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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 8, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 not a random shooting. p>>russell: not a random pshooting. pthat's what tampa police are psaying about gun fire that pkilled one and hurt one in south ptampa. p>>laura: making beer her pbusiness. pone woman is sharing her love pfor craft beer in the bay area pand it's catching on. p>>russell: it's all about the pwomen today. pgoogle is celebrating pinternational women's day. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pit's tuesday, march 8. pwe thank you for waking up with pus. pwe're going to start with a pcheck of the forecast with dave posterberg. p>>dave: it is pretty outside. pi love the fact the sun is up
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pand bright, beautiful, 60 pdegrees out at the airport. peast-northeast wind at three pmiles an hour. pi want to check in with our pfriends at lakeland. pthey're in the mid 50s with an peast-northeast wind at seven. pexpect clouds, sunshine today pand at least for a few minutes, pwe'll do it again. pback up to the 80-degree mark. pnow let's check the roads. p>> very slow along 275 psouthbound as you make your way pfrom bearses southward with this paccident just causing a minor ponlooker delay adding on to the pslow commute this morning. pheaded southbound, standard 19 pto 20 minutes through that pstretch. pusual every morning but this is padding on a couple of extra pminutes through the area. pwatch out for an accident in pclearwater. pfort harrison at court street. pthis should be in the clearing pstages. p>>russell: developing this pmorning, tampa police are plooking for the person
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pshooting in south tampa. p>>laura: it all started last pnight at an apartment complex on psouth lois avenue. pshayla reaves is where it ended, pnear quincy street. pany new leads here? p>>reporter: good morning to you. pwe're actually on lois avenue pwhere this all began just last pnight. pit was right around 8:00 in the pevening where authorities tell pus they received a call to an papartment complex. pthe caller indicating that there pwere two cars that were actually pshooting at each other. pright now you're looking at pvideo from that original scene. pofficers arrived, investigated. pthe investigation did not end phere on south lois, though. pit continued about three miles paway and i want to take you pthere to south quincy street and rice avenue. paccording to police, a man shot pat that location died in a car pand so far, the name has not pbeen released. pinvestigators are working to
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pa second person hospitalized is pexpected to be okay. pnow, police have not released pany information about the pinvolved. pthey've not said if they're plooking for any other suspects por if they believe everyone pinvolved has been identified. pso still a lot of questions out pcontinues. pbut of course, we'll keep pworking to get you answers and pbe back with another live report pin the next hour. pback to you. p>>laura: see you then. pthank you. p>>russell: more primaries and pcaucuses today, this time four pstates including the day's big rize, michigan. p>>laura: and while frontrunners pdonald trump and hillary clinton pare looking strong, they have pnot clinched anything yet. p>> this is haping up to be one pof the most crucial weeks of the pcampaign. ptoday. paway. pdon't forget, republicans pdebating on thursday, the pdemocrats tomorrow and they pshared the same stage last night
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plast night's fox news town hall, pa confident hillary clinton pseems sure she would win her arty's nomination and that she pwould not be indicted by the pf.b.i. over her use of a private pemail server while secretary of pstate. p>> it was a mistake. phowever, i'm not alone in that. pmany people in the government, ast and current, have, on poccasion, or as a practice, done pthe same. p>>reporter: clinton is heading pinto today's primary with a pdelegate lead over bernie psanders. pa poll yesterday gives clinton a p13 point lead over sanders with pmichigan, the state with the pmost delegates up for grabs ptoday. pas for republicans, donald trump pdominates. phe has 36% of the vote in pmichigan. pcruz's 23, kasich 21. pmarco rubio has fallen with just p13% of the vote. pthat's one reason why rubio's pcampaign is focused almost pentirely of winning florida. pdespite calls from trump to drop pout, rubio says he's not going
