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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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pfrom tampa bay's number un 1 pnews station, this is the fox 13 pnews at noon. p new at noon, president obama pannounces his nominee for the psupreme court. pmoving forward. phurtado. resident obama nominated pnominee. pthe president making good on his romise to nominate a justice to
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pa decision met from much cover pfrom republicans. pwe begin with fobs's caroline pshively. pselecting a supreme court pnominee like threading political pneedle in middle contentious residential campaign that task pis made even more difficult. p>> tonight i'm nominate chief pjudge merrick brian garland to pjoin the supreme court. p>> in a rose garden ceremony resident obama announcing his ptop choice to replace late pantonin scalia on nation's phighest court. pthis is the greatest honor of my plife. pother than agreeing to marry me p28 years ago. pwhite house is selling the pick pas consensus candidate. phoping to appeal to both prepublicans and democrats. pbut gop may not be buying senate pmajority leader mitch mcconnell phas said he think that next resident should choose the next pjustice, and republicans are pvowing to block the nominee from pever getting a floor vote. p>> who would want to accept that pnomination knowing that you're
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pscalia was solidly conservative pvoice on bench and has been plaweded as strict pconstitutionalist. pa point democrats say strikes pthem with eight bit irony. ptake their constitutional duties pseriously. pmeet with nominee hold hearing pand then vote in short just do pyour job. pinterestingly democrats like pchuck schumer and even pvice-president joe biden have pargued in the past a supreme pcourt nomination should be pdelayed but in those cases a prepublican was in the white phouse. p>> in washington, caroline pshively, fox news. p let's bring in political peditor craig patrick. pso craig how could this nominee pchange the dynamic of the court pif confirmed? pwell we have split court over pthe years we've had a pconservative court. pgenerally breaking 5 votes to 4 pon the conservative wing. pand with a death of justice pscalia you're not left with 4 pand 4. pfor a progressive four general pspeaking conservatives.
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pwould clearly tip scales one way por the other. pnow what's interesting here is pthat judge garland has a preputation as a bit of a pcentrist. prepublicans make keep that in pmind reconsider tr prior osture. pespecially since mrurlt of a pvoters say they want this pnomination to at least be pconsidered by congress. pand if the president, white phouse continue to press for paction from the senate and psenate does the not respond that prepercussions a well articularly in an election pcycle. plet's talk about other political pstory the race for the white phouse. pbig night for donald trump and phillary clinton. pgovernor rick scott just endorse ptrump and florida senator marco prubio ending his campaign. plot going on let's start with pgovernor scott entrump. pwe saw this one coming. pwe predicted it last night. pbecause rick scott all but pendorsed donald trump without pofficially saying i endorse you pwritten editorial and said very
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pmaking. pit appears as if governor scott pwanted voters in florida to make pthe decision without him pweighing in prior to the vote plast night. pand you had an enkim bant pflorida republican senator still pin the race. pwith all of that in mind it plooks as if the governor decided pto wait but in wait very long pand with florida now he's fellow prepublican through state of pflorida to unite behind donald ptrump. pyou're hearing same sort of pthing from pam bondi who endorse ptrump just before primary and i pthink those are two important psteps involved in think beforing pmarco rubio and jeb bush in fold otentially behind donald trump phere in the sunshine state. pit will be interesting. plet's talk about rubio now pthat's aout do you think some lanned votes that would have pkasich. pi think they can got bot ways plet's not forget some of those pvotes could go to donald trump. pwhat every away seen like jeb pbush what little support they
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pif i had to guess, more of prubio's support may drift erhaps to john kasich then pother candidates. pbut it won't do it in a block. pand outside of florida, of pcourse, rubio got walloped in phis home state. pin other states he very little psupport at this point. pso his support is not going to pmove the needle much. pbut it is perhaps enough to keep plittle while. p>> we hadn't heard lot from cruz rior to super tuesday too. p>> do you think that hurt him? p>> well he did come to florida a pcouple of times for the debate pand he had a rally here as well. pand he did spend some time or peffort in has the state of pflorida. pin state of ohio. psxing ain the end, those pdecisions may have hurt him pbecause he could have spent more ptime bearing down on north pcarolina. pand certainly the state of pmissouri. pimagine what couple other stops pted cruz. pcould have made world of pdifference for him. pi think the time he spent in pflorida though he did not spend
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pspent time in ohio, in fact may phave cost him in the results plast night. p>> and everyone is getting pinvolved the president in fact pcoming out swinging. psaying enough is enough with all ptrail. pdo you think this it will help por hurt donald trump going pforward? pwhen you're getting vul gats pthat doesn't help anyone. pif you talk about the insults pthat marco rubio traded with pdonald trump, we saw it brought pboth of them down. pthat certainly can hurt donald ptrump in the long run. pbut if you're not talking about pvulgarities you're talking about pa brash talk. pyou're talking about colorful planguage. pi think that is helping him in pthe republican race. pbecause you hear time and time pagain voters who support trump psaying they like the fact that phe tells it how it is. pthat he is not politically pcorrect. pand that is a big part of what's pfueling the he peel of donald ptrump. pthat said, he also now needs to pwork on perhaps softening his ptone to a certain extent to try pto unite the party and those who pare supporting other candidates. psound more presidential. p>> yes.
