has since reopened. p>>russell: a serious crash at pthe daytona international pspeedway but it wasn't on the ptrack. p>>jennifer: coming up, what a pwoman said after police say she psmashed through the infield. pformer bucs coach lovie smith is psaying goodbye to tampa bay pagain.
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pnext job. p>>dave: 6:11 on this monday pmorning. pi got 40s sprinkled in, some p50s, temperatures this morning a pbit cooler than normal, pespecially as you're getting paway from the water. pa couple of degrees cooler than pyesterday at this time but it's pgoing to be beautiful today. pin fact, sun will be up in a plittle more than half an hour. pnice, warm finish after the
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p>>dave: 6:15 on a beautiful pmonday morning. pi will tell you it's chilly poutside most areas, especially pif you're away from the water. pinland or north, there's a shot pof you sitting in the 40s this pmorning. plike plant city at 46. psame for brandon, 49 in new ptampa but with the sun coming pup, earlier and earlier, it's pgoing to warm up very quickly. pwesley chapel at 47. psame for dade city, 41, 43 in pbrooksville to inverness. pthat's a lot warmer along the pcoastline. pnow, mid 50s in bradenton. pit was actually 60 degrees in
6:16 am
psome mid 50s along highway 27 in pinterior polk counties as well pas highlands county, 48, 49 pright now highway 17. plakeland all the way to pwauchula. artly cloudy day overall pbecause looking out, i see a plittle mid to upper level pmoisture in the gulf and that's pstreaming toward the east but we phave an east wind. pan east wind around here warms pus up. pthat air modifies, works its way pacross the state. pthat's why i think it's going to pbe every bit as mild as it was pyesterday. pbut we're kind of at a time of pyear where we still have the pcool mornings so you need the pjackets but then it warms up preal nice and you don't need pthem for the afternoon. pthat's when we're going to be pthe next couple of days but pslowly, slowly as the week moves palong and the high pressure pridge just settles in, it will pcontinue to get warmer and pwarmer and we'll get back in the p80s. pif we don't get to the 80s for ptomorrow, we'll probably get pthere for wednesday. poff to our west, big, slow pmoving cold front.
6:17 am
pissue for louisiana and parkansas, well advertised, too. pthey know this is coming. pthey've got some big time prainfall they're going to have pto deal with for this week. pwe're talking about five to 10 pinches of rain in much of plouisiana, east texas, all of parkansas, up into missouri. pthis is going to be a major, pmajor flooding event in this parea sometime later this week. phigh pressure holds tough for pus, eventually this front breaks pdown. pwe may get a few showers this pweekend but we're not panticipating the kind of rain pthey're getting or going to get pout here from louisiana up pthrough missouri. pso sunshine, cool start, warm pfinish, high of 78 degrees for ptoday. ptonight 58 so it won't be chilly pas tomorrow morning. pinstead of the low to mid 50 40, pyou'll get 40. artly cloudy, near 79 for a
6:18 am
peast winds for boaters today pfive to 15 knots. pseas running two feet and a pmoderate chop. plow tide at 7:12. pafternoon. pnext seven days, i see some plovely weather through friday. pit's still kind of up in the air pwhether or not we get any pshowers on saturday. pwe may push it towards sunday pbut nonetheless, not going to be pa washout even if we did get pshowers next weekend. pcourtney? p>> very nice. pstill delay-free. plike here at 275, headlights pmoving to the south in the area pof fowler avenue from bearses to pi-4, still a standard nine pminute trip for you there. pminor slowdown pasco county. preports of a hit and run there pso no road block. pyou see flashing lights on pscene. pgive yourself a couple of extra pminutes. pbay bridges are still in good pshape. pno problems for you across the pcourtney campbell causeway. pstandard 10 minutes there. phoward frankland, standard 10
6:19 am
pfeel about his politics, one pthing is certain. pdonald trump knows how to put on pa show. p>>russell: see how he pinterrupted the weekend golf ptournament and then in hot pclicks, we've seen pregnancy pannouncements before. psome can be very creative. pthis one may have been a bit too
6:20 am
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america runs on dunkin'. it's time to see what's clicking on the web. social med p>>jennifer: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>russell: good morning. p>>taylor: good morning. pwe've seen tons of pregnancy pannouncement videos online. pa couple either surprised their pfamily or even the mother to be pis breaking the news to the pfather to be. pthey're great and that's as long pas they go as planned. pyou know, i'm going to tell you pabout the attempt in our first phot click. pit's gone viral and that's pbecause it's failure. pthis poor guy.
