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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 15, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. spre pspring break, it could be a make por break for florida primary. pfind out which candidates may psuffer because the voters or on pvacation. p>> and a bridge to nowhere. pit has be a brutal morning on pthe roads as fog shuts down pskyway for hours. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody it's an p8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. pi'm law are ra moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with us this morning pit is tuesday, march 15th and rimary day. pwe will get to that in a minute iers we need to start with pvanessa you mention big concerns pover skyway bridge. plet's start you off with this
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pof our photo journalist looking ptoward skyway bridge. pcan't even see it. pfogged in right now. pso the bridge is closed to pdrivers. pwe're going on about an hour pthree of that closure. pit is causing some headaches on pthe roadways. pif we can go ahead and show the pmaps to show some of the delays pof course, as you would expect pall travel lanes approaching the pbridge are slowed down and pexperiencing back up. pand of course that's folks pcoming towards the bridge. pthey are encountering detours pencountering closure. pso things are stacking up here psouthbound 275 in south pinellas pcounty. pand a this poent back up made it pessentially all way to area of pthe trop. pso if you can avoid that area, pfor the better for you, if you pcan't make sure you're leaving pearly. padditional manatee driver pcounties northbound 275 is pbacked up to 75 junction. pwe also have a northbound back pup along u.s. 19. pof course the best alternate to pskyway bridge is 75. pso keep that in mind. pwe'll keep you posted when pbridge reopens. pmeantime in the last hour of
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preported car fire that's paffecting southbound 275. pthe exit ramp to memorial phighway. pyou're seeing it's moving very, pvery slow in that area. pthe blockages are apparently on pthe exit ramp itself. pbut we have a delays along psouthbound 275. papproaching memorial, with back pups essentially all the way to pinterchange. pit's real headache. pso if you can avoid that area ptake kennedy boulevard you might psave a few minutes. pbased on all congestion we're pseeing, you're really going to phave to leave early even that pcase didn't you take an palternate because roads are retty backed up all around. p low clouds and fog obviously pa problem for the roadways. pi've got venice a quarter mile pvisibility. plooks like dropped to half mile pin lakeland mile and three pquarters in crystal river. pit won't been just this morning robable tomorrow even thursday pmorning as well. pit is warm, it is muggy. pas the fog and low clouds slowly plift out, and we get sunshine in preturn this afternoon high ptemperatures also will go right
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p>> 8:02 right now. pall eyes on florida it could end pof the road for at least two of pthe gop contenders. olls are open and big question pthis morning is how many people pwaited until today to vote? pfox 13's ken suarez is live for pus a polling place in brandon. phave you seen steady stream of pvoters if we know a lot of early pvoters a lot of mail-in votes. p>> you know, before when we were psupervisor of elections craig ptold us he expects a robust vote pcoming out today. pbecause, you know, an awful lot pof people did vote by mail he pstill expects so many people to pcome out this is such a hotly pcontested race. ptake look behind me now see sea pwhat's here. pfive and there's a car you can't psee, that is about the size of pit. pwe have seen very few people pcome out to this particular pvoting place. pthis polling place at this time. pnow it doesn't mean later in day pit won't become much heavier i pguess news there if you live in
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pyou have lots of room to vote. pyou can get in and get out that pwill be at size of itwhen you ptake look overall picture we're ptold that lots of people are pgoing to be coming out pthroughout the day. pif you are coming out to vote, lease take heed of these common psense tips we've giving you will pawe morning long. pyou got to right polling place. pusually one closest to your phouse. pif you're bit unsure about where pthat might be. pbecause sometimes they do change pfrom one to the next. pthey lose at least someplace pthey make different business pdeal they have a new place. pjust go to the website in your pcounty and it will tell you pwhere to go. palso make sure you have some pkind of id. pit has got to be id that you phave a signature on. pyou're not going to vote there. pnow if you have a mail-in pballot, which is something that phas become increasely popular. pand you haven't mailed it in pyet. pyou don't bring it to a polling lace, you bring it to a psupervisor of elections over on pfalkenberg road or to another pelections officer.