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aul ryan was asked about prunning for 20 nomination. pnow he didn't say yes he didn't psay no necessarily. pwill we hear from him this psummer i think? ptoday. phe's going to have to address pthis again. pwhen you're asked if you're pswoop in at the last minute and ptry to take the nomination in a pcontested convention though you pwent even running, and he says phe's not evening thinking about pthat we'll see. pthat's going to fuel a lot of pspeculation i would not psurprised if he face that is psame question a number of times pover the next few hours. pand that he perhaps firms his pstance and says no he will in pfact rule it out. pif he does not do that this will pcontinue to fuel a lot of pspeculation that we could have psome interesting developments to psummer. pyes. pthank you, craig. pthank you. pin democratic race vermont seven pto bernie sanders isn't giving pas hillary clinton moves closer
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prich et son is in washington pwith more. p surrounded by family and a pblinding amount confetti ohio pgovernor john kasich enjoys fist rimary win he earned 66 pdelegates in winner take all rimary. pwe're going to go all the way to pcleveland and secure the prepublican nomination. pfront runner donald trump pmaintains a wide delegate lead. pthe business man one molt pell pstates including florida. pdoc knocking marco rubio out of prace. pit is clear that while weer on pthe right side, this year, we pwill not being be on winning pstate texas senator permits most psignificant challenge to trump phe's in second place in delegate pcount. pi hope establishment will unify pbehind ted cruz. pbecause john kasich cannot win. phillary clinton moves closer to psecuring democratic nomination, pand the former secretary of pstate is nowing on possible prepublican opponents.
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pbarriers no the building walls. pvermont seven bernie sanders psays he's staying in race he ushes for votes in next ptuesday's arizona primary. pif we stand together, there is pnothing we cannot accomplish. p>> and donald trump announces ptoday he will not attend next pweek fox news debate in salt plake city. pthe last time trump skipped a pdebate was in iowa. pstate he ended up losing to ted pcruz. pnews. p>> and new at noon, celebrity pgossip weapon side did not make plot of money from post huck mo pho began sex tape. pthat's what jury heard this more pthan a media ad vifr one pcelebrity post alone does not ptranslates into revenue dollars pgawk are claims there was no pfinancial game from sex tape. phogan is suing gawker for p$100 million for post a clip of pthat sex tape involving hogan. pgawker claims hogan made his sex
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pinterviews. ptomorrow. p what would you think of phaving an alligator as a pet? pmaybe unsettling to many. pfor polk county woman she is psays her pet gator is like pfamily. pwhy she's out in in fight to pkeep it plus lindsay checking pyour forecast. phi lindsay. phey. pwe had some fog this morning it pcontinues to melt away at at the pbeach. pso finally spring breakers after pa rough day yesterday, they are pout there, and they are kind of pcatching those rays. p78 degrees on our clearwater pbeach net cam. pweather looks good here in brook pdale bay shore as well some some pfare weather clouds. pwe're pushing 80 degrees in most pspots. pfog is still around in few pspots. pis it going to return this week?