6:23 am
pwhere is the bun? p>> in my hand. p>> where was it? p>> in the oven. p>> let's say it together. pbun in the oven. p>> where do you put the phamburger? p>> in the oven. p>>taylor: then he understands. pit comes about now. p>> there's a bun in the oven. p>>taylor: there it is. pthe woman behind the camera ptried to cleverly tell her phusband she was pregnant by lacing an actual bun in her pactual oven to go along with the hrase we know very well, a bun pin the oven. pthis poor guy could not get past pthe fact it was a hamburger bun. pshe actually had to spell it out pfor him. pas you can see, he was leasantly surprised and it pworked out for the best but oh, pmy gosh. oor guy. pall right.
6:24 am
pjen, you recognize this one. pwe were looking at this friday. pwe have a new internet sensation pto share with you. pour producer shared this with pus. phis name is gizmo and he's the pmost hipster looking pup out pthere. paccording to his instagram, he plives in san francisco. p>>russell: of course he does. p>>taylor: of course he does but phe travels all over, was precently in naples, florida. p>>russell: he's cute. p>>taylor: he's also hung out in pl.a., colorado, san diego. phe needs to come to tampa. pwe have grumpy cat here. pmaybe we can get this guy here. pwith the travel spots and those poutfits -- p>>jennifer: that's naples. p>>taylor: this is where he had pto bundle up. pi think that was in colorado. p>>russell: cute. phe's cute. p>>taylor: very cute. pyou find him @ the giz on pinstagram. plastly, something that we have
6:25 am
pas we watch an ostrich go full pon road runner and chase these pbicyclists. pa cyclist from sweden, this is pright? pthey were scared a little bit pbut then they started laughing. pit happened when he and others pwere training for the cape town pcycle tour. pthis was in south africa. pjust happened friday. pand yes, russell, they are preally strong. pthis ostrich was keeping pace at p31 miles per hour for about a pminute before he ended up pslowing down and veering off. papparently that's nothing for pthem. pthey're said to be able to keep pthat pace for 10 miles. pand even upwards of 40 without pbreaking a sweat. p360,000 views. p>>russell: that's crazy. pi'm sorry. pi'm fascinated by it. pnow it's starting to sink in how pcrazy that is. p>>taylor: i know. pthat's a huge bird. pit's bigger than the bicyclists. p>>russell: i got cornered by
6:26 am
pthey can kick, too. p>>taylor: and those big beaks pand just the whole thing. pit turned out well. p>>jennifer: can't wait to hear pthe rest of the story. p>>russell: it's a long one, too. pi can't tell it. pi'm sorry. pi'll put it on facebook. pit looks like former head coach plovie smith landed on his feet. p>>jennifer: after getting fired pa few months ago, all signs oint to him making some moves pback to illinois. lus it's billed as the toughest prace on earth. pthe iditarod. pthe mushers are off for more pthan a week of gruelling pcompetition. today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. it's easy to turn local produce into a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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3 good morning, i'm russell rhodes. and i'm jen p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>jennifer: and i'm jennifer pepstein in for laura moody. pit's monday. plet's get the week forecast with pdave. p>>dave: can't complain about the pweekend weather, can we? p>>russell: extraordinary. p>>dave: the mornings can be kind pof cool and that's where we are pright now. pwhile tampa may be sitting in pthe mid 50s, you go east, you pjust get way from the water and pyou see all the buoys on the map pthis morning. p50s along the coast. pwe're going to move quickly for ptoday and what a pretty start to pthe day as well. plots of sunshine, we'll mix a pfew clouds in this afternoon but pnothing is going to stop us from pgetting to the upper 70s for phigh temperatures. p>> very nice. pno complaints along the roadways pthis morning, although there's pan accident reported along 275 pin the area of gandy. pthis camera is just south of proosevelt, southbound taillights
6:31 am
