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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 13, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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3 3 as friends and family mourn the death of a local deputy.. there have been two more deadly accidents on bay area roads overnight.. 3 plus.. is there a rift in the republican party? why marco rubio and john kasic p>> anjuli: is there a rift in pthe republican party. pwhich robe yu and kasich say pthey won't support donald trump pif it's the nominee. p>> alcides: in this week's p"faith in action," we show you phow a group of volunteers helped ptheir local community as part of pthe toolbox ministry. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis.
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pwe have lindsay to talk about pthe forecast. p>> lindsay: we have rain on the pway today. ptoday we up the rain chances pstarted midday and we see the pshowers along the coast. pthis morning it's warm and muggy pand winds are up. pso i don't have any fog to show pyou. p70 in sarasota, and 69 in tampa pand 64 in lakeland this morning. psky tower is nice and dry for pthe time being, but offshore you psee the flickers of lightning. pas i mentioned by midday if you phave plans to be at the beach, pwe will move in showers between pnoon and 2:00 p.m. phere's a wider view. pyou see the shower starting to porganize. poverall, just a shower event. pthey move from west to east. pkeep the rain chance today at p50%, which may interfere with pthe valspar championship this pafternoon between about plunchtime and 6:00 p.m. we will pbring in a chance for showers pand embedded storms and look at pfuturecast so you can plan on prain in the neighborhood coming
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p>> alcides: thank you, lindsay. pnot even 24 hours after a phillsborough county deputy was pkilled on the expressway, there pare two more deadly accidents on pbay area roads last night. plet's start off in clearwater. olice have questioning a driver pthat hit and killed a pedestrian pin the 1900 block of sunset oint road. pwe're told that around 8:00 the pdriver hit a man just west of phercules avenue. pthe victim was taken to a local phospital where he later died. pof course, the investigation is pongoing. p then in ybor city last pnight, police are investigating pa deadly hit-and-run accident. pit happened just south of 28th pavenue east. pit was active overnight as pinvestigators processed the pscene. proadways in the area have since pre-opened. pthat investigation also pcontinues this morning. p>> anjuli: the family of phillsborough county deputy john pcontinues to morning his death pthis morning after he and a pwrong-way driver was killed in pmorning.
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pthe deputy comes from a family pof law enforcement officers. phis father and sx and brother are both olicemen up north and his purngle is a deputy in the bay parea. phe was driving east along the pupper sellman express way deck pwhen deputy say eric mcbeth hit phim head-on. p they're trying to see why pmcbeth was going the wrong way. pthey aren't sure why he was in pthe brandon area this early. pblood tests will determine if he pwas impaired at the time time of pthat accident. p>> alcides: tampa police are plooking this morn for a phit-and-run driver that left a pbicyclist with life-threatening pinjuries. pthe man was hit near the pintersection of east 30th and pnorth 50th street around 3:30 psaturday morning. pwitnesses say the driver was a pman with medium-length blonde phair and the pickup was papparently dark blue or black, ossibly a toyota. pif you have any information pabout this crash, contact tampa olice.
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pman is under arrest this morning pafter deputy say he tried to pkidnap a woman in hudson earlier pthis week. pthe victim was in a car with p44-year-old jason shetland when phe asked if she wanted to smoke ot with him. pwhen she refused, he put a lastic bag over her head and ptried to keep her from leaving. pshe jumps out of the moving car pand got away. phe's facing false imprisonment pand battery charges. p>> anjuli: either vote ends in phillsborough and pinellas county ptoday. pvoting sites are open at 10:00 pa.m. and close at 6:00 tonight. phillsborough county officials psay that saturday was the pbusiest day so far for early pvoting. pwe're told nearly 130,000 people phave come to the polls or sent pin ballots by mail already. presults in from saturday's pcaucuses. phillary clinton won the northern pmarian that islands. pall five of the u.s. territories psuperdelegates are supporting pclinton over bernie sanders. pand for the republicans ted cruz
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icked up an additional 12 pdelegates in wyoming. pflorida senator marco rubio and pdonald trump each picked up one pdelegate. pand then in our nation's pcapital, marco rubio got a small pvictory picking up 10 more pdelegates. prubio, of course, spent much of psaturday in the bay area. psupporters in lakeland snapped hotos and shared words of pencouragement with the prepublican presidential pcandidate. plate last night rubio was in ensacola atabbing front-runner pdonald trump. p>> the front-runner right now in pthe republican primary when is pgoing to americans angry and pfrustrated and telling them to pget more angry and frustrated. pthat is not conservatism. p>> anjuli: rubio and ohio pgovernor john kasich are psuggesting they might not be pable to support trump if he pbecomes the party nominee. prubio said trump is, quote, pdividing the party and country. phe said the toxic environment
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pmake it extremely difficult to psupport him. p>> alcides: we're two days away pfrom the republican primary, and pthis weekend poll workers are pmaking final preps. pclerks from 350 precincts in phillsborough county stock up on pall the essential supplies, and pthe voting equipment has been pdelivered as well. oll workers are making sure pthey have everything they need. p>> we started piling in these pelectronic poll books, so now pwe're ready and will deploy them pcounty-wide. pwe expect to be successful with pthem. pthis is good practice for us and pbest practices as we move into pthe november general election. p>> just a reminder. ptuesday is a closed primary pmeaning you must be registered z pa republican or democrat. palso, all vote by mail ballot pmust be at the election office pby 7:00 p.m. on tuesday. pthey cannot be dropped off at pthe polling sites. p>> anjuli: ahead of the votes pwe have the results of the most oll.
