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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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phour of "good day. 3 p>>russell: battle for the white phouse comes to the bay area as pflorida senator marco rubio pmakes a stop in tampa later ptoday. pand he's not the only one who is pgoing to be here this week. p>>jennifer: we remember former pfirst lady nancy reagan and the pstory book romance between her pand president reagan. p>>russell: and this video of pjameis winston is making rounds ponline. pthe story behind it and why it pcould mean good things for the pbucs. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>jennifer: and i'm jennifer pepstein in for laura moody. plet's start with a check of the pweather with dave. p>>dave: do you want to see psomething pretty? pbeautiful morning. pbeautiful outside. pgranted, we're going to need
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phours but we have 51 degrees. pnortheast winds at seven miles pan hour and that's a gorgeous plake mirror. pit's 48 degrees. pbut sun is up already. pwait until we get to the 9:00 phour and we'll be in the mid 60s pby that point, on our way to the pupper 70s once again. pcourtney bright. p>> we're in good shape in inellas county. pwe do have a minor accident on pthe southbound side. pyou can see here it's all off to pthe right shoulder. ptraffic is getting by delay-free pfrom this point down to the inellas bayway. pno big problems to slow you pdown. pwherever you are slow is the pveterans expressway. pusual time of the morning ptraffic is backing up from that pdale mabry onramp ramp ramp all the way pthrough gunn highway. pand remaining heavy into phillsborough avenue. pgive yourself 15 minutes heading pout through that stretch. pminor accidents keep in mind in
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pthis is mcmullen booth road over pto curlew road. poff to the side and no big pissues there. p>>russell: the race for the pwhite house is hitting the pcritical stretch. pmore primaries, caucuses, pdebates and town halls. p>>jennifer: and this week could pbe a memorable one in the race pfor the white house. p>>russell: it's not a lot that pchanged after last night's pdebate but it was a very heated ptwo-hour debate with the pcandidates sparring on guns, ptrades and the auto bailout. pbernie sanders and hillary pclinton squared off in michigan. p>> he voted against the money pindustry. pdifference. p>> whoa. pif you are talking about the pwall street bailout, it pdestroyed this economy. pexcuse me. pi'm talking.
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psanders picked up wins in maine, pnebraska and kansas but clinton ptook louisiana and has a pcommanding lead in terms of pdelegates. pas republicans yesterday, marco prubio scored his second win in uerto rico. p>> in an open primary, where panyone can vote, not just prepublicans, democrats and pindependents and i got over 70% pof the vote. pnot because i became less pconservative but because i took pour conservative principles to pthe people who are living the pway i grew up. p>>reporter: rubio is way behind pin terms of delegates. pafter winning kentucky and plouisiana on saturday, trump and p300. ptrump and cruz now say it's time pfor a two-man race. ptrump said on sunday that he pthinks it's time for rubio and pkasich to drop out. p>> either way, it will be pinteresting. p>>reporter: and it should get pmore interesting tomorrow with
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rimaries or caucuses. phawaii, idaho, michigan and pmississippi. p>>russell: and here at home, the prace for the white house comes pto the bay area with two pcandidates scheduled to make pstops in tampa this week. pso far, we should say. pyou know, there will probably be pmore. p>>jennifer: shayla reaves is plive at the tampa convention pcenter where marco rubio is pscheduled to hold a rally later ptoday. pwhat should people expect? p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwith days to go until the residential primary, the focus pis on florida. pof course, candidates want to pmake sure their message presonates with voters here in pflorida and among those pcandidates, hoping to put a dent pinto this mark is marco rubio. phe's going to be appearing here pin florida later this afternoon pfor a rally at the tampa pconvention center and this is pone of two bay area appearances pon his schedule this week. pbefore he heads down to miami pfor the next republican
