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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (kelly its a multi- it is a multi-million dollar verdict in the erin andrews case. what both sides are saying about
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news starts in 60 we're going to have to work hard. i've been here before. i've been an underdog before. >> marco rubio knows he is behind in the race for president. but during a campaign stop in tampa he promises to keep fighting. >> i refuse to believe he did this to me. he is my best friend. >> hulk hogan taking the stand today in his sex tape trial. he says he was take advantage of by his friend and videotaped without his knowledge. >> these skimming devices can be anywhere. >> more skimmers found in local gas pumps. they can wipe out your bank account without you even knowing. we're going tell what you to
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you are watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. first up at ten, marco rubio's sprint to win florida and potentially save his republican presidential candidacy coming to tampa tonight. he trails in the delegates of course to donald trump and ted cruz and he's won only two nominating contests out of the first 20 they've had. but a win in florida a week from tomorrow would be huge. what's his message efin. >> reporter: he used an optimistic known without levying personal attacks and arguing he is the only republican who can win in november. and now he sees an opening to take down donald trump. marco rubio hopes the state that launched him will be the state that saves him. >> we have to do it now. a turning point is coming.
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in this election and for this country. and it begins here in florida. >> reporter: two weeks ago one state-wide poll showed he trailed donald trump 45-25 percent. but after a week of attacks during debates. >> just like he conned these people -- >> reporter: and on the air. >> that's really what donald trump is all about. >> reporter: a florida poll shows rubio down eight to trump. 38-30 with ted cruz at 17. >> we're going win florida. we're an underdog. but i feel good about the progress we're making. >> reporter: contemplating things is a -- come mri kateing things is a third of floridians have voted. though rubio never holds back in criticizing the current president, he tried to capture remaining votes with an optimistic theme of change. ironically similar to barack barack's campaign style. >> conservative is at its best not when it's about fear, not when it's about anger. >> reporter: it is a lesson learned for rubio who has seen
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fox 13 political editor craig patrick says the trump-rubio dust up has helped cruz more than rubio. but florida could clean things up for him. one analysis shows that if trump wins next week he would lead rubio by a nearly insurmountable 504 delegates. but if rubio wins the 99 delegates trump's lead would be only 240. >> i am asking florida to do what florida always does. decide the nomination and decide the presidency. >> reporter: and isn't it interesting in just a couple of hours here at the tavm convention center marco rubio was in front of the cameras three separate times. he held the rally. he did a one-on-one interview with our craig patrick. and he also held a press conference with lots of reporters. that just shows you guys how much his campaign and also marco rubio himself wants him in front of the cameras in this very expensive media state. the coverage he got today was
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but, obviously, he wants to be in front of the cameras in order to spread his message ahead of this very crucial vote next week. >> sure. this is it for him. if he doesn't win florida it's essentially over. the political world by the way turned to michigan where tuesday's big primaries, the next big delegate grab. hillary clinton and donald trump are leading their respective party there's by 13 points each according to a new poll out of monmouth university. a win in the great lakes state would move trump one step closer to his bid for nomination. >> look i've been fighting hard for cars. cars are going to be made in our country. we've been fighting very, very hard for that industry. i've been to michigan a lot. >> they're doing this-- >> senator ted cruz received the endorsement of the mississippi governor bryant one day before the state's primary. and ohio governor john kasich says he is banking on winning in the north an effort to shore up his fourth place nomination. on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie
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televised on the fox news channel. we'll show what you they had to say later in this newscast. hulk hogan's sex tape trial gets up close and personal. today the jury heard what led to the sexual encounter between the pro wrestler and the wife of bubba sponge. this at times got x-rated. >> it sure did. hogan made it clear today he had no idea there was a camera in bubba's bedroom. and despite a bad feeling in his gut he still went through with it. it was a decision he would come to regret years down the road. nond a pinellas county courtroom vulnerability. >> i just gave up. gave in. let my guard down and it just >> reporter: on the verge of divorce his defenses were weak and he leaned on his best friend now former best friend bubba. >> you loved bubba unconditionally correct? >> yes, sir.