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pwith nearly a 20-point lead over phis closest opponent, senator pmarco rubio. pit has texas senator ted cruz pwithin striking distance of prubio for second place. pa new poll is in the works right pnow after the aftermath of the pgop debate in miami and the pchicago protests. p>> alcides: big crowds are pexpected to descend upon pst. pete today. pit's the firestone grand prix pthat gets ready for a fiesta pclash. pi'm going to butcher these pnames. pthey got it into the pen. pyou can sit it in pit lane. pbourdais was upset after he cut phim off on the track, and two pdays -- excuse me. pand the two anotherly came to pbelow. ptoday will power sits on the ole. pthe indy car series race will pbegin at 12:45. pif you want to avoid the
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pdo, here's fox 13's vanessa prufus with more on that. p>> reporter: happy sunday to pyou. pof course, the big event in pst. pete, the grand prix, and we phave those road closures stick pin effect that started friday. pnot only do they continue pthroughout end of the this pweekend, but we're also hearing psome of the roads will be closed pall the way through the 17th. psome of the major ones will be popen by then. pmost of the roads affected are pnorthbound and southbound with pthe except of first avenue psouth. pyou have first street south paffected and parts of beach dre pand bayshore drive. pwe have roads that have limited paccess. ptoo many to list on the screen, pso you can actually check those pout on my facebook page and palong with information on easy arking and pedestrian impacts pand closures. phave fun. p>> alcides: be careful. pspring break is in full effect pright now. pthere are many high schools and pcolleges that are out this week.
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pif you plan on hitting the beach pon ana maria island officers pwill be out in full force. pthey want to remind visitors pthere's a no alcohol whatsoever olicy allowed on island pbeaches. pholmes beach offers will be out plooking for violators and remind pvisitors to watch where you ark. ptickets are handed out to anyone pnot in a designated spot. pofficers say be patient coming pout to the island community as pmore people mean a much longer pwait to get on as well as off pthe island. p>> we're watching to make sure pthat vehicles are not being pbroken into. pwe're watching for the alcohol pviolations. pwe're watching for parking penforcement issues. pwe are going to be out, and pwe're going to be enforcing pthese laws. pif you're underage and caught pdrinking, we will call your arents no matter where they are pin the state or out of state to ptry and get you to be picked up pby them. p>> anjuli: officers will step pup the patrols for the remainder
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pof spring break. p[ music ] p>> alcides: were out there last pnight? pit was a sea of green in ybor pcity just a few days early. pthe roughriders hosted the 20th pst. patrick's day parade. pdecorated floats rolled down pseventh avenue along with pmarching bands. pyou see them throwing out the pbeads. pthere was plenty of them. pi wonder what the crowds were plike last night? pit was a beautiful night for it, pright? p>> lindsay: an early pcelebration. pnothing wrong with that. p>> alcides: still ahead, donald ptrump has somebody else to blame pfor the violence at the campaign prally in chicago, and it's not a prepublican. pwe'll tell you who it is coming pup. p>> anjuli: if you enjoy pdrinking a fans glass of scotch, pyou may want to head to the pstore. pa shortage could have liquor plovers stocking up. p>> lindsay: sunrise is an hour plater this morning, so look pwhat's happening over downtown. pthat's not much. pnice and dark. pit's 69 degrees. psunrise is at 7:41 now, so
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pthat's a big change for us. palso changes in the rain pdepartment. pit is dry this morning on sky ptower, already seeing our first phints of showers approaching geico motorcycle,
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at p>> alcides: rise and shine. pthis is "good day tampa bay." p>> alcides: welcome back. pa scary situation for two pmushers in the iditarod dog sled prace. p>> jeff king says and racing pveteran ali zirkle were hit pduring the race by a psnowmobilier. pa 26-year-old man was returning
6:14 am
phome after a night of drinking pwhen he struck the two teams. phe faces a slew of charges this pmorning including two counts of passault and six counts of pcriminal mischief. pthe crash killed one dog and pinjured at least three others. p republican presidential pcandidate donald trump is pblaming bernie sanders' psupporters for recent trouble at pthe rallies. pin kansas city trump referred to psanders as our communist friend pand called him a lousy senator. psigns for sanders have been pspotted at trump rallies, but pthere's no indication of any pattempt to undermine him. ptrump's campaign also says some phillary clinton signs have been pspotted as well. p>> anjuli: a california highway atrol officer is hospitalized pthis morning with major injuries pafter he was hit by a car pdirecting traffic in the snow. pforecasters expect up to 4 feet pof the white stuff in parts of pthe sierra mavz nevada pmountains today. p>> alcides: at least three eople have died in louisiana
