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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 trump says: "i would say this ... we're all in this together... we're going to come up with solutions ...we're gonna find the answers to things and so far i been up here." runs:oc: p>> i would say this. pwe're all in this together. pwe're going to come up with psolutions, we're going to find pthe answers to things and so pfar, i cannot believe how civil pit's been up here.
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pand that's donald trump summing pup last night's g.o.p. debate pafter months of insults and name pcalling, candidates managed to pcontrol himself. pnow trump is asking himself if phe can control his supporters. p>>jennifer: a protestor sucker unched at a rally. p>>russell: coward. pthat's what the st. pete mayor pis calling the person who shot a p3-year-old girl. pinvestigators need help in psolving a senseless crime. p>>jennifer: fast cars and pburning rubber. pit's about to get louder in pdowntown st. pete. pget ready for the grand prix. p>>dave: 68 degrees outside and a pmild start to the day here in ptampa. p66 in brandon and 61 in bartow. pthat's the coolest area, ptemperature that we have. pthe dew points, russell, coming pup as well so you may notice a inch higher humidity for today pwith high temps up in the low to pmid 80s.
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phow are things on the roads this pfriday morning? p>>vanessa: we're looking clear pbut we do have one incident pcoming to us out of pasco county pand the sheriff's office says pthey're on scene of a jackknifed ickup truck. pit's going to be a little bit peast of 75. plane block james, of course, in pthe area so you want to avoid pthis until it's cleared up. pyou do want an alternate to st. pjoe. p>>russell: a deadly shooting at pa hernando county bar. pa man was shot and killed in the arking lot in spring hill. ptwo others were hurt, including pthe shooter. pinvestigators say a disturbance pinside the bar spilled out in pthe parking lot. pone of the victims died at the pscene while the other was flown pto bay flight. pso far, no names released or pmotive. p>>jennifer: a 3-year-old girl is precovering after she was hit pduring a drive-by shooting.
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pfront porch of her grandmother's phouse when a white car pulled up pand someone inside opened fire. pit sounded like firecrackers. pthe neighbor was also shot. pboth are expected to survive. olice are still searching for psuspects. pseveral witnesses have already pcome forward but so far, no parrests. p>>russell: with just four days pbefore the primary, marco rubio pshifted tactics and delivered a pbreakout performance in last pnight's presidential debate. p>>jennifer: he went after trump pon policy. p>>russell: candidates were much pmore civil last night but was it ptoo little too late? pcraig patrick has more. p>> this was a different debate pfor the republican candidates. pit was far more civilized, pcertainly from what we saw a few pdays ago. pthe crowd in florida far more olite, more subdued than we've pseen and the candidates was pfocused on substance and policy pwhich is something we had not pseen in much of the prior pdebates.
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pconfrontation, at least you pdidn't see the insults, juvenile premarks back and forth between pthe candidates. pif there was one controversial pmoment that should out, it may phave been when donald trump was pasked about remarks he made. ptake a look. p>> he said, quote, islam hates pus. pdid you mean all 1.6 billion pmuslims? p>> i mean a lot of them. p>> i know a lot of people find pappeal with people. residents can't just say panything they want. pit has consequences, here and paround the world. p>>russell: p>>reporter: marco rubio pushes pback against donald trump but pdoesn't end up rolling in the pmud with him. poverall, i think marco rubio had pa very, very strong night. erhaps his best debate erformance through the entire pcycle. phe recaptured some of the magic pthat launched his national start pin 2010.