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pabout 5 or 6 in hillsborough pcounty. pas you probably know by now, pthis is an election that is prequires you to be democrat or prepublican. pyou've got to be registered pdeclared. pif not you're going to have to pwait this out and see how whole pthing turns out take look at the psign. pit says florida is marco rubio pcountry. pthis is something that we're not psure if it will turn out to be pcase an all lot of people pwondering this is home state is pthis guy going to take florida. pwe're going to have to wait puntil results come back close of pthe day at the polling places. p7 o'clock, they will be voting pafter that somewhere mid evening por so we will find out how this pwhole thing stacks up. p all right. pken, thank you a big day. pa lot on the line. pwe'll talk to you again soon. p>> florida just won of five pstates casting ballots today on pdemocratic side bernie sanders ptrying to win some surprising pvictories over hillary clinton. pjust as he did in michigan.
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pare just doing what they can to ptry and take down donald trump. pmarco rubio says his focus is psolely on winning florida and pohio governor john kasich trying phard to solidify his win in his phome state. ptrump has campaigning hard pthere. psenator ted cruz staying pretty pquiet over last week. pone person who has not been pdemocratic front runner hillary pclinton. pworking hard to campaign against ptrump. pand sanders is playing on some psurprise wins against clinton. pbanking on illinois and ohio. pbut he won't know who comes out pon top until later today. pthen it's on to the next primary pwhich takes place march 22nd. p>> and you know the florida rimary ken just said could pmarco rubio's last chance to pstay in the race. pif he does not win florida, he pdoes not stand a chance to win pthe republican nomination. pand according to a "new york ptimes" magazine article, even if phe does win florida, he still pwould fall short of securing the pnomination. psince january he is only won pminnesota, puerto rico and
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pholding a strong, holding strong pin distant third place. prubio would basically have to pwin nearly all the delegates pfrom here on out to win the prepublican nomination. pas we no spring break for lot of eople here in florida. pso the question is could that phave an effect on this year's rimary? pa question that lot of people pare asking. pmillenials have been pretty pactive so far this season center pfor information and research on pcivil learning and engagement pranked us 8th in country for pstates where younger voters have pmost influence. pif this generation skips out to pgo to beach instead polls could phave huge impact on who is pelected. pbecause primaries help choose pwho runs for president as we pknow. pso far this primary season pmillenials have candidate on paverage for more than 50 percent pof votes collected. peach candidate's campaign poffices across florida, ohio, pmissouri, illinois and north pcarolina will be holding watch arties. pbut it won't in just 5 states pthat voters are heading to the olls. pwith 366 delegates at stake pthere are watch parties being
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pand stay with fox 13 for latest pon the florida primary. pwe're going to have full pcoverage both on air and online pat pand we're talking with prepublican senator marco rubio pmorning. pyou can catch that interview at ptampa bay. p it is 8:08. pand a true hero, that's phillsborough county sheriff's pdeputy killed in line of duty is pbeing described this morning. pinvestigators and witnesses pbelieve that deputy pintentionally drove his cruiser ptampa. pno one believes more than woman phe saved. pand we are now hearing from her pabout what happened that night. pand about the deputy did to save pher life. pshe said she was driving with pher boyfriend saturday morning pon selman expressway she noticed pa pair of headlights coming pdrenthly toward her. pright before truck was about the pto hit her deputy cruiser came pout of nowhere and swerved in
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pwe know killed the deputy. p>> i was a random person on a prandom road at a random time. pi didn't know him. pand i love him for saving me. pgod bless this guy. p>> and at driver of that car pthat caused the crash eric pmacbeth also died. pright now highway patrol ptroopers are trying to determine pif alcohol was a factor and how phis car got on to the selman pexpressway on the first place. pdeputy's funeral will be a this pfriday st. timothy catholic pchurch. pa visitation begins a 11 o'clock pwith a funeral starting a one he pwill burden in massachusetts pwhere his family lives. p in orlando the florida phighway pa twol is investigating pdeadly wrong-way crash. ptroopers say van hit a taxi head pdoosh on killing both drivers pjust after 3:30 this morning. pafter nearly 3 hours the road phas just reopened but
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p>> birth control has been pavailable for women since the p60s. pbut it could be available for pmen sooner than expected. pwalter allen here now with look pat the break-through and who was pbehind it. pgood morning there russell. pthere there has been talk about pbirth control pill for men for pgood time now. puniversity of college of harmacy said they made head way pon one that works for men and phas no side effects it could pjust as easy and effective as pfemale version. pone lead researchers says it's psafe and would not cause any pharm to the man even if taken pfor decades. pif man wanted to have children peventually, he could. pit wouldn't cause any long-term pdamage to his fertility. presearchers say they are looking pinto male contraception because pthey wanted to let women know pit's not just their presponsibility to prevent regnancies. pnow this big leap doesn't mean pthis will stop that women will pstop taking the films. psurvey released in 2011 shows pthat even if a male pill was pavailable, more than 50 percent