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p>> donald trump is telling eople to drop out but i think pdonald suffered some real damage pthe last week. eople are starting to learn pthat donald trump the character pis donald trump the person. p>>reporter: an independent super ac is spending millions trying pto turn trump's use of profanity pagainst him. pdespite this massive effort to pderail his campaign, trump pappeared more confident than pever at a rally last night in pmississippi. p>> do you swear that you're pgoing to vote for donald trump ptomorrow? praise that hand. pi love you. pi love you. p>>reporter: after months of pspeculation, michael bloomberg pannounced yesterday that he will pnot enter the race. p>> we have to do it now. pa turning point is coming. pa turning point awaits in this
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pand it begins here in florida. pi am asking florida to do what pflorida always does, decide the pnomination and decide the residency. p>>laura: marco rubio spent the pnight in tampa. phe held a rally at the pconvention center. ptoday he'll hold a rally in psarasota on north tamiami trail. pthe doors open at 4:00. pevents start at 5:00 and this is pan event that's free but you pneed to register on marco prubio's website first. pvoters in four states cast their pvotes today. pwe'll have an update tonight on pthe fox 13 news at 10:00 and p11:00 and online at pthen a comprehensive results pwrap tomorrow morning on "good pday tampa bay." p>>russell: padi the dog that was psaved last summer after biting a pchild, well, padi is in some ptrouble again. pthis time padi is accused of pbiting a puppy. pmonday morning padi allegedly
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pthe nose at the same clinic pwhere he bit the child. phis owner claims the puppy was pthe aggressor. pthe caregiver says that's not ptrue and she's afraid the bite pmight scar him and prevent him pfrom becoming a service dog. pdog out of the program. pif he starts to be afraid of pother dogs camming at him, if phe's helping somebody in a pwheelchair, he's being trained pto be a wheelchair support dog pso he has to be in a pneighborhood with other dogs, go pinto stores. p>>russell: pup's owner has filed pa complaint with the sheriff's poffice. adi's owner has not been pcharged. p>>laura: house and senate pleaders reached an 11th hour pagreement on the state budget. plast night was about the psprinkle money. roject takes leftover funds and pthere's dozens of spending items pthat include teacher bonus rograms, school construction
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rogram for officers. pfunding for an agency that helps eople with disabilities and a plot more. pthe full house and senate are pexpected to vote on the proposal pfriday. p>>russell: tallahassee, senate plewders have passed a new pmedical marijuana bill. pthe bill expands a law that pallows cancer patients, people pwith chronic seizures like pepilepsy to use a weaker form of pthe drunk. pthere's a little fight over the plimited number of nursies -- pnurseries to grow medical pmarijuana. padditional licenses can be pgranted for nurseries who win ptheir court challenges. pthe bill is now awaiting for psignature. p>>laura: sarasota county is pworking to lure another baseball pteam in the area. pcounty and local leaders are ptalking to the atlanta braves pthis morning about moving spring ptraining to north port. pthey could begin playing as pearly as 2018. patlanta has one more year on its please. pthe team wants to move to a site pcloser to the other clubs, they
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pthey're also talking with inellas county leaders about pmoving there. p>>russell: you may want to check pyour credit card statement. pskimmers found inside two pumps pat a 7-eleven on fruitville pdeputies think they've been pthere for at least two weeks. pthey were sophisticated, too, pdepry pdeputy ies are looking at security pfootage to track down who is presponsible. pit. pit's going viral and you can see pwhy. pit shows a truck hitting a pconcrete barrier on interstate p96 and then falling to the road pbelow. pall from inside the cabin of the ptruck. pit happened last month in miami. pthe driver was thrown from the pcab of the car but lived. ptroopers say that it is a pmiracle that he survived and pthat no one was killed. p>>russell: today good day, good pdeed is out of pinellas county. pan eighth grader has a way to
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pthanks to a pinellas park police pofficer. phe noticed the boy needed a new pbike so the officer surprised phim with a brand new bicycle. ptoday is international women's pday. p>>laura: that's right and google phas found a neat way to pcelebrate. p>> one day we will play in the pmajor leagues. p>>laura: we have a look at this pamazing video and how they're pcelebrating the next generation. p>>dave: we're at 60 degrees here pat 7:10. pi know. pa little nicer than yesterday at pthis time. psome spots are coolish. pwe have temperatures in lakeland pin the 50s. pupper 50s in hernando and citrus pcounty but it is warmer than pyesterday at this time. pi think clouds and sunshine pbefore bring it right back up to paround 80 degrees for this pafternoon. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: it's starting a little pcloud covered this morning, but pnice.