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ptime it out after the 3 (linda- tampa police say p suspected thief had some bad ptiming. ptampa police say say atried pbreak miguel mexican restaurant pon kennedy macdill while workers pwere still there officers were pquick to responsibility thief pwasn't very cooperative after phis arrest trying to kick out pwindow of that cruiser. pwe don't know his name yet or pwhat charges he'll face. pbegan in st. pete. pcame ton an end how does of phollywood night's bar in tampa. pthe two men police were chasing ptried running away. pone of them was bit by a canine pofficer. pboth men are in custody. pwe're told drugs were found in pthe car they were driving. pthey now face multiple charges. p>> st. pete police were
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pthey say since january, there pcrescent lake neighborhood. pmost of the fires have been set pin dumpsters. psome cases the fires have spread pand damaged vehicles or pstructures. pinvestigators believe the same erson set all of them or most pof them because of the pthe fires. pand they are asking residence in pthe area to keep their eyes out pfor anything suspicious. p commute in d.c. is even more pgruelling today. pdown. pbecause of an emergency pinspection going on today. pthere are big concerns about pelectrical system after fire pmonday filled one the tunnels pwith smoke. pmetro officials are hoping to pmake some upgrades. prider as you can imagine not pthrilled about it though. pnightmare. pnightmare. pand what i don't understand why pdon't they provide shuttle buses pfor every metro train station. pyou know every so often to help pcustomers. por something. pthat's crazy. p>> d.c. hopes it can reopen
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p>> flood waters continue to rise pin southwest and along the gulf. presidents are forced out of ptheir homes. pmay not be it i believe return pany time soon. pfox pa electric i sha stark has pmore. p rivers swell in the psouthwest as the flooding pcontinues. pafter the rain last week in ptexas and louisiana. pinterstate 10 between the two pstates is closed because of prising water. ptexas governor greg abbott pissuing a disaster declaration pfor southeast area of his state. pbut there is some hope. p>> 9:45 this morning they had plowered the prediction from at priver forecast center. pit has been lowered to 33-5. ptwo feet lower than what we had pat 35-5. pso we're very excited to see pthat. pthousands of people have been pdisplaced from their homes in plone star state as water has pofficials don't expect them to pbe able to return any time soon. p water will be up a period of ptime we've got wait for it to go
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pback into their home. priver between two states has preach record levels. pnational guard continues to passist residents in louisiana as ptheir homes are under water. pbeing able to actually get out pthere and help individuals who pneed it, and weren't really pready for the flood makes a big pdifference in just that's what pwe're here for. pareas down stream or now seeing prising waters in their pneighborhood. pincluding louisiana which woke pup to flooding tuesday morning. p>> went to bed about 10 o'clock plast night 11 o'clock last night pdidn't have any water. pwoke up to a water. pa governor abbott is expected to ptour flood damage in texas ptoday. p this was a scene sunshine pskyway bridge at this time pyesterday. pyeah bridge was closed for hours pdue to that fog. pthat held up the commute for lot pof driver who were concern they pwould facing similar situation ptoday. pbut as fox 13's ken suarez rots
12:17 pm
ptheir jobs and destinations. p>> you know so many times during pa weather event like big storm pyou will hear the phrase, tampa pbay dodged bullet. pessentially that's what happened ptoday. pit all has to do with the skyway pbridge right back there. pyou can see it is clear as bell. pkind of looks like a chamber. pnot like that overnight. ptotally fogged in. ptake look at dramatic video. pthis was time lapse not real ptime. pso concern is fog was so heavy, pwere concerned commuter and fhp pwas concerned they might see pinstant replay of previous day. pthat day, the bridge was closed pfrom 6:00 a.m. in the morning puntil 1 in the afternoon. pthat is very, very unusual. prarely does that happen. pand that caused all kinds of roblems. pnumber one commuter were not pable to a get to their jobs or pwherever they had to go some pstuck on north side pinellas pside. pnafkt one 7-11 had parking lot pfull of cars. pso the concern was it was going pa row.