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blessing hogan agreed to have sex with heather who was bubba's wife at the time. >> it was so surreal that i was there and he was handing me a condom. my gut just didn't feel right. it just came out. you are not filming this? is what i actually said if i remember correctly. >> reporter: he says bubba reassured him what happened there would stay there. >> i knew bubba had cameras, but i was never told or never was pointed out that there was a security camera pointing at the bed or there was a camera in the bedroom. >> reporter: hogan says they had sex three or four more times but years later a call from a gossip site would shatter that trust. there was a camera. and now there was a sex tape. >> when the video was leased my whole world changed. i was desperate to know if he did this. >> reporter: hogan says bubba adamant aand at times angrily denied any part it. another reassurance that would turn out to be a lie. >> bubba was on the end of the
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saying heather if we ever need to retirement this is our retirement. high my hands started shaking. >> reporter: in the end hogan lost more than his privacy. >> i refuse that he did this to me. he is my best friend. no one would do this to another person. >> hogan is suing the website gawker for $100 million. his attorneys say that video got 7 million views. gawker's defense is that hogan spoke freely about his sex life so it was fair game. they're calling this a first amendment issue. the trial picks up tomorrow. >> anchor: a legal victory in tennessee. the jury siding with erin andrews awarding her $55 million in that peeping tom lawsuit. the news comes as a big relief to the 37-year-old sportscaster from tampa. cynthia's got more on the outcome of the case. this has habited her for -- haunted her for years. >> reporter: andrews says she was pubically humiliated and still suffers from depression.
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for fox sports cried when the verdict was read then hugged her attorneys, her family and even some of the jurors. she had asked for $75 million. she got $55 million. suing the national hotel chain where it happened and the stalker who filmed her then posted the video online. this was back in 2008. andrews says the hotel allowed michael barrett to book a room next to her's. barrett admitted to altering the peephole to record the video. he was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. today jurors decided the hotel was also responsible. but attorneys for the hotel still insist the blame rest only with barrett. >> we'd like to say we're disappointed with the outcome. our client westin and windsor learned of this in 2009. and immediately worked with the fbi to determine how this happened, who was involved. and as a result of their work, their barrett was eventually arrested and convicted. again, we are disappointed with the result.
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to go on camera after the verdict but did post a tweet thanking the court, her legal team, her family friends. she went on to say their outreach has helped me be able to stand up and hold those accountable whose job it is to protect everyone's safety, security and privacy. attorneys for the hotel chain say they're not sure if they will appeal but this case has led to changes within the industry to make rooms more secure. we have another skimmer scam in sarasota county to tell you about tonight. over the weekend deputies located skimmers at this seven ee 11 mobile station on fruit vail road. as fox 13's josh cascio reports, those skimmers had been there for two weeks. >> reporter: as you can see behind me this is a very busy gas station. we are right off i-75 in sarasota which means there could be a lot of victims who have had their credit card information stolen. it has happened again. this time not one but two credit
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pumps at this 7-eleven mobile station in sarasota. these used blue tooth teg nomg. >> just -- technology. >> you can hook it up to a device its registered to and just go somewhere close to where the pump is and gather that information. >> reporter: that information means access to your hard earned money. the devices were removed sunday after being secretly installed deputies think two weeks ago. >> it's discerning. who wants to get, you know, stolen from at any point and time. >> that's pretty scary. glad that i filled up today and not yesterday. >> reporter: it is a problem drivers have had to deal with as of late. sarasota police found skimmers on at least two different occasions last month. they even did a sweep of local gas stations hunting for more. the reality is it only takes one swipe on one skimmer to do real damage. >> these skimmers are inside the pumps so you can't see them you know. and if somebody look at the pump if you don't know what you are
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part of a regular electronics with a pump. >> reporter: one thing you can look for is a broken sticker on the pump. that could indicate a skimmer has been installed. >> i don't really look i just swipe my card and pump my gas. >> just mindlessly swipe and start pumping. >> reporter: do you think you should check it. >> absolutely. i didn't even know that was a thing. >> reporter: it is a thing. a big thing. they could be lurking waiting on you absolutely anywhere. >> it's extremely concerning. >> reporter: so far no arrests or suspects to speak of. deputies say if you think you have been compromised you should be checking your bank accounts over and over again and reporting suspicious activity to your bank, credit card company authorities. in sarasota, josh cascio, fox 13 news. >> anchor: an eighth grader now has a way to get back and forth park police officer. listen to this. the p. d. posted this picture on their facebook page. officer bear notice add new student at morgan fitzgerald needed a bike.