pi'll -- i'm not seeing issues phere. asco county drivers, watch out pfor this minor slowdown state proad 52 at i-75. phit and run reported. pthat's off to the side. pyou'll see flashing lights on pscene through that area. psouthbound 75 drivers, you're pstill in the green from bruce b pdowns all the way to i-4. pstandard eight minute trip. p>>russell: all right. pnorth korea has threatened pindiscriminate nuclear strikes pon the u.s. and south korea as pthe two begin their largest ever pmilitary drills. plast week north korea dictator pordered the country's nuclear pweapons on standby. pexperts doubt north korea's pability to put nuclear warheads pon its missiles. proughly 17,000 u.s. forces and p300,000 south korean troops are pgames. p>>jennifer: daytona beach police psay a woman crashed through the pinfield of the daytona pinternational speedway hitting psix cars and injuring four
6:32 am
pofficers say 43-year-old abbey pkinney failed her sobriety test pafter the crash. pshe told officers that she pshould not have been driving pbecause she had been drinking. p>>russell: coast guard success pspends the search for a texas pman who fell from a cruise ship pnear key largo. p46-year-old man fell from the p10th deck of the sea ship early psaturday. pcoast guard officials halted ptheir search after covering p2,500 square nautical miles. pif the fall didn't kill them, pthey say it's unlikely he would phave survived more than a couple pof hours. p>>jennifer: jimmy carter says he pno longer needs treatment for pcancer. phe underwent radiation along pwith doses of an immune boosting pdrug. pcarter remained active pthroughout his treatment. phe even helped build a home for phabitat for humanity. phe is 91.
6:33 am
pmodern email has died. phe developed the first person to p1971. phe's credited with picking that psymbol, the @ symbol which pallows us to send messages to a paddress. phe was 74 years old. p>>jennifer: hillsborough avenue lagued with problems but not pjust the bumper to bumper ptraffic each morning and pafternoon. p>>russell: a particularly pdangerous stretch of the six plane road has had several pserious crashes involving pfatal. pken is along hillsborough avenue pthis morning where a new signal pcould be saving lives, right, pkenny? p>>reporter: that's true. pyou say it's a stretch of phillsborough avenue. pobviously this is hillsborough. pthis way you have 22nd avenue pand this way you have middleton phigh school which happens to be pmy son's alma mater. punfortunately three lost their plives here in the last four pyears alone. pall three of them crossing
6:34 am
preally, really dangerous place. pnow, the most recent death was a p58-year-old guy who slipped off pthe median and was hit. pthat was randolph dunston. ptwo middle school high schools pwere also killed crossing the pstreet. ptwo years ago, two sisters were phit. pone died and one survived. pfive years ago, a 15-year-old pgirl was killed. pnone of them were using a pdesignated crosswalk. pthat's because there were no pdesignated crosswalks in this parea. pthat brings us up to this very pmoment. ptake a look behind me. pyou see the crosswalk. pjust a short time ago, the guys pwere painting that. pthat just finished up. pover here you have a new traffic plight. pthat is going to be flashing all pthis week. pit hasn't started yet but it pwill be flashing amber to say, pguess what? pif you're going along phillsborough avenue, this is a
6:35 am
pnext week, we just learned from pthe d.o.t. that it's going to be pfunctional. pso you have one place on phillsborough avenue, an padditional place they have to pstop, take extra precautions. pbottom line is this. pyou can have all the traffic plights, all the crosswalks you pwant. pif you're the person crossing, pyou have to cross in the pcrosswalk. ay attention to the signal. pon hillsborough, you have to pay pattention to it, too. pit will take a little extra pthought going down hillsborough pthis week into next but phopefully this is all going to an out and hopefully we're not pgoing to see more people lose ptheir lives because of this ptraffic every time that happens, pespecially when you have so many pin such a short period of time pin this particular stretch. pdangerous, dangerous place. pback to you guys. p>>russell: thanks. ptalk to you later on. pwell, fox sports reporting that plove any smith expected to pbecome the next head coach of pillinois. phe's finished his career in ptampa with an 8-24 record over ptwo seasons.