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pbut certainly looked like it was pgoing to happen at around 6:30 pdramatically. pwe saw first cars, first lights pgoing over the bridge. pbefore that we had seen pabsolutely nothing at all. pnow you look at it looks like pany other day here in tampa bay. pkind of a picture perfect day. pand any day you see that as retty as it is it's a good day ptampa bay. pback to you. p thank you, ken. plet's take another look at that ptime lapse of fog. pas it rolled in. pand moved out. pthat is just beautiful. pand listen, john takes some pamazing pictures in the morning. pyou're not following him on ptwitter i recommend it. pthis is just part of the pcoolness. phe's just amazing. pi'll post it on my facebook page pif you want to follow him this pis just like a taste of what he pdoes. p>> he's there. phe gets it. pand you know the fog was back
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pspots that interfere with your pmorning drive but one day is pnever carbon copy of the next. pso visibility was good enough at pleast you could get to where you pneeded to go across the skyway pbridge. pimprovements in our area beaches pthis lunch hour, but fog still pacross the some of our coastal pwaters if you are boating i'll pshow you where you need to hold poff a bit clouds are bubbling pnext few days we will see fog paround i think the problems will pgradually become less of a roblem. pbecause clouds will be moving in pahead of some rain. pwith clouds fog issues are pusually a bit lower. pdowntown tampa we have some pscattered clouds, well in the pdistance in clearwater beach. pare at. phigh clouds for now. pthe beach's jammed. pour buoy and clearwater beach pnow up to 73 degrees. pi know some of you like when it pmid 70s hen when get in. pscarred clouds but no fog on psirata beach. pspring breaker obviously out pthere getting a stir crazy after pyesterday. pand bradenton beach, about an phour ago, you had fog. pnow you have some scattered
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pso visible satellite imagery pshow inland fair weather clouds. pdorker white that's fog. roblem right now boating plans pup towards crystal river. pcontinues to shrink. pso improvements for the pafternoon. pnow our winds, they are still psoupy. pthey are still on shore. pso tonight, the fog is back. pit just won't as persistent wp pall that moisture can never rule pout light shower. pone tiny little sprinkle north pof brooksville by tomorrow. psecond half of the day i will pintroduce more showers preturning. ptemperatures are going up. pwe're not quite a warm as this ptime yesterday in sebring. pmorning. pit's 81. pwe have 75 in venice. pon track for the low 80s here in ptampa. pit's 80 in wesley chapel. pa little bit of a heat index i pwill throw it out there dew oint pushing 70. pit feels as warm as mid 80s and pfew spots. pmake sure you stay hydrated if pyou're out for a while. pwinds out of the southwest, pclouds will be moving in from pthe gulf. pfront. art of the system is one that pbrought the tornados to iowa and
12:21 pm
pbut this will not impact us. pit will hold knot. pbut a separate low pressure psystem will impact us over the pweekend. pso between now and saturday pevening our rain chances will be pgoing up. pwatching some thunderstorms as pwell. pmainly dry today. psteamy. pup to 82 degrees. pthat's well above average. pour average high 76. pnow low clouds are back tonight. pso is fog. pbut actual cloud cover from at pgulf will limit the persistence pof some of the fog into early pafternoon tomorrow. pby way tomorrow st. patrick's pday a 20 to 30 percent rain pchance primarily north of i-4. pmore clouds mixing in and high pof 81. pcheck visibility it's perfect pbecause waves are smooth. pbut with those light winds we pstill have some patchy sea fog. pseven-day forecast showing we pwill bring m some showers, pfriday afternoon. pand then pessimistic as saturday plooks with that 60 percent rain pchance it will be breaks that pquestions remains when will pbreaks be. pspring begins on sunday.
12:22 pm
pcooler temperatures, linda. pthank you, lindsay. pwe all know the benefits of phaving animals. pdogs and cats in our lives. pwhat those dogs give you more pthan we can ever give back to pthem. pjust being here is a healing rocess. pthis week's extraordinary
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pback we will show you whe during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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3 (linda ) animals can do wonderful things for people... help people page malls animals can do pwonderful thing help people pemotional and even physically pthis week extraordinary ordinary ptries to repay favor but says it pwill never be enough. p there has to be something pmeaningful you have to be reason pto get up every day. pyou play a little bit? pyou know you're doing something pspecial for animals who don't phave a voice. p>> oh.
12:25 pm
p>> i know on the days that i'm pcoming here i'm excited. pdwight is member humane society pof tampa bay and had be for 7 pyears because i'm volunteering pit's not work. pso much more fun. pbecause of something you have assion for you want to do it. pdwight surgery snug letter he pcomforts animals after getting pspayed or neutered. pfeels much better. panything else that needs to be pdone. plook at those pretty paws like pbathing this little cutie. pin as much for him as them. pwhat those dogs dogs give you pmore than we could ever give pback. pjust being here a healing rocess. phealing for dogs who have lost pfaith in people. p>> but also healing for people pwho have lost family. pi get choked up. pi know precious is up there. phis pit bull we took when he assed away. pit's, it's tough. pit's tough. pbut i know he's happy.
12:26 pm
pto him. pheart. plook at you. pyou just need now to dry off. pso that's something i want to pcontinue. pdwight's son ryan passed away at pthe age of 31 in 2009 he had a pseizure disorder. pthis gazebo was built in this phonor that way this pextraordinary ordinary can see pryan every time you go to humane psociety. ptestament a huge heart was psomething that was padded down pfrom father to son. phard because it reminds you. pbut on same token you don't ever pwant to forget. pthat's my girl. pamay have left us physically but palways with us in our hearts. pcan i have your paw? pthey are always there with you pat all times. pyou can feel them. pgood girl. pgood girl. pyes. p>> if you want more information pon the humane society or pbecoming a voluntary ear great pevent is this saturday, bark in ark will be at the park in ptampa from 11 to 3. plindsay and walter will be the pemcees.
