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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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3 3 p>>vanessa: welcome to the 6:00 phour of good day. pit looks foggy over the sunshine pbridge and f.h.p. is closing it pto all drivers so all of you pthat use the sunshine skyway pwill have to use i-75 in the pmeantime. precent reports say that pvisibility in some places preduced to below 100 feet so not psafe for folks to drive over the pbridge right now. pthis did cause quite a concern a pcouple of mornings ago when this phappened, particularly with
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poff bridge and those travel planes that are shut off to pdrivers. pit looks like minor delays in pthe southbound direction of 275 pnear the south pinellas county plooks like that might be ertaining to any sort of pdiverting they're doing with ptraffic. pkeel weep an -- we'll keep an peye on this. p>>dave: second time this week. pthat's crazy with the fog. pi have a camera showing us fog pthis morning over the bradenton pbeach area. pothers are reporting visibility pthat is fantastic. pagain, it's going to aggravate. psome areas are all fogged in. pothers, it's fantastic. pso the most visibility i got for pyou on the map is venice. pthey're a half mile or so but pit's a half mile better than it pwas a while ago. pthey were down below zero. ponce the fog lifts out, bringing psunshine back and high ptemperatures should easily get
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p>>laura: thank you. pright now we're staying on top pof a developing story in tampa. pa man shot at police officers. ptheir shield stopped the bullet pbut the officers fired back, pkilling him. p>>russell: it happened in the p3300 block of cherokee avenue. pthat's east of himes and south pof thousand point. pus. p>>reporter: these police pofficers are lucky to be alive. pwe'll get information on this. ptampa police joining us this pmorning. pthank you for being with us. p>> we got the call about 1:10 pthis morning, domestic pdisturbance. pwe arrived about 10 minutes plater. pit was fairly straight forward pscene. phowever, at some point he ointed a firearm at the pofficers and then they backed poff and called for help. pover the next 45 minutes or so, pseveral of our officers were pworking on a p.a. just pconversing with him, trying to pget him to come out and to end pthe scene peacefully.
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pcarport area. phe had a gun tucked in behind phim. pthe officers approached him, ptried to end it peacefully psaying let us see your hands, pdon't do it, don't do it. phe pointed the gun at the pofficers, fire the officers, hit pthe shield in the center and at pthat point, the officers preturned fire on him and he was pkilled. p>>reporter: the woman inside is pexpected to be okay. p>> she had scrapes and bruises pbut i think she'll be fine. p>>reporter: i know this is very pearly in the investigation. pthis? pdo we have a name as of yet? p>> we do not have an pidentification yet, no. pand i can't answer the question pabout why it would occur. pthe officers tried to talk him pdown peacefully, and i have no p>>reporter: thank you for being pwith us this morning. pi really appreciate it. pyou heard him say these officers pare very, very lucky to be alive pthis morning. pthey showed up and this man papparently tried to pull the ptrigger.