6:36 am
ptempting for smith because he pcould bring his two sons who pwere on the staff at tampa bay. phe has a lot of history in pillinois. phe was head coach of the bears pfor nine seasons, that included pthrough nfl championships and pone time in the super bowl. p>>dave: fighting illini. p>>jennifer: now we know. p>>russell: i apologize. p>>jennifer: after winning super pbowl 50, peyton manning is pexpected to announce today he's pretiring. pdenver broncos are holding a pnews conference this afternoon. pmanning is a five time nfl mvp. phe'll retire as the all time pleader in passing touchdowns, assing yards and he's tied with pbrett favre for the most pquarterback wins. p>>russell: donald trump made pquite the entrance at the kad
6:37 am
phe's allowed to land on the golf pcourse in a helicopter. phe owns it. phe observe wns several of them. pdriving range. psaturday was the final day of pthe cadillac championship. pending. pit's not clear if the course pwill return as a tour stop next pyear. pthe tip of the spear may be plosing its edge. pnavy seals are telling lawmakers pthey don't have enough combat prifles to go around. pseals returned from deployment pand think say their rifles are pgiven to other commandos pshipping out. ptop officer at u.s. special poperations command in tampa, pflorida says the complaints are pbeing examined. p>>jennifer: the world's most pfamous sled dog race got punderway in alaska. pthousands of people lined the proad for the sermon yal start of pthe race. pthe ceremony was cut short pbecause of a lack of snow. p85 mushers are attempting to
6:38 am
pmountain ranges and the windy pbering sea coast. pover the course of the race, pmiles. p>> i'm really excited about this prace. pdogs came off the quest real pstrong and 12 of those dogs are pon this team so yeah, i'm real pexcited about the trail head. p>>jennifer: winner should cross pthe finish line in about nine pdays. p>>russell: fighting what, dave? p>>dave: the fighting illini. p>>russell: if it comes up again, pi'll do my best. plooks like we have another good pweather day in tampa. p>>laura: dave has your monday pmorning forecast plus has disney pfound a new frozen? pa new family friendly animated pfilm is put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio.
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p>>dave: 6:41 on this monday pmorning and that is how we're pstarting off. pa couple of clouds streaming pthrough but a beautiful start to pthe day. pyes, you're going to need your pjackets for maybe two more hours pand then the air is dry enough, psun is strong enough that it pwill warm up quickly and we'll pfinish our day close to 80 pdegrees. p41 in brooksville. p47 in wesley chapel. p48 lakeland, 46 in brandon. pmid to upper 50s from tampa to pclearwater. pone spot, st. petersburg, ptemperature near 61 degrees. plook at the 40s along i-10. pcontrast that to the upper 60s pand around 70 down over south pflorida. pand the temperature change is pweird. pbrocksville is warmer. pgainesville is cooler so it's up pand down. poverall in central florida, pwe're seeing more cooler than pyesterday. pdoesn't matter. pwe're going to get a little pstream of mid to upper level
6:43 am
psunshine, east winds, beautiful pday. pi even put two, two exclamation pmarks. ptemperature up close to 80 pdegrees. pit wouldn't surprise me if a pcouple of inland locations got pto the 80s for today and it -- pwe advertised this well last pweek. pa steady warmup throughout the pweek. pi don't think temperatures get plow to mid 80s by the middle of pthe week and maybe even inland plocations close to 90 as the pweek finishes out. pit will be that warm overall pthis week. pin the meantime, as high ressure just settled in, soaked pin and enjoying our beautiful pwarmth, off to the west a pdangerous situation is going to pset up. pyou'll see a front ever so pslowly work its way into plouisiana and arkansas with a pbig wave of low pressure forming palong the front. pthey're going to get wave after
6:44 am
pwhich is going to lead to some pflooding and maybe some serious pflooding. pnow, even the most conservative pof the computer models are pbringing seven to 10 inches of prain in this area. psome of them close to 20. pthat's how much rain is going to pcome down in arkansas, louisiana pand eastern texas. pit's really going to begin in pearnest of tuesday into pwednesday but go into the pweekend. pthat's an area where we could be pwatching very closely for some pserious weather later this week. pwe're going to go clouds and psunshine, cool start, warm pfinish, high of 78 degrees. ptonight clear. pit won't be quite as chilly but pi think you'll need the jackets. p58 for the overnight low. pinland and north you'll be pcloser to upper 40s, near 50 pdegrees and then partly cloudy pand warm tomorrow with a high ptemperature of 79 degrees. peast winds today for boaters pgives us a moderate chop, seas ptwo to three feet. pwe're going to fine tune the
6:45 am