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pthat it may be too little, too plate, at least in florida. pkeep in mind a lot of voters, erhaps 40% of the vote is palready in for tuesday, march p15. pcraig patrick, fox 13 news. p>>russell: and then a trump prally in north carolina getting pa lot of attention this morning. pit shows a trump supporter as he psucker punches a protestor. pat first trump's campaign prefused to address it but the pissue came up during the debate. phere is what he had to say. p>> people come with tremendous assion and love for the country pand when they see protests in psome cases, you're mentioning pone case which i haven't seen, i pheard about it, which i don't plike. pthey see what's going on in the pcountry and they have anger pthat's unbelievable. pthey have anger. p>>russell: 78-year-old mcgraw pwas charged with assault and was ptold that the protestor, quote,
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p>>jennifer: trump is expected to ick up a high profile pendorsement with ben carson who pofficially dropped out of the prace last week. phe plans to announce his psupport. pearlier this week, carly fiorina pendorsed ted cruz. pjeb bush dropped out and met pwith all three rivals but it's pnot clear who he plans to psupport. p>>russell: hillary clinton, pbernie sanders held duelling prallies in florida. pgrassroots support will surprise phillary on tuesday, he says. pthousands packed the florida pstate fairgrounds expo hall to phear sanders speak and like in pmichigan, he faces a 25 point pdeficit in the polls. pjust like in michigan, he said pwrong. p>> the reason there is so much pmomentum for this campaign is pthat we're doing something retty radical in american olitics. pwe're telling the truth. p>>russell: clinton hopes to tap pin the same support that helped pher beat barack obama in the
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pshe spoke to a much smaller pcrowd at the ritz where she preaffirmed her beliefs on pseveral other issues. p>> one of the reasons i wanted pto come to tack mpa today to talk pabout creating jobs, because pthat's what you're doing but you pneed a president and frankly, pyou need a governor who wants to phelp you create those jobs. p>>russell: chelsea clinton is phosting two events today. pone in sarasota and another in pst. pete. pthe events are free but you need pto go to clinton's website to preserve a spot. p>>jennifer: 6:07. pdangerous trend in the tampa bay parea. plocal first responders are being pflooded with calls about spice. pshayla reaves is live in tampa pwhere the fire department wants pto shine a light on this roblem. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pthere's been a significant puptick in less than a week and pfirst responders are paying pattention.
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prear talking about 48 calls prelated to the street drug pspice. p12 calls in a single dayment pthat's compared to 12 by this ptime last year. pso if you take a closer look at pthe numbers here, spice is preferred to by hundreds of pnames, including k 2 or no more pmr. nice guy. psome call it synthetic pmarijuana. phealth experts say it's more pdangerous than that. plook at some side effects. pthe american association of oison control center describes phallucinations like higher blood ressure, suicidal or harmful pthoughts or actions to name a pfew. pinjury. pdrug. olice and paramedics talked pabout transfer of bodily fluids pas possible risks. pthe drug can be deadly. plocal officials want the public pto understand that danger and we pbring you back out here, coming pup in just a few hours at 11:00
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pis scheduled here at tampa fire prescue station one. pnow, this is scheduled in order pto make the public aware of the pdangers of this particular drug pand also to answer some pquestions about it so that eople can understand the impact pit's having on the community. pthose expected to attend include pthe tampa fire officials along pwith tampa police and also the ptampa general hospital poison pcontrol medical director. pso the goal is, again, to make psure that the public understands pthat this is a drug that can be pdeadly. pit's dangerous not only to the eople who use it but dangerous pto the people who are charged pwith responding and assisting pthem as well. pso we'll continue to keep you osted throughout the day. preporting here at tampa fire prescue station one, shayla preaves, fox 13 news. p>>jennifer: thanks. pladies and gentlemen, start your pengines. pdrivers will start zipping paround the track a little more
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pit's the most exciting event in pthe tampa bay area that draws pfans all over the world. porganizers are expecting more pthan 200,000 people this year. pthe practice run kickoff at 7:00 pthis morning, the actual races pon saturday and sunday and palcides segui at the track right pnow. phe's going to tell us about all pthe fun things to do and that's pcoming up at 6:30. p>>russell: major veterans pcharity is doing damage control. p>>jennifer: the scandal that pcaused the wounded warrior roject to fire top executives. pand honoring nancy reagan. pher funeral this morning, the pcontroversy over who will be pthere, specifically who won't. p>>dave: 68 degrees outside and pit's really a dew point number pthat's gotten back to 63 pdegrees. pyou're going to start to feel pthe mugginess with the southeast pwind today and we'll get a plittle high cloud to move pthrough the area. pthat's not going to stop us from pgetting back to the mid 80s for
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan --
