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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 13, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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pcoastal pinellas, because 120 to p160 miles to the west is where pour chances are. pby 5:00 p.m. a 50% rain chance. pit starts near the coast and pshifting east throughout the day pand at times we may see a sum pisolated thunderstorms as well. pwe hopefully have drier weather pfor the spring breakers this pweek coming you. p>> anjuli: law enforcement paround the state are mourning pthe lost of one of their own. phillsborough county deputy john pcot la jr. was killed and cot la pcame from a family of law penforcement. phis father was a massachusetts pstate police sergeant and his pbrother is a plymouth police
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pofficer. pblood tests will now determine pif he was impaired at the time pof the crash. p>> alcides: tampa police are psearching for the person that phit and killed a driver in ybor pcity and kept on going. pit happened just after 10:30 plast night. pthe area was very active povernight as investigators rocessed the scene. prepublica de cuba was shut down pfor traffic but is re-opened. p>> anjuli: they're pinvestigating an accident that pclaimed the light of a edestrian at sunset point road pjust west of hercules avenue. olice say a man was hit and pkilled and police are pinterviewing the driver. pthe roads were closed as police pinvestigate pinvestigated, but they have psince re-opened.
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p>> alcides: the road to the pwhite house is bumpy and violent pthis morning. p>> anjuli: ed henry has a look pat the race from cleveland. p>> reporter: the road to the pwhite house is looking more like pa professional wrestling match pthan a presidential battle. pfriday night's match-up between ptrump's supporters and opponents pwas called off because of a pforecast for more violence. pon saturday morning that rediction nearly came true pwhether a protestor tried to pohio. phours later in kansas city trump pwas unapologetic. p>> get them out of here. pget them out. pi think they're bernie psupporters. pi think they're bernie psupporters. p>> reporter: senator ted cruz plays the blame at the fee of ptrump. p>> whether we campaign, we have rotesters, but unlike donald ptrump, i don't ask people in the pface. p>> reporter: florida senator pmarco rubio is asked about his
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ledge to support the eventual prepublican nominee for president peven if it's trump. p>> the fact that you're asking pme that question, i still at pthis moment continue to intend pto support the republican pnominee, but it's getting harder pevery day. p>> reporter: meanwhile pdemocratic front-runner hillary pclinton started one of her pcampaign rallies by taking aim pdirectly at trump. p>> and the encouragement of pviolence and aggression is not ponly wrong bull dangerous. pif you play with matches, you pcould start a fire you can't pcontrol. pthat is not leadership. pthat is political arson. p>> reporter: the next big pcontest for both parties is on ptuesday, including ohio, where plinton is trying to fight off a ptough challenge from bernie psanders. phe's looking to build on moment pnumb in the midwest after the pbig victory in mishdz. pon the republican side trump is ptriting to fight off two native
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psons, ohio's john kasich as well pas marco rubio in florida. pin cleveland, ed henry, fox pnews. p>> alcides: let's stay with olitics. pas tuesday's primary gets pcloser, the candidates make a pfinal push around florida. psenator marco rubio spent psaturday campaigning around ptampa bay. phere he is at a meet and greet pat concord coffee in lakeland. psupporters snapped selfies and pshared words of encouragement pwith the candidate. phe held events in largo, hudson, ptampa and pensacola. pwith florida being his home pstate, senator rubio is hoping pto secure every last vote he pcan. p>> we're feeling great and feel pa lot of energy and support. peveryone needs to get out and pvote. pthe future of our party, of the pconservative movement is at pstake, and i know rep prepublicans will come out in big pnumbers. p>> alcides: rubio is scheduled pto be in order later today. p>> anjuli: poll workers are pgearing up for the florida