6:15 am
pand more than 2,000 have been prescued after heavy rains doused pthe area. pofficials have urged people that plive in flood prone areas to pmove safely. pthe storm has started to move pslowly to the northeast, but peven more showers are expected ptoday. pthat is scary. p>> anjuli: those folks can't pcatch a break with the forecast. p>> alcides: 2,000 people prescued. p>> anjuli: to see the water pmark on the cars is incredible. p>> alcides: does this appear poften? pi feel like it does, lindsay. p>> lindsay: this week we're in pa pattern where the storms are pkind of stuck, so the rain came pdown so frequently that some pareas saw a foot to foot and a phalf of rain. pnow the river levels need a pchance to retreat for some areas pto get back to normal. pthe good news is today rain pchances lower in some locations. pfor us, though, our rain chance pis going up. pi start with a quick little pnational tour. pobviously, you can see where pthat rain is initiating and pheaded our direction.
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pa band of showers there will pmove in between noon and 2:00 .m. in our coastal areas. pi think most of our morning phours will be dry so you can lan your day. psevere weather, though, will be pmoving in today as this low pshifts he's we have an enhanced prisk of severe weather forplaces pthat saw flooding. psouthern portions of arkansas pand northern louisiana today punder the gun for the severe pweather threat. pthe rain is lifting north and peast, though. pthat's a good sign for the laces along the northern gulf pcoast that need a chance to dry pout. plook at the mountain snow piling pup out west. pit has been active on the west pcoast this week. pthat pattern, though, starts to pshift and we bring rain our way. pnext weekend looks more active lanning ahead. psky tower is quiet this morning, pthough, and can't rule out a pbrief morning sprinkle or pshower. preally it's between the midday pand early afternoon we start to psee some of these showers. pthere is some lightning in the pdistance, too. pso some isolated rumbles of pthunder today but mainly a rain pevent for us. pit's dark and hopefully you
6:17 am
premember to change the clocks. pwe have scattered clouds that pthicken throughout the day. pit's 69 degrees and winds are plight out of the southeast. pit's muggy out there, and it pwill be a breezy day for us ptoday. p68 in west chase, 67 in ale ositive low beach and near 70 pin pinellas park and st. pete pwhere we gear up for the grand rix and possible delays late in pthe afternoon. p63 in dade city, 64 in bush pnell, 72 in venice. plots of mid to upper 60s from psebring to bartow this pafternoon. pdew points this morning are phigh. pit's a soupy start to the day. pwe're in the mid-60s, but with pthe winds picking up and that prain moving in, a day where we pneed indoor plans second half of pthe day. pagain, here's our showers and paway. pthe rain should move along, but pthere's a period of unsettled pweather for pretty much a good pchunk of the viewing area. p50% rain chance today. plet's time it out on futurecast. pwinds out of the south this pmorning and maybe sea fog
6:18 am
pinto the lunchtime hour, this pmodel is slow. pwe will see coast ool showers op up between 12:00 and 2:00. plate afternoon we have a brunt pof heavier downpours and isolate pisolated storms. pthen the rain shifting inland as pthe evening progresses, and any plingering showers should be gone pby the time you head to sleep ptonight. pfor today increasing rain pchances to 50%, isolated pthunderstorms possible as well. p80 is cooler than our 85 pyesterday. artly cloudy and muggy tonight. plook at the change. psunset is 7:38. pshowers come to an end, but we pcan't get rid of the rain chance pon monday. pwarm and muggy up to 80 degrees pon monday. pgood-looking spring break pweather for you. pwinds out of the south so a pmoderate chop if you boat and pcheck sky tower when you head pout. pnext tide is a high tide at 6:35 pon st. pete pier. pabove-average temperatures this pweek near 80 degrees most of the
6:19 am
pnext weekend could be more punsettled with a few more pthunderstorms, so for now keep psaturday's rain chance at 40%. p>> alcides: thank you, lindsay. pscotch whiskey is growing in opularity, but that boom comes pat a price. p>> anjuli: this has you all pfired up. pthere's a global short onlying pof scotch. pwhile the industry isn't on the procks, there's nothing neat pabout the situation. p>> alcides: oh, my gosh. p>> anjuli: we'll be here all pday. p>> reporter: sales of scotch pwhiskey in america nearly ptripled between 2002 and 2015. pit's growing in popularity in pother parts of the world. pas a result, there is a growing pshortage of age-labeled single pmalt scotch whiskey. pfor example, a bottle of apa van pwinkle 15 that went fwor $47 in p2007 now costs an average of p$1200 online. pbrad easterbrook of brooklyn pdistilling company says the rice is related to perception.