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pnow, rubio will share the stage pagain with businessman donald ptrump, ohio governor john kasich pand texas senator ted cruz at pthat time. pit will be the last time they pmeet before the march 15 florida rimary. pbut to get to the primary, psenator rubio must get through ptonight. phis rally starts at 5:00 in the ptampa convention center. pthe doors open at 4:00. phe's expected to deliver remarks pand share his vision for the pcountry and then tomorrow, he'll pmake an appearance in sarasota. pover the weekend, of course, pother candidates made pappearances here in florida, pincluding donald trump. phe made an appearance at a golf ptournament in miami and also pheld a rally in orlando. pall the candidates are hoping to pappeal to the voters and phopefully make an impact on pthose voters reaching out and pmaking their votes count at the olls. pwe know also that hillary pclinton, she'll be here in tampa plater this week as well and
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pappearing with the senator pbernie sanders for the final prepublican democratic debate pthere, too. pwe'll continue to follow all the pdevelopments throughout the week pand keep you posted as we learn pmore. pback to you. p>>russell: all right. ptalk to you later on. pthanks. p>>jennifer: there's a lot going pon this week for candidates in pboth parties. ptomorrow primaries and caucuses pin hawaii, mississippi, idaho pand michigan. pwednesday hillary clinton and pbernie sanders will face off pagain in a debate and thursday prepublican candidates once again ptake the stage. p>>russell: we're remembering pformer first lady nancy reagan ptoday. pshe was 94. pshe died over the weekend. pthey say it was congestive heart pfailure. pshe was the first lady in 1981 pto 1989 along with her husband, pformer president ronald reagan pand during their time at the pwhite house, they launched a pcampaign to fight drug and palcohol use among kids. premember just say no? pshe was also known for her work
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phusband's diagnosis. pnancy reagan's funeral parrangements have not been pfinalized but we know she's pgoing to be buried next to her phusband at the reagan library in psimi valley, california. resident reagan died in 2004. p>>jennifer: hillsborough fire prescue is keeping a close eye on pthe apartment fire that rehe go pnighted yesterday hours after pthey put the first fire out. pit happened at 131st avenue and p20th street around 3:00 p.m. and preignited around 10:00. pthree families were forced out pof their homes and they're pgetting help from the red cross. pthe cause of the fire still you pshould investigation. pfirefighters say it started at pan end unit and spread to the prest of the building. p>>russell: and we should know pmore why a car drove off the 301 pand drove into a building. pit happened in the area of 301 pand causeway. pdeputies say the car jumped the pmedian and continued across pother lanes in through a wall of pa law firm. pthe driver had to be extricated
7:08 am
phe was taken to tampa general as pa trauma alert. pno one was inside the building pat the time of the crash. p>>jennifer: the coast guard has psuspended their search for a man pthat fell off a cruise ship in pkey largo. pit happened around 3:00 a.m. psaturday. pguests say they saw the assenger fall from his state proom balcony on the 10th deck of pthe navigator of the sea. pthe coast guard searched more pthan 2,500 square nautical miles pfor the man. p>>russell: clearwater building pforced to ee zakt over the pweekend is back open this pmorning. phulk hogan was signing pautographs saturday when the pbuilding just somehow shifted. peverybody got out. pthe building shut down. pfour support beams have been laced in the building and in pthe pelican walk plaza which has preopened. p>>jennifer: hogan will be in st. ete courtroom this morning. phis trial is expected to again pagainst gawker.
7:09 am
pafter the website posted a pvideotape that was posted pwithout his knowledge. p>>russell: lightning owner jeff pvinik, hillsborough county psheriff's office and phillsborough county commission pall part of. pthis it's part of the kickoff of pboys and girls club. ptoday's announcement takes place pat the winston park and precreation area in tampa pstarting at 2:00 p.m. pboys and girls club helped more pthan four million young people pevery day. pwhen we come back, we'll have pmore on the amazing life of pformer first lady nancy reagan. p>>jennifer: nancy and ronald preagan's love story captured the pnation's attention. p>> i said it before and i'll say pit again. pmy life really didn't begin puntil i met ronnie. p>>jennifer: we'll take a look pback at their incredible story pand the remarkable life of the pformer first lady of the united pstates. p>>dave: 7:09. p55 degrees outside at tampa
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pwe start things off on a coolish pnote. pyou go away from the water, you psee a lot of temperatures in the p40s right now. pthe sun is up, it's gorgeous. pwe get an east wind. pwe'll have no problem getting pback to the upper 70s the next pcouple of days and then we're pgoing to the 80s.