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pbeloved alligator is like family
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pfight to keep custody is next.3 it may be hard to imagine... pit may be hard to imagine, pcradling an al garlt like a baby por a dog. pbut that is a bond a polk county pwoman says she has with her pet palligator. pand now she's fighting to keep pcustody of her beloved gator. pfox 13's alcides segui explains pwhy. p>> it a bizarre story you will ponly see here in florida, let me pintroduce you to mary and rambo pwho rambo is over 5 feet long, pand you've had rambo now for pfour years, for ten years. pover ten years p>> 11 years. pyou got him when he was four pyears old. pthat's when you started training phim. pyou recently fell into
12:30 pm
pto keep the gator. pwhat's going on? p>> well since he is, they want pto put him outside. phe's sun sensitive. phe can't go outside. pso they into a two and a half pache are rule. pmy land does not meet that. pbut he doesn't meet it. pbecause because he can't go poutside. phe's special needs. plet's talk about. plet's back up. pso this would a rescue gator pthat from, you used to work in a pfacility. pin which they couldn't, they pdidn't know what to do with him pany more, right? p>> right. pyou decided to take him on. pyes. pthat was again, about tone years pago or so. pit was in 20s 10. pokay. pabout five years or so. pat that point, you took him on pyou've trained him he follows 70 pcommands. pbut the permit allows you to phave the gator that's four feet por less clearly he's longer than pthat. palmost approaching six feet. pthat's why they want to remove
12:31 pm
pwhich didn't have that class 3 plicense. pthey since moved him up to class p2 license which is required. pand since i accidently put the pwrong address in the wrong spot, pthey're saying he's not pgrandfathered in. pso i have to go to court and, pyou know say that i put the pwrong address in the wrong spot. pand then we got to see if the pjudge is going to let me keep phim. p>> he's objectively very tame pyou've trained him very well. pjust to see what he's doing now. pincredible to see an alligator pdo that. phe's a big mama's baby. pwhere does he live? phe lives in my house with me. pi say list in your house with pyou p>> yes. pwhat does he eat? phe eats what i eat. pwe have dinner about 4 o'clock. phe'll be eating whatever i cook por he don't get his cooked, but, phe eats what i eat. pi eat hamburger he eats phamburgers that night. pif he wants a snack he'll go prefrigerator and i got stuff
12:32 pm
pso p>> are there other, you have pother animals too? pi have 5 dogs, and they all he pmost p>> he plays animals. pdogs he plays with children. phe plays ball with children. phe does all kinds of things. pyou take him for different plocation for education up pevents? pi'm going to mention the pfavorite school sand hill pelementary. pthey just sent me over 30 thank pyous. pthey had to write a story about pwhat they learned with rambo. pthey are dead-on how much he pweighed and how much teeth he phas, how they don't want to play pwith gators. pso good job sand hill pelementary. p>> and that's part of things you peducations children you educate pother people not to have a pet palligator like you but amention, pthis was a rescue and you had no pother choice if you let it poutside you say it would not 75
12:33 pm
pand i would not go to lake and ptake gator out that's just cruel pcruel and obviously not psomething that safe at all. pall right. pthank you mary. pyou're welcome for being with pus. pagain we appreciate it. pso, the next step for mary is to pask a judge for special ermission to keep rambo. rocess. pof course we will continue pfollowing it, until then for pmore pictures and for more pinformation on the story you can p13 news. p certainly does look like one psedate gator i notice alcides pdid not get too close. pyou want to read more i posted pmore about story on my facebook age all you have to do look for pfox 13 linda hurtado and like age you can share story with pyour friends if you'd like and palso continue the conversation pwith twitter just look for linda phurtado fox. p well in georgia an alligator pcaused a popular park trail to
12:34 pm
ark rangers think someone pdumped gator there after keeping pit as a pet. pthe gator isn't actually problem pit's people who see the gator pbehaving poorly. pby throwing rocks or at or miss pdmaif behaving wildlife experts pwill try to capture relocate it pto a safe place. pthe city of brussels trying to preturn to normal after shoot out pbetween police and suspected pterrorists. pschools were on lockdown and an pentire neighborhood paralyzed as pfrench and bell chum police raid pad brussels home believed to plink to terror attacks police pkilled an armed suspect who pfired on them wouning three olice officers. pbelgium emerging ground zero. pradical list sayings of islam pextreme t.i.a.s paris paris pbrussels. pfree offers chipotle aren't pdoing enough to boost its bottom pline. pand a virtual reality video that pactually costs less is coming pyour way.