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plooking east over tampa pay, pit's quiet and mild. panywhere near the bay likely in pthe lower 60s, maybe the upper p50s in the inland locations that pare a few degrees cooler. pequally as beautiful this pmorning. pthe thing that happened the past p24 hours, the wind started that pshift in a southeasterly pdirection, which that's the way pit's going to stay more than the prest of the week. pthat's a warming wind. pit also tends to bring in a plittle more moisture in the patmosphere. pwe had some cloud cover this pmorning but just mild ptemperatures make it nice. p57 in brooksville, wesley pchapel, lakeland in the mid 50s. pbartow, 50 degrees earlier this pmorning. pthey're back up to 54. pagain, 60s along want coastline. pyesterday. pfive to eight degrees warmer. pbrooksville, you're up by panother 17 degrees warmer than
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rimarily the east to poccasionally southeast. phigh pressure dominates our pweather with that sinking air. pjust a great day coming at us. pwe have 80 degrees yesterday and pi think the same thing is going pto happen again today. pwe mentioned yesterday, talked pabout big rain headed for texas pand so it begins with round pafter round of rain between now pand friday. phere's the first batch here just pwest of dallas. psay around fort worth. pthat's heavy rain and pthunderstorm activity. pthat's all moving northeast. pbut this whole area east texas, pall of louisiana and most of parkansas stands to pick up, wow, pseveral inches of rain between pnow and friday. plook at these rainfall totals. pthese are based on the computer pmodels. pnew orleans, 3 1/4. pshreveport, that will cause big ptime flooding. pover eight inches of rain and pthe same for little rock. pagain, all this activity runs pnortheastward.
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pto us over the weekend, only a pfew showers are anticipated. pand still going back and forth, pbut they're kind of saying, pokay. pat least late saturday or early pon sunday we get a few showers. puntil then, it's going to be pgoshlg pgorgeous. ptonight mostly clear. pwe're back in the lower 60s pearly on your wednesday morning. pscattered clouds, warm and ptoasty tomorrow. phigh temperature of around 82 pdegrees. plight to moderate chop for pboaters today. pseven-day outlook, screams april pto me, doesn't it? p82, 83. ptomorrow, thursday, friday, and pthen of course, a chance of pforward. pdaylight saving time starts psunday morning. p>> all right, dave. pvery slow this morning along psouthbound i-75 but nothing punusual. pdo expect delays to begin around pfletcher and remaining heavy pinto i-4. pthis is the southbound traffic pright here from bruce b downs to pi 4, it will cost 12 minutes at pthe time.
7:17 am
pas well and nothing unusual pagain. psouthbound veterans expressway, pdelays beginning along the dale pmabry ramp to hillsborough pavenue. pan average speed of 14 might see pan hour through the stretch. pdover drivers, this is west of pstate road 39 and jerry smith proad, eastbound traffic is pespecially backed up. pinjury accident reported here. pa travel lane possibly blocked pand unfortunately, really not pmuch in the way of alternates so pif you're heading eastbound pthrough the plant city, dover parea, expect delays along state proad 60. p>> one day -- p>> we will see every girl in pschool. p>>russell: that's a google pdoodle for today. pit's a pretty cool one. pin honor of international pwomen's day. p>>laura: google doodles have
7:18 am
pscience, arts and technology, pbut this year, they plan to do psomething differently. pthis year's google doodle was pfor international women's day to pcelebrate the next generation of pdoodles of women. pgoogle viflted 13 city -- visited 13 pcities around the world. pthey asked them to complete the psentence, one day i will, and pthen they made this video. pgiving voice to those who can't pspeak, their responses were as pdiverse as their backgrounds. pand some more familiar faces are palso featured in the video. pas you saw, still working toward pa future where every girl can go pto school. phow about that? pnew hope for women who can't phave children. p>>russell: doctors have psuccessfully report the first
7:19 am
pdetails behind this miraculous poperation. palaska. pa look at the teams from this pyear's iditarod race as they set pout to conquer some of the ptoughest terrain in the u.s. pfirst charley belcher in a place pthat -- sorry. phello. pwhat's going on? pwhat are you doing? p>>charley: you can get to the pintercoastal from here and then pi wasn't sure if it was a loop pand i was scared i wasn't going pto make it back so i raced back pand i made it. pwhat were you going to say? p>>russell: i've never been to pthis place and i thought i'd pbeen to everything. p>>charley: i'm the same way. pi feel like i've been peverywhere. pi'm never been here, either. pit's at george c. mc gough pnature park. pthere are all sorts of turtles phere.