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p>>dave: it is 7:13 with a pbeautiful start to our monday. pa little bit of the filtering of pthe sunshine as clouds are pstreaming in off the gulf. pi think it makes it prettier, an pindividual taking a nice walk palong the beach. pbeach camera shows us that. plakeland, yes, it's chilly. pit's in the 40s. pbut don't worry. pit's all going to quickly change pwith the dry air in place and pthe sunshine and that east wind pwhich is really going to help to pwarm things up. pjust expect another nice, pspring-like day around here pdespite the fact you see sun pcity center, 43. lant city, boy, they've had a pnice stretch of weather. pthat continues today.
7:14 am
pbrandon is 46. p61 in st. petersburg. plook at the temperatures there, pbrooksville is 40. pthat's cold. pwe have a cold start to the day. arts of hernando and citrus pcounty, once again, the sun has pbeen up for a bit now and it's pnot going to take long to warm pthings up again. p52 in sarasota. pupper 40s from lakeland to pbartow to wauchula and low to pmid 50s east and south from pthere. artly cloudy skies with an east pwind today. pthere's nothing to stop our ptemperatures from getting back pto where they were yesterday. pupper 70s. pwouldn't surprise me highlands pcounty, interior polk county if pyou don't get in the mid 80s for ptoday. peverybody has got their shot at pthe 80s this week, especially pfor wednesday, thursday and pfriday. pi'm showing you the big picture pnow. phigh pressure dominating pweather. pout west you've got a big rain pstorm moving up the coast of pcalifornia and as this storm pslides eastward and picks up
7:15 am
pmexico, we're looking at a very pwet, maybe flooding type of a psetup in eastern texas, pthis week. pso el nino pattern is not pcompletely done yet because pnotice, there's another storm psystem kind of waiting in the pwings as well. pyou see all of this tropical pmoisture working its way toward pthe coast. pa lot of that comes down in pcalifornia and then eventually peast texas, louisiana and parkansas. pso those are going to be the prough spots this week, pespecially here. pi'm telling you, there's going pto be a lot of flooding if the pcomputer models are right pbecause they're talking 10, 15, p20 inches of rain in some pisolated areas of that part of pthe country. pfor us, high pressure just digs pin and digs in and our weather pgets nicer and nicer as the week pmoves along. p78 degrees for a high today. pcool start, warm finish. ptonight cool again but not quite pas chilly. pa lot of us will wake up in the
7:16 am
pthen partly cloudy and warm ptomorrow. pthere you go, 79 for a high ptemperature. pboaters, moderate chop with an peast wind around five to 15 pknots. plow tide is right now. phigh tide at 1:42 in the pafternoon. pthese numbers you see here kind pof put them for the tampa area, p81 to 83 but if you're inland, pyou're going to be a lot warmer pthan that later this week. pmaybe the upper 80s. pthen just a slight chance, right pnow a slight chance of a shower plate saturday into sunday. pwe'll fine tune that as we work pthrough the week. p>>reporter: thank you. pwe're seeing heavy traffic this pmorning as you can expect along pthe howard frankland bridge. pwe've been clear up until the plast few minutes here. ptake a lake-effect at the pnorthbound side. pheadlights from the mid span to pthe west shore area, bumper to pbumper right there. pgive yourself eight minutes pacross the span of the howard pfrankland. inellas county, this is slowing pdrivers eastbound 102nd avenue pnorth at seminole boulevard.
7:17 am
plane blocked here. panother wreck along mcmullen pbooth at curlew. pgood news, no reports of a road pblock. pvery slow southbound from pbearses to i-4. pthat will cost you 25 minutes. psouthbound 75 to bruce b downs pto i-4, about 15 minutes. p>>russell: it was a story book promance from hollywood to the pwhite house. p>>jennifer: fox news pcorrespondent has more on the premarkable life of former first plady nancy reagan. p>> i've it said before and i'll psay it again. pmy life didn't really begin puntil i met ronnie. p>>reporter: nancy reagan pdescribes the first time she met pronald reagan as not exactly plove at first sight but pretty pclose. pthey met over dinner in 1949. phe was the screen actors guild resident. pshe was an actress worried about pher name appearing on a list of pcommunist sympathizers. p>> not knowing how it was going
7:18 am
phad an early screening call the pnext day so it ended early and pit went through the night and pnever really ended. p>>reporter: patty was born in poctober and their son six years plater. pthey still showed up at phollywood events, they sometimes pappeared on screen together, pincluding in one film. p>> take over for me, will you, pfrankie? p>>reporter: by the 1960s it was pall plucks for the future resident despite some preservations by his wife. p>> i hung back. pi had no idea what a political pcareer would be like and i pwasn't all that eager to find pout. p>>reporter: but she did and in p1967 became california's first plady for two terms before moving pinto the white house in 1981.
