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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 11, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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pthen it's about 3 3 ((russell- cooler and calmer. a republican debate without the childish p>>russell: cooler and calmer. prepublican debate without the pfighting. lus another endorsement for pdonald trump. p>>jennifer: heart broken and pemotional letter to hulk hogan pfrom his ex-wife. pwhy she thinks she deserves an papology. p>>russell: congratulations. pthey won a baby.
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phey, everybody. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of pi'm russell rhodes. p>>jennifer: and i'm jennifer pepstein filling in for laura pmoody. pthat's all ahead. pfirst the friday forecast from pdave. p>>dave: we're starting off with pa little more cloud cover than pwe had yesterday. pstill mild, a bit on the breezy pside with the south-southeast pwind that we had at 11 miles an phour. pbayshore, lakeland, it's equally pas gorgeous with temps in the pmid 60s. pwe'll get right back up into the pmid 80s for highs today. pnext chance of rain, sunday pafternoon. pminutes. p>>vanessa: right now we have sky pfox overhead, 75 near i-4 where pwe have some delays. pthey're not serious at this oint but notable here. psouthbound direction, 275 pjunction to i-4 in the 15 minute pride. pwe also want to remind drivers pin pinellas county, this earlier pshot from sky fox, southbound 19 pfrontage road, 66th street pnorth, single vehicle crash, hit pan r.v. that was parked, did psome damage. pwatch out.
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pstill blocking the right lane. p>>russell: new this morning, pthere's been a shooting in pspring hill. pone man is dead, two others are phurt. pthis happened around 1:30 this pmorning in the parking lot of pst. lucie's plaza. pthat's off commercial way. pdeputies say two men were shot pafter an argument inside a pbamboo's bar and eatery. pone of the victims died while pthe other was flown to the phospital. pshooter who stayed at the scene psurrendered. phe was also taken to a hospital pfor injuries. pthe investigation is underway. p>>jennifer: new this morning, pshots fired in a police pursuit pin tampa. pthat chase ended in the parking plot of the old east lake square pmall. pdetectives have not released pother information. p>>russell: those who were pclamoring for a kinder and pgentler republican debate got pone. pwhile the tone was low key, the pstakes couldn't be higher. pespecially for marco rubio who
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pflorida voters. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. plast night's debate was much pmore what you would expect from pa presidential debate. pdonald trump was not the pcandidate we're used to seeing pand marco rubio was more of the pcandidate we saw a few months pago as he was rising in the olls. p? pall, as you mentioned, as the pfuture of his campaign hangs in pthe balance for florida's rimary. p>> i cannot believe how civil pit's been up here. p>> trying to be more residential, marco rubio and pdonald trump laid off the ersonal attempts and insuls and pfocused on the issues, including pislamic extremism. p>> we have a serious, serious roblem of hate. plarge portions of a group of eople, islam, large portions pwant to use very, very harsh pmeans. p>> i'm not interested in being olitically correct. pi'm interested in being correct. pthe problem is presidents can't pjust say anything they want. pit has consequences here and
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p>>reporter: flrp plenty of popportunities to attack each pother. pwhen they did, it was less pdirect than we've seen in past pdebates. p>> if you have a candidate who phas been funding liberal pdemocrats and funding the pwashington establishment, it's pvery hard to imagine how psuddenly this candidate is going pto take on washington. p>>reporter: this debate focused pon some key issues for florida psecurity. p>> there are more 18-year-olds pwho believe they have a better pchance of seeing a u.f.o. than a psocial security check and we phave a lot of seniors who are pvery nervous. p>>reporter: trump responded to pallegations his lang wage and ptone is encouraging violence pafter a trump supporter was pcaught on camera punching a rotestor earlier this week. p>> we have some protestors who pare bad dudes. pthey have done bad things. pthey are swinging, they are preally dangerous and they get in pthere and they start hitting eople. p>>reporter: the controversy
