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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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3 honor. respect. remember. a final farewell to a hillsborough sheriff's deputy killed in a wrong way crash ... p>>russell: respect, remembrance. pa deputy killed in a wrong way pcrash. p>>laura: a man steals a car with pa 2-year-old boy inside. pthat boy is now safe and pdeputies want to catch the pthief. p>>russell: marco rubio returns pto the senate after his failed residential campaign and he's popening up about his political pfuture. pwhat he's saying about running pfor the governor of florida. p>>dave: we've had a couple of psprinkles around the area this pmorning. pthe rain is strong, if you will, pand really the majority has left
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pus and that's where they'll see pthe best rain chances today. pskytower radar does have a pcouple of showers on it. ptravelling north around the anhandle, gainesville, they phave a halfway decent shot of prain. pfor us it's only around 20% to p30% and temperatures are cooler pthis morning. pwe don't have the fog in pgeneral. pmixed with cloud cover today and ptemperatures slowly sneaking pback to the lower 80s. p>>vanessa: you alluded to the plack of fog overall. pi want to show the sunshine pskyway bridge which looks pretty pclear. pit is open for vehicles. pthey do want to let drivers know pthere's a lane blockage in the psouthbound direction. pf.h.p. is reporting construction pblocking a right lane. pkeep your eyes pealed for that pcrossing the water. p>>laura: greater love has no one
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plives for our fellow man. pthat's the world inscribed on pthe memorial for fallen deputies pand deputy cotifeld, junior was pkilled from a wrong-way crash plast weekend. p>>russell: and his funeral is ptoday. pshayla reaves is live where law penforcement is preparing for a p>>reporter: yeah. pgood morning to you, russell. pyou know that the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office has preceived all kinds of cards and pcondolences, not only from eople right here in our pcommunity but law enforcement pagencies around the could not ti pafter the loss of deputy pkotfila, junior. pthey will miss his smile the pmost. pyou could walk into an office
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pone co-worker said that he was psomeone you could depend on if pyou needed him. phe's like a little brother that pyou could not help but love. pthat's what the people that pshare the uniform with him said pabout 30-year-old john kotfila, pjunior. phe was with the department for psix years and in our community pthere's a father and a daughter pwho remember him as a hero they pnever had a chance to meet. pthe deputy swerved between two pvehicles, one of them a wrong pway driver last week. pinside the other vehicle, sara pand her boyfriend. pthe couple walked away. pthe deputy did not recover. pwhile losing a co-worker is ptough for any of us, it's a plittle bit different when you're ptalking about law enforcement. pdeputies put on that uniform pevery day, they kiss their wife pgoodbye, their kids goodbye, ptheir husband, and they don't pknow if they're going to be pcoming home at the end of the pday.
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pon the line and when something plike this happens, i'm told it's pvery real for them, the reality pthat this could have been their pcar, their crash, their reality pand just this week, we know pcolonel brown with the phillsborough county sheriff's poffice described losing a deputy pjob. pit's one of the most difficult pthings and they deal with this psort of thing a lot but it's peven harder when it's pspecifically someone in your pdepartment. pthe hillsborough county psheriff's office, in this case. pas we make our way toward the pnext half hour, we can tell you pan escort is expected to leave pthe funeral home around 6:30 pthis morning carrying the body pof deputy kotfila, junior. paround 10:00 there will be a rivate visitation for family pmembers followed by an open pinvitation, then the funeral
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pwe'll continue to keep you osted throughout the day. pshayla reaves, fox 13 news. p>>russell: thank you. p>>laura: and again, deputy john pkotfila's service will be held pat saint timothy's catholic pchurch in lutz. pfox 13 will be airing the pservice live. pour coverage also begins at p1:00. p>>russell: the driver of the pwrong way car also died in the pcrash. phe was from hudson. pf.h.p. is investigating to pdetermine that alcohol was a pfactor and we're waiting for the poutcome of that investigation. p>>laura: take a look at this. pthis is the shield that likely psaved a tampa police officer's plife during a shootout. pwe told you about the story pearly yesterday morning. pofficers were responding to a pdomestic dispute called at a phome in south tampa. pa man walked out of the house, pheld up the gun and tried to pshoot at them. pthe first time the gun didn't go poff so he went back inside