7:19 am
pto her husband's political psuccess. p>> he said he couldn't have made pit to the white house without pher. p>> she, i would say, was a good ublic wife. pshe didn't compete with him. pshe supported him in every way. p>>reporter: the press quickly icked up on what they coined p"the gaze." p>> one thing you'll notice about pher, when her husband spoke, she palways watched him. pshe said i loved watching ronnie pand listening to him. pshe said it's not fake. pit's the way i am. p>>reporter: and we all got a pglimpse of his famous love pletters which he wrote pthroughout their relationship. pthe revelation of the resident's alzheimer's in 1994 pdidn't waiver nancy's devotion. p>> the relationship really pdidn't change. pnancy reagan was still his rimary protector and primary pcaregiver. p>>reporter: she called the final pyears the long goodbye and by pthe end, he no longer remembered pher. pbut she remembered, as we do.
7:20 am
pforever be, ronald reagan's pfirst lady. p>>russell: wow, they loved each pother. pmrs. reagan will be buried next pto ronnie at the presidential plibrary in simi valley, pcalifornia. pgreat story. p>>jennifer: there will be time pfor the public to pay their prespects in the library. p>>russell: still ahead, a big pannouncement from a former resident. p>>jennifer: the latest on resident carter's cancer pbattle. pflowers are coming to life in pdeath valley national park. pwe'll tell you the reason for pthis amazing super bloom up pnext. pfirst charley checking out a pcool school this morning. p>>charley: good day to you, pjennifer epstein. pi'm in dunedin, academy davinci pschool for the arts and ptechnology. pit's k-5 cool now -- school now. pthey're adding a sixth grade in pthe fall, seventh grade next pyear.
7:21 am
pit will be the next year that -- panyway, they're expanding, pthey're growing. pwe'll tell you all about it and ptake on a little musical, partist every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 welcome back... the time is 7:xx. the jacksonville p>>jennifer: welcome back. p7:23. pjacksonville sheriff's office is psearching for a hit-and-run pdriver after one was killed. p>>russell: one of those killed pwas the mother of a 7-month-old pbaby. pthe crash happened yesterday. pthey were hit by a newer model psilver vehicle, bmw veered off pthe roadway, struck a tree and pcaught fire. pno one survived, including the pnew mom. pthe driver of the other vehicle pdidn't even stop. olice are looking for a silver pvehicle. pit could be a truck or car with pdamage to the driver's side. p>>jennifer: perdue food is precalling chicken nuggets pbecause the packages may have lastic inside them.
7:25 am
papplegate naturals chicken pnuggets. pthe usda inspection number is -2617. pofficials say to either throw pthem out or return them to the pstore. p>>russell: former president pcarter no longer needs cancer ptreatment. phe was diagnosed with melanoma pand then it spread to his liver pand brain seven months ago and phe underwent a round of targeted pradiation along with dozes of an pimmune boosting drug. phe helped build a home for phabitat for humanity and he was pdeclared cancer-free in pdecember. pgood for him. plook at that. plook at that. pthat's in death valley national ark. pa rare super bloom of violent pflowers. prain storms triggered the growth pof dormant wild flower seeds in pthe valley. pthe last time of a super bloom pwas in 2005. pwho calls it death valley when
7:26 am
p>>dave: that is pretty. phave you ever been there? p>>dave: no. p>>russell: oh, it can get hot. p>>dave: that's where the u.s. precord is. pdon't they do an ironman run? p>>dave: that is my bucket list prace. p>>jennifer: really? p>>dave: yes, it is. p7:26. p55 degrees. peast-northeast wind at five pmiles an hour. pit's a nice comfy start to the pday. pif you're heading to the pstrawberry festival today, enjoy pthe weather. pit will be great. pback to the upper 70s. pif not today, tomorrow 80 pdegrees. pwednesday, thursday, friday, pit's a warm week. pnext chance of rain is not until pat least this upcoming weekend. pmaybe i'll push that off, too. pwe'll talk more about that in
7:27 am
p>> all right, dave. pvery slow i-4 heading westbound pfrom i-75 into 275. pusual sluggish ride through pthere. pright now it looks like that's pcosting drivers about 19 minutes pwestbound along i-4 into 275. pone slow spot to keep in mind is pthe veterans expressway. pusual stop and go traffic from pdale mabry all the way through pgunn highway into hillsborough pavenue. pan average speed of 15 miles an phour there at the time. inellas county drivers, peastbound along with 102nd pavenue north at seminole pboulevard, fire rescue is pworking an accident. pthat has a travel lane blocked. pdelays are back to 113th street. pyou can also take park boulevard pto the south or use ulmerton proad to the north to avoid some pdelays. p>>russell: the race for the pwhite house is heating up. pwe'll talk to bret. p>>laura: ken is live in phillsborough county this pmorning. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. phillsborough avenue is a deadly lace.