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surprised him with a brand-new bike. the student was quite appreciative for the gift. how about that? >> it certainly was good for the officer. >> bravo. that's great. has a lot to do. >> they're taking on a lot of big issues. medical marijuana. where that controversial bill stands coming up next. the ad says dutch blow amish cleaning tonic cuts through tough grease and grime but is it a dud or a deal? we've put it to the test. that's tonight at 10:30 p.m. paul, i hope we have another beautiful day like today. >> the hits keep coming today. lots of sunshine. up here 80. wrapping up with a great sunset. there are changes on the horizon. we'll have the 7-day forecast
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don't go away. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. lawmakers in tallahassee are in their final week of the legislative session.
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their final week of the legislative session. that means a lot of last minute wrangling over controversial bills and they're trying to agree on a state budget. they have to get that $80 billion budget finished by tomorrow so they can take a final vote on friday. >> before lawmakers can tackle that they got to finish work on a number of controversial bills including the one that changes the state's medical marijuana law. fox 13's chris kato is here with more. >> that appears to ab done deal. house bill 307 gives terminally ill people the right to use full strength cannabis in florida. this expands the law that the legislature passed two years ago that allowed cancer patients and people with chronic seizures like epilepsy to use a weaker form of the drug. the senate passed the bill today by a vote of 28-11. the controversy wasn't about the drug's benefits but about the limited number of nursery allowed to grow the medical marijuana. under the 2014 law only five growers can grow and sell cannabis licensed through the
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here's what senator brandis of st. petersburg had to say about that. >> you are basically mandating that five families get wealthy. you are mandating and you are using the power of government to stop everybody else from getting into this cartel. >> we need to get the medicine to the people that need it the most. and we can disagree on the framework. i'm not happy with everything in this bill but i know at the end of the day we need to get this to the people. >> reporter: several nurseries filed suit over the original law and its limit of five growers. this new bill will allow additional licenses to be granted to nurseries whose court challenges are successful. the bill is awaiting the governor's sitting. no longer it weighting his signature is the revised death penalty bill. governor scott signed that into law today. it says ten out of 12 jurors must agree to put someone to death. the previous law required only a simple majority of seven. the new law prevents judges from
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saying it must rather be by the will of the jury. in january, the supreme court ruled florida's death penalty unconstitutional because ate allowed judges to override the jury's recommendation. the senate today also pass add bill that sets policies for law enforcement agencies that use body cameras. it doesn't require them to use cameras but rather for agencies that do use them it sets standards for training and also policies for how the video and audio files should be stored. guys? >> see what happens in their final vote on friday. we'll see if they get to that. it is the weather just phenomenal. so many visitors in town too which is great. >> we're kind of showing off >> i think that's a good thing. >> the chamber of commerce is putting on a show and they're pretty happy. for some reason seems like everybody is getting married this weekend. i've had six or seven messages from folks getting married on saturday. of course by then we'll be tracking rain coming in from the gulf. we'll see how it works out. first things first-- >> not what they wanted to heard. >> no.