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olice officers. pthankfully they had protect i pdidn't have gear and they were pnot seriously hurt. pon the other hand, the man was pshot and killed. pwe'll continue following this pback to you. pthank you. pnew this morning, stolen car pcrashes through a fence and into pa house. olice tried to pull them over. pit happened this morning on pmulberry street north. pno one in the car or the house phurt. pcustody. pthe house is structurally sound paccording to tampa fire and prescue. p>>laura: authorities are psearching for a man who pdisappeared after jumping into plake thonotosassa. pa man was on a pontoon boat and phe jumped in the water and pstarted panicking and he went punder. pwitnesses say that he did not pknow how to swim well. pwe'll keep you updated. p>>russell: also st. pete police pneed help in catching someone pwho is setting fires across the
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pinvestigators say one person pstarted at least a dozen fires pin the crescent lake pneighborhood. pthe fires began in january. pmost were in dumpsters but pseveral spread causing thousands pof dollars in damage. ptake a good look at this psurveillance video. pit shows a man light a fire in a pgas tank and then walk away. phe's holding a long skateboard pin his hand. pthe skateboard has square edges, plikely homemade, and they hope psomeone recognizes him for his pin. p>>laura: new this morning, a big pannouncement from sea world. pthe parks have announced they pare ending the work of whale pbreeding program. p>>russell: this is years after ublic backlash sparked by the pcontroversial documentary. psea world will also begin hasing out theatrical orca pwhale shows. pthis is the first sea world park pthat opened in 1964 and it's
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panimals we know as killer whales pfor a population of orcas at sea pworld, including one pregnant, pwill live out their lives in the ark's habitat. p>>laura: the city of tampa will pdecide whether to decriminalize pamounts. pas it stands right now, anyone pcaught with marijuana can face a pfine, jail time, even lose their plicense and under this new roposal, police officers would phave the option to issue pcitations very similar to ptraffic tickets. pcitation could carry a small pfine and it would require pmandatory drug counselling. pcity council meets at 9:30 to pknow what happens. p>>russell: we could hear closing parguments as early as today in pthe hulk hogan sex trial. pyesterday we heard from the pwoman who had sex with hogan in pthe video. pshe testified via prerecorded pvideo. pshe says she didn't know their
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pshe was upset when they found pout. pthey had an open marriage. phogan is suing gawker for $100 pmillion for posting an edited pversion of the video online. pthe company violated his rivacy. pgawker argues the video wasn't rivate. p>>laura: sad story, at least a pdozen horses are dead after a pfire in suburban palm beach pcounty. pit was an accident. pfire broke out just before pmidnight tuesday. pthe fire marshall says it was pcaused by an electrical pmalfunction. pmalfunction caused sparks to pignite hay and other items, psetting the barn on fire. pthe roof collapsed. p11 horses did survive, two in pcritical condition. pthey are being treated by a pveterinarian. p>>russell: south florida first pgrade teacher has been fired pafter police say she came to pwork drunk. pthis happened in december. p46-year-old worked at the pelementary school in broward pcounty. pschool employee reported she was
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rincipal smelled alcohol on her pbreath and learned one of her pstudents had been hurt during an punsupervised trip to the rest proom. pshe tested nearly three times pthe legal blood alcohol. p>>laura: top conservatives are pare simple. pfigure out how to stop donald ptrump from winning the residential nomination or to pfind someone to run as a third arty conservative challenger. pone name that's getting lots of pattention, paul ryan. phis predecessor john boehner psays that ryan should be the pg.o.p. nomination if they choose pto nominate one at the first pballot. pryan says he will not be paccepting that nomination but he psaid the same thing when it came ptime to pick boehner's preplacement last year. psenator rubio who dropped out of pthe race on tuesday, his olitical future is uncertain.
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prules vary by state. pmost of the delegates are given pout to the candidates. p>>russell: trump is now more pthan halfway toward that magic pnumber of delegates needed to pwin the nomination. phe needs 54%, though, of the premaining delegates to clinch pthe nomination before the pconvention. pyesterday he warned there would pbe serious consequences if the arty tries to take the pnomination away from him. plisten. p>> i think you would have riots. pi think bad things would happen. pi really do. pi believe that. pi wouldn't believe it but i pthink bad things would happen. p>>russell: trump picked up panother endorsement, governor prick scott. phe said that it's time for prepublicans to coalesce behind ptrump. p>>laura: president obama told
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pcourt. pmerrick garland. p>> the constitution and the law phas been the corner stone of my rofessional life. pit's the hallmark of the kind of pjudge i have tried to be for the ast 18 years. p>>laura: garland is widely prespected. pgenerally considered to be pmoderate, first in his class at pharvard. phe has an impressive resume, pincluding private practice, pyears as a federal prosecutor pand nearly two decades on the pfederal bench. prepublican lawmakers have vowed pto fight the nomination. p>>russell: the young son of plegendary entertainer frank sin psinatra has died. p>>laura: he was scheduled to erform tonight. p>>russell: the annual traffic pscore card is out. pfind out how many hours pcommuters waste sitting in ptraffic every year.