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pthey took care the last-minute repares all day saturday. pclerks from 350 precincts drove pup to the election service pcenter stocking up on all the pessential election day supplies. pthe voting equipment has already pbeen delivered. oll workers may sure they have peverything from manuals to forms pto poll books. p>> this year we're going to be pusing new voting equipment. pit's going to be seamless to the pvoter. pthey're still going to bubble pin, put the ballot into the ptabulation machine, so it's pgoing to be seamless for them. pit will be a lot better for us. pwe also have electronic poll psites. p>> anjuli: just a reminder, it pis a closed primary. pthat means you have to be pregister as a republican or pdemocrat to vote. palso, all vote by mail ballots pmust be at the election office pby 7:00 p.m. tuesday. pthey cannot be dropped off at olling sites. pearly voting in hillsborough pcounty wraps up today at 6:00 p>> alcides: ahead of the pflorida primary, we have the presults of the most recent fox
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pit shows that donald trump has a pnearly 20-point lead over his pclosest opponent, senator marco prubio. pthe poll has senator ted cruz pwithin striking distance of prubio with second place. pa new poll is in the works right pnow in the aftermath of the gop pdebate in miami, and donald ptrump's decision to postpone his pchicago rally because of clashes rotesters. pwe have a lot more on that pmonday night at 5:00. p the i-4 corridor should pswing results on tuesday night. pso charlie lee duff takes us on pthe swing trip through the swij pzone and bring predictions for pnext week. pwatch "money, power and olitics" sunday night at 11:30. p>> anjuli: tampa police are pstill asking for help to find a phit-and-run driver who hit a pbicyclist and left him clinging pto life. pit happened near east 30th
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paround 3:30 saturday morning. phe was riding his bike along p50th street when the driver of a ickup truck hit him. pthe driver had medium-length pblonde hair and the pickup was pdark blue and possibly black, pmaybe a toyota. pthe bicycle ist remains in the phospital with life-threatening pinjuries. p>> alcides: spring break is in pfull effect. pmany high schools and colleges pare out there right now. pif you're planning on hitting pthe beach on ana maria island, pofficers say beware. pthey want to remind folks out pthere, no alcohol allowed on any pof the island's beaches. pthe holmes beach officers will plook out for where you park. pthey will ticket anyone not in a pdesignated spot. pofficers say be patient whether pcoming out because they expect a plot of people. p>> we're watching to make sure pvehicles aren't broke into and palcohol violations and parking pinforcement issues. pwe are going to be out, and pwe're going to be enforcing
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pthese laws, and if you're punderage and caught drinking, we pwill call your parents no matter pwhere they are in the state or pout of state to try and get you pto be picked up by them. p>> alcides: officers are pstepping up patrols for the rest pof the spring break. p[ music ] p>> anjuli: a sea of green in pybor city. pthe roughriders hosted the 20th psaent st. patrick's day apaid pahead of the holiday. pof course, there was plenty of pof beads to go around. p>> alcides: if you're near pdowntown tampa this weekend, pyou're in for a treat. p[ music ] pthe gasparilla music festival is punderway for the fifth year in a prow with more than 50 bands laying this weekend on five pdifferent stages. pthe artists performing including peric
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ykah badu, green sky pbluegrass, msmr and a whole lot pmore covering a wide array of pmusic. ptickets for today are available pfor p>> anjuli: singing superstar ptonight. pshe's bringing her anti-world ptour to amalie arena tonight at p7:30. pstarting at $30. pif you don't want to drive, the pstreetcar is extending hours ptoday until 11:00 p.m. or pwhenever want concert ends. pso many things to choose from. p>> alcides: there's so much pgoing on this weekend. p>> anjuli: solid sunday. p>> alcides: still ahead, severe pweather leaves california and plouisiana underwater. p>> anjuli: lindsay will have a plook at our local forecast. lus, some of the best players pin golf are in the bay area. plet's toss it over to linda. p>> lindsay: they're in the bay parea for the valspar pchampionship. pmaybe a thunderstorm towards the pend and watch it. pyou head to the strawberry
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pwe're at 64 degrees and look pwhat happens by 10:00 this pmorning. pwe're already in the mid-70s, pand i think away from the pcoastline you're going to stay pdry until at least 2:00. pso head to the festival early pand enjoy some delicious pstrawberries.