7:20 am
pyou can feed the turtles here. pthis is the spot where you're
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3 taking a look at p>>russell: take a look at some pof today's top stories. pat least 14 people have been phurt after a commuter train pderailed. p>>laura: it happened in a remote parea of northern california. pthe train was travelling from pcentral california to the san pfrancisco bay area. pa fallen tree hit one of the pcars, sending it tumbling. pone of the train's cars was artially submerged in a creek. pfire department says that 10 of pthe victims suffered minor pinjuries while the other four phad serious injuries but they're pall expected to survive. plocal sheriff's office says it pis a miracle no one was killed. p>>russell: we know the funeral lans for former first lady pnancy reagan. pher body will lie in repose for pseveral hours this wednesday and pthursday at the reagan pcalifornia. pfuneral services will then take lace at the library which is in
7:24 am
pburied next to her husband. pnancy reagan died sunday of pcongestive heart failure. pshe was 94 years old. p>>laura: a college student pinjured during the boston pmarathon bombing has died in pdubais. pshe was on vacation. p23-year-old became a symbol of pthe 2013 tragedy after a picture pof a firefighter carrying her to psafety captured hearts around pthe world. pthere it is. pboth girls were set to start pgrad school next year. p>>russell: doctors at the pcleveland clinic reported the pfirst successful uterus ptransplant. pthe doctors say the transplant pis temporary and the uterus will pbe removed after the patient has pone or two children. pthe patient will also have to pwait a year before trying to pbecome pregnant and will need pin-vitro fertilization to become regnant.
7:25 am
pconquer the toughest terrain in pthe u.s. pthey're travelling from willow pto alaska's western coast with ptheir dog teams. pthe race crosses two mountain pranges and the bering sea coast. pthe winner will finish in nome pin nine days. piditarod, dave. p>>dave: and i predicted pyesterday a win for dallas pseavey. pi predicted that. phe was in 13th place yesterday. pthis morning he's in second. phe's got nine days to go. pwe'll see. pi don't know the guy. pi just predicted it. pwe've got temperature this pmorning in the mid 60s. pa great start to the day. pif you're along the coastline, pit is very mild. pif you're inland it's a little pcooler. pnonetheless, clouds, sunshine, pmaybe you're heading off to the pstrawberry festival today. pmaybe russell will take you in phis car like he's going to take pme. phighs today around 80 degrees
7:26 am
plower 80s tomorrow, thursday and pfriday as well. p>> i like it. pwe're very slow this morning in pdover area. ptraffic along state road 60 has preally been tied up heading peastbound through dover with an paccident at jerry smith road. preports of a lane blocked here pas well as injuries involved. pthis is before state road 39. pyou can see here on the map, pit's a little west. peastbound lanes bumper to bumper pthrough dover. pdo expect delays or think about peven if you can take an palternate through the area. pwe're also very slow westbound pi-4 near branch forbes. pyou can see the westbound ptraffic on the right side of the pscreen about 17 minutes from pstate road 39 into i-75. p>>russell: making beer her pbusiness. pafter the break, we're going to pintroduce to you a woman who is pbringing brewing back to its proots. p>>laura: first ken is live for pyou ins dunedin this morning. pwe're talking spring training, a
7:27 am
p>>russell: yeah. ptake me out to the ballgame. pmaybe we should change the words pto take me out to the ballgame pand duck. pa woman was hurt here last night
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3 it's 7:xx, we're p>>russell: welcome. p7:positive chlt chlt p7:30. pwe're starting with a growing pconcern at spring training pgames, bats going in the stands. p>>laura: we've had two incidents pin three days. pken is live for us in dunedin. pit's a real concern here, ken. pscary. p>>russell: it's really a big pconcern if you have good seats papparently.