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pthe big story on the roadways is pthe sunshine skyway bridge being pclosed down. psecond time this week that phappened. pit is due to fog. ptop of the bridge basically pdisappears here so of course, ptake 75 instead of the sunshine pskyway bridge this morning. pwe'll let you know when
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3 rising rivers have forced thousands from their homes in p>>russell: rising rivers have pforced thousands from their phomes in east texas, the result pof last week's torrential prainfall topping two feet in psome places. pthe governor has asked those pliving along rivers to leave. psome, as you might expect, not pdoing that. p>>laura: and the texas army pnational guard has rescued more pthan 60 household pets during pthis week's flooding. pthe region's major artery of the priver has started to recede. pmore rain today, more rain
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pcomplicate the relief efforts pthere, too. p>>russell: micro chip. p>>laura: situation like that is riceless. p>>dave: i think they closed arts of i-10, too. p>>russell: i don't know if they preopened it yet but they had. p>>dave: it's bad. pthat's all in response to that precord rainfall they had about a pweek ago. pit's going to take time for the pwaters to get into the rivers pand continue to rise. pwe have visibility problems and pif you're just tuning in, we'll phave more on this in a couple of pminutes, that the sunshine pskyway for the second time this pweek had to be closed and it is pclosed right now because of pvisibility that was less than p100 feet. pi show you the numbers here and pit doesn't seem to be that bad, pright? pst. petersburg reporting pvisibility at 10 miles. psarasota five.
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pthat the fog was just above the psurface. pright? pit goes 400 feet high, something plike that. pif the fog is hanging around at p100, 200 feet, you can see why pthat's the issue this morning. pit may not be. pvenice has a half mile pvisibility but in general, most pof us aren't seeing that. pit's just above the ground that pwe have the fog this morning. p72 degrees in tampa. pbrandon, lower 70s, more 70s pthan 6 0z -- 60s on the map. pfrontal system has slowly begun pits push into the state and robably going to stay to the pnorth of us for the next couple pof days. pit keeps it very warm and punsettled around here and then plittle pieces of energy move palong or on top of this front pand that helps to enhance the plift and that's where the rain pchances work into today. pfog will be along the coast.
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ptemperatures get back in the p80s. pit feels good like a summer day poverall. pthen beginning tomorrow, you're pgoing to start to see little pdisturbances move along where pthe front is and that's when the prain chances start to kick in pand the future cast shows us pwhile we're dry for today, pyou'll see showers along i-10. pby friday you'll start to see, pi'm close. pa little closer. pthen by early on saturday pmorning, here's a wave or a line pof rain that won't be the only pone. pwe can see late night hours dry pwith rain at nighttime. pit's going to be unsettled this pweekend. ponce we hit the saturday midday pframe, the front is going to pcome through, clear us out and pthe cooler air takes back over pagain. p81 degrees for a high today.
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pmore clouds, a quick isolated pshower storm with a possibility pof 81 degrees but you saw psaturday during the day, you pcould see a couple of waves of prain move through. pby sunday it's all out of here pand look at the difference in ptemps. pmany of us monday and tuesday pmorning are going to wake up pwith highs in the 40s. pso if the cool air is coming pback in next week. p>>vanessa: a nice little change pthere. p>>dave: absolutely. p>>vanessa: thank you. pbig story once again on the proadways, sunshine skyway bridge pbeing closed. pwe do have heavy fog conditions pand reduced visibilities. eriodically we see flashing plights, perhaps the patrol car pdriving over the bridge. pi think they're testing pvisibles. p-- visibilities. pso drivers take 75, we'll be pmonitoring all those travel planes leading up to the closed pdown lanes of the bridge to make psure that the delays aren't pgetting too bad.