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pchance p rise and shine. pthis is "good day tampa bay". ." p>> alcides: strong storms hit pnorthern california causes pflooding and knocking down trees
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pit created big problems in the psan francisco bay area. pthey're keeping a close eye on prising river levels saying pflooding happens quicker than eople expect. pthey hope most of the rain moves pout later today. p>> anjuli: in louisiana pfloodwater threatening to take pover part of the north slooer ort. pthe shreveport city councilman pestimates 40 houses could be paffected. pit looks like that rain isn't pgoing to let up for a while, pright, lindsay? p>> lindsay: the problem is the prain is exiting, but all that pwater from earlier in the week, pshreveport, louisiana is a place pthat i believe in a daytime pframe on wednesday saw nearly 8 pto 10 inches of rain. pwhen all that comes down, it has pto go somewhere and has to move pthrough the rivers and head pdownstream. pthat's why there's flooding pissues. pif you travel today, the brunt pof that rain and the locations palong the northern gulf coast
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pare on the move. pthis morning it's really active pacross the ohio valley and the pmidwest. pwhile it doesn't look like it pfrom this vantage point, peventually this low in the upper plevels that's gearing up to pstrengthen a bit in the texas anhandle, as that shifting east pthe threat for severe weather pwill shift east, and i'll show pyou that momentarily. pi show you it's dry this morning pon sky tower and moisture is pstarting to ramp up in the pcoastal zones. pit's well off in the distance, p100 miles, 150 miles our radar preaching returns and embedded pthunderstorms may be possible plater on today. pbut from now until at least plunchtime in most spots you have psome dry hours. phere's where our severe weather pthreat is sitting. pthat low in texas shifts east, pso we have an enhanced risk of psevere weather for southern parkansas and even northern ortions of louisiana see pstronger storms today. psome areas deal with flooding paftermath, and today they have pto deal with some severe storms, peven possible tornadoes second
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phalf of the day. pfor us today, we're not pexpecting severe weather, but pdon't be surprised if you hear a pfew rum bems of the thunder. pseeing brightness overlooking pdowntown, but the clouds move in pin sunrise this morning it's an phour later. phopefully you remembered to pchanged the clocks. pwinds pick up out of the psoutheast at 7:00 in tampa. pit's 70 degrees and we're on ptrack for 80 today. pnot as warm as yesterday because pof the rain. pnow, the further inland you plive, your rain is more delayed, pso many dry hours in lakeland. pit's 66 for you with breaks in pthe clouds. pwe have 69 in st. petersburg and pthe grand prix today could start pout dry, but it likely won't end pdry with showers moving in from pthe west. p70 in clearwater and 65 in pbrooksville and 59 degrees in pzephyrhills and 70 in inglewood pand near 70 in sarasota. p63 in bartow, 66 in arcadia and p68 in sebring. pbetween this afternoon and ptomorrow afternoon, winds are
7:16 am
pright now they're at about 10 pmiles per hour in venice, 9 in pst. pete. pso plan on that today. phigh pressure breaks down and a pwarm front to the west pulls the pway. pnot everyone will see the rain. pthe closest to the coast you pthe showers. plet's plan the day. poverall, a 40% to 50% rain pchance not as warm as yesterday pwith more dlouds. pstill 80 is above average, and pit will be a breezy day with erhaps maybe a quarter to half pan inch of rain in those plocations that see the most of pit. pfuturecast is slow to bring in pthe rain. pi'll show you and explain a plittle better. phere's 10:00 and still dry. erhaps sea fog is offshore with pthe southerly component to the pwinds. pby lunchtime a few showers near pthe coast. pbetween noon and 2:00 definitely prain along the coast. pit's late this afternoon and pearly this evening, that's when pwe bring the threat for pthunderstorms in the coastal pcounties. pon the east coast some showers pmoving that way as well. pinto the evening tonight we lose pthe rain and don't lose it
7:17 am
pcompletely on monday with energy paround. pmonday during the day we hang on pto more clouds and sun to start. prain moving from west to east. pthe grand prix this afternoon pfeatures 76 degrees at 12:52. pshowers will be developing so a pgood day to monitor rumbles of pthunder. pi believe if there are pthunderstorms, there may be a pfew tlas but only isolated pstorms expected today. p80 this afternoon and rain pchances 40% to 50%. psunrise at 7:41. pshowers moving from west to peast, and not even will see pthem. ptonight 68 overnight and sunset p7:38. pshowers ending and muggy through pthe overnight hours. pif you have the week off, don't pbe discouraged by the rain to pstart. pit's only a 20% to 30% shot and pup to 80 degrees. pboating is not as great today. pbecause the winds are up, we phave rain building to 2 to 4 pfeet. pnext tide is a low tide at p11:21. pon st. pete pier, we pre-establish high pressure into pthe middle part of the week. pit will keep us warm and humid
7:18 am
pand dry with sunshine. pright now i cap the rain chance pat 40% on saturday. psigns that both saturday and psunday next weekend feature pshowers and perhaps pthunderstorms as well just plooking ahead. p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning the valspar championship pcontinues today, and a look at pselection sunday. phere's fox 13's kevin o'donnell. p>> reporter: good morning. pwhen you're the number one layer in the world, all eyes pare on you. psince arriving on monday, it's pbeen all about jordan spieth. pevery swing and every move has pbeen overanalyzed. phe survived an opening round of p5 over and climbed back into pcontention. pas good as he played on psaturday, he has to be consider pa long shot to defend his title pbecause he's in 9th place going pinto the final round. pspieth turned in a bogey-free pday. phis last bogey was on friday. pthe winds died down on saturday pallowing spieth to climb into pthe hunt. pon 12 there, he gets even.