7:31 am
pincidents but the people were psitting right behind the dugout pin both cases. pthe most recent incident phappening here at the florida pexchange stadium. pthat happened just last night. pin that case, pam henderson was phit in the head and she's rushed poff to bay front medical center. pher husband is hit in the wrist pbecause he tries to shield his pwife. pnow, up in orlando you may have pit went viral. pthis is little landon cunningham pand he was celebrating his peighth birthday by going to his pfirst professional baseball pgame. pa bat zips into the stands pthere. pthank goodness his dad sitting pnext to him, he puts his arm up pand deflects the bat just in the pnick of time. pwhen you start looking into pthis, it's kind of amazing to pfind out how common this kind of pthing is. pnot so much with the bats but pmore with foul balls zipping paround the internet this morning pand i found out that according
7:32 am
pago, 1,750 people a year are pinjured by foul balld s balls. pin some cases, really a major pinjury. pone case that i found, very, pvery telling was last june at pfenway, a 44-year-old woman is phit by a bat. pshe had to have brain surgery pand rehab. pnow, obviously most of these pincidents are just not that big pof a deal but for that poor pwoman, it was a big deal. pmajor league baseball is taking pcertain precautions to make this pa safer game like putting nets phome plate. pthat kind of thing. precovering. plittle guy, he has something to ptalk about over in orlando. pthat's a birthday to remember. pthat's it. p>>laura: think about the picture pwith the dad. pthe father looks so nonchalant, ptoo, you know? p>>russell: p>>reporter: he was a high school
7:33 am
phe has good reflexes. pthank goodness for that. p>>laura: thank you. pon to other news now, polk pcounty man is accused of retending to be a doctor for at pleast two years. pauthorities say 75-year-old pcordova ran his own doctor's poffice in haines city and pallegedly went to the auburndale pradio station to diagnose plisteners who called in with phealth issues. pcordova told investigators he's pa natural doctor but they say pthat what he did was criminal. pnow he's charged with practicing pmedicine without a license and pscheming to defraud. p>>russell: it could be a big pconcern for families with aging ploved ones, wandering off and pbeing lost. asco county has a program to phelp. psheriff's office has teamed up pwith a safety net to help find pmissing people. pa search and rescue program is pdesigned to help find wandering eople who have been diagnosed pwith alzheimer's dementia, even pautism. peach member is tracked with a pradio transmitter.
7:34 am
pby just tracking those wrist pbands. p>>laura: a jury has awarded erin pandrews $55 million after a pstalker admitted to secretly precording her in a hotel room pand then posting it on the pinternet. pbut her legal battle may not be pover yet. pyesterday the jury found both pmichael barrett and the hotel at pfault in the matter. pbarrett admitted to videotaping pandrews after she got out of the pshower in 2008 by altering a eep hole. pandrews says the hotel allowed pher stalker to book the room pnext to hers. pbarrett was sentenced to prison pbut has been released. pverdict comes after the first pfox sports caster gave her pemotional testimony. p>> erin andrews has shown henomenal courage in standing pup for security, safety and rivacy. pshe is a true american hero. p>>laura: attorneys for the hotel pstill insist the blame rests psolely with barrett.