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pvolumes, we don't have any pbridge. psounds serious. pit's in the area of the carlton plake road, all lanes are blocked pand sounds like a vehicle may phave hit a power pole. plots of live wires in the road pand the emergency vehicles pblocking the lanes. pwe'll let you know when that proad reopens. pand if you think tampa traffic pis bad, thank god that you don't plive in los angeles. ptransportation analytics company phas released the annual traffic pscore card. pcity of angels, it's number one pwhen it comes to congestion. pyeah. pl.a. drivers waste 81 hours in ptraffic each year. psan francisco, washington, d.c., phouston also topped the list of
6:20 am
pmost hours waiting in traffic. pthe report looks at cities that pface challenges solving pcongestion issues fuelled by peconomic and population growth, phigher employment rates and pfalling gas prices. p>> nationally we've seen an pincrease across the board in ptraffic levels in all cities and preally that's being driven by ptwo economic factors. pas the economy heats up, more eople get jobs and move into purban areas and that means more eople on the roads. psecond economic factor, lower pfuel prices. pas fuel prices drop, people are pwilling to drive further. p>>vanessa: tampa has two of the pmost congested traffic corridors pon the road. pboth are on i-275. pthey're from i-4, that pinterchange, to the dale mabry pexit and also the stretch of 275
6:21 am
pdrivers waste, by the way, pnearly 30 hours each year in pthat stretch. pworldwide, american drivers are pwasting more time in traffic pthan any other country. pabout 50 hours a year. pthat's followed up by belgium, pnetherlands and germany. p>>russell: speaking of traffic, pan hour ago, service resumed on pone of the busiest public ptransportation systems in the pcountry. pthe entire d.c. metro system was pshut down yesterday. pthey had to do some emergency pinspections. pinspections were ordered after pan electrical fire on several prail lines monday. pthat fire was caused by the same pkind of electrical component pthat malfunctioned last year pleading to the death of one erson. p>>laura: a new report gives a psnap shot of the most and least phealthiest county in america. pst. john's county is the phealthiest.
6:22 am
pamount of binge drinking in the ptampa bay area. pmajority of the least healthy pcounties are in los angeles parea. p>>russell: nearly three decades pago, back to the future atrolled we would be walking paround in self lacing shoes. p>>laura: nike has a new design pto knock your socks off.
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pon stage at in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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3 3 it's time to see what's clicking on p>>russell: all right. ptime to see what's clicking on pthe web. p>>laura: taylor katz in the pstudio right now with her green pon. p>>russell: we're all green ptoday. p>>taylor: yes. phappy st. patrick's day. pi wish you weren't. pi would come and pinch you. panyway, today you guys, we're pstarting off with a moment that padele, that we all know and plove, happened to make one pcouple's engagement even more pspecial than it already was.
6:26 am
on up you two!"runs: :17oc: "did you?! omg!" can p>>taylor: so sweet. pcan you imagine? pand then here's the moment where pthey both walk up. pthis unbelievable moment phappened at her concert just ptuesday night in london. pthe couple was in attendance as pthey both share a love for padele's music but there's one psong in particular that's pspecial to them, it's the one we plove." pas it was playing, the man got pdown on one knee and it turns pout that adele saw him and pinvited the couple up on stage. pshe told him it was one of the pmost beautiful things she's ever pseen happen at one of her pconcerts. pso sweet. pthanks for sharing their pmilestone with her. pi mean, thank you, adele. p>>russell: that's right. p>>taylor: i love it. p>>laura: then there's this. p>>taylor: exactly.
6:27 am
papparently crosses the same road pevery day to get fish from the pnearby seafood restaurant. p>>russell: that's brilliant. p>>taylor: it's so great. pat first the restaurant worker ptries to shoo it away but the pvideo is like five minutes in ptotal. phe realized that the seal pdoesn't take no for an answer so phe runs into the restaurant. pthere he is, coming back out. p>>russell: the dog is there pbarking. p>>taylor: yeah. phe throws the fish. pcome on. pyep. pfish. pthank you. psee you next time. p>>russell: that guy has a roblem on his hands. pthat's an every day thing. p>>taylor: it's going on for pyears now. pthey named him sammy, the whole pthing. pwait for the reaction. peverything is okay.