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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british astronaut "tim peake" has replaced scott kelly as the "resident p>>dave: british astronaut is the president photographer on the pinternational space station now. pduring his one-year mission, pkelly tweeted thousands of hotos so this one was tweeted paurora. pit's one of many that we're pgoing to get. pi love when they send those to pus. pkelly still adjust to go life pearth. pyesterday he stopped by his poffice for the first time in a pyear. pthings were all boxed up like he pwasn't coming back but a sign romising he would be back is pstill there. phe also took a trip to the pdentist because he missed his plast six-month cleaning. phe was out of town. pvery out of town. pwe're springing forward this pweekend. pi know, the moans and groans but pwhen you go to bed saturday
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pthe big difference you're going pto feel, besides losing the hour pof sleep, the sun is not going pto come up until 7:41 on sunday pversus, say, 6:41 which would pnormally be. pfor 10 years i primed jennifer pepstein. pwhat else do we do this weekend, pjen? p>>jennifer: change the batteries pin your smoke detector and pcarbon monoxide detector. p>>dave: do it twice a year. pthat way you never forget. pit's gorgeous, right? p6:15. pour sunrise will be in the next phalf hour. pthis is the last week, last p"good day" show where the psunrise will be this early. pthis cloud cover is streaming palong this morning. pbetween that and the southeast pwind helped to keep us mild once pagain. lant city, 65. pwest chase 65 degrees. peven up to citrus county, which pthey've had their fair share of
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pweeks, they're sitting at 63 pdegrees. pbradenton, englewood, all in the pmid 60s and lower 60s for polk pcounty, hardee county, de soto pand highland. pi think lake placid and bartow, pthen we can do this all week. p59, 60. pthe point is, it's mild. phigh pressure is still pdominating our weather. pit's beginning to move further peast. pit's beginning to break down a plittle bit. pthose flooding rains, which were pin east texas and northern plouisiana yesterday, have now pshifted eastward and it's new porleans' turn. pthis is a problem for new porleans because we know it pfloods very he's until new porleans and they're now getting pa lot of that heavy rain, strong pthunderstorm activity that pextends up in mississippi as pwell. pas the high pressure system pbreaks down, this whole system prides to the east. pbut it weakens and as it pweakens, we will bring some rain pin here sunday afternoon. pit won't be quite the caliber
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pright now. pjust back in with lindsay this pweekend in the morning, pespecially sunday morning, to psee how saturday afternoon plays pout but i think there will be a pfew showers on the radar. artly sunny, warm and humid, 83 pfor a high temperature today. pmild and muggy tonight. pyou'll squeeze it back to 65 pdegrees. pit's going to be a nice psaturday. premember earlier this week we pwere concerned for showers on psaturday. pi don't think it's going to be a pbig deal. pvariable clouds, high ptemperature around 81 degrees. pa moderate chop for boaters ptoday, light chop tomorrow and psunday and again on sunday, pboaters, we're going to have pshowers coming in, in the pafternoon so i want you to pay pattention to that, turn the pclocks forward. plet's see what else we have for pyou. p79, 78 so high temperatures pshould stay mild behind this pfront for tuesday, wednesday and pthursday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: sounds good. pwe want to remind drivers in pthat east ybor area to plan for pdetours and delays in the area pof north 31st street and east pfifth avenue.
6:18 am
pshutting down the intersection. pf.h.p. is reporting until monday pso good alternate, east 39th pstreet in the meantime. pright now we want to give you a plive look. pthis is the downtown pinterchange, 275 at i-4. pyou come to this point, pasco pcounty, plan for a 15 minute pride. p>>russell: this morning, on a phillside facing the pacific, pnancy reagan will be laid to prest next to ronnie. peverything down to the smallest pdetail was planned by the former pfirst lady herself. pher two children will speak. p1,000 people are invited to the rivate ceremony, including pfirst lady michelle obama and pformer first ladies laura bush, phillary clinton and rosalee pcarter. resident obama will not attend. phe has a speaking engagement. p>>jennifer: major shakeup at one pof the high profile veterans pcharities. ptwo top executives of the pwounded warrior project have pbeen fired. pthis comes after an
6:19 am
pof lavish spending on parties, photels and travel. paccording to the investigation, pspending on conferences went pfrom $1.7 million in 2010 to $26 pmillion in 2014. pthat's the same amount they pspend on combat stress recovery. p>>russell: flames in los angeles pcould be seen for miles. pit was a distribution center. pit took firefighters more than pthree hours using nearly 600 pgallons of water a minute to get pthe upper hand. p>>jennifer: did you see this? ploud music led to an all-out pbrawl on a spirit airlines lane. pcheck this out. pfight started after the flight planded at l.a.x. ptwo women, reportedly pintoxicated, refused to turn pdown their boom box. pwitnesses say they provoked pother passengers and as you can psee here, things got physical. pfive women were removed from the lane. pthey were all eventually preleased and no charges were pfiled. ulling hair and everything.