6:20 am
p>> in the the market there's the e serpgs the older it is the pbetter it must be. pa lot of people are drawn to pthis idea that if something has pbeen in the barrel for 25 or 30 pyears, it must really be worth a plot of money and delicious. p>> reporter: whiskey is made pfrom barley grains that go pthrough a process of malting, pmashing, fermentation and pdistilling. pthe spirit is put into oak pbarrels for maturation, and the plonger the spirit is stored, the pmore desirable it becomes. p>> there's also an element of plimited supply with older pwhiskey to have a 30-year-old pbarrel of whiskey. psome whiskey evaporates of year pso there's not much of that. p>> reporter: favorable laws phave distilleries in california pand new york. pright here in brooklyn there are pover 20 distillers producing pspirits but asia has sparked a pshortage. ptheir interest in the spirit has pbeen growing. peven japanese whiskey has been pgth a lot of attention lately pwith last month's release priced
6:21 am
p>> since there's a shortage of psupply since ints unlimited, the rices on the bottles have pbecome extraordinary. p>> reporter: bottles from 1964 pare sold online for over p$12,000. pthalt produce quite a hangover pfor your wallet. p>> anjuli: i love that. pthe shortage is specific to the psingle-malt scotch whiskey made pin scotland. pthere's mrent of great american pwhiskeys to choose from for a preasonable price. p>> alcides: no bottle is worth pthat money. pi like scotch, but not that pmuch. p>> anjuli: i think it tastes plike nail polish remover so more pfor you. p selection sunday is hours paway. p>> alcides: who is leading in pthe valspar championship ahead pof the final day of play. pand have you seen this yet? pthis is funny stuff. pthe philadelphia phillies mascot pgets into an epic battle with pbatista with the tnz toronto wlu pjays.
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p before we go to break, are pyou having a birthday today? pyou're in good company. pthis is a look at the famous eople born on this date.