6:28 am
phe's such a god sport about it. pthe little guy was dyeing easter peggs and it got messier than pexpected. pthe parents are rushing to help phim but he's like, oh, well. pwhere are the eggs? pi want to do it again. p>>russell: you don't make a big pdeal of things like that. pif you keep it low key, they pdon't get upset, right? p>>taylor: yep. pyou're okay. pyou're all right. p>>russell: in cuba less than a pweek away. pthe stadium is not done. p>>laura: the last minute pscramble to put the finishing ptouches on. p>>russell: and we're remembering pfrank, junior. phis unexpected death just hours pbefore he was supposed to the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
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p>>vanessa: don't forget that the psunshine skyway bridge is closed ponce again this morning and this pis due to fog. pright now we're taking a look pnear the top of the bridge and pyou can see we do have reduced pvisibles here and f.h.p. has pbeen telling us that certain arts of the bridge we have pvisibilities under 100 feet. pit's not safe, they say, for pdrivers to come over. p75 as i mentioned before, your pbest alternate and kind of like pwhat we saw two days ago when pthe bridge shut down, we saw pearly congestion and early pdelays along i-4 westbound. pit's likely from folks who are ptrying to come in around or ptaking 75 coming in through pdowntown tampa into the pinterchange here. pso we're already up in the 10 pminute zone, the red zone, pwestbound i-4. pm.l.k. to 275. pdave? p>>dave: that will likely be panother red zone. p6:32 and it's very frustrating, ptoo. pyou have the bridge closed again pthis morning. pyou look and there's not a lot pof fog at the surface.
6:33 am
pfeet above the surface but of pcourse, the bridge goes up 400 pfeet, it goes right into the low pclouds and fog. pthe visible z sibility ies are low in pvenice. peverybody else looking okay. pwe have sea fog early on just plike yesterday. pwe'll get back to the point pwhere we get these temps in the plower 80s and the sunshine as pwell. p>>russell: thanks. pmonitoring a developing story pout of tampa. pa man shot at police officers. pofficers had to fire back. pthey killed him. p>>laura: this was in the 3300 pblock of cherokee avenue just peast of himes. palcides segui is live for us at pthe scene with an update. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. pclose call for several tampa olice officers including a pwoman who was inside the house pas well. pthey both lived in the house. pthis call came in very early pthis morning and it was a pdomestic disturbance call.
6:34 am
ptell us a man was armed with a pgun, walked outside. pright away the officers called pfor backup and you can see the pforensics unit is still here, pstill a very, very active scene. pit's about four houses down from pwhere we're currently standing pright now. pso again, the call came in very pearly this morning. pas soon as police officers got phere, they say this guy walked pout, armed with a gun. pofficers called for backup, got pto a p.a. system and they tried pto communicate with the guy for pabout 45 minutes but according pto police, he wouldn't give up pwithout a fight. p>> at some point he pointed a pfirearm at the officers. pthey then backed off and called pfor help. pover the next 45 minutes or so, pseveral of our officers were pworking on a p.a. just pconversing with him, trying to pget him to come out and to end pthe scene peacefully. phe came out, he was in the pcarport area. phe had a gun tucked in behind phim. pthe officers approached him,
6:35 am
psaying, let us see your hands. pdon't do it. pdon't do it. phe pointed the gun at the pofficers, fired the shot, hit pthe shield right in the center pand at that point, the officers preturned fire and he was killed. p>>reporter: you can hear that rotective shield clearly saved pthese officers from being hurt, pif not possibly even worse, pkilled. pthat's why they had to return pfire. pthere was nothing they could do, paccording to police. pthe woman was not seriously phurt. pa lot of unknowns this morning, pstill trying to figure out his pname and also a motive behind pall of this. pthis is a story that's pdeveloping, that we'll continue pto follow throughout "good day ptampa bay." p>>laura: thank you. palso this morning, we are premembering frank sinatra, pjunior who carried on his famous pfather's legacy with his own pmusic career. p>>russell: he died while on a ptour in daytona beach and he was
6:36 am
etersburg tonight. pshayla reaves is live, very punexpected. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pjust a few hours, frank sinatra, pjunior was scheduled to take the pstage here in st. petersburg but phe did not live long enough to psee that performance. pit's what happened in daytona pbeach that changed everything. phe suffered a heart attack and pdied at the age of 72. pit's what he's remembered for, phis music and it's his music pthat connected him to his father pand also to his fans. pyoung age. phe, in an interview, once stated phe began playing the piano and ptalked about his piano teacher peven giving him lessons. pinstead of practicing the plessons given by his teacher, he pmelodies. pit's a talent that transferred phimself into music that he peventually began playing by ear.
