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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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bada ba ba ba 3 tampa police are investigating a deadly hit and run involving a bicyclist. the latest on their investigation. p>> anjuli: tampa police are pinvestigating a deadary phit-and-run involving a pbicyclist. p>> alcides: soggy start. pwhat can you expect out there ptoday? p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p>> anjuli: good morning. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 7:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pthanks for joining us. pgood morning. p>> lindsay: we had quite a bit pof rain and some thunderstorms pyesterday and showers this pmorning.
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pbecause as the cold front sweeps pthrough we end the chances from pnorth to south. pno severe weather to start out pthe day or thunderstorms but we phave heftier showers not so much psouth of the bay. pthere's a pocket of heavy rain pin interior portions of sumter pbut it's spotty from crystal priver and down towards new port prichey and hudson. peven showers in northern phillsborough. pyou can see some of the praindrops near temple terrace pand tarpon springs seeing rain pthis morning. peast highland saw nasty storms pthis afternoon. pthe heavier rain is east in pinterior portions of sarasota pcounty. pit's cloudy and we're at 67. pand more clouds than sun even pafter the front passes, but in pthe wake of it, it's still psomewhat muggy. pwe're still above average in the pmid to upper 60s, but after it pafternoon. pby tonight we'll move the clouds pout and bring the temperatures
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pso a 40% rain chance today from pnow until lunchtime. pthe further south you live the prain is slower to exit. pby monday only 65 degrees. pthat means tonight is going to pbe pretty chilly so we have the povernight lows coming up. p>> alcides: new this morning. panother wrong-way driver this ptime in tampa. pan officer on 275 on his way phome when he saw someone driving psouth in the northbound lanes in pthe area of fowler avenue. pthe officer was able to avoid pthe car and called out the pwrong-way driver on his radio. panother officer arrested the pwoman going the wrong way on the pbusch boulevard exit ramp. pshe was arrested for driving punder the influence. p>> anjuli: new this morning, ptampa police are investigating a pdeadly hit-and-run accident pinvolving a bicyclist. pit happened last night just pbefore 9:00 at inner bay psouth. paccords to police a man in his pin his 40s was riding a bicycle
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pthat car kept on driving. ptampa police are talking to pwitnesses to get a description pof the car. pinner bay was closed while they pinvestigated, but it's since pbeen re-opened. p>> alcides: developing povernight, the airport is back pover on davis islands is open pthis morning. pfriends and family have pidentified the victim as louis pcaporicci of tampa and kevin pcarreno of st. petersburg. pthey were on board a twin-engine pcessna plane that crashed around p11:30 friday morning. pboth were skilled. pyesterday investigators pconfirmed witnesses' reports pthat another plane may have been pinvolved. pthey're still trying to figure pout if, indeed, there was a pconnection between two aircraft. p>> anjuli: st. pete first presponders deal with a rash of pmedical emergencies having to do pwith the synthetic drug known as pspice. pclearwater police had a spike in pspice-related calls this week.
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punity park with a dozen homeless eople that suffered seizures. pinvestigators say users seem to pact like zombies, sometimes punable to communicates. pthere's been an increase in pspice-related overdoses and pmedical emergencies reported all pover the bay area. p>> alcides: donald trump holds pa rally in arizona despite rotesters' best efforts. pthey parked their vehicles on a phighway leading to the rally so pno cars could get through. pthey stood on the road and had psigns saying trump is hate. pit wasn't enough to move all the rotesters. pthree people were arrested. p>> anjuli: on the democratic pside hillary clinton hillary pclinton has a huge delegate plead, but senator bernie sanders pis refuses ing to cone concede. psanders believes his campaign pcan perform well in upcoming praces in arizona, new york, ennsylvania and california. phe's focused a lot of efforts pout west.