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residential candidate from pendorsing trump. pdr. ben carson is scheduled to pformally make that announcement pat 9:00 a.m. this morning. prussell? p>>russell: thanks. pwe'll talk later on. psee you then. ptrump has gotten a long list of pendorsements from other oliticians. pthere's sarah palin, jerry pfalwell, junior. pkid rock, wrestler hulk hogan. p>>jennifer: bernie sanders drew pa big crowd at the fairgrounds pin tampa. pa few thousand people were on phand to hear him speak yesterday pafternoon. pcollege debt, immigration reform pwere a few topics. phe trails hillary clinton by 25 ercentage points in florida and pearlier in the day, a rally for phillary clinton, the crowd pwasn't as big because of the psmaller space available at ritz. pshe said she's trying to learn pher lessons after a loss in pmichigan. pshe has a big lead in the
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p>>russell: hulk hogan's ex-wife pwrote an emotional letter pregarding the breakup in their p25-year marriage. pshe said she will never forgive phim without a sincere apology pand that's not something she's pgotten yet and she said she gave peverything to the marriage and pwas faithful despite what she pwent through. pshe broke down crying while preading letter on "inside pedition." pshe said my kids to this day are pstill reeling and they can't get ptheir feet back on planet earth. pi can't get my life back on ptrack, either. pi don't know what i'm supposed pto do. pstart over now. pi'm 57. pi don't know where i fit in, in pthis world anymore. pshe ends the letter by saying, i phate you but probably not as pmuch as you hate yourself and puntil you can really apologize pto me and our children, i will pnever, ever forgive you. pwow. pwell, linda said she doesn't pwant anything from her former phusband and that includes any pmoney he may get from his $100
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pgossip website gawker. phe's suing them for posting that pvideo that shows him having sex pwith his best friend's wife. plinda says she hasn't sent him pto. p>>jennifer: a lot of people are pusing spice to get high. pit's become a cheap drug to get pon the streets and it's illegal pin florida. pshayla reaves is live to tell us pabout a press conference today pregarding the rise of the psynthetic marijuana. pjen. pwhen we talk about a rise, it is psignificant right here in the ptampa bay area. pin fact, there's been a psignificant uptick in less than pa week. pfirst responders are paying pattention. pin fact, tampa fire rescue tells pus in less than a week, they presponded to 48 medical calls psurrounding the drug, the street pdrug spice. pit's also referred to as k 2 and pthis is a drug that, just to
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pthey had 12 calls in one day, pcompared to 12 by this time last pyear. pnow, space has hundreds of pnames. pnot only k 2 but no more pmr. nice guy as well. pwhile some call it synthetic pmarijuana, health experts say pit's much more dangerous than pthat. pjust listen to some of the side peffects the american association pof poison control centers pdescribed it as intense phallucinations, sigh psychotic pepisodes, suicidal or harmful pthoughts and actions just to pname a few. pfirst responders are at risk of pinjury treating people who abuse pthe drug. pthey've described biting, phitting, transfer of bodily pfluids as some possible risks. pthe drug can be deadly and local pofficials want the public to be paware and understand the danger. pif we bring you back out here, a ress conference is scheduled pfor 11:00 this morning and it's pscheduled to take place here at ptampa fire rescue station one. pnow, among the groups that are
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pthat, we have fire officials pthat will be participating along pwith tampa police and the poison pmedical director for tampa pgeneral hospital. pthe focus is not only on panswering some of the questions psurrounding spice but also phighlighting the potential pdangers and the impact it's phaving here on the tampa pcommunity. pit's also a time to talk about pthe danger of this drug not only pto the people who use it but pthose responsible for treating pthose individuals as well. pback to you. p>>jennifer: thank you. p>>russell: an update on the pabduction attempt in davenport. pwe told you about it earlier in pthe week. pit was a hoax. psheriff judd said the p11-year-old girl who made up the pentire story because she didn't pwant to walk home from the with pus stop. pshe said a man drove up, told pher her mom is in the hospital pand he was set to give her a pride. pshe even gave a description presulting in a composite sketch.