7:28 am
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america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 it's 7:xx, thanks for joining us this morning. p>>russell: it is 7:3 thanks for pbeing here. phillsborough county is hoping to pcut down on deadly pedestrian pavenue. p>>jennifer: leaders hope a new psignal will help. pken is on that story this pmorning. p>>reporter: good morning. pcrosswalk. pi wish you guys had come a few pminutes earlier. pthere was a guy and a lady right pin the middle trying to cross, pstopped traffic going both ways. phe is in a wheelchair and we pwatched him for about a minute
7:32 am
pscoot across. pthat's a problem that you face. pthe other thing i want to point pout is if you were watching pduring the last hour, you will prealize that we're much closer pto the street and joe, my hotographer and partner in pcrime this morning, said we've pgot to move because it was preally kind of dangerous because pof the traffic, some coming so pclose to us even though we were pon the sidewalk. pwe certainly didn't want to add pto the chilling death toll. pthree pedestrians have been pkilled crossing this stretch pmuch hillsborough avenue in the plast four years. pnot long a 58-year-old man was pkilled when he slipped off the pmedian. ptwo years ago two sisters were phit. pone of them survived, one of pthem died. pfive years ago, just keeps on pgoing on and on, a student was pkilled. pthe second one. pgiven the history of this place, pit's no surprise that people are phappy the new crosswalk and this pnew traffic light are finally pgoing in. p>> i'm happy.
7:33 am
oint a to point b, to get some pgroceries and food, whatever we pneed. p>>reporter: it's not only him ptalking about the street. pthere's lots and lots of people. pthere's a big apartment complex pon that side. pa lot of kids there, high school pstudents, they have to cross the pstreet. pthat's how busy this place is. pcase in point. pthey have to cross the street to pget to middleton high school and pother people are crossing the pstreet for the strip center that pyou can't see that's behind me. pthey have a t mobile, a rent a pcenter, a winn dixie, lots of preasons to cross the street. pbottom line is this. pthey're almost done with this. pthe actual structure is in. pthe traffic light is going to pstart flashing amber this week pgiving people a heads up it's phere. pthey have to be cautious and pthen it's actually going to be pfunctional next week. pso take note if you're on phillsborough avenue, for people, pnumber one. pand number two, we have a new ptraffic light that hopefully is pgoing to save lives. pback to you guys.