7:19 am
pslim chance on 14 from 51 feet paway, spieth with a shot at peagle. phe tees it right into the hole pand finishes 4 under for the day pand 2 under for the tournament. pthe problem is he has nine layers in front of him, and phere is who everyone is chasing ptoday. phaas shoots a 67, 8 underoverand pone--shot lead into the final pround today. p to spring training. pmatt moore looks like he's ready pfor the real games to begin. pnearly perfect start and struck pout three and didn't allow a run pand gave up two singles. pthe rays' manager get a lot off pthe top and sides. pthis is the rays cut for a cure. pthis is the fifth year that the prays have gone bald to raise pmoney for the national pediatric pcancer foundation. pthey made over $15,000 on psaturday. pgreat to hear. pthen it was time for some pbaseball. pthe yankees playing the rays pdown south.
7:20 am
pand johnny field, and he gets ptwo in. pthat shot to left places two and pthat's two important runs. pyankees strike in the seventh. pronald for for rest with an rbi pground out. pthat's how they got off the itching. pwebb has his first win at a ray. pthe rays take it 2-1. p the firestone grand prix of pst. pete and expected for feisty ptoday. pst. pete and sebastien bourdais pand mikhail get into it. pbourdais is miffed at him pbecause he cut him off during ractice. pthey have past issues including pon friday. pthis just stopped short of the ptwo coming to blows. pcould make for an interesting prace this afternoon at 12:30 pdepending on the weather. pwill power is on the pole. p march madness is about to pget crazy. pit's selection sunday and we pjump into it. rojecting the top four seeds.
7:21 am
plet's start with a lock. pkansas is the number one seed in pthe midwest after claiming the ptenth big 12 tournament beating pwest virginia by 10. pthe other three spots up for pgrabs. pvirginia's loss to north pcarolina on saturday night makes pyou wonder if they could get pknocked out. pi think they're going to move pfrom the east to the west with pmichigan state taking the top pspot in the south. pvillanova would have had the top pspot in the east. pstill could, but i feel their ploss to seton hall should drop pthem to number two seed. pwe'll see. pselection show starts at 6:00, p6:30 tonight. phave a great day. p>> alcides: still ahead, we pknow that girls can kick just as pmuch butt as boys. p>> anjuli: that's the truth. pmarvel is trying to reach out to pfemale teens. pthey're looking at the new girls pin the future challenge and tell pyou how to get you come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes
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p fox 13's "good day" is local pfor you all morning long. p>> alcides: black widow was pbad. pi don't think anyone can argue pthat. pwith the resurgence of comic pbook movies, marvel showed women pcan kick butt and they're plooking to show women can do so pmuch more. pmarvel has launched what they're pcalling the girls performing the pfuture challenge. pit's aimed to get teenage girls pinto the s.t.e.m. fields. phere's how it works out. pin association with the run-up pto captain america: civil war, pthey have launched the challenge pgeared towards teenage girls pbetween 15 and 18. pthey're encouraging any girl who phas been building a cool project pfor school or just for fun in pthe realm of science, ptechnology, engineering or math pto apply. pall you have to do is submit a pshort video demonstrating and pexplaining the benefits of your roject and how s.t.e.m. helped
7:25 am
pyou develop it and why you would pwant to internship at marvel pstudios. pfive finalists will be selected pand each gets a $500 high-yield psavings account and a trip to phollywood to present their roject to marvel studios and articipation in a live webinar pand a chance to watch the red pcarpet at the captain america remiere and a to you of walt pdisney studios and one winner pwill get the chance to intern at pmarvel studios. pyou have to submit an papplication between march 11th pand march 26th. pthe finalists will be notified pby march 30th and have have a pchance to travel to l.a. on psunday, april 10th. panjuli, you're all about that. p>> anjuli: where do i sign up? psad i missed the age bracket. pstill ahead, drivers, start your pengines. pafter months the planning, the pfirestone grand prix gets punderwair this afternoon in pdowntown st. pete.