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pwould forget to take it, prussell. pall right. phey walter, thank you. p>> dave's back in just couple pminutes with a latest on our pweather. pthat's right. pand then run away from cancer. pnew research about exercise and pstaying cancer free. pif emergencies this dad will try panything to get his baby to pcrack a smile. pa little jackson 5 do it? pyou you don't want to miss the pend of this video. pcharley belcher, good morning. poh, sorryi keep losing my little pear piece thing here. pi heard you laughing too. pyeah i hear you then you said psomething i heard you laugh. pdoesn't matter. phey if you can hear me at home pturn up yol volume i'm charley pbelcher donald training center pcypress and rio. pgoing to take but the equality precycling and way for you to get prid of old computer monitor old c towers, look at this and pgreat job training skill to
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pstick around is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level with your help, as president,
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3 ((russell 2shot)) as parents--we will do almost anything to cheer our little ones up. pyou know as parents we'll do pjust about anything to cheer up pour kids. psometimes it takes a joke, but pother times all it takes is a plittle pop. p>> fox 13 taylor katz is here
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pneeded help of jackson 5 to pbring a smile to his son's face. pthe classic. pyes. pa classic and an adorable one at pat that at this poent we've all phad those days we're just pgrumpy. pone father couldn't stand seeing psix-month-old upset he reached pfor the radio, and he learns pthat all you need is a little pabc to turn his little son's pfrown upside down. pcheck this out. p ? pthe p 3 ((taylor bw)) phow cute is that? pwatch it. pit's greats. pso cute smile he starts boning phis head back and forth. pso cute. psince boy's father retweeted or ptweeted out video it has pretweeted almost 5 thousand ptimes. ptimes.
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pcomments on how adorable video phas made people's days. pso cute. pjust made ours. phere's my question to you taylor pkatz is that all i need to put pyou in good morning p>> jackson 5 and hot clicks and pvideos just like these. pgot it. pnow i know. pnow i know. plove it. pgreat. pthat was fun. pthanks taylor. p>> thank you. p>> hey dave what's going on? ptroubles out there today. pno we we do. pit's how should i say this? pat the surface right at the pground, for most part it's okay. pbut sunshine skyway issue, got pto remember how high that bridge pgets over 400 feet. pand that's where the low clouds phave been hanging around a pcouple hundred feet up. pand that's why we have big pissues there. pyou look brook dale bay shore pcamera you see low clouds they pare just above the surface and pvisibility there is good. pthen heir what we're talking pabout riverview camera on top of pthe towery, yeah.
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pthis is what they're dealing pwith over the sunshine skyway pway as well. pthose clouds a couple hundred pfeet off the surface obscuring pthe visibility. pthat's reason why you look pvisibilities outside. pyou're you look great out there. pwhy are they close? pit's just above surface. pwe've got low to mid 70s outside pright now. ponce low clouds burn off we're pgoing to take these numbers and pbring them right back to the plower 80s where we left you pyesterday. pso some cloud cover is humid poutside. poh boy is it humid outside. pdew points are in the 70s. phigh temperatures in lower 80s. ptonight, another round of fog. pi think this time as the winds pgo light it may drop closer to pat surface so keep that in mind pfor tomorrow morning low 69 pdegrees and then variable pclouds. pwarmth tomorrow with high ptemperature of around 82. pthe next 7 days, you see rain pchances introduced late friday
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pso we're dry for st. patrick's pday and an it turns cooler next pweek as well. pall right dave yeah a big mess pon roadway keep in mind sunshine psky wra bridge still closed. pyou will want to take 75 and lan extra time if you have to phead in that area. pleading up to the bridge. pwe're still seeing the delays. pmeantime here's a new incident, pin hillsborough county. pit's just north of that ashley pdrive exit. pwe have a crash blocking total ptwo lanes. pyou can see they are not too planes together, basically have pleft lane here and an pessentially i would say maybe a pcenter lane right there in the pmiddle. pthat is blocked off. pso you have whole bunch of slow pdowns building up to this crash psite. pfortunate thing here kind of in popposite direction where heavy pflow of traffic is delays are pnot terrible. pwe do have delay essentially pfrom a howard franklin heading pup interchange up to 13 minute pride. pteen mime we have trouble pbrewing here along u.s. 19 in