6:20 am
pis saying sorry after she lied pabout a man who was trying to pabduct her. p>>jennifer: why she lied and psheriff judd's reaction. pget ready. ptime to pick the hot click of pthe week. ptaylor is up next with a look at the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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3 it's friday, that means it's time to pick the hot click of the week.. social media producer taylor katz is p>>jennifer: let's do it. plet's do hot click of the week. p>>taylor: go, taylor, go. phappy friday. pwe have all sorts of political pcampaigns going on, something pabout some people running for resident or something like pthat. p>>jennifer: i heard something pabout that. p>>taylor: but let's just get to pthe vote that really matters. pi'm kidding, of course, but it pis time to vote for hot click of pthe week. pour first nominee, remember this plittle guy? pmonty. papparently he has lots of love pfor his owner. plook at the moment he politely p-- p>>russell: that is just cute. p>>taylor: he asks for a cute
6:24 am
pthank you. phis little paw. pyou can see how gentle that is. pit's so sweet. pi really like that. pand i'm not one to freak out pover the cats. p>>russell: i'm with you. pthat's pretty cool. p>>taylor: next up, then there pwas this. pslightly terrifying, extremely pentertaining video shows an postrich chasing some bicyclists. pthe video was shot in south pafrica where these athletes were ptraining for the cape town cycle ptour. pthey were on a prerace ride when psuddenly the bird charged after pthem. pthey said it reached speeds of p31 miles an hour, followed for a pminute and then veered off to pthe side. p>>jennifer: did you see the pkick? p>>russell: i read some things pabout this since we put it on pand apparently these guys, where pthese people are, it was just prunning along the side. pi don't think it necessarily pfelt threatened. pthey just saw the ostrich was laying along. p>>taylor: right.
6:25 am
plittle scared but as soon as pthey realized there was really pno threat, it was kind of fun. p>>russell: this stuck with me pthis week to be honest. pthis went viral. p>>taylor: this went crazy viral. pthe moment this mama dog was preunited with her pups. pshe was surrendered to a shelter pin north carolina and then the pshelter staff and volunteers pconvinced that person to also psurrender over her pups. pso watching the mom as she goes pfrom very scared in the corner pand cowering, the moment she's preunited with the dogs and she's pecstatic, just over the moon and pwagging her tail and can't sit pstill and, oh, it's just so psweet. p>>russell: if we play it to the pend, we know what happened after pthat.
6:26 am
p>>taylor: dinner, time to nurse. pfeed us. pso pay attention to our home age at pjust click there on hot clicks pand you'll see each of the pcandidates, nominees. pyou? p>>taylor: yes. pand you see the link to both. pclick there and then i'll be pback at the end of the show and pi'll let you know who wins. p>>russell: they're candidates. pcandidates for hot clicks. p>>taylor: see you guys. p>>russell: a wild chase caught pon camera in polk county. pwhat the driver told deputies pmoments before stepping on the pgas. p>>jennifer: and st. pete, it's ptime for the grand prix. palcides segui, did you bring pyour earplugs? p>>russell: look at that sunrise. p>>reporter: i know. pi was not even going to talk. pi was just going to step out of pthe way so you can see the psunrise. plook at the boats to your left. pit's a beauty of a shot. pnot to mention it's one of the
6:27 am
ploves coming to the bay area, pbecause it is just a gorgeous parea. pthere's a sunrise. pyou have the beach. pyou've got beautiful weather. pyou've got a gorgeous patmosphere. pwe'll talk about the st. pete pgrand prix, about what you can pbring, what you can't.