7:26 am
p st. patrick's day comes to pchicago a little early. pa look at the annual tra tigs to pturn the river green and where pwe see something similar here. p>> lindsay: st. patrick's day pis officials thursday in tampa. ptoday we have increasing clouds pand rain on the way. pin st. pete we're at 69 degrees pand sunrise in about 15 minutes pnow with the time change, and prain is still aways off. pit's still 150 miles offshore, pbut early as 11:00 a.m. a pcoastal shower on the way. pbetter chance into the afternoon pand early evening especially in pcoastal counties. pthere's a chance for a few prumbles of thunder as well. pon monday a few showers linger, pbut the temperatures stay up
7:27 am
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3 good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good day tampa bay. i'm anjuli davis. we'll get your forecast with pthanks for joining us this psunday. pfirst up, a quick check on the pheadlines this half hour. plaw enforcement all around the pstate with still mourning the ploss of one of their own. phillsborough county sheriff's pdeputy john kotfila jr. was pkilled by a wrong-way driver on pthe upper levels of the selmon pexpressway.
7:30 am
pthe driver, erik mcbeth, was paulz killed. pkotfila's father was a psergeant. pkotfila was just 30 years old. p police are still searching pfor the person that hit and pkilled a driver in ybor city and pkept going after 10:00 last pnight on republica decuba north. prepublica de cuba was shut town pto traffic but is now re-opened. p in clearwater police pinvestigate an accident where a edestrian was hit and killed paround 8:00 in the area of phercules avenue. pan adult man was hit and killed. pdriver. pthe roads were closed while olice investigated, but they phave since re-opened. p>> lindsay: switching gears pnow, 7:30. pwelcome to your sunday morning. pstill dark in some spots because pof the time change. psunrise is in nine minutes, and
7:31 am
pthe clouds have already started pto thicken in the coastal pcounties. pit's 70 degrees in tampa and dry pto start out the day and it's pdry in st. pete. pwe're at usf looks towards the pgrand prix where we have a huge prace today. pi love to keep it dry the whole ptime, but at some point we see pshowers and we're as cool as the pbay. pa very warm front pressing into pthe panhandle this morning, and pin the wake of it a batch of pshowers and embedded storms but pit's a ways off. p100 to 150 miles to the west is pwhere the first showers are. pwhile we have rumbles of thunder pin the gulf, i would expect as pthis moves our way a lot will pweaken. pfuturecast is struggles on the ptimes by 11:00 a.m. at the pearliest by pinellas county pnorthward. pby 2:00 p.m. definitely coastal pshowers and maybe a pthunderstorm. preally ramping up the coverage, pi-75 and west between 2:00 and p6:00 tonight.
7:32 am
pthat's when we could see a few pstorms mixing, and these dwindle pa bit as the evening goes on pwest to east. pnot everyone will see the rain ptoday, but there's a 50% chance pyou will in the neighborhood pespecially in you live in the pcoastal counties. p>> alcides: happening today, pindy cars a over downtown pst. petersburg this morning. p>> anjuli: the firestone grand rix is taking place later this pafternoon. pkellie cowan is live at the ptrack. pa lot of people are headed your pway. p>> reporter: that's slulgs pright. pa huge draw. pthere's practice runs and some pwarm-ups going on all weekend plong. pof course, qualifying events pyesterday, but today is the big pday. pas you heard lindsay mention, pyou might want to pack your rain pgear if you are headed down phere. pyou also want to keep in mind a pfew safety tips as well. pof course, the main one is stay poff the track. pthat's hard to get on the track. pthere are a lot of barriers down phere as well as huge gates paround the track. pif you are headed to the infield
7:33 am
pthat they will be checking bags phere. pso anything that you normally pwould not be able to bring to a pstadium, you can't bring that phere either. pearlier in week we talked to one pof the race drekors of safety to pget some important tips and pinformation for you. p>> the recommendations have come pdown from the department of phomeland security and the fbi pover the last couple years for psports venues. pwe've seen it at raymond james pand tropicana field. pthis is really just a reflection pof the times. p>> reporter: so all quiet right pnow. pof course, the track is, you pknow, just kind of opening up pfor some emergency vehicles. pat 9:00 warm-ups will begin, and pthen, of course, the big event, peverything kicking off at 12:30. pfor now reporting live in pst. pete, i'm kellie cowan. pback to you guys. p>> anjuli: thank you, kellie. p>> alcides: looking across pamerica right now, a mountain pclimber is rescued in a remote art of oregon.