6:37 am
pit by ear and it's this articular talent that paid off pfor him and eventually he even pbegan conducting for his famous pfather. pthroughout his career, he not ponly built a name for himself pthrough singing but through song pwriting, conducting and acting pas well. pcry me a river is among those premembered by his fans. pthey're sad to announce the assing of frank sin ate atra sinatra, pjunior. pwe send heartfelt condolences to pthe sinatra family. pwe've seen a number of pcelebrities sending condolences pand thoughts to the family. pamong them, tony bennett as well pas tommy la sorda as well. pwe'll continue to keep you osted throughout the day as we plearn anything further.
6:38 am
pi'll be back with another live preport coming up in the next phour. pback to you. p>>russell: see you then. pthank you. p>>laura: next week the rays will pmake history. pthey're headed to cuba. p>>russell: rays will be the pfirst major league baseball team pto play on the island since 1999 pand crews are still putting pfinishing touches on the pstadium. pmore than 60 tons of clay were pshipped to havana in preparation pfor the exhibition game. pworkers are still fixing the proof, preparing damaged seating pareas and grooming the field. p50 rays fans will join the team pin cuba and so will president pobama. pthe game is march 22. p>>laura: that is exciting. pit's a big deal. pfor the second time this week, pthe sunshine skyway bridge is pclosed because of fog. pgot team coverage with dave and pvanessa up next with the weather pand traffic. p>>russell: and find out how far
6:39 am
pgo to take home the crown. p>>reporter: if i do it, it's peasier to do. p>>russell: the transformation
6:40 am
6:41 am
pwe have a look at what goes on 3 3 3
6:42 am
pat these cameras and trying to pfind some sea fog, i got a plittle in the bradenton beach pcamera. pthe tough thing with these pcameras, obviously it's so dark poutside, i can't see anything panyway. pwhen the sun comes up, we'll get pa better vantage point of this psea fog. pa lot like it was a couple of pdays ago where most of it is pelevated. pelevated a few hundred feet pwhich, for the most part, is pgood, right? pyou've got 10 miles visibility, ptampa, brandon, st. petersburg. phour phowever, when you go over the psunshine skyway bridge, that's pwhere the fog is. pso that's where the visibilities phave been reduced to about 100 pfeet or so. pso as you're stepping out the pdoor in brandon or tampa, pclearwater, not too bad outside. pwhy did they close the bridge? pkeep in mind as you go up, pthat's when you're dealing with pthe fog.
6:43 am
pyou know, big hill several phundred feet and you get in the pfog. psame kind of thing when you're pdealing with the bridge. pthese temps, this whole week phave been just awesome. pthey've been so far above normal pand we've got about two or three pmore mornings for that before it pchanges. pand then it's going to turn much pcooler. pi don't get ahead of myself. pwe'll do that in the seven-day pin a couple of minutes. pfog has not been a huge issue so pfar polk county this morning but pi don't rule it out. pa steady stream of mid to upper plevel clouds. pthat's what we're looking at the pnext day, day and a half. pthere's a frontal system and pthis is not your typical where a pcold front just comes, you know, praking through the area and peverything clears out behind it. pthis is going to take its psteady, sweet time working pthrough and that honestly keeps
6:44 am
pso today, there will be a decent pchance of showers and pthunderstorms to the north, up paround i-10 or so. pthen tomorrow as the front slips pfurther south, so do the shower pchances. pand that brings us into saturday pwhere we could have some early pmorning showers and then maybe psome early morning showers on psunday. pso we're not looking at a pwashout this weekend. pi do want to point that out. pbut it is going to be a case pwhere you're going to be pchecking the skytower radar app pon and off through saturday and pearly on sunday to key where the pshowers are and then once the pfront clears the area by sunday pafternoon, it turns cooler and pby monday, high temperatures are pback in the 60s and lows for psome areas may actually be in pthe upper 40s. pthere you go. pyou want the blast of cooler air pon its way in a few days. p81 for a high today. pagain, please right along the pcoastline, watch out for sea fog