12:35 pm
pthe midday market report. p>> you may have gotten an offer pfor free burrito a chipotle and pwhile free food might be helping pto change rep dags not doing pmuch for sales. pwhich we're down 26 percent in pfebruary. pchipotle expects to report a ploss for first quarter. pit would mark first quarterly ploss for the company. psince it went public in 2006. p>> home construction ticked up pin february hitting highest plevel in 5 months. pbuilding activity plunged in pnortheast and part due to winter pweather. pbut showed strength in other pregions. pu.s. factory output was also up plast month. pfactories produced more pmachinery appliances and pcomputers. p>> b bmw says it plans to roll pout more electric cars it adding pself driving features, faster pthan travels are german car pmaker faces competition from ptesla and potentially from papple. p>> sony's version of virtual preality will cost a few has pundollars less than competitors. laystation vr will debut in
12:36 pm
pit's head said surrounds players pand 360 degree virtual worlds psony expects more than 50 games pto be available when the new laystation hits stores. pthat's business, for more check pout pin new york i'm lauren psimonetti. p>> medical records oent only pthing going digital these days. pin new york doctors will soon phave no choice but ditch rescription pads and move into pthe digital rina. pmatt king has more on how people pwill be get their prescriptions. p>> this is percocet at the articular dosage. phospital vice chairman of pemergency medicine dr. daniel pbaker demonstrates hospital two pweek oh digital writing system pon nameless faceless test atient. pnew process we have to lth new iece of information from each atient preferred pharmacy once atient chooses their pharmacy hysician enter prescription pinto system sends to pharmacy pelectronically. pmy handwriting is not articularly tremendous. pit frees pharmacy to decode
12:37 pm
pat the end of the month when it pbecome first state impose enalties on prescriber for not pwriting prescription digitally psoftware may reduce opoid abuse pstate-wide. plenox hill system soon to be pinstand by every doctor makes peasier to view past predescription rin by other pdoctors before writing new one pfor their patient. psystem slows down when patients pdon't have preferred pharmacy or pwant to change their pharmacy or harmacy doesn't carry their pdrug. pthat actually becomes a little pbit more labor intensive on pboth, because the prescription pcan't just been sent to another harmacy. atients must then call back ptheir doctor and have them preprescribe what they need from pdifferent pharmacy. pfor not granted extensions psystem become mandatory pmarch 27th. pwe have good amount of time to pwork out kinks, see what is pdefaulting to print even though pit should going to prescribe be
12:38 pm
roviders that anticapable due pto some hiccup in the system. p>> today is national kick butts pday. pday is dedicated to activism pthat empowers youth to stand up pit big tobacco and organized for pcampaign for tobacco free kids. paccording group near seven ercent high schoolers in pflorida smoke. pmore than a thousand events in pschools and communities pincluding right here in the bay parea are planned for today. pit expected to be an epic live roduction. phow the crew is and stars are
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jesus christ is set to air s pfoxx con tefrp temporary pretailing a passion of cries set pto air sunday. pnot just for devout. pmichelle pollino has more from psome of show's big stars. p>> p p live musical production of pthe passion is set to be epic. ptaking place in and around the pstreets of new orleans. pthe story is a contemporary pretailing jesus' christ's last phours set to popular music. pit narrated by a tyler perry. pwell reason i want to part first pof all i when i heard about it pi'm thinking thank god i'm not phow do you pull this off. pbut the producers are amazing. pthey clearly get it. pvery, very much excited. pbecause if it goes right, i pthink it will be very powerful pstory to be told.