7:35 am
pno matter the outcome, one thing pwill not change. pthe video is out there and plikely will never go away. pandrews, by the way, grew up in pbrandon right here in the bay p>>russell: federal lawsuit has pbeen filed against michigan's pgovernor and other officials. pthat's in response to flint's plead contaminated water. pthe suit filed yesterday says pthat tens of thousands of people psuffered both physical and peconomic damages. pofficials claimed to take paction. pso far, two recall petitions papproved. pthis latest lawsuit is the first pto seek class action status. pbay area, you know this, is the pmiddle of craft beer boom. p>>laura: and jennifer epstein is phere now to introduce us to one pbrewer who is looking to get pwomen into craft brew beering, pright? p>>jennifer: you're right. pthe bay area is going crazy for pcraft beer. eople aren't just drinking it. pthey're brewing it and it's not pjust for the boys. pmore and more women are trying
7:36 am
pi sat down with a woman who is pmaking craft beer her business. plisa is not your typical beer pdrinker. p>> i like to really experiment, pdifferent styles, different ptastes. p>>jennifer: she doesn't just pdrink it. pshe brews it, too. p>> it is fun. pit's fun to develop and it's fun pto try new things and see how pthey come out and sometimes they pdo really well. pother times, not so much. p>>jennifer: she's one of the pmany women in tampa bay who make pcraft beer her business. pthat's right. pwomen in the craft brewing pindustry. paccording to lisa, female pbrewers are nothing new. p>> women go back to the very, pvery origin of brewing. pmen were not allowed to do it. p>>jennifer: she's bringing pbrewing back to its roots, pencouraging fellow females to do pit, too. p>> she has such a passion for pcraft beer that she brings that peverywhere and she glows.
7:37 am
pbarley's angels, female craft pbrewing fanatics who share pknowledge and appreciation with peach other. pshe said the craft beer pexperience is more about pconversation than intoxication. p>> it's not like going out and pjust drinking to party and get pdrink. pit's a social thing to do. pyou go out and have a beer, you penjoy the beer, you savor it. p>>jennifer: she also co-owns a pone time stop for home brewing psupplies. p>> it's fun to see what these eople are making, to hear their pideas what they think would be a pgreat beer. p>>jennifer: the front store is plike a lab where customers can pcreate their own flavors. p>> we're going to bump that up a plittle bit. p>>jennifer: and there's brewing pstations in the back where both pmen and women can learn how to pbrew their own batch. p>> they let me go wild. psome of them are pretty pspectacular. pare you sure you want to do pthat? pwell, it sounds good. pand i've learned that i should
7:38 am
p>>jennifer: even if the suds are pdid youed -- suds are duds, it pkeeps them coming back for panother round. p>>jennifer: tampa bay beer week pis going on now through sunday. pthere are events all over tampa pto celebrate fest. pfestivals, beer tastings, pdinners and more. pgo to my facebook page, for more pinformation. pstay tuned. ptomorrow lisa and her partner prob will be in studio starting pat 5:00 a.m. pthey're cooking up "good day" pbrew, guys. pthey're going to be making beer pin the "good day" kitchen. pthey're getting some chocolate pfrom a pinellas county chocolate pcompany and they'll be making pchocolate stout. p>>laura: all right. p>>jennifer: it takes three to pfour hours to brew and then punfortunately, we won't be able pto taste it tomorrow because it ptakes two weeks to ferment but pthey'll bring us some samples
7:39 am
p>>laura: thanks, jen. p>>dave: last night was a big pbattle for the u.s.f. women's pbasketball team. pthey took on the best team in pthe country, the aac pchampionship game. pbut in the end, uconn too much pfor them. pu.s.f. led after the first pquarter. phuskies took advantage of the 18 pturnovers. pthey won 77-51. pthe bulls aren't done yet. pthey're expected to seed well. panother loss in the bay area, pthat was the bolts. phoping to get their 10th win in pa row against the flyers, but it pwas not meant to be. palthough they scored first, they phad way too many chances. pthey lose 4-2. pdespite the loss they're still pfirst in the atlantic division pbecause the florida panthers palso lost last night. pmore bad news for former buc
7:40 am
pcolts have announced they've preleased him. phe stiffed the colts short. phe signed during week 17 and pstarted in the victory over the ptitans. pcolts don't have any experienced pbackup for their quarterback pcoming off an injury. ptennis superstar maria sharapova pannounced she tested positive pfor a banned substance. pshe announced she had a major pannouncement, many speculated pshe was retiring after being lagued by an assortment of pinjuries in the last 10 years. pinstead, she announced that she phad tested positive for a banned psubstance during the australian popen. psharapova tested positive for pmeldonium. pthat's a drug she's taken before pto help with injuries and stuff. pnow it just started getting
7:41 am
p>> i made a huge mistake and i plet my fans down. pi let the sport down that i've pbeen playing since the age of pfour, that i've loved so deeply. p>>dave: sharapova is rovisionally suspended from her rofessional play as of march p12. pnike has suspended the prelationship to the tennis star puntil the investigation has been pcompleted. pmile high city, peyton manning pofficially announced his pretirement from the nfl. pthat includes five mvp's, two psuper bowl rings and several precords. pmanning told the press pconference that he has pabsolutely no regrets. p>> i look back on my nfl career, pi know without a doubt that i pgave everything i had to help my pteams walk away with a win. pthere are other players who are pmore talented but there was no
7:42 am
pbecause of that, i have no pregrets. p>>dave: there were many times pduring the press conference he pgot choked up. pit was cool to watch. pa tribute to him as he flew out pto the denver area. pan amazing shot for an amazing pcause. pcheck this out. pricky fowlor made this amazing pshot. pa hole in one, 113 yards out. pthey raised $1 million for the pautism research. pgood for him and congrats. p>>russell: still ahead, ever pwant to take a trip on the pstarship enterprise? pnasa could make that a reality.