6:45 am
pquickly. pmostly cloudy, mild tonight with pa low of 69 degrees. pmore clouds tomorrow with a rain pchance of about 20% to 30% so prain chances aren't great ptomorrow. pthey're better on saturday. pyou could see a couple of rounds pof rain, one in the morning on psaturday and one at night and pit's all out of here on sunday pand there's a brief cooldown. pit will be brief, too. pby tuesday, wednesday we're back pto normal again. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. preally looking for different ptraffic incidents around the parea. pbiggest thing and really the ponly thing popping up right now pis the fog. pwe want to continue to remind pfolks even if you're not ptravelling the skyway bridge, we pdo have travel advisories for pother areas as dave mentioned pthat are dealing with reduced pvisibility so if you're in those pareas, make sure you're slowing pdown, give yourself extra time pusing the low beam lights and of pcourse, the big, big concern pwith that fog is that it slows pdown the sunshine skyway bridge. pi mentioned before we are seeing pgrowing delays along i-4 pwestbound and it's unusual to psee slowdowns of this magnitude
6:46 am
pthis is closer to rush hour pconditions or leading up to rush phour and i think that this might phave to do with folks taking 75 pinstead and you can see you're robably taking the selmon pexpressway or i-4, trying to paccess those 275 lanes the other pway via downtown tampa. pbe prepared for that. pdelay as long i-4. pit looks like they're backing up retty solidly to the connector pand beyond that point, you can psee past 50th street and mlk so pwe'll watch those delays and let pyou know the latest with the fog pand the bridge. pbut in the meantime, best bet is robably leave a bit earlier and pas i mentioned before, take 75 pinstead. pwe want to get over to charley pgood morning. p>>charley: top 'o the morning to pyou, vanessa. pyou. pi think that was a really bad paccent. psorry. p>>charley: did you say that was pa bad accent? p>>vanessa: for myself. pfor me.
6:47 am
plike i'm lucky charms. pmagically delicious. p>>vanessa: i'm embarrassed. pi'm actually part irish so -- p>>charley: really? pi think i am somewhere, too. pi know i am. p>>vanessa: we're all irish ptoday. p>>charley: happy st. patrick's pday. pi should be wearing blue today pbecause what i'm going to be ptalking about. pi'm at the amalie arena and i'm preally excited about this new pshow. pif you think of two of the most pgiant names in entertainment, pjames cameron over here, cirque pdu soleil for this world over phere and they've come together. p>>vanessa: no kidding. p>>charley: the first flight. pall right. peverybody in the world has seen pthe movie "avatar." peverybody except vanessa. p>>vanessa: i've seen the reviews.
6:48 am
pthe highest grossing of all ptimes. p"star wars: the force awakens" pjust now crossed it. p>>vanessa: i saw that. p>>charley: everyone has seen p"avatar." pit takes place on pandora and pthen humans come in and mess peverything up. pbut this cirque du soleil takes lace 3,000 years before what phappened in the movie. pwe get to revisit pandora, see pthem drive thriving and we're going to pexplore behind-the-scenes. phere are the props, the puppets pand we'll get you ready for a pvisit to pandora. pyour homework is watch the movie p"avatar" when you have the pchance. p>>vanessa: more homework. pstar wars was good so thank you. pall right, russell. p>>russell: thank you.
6:49 am
prepellant skyrocketing because pof zika. premember the scene when michael pj. fox put on sneakers and they placed up on their own?