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pand firing again. pthis time the gun worked. pthat bullet hit the shield. pofficers returned fire, killing phim. phe's been identified as p53-year-old sunny chin. pthe woman who was involved in pthe domestic dispute was not pseriously hurt. p>>russell: 6:06 and poel -- olk county deputies stole a car pand there was a 2-year-old baby pinside of it. pdetectives found him and the car pabandoned. pit happened outside of the pmulberry pharmacy on north pchurch avenue. pthe family was -- the child was pwith a family friend who went pinside to get a prescription. pthis man was in the pharmacy pright before the car was stolen. pif you recognize him, call the psheriff's office. p>>laura: search and rescue crews precovered a man's body from lake pthonotosassa. pthe man was on a pontoon boat
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anicked after he jumped in. pwitnesses say he did not know phow to swim very well. pthe body is likely that of a p24-year-old male. pwe expect to learn his identity plater today. p>>russell: a sarasota county pfirefighter accused of sexting a p17-year-old girl. pinvestigators say aaron ryan psent explicit messages to the pteen while he was on duty. parrest records show they met at pa restaurant in december and two pdays after he saved his number pin her phone, she told him she pwas underage. phe's on paid administrative pleave. phe's out of jail, $50,000 bond, pfacing town -- facing up to 15 pyears in prison. p>>laura: pauline lee and jeremy erry were arrested for child pabuse. padministrators at rogers garden pelementary school contacted pchild protective services pwednesday after they said that
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plee and perry hit the child at pleast 20 times with a belt, paccording to bradenton police. plee was granted custody of her pdaughter in february. pthey are held without bond in pthe manatee county jail. pin florida, parents have a pconstitutionality pconstitutional right to privacy. pin cases of abuse, the courts pmust consider the size, the plocation and how long the pbruises last on the body. p>>russell: after sending the pjury home early yesterday, the pjudge in the hulk hogan sex tape ptrial says we can expect to hear pclosing arguments today. pattorneys argued over evidence. pgawker wanted to make full 30 pminute sex tape available to the pjurors during their pdeliberations. pinstead they can watch only the
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edited pversion. p>>laura: senator rubio is lanning to take a break from olitics following his failed residential campaign. p>>russell: he put the rumors to prest that he plans to run for pany other office. p>> i'm not going to be the next pvice president. pi don't mean that in a pdisrespectful way. pi'm not running for governor of pflorida. pi'll finish out my term in the psenate. pwe're going to work hard here pand we have some things we want pto achieve and then i'll be a rivate citizen. p>>russell: rubio has yet to pendorse any other candidate and phe believes that donald trump pgetting the g.o.p. nomination pmovement. p>>laura: paul ryan says he did pnot want to be the g.o.p. residential nominee. pthe idea really picked up speed pafter john boehner threw his psupport behind ryan in the event
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p>> i saw boehner last night and pi told him to knock it off. pi used slightly different words. pi used his own words that he pused to use against us when he ptold us to knock things off. pit's not going to be me. pit should be somebody running pfor president. plook. pi made a decision over a year pago not to run for president. pi really believe if you want to pbe president, you should run for resident. p>>laura: there it is. pcandidate must secure 1,237 pdelegates before the nominating pconvention to become the party's residential nominee. pthat's on the republican side. p>>russell: it will be an uphill pbattle for any of the remaining pg.o.p. contenders. pdonald trump is more than phalfway there but he needs to pwin 60% of the remaining pdelegates to clench the pnomination. pted cruz needs 87% and john pkasich can't get there at all. pdemocratic side, bernie sanders
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pyesterday so that it was called pand hillary clinton's favor. pshe has 1,606 delegates. pbernie sanders has 851. psanders will need to win 58% of pthe remaining delegates to win pthe nomination. phillary clinton needs just 42%. pthere are three more races on ptuesday. parizona, utah along with the pdemocratic caucus in idaho. pstay with fox 13 for all the phighlights on the road to the pconventions. p>>laura: it's time to check your antry. pwe have a major recall to tell pyou about. p>>russell: canned tuna pulled pfrom store shelves because they pcould be spoiled. pand a program that gives ptroubled teens a second chance. pwe'll be introduced to this pweek's home town hero. p>>dave: walking out the door pthis morning, the fog is not pthere which is fantastic and palso a couple of degrees cooler poutside. pwe still have mugginess around pbut temperatures are running pupper 60s to lower 60s. plook at the rain to the north pand west of us. pwe're not going to get a lot of