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pletter but the sheriff still lans to charge her with filing pa falgs report. pa 3-year-old recovering from a pdrive-by shooting. pdetectives belief the gunmen pwere in a white dodge pchallenger. pif you know anything about this, pyou're asked to call crime pstoppers. p>>jennifer: 7:10 and this might pchange your plans for today. ptanya tucker will not be at the pstrawberry festival in plant pcity. pcould note music star has pcomplications from bronchitis. pjohn anderson will replace her. phis concert starts at 3:30. pif you bought a ticket, you can palways get a refund if you would plike at the main ticket office pstarting at 2:30. pwisely. pfive things people do with the ptax refund. p>>jennifer: and a big mistake. pa robbery suspect puts a gun to pthe head of a taxi cap driver pwithout knowing what was behind phim. pdave?
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p>>dave: the threat of more rain ptoday is causing concern in plouisiana. plisten to this. pmore than 20 inches of rain has palready fallen in some parts of pthat state. pflooding a massive problem, pblamed for at least five deaths pand a few thousand ee vac wags palready. pthings may get worse. pthe river along the ptexas-louisiana border won't pcrest until next week. pit's going to reach levels they phaven't seen in more than 120 pyears. pthat's a problem. pand when heavy rains come now, pyou get flash flooding but then pit takes awhile for all that pwater to make its way into the privers and then they go up above ptheir flood stage so this
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pthis morning, the heavy rain has pshifted toward new orleans. pso more flooding for those pfolks. pit's like everybody in the pentire state has had to deal pwith that flooding. pwe want to shift over here for a psecond. ollen counts are sky high. pstart to feel it. pyou know when you're outside, pyou start to see that greenish ptint on your cars and while we pmay get a few showers around on psunday, in the afternoon, it's pnot going to be enough to pcompletely wash the pollen out. plet's just say for the sake of pargument, you got a downpour, it pwill help for a day. pbrookdale bayshore camera, pbeautiful. pi mean, just gorgeous start to pthe day. pthen step outside. pyou may notice it's just a plittle bit muggier than it was pyesterday. pthat persistent southeast wind pfor the past four days has pfinally started to bring up phumidity levels around here. pnot summertime levels, no. pbut noticeable. pbradenton beach, a pretty start pto the day out toward the
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pwe have temps in the mid to pupper 60s in pinellas county. pand if you were at the valspar pchampionship yesterday, that pwind had to do a number because pthe scores weren't as high as ptypical so hopefully it won't be pas high today. p65 in west chase. pabout 63 in brooksville. p63 in inverness. ptemperatures run mid 60s pbradenton all the way to our pfriends in myakka city. pupper 50s in bartow. pmid 60s to lakeland. pvery similar start. pi did the 24-hour temperature pchange and it was like a degree pdifference. pnot huge but dew points up a plittle bit. pnotice they're 63, 64 degrees. pnoticeable, extremely muggy. phere is the wind i was telling pyou about. pit's backing back into northeast plouisiana. pmonroe, louisiana is up here. pjackson, mississippi just washed pout. pi mean, just so much rain coming pdown.
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pare just east of the city of new porleans. pthat's intense. ptwo inch, three inch rains per phour in those spots. pthis whole thing breaks down, pweakens, moves to the east. pthe result for us, a few showers pon sunday afternoon but in the pmeantime, it's more the same, pright? artly sunny, warm, humid, high pof 83 degrees. pmild and muggy tonight with a plow of 65 and then variable pclouds tomorrow, high ptemperature of around 81. pnext seven days, rain chance on psunday. pbehind this system, it doesn't pcool off all that much. pwe're still going to be in the pupper 70s for highs. plows in the 60s for tuesday, pwednesday and thursday. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we want to get an pupdate on majors and how those ptravel times are fairing. pwe'll start off with a live look p275. phere are the south bound lanes pheading away from us on the pscreen here in the area of bird pstreet t. looks a little slow in pthe area. pas we check the overall travel
7:18 am