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3 good morning, i'm russell rhodes and i'm jen epstein in for p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>jennifer: and i'm jennifer pepstein. plet's head over to dave for a pweekend forecast. p>>dave: you've got to look at pthis. pokay? pthere you go. pbut just look at the colors. plook at the brilliant orange, preds and gorgeous start to the pday here at tampa.
6:31 am
pat eight miles per hour. p65 brookdale bayshore camera. peverybody is in the 60s. pit's mild again. pi'll go right back up to the mid p80s for high temps this pafternoon. ptomorrow a couple of degrees pcooler because we'll have more pclouds and the rain does hold poff until sunday afternoon. pwe'll talk more about that pcoming up in just a few minutes. p>>vanessa: good morning. pwe have an update out of pasco pcounty on the lane blockages pwith this jackknifed semi truck palong st. joe road. pfor those just joining us, east pof 75 and we're hearing from asco sheriff that the westbound planes are now open. pthe eastbound is still closed so pfor you westbound drivers who pusually take that route, you pdarby road. pwestbound drivers, you should be pgood to go through that area. inellas county, we do have sky pfox that checked out this crash pnorth. pwe're hoping to bring you a icture. psouthbound lane blockages, we
6:32 am
pfrontage road so it's really not pa delay concern. pwe'll try to get you more pdetails as soon as we can but it plooked like it's near an r.v. lace. pwe're not sure if that was pinvolving any of the rv's in pthat area but we'll keep you osted on that. pout of winter haifr en -- winter phaifr en, deputies are looking p34th street northwest at avenue pj northwest as those repairs are punderway. p>>jennifer: a 91-year-old woman pand 84-year-old man and a p42-year-old man all died in a phorrible car accident last night pin sarasota. pit happened on river road. pa car tried to pass another in a pno passing zone and slammed head pon into a minivan. p84-year-old con -- man and a 89 p91-year-old woman died in the
6:33 am
p>>russell: pursuit in polk pcounty. pit started yesterday morning. psomeone called to report a psuspicious vehicle in their pyard. pdeputies say the driver told pthem he didn't want to go back pto jail. pthen he took off. pduring the chase, the truck hit pa car that pulled over to let pdeputies by after crashing pthrough a series of fences, pdeputies arrested whitworth. phe was out on bond for animal pcruelty. pyou may remember the story. pin october he was arrested for pbeating two dogs with a sledge phammer. p>>jennifer: car stolen in tampa pturns up in st. pete. pdeputies spotted the car when it pcrossed county lines. pthe driver refused to stop and pstop sticks were used to disable pthe vehicle. pthe driver was held for pquestioning. pa passenger got out of the car, ptried to run. pthey caught her. pso far deputies have not preleased any names or charges. p>>russell: 11-year-old girl who psaid a man tried to abduct her pwhile walking home from school
6:34 am
pshe said she made up the story pto avoid having to walk home pfrom the bus stop. pshe wrote a letter to the psheriff's office to apologize. pshe's facing a misdemeanor pcharge for filing a false police preport. psheriff judd is just glad pthere's not a predator on the ploose. p>>jennifer: surrounded by pbeautiful tampa bay. p>>russell: that's the firestone pgrand prix of st. petersburg in pa nutshell. palcides segui is in downtown st. ete this morning where things pare about to get going. pgood morning. p>>reporter: have you guys been pout here? pjen? prussell? p>>russell: it's bin a long time. pi've been there. pit's beautiful. pit's fun to go. p>>reporter: it is just a great ptime, just a day of fun. pthere's so much to do. pyou got great food, tons of pentertainment and it's going to eople watch.
6:35 am
pyou'll have cars on the track retty much all day until about p5:00 so a lot of questions this pmorning, what can you bring? pwhat can't you? psecurity is tighter this year pthan any other year. pwe'll talk to assistant chief. pthank you for being with me, my pfriend. pfirst off, we were talking about psomething a while ago, new prules. pi guess there's three different pones. plet's talk about the metal pdetectors. p>> yes. pgrand prix, one of the precommendations was to use a pmagnetometer. pthere will be magnetometers in lace, bag searchs going on and pyou should expect that and eople that are running, it's a rivate contractor. pthey know what they're doing. p>>reporter: i look back here. pyou've got a gorgeous sunrise. pit's beautiful. pand that's why people pick st. ete, right? pfor this very reason.