12:42 pm
ptold is going to be, pretty pcompelling to much larger pdemographic. pit's a story with a lot of lee pharvey oswald and a story that pwe all know for so many years. pbut it's, it's a cool twist. pand i feel like it's going to prefreshing twist to the story. pas for popular songs that will pbe featured, look, from the pamazing celine dion. phome from phillip phillips demon pfrom imagine dragons, calling pall angels from train. pexecutive producer adam arndz psays the show will appeal to all paudiences. p>> it definitely think this show pis for nonbelievers. pbecause great story ever told peveryone familiar to some degree pwith the story. pto get it presented in this way pwith songs you know and love palready, is just a really i
12:43 pm
pway to do it. pin hollywood michelle pollino, pfox news. pwell i'm excited to see it. phere's a live look outside right pnow lindsay will get ready for sun protection that stays on ...right through your game. neutrogena cool dry sport. the only sport sunscreen with clinically proven helioplex . play on with protection that stays on. cool dry sport. neutrogena
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p hey everybody i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from pst. petersburg. pulmerton and 34th street to be pexact. pyou're going to want to know pabout that location a little plater. pbecause this is where this magic phappens. pif you're into cars at all, you pknow you're familiar with the pdupont registry. pbeen around for more than 30 pyears now. pand i had no idea world pheadquarters were right here in pst. petersburg. pand one mr. thomas dupont just phappens to be here overseeing pthis production now for 31 pyears. p>> 31 years. pwow. pi'm glad you are in our pbackyard. plot of fun every day. pi bet. ptell people about magazine how pdid it come to be and how are
12:46 pm
p1985 we started out to be coffee ptable book with cars for sale. pand we wanted to be marketplace pmagazine. plimited editorial featuring pautomobiles classic luxury and pexotic cars for sale we want to pdistribute all over country pwhich we do. pwe achieve that goal we start prunning hide about 1989, 1990. pwe had huge boom all the way pthrough 90s and into 2000s and pthen we had a funny thing come palong caused the internet. pand it hadn't been very friendly pto publishing. pbut if you're in niche ublication you've able to reserve your franchise you've pdone reasonably well. pand of course we opened up our pwebsite dupont pwe have 70,000 cars for sale on pour website. pwe don't have in volkswagen. pold volkswagen, maybe. pbut no malibus. pwell old malibus. pyeah see. pyou want to say name brand but pyou might have one if classic penough. pyour show room here you've got
12:47 pm
ponce a month, the third saturday pof every month you open up a pshow room open up parking lot pfor people to come show off ptheir cars. pit become as car show. pyou cars and coffee because in pmorning 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. pthen next one happens to be this psaturday morning. pright on every third saturday pevery month. pwe hold most of them here a pheadquarters. pwe notify people go to downtown pst. pete. pgo over to tampa. pwant to get some unusual plocations so we can get some pfolks more interested and show pup. pand plus we get 4 or 500 cars. pwe're at capacity. pit's sold out. pfree by the way free to drool pover the cars. pdupont name i knew that they pmade gun powder. pfor war of 1812 and all this pskirmishes beyond. pof course familiar dupont pchemical. pi didn't realize that the pduponts made cars at one time. pe paul dupont was founder dupont pmotor car company. phe also was into and early
12:48 pm
pautomobile company. pthere were over 2,000 automobile pcompanies founded in united pstates at one time or another psince 1919. pdupont company, did you pimportant motor car company psurvived until 1930. pthey manufacture 3 or 400 pautomobiles these are two of pthem left only 31 in existence pnow. p>> wow. pyou've also gone to umbrella of pdupont registry here. pcustom body shop. pyes. pboulevard customs. p>> well not only do we have pcustom body shop but it's pcharged with responsibility of pmaintaining the cars that are on pconsignment. pthe cars that are here for sale pthat are in our inventory of our pdealership. pso we can keep them in top prunning order and keep them pclean and make them presentable. pthey mod 2350i cars and do pterrific job. pwe do lot air stream sprinters pnow big deal to have customize psprinter your own exotic pinterior. pwe do coach joe madden's cars. pit's nice wonderful orange van phe drivers around in that we
12:49 pm
prolls royce and ferrari, both of pthose for sale. pextended wheel base rolls royce pbig huge limo ferrari 458 and pbrand new car that you really pshould take on beach in indian procks that is, two seater with psingle engine drive in back. p140 horse power. pliterally go fast. p>> come out here and drool. pyou keep saying drool i want i pneed a bigger garage. pyou can come out here, this psaturday, ulmerton road 34th pstreet 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. pand free enjoy your cars and ick next copy of dupont pregistry. pnow you know where it comes to pbe. pright here in st. pete. pcharley belcher, fox 13 news. p thank you, charley. pwell that fog has been crazy but pyou said yesterday that it was phard to tell whether or not it pwas going to be as bad today one pof those crazy things with fog. pit kind of moves around and plifts. pit lifted enough this midday phour that you are oh beaches are plooking good question remains pare we going see it tomorrow