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3 3 today is a big day in college sports.. it's p>> anjuli: it's a big day in pselection sports. p>> it's selection sunday for pcollege basketball. pdo you do this? p>> anjuli: sometimes based on pmascots, though. pwhoever has the cutest mascot, pand, of course, the gators are pnumber one. p>> alcides: fans weigh in as pthe 68 teams are announced later ptoday. pwe're talking about march pmadness. psome of the top teams expected pto make the big dance is kansas,
6:25 am
pvirginia, villanova and north pcarolina. pa lot of the top spots are still pup for grabs, though, following pthe conference tournament losses pfor some of those top teams. pas for the women's tournament, pthey have their selection ptomorrow, and if you tune in ptomorrow on "good day," we'll be ptalking to the usf team as they pfound out their seed. pthey're a good basketball team. p>> anjuli: april final round of pthe valspar championship in palm pharbor starts this morning. pyesterday we saw that you can no plonger golf is not a contact psport. pouch. psee justin thomas smauk cks the pball, and a fan gets hit by pthat. pthe fan got up and is thankfully pokay. pbill haas has the lead into the pfinal round at 8 under. p>> alcides: out in phoenix kyle pbusch led 175 of the 200 laps psaturday to take the checkered pflag for his third straight pxfinity series of the season. pjoe gibbs racing took the top
6:26 am
ptwo other spots. peric jones was second and daniel psuarez in third. pbusch will sit on the pole for pthe sprint cup series race. pof course, catch all the action pright here on pox 13. pcoverage begins at 3:00 this pafternoon, and then the green pflag for all 312 laps of the pgood sam 500 should be waved at p3:30. p>> anjuli: first pitch is pexpected at 1:00 this afternoon. pthe rays hope to build on the p2-1 win over the yankees on psaturday. p>> alcides: check this out. pa little head-to-head action. pbatista and the philly phanatic psquared off in a battle for the pages yesterday. plook at jose batista. pthat's impressive. pthat is all day with him. phe does that every time. pfirst up it was the handstand pcompetition, and batista won
6:27 am
pthe fanatic pulled out a pone-handed pushup. phe couldn't do it. pbatista couldn't muster up the pstrength to do that one. pin the end it was the fans who pwon it all. pthat was good stuff. p>> anjuli: he flashed him at pthe end of that, too. pracy. p>> alcides: that's good stuff. pstill to come on "good day," pflorida selection officials are pdeflects some criticism from a pcandidate this morning. phear who things the polls have pbeen rigged. p>> anjuli: a brave tampa kid is praising money to help other pchildren. pthe cause he's fighting to assionately for and who his pfamily is thanking for helping phim pull through his own pailments. pgood morning, lindsay. p>> lindsay: it's 6:27. pmuggy out the door. pclouds are on the increase, and prain chances on the increase ptoday as well. pnear 70 in tampa, 65 in pbrooksville. psky tower is quiet, but look in pthe distance. pshowers and even a few flingers pof lightning. pwhen does it move in? pthe best rain chance is second phalf of the day.
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(church bell) (bear growls) r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,
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p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> alcides: good morning. pthank you for joining us on this psunday for "good day tampa bay." pi'm alcides segui. p>> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. pa quick check on the headlines pthis half hour. pthere have been two deaths along pbay area roads overnight. olice searching for a person pthat hit and killed a driver in pybor city around 10:00 last pnight on the republic decuba pnorth. pthat area has been re-opened as pthe investigation continues. pthen along sun september point proad in clearwater, a pedestrian pwas hit and killed. pthat accident happened around p8:00. olice say they're currently pinterviewing the driver. pthe roads were closed while olice investigated, but they phave since re-opened. p>> alcides: we want to tell you pabout two silver alerts out this pmorning for pinellas and psarasota counties. plet's start off in pinellas. pclearwater police are looking pfor 81-year-old melvin adams. phe was last seen saturday
6:32 am
pcountryside area. pdeputy ies in sarasota are psearching for an 88-year-old pman, herbert minell he was last pseen drying a gray dodge caravan pin sarasota. panyone with information is urged pto contact law enforcement pofficers. p>> anjuli: today is the last pday of the gasparilla music pfest. pit's taking place right in pdowntown tampa. pbands begin to play across five pdifferent stages at 11:30 this pmorning. ptickets for today are still pavailable at plindsay, unfortunately, kind of pa dicey day for it. p>> lindsay: keep an eye on the pradar app and bring the pumbrella. pat times it's dry and other ptimes the rain moves in. pto start out the day, the clouds pare moving in. pit's dark for obvious reasons. pwe sprang forward overnight. pthe sunrise is at 7:41 this pmorning. pit's 68 degrees here overlooking psouth tampa.
6:33 am
p65 in brooksville, 64 in plakeland and we're at 69 degrees pin st. pete gearing up for a bus pday with the grand prix and pduring that race will see pshowers. pthey're 130 miles to the west pwhere the initial raindrops are. pthe clouds are off to the west pas well for a time being. pi can't rule out a sprinkle this pmorning, but it's starting pmidday if you live along the pcoast or west of i 75. pwe introduce the first raindrops pand can't rule out a couple of pthunderstorms today as well, but pwe're not expecting severe pweather so that's good news. pthere's the rain creeping pcloser. pit's an afternoon and early pevening event. pby noon we see some in the pcoastal zones. pby 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 the rain icks up in intensity with pwell. pby 7:00 p.m. most of that rain pis moving from west to east, palthough we could see predevelopment along the pcoastline.