plighter part of red so nothing ptoo much to complain about. pit's an 18 minute ride heading pfrom bearss avenue to i-4. pwe have moderate congestion palong 75 southbound and i-4 pwestbound as you head in towards pthe downtown interchange. pa couple of previous incidents pwe've mentioned. pthey're still working in pasco pcounty, a jackknifed semi truck pand it's blocking eastbound pdirection, westbound is open so peastbound drivers will have to ptake darby road in the meantime. pwinter haven drivers, watch out. pwe still have emergency crews at p34th street northwest and avenue pj northwest for downed power plines. psounds like you're in the rocess of still repairing pthose. p>>russell: a lot of folks pgetting a tax refund. pmore than 75% of us will get pmoney back from uncle sam. pand here are the top five ways pthat people would use that pmoney. pthe most popular use for a tax prefund is to pay down the debt. p27% will do that. p25% will stick the money into a
7:19 am
p9% plan to use the money for prefund or vacation. p5% using it for down payment on pa house or a car and 4% go to pshoes? pthe average tax refund here in pflorida is just over $2800. p>>jennifer: got a little bit of p>>russell: nice. p>>jennifer: i got my shoes. pdeduction. pthey're having a baby. pit's a prize they won after pentering a contest from a radio pstation in las vegas. pthey gave away a free in-vitro pfertilization procedure. pthat's perfect for them. pafter several unsuccessful pattempts to have a baby. p>> i was so shocked to win. preally? pme? pit was amazing. pi couldn't describe the words or
7:20 am
pi felt like i was given a gift, pyou know, something that we pcouldn't afford, we didn't see pit possible. p>>jennifer: in-vitro pfertilization can cost as much pas $20,000 and their baby? pdue in september. pcongratulations. p>>russell: good for them. pseveral women punching, kicking pand pulling hair on an airplane. pwe'll have the video coming up. p>>jennifer: a home town hero pthat makes you want to get up pand dance. plakeland charity is making sure pthat everyone has access to psports, education and art. pi'll introduce you to the heroes popening their hearts and their pbusiness to people in need. pcharley? p>>charley: they're here. pthe dealers have arrived. pthey are setting up at the pcoliseum in st. petersburg for pthe florida book fair. pit's the largest fair of its pkind in the southeast. pit's a big deal. pwe're talking to antique folks pand memorabilia and maps, cool,
7:21 am
phere starting at 5:00 p.m. ptonight. ptomorrow and sunday, during the pday, stick around, everybody. pi have a preview for you. plook at this beautiful venue at pthe is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class
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the playing field. with your help, as president,
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3 3 ((jen- welcome back to good day tampa bay. p>>jennifer: welcome back to p"good day." ptime is 7:24. pif you know someone in puerto prico, listen to this. p>>russell: it is ground zero in pthe fight against the zika pvirus. pthe c.d.c. predicts it will paffect one in five puerto ricans pby this time next year. pthe c.d. krchl says some of the pmosquitos are developing a presistance to common pinsecticides. pwe've had 58 cases in florida. pall but one got it while they
7:25 am
pcountry. p>>jennifer: do you see this? pit's a robbery caught on camera pin pennsylvania. pin the video, you can see the pthief holding up a gun to the phead of a taxi driver demanding phis money. phe didn't get away with it. pyou can see behind him, a deputy pwas sitting in the car right pbehind the taxi. phe saw what was happening and he pmade the arrest. pthe thief is now facing multiple pcharges. p>>russell: wow. pjosh duggar is checking out of prehab. phis family is being supportive, pcalling it the first step toward phealing. phe admits having an addiction to pinternet pornography and pcheating on his wife by using pthe internet dating site ashley pmadison. phis wife is staying with him. pthey have four children. p>>jennifer: passengers on a pspirit airlines flight to los pangeles had front row seats to a pbrawl. pseveral women began punching
7:26 am
pwitnesses say this began with ptwo drunk women. pthey were told to turn down ptheir music. pthey got sarcastic by raising pthe speaker in the air. pfive women were taken off the lane by police. pno one went to jail. p>>russell: dave, you seeing pthis? p>>dave: you showed that earlier. p>>russell: i didn't see it. pit's a big chunk of ice in pargentina. pit covers almost 100 square pmiles. pit doesn't happen a lot. plook at that. pman, what a spectacular scenery pon top of everything else. p>>dave: i was reading somewhere plike a million tourists go down pthere. p>>russell: really? p>>dave: they want to see that. pit happens every so often.