7:43 am
rototype for a ship that has pstar trek fans really freaking pout. ptwo hit movie franchises are pteaming up for an epic crossover pmovie. pwho will be back when jump pstreet meets the men in black? pand who has decided to ski the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor.
7:44 am
with veggie or sausage today.
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7:46 am
p>>dave: clouds, some sun and a pgreat start to the day, too. pnot only that but it's five to peight degrees warmer than it was pyesterday at this time. pwhat a beautiful picture i got pfor you at the beach. pgot the day off, got the morning poff. plet's go for a stroll. pit should be gorgeous along the pcoast. pwater temperatures, they're pstill in the mid 60s. pyou'll get there. p60 degrees the current air
7:47 am
p64 in st. petersburg. preally, the lower 60s along the pcoastline. pmid to upper 50s inland and pnorth but these numbers in pgeneral are warmer than they pwere yesterday at this time. pbecause more of a southeasterly pwind, again, the gulf stream phere so that water, that area is pblowing over the warm water. pwest palm is 72. psame for miami down to key west. pa real important start over psouth florida. ptallahassee at 50. pyeah, you'll need the jacket. pthat's still eight degrees pwarmer than yesterday in ptallahassee at this time. porlando is 11 degrees warmer pthan brooksville, 17 degrees pwarmer than yesterday at 7:47 in pthe morning. pand you look off to the west and pyou'll see all of this rain, pthunderstorms, clouds. pfirst thing, okay. pwhen is that getting here? pit's not getting herement it's pgoing to go up and over a big pridge of high pressure that's pjust settled into the southeast
7:48 am
pwestern atlantic, our weather pwill continue to get nicer and pnicer, warmer and warmer where pthey'll be measuring rainfall pout here in texas, louisiana and parkansas by the inch. psix, eight, 10, maybe even more pinches of rain in this spot the pnext few days. pweather pattern is going to get pkind of jammed up and that means pa lot of rain for them but for pus, it means this. artly cloudy skies, warm, high pabout 80 degrees. ptonight overnight lows near 61. pmid to upper 50s will be pexpected again and then ptomorrow, scattered clouds, warm pand toasty, high of 82. pboaters, light to moderate chop pand the seven-day, a couple of pshowers late saturday into psunday, just in time to turn the pclocks forward. pso this time next week is when pthe sun will be coming up.
7:49 am
pwe're still slow in dover. pan accident reported eastbound pstate road 60 before state road p39. pit's at jerry smith road. peastbound lanes are backed up phere. pblocked. pa mile of backup traffic. pwe'll let you know when this pclears. pnot much in the way of alternate proutes around the area. p275 on the north end of the phoward frankland bridge, you can psee that northbound traffic pbacked up, usual slow stuff pthere, nothing unusual, no paccidents to get in your way but pdo expect delays all the way pacross the span. pit will take you 17 minutes. pwestbound i-4 from i-75 into the p275 interchange clocking in at p19 minutes. p>>russell: you know, not peverybody is a fan of kim pkardashian's pictures. pthe reality star tweeted out a pnude photo of herself bright and pearly monday morning. pand it's so risque, we can't pshow you any of it.