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enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. p>>dave: just at 6:15 on this pfriday morning. pand look first at the ptemperatures. pa difference, huh? pa little cool early outside. psun city center at 60 degrees, prather than 70. lant city at 61. ptampa still 70. pso is st. petersburg. plower 60s to the north. pwe had had a couple of spots get pback to the upper 50s. pyou want cool air, wait until pmonday morning. pthen you get the real cold. pi'm getting ahead of myself. pmid to upper 60s, bartow right pnow at 57 degrees so a little pbit of a wind shift overnight. pwe lowered the humidity levels. pyou're not getting all the fog
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pand in general, we're about two pto seven to nine degrees cooler pthan yesterday at this time. pbrandon is 11 degrees cooler. peven though it's still mild. pthat's a noticeable difference. pso the way today is going to set pup is unlike yesterday, that psteady stream of mid to upper plevel cloud cover is going to psqueeze through. pthese showers are trying. pthey're trying and we may get pone isolated shower this pafternoon or a sprinkle or psomething like that. pit shouldn't be significant. ponce this front finally settles pdown into central florida late ptomorrow afternoon, tomorrow pnight, that is when the best prain chance starts to come psqueezing through. pso we do have a decent rain pchance for tomorrow, tomorrow pnight and then going into sunday pmorning. plet me give you an example of pwhen i say unsettled, this is pwhat i'm talking about. pyour future cast which tries to aint the clouds and recipitation based on computer pmodels the next couple of days.
6:17 am
pafternoon. pyou see how there's one or two plittle sprinkles around the parea. pno big deal. pjust throw your umbrella in the pback seat. pthen you get a better chance of prain come tomorrow, especially ponce we get into the afternoon pand get into the evening. pgood chance of showers, maybe a prumble of thunder. psame thing going into sunday pmorning early. pso you see how it's like a pcouple of different waves of pshowers and storms? pbut by sunday afternoon, pclearing line will have squeezed pthrough and northwest winds pbegin to drag down more pwinter-like temperatures for us. pnothing extreme but many of us pare going to be around 50 come pmonday morning for an overnight plow. pthat's obviously going to be a plot different than the 81 we phave posted for today. p20% to 30% on the rain chance ptoday. pi wouldn't cancel any outdoor lans but if it starts to look a plittle stormy, check your pskytower radar app for a few pshowers on there. plow 68 degrees. ptomorrow morning will be quiet
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pthe afternoon and then going pinto the evening with a high ptemperature tomorrow of around p80 degrees. pfor boaters, we are looking at a plight chop today and tomorrow. pby sunday afternoon, it will be pdifferent because the front will pbe through and then seas will be prunning two to three feet with a pmoderate chop at that point. phigh tide is 1:38 this afternoon pand our next seven days, you'll psee that overall rain chances pare best tomorrow, tomorrow pnight, very early on sunday. phow about that monday? phigh temperature is 67 degrees. pby the way, tuesday morning, pvanessa, many of us will be in pthe upper 40s. pby wednesday afternoon, we're 80 pagain. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you. pwe want to stick around here for pthe tampa area. pwe have sky fox in route to a edestrian involved crash. pit sounds like this is pretty pserious. pit's at the air of busch pboulevard and originally we're
6:19 am
pgetting updated information a pcouple of minutes ago from tampa olice saying this is closer to pthe intersection of north pboulevard so to the west of pwhere i have this on the map. pwestbound busch boulevard is pclosed as well as northbound and psouthbound lanes of north pboulevard. pbest alternates probably for pbusch boulevard, linebaugh or pwaters. pyou can probably take, i would psay, florida instead. pwe'll keep you posted with the platest and bring you live ictures as soon as we can. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. p6: 20 now and you know it's ptough being a teenager, right? eer pressure to bullying, it's peasy to make bad decisions and pit can be tough to get back on ptrack. ptoday's home town heros are pgiving teens a second chance. pjennifer epstein has their pstory. p>>jennifer: it's taken just 12 pweeks for jimmy to turn his life paround.