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pwe have a crash that's reported pat lane blockage and southbound pdelays essentially well past pstate road 54. pif you can void that area at all lease do. pbut otherwise, you're really pgoing to have to give yourself pextra time. pin addition we have a viewer preported crash with some delays pin area of u.s. 19 and live oak pstreet with more southbound pdelays in this area. pthis is an earlier crash that's pstill seems to be cause psomething concerns. pit looks look lane blockages phave improved east lake road pnorth of trinity boulevard pearled earlier a serious injury pcrash. pwe still have southbound delays pback up to mitchell boulevard as pwell westbound delays on trinity pleading up to that intersection. pi-4 westbound remains a lot pheavier than normal 25 minutes pfrom 25 to 275. lan accordingly. pall right vanessa thank you. ptime to put on your running pshoes. pas it turns out daily run canady pcrease your chances of getting pcancer. pif you ever already had it pregular exercise can help keep
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presearch out of denmark has done phave done four separate have pbeen done four separate times. pit showed adrenaline along with pantiinflammatory gene that poccurs naturally helps attack ptumors in the body shrinking pthem. pamazing. pall right. pkey did drink a cocktail with pmud in it. pcoming up at 9, why this new pdrink is becoming so popular. pespecially for people who are preally stressed out. pyou know what they say here's pmud in your eye. pall right. pand boy is it a big day for psenator marco rubio. phe's joining us in about an
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pwe're going to ask him wha (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of.. now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. p new colgate enamel health p mineral repair toothpaste. p it strengthens weakened enamel p 4x better by replenishing it with vital minerals. so smile.. with strength.
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mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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pgood day tampa bay i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from tampa ptoday. pa cypress and rio streets. pmcdonald training florida great lace to a laptop ole computer pold p v. pyou can hear applause coming pfrom break room. pwe must be on tv in there very pnice. pkristin is here to an equality precycling program. pthis exciting. pso exciting. pyes. pwe launched it in to provide ptampa bay businesses and presidents about with resource pfor their technology that you pknow they no longer have use pfor.
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pcell phones, and we recycle pthem. pwe try to re-bushish as much as pwe can it if we does assemble it pand sort components. psomething like this. pand this can reused? pwe ship it off plastic pcomponents and a gold and sirl pand copper extracted. pthose ari cycled melted down ptogether and reused for other pthings. pyou also take hard drive and a plocked compartment right there pappear everything is safe and psecure. pthey will be destroyed. p>> yes. pwe destroy all hard drives. pwhat we do take hard drives out pcomputers and put them in locked pcontainer and use drill press we pdrill disk contain data several ptime to shatter it then we shred pthem. pmcdonald training center has roviding job training and pvocational skills to people with pa disabilities for more than 60 pyears. p>> yes. pthese guys and gals are getting
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pin the work force. p>> absolutely. pbeing compensated while they are phere. pthey are working to industry ptdz. pi mean we're r 2 certified and pis 1401 and a 18001. pwe're working highest standards pthat industry offers to provide pthem that real. pand a how to handle components psafely how to deal with otentially hazardous components phow to lift safely. pthey are building resumes so pthey can get a job in their pcommunity and they are prepared. pyou mention r 2 d tovment pcertification. p>> responsible recycling. pthose are industry standards. pyeah. pi just want to make the point pthat's a big deal. pa huge deal. pa volunteer i mean not required pbut, businesses in industry go pfor it, we're audited by a third arty auditor every year to pinsure all of our policies and ractices are up to pcertification standards. p>> and we want to do that pbecause i mean we want to a
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pwhat to expect and they have pthat backing. pthen get jobs out in the private psector. pyeah. pand have them. plive the life they choose. pabsolutely. pabsolutely. pall right. pi love your smile. pyou're stealing my live shot pbehind me. pi love it. pi love it. psmile while you're at work when pyou can. pmcdonald training center much pmore to tell you when good day ptampa bay continues. pso true. pwhat a, nice place that is and pwhat great they have done for pmany, many years. pwe love her laugh. p>> oman she's infectiously fun. pshe makes it happy. p>> cool. psee you later, man. p>> yes, thank you. phey the bricks are getting pbigger. p5 big announcement from legoland pcoming up. pand what does president obama pwhat did president obama and
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pdetails o 3 ((laura on cam)) we have a p and welcome back. pwe have a news alert out of pmanatee county. pdeputies say that a man killed phis aestranged wife and then pkilled himself. pit happened about midnight. pdavid mahoney and his wife palicia got into fight at dinner. phe left her at the restaurant. pwent back to their home. pshe got a ride to in laws house pdriveway. pthey fought again. pand deputies say david mahoney pwent to his car, got his gun, pand then shot and killed his pwife and then himself. phis mother was standing in pdriveway at the time she was pshot twice in the foot. pshe is in hospital right now and pexpected that she will be okay. p>> we're following that.