6:34 am
pshowers moving in and breezy, ptoo, with temperatures in the pmid 07s. p a local boy who survived a pnear fatal bout with meningitis pis doing his part. pbray len hines and his parents ptook part in a meningitis pawareness event last night. phe suffered from meningitis at pjust 5 months old. phis parents say if it wasn't for pthe team at st. joseph's pchildren's hospital he may not phave survived. p>> st. joseph's hospital has preally been a godsend for us. pif it were not for them, our son pwouldn't be here right now. pso for us, we just really want pto make sure that we're able to pgive back. p>> anjuli: part of the pfund-raising goal is to raise pmoney for a therapy pool for pbraelin. psome proceeds will be donated to pst. joseph's children's hospital pin tampa. p>> alcides: rescue crews
6:35 am
pthat went missing after a wave prunner crashed into another near pmiami international airport. pofficials say the incident took lace last night on blue lagoon plake. pthe other rider took over. pthey saw two wave runners going pback and forth in the lake, and pall of a sudden one didn't have pa rider. pinvestigators say the victim was pin his 40s and a father of pthree. p>> anjuli: election officials pin florida push back this pmorning against assertions by pdonald trump there's been pdishonest early voting in the pstate. ptrump took to twitter on psaturday stating that his pcampaign was asking law penforcement officials to look pinto problems at the polls, even psaying that some republicans are ptrying to rig the polls for pmarco rubio. ptrump's campaign has not rovided any examples of pdishonest voting, and the state psays they haven't heard of roblems. p>> alcides: five people are precovering this morning after pthey were hit by a ricochet from pa shotgun saturday afternoon at pthe marion county shooting
6:36 am
pdeputies say a man was in the roper location loading a pdouble-barrel antique shotgun. pwhen he closed it it fired into pthe ground hitting five of the psix there. pone hit was an 8-year-old boy. peveryone was taken to the phospital. pthankfully everybody is expected pto be okay. p>> this was an accident. pdirection. pin this instance, it was and was ointed towards the ground. pwe have concrete that caused a pricochet. pweapons are something we need to pbe very responsible with and ptreat with utmost respect ptauments when handling them. p>> alcides: police say there pwas no criminal intent, and the pdeputy said they believe it was psimply an accident. p>> anjuli: investigators in plake county piece together a psmall plane crash this morning pthat led to the death of two eople. pit crashed in a claremont field psaturday mortgage. pofficials don't know where the lane came from or what was the pdestination. pthey don't know what caused
6:37 am
pthankfully no one on the ground pwas hurt. p>> alcides: us secretary of pstate john kerry is visiting pwith top european officials in aris this morning ahead of u.n. psponsored peace talks on syria pthis week. pthis is despite multiple erceived truce violations by pgovernment forces in syria. pearlier this week kerry stressed pto leaders in saudi arabia the pneed to end conflicts in both psyria and yemen. p>> anjuli: when we come back, psome volunteers in st. pete are prolling up their sleeves to help pout the he had elderly in their pcommunities. p>> alcides: we introduce you to pthe faith-based fixer uppers pcoming up in this week's "faith pin action." pbefore we go to break, here's a plook at last night's winning plottery numbers. pno winners in the big jackpot, pand the powerball is up to $70 pmillion. pthe florida lotto is going up pfor 9 million. p>> anjuli: here are the rest of plast night's winning numbers in pcase you won a smaller prize. pgood luck to you and good pmorning.
6:38 am
p as bernie sanders comes pthrough florida, we go backstage pto ask him about the issues that pmatter to florida. pwith marco rubio in the fight of phis life, we'll dig into thiz is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan --
6:39 am
and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
6:40 am
3 a church congregation is honoring it's elderly-- by giving them a helping pjngz a church congress
6:41 am
pwould lee by giving them a phelping hand. p>> that was my husband in may. p>> this is where annabelle pharrah's herd is. p>> how long have you been lived pin this house. p>> 59 years. p>> while her home is sparkling pand spotless, the nearly p90-year-old widow can't do peverything on her own anymore. pthat's where northside baptist pchurch's toolbox ministry steps pin. pit's a team effort. p30 volunteers offer their time pand talents to do handiwork paround the houses of those in pneed. p>> we look around the church and psaw we had a lot of widows, we phave single moms, we had pmilitary wives whose spouses pwere deployed overseas. p>> it's a reason to have all the ptools i have now. p>> volunteers fix, paint, clean pand even cook and always keep an peye out for odd jobs they spot pon site. p>> they have something growing pout of the gutter here, so we'll
6:42 am