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here is a look tonight sunset antioch. this is lisa davis who posted that today on my facebook page. that's just a great country shot isn't it? i got a whole bunch more. this one from the dunn eaton causeway which is always a great andrew. this one from upton beach. and this one is beautiful from the gandy bridge. these photos are on my facebook page. they all obviously make nice wallpaper on your computer. hint, hint. and finally our viewer up in citrus county, joe, who always has great photos is visiting key west. this was the sunset in key west tonight. isn't that spectacular? wow really is good stuff. today 80 degrees the high in tampa. just give you a sense of where we stand. the average high on april 8th is 80. we're running about a month above average as far as high
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and thursday we'll be up near 83. that by the way is the average high for april 24th. so lots of heat and the whole weather map kind of reminds me of how things were playing out back in november and december with a big high along the east coast and cold rain and snow out west. 60s now. 65 in brooksville. 68 in tampa. 65 sarasota. inland we're holding in the mid-60s. dew points are still fairly low but a couple days will turn fairly muggy. we're all dealing with the pollen that won't end any time soon. it's typically a month for the whole tree pollen thing to play out. heavy showers and thundershowers to our west. eventually this going to play a role in our weather. it's going to be sometime over the weekend. big storms near dallas, over the red ifr into oklahoma, oklahoma city. severe thunderstorms are underway. high pressure off our east coast. the high acting like a heat pump and pushing up southeast winds over the state.
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west of us. tomorrow looks good. wednesday the same. low to mid-80s. good beach days. by thursday and friday it's all going to be about the timing of this cold front as it slowly moves our way. the models are kind of all over the place. some on saturday. some on sunday. what better idea on the timing tomorrow or wednesday. nevertheless there will be showers and thundershowers moving our way. big problems though the next day or two in the deep south. look at computer model forecast. eight-and-a-half inches of rain in lake charles. six in shreveport. there will be flooding and severe weather as well. right now 68. the dew point is 53. east southeast winds at seven. as i mentioned the real wild weather is besides texas and oklahoma is out west. valley rain and mountain snow. more rain heading for them. 60 in chicago right now. they had snow last week. dallas is 70. buffalo is 49. columbia is 50 tonight. 50s to near 60.
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top off near 80. then more of the same coming up right through friday as we stay rain free into the weekend. clear and mild tonight 59 tomorrow. a day like today. lots of sunshine, a warm day. 79 on wednesday. more sunshine. and even warmer. we're back up to 82. again, the question is going to be the timing of this weekend. showers and thundershowers and a time change too. we're in the low to mid-80s and probably 40 percent chance of rain maybe saturday into sunday. we'll talk more about that in the days ahead. back to you. vice president getting tough on terror. >> up next, you are going to hear what he told our troops today in his talking about isis. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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((kelly/ the u-s defense department the u.s. defense department released new video monday of an storage facility. there it is. the air strike was carried out iraq. it is one of 15 conducted in iraq that day. in addition to the weapons facility, the operation also destroyed a bunker and tied air weaponry and defense weapons belonging to the militant group. vice president joe biden issue add new threat against isis. he made the warning while visiting troops right there in the middle east. >> we're making it harder for them to maneuver. we're cutting off their lifeline, their oil revenues and their finances. >> reporter: vice president joe biden in the united arab emirates monday uses his first stop on the middle east tour to
10:26 pm
he says the u.s. and its allies will destroy the terror group which biden referred to as daesh. a name officials say isis militants find offensive. >> we have to squeeze the heart of daesh in iraq and syria so they can't continue to pump their poison into the region and the rest of the world. and that's what we're doing with our coalition partners. we're hitting daesh fighters and leaders harder than ever. >> reporter: biden spoke at a key air base. a main launch point for coalition operations targeting isis in syria and iraq. >> i want to particularly recognize the way which the uae has stepped up and expanded their role in this campaign. you capture the images that provide us with the intelligence we need. >> reporter: the vice president's remarks come as the pentagon says coalition air strikes have destroyed an isis
10:27 pm
operations. this as the death toll is rising in hilla, iraq. an isis truck bomb exploded sunday killing more than 60 and wounding another 95. on monday more than 50 died in clashes between security forces and isis militants in tunisia near the libyan border. this amid increasing concerns about a growing number of isis militants in libya. at the white house, fox 13 news. the democratic candidates for president are in detroit. >> and they held a town hall meeting and they did agree on one thing.