7:34 am
ptalk later. pthank you. p>>reporter: crazy out here. p>>russell: looks like it. pa florida woman is out of jail pafter police say she crashed her pcar through the infield of the pdaytona speedway sending pspectators scattering. olice say 43-year-old abbey pkinney failed a sobriety test pafter the accident. pthey say she drove through the pcrowded infield, hitting six pcars and injuring four people. pinvestigators say she admitted pto drinking and told them she pknew she shouldn't have been pdriving. p>> i got lucky. pi really did. pi don't know how i'm even pstanding here right now. pif i would have been standing a pfoot to the left or foot to the pright, who knows? p>>russell: kenny is facing pnumerous charges, including pd.i.u. p>>jennifer: new developments in pthe ongoing water crisis in pflint, michigan. pcrews started digging up lead ipes on the city's east side. pmayor weaver made the pannouncement in front of the
7:35 am
rogram. pchildren, pregnant women, where pthere are high lead levels will ptake priority. p>> i want to say that the goal, pmy mission is to totally get the plead out of flint but we cannot pand we will not stop there. pwe need to be focused on a pcomplete renewal of flint's presidents something. pwe open the people in this pcommunity something. p>>russell: michigan's governor romised $2 million specifically pfor this project. pthe city is still under a state pof emergency after lead from paging pipes leaked into flint's pdrinking water. p>>russell: well, over the pweekend the race for the white phouse got really hot. ptop add trump, marco rubio are pexchanging jabs. pthey're still at it. phillary clinton and bernie psanders went head to head at a pdebate in michigan. plet's get to bret from the fox pnews channel to talk about that
7:36 am
phow are you doing? p>> hey, russell. pcoming from detroit or the site pof our town hall tonight with psecretary clinton and bernie psanders. pgood morning. p>>russell: and i do want to talk pto you about that in a second, pbut i want to talk to you first pabout the death of nancy reagan. pthe one thing that hit me pyesterday when i first started pseeing it on my phone was, pwhatever you thought of her, pwhatever you thought of them, it pwas an amazing love affair. pwasn't it? p>> that's right. pand we talked yesterday in our pspecial coverage about the love pbetween ronald and nancy reagan pand the love letters. pshe was integral to his life, pnot only as a soul mate but also padviser inside the white house. pand when you hear the stories pabout nancy reagan, the thing pthat comes back again and again
7:37 am
pthat they had together. p>>russell: you know, if you pbelieve in such things, and i pdo, that when she got to heaven, pthat must have been quite a preunion when they saw each other pyesterday, you know? p>> iconic image after the pfuneral her sitting there at the pgrave site. p>>russell: i thought about that, ptoo. p>> now she will be buried next pto him. p>>russell: let's talk about what pyou got going on later on pbecause i sat behind you. pit's going to be a big deal, phuh? p>> it should be. pyou know, listen. pwe're looking forward to asking psome different questions, some pthings that perhaps haven't been pfocused on in the democratic prace so far. pwe're lucky to have both pcandidates here for this town phall. pwe'll have about 300 people of pundecided voters who will be pasking some questions of both pcandidates. pit's tonight at 6:00 p.m. peastern time, runs the whole
7:38 am
p11:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. pwe're looking forward to it. pobviously there was a debate plast night, but there will be psome things to follow up on and pnew topics that i think we can pgo down that road. p>>russell: nice. plooking forward to it. plet's talk a little bit about pthe republican side because this rimary for florida is next week pand our senator here has a lot pof ground to make up for it. pi'm talking about marco rubio. p>>reporter: he does. pyou talk about home court padvantage and florida being prepresents. phowever, it's also essentially phome away from home for donald ptrump. phe's leading in all the recent olls. pthere hasn't been a poll where pmarco rubio has been leading. pand this is a key moment in this prace. pobviously you have michigan on ptuesday but you have next week pthe prize of all prizes which is pflorida and ohio. pand those two states will tell pus a lot about how this is going pto go.
7:39 am
pyou start looking at what phappened on saturday, ted cruz phad a really good saturday, pdidn't he? p>>reporter: he really did. phe surprised maine, overwhelmed pin kansas. phe has obviously the most wins pof any of the opponents of pdonald trump and he's making the pcase he's the guy going forward. phe's trying to make this a ptwo-man race. pit's one of the reasons why he's pcampaigning in florida, i think, pto make his claim that he is the pguy who should be one-on-one pwith donald trump. p>>russell: we have to go. ptell us one more time, your town phall with the democrats tonight pat 6:00, right? p>>reporter: tonight at 6:00 p.m. peastern time. pit's a special report, special pevent town hall right here in pdetroit. p6:00 to 7:00. pwe'll see you then. p>>russell: always good to talk pto you. phave fun tonight, okay? p>>reporter: thanks, russell. p>>walter: one of the best
7:40 am
pexpected to hang up his cleats ptoday. eyton manning will hold a news pconference in denver to announce phis retirement. pmost insiders expect he'll call pit quits. phe already holds the nfl record pfor passing yards, passing ptouchdowns and tied the record pfor most games played. phe also went out on top, winning pthe second super bowl ring last pmonth. pnow he's -- after the manning pnews on sunday, his biggest prival had a message for him. ptom brady posted a message on pfacebook saying, quote, pcongratulations to peyton on an pincredible career. pyou changed the game forever and pmade everyone around you better. pon to basketball now, vols are phoping to make history tonight. pthey made it to the conference pchampionship game and the team pthey're facing, uconn. pone of the best in women's pbasketball history.