6:20 am
pjust did what i wanted when i pwanted how i wanted to do it. p>>jennifer: then he heard about pa program held for at-risk teens pto help them find routine and pstructure. p>> we take the kids that others pwouldn't, recognize and giving pthem the opportunity they need. p>>jennifer: jimmy was ready to pmake a change so he signed up pfor the eight-week training. phe's gotten his hands dirty in pthe garden, even helped with pdaily chores. p>> jimmy had a great attitude. pwhen he came in, he was willing pto go to work. phe always showed up on time. p>>jennifer: it's a big padjustment from just three pmonths ago when he was on the pverge of being expelled from pschool. p>> i control my anger. p>>jennifer: replay has taught phim responsibility and respect.
6:21 am
peven if he has no plans of pworking on a farm, the pexperience has helped him better lan his future. p>> i would want to be a rofessional athletic train he pwere. p>>jennifer: that's the real urpose of replay, to keep kids pon track and out of trouble. p>> i think if they can come ptogether and do this kind of pthing, obviously we'll turn paround the future. p>>jennifer: it's a big task for pone organization to take on but pthey've already had success with pjimmy. psometimes that is how changes pare made, slowly, one person at pa time. pjennifer epstein, fox 13 news. p>>laura: and speaking of psuccess, jen says that we've got pan update on jimmy. pthe farm was so impressed with phim, they offered him a pfull-time job coming up this psummer. p>>russell: pretty neat. pthanks. pcoming up, the air force base is pmarking 75 years in history with ptheir best. pit kicks off this weekend. pit's friday.
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pyour hot click of the week. ptaylor is next with a look at p (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
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it's friday, that p>>laura: all right. pit's friday and that means it's ptime to pick the hot click of
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p>>jennifer: what's going on? p>>taylor: good morning. phappy friday. pi'm going to whisper it. phappy birthday. p>>russell: thank you. pthank you. p>>taylor: he doesn't want us to pmake a big deal of it so i'll pmove along here. pwe have hot click of the week pand our first nominee is so pcute. pwe have this adorable video of a prescued kangaroo warming up to phis new guardian. phe was rescued after his mommy pwas sadly hit by a truck. pscott mason with the police pstation, he's not far from her. p>>laura: i've not seen this. p>>taylor: this is monday. pwait for this. phe hops inside the shirt which pis so cute. p>>laura: makeshift pouch. p>>taylor: exactly. pthis officer has experience pcaring for animals so we hear pthat the containing room is in pgood hands and apparently a very pgood shirt.