7:34 am
pfound himself lost in white-out pconditions in mt. hood, oregon pon friday morning. paround 9:00 with a phone call be phe was able to give rescuers his pgps cord natures. pit took 12 hours or more to ptrack him down. pdespite the ordeal, he said he pwill continue to mountain climb. p>> anjuli: we have video of a pbus crash from albuquerque, new pmexico on tuesday. pyou can see passengers brace for pimpact and the man waiting at a pbus stop run for cover as that pcar hits the bus head-on. paccording to police the driver psaid he black out and didn't premember crossing the median. phe told officers he took cold pmedicine earlier in the day. pthankfully no one was hurt in pall of this. p>> alcides: look at that. pan ohio pet adoption agency prescued 70 animals in the past ptwo weeks. pthe majority of the pets came pfrom hoarding homes. pin two cases the homeowners pvoluntarily surrendered their panimals.
7:35 am
pabout 20 cats inside. p>> anjuli: a big relief for eople that take new jersey ptransit. pthe train company and union pworkers will avoid an impending pstrike. pthe new contract is the first pfor new jersey transit employees pin five years. pthe tentative agreement between pnew jersey transit and the 11 punions representing 4 # -- 4200 pworkers won't mean a father hike pfor commuters. pthe details weren't disclosed pbut both sides are happy. p>> alcides: check this out. pthe people of chicago pcelebrating st. patrick's day a pcouple of days early. ptheir annual dyeing of the pchicago river happened pyesterday. pthe festivities include the pannual st. patrick's day parade. pthey're expected to be more arades in the city later today. phere in tampa the mayor will pturn the hillsborough river pgreen next saturday. p>> anjuli: it's so exciting. p>> alcides: that is exciting. p>> anjuli: it's festive. pi like it. p>> alcides: spring break is phere. pit's the perfect excuse to get pspring cleaning done around the phouse.
7:36 am
p>> anjuli: i already did it. p>> alcides: good foy. p>> anjuli: i love to clean. pour couponing expert will show pyou the best way to clean pwithout losing your head. p this little lady is a little pgray but she still has plenty of plove left in her. pwe introduce you to ginger pcoming up next. p a look at last night's pwinning lottery numbers. pno winner in either big jackpot. pthe powerball is up to 70 pmillion and the florida lotto is pgoing for 9 million. p>> alcides: here are the rest pof the last night's winning plottery numbers in case you win pa smaller prize. pthe time is 7:36. pgood luck yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop. publix. where shopping
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p>> lindsay: good morning had . ef sheri here for the tampa phugh han society. p>> ginger is so well-behaved. pshe's our longest term resident psince january. pshe came from hillsborough panimal services petteri source pcenter as a stray. pshe was adopted pay woman, an pold er polder woman who wanted a couch otato dog. pshe's 7 and full of energy and p60 pounds. pshe's a very strong girl, but plet me tell you, she's in the lay groups every day with the pother dogs and loves other dogs. pif you have a dog at home and pwant a plate mate, shield be erfect and house trained and ast the puppy stuff. pdon't make me look back. pshe's just a sweetheart. p>> she's been there too long in pa cage. p>> we want to have her home at
7:40 am
pleast before easter, right? p>> speaking of it, she has her peaster best on with the could pyou tell bandana. pshe's a well-behaved girl. pshe doesn't like cats, so if you phave cats, this woon be the dog pfor you. pother than that, she's great. p>> lindsay: fantastic. pwe're going to get ginger a home phopeful this week. pspeaking pspeaking of getting other map phalls home, you try to get a phome for arkansas. p>> they did a puppy mill raid in parkansas believe it or not. p295 dogs, purebred dogs bred and pbred and bred. padults as well as puppies. pwe took in some adult dogs that pare pure-bred, and beautiful pdays and some have issues and psome are ready this week, plindsay, but some it will be a plittle while. pthere's our staff taking them pand picking them up. pit's great to help them. pno one has room for 300 dogs at pthe same time.
7:41 am
p>> what a special story if awe pdopt one, and some need time, ptoo. p>> adopt and don't shop. pif you buy from a pet store or pinternet, they come from puppy pmills. padopt from your local shelter or prescue group. p>> speaking of gelth adopted plast week our dog was adapted. p>> there's annie. pshe was adorable, right? pthe jensens fell in love and pcame and adapted her. ptheets great. pwe love happy endings. pi have a feeling this will be pour week. pthis is going to be your week. p>> she's been at the shelter psince january. pshe's looking for her forever phome today. pif you're interested in bringing pher into your family, come meet pher today at the humane society pof tampa bay. p3607 north armenia avenue. pthere's your smiling picture, pand a friendly reminder, bark in pthe park on saturday. p>> rain or shine.