8:31 am
psoon as we get one. p>> terrible. pthat's a terrible story. p>> it is almost 8:31. pand morning other top stories a pmother is behind bars after pleaving three children alone pwhile she went to dinner, and pthey caught the house on fire. pyeah police say 41-year-old ptasha height left her children pbetween ages of two and 10. pat her home in spring hill while pshe went to eat in clearwater. p>> the toddler, the two-year-old pturned on the oven and some of pthe pots stored inside caught on pfire. pone children ran outside and pcalled their neighbors. pwho then called 911. pthe children were able to get pout okay. pbut it took their mother over ptwo and a half hours to return phome. pfamily restaurant turns pinterests a crime scene over the pweekend. pbradenton police say a stabbing phappened at an applebee's early psaturday morning state road 64 peast. pwitnesses told police john pwalked up to another man p26-year-old james and stabbed phim in the neck.
8:32 am
phospital last listed in stable pcondition. pthe attacker took off. pthat until he returned. pto same applebee's later that psame day. p>> saffron he denies accusation ptaken to jail and face paggravated battery charges. phappening tonight people in st. ete have another opportunity to pa voice their thoughts on the pdesigns for new pier. pofficials are holding a public pworkshop usf st. pete campus pinside student center ballroom. pdesign team will present some pnew layouts for the pier papproach and surrounding areas. pand the hope to get feedback pworkshop runs from 7 until 9 ptonight. p>> it is historic trip in pmaking. pin a week, baseball and politics pcollide in cuba. pand rays will be playing against pthe cuban national team in resident obama will be there. pbut he isn't going alone. pfox 13 anjuli davis is live pforever news south tampa with plook at the very impressive pguest list. pgood morning anjuli. p>> yeah, good morning to you pguys.
8:33 am
pthat game just a week away from ptoday. pnext tuesday march 22nd. plater on today, we are expected pto hear from at rays on who pexactly from the team will be pmaking the trip. pnow list is expected to be a plittle bit longer than the pstandard 25 players an ilotted pfor travel. pbut specifics are still largely punknown to us rays manager says pthey are still working through pdetails with major league pbaseball at this point. pfirst time mlb team traveled to lay cuban national team since p1999 when baltimore orioles made pthat trip. pit comes a perfect time for our phome team. pthey are in the thick of spring ptraining down in port charlotte. pthis will be a great opportunity pto shake up routine reignite the pexcitement of game for players. psome very famous faces will be pin stands havana stadium on pmarch 22nd. pthe white house has confirmed resident obama will be there to psupport following relation pbetween u.s. and cuba. pwe've also learned new york
8:34 am
president derek jeter heading to pra hawaii vannah. phe and two other famed flares pwill be special guests. pthey are expected to a hold pbaseball clinic for local youth. pa game scheduled to broadcast plive next tuesday starting 1:30. pfox 13 will also have crew down pthere. pyou can expect team coverage pthroughout that day. pfor now back to you. p all right, anjuli, thank pyou. p>> and this morning big pcongratulations after usf pwomen's basketball team. pbulls are six seed in women ncaa ptournament in bridge port pregion. pjust so happens to be the same pregion as their conference rival puconn. pa team that has defeated them pthree times. plook at judy all excited. pthey will face 11 seed colorado pstate this saturday. pand first round. pin l.a. pucla polly pavilion. panother our lightning. pfor different reasons than just pwinning. phockey team is in the running
8:35 am
psports team of the year honors. pnow other nominees are they are pimpressive. pcarolina panther nfl. pgolden state warrior from nba. pkansas city royals and a ortland from mls. anel will look at the teams pbetween march 1st, 2015, and pfebruary 29th, 2016, to pdetermine who the winner is pgoing to be. pand think about t that's a busy ptime for our lightning. pincluding a trip to stanley cup pfinal amalie arena renovation pand new fan engagement ptechnology. p>> days of heavy rain continue pto cause record damage pthroughout mississippi river pvalley. plouisiana has been hit the phardest so far. pand flooding may not be over pyet. pand to help those who struggling plocal american red cross is psending more volunteers out that pway to help with it's emergency presponse. pand after more than a week of pthe constant rain it has finally pstopped in louisiana in texas pand mississippi. pbut now, the people living in pshelters people are living in phomes.