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back financial (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. ((kelly/ when voters in four states hit the polls tomorrow, hillary c voters in four states are going to hit the polls tomorrow and hillary clinton is the candidate to beat on the democratic side. but bernie sanders is currently not making it very easy for the former secretary of state. >> putting up quite the fight. joel is in detroit tonight where democrats held a town hall meeting on the eve of the
10:30 pm
>> reporter: tonight a final push by hillary clinton and bernie sanders to win the great lake state. the two taking part in a fox news town hall event in detroit. senator sand errs immediately questioned whether it's too late in the delegate game to catch clinton. >> if i win it will mean that young people and working class people are coming out. >> reporter: sanders riding this the momentum of a trio of wins responding to clinton's criticism about his opposition to the 2008 bill bailing out the financial sector. >> of course i voted in the one senate vote that i had the opportunity to vote to support the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was the bailout of wall street. [ cheering ] and that is essentially what senator clinton was -- >> reporter: when it was clinton's turn she was asked about the private email controversy overhanging her bid for the nomination. >> i have said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal email.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: another source of contention, sanders vowed to help those buried in student loan debt. his tuition free proposals, something clinton calls irresponsible and unfair promise to make. >> so when senator sanders says free college with no pressure on the universities and colleges to lower their costs, i think that will only make it more expensive. >> reporter: one thing clinton and sanders did agree on was that michigan's governor needs to step down following his handling of the flint water crisis. two rivals looking ahead to tomorrow's michigan primary where another 130 delegates are on the line. if washington, fox 13 news. >> the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan will be held on friday. mrs. reagan will be buried next to her husband at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. she will lie in repose for public visitation on wednesday and thursday. friday's 2350u7b ral will be closed to the public. the first lady died sunday from congestive heart failure. she was 94.
10:32 pm
suspect dead after a shooting at a florida business. it happened in clay county near jacksonville. and the sheriff's office says a man who worked at jacksonville granite brought in a gun today with the intention of shooting fellow employees. as he aimed to open fire the gun jammed several times and that likely saved lives. >> it's certainly tragedy averted because at least two people that he was point-blank range with could have lost their life. so the good lord was looking down on them so they're very fortunate. >> one employee was hurt but is expected to be okay. the suspect took his own life. fe thif's office is still trying -- the sheriff's office is still trying to feg out why the man opened fire. he had been working at the business less than 30 days. another warning about allegiant airlines. this tile from the pilots. in a report yesterday it points
10:33 pm
latest five months they've collected data. 35 instances voluntary engine issues including two where pieces of the engine came apart in mid-air. 13 of those mechanical problems between september 2015 and january happened on flights headed to or from st. st. petersburg/clear water international airport. we spoke with one of the authors of the union report and he says the low cost airline has significantly more mechanical issues than other airlines. >> we have a very skilled pilot group at allegiant. they do their best to handle the emergencies as they come. but there's always that one incident that no matter what a pilot tries to do ends up in tragedy. >> experts have called on the faa to take more action against allegiant. so far they've only issued warning letters. the agency says it's investigating allegiant closely and the airline says their maintenance program is up to faa standards and says the union is exaggerating to get an edge on contract negotiations. for years st. pete's
10:34 pm
bus hub and gathering spot for the homeless. but now it's being transformed. williams park now has free wifi. mayor riceman showed it off today and he says the signal is great. brighthouse networks will pay for the hotspot and you can use the wifi for up to two hours. it is available 24/7. the city wanted to draw people back to the park. >> the whole idea is to see more activity and programs go on in this park and really bring this park back to life. >> and free wifi in st. pete's waterfront parks is also in the works. if you have an older loved one who tends to wander, a new program might offer you a bit of peace of mind about it. the pasco county sheriff's office has teamed up with safety net to help find missing people. safety net is a search and rescue program designed to help find people who are wandering who have been diagnosed with alzheimer's, dementia or autism.