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pnext up, we have this adorable pvideo, i think. p>> congratulations. pyou're a great grandma. p>> you're a great grandma. p>> great grandmother. p>> thank you. pi'm going to cry. p>> no. pyou're great, grandma. pbut you're like a great pgrandmother. p>> thank you. p>> you did a good job and you're pa great grandmother. phow great can i be? p>> it's not great like the padjective. p>> you're their kids' great pgrandmothers. pso you're going to be a great pgrandmother. plike she's pregnant. p>> are you kidding me? p>>taylor: i love this so much. pit's the moment that a great pgrandmother to be mistakes her pfamily's announcement for a pcompliment. pa little adjective trouble there pbut in the end, she realized pthat she's not only a wonderful
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pa grandmother twice over. p>>russell: nice. p>>taylor: very cute. plastly, we've all been there. pthe moment we catch our dog pdoing something they're not psupposed to. p>>laura: so funny. pjust love it. p>>taylor: she just ended up plooking just gorgeous. p>>laura: matches her collar and peverything. pgreat shade. p>>taylor: all right. pyou know the routine. phead to our home page at pright there on taylor's daily phot clicks link and you'll see peach of our nominees, a link, pclick here to vote. pthat's what you want to do. pat the end of the show, i'll be pback and i'll let you know who pwins. p>>laura: it's a good week. p>>taylor: it was a good week. pit was a lot of fun, you guys. p>>laura: thank you, taylor. pastronaut scott kelly returned phome from a one-year mission in pspace and now, another astronaut pis getting ready to break one of phis records. p>>russell: alcides segui is
6:28 am
pup in the sky this weekend. pgood morning. p>>reporter: happy birthday to pyou, russell rhodes. pand happy friday, everybody. pwe have a big weekend starting ptomorrow in the tampa bay air pfest that kicks off, takes pflight here in the bay area. psuch a great event. pyou'll talk about the military, pyou've got civilian aircraft and pit's going to be incredible. pstarts at 8:00 in the morning. pwe're going to be talking about pall the aircraft that are taking art in it as well coming up on p"good day tampa bay." pwe're going to be speaking to pthe chef irvine from the food pnetwork and why he's here in the
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6:30 am
geico motorcycle,
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3 p>>dave: 6:31 this morning and pwhile we have a couple of psprinkles over the gulf, not pmuch coming down onshore except pjust north of cedar key. pthe best rain chances today will
6:32 am
pwe'll throw in a 20% to 30% rain pchance for good measure but poverall, variable clouds today pand still be warming, though pwe're starting off a few degrees pcooler this morning. phighs back to the lower 80s. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you and we do phave live pictures as promised pof the pedestrian involved crash pi just reported at the last ptraffic report. pthis is once again happening in ptampa at the intersection of pbush and north boulevard and pright now, we're actually seeing pall travel lanes blocked so pnorthbound, southbound, peastbound and westbound pcompletely shut down. pseveral patrol cars on scene and paccording to tpd, this is a pserious crash they're working. pwe don't have an e.t.a. for when pthis intersection will reopen. pfor the meantime until we get pword the lanes are about to popen, use the alternates. pwaters, linebaugh and also take pin the north and southbound pdirection of florida.
6:33 am
plearn the condition of the edestrian. p>>laura: today we pay respects pto a hillsborough county deputy pwhose final action may have psaved two lives. phe put himself between a wrong pway driver and another vehicle pon the selmon expressway last pweekend. phe was killed. pright now, his body is being ptransported from a funeral home pto saint timothy's catholic pchurch in lutz. p>>russell: he came from a family pof officers. phe'd been with the sheriff's poffice for six years. ublic visitation is planned at p11:00 this morning until 1:00 pwith a burial immediately after pat his home town in pmassachusetts. p>>laura: the tampa city council pvoted to decriminalize the poe p-- small possession of pmarijuana.
6:34 am
pmayor buckhorn plans to sign the pordinance in the coming days. pit will not take effect pimmediately. pthere will have to be a training eriod for officers to know how pto enforce the law. p>>russell: scary situation in pdel ray beach. pa man accidentally set himself pon fire. phe was rushed to the hospital pwith severe burns. pseveral other people were phospitalized for breathing fire pextinguisher fumes. pthe school district is pinvestigating. p>>laura: a giant nine foot, 11 pinch alligator was the talk of pthe town yesterday in lakeland. pthe city posted this picture on ptheir facebook page. pit shows the gator catching a plittle shade. psoon after this picture was ptaken. pthe alligator went to where a ptrapper managed to get the panimal and the school wrote pthis.