7:27 am
pas long as it's safe, it's cool pto watch. pclouds streaming in off the gulf pthis morning but we'll get penough sunshine. pnotice we do go back to lower p80s for highs tomorrow. pa little more in the way of pcloud cover. pwhile sunday starts off dry, pwe'll finish with some showers paround on sunday afternoon. pthat rain chance is 40% and pfinish out the weekend about 80 pdegrees for a high. pokay, van's? p>>vanessa: sounds good. proadways aren't doing too bad pright now. p7:27. peast ybor area, railroad repairs pare shutting down the area until pmonday. puse 39th street in the meantime. pwe also want to show you some ptravel times on the majors. pearlier i showed you some good ptimes on southbound 275. plooks equally nice, perhaps even pbetter crossing the howard pfrankland bridge heading in the pnorthbound direction going into ptampa. pthat's an eight minute ride.
7:28 am
pand then moderate congestion i-4 pwestbound, i-75 to the pinterchange. p>>russell: short and obese women phave something in common. pdollar signs of success. p>>jennifer: racing down the pstreets of st. pete. palcides segui covering the grand rix. p>>reporter: the grand prix. pstarts today and continues ptomorrow into sunday with the pspeedway race. pmore than 150,000 fans are pexpected this weekend. pwhat's the weather going to be plike? pwhat are some restrictions?
7:31 am
pwe'll t 3 (russell- welcome back to good day tampa p>>russell: welcome.
7:32 am
pthere will be a need for speed pthis weekend in downtown st. ete. p>>jennifer: the city is hosting panother grand prix. palcides segui is there with a review. p>>reporter: good morning to you, pjen and russell. pit is a beautiful morning out phere in st. pete and this pweekend is going to be even pbetter. pthey're expecting 150,000 fans pout here for not only today but pof course, this continues ptomorrow and sunday and actually psome of these race car drivers pwill be hitting the track here pin the next couple of minutes. pu.s.f. 2000 cars will begin racticing their cars, again, pabout 7:30 and then cars will pcontinue to stay on the track puntil about 5:00. pmore than 5,000 fans are pexpected in downtown st. pete. inellas county's largest event pof the year. plisten to this.
7:33 am
pin 200 countries will see the pwaterfront practical. pexposure is worth millions of pdollars. pestimated economic impact is pnearly $50 million to st. pete. pthis race is about 12 years prunning now. p1.8 mile track, 14 turns, it pgoes throughout the st. pete parea through pioneer park, duke penergy park and dali museum. pcoming out today or this pweekend, expect strict security. pthis year will be the first time pfans will have to walk through pmetal detectors. palso years prior, boats could pjust pull into the basin and panchor to see the race. pthat's no longer allowed unless pyou have the permit. p>> the recommendations have come pdown to the department of phomeland security and the f.b.i. pthe last couple of years for psports venues. pwe have seen it at raymond pjames, tropicana field so really pit's a reflection of the times. p>>reporter: the verizon indy car
7:34 am
psunday beginning at 12:52. pthat's the main race. pthe cheapest three-day pass will pcost about $55. p12 and under will cost you $30 pand two-day pass, $65 and the pjuniors are $60. pyou can see st. pete fire is out phere doing a final run-through pand they'll continue doing this. pit looks like that was actually pone of the floaters getting the pdebris off the track. pcoming up in the 8:00 hour, pwe'll see the u.s.f. 2000 folks pon the track and getting ready pfor the big race as well. p>>vanessa: we do have to mention psome road closures in effect pthrough the weekend in relation pto the grand prix and you can psee most of these are going to pbe northbound, southbound proadways near the water in the pdowntown area. pfirst street south from first pavenue to fifth avenue south pcompletely closed off. pthis is an eastbound-westbound proad.