pwe may be able to push the rain pback a little bit. pwe'll look at 80s for highs pwednesday, thursday and friday. pcourtney? p>> all right, dave. pminor accident in pinellas pcounty but it's really not pcausing a slowdown. pthis is 275 near southbound planes in the area of gandy, all poff to the right shoulder here. pjust expect to see the flashing plights on scene. pyou can see no big issues. pthe sky fox is out there pchecking on the rest of 275 phillsborough county. pnorthbound lanes here, downtown ptampa there on the right, very pnice out as you can see and pheavy traffic building just a pbit in the area of howard and ptowards the i-4 interchange. pno big problems for you there. pgive yourself seven minutes in pbetween the i-4 interchange and pthe tampa side of the howard pfrankland bridge. pwhere we are slowing down is psouthbound. pthat's about 15 minutes. p>>russell: it's 6:45. plook here. plook who gets to do this. p>>charley: cancel the rest of
6:46 am
prussell and i are just going to pchat. pfighting illini. p>>russell: stop it. pcome on, man. p>>charley: poor guy. pwhen you rolled through that the pfirst time, i thought is he pgoing to admit he doesn't know pthat? p>>russell: i knew when i said pit, that didn't sound right and pi've already got a producer -- pi'm not going to say his name -- pchris norman who is apologizing pwho is either from or spent time pthere and assumed i would know pthat. pi'm such a sports guy. p>>charley: yeah. pit's all right. pdid you end up at the strawberry pfestival this weekend? p>>russell: we're going tomorrow. p>>charley: good. pi'll tell you, it was -- p>>jennifer: did you go? p>>charley: i went last evening pto introduce donny and marie. p>>russell: how did it go? p>>charley: it was great. pi'll tell you, it was so packed. pi was talking to some people. popening day was the second pbusiest opening day since 1985. p>>russell: did you look outside
6:47 am
pit was gorgeous. p>>charley: right? p>>russell: here's one thing. pi did not recall -- i'm sorry. pwe're never going to get panywhere this morning. pi do not recall a stretch of pweather going this long being pthis nice in my 21 years in this pstate. p>>charley: it's spectacular. pthis is where we get to do paugust and july. pit's perfect. pi know. pi see these temperatures pcreeping up and it's so perfect pnow. pdonny and marie, i did not get pto meet marie. pi did run into donny. pit's like you introduce and 10 pminutes later they come up pthere. phe was lovely, very nice. pthey're all little. pthey're all little. pcompared to me, everybody is plittle. pi got a picture. psnapped a quick picture with him pwhen he was rushing to the pstage. pdonny, can i get a quick -- he pwas very nice. pand i didn't stay for the show
6:48 am
pto bed but i saw on facebook, pmost everybody liked the show. pone person didn't like it but peverybody on my facebook -- p>>russell: there's always one. p>>charley: there's always one. pthere's always one. pi'm at the book fair. plook at this. pdo you remember the book fair? pwhen i was a kid, the book fair pwas a big deal. pwas it for you? p>>russell: yeah. pyeah. p>>russell: they send home the aper sheets and you can sign up pfor the books you could buy. pit was the only time you got pexcited because it was the book pfair. pbook fair is going on at the pschool today. pbook fairs have changed. pnow it includes book like this. p>>russell: that's pretty neat. pthat's pretty neat. p>>charley: academy davinci pschool for the arts and ptechnology. pthey use science, technology, pengineering, arts and math.
6:49 am
ptogether so public charter pschool in dunedin. pwe'll have a "good day" here and pa little fun and you have a p"good day," too. p>>russell: fighting what? p>>charley: fighting illini. plovie smith, i hope he takes the pjob. p>>russell: see you later. pbye. pall right. pmac versus pv, one of the best padvertising campaigns of the plast decade. p>>jennifer: mac supporters could pbrag about online security but psuddenly, that's starting to pchange in a big way. p>>russell: plus this i know, pmatchmaker, matchmaker, make me pa match. pa new feature on tinder will let
6:50 am
some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks,
6:51 am
login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots. its free for 30 days. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
6:52 am
3 p-c users have been dealing with this problem for *years ... viruses, malware .. p>>russell: p.c. users have dealt pwith it for years, malware, pinfected virus. p>>jennifer: some of the pcomputers are coming down with
6:53 am
p>>russell: let's go to lauren psimonetti to talk about psomething kind of unusual. pgood morning. p>>reporter: it's the first for papple. pmac users now vulnerable to pmalware, ransom ware. pthat's when hackers turn your pcomputers into a brick. pif you want them to unlock it, pyou have to pay up. p$400 payable. phow do you know if you and your pmac are infected? pif you downloaded the ptransmission friday or saturday, pyou were likely infected and you pcould be infected today. peven though apple did issue a pfix over the weekend. pwhat do you do? pupdate your transmission to the platest available version and palso head over to palo alto pnetworks. pthey have a detailed checklist pof everything you need to know. p>>russell: where do you go to? alo alto? p>>reporter: palo alto networks. pthey have a list of if you're pinfected, exactly what you need pto do.