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bracelet that has a radio transmitter. once reported missing authorities can often find the person by tracking their wrist bands. new at ten, now you can cut through grease in a non-toxic way. the makers of dutch glow say their product is a simple solution from a simple people. fox's consumer reporter puts it to the deal or dud test. >> chemical companies have been telling us for years the only way to clean your kitchen is with their toxic chemical cleaners. >> if you are feeling beat down by what's [ inaudible ] there may be a simple solution. >> introducing dutch glow amish cleaning tonic. >> according to the ad it's great on grease and grime. >> no matter how hot of water you set it in it's not coming off. >> when hillary saw the ad the first thing that came to her mind? >> we're like hey let's call steve. >> so we-- >> comes out from underneath the vent. >> reporter: -- grabbed this grease covered filter and this cakeed on cookie sheet and got
10:36 pm
each bottle makes eight bottles of cleaner. just spray on and let it sit. we gave it four minutes as per the instructions. meantime take a look at this. >> water and oil don't mix. but as soon as you add a little cleaning tonic it makes water wetter. >> reporter: in the ad the tonic takes you from nasty to new. >> just a few swipes or scrubs. but back in hillary's kitchen. >> i didn't know water could get wetter but okay. >> reporter: it takes some serious elbow grease. especially when it comes to that cookie sheet. >> i don't expect it to look like it was when i bought it from the store but at least look somewhat decent. >> reporter: the oven clean with a swipe. but elsewhere the scrubbing continues. >> just seems like it should be simple. a kid could do just wiping it off and it's taken two grown adults to scrub. >> reporter: while our efforts were a far cry from the commercial our results got a far
10:37 pm
that filter? >> it is brown and silver but you can tell it got the job done. >> and take a look at this. we scrubbed half the sheet with dutch glow and took it all the way back to silver. >> it's called dutch glow cleaning tonic. deal or dud? >> i think it would be a deal even though we had to scrub more than it said. definitely do. that's my two cents. spend it wisely. >> dutch glow by the way is cleaning tonic. it is available online. concentrated to make 16 bottles starts at 15 bucks plus shipping and handling. a big scare at hogan's gift shop over the weekend when crowds felt the balcony shift.
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problem is. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. coming up coming up in just a few minutes at 11, it's new a he said/she said situation over patty the dog. once saved from being euthanized after biting a child patty is accused of attacking again. we'll explain what happened this time. the charity race up flights of stairs took a step in the
10:41 pm
it's held in monor of the september 11th victims but now may not happen at all. we'll explain on the "fox 13:11 o'clock news." engineers say that a pair of badly corroded steel support columns are what caused a huge scare on clearwater beach. it was the pelican walk complex evacuated on saturday after the second floor balcony swifted. hulk hogan was upstairs with a few dozen fans waiting to get his autograph. witnesses tell us they felt the big shake. >> we just felt like a sudden jolt. we just felt the building suddenly move. >> the whole crowd went uuuu and everybody droped what we were doing. it freaked us out big time. >> the support columns in question are concealed but once exposed here you go it's easier to see what needs to be replaced. they put smiles on kids family every day. the winston park boys and girls
10:42 pm
now they have two-and-a-half million reasons to really smile. today lightning owners jeff and penny made the largest individual donation in the history of the tampa bay boys and girl's club. the multi-million dollar gift will mean a complete renovation, an expansion of the winston park club which was nearly closed due to budget constraints. there will be a new state of the art technology lab, game room, teen center, theater, kitchen and in a nod to them, a new roller hockey rink to play in. >> anything we can do to help make a difference in people's lives who through no fault of their own aren't is as fortunate positions something we love to be involved with and help. >> the boys and girl club of tampa has not announced when they hope to begin the multi-million dollar renovation work. they'll begin the permitting process soon.