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pin the east. p>> alcides: it was a rough psaturday on the water for a pgroup of boaters. plisten to this. pthe u.s. coast guard crews from pthe sand key had to rescue five eople after their boat poverturned and actually sank. pit happened about 7 miles west pof clearwater pass. pit's unclear what caused the pboat to flip. pcrews were able to safely bring peveryone aboard. p>> anjuli: the suspect in a ort richie home invasion and pburglary is dead after pinvestigators say he fought with pthe homeowner, deputies, and pfirst responders. asco county sheriff's office ptells us torrey robinson broke pinto a home on dresden lane on pfriday night. phe smashed a window and was cut pup badly. phe started to fight with one erson inside the home at the ptime, and that continued until pdeputies arrived. pthe sheriff says the deputies ptased him because he wouldn't pstop fighting even to left first presponders treat his cuts. p>> this is an over 11-minute he
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pthey kept trying to calm him pdown. pit was not a rapid succession of pthe deployment of the taser. pgoing back to the handcuffing, pwhy we wouldn't handcuff is if pthey were trying to get him just pto relax. p>> anjuli: robinson was knocked pout by the taser. aramedics tried to revive him, pbut he died at the hospital. p>> alcides: the united states pis warning of the risk of zika pvirus in cuba just as president pobama gets ready for a three-day pvisit to the country. pthe cdc has added cuba to its ptravel notice for zika. pthe virus is spread by mosquitos pand is linked to a birth defect. pthe obama administration says pthe virus is not a factor in the resident's travel decisions. phe travels today and will be pthere for three days, which pincludes taking in a baseball pgame between the rays and the pcuban national team. p of course, fox 13 will have pa hometown team out there as pwell in cuba. pour sports director scott smith pwill be covering the rays game,
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resident's visit. plook for reports beginning next pweek. p still ahead, a little rain pwasn't an issue on the other pside of town either. p>> anjuli: we tell you about pthis year's bark in the park and phow much money it brought in. p plus, the rays get ready for pthe big trip to cuba. pa look into what goes into pgetting an entire baseball team pfrom the bay area to the island pnation. p>> lindsay: good morning to pyou. p7:07. pwe had some showers and storms pand some big ones in the pafternoon yesterday. pafter those left, we had a plittle more rain. pnow the rain that we're seeing pis the last of it for a few pdays. pit's ahead of our cold front. pwe're in the mid-60s. pa couple heavier pockets into psarasota county, but a lot of pclouds. p69 degrees brookdale bayshore pand into the afternoon we go. pmid-70s turning breezy, and that pbreeze is out of the north. pthat means our last taste of pcooler temperatures foent r the pseason probably. pwe talk about how cool after the pbreak. p hillary clinton rolled
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3 video of lightning over p check out this sunning video pof lightning over houston from pfriday night. pthey captured the show as storms
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pforecasters are predicting more pisolated thunderstorms through pthe weekend there. p>> alcides: that weather left pdestruction in the path. pstorms left behind damage and pkilled several birds at a local pzoo. pa hailstorm took out windows on plocal homes as well. p>> anjuli: we had a little prain, but that didn't rain on pthe parade at bark in the park, plindsay? p>> lindsay: there were so many pconcerns yesterday. pmy concern was thunder and plightning. pbark in the park is one of the pbiggest fund-raisers for the phumane society for tampa bay. pthere's walter and me smiling pbefore the rain and there's psophie was smiling about the prain. pmy husband was carrying a small pumbrella. pshe's so wet. pthank you for everyone that came pout. pwe called it early, but even pthough we ended early the humane psociety of tampa bay raised p$93,000 and that goes back to pthe animals in the community.
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pout to support them. pwe're not the only ones that saw prain in tampa. pthat was on harbor island at the ark. psome areas had more rain than pwhat we saw in tampa and mixing pin with the rain were stronger pstorms. pso with that upwards of 1.5 pinches near wauchula, highlands pcounty nearly an inch in some pspots. pcoastal hernando and citrus pabout an inch. pat the airport officially less pthan half an inch, but we take pit because march has been really pdry for us. pit was welcomed news for anyone psuffering from allergies. oor anjuli is still suffering, peven though the rain may have phelped for a bit. pshowers are moving in this pmorning ahead of the cold front pright about here. pthat means want rain won't be paround all day. pit's really just this morning, pespecially north where we have psome pockets of steadier rain pbut no thunder or lightning pmixing in. pthe extends from bay port to pbrooksville to bushnell this pmorning.
7:13 am
pmore sun this afternoon. pto pinellas and hillsborough, we phave a batch of broken showers pimpacting hudson, new port prichey and a few more tiny pshorts. psprinkles in pong and xiting phighlands county. pthat rain was heavy near i-75, pmyakka city. pthe bottom line is a 40% rain pchance ending from nort to south pthis morning. pso by lunchtime or so, it's preally just south of tampa bay pwhere we have some showers. plots of clouds this morning. pcloudy skies here in tampa. p67 degrees and winds are light pout of the northwest but they pveer north behind the front and ick up today, which means even pthough the rain is ending, pboating deteriorates this pafternoon. p69 usf marine science cam. pthe water looks good for the ptime being, but by the afternoon pwaves 3 to 5 feet and exercise pcaution is in effect.