7:50 am
pwe can show you this. pkim wants us to see a part of pher she's never seen. pshe's going to have to swallow pthe camera. p>>laura: two popular movie pfranchises are teening up for pone film. p23 jump street, men and black pcrossover movie is happening pright now. pvariety magazine is reporting pthat it will be directed by the pman responsible for the muppets pand alice through the looking pglass. pchanning tatum will be preturning. pwill smith and tommy lee jones pwill not have their roles. p>>russell: nasa's newest ship rototype has a very familiar plook. phave you seen this? pif you're a star trek fan, pthat's a prototype for the pi.s.s. enterprise. pthe propulsion team has been
7:51 am
pfor a few years now and it looks plike if it worked, it could send phumans to distant solar systems pwithin weeks opposed to the pcurrent time line that's pcenturies or millenniums. pthat's neat. p>>laura: yeah. phe's turning into a kid right pnow. p>>russell: i was thinking back pin the 1960s when they designed pthat for that tv series and now pit's real nasa engineers saying pthat's what it will look like. p>>laura: everything from your pchildhood imagination just came ptrue. p>>russell: yes, it did. pcharley belcher, you're getting pin touch with nature this pmorning, right? p>>charley: indeed. pthere's a joke in there psomewhere, russell. pmissed on that one. p>>russell: sorry, man. p>>charley: i digress. pyes, laura. pwe're getting to know nature a plittle bit out here. plook at the turtles. pyou can actually feed them.
7:52 am
phere's a snapper right there. pwe're at george c. mc goug in 1934, another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
7:53 am
7:54 am
3 3 3 3 3 3 p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from plargo.
7:55 am
pexplore. pthere's about a mile of asphalt, pgravel and boardwalk trails at pgeorge c. mc gough nature park. pthere's also the gough nature pcenter. pthe park is worth just to come pout here and wander around a plittle bit. pgreg is with largo parks and prec. phe's with the park division for plargo. pi didn't even know this was here pand we're a stone's throw from phe will -- ulmerton road. p>> lots to do here. plots of live birds and animals pto see. psnakes, lizards, all kinds of pstuff. pfire ring, community garden, ptrails like you said. pyou can come and feed the pturtles here at the park. p>>charley: the turtles are glad pwe're here this morning. pthey are gathered around for a pmeal. pdo you want some more food? pa lot of -- you have tons of
7:56 am
prefer to this as turtle park. p>> yes. p>>charley: who was george c. mc pgough? p>> the mayor in 1985. pwe got the money to get the park pas a preserve and in the 1990s, pwe added the nature center. p>>charley: we're at 147th pstreet. p146th street. p146th street north. pyeah. pright before you go out to the pbeaches just off ulmerton. pit feels like we're out in the pmiddle of nowhere. pit's really beautiful. pyou do all sorts of programs phere. pyou have 19 birds of prey that pcannot be released. pthey've been injured. pyou're doing all sorts of cool pstuff with the birds. p>> we have a wonderful friends pgroup that feeds the birds, pcares for them. pthey're hosting a 5 k run here
7:57 am
pit runs through two different arks and two boardwalks as pwell. pthey're great. p>>charley: when is the park popen? p>> monday through friday. pnature center is open every day pexcept wednesday. p>>charley: the park is not open pon weekends. p>> the park is open on the pweekend, yes. ark is open seven days a week. psun up to sundown. p>>charley: very nice. psome people, i know i found a pgreat hidden treasure when pthere's people on facebook angry pat me that i'm talking about pthis on tv. pthey're saying, oh, great. pit was a nice, private little lace and now you're telling eople about it. pit's really a gem. pis largo still dedicated to the pthis? p>> absolutely. pthis is one of them. pa mile is another hidden gem. pthere. pheart of the city.
7:58 am
pthat's loaded with wildlife, ptoo. p>>charley: love it. pall right. pthank you very much, sir. pappreciate it. pwe're going to show you birds of
7:59 am
8:00 am
pthey're doing with the v ((russell suggestions wanted. the race is on psuggestions wanted the race is pon to a rename one of the most pnotorious roads in the bay area. p>> and a flipping over flipper. pthere's no holding this pup pback. pcrazy. pcrazy.


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