6:35 am
olk county education today. p>>russell: look at that. p>>laura: like the gator boy guy. p>>russell: well, it's easily one pof the most popular events in pour area and this weekend, the pmacdill air force base is popening its gates for air fest. p>>laura: more than 100,000 eople are expected and the best art is, it's free. palcides segui is on base this pmorning with a preview of the pbig event. pgood morning. p>>alcides: good morning to you. pgates open at 8:00 in the pmorning. pthey're expecting a lot of eople, including a chef. pthank you for being with us. pi didn't realize you lived in ptampa bay. p>> i spend about 12 days a year phere. pi travel the rest so it's good. p>>reporter: what's the game lan? p>> in about 29 minutes i'm going
6:36 am
pin a couple of seconds. p>>reporter: one of our anchors pwas in the thunderbird. pa little aing detroit. pare you excited? p>> i flew the t 38. pg's. p>>reporter: air fest itself, ptalk about it. pi know it's excitement for you pand everyone here z. when you pget to the bay area, you see pwhat's here and i can see right paround this but you see the pgreatest air force, men and pwomen that serve our country. pthey give you a show in great pweather for free. p>>reporter: looking around, too, pnice aircraft. pit's so neat to see it in this phangar and we're going to talk pto some pilots that are going to pbe behind the helm here in a pcouple of minutes or a little plater on "good day tampa bay." pit's so remarkable when that pcomes here in the bay area to
6:37 am
pspeak to the pilots. p>> they do think about air pshows. pthey're all over the world. pto be in tampa bay to show off pwhat we've got and there's prelics of aircraft here that, my pgoodness, they're in the best pshape of their life, i'm sure. pthe pilots are doing amazing pthings. pit's a spectacle in itself. p>>reporter: thank you for being pwith us. pgood luck to you. pagain, the air fest is saturday pand sunday. pgates open at 8:00 in the pmorning and they're expecting a plot of people. pwe're talking to event porganizers, well over 2,000 eople. pthe last time they held it was pin 2014 and there was about that pso they're expecting that again pthis year. pback to you. p>>laura: all right. pthank you. p>>russell: russian rocket will pcarry through new people to the pinternational air station later ptoday. pone of them will make history on phis six month mission. pthey will blast off in pkazakhstan around 5:30 our time.
6:38 am
pon the left, is to become the pnew american record holder for paccumulative days in space. p534 passing up commander scott pkelly who wrapped up his pone-year mission on march 1. pwilliams will take the pinternational space station in pjune. phigh winds preventing crews from praising the soyuz spacecraft pinto the vertical position on pwednesday. pthe crew should arrive at their phome about six hours later. ptheir next resupply mission will pblast off from the kennedy space pstation on tuesday. prain could affect our weekend lans. pdave has a look at the forecast. p>>laura: and the summer olympics pare coming up in august and the
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
pto p>>russell: we're getting video, pa system bother, sad salute to pdeputy john kotfila who was pkilled in the wrong way crash plast saturday. pright now his body is being
6:42 am
psaint timothy's catholic church pin lutz. pa public visitation is planned pfor 11:00 this morning until p1:00 with a funeral following pimmediately after that. pfox 13 is carrying that service pand deputy kotfila will be pburied at his home town in pmassachusetts. p>>laura: we understand that his pbody is just a few moments away pfrom being at the church in lutz pwhere many, many members of law penforcement will be there, not pjust from the hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office but all pthe surrounding agencies, many ptravelling a long way to come pand pay their respects which is ptradition and a very, very good pone. p>>russell: we're seeing the
6:43 am
pselmon. phe placed his car, pushed his pcar in between another wrong-way pdriver and another and saved the plives of two other people. p>>laura: the crash scene, they pwaited to find out who the pdeputy was. pwe found out he came from a long pline of law enforcement officers pand his father, his uncle and pmany members of his family. pit's tradition for them. pit's so sad, especially in light pof the heroic way in which he pdied. p>>russell: full coverage pthroughout the morning on "good
6:44 am
pnews. p>>dave: all week long, we've had pvisibility issues, right? pwe've had the fog and today is a ptwo different story. peverybody reporting 10 mile pvisibility. pevery once in a while, we're pseeing in eastern hillsborough por parts of polk a few patches pof fog here or there but in pgeneral, a calmer start to the pday. poff to the west, you see whole plines of rain and they get pwithin like 50 miles of the pcoast and then they start to pfall apart and that's going to pbe the case the next several phours. pyou'll see many waves of rain ptry and try to make their way ponshore. pnothing but a sprinkle or two is robably going to happen in the pmorning hours. ptoday we may muster up one or ptwo showers this afternoon but pthe overall rain chance is about p20% to 30%. pi think in brandon, you're ptalking about temperatures 11 pdegrees cooler than yesterday. pbut still, above normal.