pclean it out today. p>> the jobs never take more than pa couple of hours, time well pspent according to the pastor. p>> most of them are on fixed pincome, so we come and take care pof it. p>> that meant clean gutters and pa brand-new railing to keep her psafe with every step. p>> i never had a rail going into pthe garage, so for safety they ut this in and custom made it pfor me. p>> it's something small to the pvolunteers of the toolbox pministry, but to those on the preceiving end, it's a true pblessing. pand northside baptist hopes ptheir toolbox ministry will pinspire other congregations to pstart their own version. pfor more information about it pvisit our website at p>> alcides: she was a strong pwoman, was not she? p>> anjuli: she turns 90 next pmonth. pshe was bending over and picking puch branches. pmy grandmother is the same way. pit's a different generation. pi love that. p>> alcides: lindsay, it looks
6:43 am
p>> lindsay: for two weeks most pof us haven't seen a rain drop. pwe start this morning with pthickening clouds. pi have win springle near pclearwater, and not a huge deal pbecause the rain is 120, 160 pmiles from reaching our radar. pwe talk about when the showers pmove into your neighborhood pcoming up. p>> alcides: thanks, lindsay. retty soon you'll be able to ptake a cruise to cuba. pfind out when the the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
6:45 am
put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
6:46 am
3 time now is p>> alcides: the time is 6:45. pthe second of two escaped risoners in new mexico is pcustody in this morning. pclaw was arrested in albuquerque pafter a three-day manhunt that pstarted in mexico. pthat escaped from a prison ptransport van on wednesday. p>> anjuli: an investigation pinto a drive-by shooting a party pbus in oakland stalled this pmorning after passengers refused pto cooperate. pone of the victims even passaulted an officer during pquestioning. psaturday's shooting left four eople hurt. p>> alcides: americans can now ptravel to cuba on a cruise. pcarnival cruise lines will begin pservice to the island nation in pmay. pcurrently two smaller cruise plines service the island. psanity tiago psantiago. pwith the addition of the
6:47 am
ptourists visiting cuba will jump psubstantially. pi agree with that as well. pit's santiago. pthat should be exciting for a plot of people. psome are for it and others are pagainst it. p>> anjuli: it's a divided pthing. p>> lindsay: the rays are laying in cuba in a few weeks. pit's spring break, and spring pbreakers are pumped because they phave time off visiting our pbeautiful beaches. pminus this afternoon for the pmost part this week looks really pgreat at the beach. pmainly dry pattern setting up pstarting on tuesday. ptoday our weather pattern is pmore activity as a weakening pfront from the west brings us psome showers and that something pwe'll have to watch in st. pete ptoday. pthe grand prix, the big event pgoing this afternoon starting pat, i believe, at 12:50. pit's 69 degrees this morning, pand winds today will be picking pup out of the south, so not only pwill we have to dodge showers pbut if you boat today it would pbe bumpier pushing 70 degrees. pit's dark because we had the
6:48 am
ptime change. p64 degrees at the strawberry pfestival in plant city. pwinds are light and if you head pto plant city this afternoon, we pwill bring in some showers. pi think the earlier you go, the pbest time to enjoy dry hours pthere. ptemperatures this morning ushing 70 0 0 from sebring to pfrostproof. pwe have 70 in sarasota to start pout the day. pi have one batch of showers that pmay be influenced by where our pradar is at on sky tower. pwe're mainly dry this morning pand most of the morning hours pwill be dry. pi've drawn distances for you. p120, 160 miles and starting to psee showers gathering and ushing towards the coastline pand flickers of lightning pindicate we will see a few pthunderstorms today. pit's not a widespread rain pevent, and it will affect our pcoastal counties first. pso here's it is. pi didn't even draw a front, pbecause most of the energy is poff to the north and west. pthat's good news for the pflooding across the gulf coast. pwarm and muggy today and
6:49 am
pthickens clouds have a 40% to p50% rain chance starting as pearly as lunchtime. plet's start with that. pfuturecast is slow to bring in pshower. pby noon some impact the pimmediate coastal zones pespecially from portions of sit prutz county down through inellas. pby 2:00 p.m. we're dealing with pshowers. pby mid to late afternoon here pare the showers and embedded pstorms into the early evening phours tonight. pthat's when thunderstorms may pmove over perhaps ennisbrook pwhere the val par championship pis this afternoon. pmonday looks drier, but not dry pcompletely. pi have a 20% to 30% rain chance pfrom west to east, and we bring pin a higher pattern and high ressure re-establishes itself. pwe're warm and muggy but i don't phave steady rain until late in pthe week or possible next pweekend. ptemperatures hold up there, and pthe humidity is up as well. ptoday 5 degrees cooler than psaturday because of the pthickening clouds and rain. phere the average high of 76. pa good-looking week if you're in ptown visiting.