7:35 am
pto bayshore and also bayshore pdrive. pnow, those are full closures. pwe have road closures that are pgoing to be limited access. pyou'll be able to access them pbut on limited basis. pwe'll have a full debail on my pfacebook. pyou can check all of that out pbut really, you can see panywhere, i would say, east of pfirst street south -- or west, i pshould say, would be good as far pas the northbound-southbound palternates. p>> i'm not freaking kidding. phere it comes. phere it comes. p>>russell: she was right. pin polk county, the driver of pthe white pickup would not stop. phe told deputies he didn't want pto go to jail. pwell, he's going. phe drove through a pasture pbefore he eventually crashed pthrough a fence and drove
7:36 am
pand also hit a car. pfour people were inside. pnobody got hurt. pdeputies say the driver is a p50-year-old tag ray whitworth. phe was out of jail on animal pcruelty charges. pthis is a mug shot from that parrest. phe's facing several charges now. p>>jennifer: beyonce put on quite pa show during the super bowl. pshe made many people angry. pfederal communications pcommission has released a list erformance. pone viewer said, quote, this is panti-police, anti-american, pro pblack panther display on family ptv sports events and totally pdisgusting and inappropriate. phere's another complaint. pquote, all that game did was romote hate on white people, plaw enforcement and america. phow is that even legal to have pon the air? panother person said they'll pnever watch another super bowl. phe said, quote, it was altered,
7:37 am
pface to our military and law penforcement. pi'm through with the super bowl. pit's overpaid, overhyped agenda. pyou can have it. pcoalplay was the headliner. pbeyonce was just a guest erformance. pratings were among the highest pfor any super bowl half-time pshow. pbeyonce is coming to raymond pjames in tampa next month. pher concert is on april 28. pnot sold out yet. pwe got online. pthe cheapest seat was $38. pthe most expensive, over $1,000. p>>russell: winning the again genetic plottery may be more simple than pyou think. ptaller and thinner men make more pmoney than their counterparts. pthey analyzed speak variance to pheight and weight. pfor every 2 1/2 inches of extra pheight, men were more likely to pwork in a high status job and pearned more than $1600 extra pevery year.
7:38 am
pb.m.i. meant $4200 in lost pwages. pnow, while taller men and pthinner women have been shown to pbe more successful before, this pis the first time scientists phave actually looked at people's pgenes as a possible cause. p>>jennifer: you know it's true, pmusic can lift you up, calm you pdown, even wake you up. pit can also transform lives in pdeeper ways. pbrian patterson can't remember a ptime when he didn't like to pdance. p>> i love to dance since i was a plittle baby. p>>jennifer: it wasn't until precently he really learned how. pbrian moves his feet every pmonday night at the just dance pstudios in lakeland.
7:39 am
hysical, developmental and pfinancial needs an opportunity pto socialize and connect with pthe community. p>> sometimes they are not open pand able to have a social life pbecause of, you know, money psituation or they just don't phave transportation or they pit. p p>>jennifer: maria is the resident of just cares and pbrian's dance partner and pbelieves that music and movement pcan make miracles happen. p>> i have seen people that can pbarely talk that are having a phard time communicating and now pthey just socialize, they look pfor each other to become pfriends. psome of them have even become pcouples. pand they just love dancing. pthey just love being able to pexpress themselves. p>>jennifer: brian gets to show poff his new found confidence on pthe dance floor with maria by
7:40 am
p>> i'm a dancer, performer. p>>jennifer: but maria won't take pall the credit. pnone would be possible without pthe help of just dance owner who pallows just care students to pdance and learn for free. p>> we can leave a mark or pdifference, that's really what pthe whole purpose is supposed to pbe about. p>>jennifer: the difference pthey're making is easy to see in peach of their students from ptheir smile to their feet. p>> some people are very pgrateful. pthey just love you. pand for somebody to just come pand say thank you, it's changed pmy life, means a lot. p>>jennifer: just cares offers a pvariety of programs, including pmartial arts, sports and lake p-- language classes. pfor more information, check out pmy facebook page. p7:40. pthe lightning home tonight to lay the philadelphia flyers. pfirst of those two losses came pback on monday when the flyers
7:41 am
pbefore that they had a nine game pwinning streak. ptennessee titans are trying to pget -- this is going to help. prunning back demarco murray. pthey traded fourth round draft icks with the eagles. pmurray spent one year in hiladelphia. phe didn't like it there. phe felt like he wasn't getting penough playing time. phe led the nfl in rushing yards pthe year before while playing pfor the dallas cowboys. psome of you went to see the pharlem globetrotters last week. pa few members were in hiladelphia last week. ptrick shot made the pglobetrotters famous, they were pon top of the wells fargo pbuilding to see if they could pmake a basket 100 feet away. pthat's longer than a full court pshot, folks. pand they both did it. pwasn't just one.