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p64 in crystal river and 68 in pclearwater. paround the state, the cooler air pis a ways off. pnow, clouds will break a bit by pthe afternoon, but still more pclouds than sun. pagain, it's an early rain day pevent. pwinds this morning, again, light pout of the northwest. pinto the day we go. pby lunchtime it's 74 and rain pchances cut in half. pby 3:00 p.m. 75 in a few spots pand by 6:00 p.m. maybe a few pbreaks in the clouds. pby 10:00 a.m. especially south pof i-4 some lingering rain. pby lunchtime that's it until you plive well south. pinto the afternoon winds picking pup and skies clear a bit. pit's not until tonight we clear pit out and bring in cold stuff. p46 in brooksville tomorrow pmorning is a solid 10 degrees pbelow average for most of us. p50 in bartow and 50 in tampa and p57 in venice. art of the storm system that pbrought the rain will bring in pthe snow from coastal portions
7:15 am
pmass where some areas near pboston could pick up over 6 pinches of notice tomorrow pmorning for the rush hour drive. pshowers early give way to breezy pconditions for us and a few eeks of sun. pwe clear tonight and winds stay pchilly for us considering this pthe last blast of winter. psprirng superspring started this pmorning. p65 on monday and much cooler. pboating will be tricky the next pfew days. pexercise cautions by the pafternoon. pif you must boat your morning is pthe time to do it. pnext tide is the low tide. pas cool as it will be tuesday pmorning, 46, it's short lived pand we're back into the low 80s pwith thunderstorms by good pfriday. pwe're on it for the easter pweekend forecast. p>> alcides: a big and pmuch-needed win for the tampa pbay lightning last night to take pon the coyotes in arizona.
7:16 am
pearly in the first period and pnever looked back. pgoalie ben bishop had a great pnight shutting out the coyotes. p the rays get ready for the pbig trip to cuba, and the usf pwomen's basketball team advance pto the second round. phere's jeff tokesberry. p the tampa bay rays are going pto an adventure of a life tile plater today. pthey leave for the airport after pthe game with the orioles. phavana, cuba is the destination pfor tuesday's game against the pcuban national team. pfirst time since 1999 a major pleague club played on the pisland. ptruly historic. pthey loaded up what they needed pfor the trip moving from port pcharlotte to the airport and pgetting everything on and off a lane takes careful planning. pchris westmoreland is the
7:17 am
pwhat it takes to a move to an pisland, even for just a couple pof days. p>> well, in some ways it was psimilar to a normal road trip pduring the season. psetting up the hotels and buses pand trucks and things like that. pbut the difference here was the ptravel party, the size of the ptravel party. pyou know, dealing with the cuban pgovernment and making sure that plogistically we can get in and pout of cuba, you know, as pstreamlined as we're used to ptraveling. p>> we have a lot of items we'll pleave in cuba with the locals. pwe also have a lot of pmerchandise from our marketing pdepartment to utilize down pthere, and also we have a lot of pfans there. pso we have apparel for them. p>> it's really cool. psome guys are probably to get to pgo and not play, which is still pgame. pfor me to get to compete and go pin and do that, i think it's psomething that i'll definitely pappreciate from here on out.