8:36 am
phas called in to help control pthe flooding. pbringing in large sand bags to ptry and hold the water back. pthe only problem is that it may pnot be enough to help contain pthe rising rivers. pespecially since more rain is pexpected to move in throughout pthe area this weekend. pdeep sea fishing trip but no pidea what they were getting pinto. pthey eventually had to be pulled pfrom the water. pand rescue was caught on camera. pon monday four were reported pmissing after they did not preturn from that fishing trip. pair crew from air station pclearwater found the men 23 pmiles southwest of big marco ass florida. pthey called in coast guard. pthey were able to get the men to psafety. pgood news here everybody is pokay. p>> we've hearing for are a while pnow, that climate change and pearth is warming that means the psea levels are rising. pscientists now say over next pcentury people living in south pflorida could find their homes punder water because of this. pstudy conducted by nature pclimate change shows miami and
8:37 am
pflorida are some of the most priskiest places for rising sea plevels. phere in tampa st. pete ear we're palso at risk not as high a south pflorida. p>> wow. phey dave. p8:37. pi do have promising news for you pout of weather department today. pthat at least i can see the pbeach now. pthe i couldn't see anything out pof this camera just a little pwhile ago. pso i know we still have some pareas where visibility is pobscured including sunshine pskyway. pbut another hour or so hopefully pwe can lift all of this out. pthe thing is, i think it's pcoming right back in again ptomorrow morning. pso that, it's a heads up to you pto tune in early to good day ptomorrow to see how the fog is psetting up what's that dave posterbergs for roadways. pnow. pas fog lifts out we get back pinto sunshine.
8:38 am
parrest going to take dew point pnumbers. p70s. pyou're got to factor in lower p80s, temperatures. pgoing to el feel more like an pearly summer day than an early pspring day around here. pin fact our high temperatures up pto about 81 degrees for ptemperatures this afternoon. ptonight, the overnight lows pupper 60s, lower 70s. pand then for tomorrow variable pclouds. pit will be warm again with high ptemperature of up around 82 pdegrees. pas they get sea fog to scatter pout, we'll have southwest wind pat 5 knots. pseas running two feet. retty smooth though if you're pboating overall water ptemperature around 71 degrees. pyour next 7 days will bring in a plittle bit of rain over weekend. pespecially going into saturday. pafternoon and evening. pthen spring starts sunday. pwe'll follow that with cool pspring-like weather in fact phighs in 60s for monday. ptime to give away another mug p#welivehere going to my facebook
8:39 am
pcan enter the contest a pretty icture this morning i had to pshrink it down what you didn't psee is post pelicans sitting on pin that beautiful little sunrise pthey are just hanging out along pthe coastline this morning. phonestly one the reasons we live phere, just absolutely gorgeous palong the immediate coastline. pvanessa. pall right dave, and of course pthe big concern on roadways pstill that fog closing down psunshine skyway bridge. phopefully we get you live look pat the bridge in bit. pmeantime here's look 275 leading pup to the bridge. pand as i mentioned throughout pmorning because that bridge is pclosed, we do have a lots of pback ups in all travel lanes papproaching the skyway. pthis is in pinellas county 275. pand we're checking out camera pactually near 22nd avenue south. pso that will will give you an pidea how far back ups are at pthis point. pthis is essentially the area pwhere you're going to start to pbe stopped if you're heading in pthat stretch. pif you can get off 275, before pyou even hit that point before pyou hit all of that back up,
8:40 am
pbetter yet you know if you know pyour destination is on other pside of that bridge, avoid the parea completely and just take p75. punfortunately we don't have an peta for that bridge reopening pdave mentioned in his last preport here he thinks that fog pcould clear out within an hour. pwe will just watch that and keep pyou posted with latest here on ptv and twitter on fox 13 ptraffic. plooks like we're pretty heavy on pour majors. pi-4 west bond 75 to 275 has prunning very high travel times pthroughout morning not sure if pthat related to all that traffic pbeing routed on on to 75 usually pcross sunshine skyway bridge pmaybe folks trying to connect to pi-4 and get to 275 through phillsborough county and come paround to pinellas the other pway. pbut what we're seeing here, you pgot aleve early if you take i-4 pwestbound. pnorthbound 275 looks pretty slow pstill approaching ashley drive. premember we have that crash pthat's blocking some lanes. pjust north of that ashley exit. pthat still the case here. pso those travel times are psuffering as well as 275
8:41 am
pa wreck on that memorial highway pexit. pthat seems to be still slow in pthat area. pso unfortunately i was looking pfor alternates to a give you plooks like everything very pheavily con jest all around pyou're not going saving so much pshould leave early. pwe want to show you travel times pveterans expressway not sure if pthat related to that vehicle pfire on memorial highway exit. pbut look really, really slow in pthat southbound direction. lan for 37 minutes top to pbottom. p>> all right. pvanessa. pthank you. pfans legoland will soon have peven more to be excited about. pin just about 20 minutes, theme ark officials will make 5 pannouncements about the future pexpansions at the park. pit's tied to its fifth birthday pcelebration coming up in poctober. pbig reveal will come brick by pbrick starting a 9 o'clock this pmorning supposed to large's pexpansion in park's history. pgood for them. pyeah. pit's just fun over there. pso glad it's been a hit.