6:36 am
pthe boats that are out there, a plot of changes in the water as pwell. ptalk about that. p>> yes. pthis is the southern yacht basin pof the municipal arena this pyear. pthere's a restriction in place. ponly vessels that come to the psouth basin will be residents of pthe marina and the boats are pgoing to be in there. pthey're all the way around the pbay and they will restrict paccess. p>>reporter: if you're watching pand you've come on your boat pbefore and you just -- because pit's a beautiful parking spot. pyou just sit there and you just pwatch cars fly by. pyou can't do that anymore. p>> you can't do that anymore. pyou can anchor at the entrance pby the jetty. pi don't know how much of the paction you'll be able to see but pthat's as far as you can come in pthe southbound basin. pwe'll have officers on there in pwave runners and we'll have the
6:37 am
p>>reporter: thank you for being pwith me. pgood to see you, too, my friend. pgorgeous weather for today, ptomorrow. pi guess it may look like an 80% pchance of rain on sunday. phopefully it stays out but it's pa lot of fun. pyou can almost hear now and pthen, they're starting the pengines out there as they get pready to at least start warming pup and get things going. pi'll tell you the bomb squad, pregional bomb squad has been out pthere, going up and down this ptrack all morning long. pwe'll continue over st. pete, pgrand prix coverage all day on p"good day." pback to you guys. p>>jennifer: beautiful weekend. p>>russell: see you then. pcoming up, dave has a look at pthis weekend forecast. p>>jennifer: and while american
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p>>dave: i'm so excited to kick pthis off, folks. pwe're giving away "good day" pmugs but you have to work for pit, right? pgo to my fox facebook page and pon that page, you will see in pthe left-hand side, hashtag, we plive here. pyou click on that, upload a ptremendous picture, whether it pbe a sunrise, enjoying the pballgame, grand prix, whatever. pthe reason you live here. pupload that. pif we choose your photo, pstarting monday, you get a fox p13 "good day" mug. pthen you can drink coffee and penjoy every single day while you pwatch us. pfor instance, a picture like pthis. prussell rhodes or how about pthis? pmy biggest fan, jennifer pepstein. p>>jennifer: you know it. p>>dave: i'm being nice because pthere were a lot of things i pcould have put there, jen.
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pit's not quite this large but pyou get the point. pso we want to give the mugs paway. pwe'll start doing it on monday pbut i need some pictures in my pinbox. pi want to walk in monday morning pand see the pictures there. panother way to get involved and pwe appreciate it. pwhat a beautiful start to the pday. psun was coming up. pyou had that orange glow to pstart the day. pwe do have the cloud cover pstreaming through. ptrust me, the sun will get pstraight through there and we'll phave another nice, muggy, kind pof late spring day even though pit's early march. pbradenton beach with a few pclouds working their way ponshore, lakeland, they're pgorgeous sunrise this morning poverlooking lake mirror. ptemps are actually very similar pto yesterday. pbrooksville at 62. ptampa at 68. pst. petersburg at 68. psoutheast winds, not quite as pbreezy as yesterday but from ptime to time, you have to deal
6:43 am
pissues today, they'll be in plouisiana again. pmonroe to slidell, new orleans pjust getting hit so hard right pnow. psome flooding going on there now pto mississippi. pmost of the activity works pnorth. pwe'll get a few showers around plate in the day on sunday but pnothing like what they're pgetting out there. artly sunny, warm and a bit phumid today with a high around p83 degrees. ptonight mild, muggy, wake up ptomorrow morning in the mid 60s pand then variable clouds ptomorrow with a high of 81. pour next seven days will show pyou there's a rain chance coming pin. pi'll be honest with you. pat this point, we need some rain pbecause we haven't had a lot in pthe month of march and i want to pwash the pollen out of here. pit's going to turn dry again and pa couple of degrees cooler pmonday, tuesday, wednesday, pthursday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. ptime is 6:43. pin that last pinellas county preport, we mentioned a traffic
6:44 am