7:18 am
ptrip to cuba well. pthey will join craig patrick and pcover everything from the plead-up to the game to the game pitself and the president's pvisit. pcoverage begins tomorrow from pcuba. p the usf women's basketball pteam is not getting the credit pthe program deserves. pthey play one of the toughest pnonconference schedules in the pcountry and more importantly pthey share a kwefrngs conference with the pbest program in the country, pconnecticut. pthe team traveled to los angeles pfor the first round game. pthey faced colorado state who plost just one. pthe big story before the game, pjose fernandez did not start pcourteney williams. pthey comes off the bench and rovides a huge spark whether pshe enters the game. pbulls down 10-1 early. pwilliams is a big part of that pclosing the gap and drains the pthree there. pwilliams just getting started. pin your face bucket for two. pbulls trail now by just three. pand then in the third, courteney pwilliams with the jumper closes
7:19 am
pbulls are down by one. pwilliams' 31 points fuels a pcomeback having them move ponward. p31 points and a new post season precord. p two more scores. pflorida state advances winners pover mtsu and miami falls to psouth dakota state by 3, the psouth dakota jack rabbits. p after yesterday's xfinity prace in fontana, austin dillon pgood. phe had to be both on saturday. pwait for bad luck to happen to pthe other guys. pkyle busch has been dominant in pthe xfinity series winning three pstraight and leading up until he pcuts the front left tire. ounces. ptaking the lead. pwatch as busch losing speed ptries to pin him against the pwall. pdillon gets around him to take
7:20 am
pbetter lucky than good he says. pwhat he gets is a little bit of pboth there. paustin dillon has the number pthree sprint car on the pole pright here on fox 13 at 3:30. pthe second time he has won the ole position in his young pcareer. phe was the fastest qualifier at pthe 2013 daytona 500. pthe 64th running at the 12 hours pof sebring added rain and plightning to the race. ptwo and a half hours of delays ptoday because of the weather, pand in the prototype class pdurani wins at sebring. phe made a name for himself early pon in the season. pthat's a look at sports. phave a great morning. p>> alcides: look at this. premember all those upgrades we ptold you about at raymond james pstadium? pit looks like they're getting to pa good start. pthe bucs tweeted out this icture yesterday. pit shows the scoreboard coming pdown. pit was captioned tearing them pdown, making progress on the new
7:21 am
pstadium. pcan't wait for that. p>> anjuli: it is exciting. p>> alcides: it's very exciting. p still ahead, it may have pgotten off to a soggy start, but pit looks like the macdill air
7:22 am
p>> anjuli: we have the come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes. better yet, come into steak 'n shake for hand-dipped milkshakes r r at half-price during r half-price happier hour, p weekdays, now two to five at steak 'n shake. the four dollar menu at steak 'n shake. featuring handcrafted steakburgers, all-beef footlongs and fresh guacamole made from scratch. the four dollar menu, where all meals are under four dollars,
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p>> alcides: yeah, remember pthat? pthe macdill air fest got off to pa toing -- to a soggy start pyesterday morning. pit was delayed a few hours but pthey got underway at 1:00 in the pafternoon. pteri montrose is joining us live pby phone this morning. p>> good morning. pthanks for having me. p>> alcides: great to hear from pyou. psoggy start yesterday, but i pthink it was a pretty big pturnout considering, right? p>> we were blown away with the pcrowd that still showed up pyesterday after a two-hour pdelay. pwe had lines out the front gate,
7:24 am
pand they showed up in force pyesterday. p>> alcides: i believe it. pit's a great air fest. pwhat's on schedule for today? p>> the schedule is pretty much a pduplicate of yesterday. pyesterday we were actually able pto get off the thunderbirds pshow, and we expect to see the psame thing today at 3:00. pthe gates open up very soon now, pabout 8:00 this morning. p11:15 is opening ceremonies. pwe have the full line-up going. we don't expect the weather to pbe bad at all. pthis might be the perfect day to pcome out and see the air fest. pshould be overcast and the sun pshouldn't beat down on you. pwe don't expect showers at all. p>> alcides: talk to me about pthe lines. pwe were out there live on the pdell mabrey intraens entrance. pkelly said it took about an hour pto get in. pyou had the three gates open. pdid that help at all? ptypically that's not the case. pthis year you had three. pdid that help? p>> it did. pwe had the gates closed dwred pfor two hours while delayed.
7:25 am
psecurity forces out there arking cars, so people might phave been a little delayed pduring the two hours because the pgates were closed. pthis morning we have all three pgates open and the weather pshould be great. pit should be a much easier way pto come through the gates this pmorning. p>> alcides: if you're coming pout today, i imagine you have to pget an early start, right? p>> we recommend an early start. pwe want you to see the whole pshow. pthere's so many static displays pout here. pthe aerial shows start at 11:00. pwe have displays for people to pcome out and see. pit takes a while to get in and pout of all the aircraft. pcoming out earlier is definitely pbetter. p>> alcides: before i let you pgo, what are some things you can pand can't bring? p>> gotcha. lease don't bring drones. pit's a $25,000 fine. pdon't bring pets but service pdogs are welcome. pno coolers. pyou can bring a small cooler for pmedicine.