6:45 am
pweek. pwe're 60 in brooksville, 63 in plakeland. p62 in wauchula. pstill 70 in tampa. pover the course of the next 48 phours, it's going to be punsettled as this front slowly pslides southeastward. pyou're going to get little pspokes of energy which will come palong the front and help to penhance the lift. pas they move overhead, you get a pdecent chance of rain. pbetween now and sunday morning, pwe may get two, three little pwaves of rain but in general, pthe computer models are calling pfor half an inch or less and pthat's what we're looking for pnow. pas much cloud cover as we're pgoing to have here over the pcourse of the next couple of pdays, you see the rain bucket pkind of quiet so one or two pshowers locally could produce psome heavier rainfall, mainly psaturday night, very early
6:46 am
prainfall as you go further north pand west but in general, you'll psee especially further south robably less than half an inch pof rain or so. plooking at temperatures today, pback up to that 80, 81-degree pmark. pit may be the last time we do pthat for the next several days pas well. pmostly cloudy skies. pcan't rule out a quick shower pbut today is not a hefty rain pchance. pcloudy, mild tonight. pyoe temperature near 68 degrees pand keep checking your skytower pradar apps tomorrow, especially pduring the afternoon and pevening. pcloud cover, energy moves along pthe front to give us a better pchance with a high temperature paround 80. pespecially if you want to be off poffshore and doing any boating. plight chop today, light chop ptomorrow but the winds pick up pbehind the front. psunday it's more of a moderate pchop. pwe're going to get nice, cool pair to settle in for the pbeginning of next week.
6:47 am
pbut when you get into late pmarch, close to late march now, plook how fast it warms up again. pmonday's high is 67. pby wednesday, we're back to 80. p>>vanessa: all right. p6:46. pwe're checking in again in the ptampa area, bush and north where pwe have the pedestrian involved pcrash. pblockage here. pwe actually just saw a few pmoments ago those westbound preopened to traffic. pit is moving a bit slow in the parea so if you can avoid the parea completely, do so. pbut if you do decide to take pthose westbound lanes, make sure pyou plan extra time because it pis jamming up just a little bit pin that intersection. pwe have another crash to let you pknow about in pinellas. pthis is at haines road. plook for emergency crews working pon site. pthis was caused by a vehicle pswerving to avoid a pedestrian
6:48 am
plive look at 75 in the area of pstate road 60. pseeing some flashing. pit doesn't appear to be blocking pany travel lanes. pit's hard to tell from the pzoomed out position but f.h.p. pis reporting a vehicle fire in pthe area so just remember that pmove over law as you make your pway that way. ptime is 6:48. plet's check in with charley pbelcher. p>>charley: "good day" to you, pvanessa. pdid you have a nice st. atrick's day? p>>vanessa: sure did. pit wasn't too much but that's pokay. p>>charley: that's the thing pabout the morning show. pyou can start early. pmy wife and daughter went to pdunedin. pit was really a family friendly pfestival, music and starts like pat 11:00, 12:00 and then gets pcrazy at night for sure. pwe left about 4:00, 5:00 but it pwas nice. phear a little irish music.
6:49 am
phey, imagine turning your hobby pinto a profit. pa father-son shares a passion pfor baseball. pfor this generation, that's the pstory i have for you this pmorning as i tell you all about pbats. premember that name because it is pa guy who started with a wood pshop in his garage and it's pgrown and grown and grown and phis business model is growing pand growing and growing. pit. pwe're going to choke up on the
6:50 am
6:51 am
pday" and knock it out of the life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics?