6:50 am
pit will be breezy today and ptomorrow and you notice that. pisolated thunderstorms will be pembedded in the storm system. pa 40% to 50% shot that it could plocally be steady at times. pif you suffer from allergies, pyou think this is great. pnot a widespread rain thing, pthough. ptonight, overnight we bottom out pnear 68 degrees, and muggy pthrough the late night hours. pthere's a change and sunset is p7:38. pmonday variable clouds and a few plingering clouds and still warm, pbreezy and muggy up to 80 pdegrees. pwe have some rain to watch and pwinds out of the south. pa moderate chop if you are pboating today. pseven-day forecast, obviously, pfeatures more active weather pnext weekend, but we have all pweek to watch it. pst. patrick's day looks pwonderful. ptoday rain chances 40% to 50% so phave indoor plans but plan on pdry hours this morning, guys. p>> alcides: feeling groggy this pmorning? p>> anjuli: yes, we are. pit's a tough morning here. p>> alcides: yes, it is. pwe lost an hour of sleep last
6:51 am
pnight, but believe it or not, we pcan gain it back and can explain pit coming up. p>> anjuli: break out those pbracketts. pwe have that and more and a look pat the week ahead. p>> monday is national napping pday. pyou may not be the napping type, pbut studies show short 10 to 20 pmiff minute naps can improve pyour mood. pon tuesday the march 15th rimaries could change the state pof the 2016 race as voters in pfive states and one u.s. pterritory head to the polls. pthe outcome could spell the end pfor some presidential hopefuls. pall eyes are on the pwinner-take-all states of pflorida and ohio where marco prubio and john kasich are hoping pto mount a comeback. palso on tuesday, march madness pbegins. pthe field of 68 tips off this pyear's tournament. pthe games will determine the pnational champions of men's pcollege basketball. pthe tournament will run through pthe first week in april. pon thursday be sure to wear psomething green and celebrate pthe luck of the irish, because
6:52 am
pthe day honoring st. patrick pfrom ireland. pmassive parades are held in pnew york city and other major pcities around the world. pthat's a look at the week ahead. p>> anjuli: coming up after the pbreak, a heads-up for spring pbreakers in sarasota county. pa multi-million dollar project
6:53 am
6:55 am
p>> alcides: we'll sho3 finally this hour -- p finally this hours turtle pbeach on siesta key is getting a pfacelift pfacelift. p>> anjuli: a beach restoration roject just started and there's pa tight deadline to finish pbefore sea turtle nesting season pstarts. p>> alcides: all right. p>> anjuli: sorry about that. pwe're having technical we invited women to a spa to test a new body wash. hi. welcome.
6:56 am
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seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum 3 3 remembering one of their own. we're learning more about the deputy killed in yesterda **wrong-way crash. he was part of a family dedicated to law enforcement. 3 a scare for "donald trump". the secret service rush the stage at his latest rally. how his campaign is reactin p>> anjuli: the secret service prushed donald trump's stage at pthe latest rally. phow his campaign is reacting. p>> alcides: you can agree with pthis. pgirls kick butt, too. pmarvel launches a new pcompetition to get teenage girls pinterested in s.t.e.m. fields. pa look at how you can enter.
6:59 am
p>> anjuli: good morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pthank yous for joining us. pgood morning, lindsay. p>> lindsay: hopefully you premembered to spring forward. pthis is a change. pwith the change our sunrise pisn't until 7:41 this morning. pyou can clearly see clouds pmoving in and it's 70 degrees in ptampa and a muggy start to the pday. pi go to st. pete where we gear pup for the grand prix this pafternoon. pwith that race showers as well pespecially later on. pfor now it's dark and 69 degrees pand waking up at 66 in winter phaven, 65 in brooksville and 72 pin venice and showers are still pwell offshore. pyou see that line gathering a phead of a weak front, and that pwill head our direction. pas early as lunchtime in coastal pquarters we may see steady rain. pi have one tiny shower in
7:00 am
pcoastal pinellas, because 120 to p160 miles to the west is where pour chances are. pby 5:00 p.m. a 50% rain chance. pit starts near the coast and pshifting east throughout the day pand at times we may see a sum pisolated thunderstorms as well. pwe hopefully have drier weather pfor the spring breakers this pweek coming you. p>> anjuli: law enforcement paround the state are mourning pthe lost of one of their own. phillsborough county deputy john pcot la jr. was killed and cot la pcame from a family of law penforcement. phis father was a massachusetts pstate police sergeant and his pbrother is a plymouth police


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