12:50 pm
pby late in the week as more pclouds move in, our focus turns pto rain. pand showers and storms this pafter visible satellite imagery popaque or white shades. pthose what we have actual clouds pand fog mixing in off shore. pand there's also perhaps some pcrystal river. pbut, these clouds move in that pwill hirnt some of that pdevelopment of some sea fog. pand keep it from lasting so long ptomorrow afternoon. pthis afternoon, it is busy on pour sirata beach net cam beach pgoer rejoicing after maybe have pto stay inside yesterday. pst. pete beach fury boating keep pit over the bay where fog is. pwell off shore where we have pthat hazy high cloud cover. pand our clearwater beach net cam pby way this has been warming pdegrees. pnow brook dale bay shore low pclouds this morning lifted. pand now just our fair weather pclouds are doing their thing. pand bubbling overhead. poverlooking lake mir your plakeland low clouds this morning pnow you just is fair weather
12:51 pm
ptemperatures are going up. pwe are on track for very warm pday inland. pit's 82 in sebring. pyou'll one warmest spots lalt in pday. p79 in lakeland. p77 in tampa. pand st. pete. pi've got 80 to show you in pbrooksville. p81 degrees in ocala. pso believe it or not our 24-hour pchanges are down few degrees pinland because you have low pclouds this morning. pso slowly starting to rebound. phigh pressure to our east giving pus that light southwest wind. pbut notice there are some more pclouds in the gulf. pand they are headed our way. pso by thursday afternoon, ptomorrow, we will see more pclouds and even the chance for a pshower or storm, especially in pnorthern counties. pfront part of it heads our way pby friday better rain chance by pthe weekend that's when we will psee rain chances really going up psaturday. pthis low though continuing to popen up losing it's steam after psevere weather last night. plet's time out fog into pafternoon. pno big issues bubbling clouds. psome sea fog moves in tonight plow clouds. pbut with actually cloud cover pmixing in.
12:52 pm
pas long. pinto afternoon and evening pthursday. pthis model a little aggressive pnorth i-4 a thunderstorm pdeveloping. pthen boundary stalls by friday, pat some point in afternoon we pget another wave of showers and pstorms. pfor the weekend, here's this plow. pand as it gets closer we'll see pwaves of showers and embedded pstorms saturday. pso saturday pick for indoor lans. pi'll keep rain chance saturday pat 60 percent. pby sunday, down to 30 percent, pand sunday afternoon, we'll lose prain from north to south. pnothing set in stone yet timing pcoming a little better for us we pcan plan our weekend. ptoday 82 degrees. artly sunny and steamy for us. pnotice that air is very thick psaerlt of moisture in place. pwe will see low clouds and fog ptonight. plifting tomorrow morning. psome sea fog will be around just pnot as widespread. pdown to 69 overnight. ptomorrow, if you have the day poff to celebrate st. petersburg pday you're in for treat variable pclouds more clouds but still pwarm. pand there's that rain chance
12:53 pm
pyou're goat bothing keep we pstill have a few pockets of fog. pas we mention up to 73. p7 day forecast shows spring pbegins sunday early next week a pbrief taste of slightly cooler ptemperatures. plate in week moisture goes up.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
psnakes. pone of my my favorite scenes in pthis movie. pit will take lot more than psnakes to stop indy grab your
12:56 pm
pjones adventure disney making pfifth installment harrison ford pand stephen spielberg will be pback it shout hit theaters in psummer 2019. pamazon is looking to an allowing pshoppers to pay with selfie. pthat's for real. pcompany argues more secure than ptashl passwords. pthey will takeishth oh shoot pvideo to authorize payments pamazon did not say when if ever pavailable. pwho manages money better? pmen or women? pit's a loaded question. psure to spur debate. pnew study just found that women phave hire credit scores, less pdebt, and fewer late payments pthen males. pthat was a study. pnot me saying that. p>> well there's lot anticipation pfor this weekend's air fest. pat macdill air force base before pthen pilots will need to traffic pyou can expect oh to see more pair traffic this year's incident pwill feature air force thunder
12:57 pm
ptomorrow this year celebration pwill recognize base's 75-year phistory. pwe may have some weather. pnot going rain all weekend but pthis weekend we will see some prain especially saturday. pthis afternoon, we're scouring pout our coastal fog and just pcranking out temperatures. pseven-day forecast shows highs pin low 80s in the next few days. pby weekend by sunday afternoon pwe're down to 73. pbecause of the cool down for the pwow. pshow. pnews doesn't end here we'll keep osting latest all day on
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
pwe hope to see aright back right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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