8:42 am
pthe unexplained sounds coming pfrom space. pand for first time scientist phaves some new theorys about pthem. lus, regenerating the lenses.
8:43 am
who's here. she has to take a brand name been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the sun'll come out tomorrow... for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine r that helps make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, tomorrow... i love ya, tomorrow p in the largest heart failure
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entresto helped more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. p it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren. if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure... ...kidney problems, or high potassium in your blood. p tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow r ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible.
8:45 am
pwe're head straight over do pdave. pare aliens trying to contact us? pif you leave in them. pelliot. poh my goodness. pevery time. pokay. pwhat we're told, sorry. p>> for past decade there has pradio bursts identify reponderance only that 17 and pnone of em are ever the same at pleast what scientists have pthought. poh, dave, oh, no. pthese fast radio bursts we're pgoing to call them frbs for pshort, since 2007 you said
8:46 am
pbut now, they are realizing that psome are originating from same pspots. pthey first thought that these pwere caused by knew strong stars pcolliding with each other pexploding. pbut since they are repeating pfrom same spots, they are saying pthis may not be the case. pso they are trying to figure out pwhat it is. pthey've got a capture one radio pbursts. pespecially i know next year, pthey are getting three massive pradio telescopes to go up into pthe sky to check this out to see pwhere, where in the universe pthese fast radio burst are pcoming from. pyou guys are ones that brought pup the whole contact us thing. pthere you are. psomething out there emitting the pradio bursts over something. pdid i has utter your feelings p>> no, never hurts my feelings ptakes more than that. pknob, no. pit's fascinating and billions of plight years away. pthat's the case. pit's so far away that we can't pwith regular telescope see it.
8:47 am
pwhere it is, what it is, and why pthat pattern is repeating. pwe're learning so much more pabout. pevery day. pabout, russell's got this, look pon his face. phave you seen what he's been pdoing. pf r b's. puniversally symbol. pwhennest agoing on vacation? pnot for a long, long time. p>> lucky us. p>> okay. pthis next story, it's medical pand just advances in medical pscience. pit has to do with the eyes. plot of infants are born with pcorneal issues. pthey are born with cataracts. pand now they are finding instead pof just having regular cataract psurgery you know you place a lastic could are knee an on ptop. pnow they shall being able to pdevelop this year, some actual preal cornea using stem cells pregular cells that form and
8:48 am
pdeveloping these stem cell ptissues and using them to repair pthe damage of the outer layers pof cornea in rabbits. p>> okay. pso obviously they are starting pwith animals first they are prealizing they can actually get pa regular cornea to regrow pversus having to put artificial pone in there. pnow several years from now when pthey will start human trials on pthis. pbut this could definitely be pgood news for infants. pnot really working so well for pthe adults. pas it is for infants. pthis could be a huge, huge roblem to help solve some of pthe problems when infants are pborn you know with cataracts or pother eye corneal problems. pagain, it's as much as we're plearning about space every dau pyou have new medical advances ptoo which can help in the pfuture. pwhat do you think? p>> science is amazing. retty neat. pthat is pretty neat. pall right, dave. pall right. pcharley's in pretty neat place ptoo.