7:42 am
7:43 am
p>> we're looking forward to it. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
7:44 am
3 pasco county deputies have arrested a man p pasco deputieses arrested a pman they believe tried to kidnap pa wok in hudson earlier this pweek. pthe victim was in a car with p44-year-old jason shetland when phe asked if she wanted to smoke ot. pwhen she refused, he allegedly ut a plastic bag over her head pand tried to keep her from pleaving. pshe managed to jump out of the
7:45 am
pmoving car and get away. phe's facing false imprisonment pand battery charges. p five people are hit by pricochetting bullets after an paccidental shooting in ocala. pthe man was where he should been ploading an antique shotgun and paccidentally fired into the pground. pamong those hurt an 8, 10 and p14-year-old taken to the phospital. pthankfully they're expected to pbe okay. p americans can travel to cuba pby cruise. pcarnival cruise lines will begin pservice to the island in may. pcurrently two smaller cruise plines service the island pvisiting havana and santiago ponce a week from nearby keer pbain islands. pwith the addition of this one, pthe number of tourists visiting pcuba will jump substantially. p>> anjuli: the last thing you pwant to hear when you think of pspring break is you need to pclean up the house, but spring
7:46 am
pbreak is a great time to have peveryone pitch in a little and plittle. pwe have kati kiefer. pthank you for coming in. pthis is one of my favorite psegments all year, because you pthank you of the. p>> we'll keep it fresh and do pabout before. pfirst up, clean in bite-size pchunks. p>> so. pyou know, everybody pitching in preally helps out. pif you take a bite-size chunk pevery morning before the fun pbegins, then you can get it done pquickly. pmy husband and i have done it pwith my kids. penlist your kids to help and passign them a job. pjust the kitchen drawers, just pthe kitchen cabinet and pantry. p>> sometimes it's so pintimidating, too, when you're phouse is a mess. pwhere do i start? p>> start in the corner and work pyour way around and get it done pquick. p>> i like that. pdeals on cleaning supplies. ptell me about that. p>> we talked about this a couple pof weeks ago where we said march pis tip yally nn and april for
7:47 am
phaving dealing on cleaning psupplies. pthere's been like 50 cent boltss pof all the cleaners at target pand walmart and publix. pone secret tip is i get all of pmy paper towels from amazon. pthey deliver. pyou have to watch the prices. ay attention. pi watch and post the deal, but pthat makes it easy. pit comes right to the door pinstead of having to lug it home pfrom costco. pthere's deals right now. p>> you say decide where to sell pstuff. pso many hoard. pi know i'm one with my clothes. pit's a good time to clean out pthe closets, right? p>> yes, yes. pas you get organized, then v to ut it into little compartments pas to where it should get sold pfor the most money. pi wanted a new vacuum this black pfriday, so i took my vietnam pcouples and took a picture of pthem and put them on facebook in pa facebook group. pi sold them $120 for a vacuum pthat's used. pit's good and still working. p>> anjuli: yeah. pextra stuff you have laying
7:48 am
paround. p>> right. pthe trick is to get the actual pdescription from where it would pbe sold new, take the words pthey've used because they put in pthe marketing and put that in pyour separate, you know, thing pon craigslist or ebay or pwhatever on the facebook group. pthat way you have that great pmarketing description of your pitem that you bought, and now pyou can sell it for the highest pdollar. p>> you're full of ideas. psometimes i have a problem to ptry to resell something with the ricing. phow do you determine what to pmark something? rice it too high. p>> that's true. pi check a couple of sites to see pwhat is the going rate, and then pi go a little under so mine psells quickly. pthere's also apps that do all pthis. pletgo is a new one that has pfunny pictures, so your picture pwould stand out really good if pyou made a good one. pjunkables for cds and next pworth. p>> posh market for clothes. pwe appreciate it.
7:49 am
pin the next hour, we have the pdeal of the week, right? p>> organic bread worth $4.49 for pfree. pdon't even have to cut a coupon. p>> you're too good. p>> it's exciting. p>> thank you, kati. p now your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13 pmeteorologist lindsay milbourne. p>> lindsay: on this spring pnote, we change the clocks. phopefully you remembered to do pso this morning. pthis is the first sign of the psunrise this morning looking peast over the bay from st. pete. pour all children's hospital cam pshows a beautiful start to the pday. pbut it's humid and clouds on the pincrease. pwe're at 69 degrees in st. pete. plakeland has no clouds and clear pskies and 66 degrees. pour inland zones are the warmest pbecause your rain chances and pextra cloud cover is slower to pmove in. pit's 67 in sebring, 70 in tampa pand 65 in brooksville. pat this time of year typically pthe average low is 58.