7:41 am
ptalk about how they got there. pthey knocked up 10 yesterday in pa semi final match and this game pwas close until the second half. pvols won the game 64-46. pnow they play connecticut ptonight at 9:00. pconnecticut also hosting the ptournament. pif that wasn't tough enough, phuskies haven't lost a game psince last season. pthey have won 68 games in a row. pas dave pointed out this pmorning, all good things must pcome out to an end. pit looks like former bucs head pcoach lovie smith could be pheading back to illinois. pnot chicago, collegiate pfootball. puniversity of illinois will pannounce smith as the new head pcoach today. pbucs still owe smith $10 million pand any new salary he'll earn pwill be deducted from his bucs pdeal. pit's been 21 years since he pcoached a college team. pthis is video of jameis winston pon the net.
7:42 am
pbaptized this weekend. pvideo was posted online by his pgirlfriend. pthe two were at an outreach pevent in colorado springs. pover the weekend, one pirates pfan put on a superman cape and psaved a little boy. pa bat comes within inches of a pkid's head. pthe fan's quick thinking and poutstretched arm knocked it paway. pwow. ictures you're looking at, pthose were just seconds apart. p>>russell: amazing. pwow. pscary, too. pthanks. pyesterday was mother's day in pengland. p>>jennifer: the very special way pthe british monarchy marked the poccasion. pand this is either really cool
7:43 am
pwe'll show you what thi (church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum one day you're enjoying rides, events, and up-close animal encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having fun at aquatica. for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a year of aquatica for free. kick your feet up at aquatica's sandy beaches, and plunge down ihu's
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3 (russell - we're following a news alert out p>>russell: news alert out of ptampa to tell you about. pseveral police officers are poutside of blake high school. pwe spoke to the school district pand they tell us no students are pin any danger but there was a preport of an incident, an pincident at a nearby pneighborhood and police may be pat the school just as a recaution. pwe've got a photographer preporter headed that way and as psoon as we get more information, pwe'll let you know what it is. pdave? p>>dave: 7:46. retty start. pthis is a great shot this time pof day. pu.s.f. marine science camera, we psee a little cloud cover, mid to pupper level clouds streaming pthrough and we're beginning the pwarmup now. pmostly sunny skies. pbrookdale bayshore camera, and pyeah, you might need a jacket as
7:47 am
pin a couple of hours, probably pwon't because that's how fast pit's going to warm up today. priver view camera, instead of plooking east this time, we're plooking back to the west. pyou can see just how pretty it pis to start things off. pgranted, you ever brooksville at p40. pwesley chapel, lakeland, both at p48. pwait until you see the jump pbetween now and 9:00. pit's going to be a big jump in ptemperatures as we've got a lot pof very, very dry air at the psurface and that drier air could pwarm up very quickly so by noon, pforget it. pyou don't need a jacket. pit will be nice and mild. pthen it's going to be touching p80 degrees this afternoon. pi don't think it's going to phappen at the coastline today, pbut i think inland locations, pyou've got a shot at it. p55 in tampa, 61 in st. etersburg. p52 in sarasota. pyeah, other than some clouds, pyou see them moving across the pgulf, streaming through, i think
7:48 am
pbeautiful day. pyou've got high pressure off the pcarolina coastline and if panything, it's going to become pmore firmly entrenched as the pweek moves along. pso unfortunately for what is our pbenefit is going to be not so pmuch for somebody else and here pis why. pas a big jet stream dips out pwest, pushes this high pressure pregion firmly over our state, pyou're going to stall a front pout or at least move very, very pslowly from texas, louisiana and parkansas and that's going to pcreate a huge problem. psevere weather, very heavy rain pand flooding likely as this pridge is just holding strong. pthat means for us, our state in pgeneral, it just gets warmer and pwarmer and warmer throughout the pweek as you go back further pwest, they're going to have the pstormy weather in general. pso that's kind of like, yeah, pgood for us but not so good for
7:49 am
p78 for a high today. pvery nice, lovely afternoon. pclear skies tonight, not as pchilly, low 58 degrees. pthen for tomorrow, partly cloudy pand warm. pi think we may touch 80 in tampa pbut it's just averaging out to pabout 79 degrees or so and pnothing serious. ptomorrow solidly in the 80s. ponly question is, does somebody pinland hit 90 this week? pi don't know. plower 80 as 0 az 0 as -- 80s along the pcoast. punstable weather pattern with a pfew showers around saturday and psunday. p>> all right, dave. pa few problems in pinellas pcounty. pauthorities on scene of an paccident that's causing delays pfor drivers eastbound along p102nd avenue north along pseminole boulevard. ptraffic is backed up to ridge proad.