10:43 pm
>> that looks like a lot of fun. that's going to change a lot of people's lives. what a run for the lightning. nine straight wins going for ten tonight in philly. certainly posed some problems for the guys. we'll show you. plus i'm working a double shift. first part of my day was as a caddie for barber at the celebrity pro-am. i'll take you out to the golf courseness. the selfie trend is no longer limited to people. the animals at the zoo are doing it as well. there's a good one. it's trending tonight. we've got it3 someone stole two dogs from a back yard in lutz... how one of them found its way back home.. and the search to find the other.. tonight at eleven. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks,
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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leave it to google to come up with this one.. leave it to google to come one this one. they actually put cameras with motion sensors in the cages of the animals at the l.a. zoo fe the results are awesome. they're calling them zoogle selfies. i love that one. look at that. this is a promotion to the movie zoo-topia. when the animals get within 18 inches of the camera it takes a picture. that looks like a warthog. there's a giraffe and a tiger. it's pretty fantastic. that's the slough. great pictures. there you go.
10:47 pm
is they're tweeting out their own pictures. [ laughter ] >> they're just-- >> they're better at twitter than me. [ laughter ] that's for sure. >> but they don't nearly take a picture like you. . speaking of wild life a deep underwater discovery is trending tonight. check it out here. this ghost-like octopus was just discovered deep on the ocean floor of hawaii 14,075 feet underwater. it is a brand-new species so they don't really have a name for it yet. we're just kind of working through things here. what do you think? maybe ghost apuss. >> i think that works. that is the coolest thing. >> it's so clear. i can't believe it's that far. i mean, look -- it looks like it's not even underwater. >> there's not much else that can survive at 14,000 feet i think too. >> just the quality of the picture blows my mind. >> it is ma major stank. pretty cool when you get a story
10:48 pm
seen before. i used to love to jump rope. did you guys do the double dutch maybe as a kid? with the two jump ropes? >> no. could you do that? >> you got to see this. >> are you going to do it for us. >> i can do it. >> look at this. geronimo never misses a beat. look who is holding it. he's got his pal s holding the rope for him. he is really good. >> chuck taylor doesn't have shoes on. what's up with that? [ laughter ] that's a pretty talented geronimo. >> how do you teach a dog that? >> you don't really let them do it once and they get a treat and do it over and over again. >> i would guess. some skill though. >> yes it is. that's awesome. so proud of himself. i love that. he's now sleeping for three days. yes he is. that's a beautiful thing too. always looking for ways to wear
10:49 pm
what's going on? >> i'm exhausted just staring at the guy. the not so secret ingredient in this lightning turn around has been the increased production out of all the lines and phenomenal goaltending. nine consecutive wins. those ingredients were off tonight. let's take you out there. philadelphia is where we go. and look at the exception of the triplets line. the opening period. andre fires the rebound into the back of the net. andre did a great job early on. but the flyers scoring chances just snuck through. they had twice as many shots on goal. 3-one flyers. less than a minute later here comes the bolts. brings them within a goal. but philly later puts them away. an empty winner here. the winning streak comes to an end at nine.
10:50 pm
usf and uconn in the aac title game. huskies stewart with the steal. lays it in. pulls 18 turnovers. huskies shot almost 60 percent. fernandez says it all right there. stewart led all scorers with 22. this three makes it a 19 point lead for uconn. huskies usf winless this year. 77-51 the final. next step the ncaa. it's tournament week. today jameis winston, derrick brooks, josh donaldson were out there playing in the celebrity pro-am. i was lucky enough to join in but not as a player but a poorly played and verbally accused caddie for former buck barber. >> i appreciate that. i need to get a towel. >> we're up there.
10:51 pm
my tee shot. i didn't hit it this short. >> yeah there was a sudden wind gust that i just didn't bring my measuring device. it is a pro-am nobody's watching. get 'em next time skip. >> i'll get that. >> beverage? there you go. see you lose one, you win one. that's what it's all about today. this is the trophy for pro-am. no? never mind. that's the wrong information. probably should never think about being a caddie. >> duly noted. very good. it's ridiculous. i was saying given -- like i said it is a slow green right now. it's still early. >> told me to hit it where i hit it. it's faster when you hit it. trying to figure out what works. shaleless flattery or will he
10:52 pm
i don't know. [ laughter ] i need more. dead straight. dead straight. i told you. right edge. that's what i said. yep. i like it. things are turning around. i don't think it's going to work out. i'm being dumped. feels like high school all over again. you guys need a caddie? i thought we were getting chemistry there but he dumped me after just two holes. i think his round improved after that point. >> it did. >> it's all-- >> he was a good sport. >> it looked like you had fun but i can't believe he dumped you. i thought you were doing a very good job. you kept giving him water. that was the only thing i was good at. >> scott thanks. >> maybe next time. paul is back with another look at your forecast coming up next. plus two panda cubs make their first appearance. look at that in public. we're going to tell you how they're doing now and their names.