p19 and 66th street north. psky fox is showing us, this is lace. pwe do have parked r.v.'s and one pvehicle appears to have run off pthe roadway here. pit's off the frontage road of pu.s. 19. pwe do have damage to the r.v. pit looks like one of those pop poff. pthey look like regular pcivilians, not dressed in law penforcement uniforms and don't plook like first responders so phopefully it looks like the pfolks are okay. pso looks like we're not dealing pwith any big delays in the area psince this is the frontage road. pjust keep an eye on it. pyou do have the patrol car there pblocking a right lane. phere's a look at travel times. psouthbound 75 fletcher to the pselmon, it is up to an 11 minute pride and at this point, if
6:45 am
p75 to the interchange, 13 pminutes. p>>russell: florida lawmakers phave until the end of the day to papprove next year's budget. pit's roughly 5% larger than this pyear's budget. psome lawmakers have complained pthat it does not include an pacross the board pay raise for pstate workers who boost spending pin the florida prison system. plast year governor scott slashed pmoney from the budget before psigning it into law. pst. pete pier's design team is pgetting ready to unveil a final pdesign and the price tag. pwe've already seen the overall pmaster plane. pit doesn't include the pier but palso acres of park land leading pto it and along the bay front. pthe designers will start taking ublic comment last week. pthe city plans to spend at least p$60 million on the project and pdisappointing news for folks in pthe strawberry festival today. ptanya tucker has been forced to pcancel her performance today.
6:46 am
pcomplications from bronchitis. pjohn anderson will replace her pthis afternoon. panyone who bought tickets for ptucker's show can get a full prefund. pjust go to the main ticket poffice before 2:30. p>>jennifer: there's one common pingredient in products being precalled. pand how many would you pay to pwatch new movies at home the day
6:49 am
pthe man beh3 (rmt full) 3 3 (rmt full) 3 3 3 3 (rmt full) p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from st. petersburg where pthere's more than just the grand rix happening this weekend. phow about the florida boat fair? pthis is a big deal. pkicks off at 5:00 p.m. tonight. pthis is the largest book fair of pits kind in the southeast united pstates. pit's the third largest in the pnation only behind california pand new york. pthis is a big deal. pmore than 100 book dealers all pdescending upon this incredible pvenue. pthis is the coliseum. pi love this venue. pall of the places are set. pdealers will start moving in
6:50 am
pit will be wall to wall books pand maps and rare finds, all pkinds of really cool, pcollectible things that will be pon display here. ptomorrow and sunday during the pday, it's going to be fun out phere. prussell and laura? p>>russell: jen. p>>charley: russell and jen, psorry. p>>jennifer: that's okay. p>>charley: i love this kind of pstuff. p>>russell: ephemra, that's psomething that was published and ponly lasts a short while. pa program from disney world in p1974. pyou get the program at a psporting events. pthat's an ephemra. p>>russell: do you know what i pbought there one time?
6:51 am
pthat book fair one time? pit's a page from the script of p"to kill a mockingbird." pand it's autographed. pit's not going anywhere. pit's not going anywhere. pi've got it. p>>charley: take a picture of it. p>>russell: i should have brought pit in today. p>>charley: those are the kind of pgreat finds you'll find here. pwe'll have a "good day" here, ptalking to some dealers as pthey're setting up. pwe'll have a great day at the pcoliseum. p>>russell: that may be one of my pstops. pcool. pthanks, charley. psee you later. p>>jennifer: thanks, charley. ptwo more singers have been peliminated last night on
6:52 am
psonica and lee were sent home. ptop six will perform next pthursday right here on fox 13. p>>russell: american idol has roduced dozens of stars over pthe year but the biggest star pisn't even a singer. p>>jennifer: ryan seacrest is in pthe top 100. phe made $60 million last year. p>>russell: a lot of people have pforgotten but that show had two phosts when it started in 2002. pbrian dunkleman for years was ptormented by what might have pbeen. p>> the winner of american idol p2002 is kelly clarkson. p>>reporter: september 4, 2002, p23 million people watched the pseason one finale of american pidol. pbrian dunkleman was just 30. phe would reach more people that pnight than he would in his pentire career. p>> congratulations, america. pyou found your idol.