7:42 am
pthey made it look easy. p>>russell: wow. pthat was pretty neat. pthat's pretty neat. pall right. pa return to religion. pcoming up, where jennifer garner pgot her inspiration.
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pwith the weekend forecast off t p>>dave: who wants a chance to pget ahold of that? phuh? pone of these fox 13 "good day" pmugs. pyeah? pyou need to get on my facebook age. pnow, don't post the picture pright on my facebook page. pokay? pyou've got to click on the link pon the left-hand side that says phashtag we live here. pyou'll upload your picture. pif we show it starting monday,
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pyou'll get yourself one of those pcool mugs. icture something like this. pall dressed up, enjoying the pbeautiful view out toward the pbeach. pyou remember this picture? p>>russell: where were we? p>>dave: something like that. pmaybe you're out enjoying the pgrand prix, ballgame, whatever. p>>jennifer: that's not correct. pstretched out. pi hate that picture. p>>dave: i'm not a picture pmanipulator. psorry. pbut you get the point. penjoying some fun. pokay. penough. pyou get the point. pbut you have to click on that plink to get your picture on, pokay? pyou can't just post it to the pfacebook page or the twitter age. pyou try to be nice to some eople, vanessa, and this is the pway it is. pall children's hospital camera, retty start to the day.
7:47 am
pcover that's filtered in, that peast-southeast wind keeping it pwarm, muggy, too. pthat's one that i think you'll pnotice outside. pit's a little muggier. pbrandon, st. petersburg at 68. pclearwater at 67. pit's 70 in pensacola this pmorning. ptallahassee at 63. pit's actually almost as warm in ensacola as it is down in the pkeys. pwhen we get back to the lower p80s today, all eyes are going to pbe on just this big mess of prain. pit's mainly east of the downtown parea but you've got coastal pareas of mississippi getting pwalloped with rain. pthere's flooding all throughout pthe state of louisiana and pmississippi as well. pthis weekend it moves to the peast. pwe'll get a few showers around phere sunday afternoon, sunday pevening time. pokay? pbut until then we're going to pstay relatively light. pjust some cloud cover around ptoday. artly sunny and high of 83 pdegrees. ptonight overnight lows, 65
7:48 am
pthen for tomorrow, variable pclouds. pyou get a high temperature which pis going to be around 81. pboaters, moderate chop today. psaturday and sunday, light pchops. pnext seven days we've got mild pair, some showers around on psunday afternoon. pwe're turning the clocks guard p-- forward is a lot going on. p>>vanessa: sounds good. p7:48. pdrivers taking hillsborough pavenue, watch out. pwe have a crash reported at long pboat boulevard with some lane pblockage. pit doesn't look like it's a pserious delay concern. pmaybe more so a safety concern. pkeep an eye out as you pass by. pwe want to check in on the toll proads and see how those are pfairing with the travel times. pselmon expressway at 78th pstreet, light volumes there. ptravel times sitting at about 20 pminutes. pthat westbound direction,
7:49 am
pway to gandy, looks clear peastbound direction. psouthbound, plan for about 25 pminutes. pwe'll take that. p>>russell: thank you. pit's almost 7:49 and millions of pamericans will go to church this psunday. pactress jennifer garner will robably be one of them. pshe's been taking her kids quite pa bit lately. pshe said the movie "miracles pfrom heaven" had a lot to do pwith it. pit made her realize the pimportance of faith, especially pin front of children. pmovie gave her a new perspective pon life. p>> i took so much away from pdoing this movie and one of pthose things is just to be pencouraged and to be inspired. p>>russell: miracles from heaven, ptrue story about a young girl pand her near death experience pthat forces her to use feeding ptubes. pher mom made desperate attempts
7:50 am
pit opens in thee aters next week. p>>jennifer: these are puppies pthat were found in a box pabandoned on the side of the proad back in january. pgood samaritan spotted them and palerted authorities. pthe pups were in bad shape, mal pmalnourished pmalnourished, sick. pthe dogs have bounced back, phealthy, ready for homes. pour cameras were there for the pnew adoptions and one new mom psays she couldn't resist. p>> we thought all of them were pgoing to be lost. pthen i heard the story. pmaybe i can make a difference. p>>jennifer: veterinarians tell pus the puppies are healing. pfur is growing back and about pthree weeks, they'll be healthy penough to be fixed and micro pchipped.