7:50 am
pulmerton. pcurlew, two light right lanes pblocked. ptake belcher instead. p>>russell: rare home footage pfrom 1949. pfilm showed princess elizabeth laying with her toddler son rince charles who was just a pyear old when all of this was pshown. pcharles is now 67 and he is the pheir to the throne. pmaterial was released on the pclarence house twitter feed in phonor of mother's day which we pjust learned in england was pyesterday. p>>jennifer: the next story is peither really cool or slightly pterrifying. p>>russell: we think it's cool. pi think this is cool. ptake a look at this. pit's a life sized rainbow pslinky. p>>jennifer: amazing. p>>russell: this is the scene at phalf-time during a men's college pbasketball game. pthe slinky took to the center pcourt and entertained the pclouds.
7:51 am
pwe can't look away from it. p>>jennifer: is there one person pin there? p>>russell: we don't know that panswer. p>>jennifer: how does that phappen? p>>russell: nina our producer pthinks it's win. p>>jennifer: i want to be in pthere. p>>russell: i don't know how more pthan one person could be in pthere. p>>jennifer: how about some dogs pon surf boards? pthe dog spectacular on paustralia's sunshine court is pthe only event in the world pmasters. articipants are proud of their pfurry companions. pin addition to having fun, part pof the event brings attention to pcaring for stray animals and pcenters. p>>russell: are you kidding me? p>>jennifer: josephine would be
7:52 am
p>>russell: clawing into the pboard is what she would be pdoing. pto charley belcher we go. p>>charley: good day to you. pyou're having fun. p>>russell: it's a fun day. pit's monday and we have to fight pthrough. p>>charley: yep. pthat's all right. pyou're doing well. p>>russell: thanks. p>>charley: fight like the pillini. pyou're doing fine. p>>russell: nice. pnice. p>>charley: academy of davinci pthis morning, here's a cool pthing about these public charter pschools. pthey have a little more pflexibility. pschool doesn't start here until p8:30 but you can drop off as pearly as 7:00 a.m. and that pincludes a free breakfast. pthat's why some are already at pschool this morning. pof course, they're here because
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
pwe're going to have a "go p>>charley: "good day." pi'm coming to you from dunedin pthis morning, academy davinci pschool for the arts and ptechnology. pwe're at the happy reading book pfair. pi always loved the book fair as pa kid. pwe have the principal of the pfine school. pwe have the board of directors pfor the public charter school, ublic charter school means
7:56 am
p>> we're on the lottery system pand we're a public school but pit's run by a board of pdirectors, privately run. p>>charley: you're following the psame pinellas county, what they ptell you you have to do but you phave some flexibility. p>> flexibility, yes. peverything is in house. p>>charley: and we'll see it as a psteam curriculum. pscience, technology, pengineering, arts and math. p>> it's exciting. psteam is very new and inventive pfor the kids. pour kids practice engineering pskills, gets them ready for pmiddle school and high school pand they do a lot of problem psolving and they're learning. p>>charley: it's brilliant. pyou had either arts or ptechnology. pnow the two are together for pgoodness sakes. p>> leonardo davinci was an pinventor. pwe used him as an inspiration pand are bringing it together pwith an arts and technology pfocus. p>>charley: the county has
7:57 am
pfall and then seventh grade in p18-19 and then eighth grade. p>> it's exciting. palready a waiting list for the psixth grade. p>>charley: stay tuned to support pthat academy davinci, right? p>> exactly. p>>charley: we'll see talented pyoung people this morning, maybe psome singing, dancing and ptechnology at the same time. p>> you'll see all three of those pthings at our school. p>>charley: fantastic. phow is the best way for someone pto try to get on the waiting plist? p>> we have an application online pat our website, academy pyou can come in and take a tour pof the school and fill out an papplication as well. p>>charley: if it's academy, there you go. pstick the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande
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