6:53 am
pthe brink of making television phistory but brian dunkleman pwould not return for season two. p>> if i go for what my life pcould be, it's too much. p>>reporter: he's come full pcircle, back to where it all pbegan, the improv comedy club in phollywood. p>> put it together for brian. p>> if my life were a movie, i pmove walked out by now. pthis was the first place i was pon stage in l.a. p>>reporter: it's where producers pfirst took notice of the kid pfrom buffalo. pone of them urged him to paudition for american idol. p>> i auditioned three times in pfollowing day. p>>reporter: in the final paudition, he was paired with pryan seacrest. p>> we met that morning. pwe had breakfast. pand then we came and we tested ptogether and it went well and pliterally that was it. ptogether.
6:54 am
pgrowing tension between him and pseacrest. p>> i wish i could go back and i pwish we could have gotten along pgreat. pbut there was a point where we pdrifted apart and we were kind pof antagonizing each other. p>>reporter: he worried he would pbe type cast, derailing an pacting career and he had yet to pbe resigned for season two. p>> three weeks later, still psaying no decision. pwell, i made my decision. pi released a statement in daily pvariety. p>>reporter: he announced he was pquitting. p>> did i quit before they could pfire me? pthat's possible. pmy question is, what were they pwaiting for? pso i don't know is the really panswer. p>>reporter: he was out as the pshow became a national pobsession. pseacrest built a media empire. pbrian dunkleman was a broken pman.
6:55 am
pthought of when i woke up in the pmorning and last thing before i pwent to bed. p>> how many years? p>> probably six. pmy agent said that this was pgoing to be my year. punfortunately, he sent me that pemail in 2002. p>>russell: wow. pbusiness news now, another glass precall. pnestle recalled some products. psmall pieces of glass can be in pthem. pit's voluntarily recalling a pnumber of digiorno, staufers and plean cuisine. pthe spinach is the common pingredient in all the brands. pno injuries have been reported. p>>jennifer: how about this? ay $50 to watch a movie at home pthe same day it hits theaters.
6:56 am
pservice is called the screening proom. palso you need $150 for a special psetup box. pit's backed by shawn parker of pfacebook. p>>russell: do we have time to pokay. pi've always wondered on this psubject right here, what would pyour magic number be? pwhat is the number you would pay pto watch the new superman, pbatman movie at home the day pit's released? p>>jennifer: i like the movie pexperience. p>>russell: i do, too. psometimes i want to stay at home pand watch them. pi guess my question is, is $50 pfair? p>>jennifer: i think so. p>>russell: you would have robably 48 hours once you urchase it to fair. p>>dave: then it's fair. p>>russell: that's where it's pgoing to get dicey. p>>jennifer: have some friends pover. p>>russell: now back with taylor pkatz.
6:57 am
pyou can watch all the time for pfree. pi do have the winner. pthat was the mom dog who was preunited with her babies. p>>russell: okay. pokay. p>>taylor: so sweet. pdo you know what? pi was reading some comments from pthe people who voted and one phome viewer named linda said pthat they were all undecided. pluckily there were three people pat her home who were voting so pthat was really sweet. pyeah. pit was a good vote for that one. p>>russell: thank you. ptape thank you. psee ya. p>>jennifer: are your co-workers pmaking more money than you? pfor doing the same job? ptheir height and weight could be pthe reason why. p>>russell: an emotional letter pfor her husband. pand a lot of viewers got on ptheir phones. psome of the calls the f.c.c. preceived during the half-time erformance.
6:58 am
p67 degrees with the cloud cover pstreaming in. pdon't worry, though. pwe'll have sunshine today to pwarm up. plower 80s along the coast. p80s inland. pmore cloud cover tomorrow. pthe rain will hold off until
6:59 am
7:00 am
pthen it's about 3 3 ((russell- cooler and calmer. a republican debate without the childish p>>russell: cooler and calmer. prepublican debate without the pfighting. lus another endorsement for pdonald trump. p>>jennifer: heart broken and pemotional letter to hulk hogan pfrom his ex-wife. pwhy she thinks she deserves an papology. p>>russell: congratulations. pthey won a baby.


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