8:49 am
pall of us for a lot of reasons. preally is great. pmcdonald training center. pmore than 60 years they've pgiving people with disabilities pa chance to learn fresh skill pget a job out in the real world, pif you will. pand here's some faces of some psuccess stories right here. pfolks who are now working real pjobs out in the real world, some pof these folks were at one time pdeemed unemployable. pthat person will never get a job panywhere. pthey which don't, they won't be pable to do it. pthey've proven them wrong on pdaily basis here mcdonald ptraining center will tell you the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early
8:50 am
approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
8:51 am
is the economy rigged? acquired more wealth than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, my plan -- and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president, we will. put more fun in your day
8:52 am
go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher. pcoming to you from a mcdonald ptraining center in tampa. pcypress and rio. pi give you cross streets there. pin case you want to drop off an pold computer. pelectronic flat screen tv you pcan part of equality recycling pfolks will deconstruct it savory pcycle destroy the rest. pit's great real life job skills pfor people with disabilities to phelp them get out in work force. pgermane is you're in charge of
8:53 am
pfrom here to the real world, if pyou will p>> yes. pyou're official job title? pcoordinator of my goal to help pindividuals transition from here pinto the community. pand maintain their employment. p>> and i mean job skills like pthis, i mean working with tools, pworking with an electronics, pdoesn't real help this program pwill a make huge difference. pour goal to help develop skills pand learn soft skills skills pthat help them maintain their pemployment things we do staying pon task coming back from break pon time. pgetting along with others pdealing with confident and presolutions a work. pbut for us the to see how pindividuals learn this skill and pget out to community, and pmaintain employment i'm pextremely proud to play role in pthat. pabsolutely. psomething you take for granted pif you go off to college or ptrade school. pin essence, this all of that for pthese trainees. pbecause that whae weinered. psocial skills. pgetting along with groups. ptaking orders from others.
8:54 am
pi mean since we launcheded this rogram over three years ago to psee those individuals considered pnot capable of maintaining punemployable. eople were considered actually punemployable. pnot any more. pbecause of you guys. p>> yes. pgo to the big board over here. pthis was on lawn. phey let's talk this off the wall pso i can show some success pstories. pthat gentleman right there. p>> germane. pthat gentleman was here since p1978. pwith no desire for community pemployment he was told he pcouldn't work. psense we launched his program, pthis gentleman transitions pindependently into the community pworking acorp in st. pete. phe travels independently every pday, via public transportation pfrom tampa to st. pete. psometimes referred to some of pthese folks as the forgotten eople sometimes. p>> these are these are stories pand cases and human beings that pwould sometimes otherwise fallen pthrough the cracks. p>> homeless or, just left out in
8:55 am
pthat's why mcdonald's center is pso important to change that. pto stop that. p>> we want the community to know pour individuals here and capable pmaintaining employment. pthey just need that opportunity. pso with the success of recycling pas well as sunpass packaging. pit raise ad expectations of pindividuals what they can do. pwhen you mention a company over pin st. pete. artnerships with, with the rivate sector to be willing to popen their minds a little bit popen their doors to trainees pfrom here. pyou need that. pyes. pyou can't do it without them. pand again it just gives someone pneeds to give our individuals pthat opportunity. pand when they do give them an popportunity our individuals, pmore than blow them away in pregards to what they can and pcannot do. roductivity goes up. pgoes up they came back to us and pwas surprised what our pindividuals could do. pthey didn't have that pexpectation when they hired them por what they could do. pyes so someone was telling me
8:56 am
phired trainees there's a bad pstorm that was all kinds of pflooding, only three people that pshowed up for work were three ptrainees for mcdonald strain ptraining center they love what pthey do and they don't call out psick they just want to come to pwork. p>> yeah. roductive. pwe all want to participate in psociety. pthese folks, they actually, they phave plenty of aabilities even pthough they have some pdisabilities. pgermane thank you my man. pthank you very much. pkeep going what i do. plove supporting you guys here. pdid you steal. pyeah. psmile. pyou're stealing it from me here. pall right. pall right. pyou can is keep doing what you pdo. prussell. pyou welcome. prussell rhodes, love being here. plove letting world know about pyou got these electronics drop pthem off here. pthey will take them and even pmake pick ups just call and you pcan work out those details pthrough mcdonald training pcenter.
8:57 am
plove it charley. ptalk again later, man. pall right. precovering from a bad day. pwith a little cocktail. pwe've got latest trend in pdrinks. pnot alcoholic and settle give pyou buzz appear beautiful works pof art. plooks like you want to just dive pright in, what this blue lagoon pis made of will have you in awe psomething we use every day.
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lanning to join u pis it p it is perhaps went biggest pday of his political career pseven to marco rubio joinses plive in about 20s minutes to ptalk about the importance of a pflorida primary. phas and the secret to becoming a pnonsmoker. pwe will tell you sure fire way pto stop.


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