6:52 am
the what?! [ laughs ] 3 check your pantry, there is another food recall to tell you p>>russell:ou'll need to check pyour pantry. pthere's another food recall to ptell you about. p>>laura: it involves tuna and a plot of it, too. pjoining us from the fox business pnetwork, lauren simonetti. p>> hundreds of thousands of cans pof tuna. pcheck the cupboard. pbumble bee foods recalling p31,000 cases of tuna. phours later, try union seafood
6:53 am
ptuna. pthe reason is, they were both roduced in the same plant in pgeorgia. pthere was an equipment pmalfunction at that plant that pcould cause some of the tuna to pbe undercooked and that could pmake people sick. pgood news, nobody has fallen ill pand also this is a voluntary precall for this specific cans pand cases, go to fox arents who take their kids punder the age of six or their pbabies to r rated movies, have pyou seen it? pis it common? pshould you do that? pregal cinemas and saying you pcannot bring any child at any ptime, even if they're with their arents to an r-rated movie. pwhy do they care? pthey have other adults paying pexpensive prices to see that pmovie and they don't want to be pbothered by your little kid. pi don't know if they care if pyour little kid is seeing pviolence but they don't want pother adults to be bothered.
6:54 am
ptalking about the screaming room pwhere -- screening room. pthe movie owners are getting pnervous. pthey're saying how are we going pto get people to spend money to pcome into the theater when they psay it might be easier to rent pit at home? p>>russell: and then i've heard psteven spielberg is on board pwith this idea. pthat has to be even more pfrightening when you get pdirectors like that on board pwith something like this. p>>reporter: it's the wave of the pfuture. pi think it's inevitable. pi really do. p>>laura: agreed. p>> i didn't know so many young pkids were going to r-rated pmovies. p>>laura: even pg 13 movies these pdays. p>>russell: you found that out. p>>laura: i did the hard way. pwe have to leave it there. pthank you. p>>russell: don't miss lauren on pthe fox business network. pif you're not sure where that pis, go to fox finder.
6:55 am
pfinal spot in the top five ptonight? p>> that was hard for us. pbut we would like to sonica come pback next week. p>>laura: there it is. panother tough cut on american pidol. pthe top six performed last pnight. pthe judges had to save one of pthe bottom two singers based on plast week's vote and they picked psonica sending tristin home. pjust five episodes left. pyou can watch american idol pevery thursday night on fox 13. pthe big finale is three weeks paway. p>>russell: nike unveils what the polympic uniforms will look like. pthey're set to be worn by pmembers of the u.s., brazil, pchina and astonia teams. pthey're packed with new ptechnology, including a new yarn pdesigned to dry faster than any pnike uniform ever and we'll all pbe paying for that for ourselves plater on.
6:56 am
polympic opening ceremony august p5. pall right. pshall we find out? p>>laura: i think so. p>>taylor: we shall. p>>russell: i think we know but pgo ahead. p>>taylor: it was the right shade pof lipstick for that dog. p>>laura: oh, good. pgood. p>>taylor: 55% of the vote went pto this little gal. p>>laura: how can you not love pthat? phow can you not? p>>taylor: how you cannot love pthat is if you're the owner. p>>laura: good point. p>>taylor: congrats to that plittle girl and have a great pweekend. p>>laura: you, too. pthank you. p>>russell: hail the size of ptennis balls. p>>laura: the weather has been pcrazy of late and it did a lot pof damage, too. pwe're going to show you coming pup at 7:00. p>>russell: and forgive me for i phave sinned. pa woman caught on surveillance probbing a store and her calling pin life may surprise you. p>>laura: and much respect to our pwalter allen.
6:57 am
pand he did not hold back. psee how he's holding up against pnine g's. pgood for him. pit's all ahead at 7:00. p>>dave: yeah. p6:56 now. pwhile the radar looks ominous, pmost of that stuff is drying up pbefore it actually reaches the pcoastline, although we'll put a p20% to 30% rain chance in there poverall today. pwe are looking at variable
6:58 am
pthe lower most weekends only last a
6:59 am
some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at
7:00 am
3 (russell- fallen hero. a final far p>>russell: fallen hero. pfinal farewell for a deputy pkilled in the wrong way crash lus -- p>>reporter: trump versus clinton pand wait until you see some of pthe early ads. pwe'll have more on that just pahead. p>>laura: and holy cow. pa nun accused of shoplifting. psee the video evidence. p"good day tampa bay." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pwe have a lot ahead. pwe need to start with delays now pon busch boulevard. pvanessa is following that. p>>vanessa: good morning. pwe're watching a serious crash phere along busch boulevard as pyou mentioned. pit's at the intersection with pnorth boulevard and for folks


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