7:26 am
povercast. pbring some cash because there's pall kinds of food and vendors pout here. pthat's the things you can bring ptoday. p>> 11:15 is when it starts and pthe thunderbirds perform at p3:00? p>> it starts at 3:30. p>> alcides: i hope to be there pwith my two boys. plooking forward to it. p>> thanks, alcides. p>> alcides: we'll talk soon. p>> anjuli: a suicide bombing in pturkey leaves five dead pincluding two american. pwe have the latest from the pdevastating scene. p a new chapter in cuban/ pcuban/america relations starts ptoday. pwe have a preview of the big ptrip that has the bay area pbuzzing. p>> lindsay: at 7:26, showers pgreeting us out the door, but pnot everyone is seeing it. pthe best rain chance today is pthis morning as a cold front pmoves through.
7:27 am
phernando county to pasco and a pfew heavier cells offshore of psarasota county. pwe're all in the mid to upper p60s and it's cloudy. pwe won't see a lot of breaks in pthe clouds. pat the peach today, be ready our the wind out of the north. pmore clouds than south and still pin the mid-70s at the southern pcounty beaches.
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3 you for joining us th p>> anjuli: good morning to you. pthanks for joining us this psunday. pi'm anjuli davis. pwe'll get the forecast in a pminute. pfirst up, a quick check of the pheadlines. ptampa police are investigating a pdeadly hit-and-run accident pinvolving a bicyclist at inner pbay boulevard and sixth street psouth. pa man in his 40s was riding a pbike when he was hit by a car, pand that car kept driving. ptampa police are talking to pwitnesses and trying to get a pdescription of the car. pinner bay was closed while they pinvestigated but has since pre-opened. p hernando county firefighters pspent the evening battling pflames at an industrial pbuilding.
7:31 am
lant on cement plant road in pbrooksville. pworkers discovered the flames a pfurnace area. pthere is wood mulch located pthere fueling the fires. pthankfully no injuries were preported. pit's not clear yet what causeded pfire. p a cruise ship rescued 18 pcuban migrants stranded at sea, pbut nine others did not survive. pa royal caribbean cruise ship pfound the boat. pthey were picked up off the pcoast of marco island just of pnaples. pthey were severely dehydrated pand were at sea for 22 days. pthey took them to the next port pin cozumel, mexico. p>> lindsay: it's 7:31. pgreeted by cloudy skies and a pfew showers this morning. pby midday we're done with the prain and the winds pick up pbehind a cold front. pcam. leasant temperatures and pstroll. pi have a few small showers in pnorthern portions of pinellas pcounty this morning, and more prain offshore.
7:32 am
pwill marching through into the pmid-morning hours. pin the wake of it, showers that pare steady and light from hudson pto new port richey and pbrooksville and bushnell to pstart out of the day. pnorth of plant city we have some prain, maybe a sprinkle over pmacdill. pif you're headed to air fest ptoday, weather is much improved. pcan't rule out at least a few pshowers this morning. ptarpon springs is seeing the pheavy, and that heavier rain is pexpanding and becoming lighter pinto manatee and sarasota. poffshore wif a few pockets ahead pof the cold front. puntil it passes i keep a 40% prain chance. pit ends from north to south, and pit's the winds and cooler air pback tonight. pmid-70s today, and we cool a bit plate in the day with only a few pbreaks in the clouds. pmainly cloudy skies today but ptonight clearing and really pchilly tomorrow morning. pback to the 40s north of the pbay. pmake sure you bundle up tomorrow pmorning if you head back to work por the kids go back to school. p>> alcides: all right.