7:50 am
pnot quite as hot today, pespecially with the rain on the pway. p50% coverage which i discuss pmomentarily. pi want to show you the winds out pof the southeast pumping up the pheat and humidity. pin the wake of it, we are dry on psky tower, but offshore let me pshow what is brewing. pthat's a batch of showers and pembedded storms. pthis is 100, 150 miles to the pwest. pas this moving east ward, it pshows signing of weakening. psome of the latest model data is pgood news for the outdoor plans. pit may weaken a bit. pi keep the rain chance 40% to p50% today. pnorth. pthis is not necessary a front pbut a weakening boundary that pslides in today and the left poverenergy tomorrow will keep
7:51 am
pso today instead of all the rain palong the northern gulf coast is pshifting north and east north of patlanta, the carolinas and the pohio valley dealing with showers pthis morning. plet's time out this rain. pon this model a little slow and pliking. pi'm explain. p11:00 this morning, perhaps a pshower, pinellas county pnorthward into about 2:00, pthough, definitely some pscattered showers and maybe a prumble of thunder. pat the same time we may see a pcouple of interior showers as pwell and quite a bit of clouds. plate afternoon and early evening pthe best time frame for any psteady rain especially manatee pcounty northward. pit may include a couple of prumbles the thunder in valspar. pat the grand prix, they should pget along just fine. pduring the day on monday, clouds pin the morning and a few plingering showers and not many. pthey're on the move from west to peast. pwe have to contend with clouds pon monday. pby tuesday drying it out a bit pand maybe sea fog offshore. pin the middle part of the week,
7:52 am
pspring breakers are in for a ptreat. plooks dry, warm and humid. ptemperatures surge above paverage. phow much rain with this event pleading up to tomorrow? pit's hit or miss. pnot everyone will see the rain. pbut in some areas maybe a pquarter of an inch, half an inch ptops. pnot a huge deal, but temporarily pif you see that good soaking for pa good hour, some relief from pthe allergies temporarily is the pkeyword. plook at the heat. pit's on all week. p80 to 81 degrees for st. atrick's day on thursday. pthe weather looks good. pnext weekend looks more dicey. pisolated storms today. pnot numerous and 80 for an pafternoon high. psunset tonight is a change. p7:38, by that time we will still pbe dealing with scattered pshowers, but then eventually by p10:00 or so, the rain is done. p68 overnight, and on monday a pfew lingering showers and extra pclouds. pmuggy out there and breezy. p80 for a high to kick off the pwork week or maybe your spring pbreak week. pif you boat today, it's not as
7:53 am
pwind is up and we have rain to pdodge and our seas build to 4 pfeet. phigh tide was an hour ago so we phave a low tide at 11:21. pseven-day forecast shows an pabove average stretch and we pwill get the rain in and out ptoday with lingering tomorrow. plooking ahead to next weekend, psigns of slightly beryl rain pchances and a few skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and lha. clearly brighter does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier skinactive.
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p rise and shine, this is p"good day tampa bay." p a baby kangaroo in western paustralia has a new home. p>> alcides: this is so cute. pit might be an unlikely place. pthe small kangaroo is living at pa police station. pwhere is it? pi don't see it right there. pwhat happened to it? pwe are getting to it. pwe'll get to it. pmeanwhile we read the script. pit was rescued from a remote parea and adopted by constable pscott mason of western paustralia. pthere it is. pthis is the cute part. phe follows him, but he also pjumps in his pocket. pit's the cutest little thing. pthis video has been seen by more pthan a million people. plisten in. p>> i'd like to thank everyone pfor their ongoing support.
7:57 am
pthis is little kujo. phe's four months old, and have psome experience in animal phusbandry. pwe have a supportive network. pwe're working with animal prescue. p>> anjuli: so cute! p>> alcides: that was adorable. p>> anjuli: i was freaked out by pthe kangaroo until it did that, pand it got really cute there. pthey chose his name after asking pfor suggestions on the facebook age. pwe will be right back. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan,
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 as friends and family mourn the death of a local deputy.. p>> alcides: as friends and pfamily mourn the death of a plocal deputy, there's three mour pdeadary accidents on bay area proads overnight. p>> anjuli: is there a rift in pthe republican party? pwhy marco rubio and john kasich pwon't support donald trump if he pbecomes the nominee. p>> alcides: in this week's p"faith in action" we show you pthe toolbox ministries. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning.


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