10:53 pm
couple of minutes. (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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>> sunset tonight in sand key. a couple of nights ago but that is certainly worthy of a fox 13 umbrella winner. beth always sends in nice pictures. nice to have her win an umbrella. if you want to get in the game and have a chance to win an umbrella go to my facebook page. left-hand side there's an app that says weather pic contest. you like the page and upload the photos and we give an umbrella away monday through friday at about, what time is it? 10:56 p.m. or so. definitely signs of spring. i mean, look at the temperature profile around the country today. tampa hit 80. but look at omaha. 79. chicago last week was dealing with snow and sleet and freezing rain. they were 63 today. atlanta was 69. new york city is 61. developing trough in the west brought some cool air and some rain and snow this way. a lot of heat up and down the east coast for most of the week. talking about spring. we had six days until daylight saving time. meaning we add daylight in the evening.
10:57 pm
a week later it is the first day of spring, the following sunday. another seven days later is easter. then the following seven days, another sunday is the rays home opener against the blue jays. rare to have an opening day on a sunday but that's how it plays out this year. i think it is a 1:00 or 2:00 tilt at the trop. got a southeast wind tomorrow. a mixture of clouds and sun. if we hold off on the sea breeze and we may everybody will be in the upper 70s and low 80s with a prevailing southeast wind. we stay mostly dry and the next chance of rain is not going to happen until sometime this weekend. tomorrow, look at this, 64 degrees at 9:00 a.m. humidity is under control. 76 degrees by noon. and near 80 by 4:00." the national average of regular gas is now a buck 81 a gallon.
10:58 pm
past two weeks but prices are still down about $0.65 as gallon from this time last year. but what peep aren't filling up they aren't pulling out plastic as much. credit card use is slipping in january. but keep in mind that is coming after a huge surge during the holiday shopping season. the supreme court taking a big bite out of apple rejecting the tech giant's appeal of a price fixing ruling. apple will go ahead and pay a $450 million fine. tomorrow is national pancake day in case you didn't know. if you want to stack on the house hop over to ihop. it is serving free short stacks of buttermilk pancakes and giving diners the option to leave a donation for local charities. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. how about verizon? they got to pay a $1.3 million fine after the fcc says they violated the privacy of cell phone users. verizon agreed to get permission from customers before sending data about some cookies from its users to advertisers.
10:59 pm
putting unique tracking codes in users phones for advertising purposes and by the way didn't tell customers. >> here are today's winning florida lottery numbers. good luck. it was panda moan yum at the toronto zoo today. >> the zoo unveiled the names of two panda cubs. check it out. this is japan which actually means canadian hope. and jiu which means canadian joy they are the first giant pandas born in canada. the pandas will be moved eventually to china. the canadian prime minister got the chance to snuggle with the cubs. >> that is pure cuteness. >> fantastic. time for the fox 13 11:00 news.
11:00 pm
right now at 11, questions over a dog's fate. whose life was spared once. >> months after biting a child padi the dog strikes again. >> bit him several times. >> a service dog in training was bitten on the nose. so was padi provoked? we have both sides of the story. when the video was released my whole world changed. >> hulk hogan on the stand. how the hometown wrestler opened up about a leaked sex tape and friend's deception. just in the nick of time. the amazing photos of a super dad. he stopped that flying bat from hitting his son right in the face. you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. we begin at 11 tonight with padi the dog that was saved from being euthanized last summer after biting off a chunk of a child's ear. now a woman claims that he attacked again. this time biting a puppy in training to be a service dog.


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