7:33 am
pnow, two americans have been pkilled during a bombing in pturkey. pit happened on istanbul's main edestrian shopping street. pfive people were killed and pdozens others hurt. pthe white house has confirmed pthe americans' deaths but did pnot release names. pthere was no immediate claim of presponsibility, but officials pexpect the islamic state group. pthis is the sixth suicide pbombing in turkey in the past pyear. p>> anjuli: 62 people were pkilled when an airplane goes pdown in russia. pthe fly dubai plane was in a pholding pattern circling the pairport for two hours when it ptried to land. pwrong. pthe plane crashed to the ground. pcrews are on the scene examining pthe wreckage. pthis is the first crash since pthey began operating in 2009. p>> alcides: facebook founder pmark zuckerberg meetings with pchina's propaganda chief when pchinese authorities tightened
7:34 am
phe hopes facebook can help pchinese companies use the pinternet to benefit the fit. phe's in the middle of a trip to pbeijing to attend the economic pforum. p>> anjuli: prince harry begins pa five-day trip to nepal pvisiting survivors of the pearthquake there. pit killed almost 9,000 people pand crumbled buildings. pthe prince is expected to see psome of the devastation caused pby the quake as well as efforts pto rebuild local communities and phas a chance to take in the pbeauty of the country and spend ptimes with the famed gurkas. p>> alcides: a good of american pmonks s s living in a monastery in pitaly with selling their own pbeer. pyou can buy it here in the u.s. pthe proceeds are meant to keep ptheir medieval monastery in pitaly afloat. pthey produce as much as they can pbetween their eight daily rayers without having to hire
7:35 am
p>> many people are very afraid pof the church, afraid of preligion and afraid of a monk or riest. pthey're more than happy to talk pabout beer. pwe bottle it and taste test it pjust to make sure. p>> alcides: the tradition of pbrewing dates back to the middle pages. p also happening today, resident obama's big trip to pcuba kicks off today. pthe president will visit the pisland nation for three days. p>> anjuli: kelly ie cowan is live pat tampa international airport. pa lot of people are excited pabout the trip. p>> reporter: a lot of people pextremely excited about the trip pand a lot of people are heading pto cuba. pthis is the one flight flying pout of the tampa today bound for phavana that takes off in a few phours. pour own fox 13 team is joining pthem as well this morning as pthey make their trip for not ponly the president's visit but pthe tampa bay rays playing the pvery next day against the cuban
7:36 am
pthis is the first game that an pmlb team will play on cuban soil psince 1999 when the baltimore porioles last visited. pso a lot of anticipation for, pyou know, kind of a cultural pexchange, if you will, as far as pbaseball being there, and also, pobviously, the president being pthere as well breaking barriers, pthe first time a u.s. president phas -- a sitting u.s. president pi should say has visited cuba in pdecades, nearly 100 years since pthat's happened. pa lot of people here are very pexcited to get on the ground pthere in cuba. pi spoke with some that say they palmost wish that they were lanning this trip. pwe'll catch up with them in a plittle bit. pthey wish they planned this trip pfor a different week because of pall the media presence and peverything there in cuba when pthey were expecting maybe a plittle bit more of a sleepy pvacation, a little bit more of a psleepy visit to the island pnation. pfor now we're reporting live.
7:37 am
pkellie cowan, back to you guo. p>> anjuli: we're just one week pout from easter. p>> alcides: coming up, our pcouponing expert will tell you phow to celebrate on a budget. p you have to say hello to pgeorge.
7:38 am
7:39 am
phow you can meet them a p>> lindsay: good morning. phappy sunday. pyou brought a special man with a pspecial story.
7:40 am
pthe arkansas dogs, the puppy pmill raided a couple weeks ago, pgeorge was one of those. phe is a bishon, purebred, 7 pyears old. pthis poor little boy was just pused for breeding. pthat's all they did with him. pthe rest of the time he sat in phis cage. pso he's just -- he's like a pstatue. phe doesn't know what to think of plife outside of a horrible puppy pmill. pit's going to take some time to ptrain him because he's not ptrained yet because he lived his pwhole life in a cage. p>> lindsay: he is. pi got a little kiss. p>> one of his eyes is bad. peyes. peyeball in. pit doesn't hurt him, but he pcan't see out of it. pthis is what he wants. pwe want someone that be just pwant a coach potato dog. phe'll just want to sit on his plaugh. p>> look at his teeth.
7:41 am
p>> we had to remove some teeth. ped pearly white teeth. pit makes me sad. phe's the perfect size for an papartment or doned co-. p>> he still has a lot of life in phim. plet's make the rest of his life pwonderful. p>> we had to shave him down pbecause he was badly matted, ptoo. p>> that's okay. phe'll grow. pif you're gearing up for psomething fun to do with the pfamily today, the easter egg phunt. p>> you can bring your dog out pand have a picture of you and pbunny. pwe have our easter egg punt for pthe kids in the rabbit resort. padoption. p>> and contests with the dogs. p>> i think you won a prize, pdidn't you? p>> sophie was so good last year. p>> this is good. pit's a lot of fun. prain or shine. p>> rain or shine. pfantastic. pthis is what we'd always like to pshare good news about the pet pthat got adopted, but ginger is pstill waiting there. p>> i don't get it.