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
psee what nike is3 a lot of people are worried about the zika virus ... it's spread by mosquitoes, and p>>russell: a lot of folks are pworried about the zika virus and pno vaccine or treatment yet. p>>laura: that has sent demand pfor bug spray through the roof. pjoining us to talk about this, plauren simonetti. pgood morning, lauren. p>>reporter: good morning. pinsect repellant is your only pdefense here as we wait for a pvaccine. pbug spray manufacturers are pbracing for a demand to be two pto three times higher than usual pbecause of zika. p200 confirmed cases are here in pthe u.s. and i know there in pflorida, you guys are worried pabout this and trying to make psure that everybody, especially regnant women, stay safe here. pwe'll flip to a fun story. pthis is back to the future but pit's happening this christmas. pnike is coming out with self ptying sneakers. pyou press a button and
6:53 am
panother button and they unlace pfor you. pgood for kids, well, for pinfants. pi hope they do learn how to tie ptheir shoes. pthese are for anybody who wants pto adjust how tight the laces pare. p>>russell: it's one more thing pkids will not have to learn now. pthey do not have to write curse pcursive anymore and now they pdon't have to tie their shoes. p>>reporter: and you have charge pbecause they have the batteries pand you must charge them. p>>russell: only for kids? pcome on. phelp me here. pi would get some of these. p>>reporter: i think i would, ptoo. pit depends on the price. pif they're more than $200, no pway. p>>russell: pretty cool, though. p>>laura: that will be standard psoon. pgive it 10 years. pit's very cool to think about. pall right, lauren. pthank you. p>>reporter: thank you. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, log on to fox
6:54 am
p>>russell: stakes high for the pfinal six contestants on p"american idol" and so are the ptransformations from ordinary to psuperstar. p>>laura: this is cool. pwe go behind-the-scenes to find pout how it all comes together. p>>reporter: a lot goes on pbehind-the-scenes to make the pcontestants look like the stars pthey hope to become, including pgetting their makeup, hair and pwardrobe done. p p>>reporter: for some this is an pall new experience. p>> they've been doing this for p15 years. pso you'd better be ready. ut makeup on, whatever. pheels and a dress. pi doubt it but i will do what pthey tell me to do. p>> i can't wait to get into the poff. pi know it looks great but i'm psituation. p>> i was really nervous about my phair.
6:55 am
pthey touched my hair. pbut i slowly but surely am learn pto go trust them. p>> i like the transformation. p>>reporter: they know it's a pgradual process. p>> they make sure we're pcomfortable. p>> you know, each week and each pcontestant it's a slow process. p>> when we start out, we like pthem to look like themselves, plike they normally do but a plittle nicer version. pand then we like to transition pthem slowly into superstars. p>>reporter: when it comes to pvoting fans, a look can be pimpactful. p>> it's important they get so go pahead responses to i love the pget it? pthere's a lot to talk about the
6:56 am
pgood. p>>laura: harry connick, junior pliked that performance. pshe is sassy. pyou can catch "american idol" ptonight right here on fox 13. pit's at 8:00. p>>russell: and still ahead at p7:00, who can take tomorrow and pdip it in a dream? pthe candyman can. p>>laura: i am surprised that pdidn't come in song. pthere it is. pthis dog survived five weeks pstranded at sea. pthe reunion with his owner and phow the navy thinks that he was pable to survive. p>>dave: we are once again pdealing with some sea fog this pmorning. pthat sea fog has basically taken pcare of the sunshine skyway pbridge for the second time this pweek. pbrookdale bayshore, it looks pgood. pwe do see some fog in the pbradenton beach camera. pfolks, it's st. patrick's day.
6:57 am
pbe careful on the roadways and penjoy a nice, high temperature paround 81 degrees for later this
6:58 am
come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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3 (russell- happening right now. detectives are on the scen p>>russell: happening new, pdetectives at the scene of a pshooting involving officers, how pclose they came to being pinvaluable. p>>laura: and dense fog on the pskyway bridge again this pmorning. pdon't waste your time trying to pcross it right now. pvanessa is watching the commute. p>>vanessa: i hate this for pdrivers. pthis is the second time this pweek the bridge has been closed pdue to fog and two days ago when pit happened, it caused an issue pwith delays and also just a big pinconvenience for folks. pyou can see this is a live look pnear the top of the bridge, pcompletely fogged out and pcompletely quiet because f.h.p. ptroopers say visibilities are ptoo bad.


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