7:51 am
plittle puppy barks. psweet. pcharley belcher is at an event pthat i truly love. pbook fair. p>>jennifer: it was at the pcoliseum. p>>charley: i'm holding in my phands a book that is 538 years pold. pthis book was printed in 1478, rinted and then anything you psee in color was done in hand. pthe book is in latin. plook at the notes in the margin. psomebody handwritten in latin. pi'm amazed that this exists and phow many hands have held it. p>>russell: i know. pi know. pyou're right. p>>charley: mind boggling. pthat's another thing you'll pfind. pstarts at 5:00 p.m. tonight, all pday saturday and sunday at this
7:52 am
pwe'll talk to the gentleman who pfounded this fair. phe didn't buy this book new. phe's yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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7:54 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from the beautiful coliseum
7:55 am
pthink, oh, st. petersburg, i pcan't go near that this weekend pbecause of the grand prix, other pside of town. pin fact, right off the pinterstate. pyou can get here to the pcoliseum, plenty of parking and pget right back on and right back pout if you don't want to go to pthe grand prix. p5:00 p.m. tonight it starts. pall day tomorrow, all day psunday. pmike founded this florida book pfair which is the largest in the psoutheast. pthird largest in the country and pyou started in 1982. p>> we sure did. p1982. poriginally we were over in ptampa. pwe outgrew the area, came here pto the coliseum which has been a pgreat help. p>>charley: people can see all psorts of antique books, amphlets, maps. p>> not even necessarily old. pyou can find things, obviously, pfrom the 1400s and you can find pthings from 2015.
7:56 am
p>> and you can find things for a pfew dollars or you can find pthings for a dollar or two. p>>charley: i love this. pthis is a travel book about ptravelling the state of florida pfrom 1880. pand it's called petals plucked pfrom sunny climbs from sylvia psunshine. pchapter seven, as we approach pthe upper shores of the st. pjohn's river, extensive pswamplands overgrown with timber pare seen. pthey eek out a sparse portion of pthe air. phas been bitations are not frequently pfound. pnow we have lots of habitations. pyou have a copy of a map there.
7:57 am
pthis is from 1591. pthere's florida. pthey did a pretty good job not pbeing able to see it from the pair. p>> remarkable. p>>charley: we had american pvillages all over listed. p>> exactly. p>>charley: it's not a reprint. pthis is the way it was printed pthen. punbelievable. pi don't want to rip it. pi don't want to put my soiled pfingers on it. pwhat does it cost to get in? p>> $10 tonight. pit's $6 each day or if you're a pstudent with annism -- an i.d.,
7:58 am
p>>charley: get o (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
8:00 am
low-key...but high-stakes. plow key, high stakes. prepublican candidates face off pin final primary debate before pthe votes or count in florida. pst. patty's day is on 17th the arty starts early here in ptampa. pwe will sit down with rough prider as they gear up for their arade in ybor city. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p hae everybody welcome i'm pjen epstein in for laura moody pthanks for waking up with on pfriday morning march 11th. ptime to toss things over to pdave. pmild and muggy day. pwhat can i tell you. pour dew points are up a little pbit from yesterday. pback up to about 63 or current pair temperature 69 degrees. pand a southeast wind gusting to p18. pand i do have temperatures palready at 70 degrees in pbrandon. pmid to upper 60s just about peverywhere else. phey maybe you're heading off to


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