7:42 am
pshe's older and a bigger doing, p60 pounds and 7 years old. pbut a delightful, trained, pwonderful dog. pone of the shelter's favorite pdog but very active. p>> she's been there since pjanuary. pif you're thinking, oh, you pknow, come just and meet her. p>> you'll fall in love. pi guarantee it. pmaybe do a test drive. pmaybe if you're not sure about a p7-year-old day, do a test drive, pand if it doesn't work out, you pcan bring her bag. p>> she was a great job. p>> hopefully we share two ictures next week. plook at that little face. p>> little george. p>> he's been through a lot and pneeds a good family. pif you're interested and have a plot of love to give, meet him ptoday.
7:43 am
7:44 am
pcan't hurt to get there early if yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. a bit today go ahead. say it. cha-ching! and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
7:45 am
it's 7:xx looking at some of today's p>> alcides: the time is 7:45. pst. pete police arrest a driver pafter they say he hit a edestrian and kept on going. phe crashed into a man walking pnear central avenue and third pstreet early saturday morning. pthe victim was thrown over the pwindshield of the vehicle. pthough. pthe victim is in the hospital pwith life-threatening injuries. p and it was a soing -- soggy pstart to the pope benedict air
7:46 am
pthunderstorms grounded the pflights and sent visitors back pto vehicles. pit finally got back underway plater in the afternoon. ptoday is the final day of the pair fest. pthe gates open at 8:00 in the pmorning. pjust about 15 more minutes. pit's free to attend, and parking pis free as well. pif you plan to go, get out the pdoor right about now. pattendees tell us it took over pan hour to get into the macdill pair force base just to park. p>> anjuli: it's time to pcelebrate spring, but from the peaster candy to all the pdecorations, it can put a pserious strain on your wallet. pwe have kati kiefer here this pmorning. pthank you for coming in. p>> you're welcome. plove talking savings. p>> you have five ways to save pmoney on easter. pthe third thing i messed this up pyesterday. pwait to buy the easter candy? p>> i say to buy it ahead of time ptip yally.
7:47 am
pfor easter wait until the last pminute, which is like start. peaster grass and the candies and pbunny and all of that is cheaper pthis saturday. pit will go on massive clearance pon sunday. pwho wants to shop on sunday? p>> you also have a free egg pcookie decorating kit? p>> yes. premember for valentine's day the pflower company came up with the padorable coupons? p>> yeah. p>> domino's sugar has one for peaster egg decorating, and they phave little tags can it makes a pbask pbasket. pyou cut it out and put it ptogether in seconds. p>> i love that. pi used to las vegas this as a plittle girl, but you dye your pown easter eggs. pthat's a cheap way to celebrate, ptoo. phow do you recommend doing that? p>> those accounts little kits are two pbucks. pyou can do it cheaper at home. pthe key ingredient is vinegar to
7:48 am
puse regular food coloring, add a phalf a couple of boiling water pso you have boiling water versus pthe other one uses rel water and pteaspoon of vinegar and ten pdrops of color. plet them sit like normal dyeing pof eggs. pif you want to do tie-dye, add a pdrop of olive oil. pif you want glitter on them, you pcan just put a little thing of pcraft glue or school glue on the poutside and dry them on wax aper. pdo it at home. pyou don't have to buy the pspecific kit. p>> you have a tip on the perfect eel? p>> yes. peaster at our house is not peaster unless we have devilled peggs. p>> so good. p>> it's a hassle when you go to eel them, and then they kruk pbell all over the place. p>> that's the worst. p>> here's the thing. pthe vinegar you use to dye your peggs, if you put a tablespoon in pyour boiling water, put the eggs pin and boil the water and a plittle salt to make it boil and
7:49 am
erfectly. p>> really? p>> isn't that fun. pi let it boil and turn it off pand sit for 14 minutes. pyus sit just sit. pwe make them all the time. p>> real quick, cheap eggs. p>> i did the price comparison. pthere is a target coupon for $10 poff of a $50 order. pit's like a $10 gift card. pyou can use it at publix, so ublix will give you a publix pgift card or target or pthing. pthe cheapest ham is 79 cents a ound at aldi's and the cheapest peggs from today through thursday pat walgreens. p>> not too bad. pgreat information as always, pkati. pyou have an interesting deal of pthe week. p>> a really good one guys are pgoing to love. p>> thank you, kati. p>> lindsay: 7:49 and 67 degrees pin tampa.