6:54 am
p>>jennifer: there's a website to pgo to? p>>reporter: yes. p>>russell: it's all right. pwe got caught here. psorry. p>>jennifer: let's talk tinder. plet's say russell rhodes could ick a date for me? pi don't want that to happen. p>>reporter: you can. pyou're swiping through and you psee a match but you don't really plike this person but you think pyour friend would. pyou can play matchmaker in cyber pspace and share that profile pwith your friend so your friend pcan be that person on tinder, ptoo. psome are saying it's invase i pdidn't have and others are psaying you're dating in cyber pspace anyway, what's the big pdeal? pyou have 72 hours to look at the plink before it expires once your pfriend sends it to you. p>>jennifer: i would let you pick pone for me if i wasn't married. prope p>>russell: see you later.
6:55 am
icking your friends' dates can pbe fun. p>>russell: if you're not sure pwhere to find the fox business pnetwork, go to fox and psearch for channel minder. p>>jennifer: the average price of pgas ringing in at $1.82 a pgallon. rices are up seven cents from pthis time last month. pthey're down 65 cents, though, pfrom this time last year. phawaii currently has the highest pgas prices in the nation with an paverage price of $2.54 a gallon. parizona has the cheapest prices. pgallon. pthe new disney film "zootopia" pis the most popular movie right pnow. ulled in almost $74 million pthis weekend making it the pfourth highest march opening pever. pit's about a rabbit who joins a olice force in a city run by panimals. plondon has fallen came in second lace, deadpool came in third.
6:56 am
revious three weeks. p>>russell: downton abbey ended pthe six-year run last night. pi haven't seen it yet but i'm ptold there's a pregnancy, other pthings but we're not going to pspoil it. pthe series has gotten the most pnominations. pthe final episode is on pchristmas day. pwe had others last night. p>>jennifer: and believe it or pnot, there is a competition for phow quickly someone can stack pcups. pathletes start training as early pas kindergarten. plook at them g. some of the pworld's best cup stackers
6:57 am
pjoey cookskey was the only poregonian to stack for team pu.s.a. pshe admits the sport can be a plittle weird but says the pfriendships are worth it. p>> i just do it because it's psomething that i can do by pmyself but also something that i pcan do with my friends. plike i made so many friends over pthis weird cup stacking thing pand it's crazy. p>>jennifer: she placed third pthis weekend. pboys and girls club volunteer pcame up with the idea for sports pstacking in 1981. p>>russell: can we just go home? plet's just go. pwalter, get out here. pwe're lost. pthe race for the white house pheats up big time this week. pthere are more primaries and pcaucuses, debates and town phalls. p>>jennifer: and the candidates pare making stops right here in pthe bay area. ptheir love story was out of a pfairytale. pthis morning we're looking back pat the life of former first lady pnancy reagan and her prelationship with her husband.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
phour of "good day. 3 p>>russell: battle for the white phouse comes to the bay area as pflorida senator marco rubio pmakes a stop in tampa later ptoday. pand he's not the only one who is pgoing to be here this week. p>>jennifer: we remember former pfirst lady nancy reagan and the pstory book romance between her pand president reagan. p>>russell: and this video of pjameis winston is making rounds ponline. pthe story behind it and why it pcould mean good things for the pbucs. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>jennifer: and i'm jennifer pepstein in for laura moody. plet's start with a check of the pweather with dave. p>>dave: do you want to see psomething pretty? pbeautiful morning. pbeautiful outside. pgranted, we're going to need


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