7:50 am
pwe have some pockets of light prain around, but the morning phours feature the showers and pthe afternoon hours feature pbreezy wind and less rain. pif you head to the beach today, pyou can squeeze in time if you pwatch sky tower before we get prid of pesky showers. pby the afternoon winds picking pup out of the north, and it will pbe a really gusty day at the pbeach. pit's 69 degrees on our sirata pbeach net cam. pit's obviously cloudy. pthe anticipated cold front is pmoving through. pcitrus county's rain for the day pis done as it made its passage. pin the wake of it we have spotty pshowers but the rain chance pwhile it's 30% to 40% is from pnow to lunchtime at the leis the pin our counties. pshowers on the move from pbrooksville to dade city to ploots. pso your rain may be done for the pday as well. pin polk county we have a few pshowers and passing showers over pmacdill, but big improvement at pair fest today. pget out there today and enjoy
7:51 am
phere are the showers rolling pthrough i-75 into pinellas pcounty. pthe sprinkles passed east. palso i mentioned polk county so pup towards i-4, take it easy out pthere and have the windshield pwipers on. psteady to light to moderate rain pat best and fort mead seeing pshowers. pwe have light raindrops from pvenice to interior portions of psarasota county. ptemperatures this morning not pbudging because of the clouds. pthe further south is closer to p80 this afternoon. pnow, the cooler air is lagging, pbut it's there. pit's 53 in new orleans and 38 in pmemphis. plook at the cold air in the pnortheast, cold air in place, pmoisture is on the way and some psnow. psome spring snow for some plocations that i'll show you in pa second.
7:52 am
pstarted today. pthis morning our winds are light pout of the northwest. peven though we make it to up 4 pin tampa today, the breeze makes pit feel cooler. pupper 70s south and cooler north pof the bay. ptonight as we get rid of clouds, pwe keep the winds up. pit's our last taste of winter. pactually, tuesday morning is pcooler, but chilly tomorrow pmorning. p45 in crystal river, 50 in plakeland and 50 in tampa and 57 pin venice, running below paverage. pour average low of 58. pbehind the front, cooler air plagging and becoming windy ptoday. phere's the low pressure system pthat parallels the coast and pyanks the moisture in, places plike coastal jersey, boston, pthey're on deck for some snow pinto the evening hours tonight pand tomorrow morning. phow much are we talking the pfurther near the coast and pboston if your family lives near pthe cape? pmaybe 6 to 12 inches in the phighest spots, interior portions pof jersey with an inch. pit's a little late in the season pfor it.
7:53 am
punless you live in highlands pcounty, that's it. pwe bring in the cooler air and pwind. pthere's the low on the move. pif you're traveling home for pspring break, could be some pdelays tomorrow morning. phopefully not too many. p74 for today. pshowers early and turning breezy pwith a few peeks of sun and pstill cloudy today. pwe clear tonight and breezy and pcold and 50. pcheck this out. p65 on monday. pthat's combined with the stiff pnorthwest wind. plast day to wear the tights and pbooties for the ladies maybe. pwater temperature in clearwater pis at 73 now. pexercise caution by the pafternoon as the seas build to 3 pto 5 feet. pboating, morning is the best ptime. pback to 80 by wednesday, and on pgood friday we have a next pchance for thunderstorms. pa quick taste of cold.
7:54 am
pseason on tuesd with ingredients like roasted
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the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with nutella.
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3 we end this hour with a good day good deed. p>> alcides: we end this hour pwith a good day good deed. p>> anjuli: it's a heart-warming pstory of a lakeland police pofficer and this puppy premington. pon february 26th lakeland police pofficer joel maley was called pout to a scene of a crime where
7:57 am
pshe got away unharmed and premington wasn't as lucky. pa bullet hit him in the leg pbreaking bone. p>> she couldn't afford to treat pthe dog and turned it over to phim. pthe officer took him to an pemergency vet clinic. pthey have been fostering the uppy for the past couple of pweeks, and the good thing is, phe's doing well. pmore good news for remington, he pfound his forever home with panother family. p>> the suspect ran away from the
7:58 am
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8:00 am
3 historic visit.. what president obama plans to achieve on his trip to cuba.. p>> alcides: historic visit. pwhat president obama plans to pachieve on his trip to cuba. p>> anjuli: investigators pdesperate for information this pmorning after a bicycle ist was pkilled by a run-away driver. p>> alcides: we show you how p"the passion" is putting a pmodern spin on the moments of pjesus christ's last hours. p>> anjuli: good morning to you, pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pwe have lindsay to talk about pthe forecast. pit was soggy yesterday, but pthings are clearing up today. p>> lindsay: a few showers this


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