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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  March 20, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 historic visit.. what president obama plans to achieve on his trip to cuba.. p>> alcides: historic visit. pwhat president obama plans to pachieve on his trip to cuba. p>> anjuli: investigators pdesperate for information this pmorning after a bicycle ist was pkilled by a run-away driver. p>> alcides: we show you how p"the passion" is putting a pmodern spin on the moments of pjesus christ's last hours. p>> anjuli: good morning to you, pwelcome to "good day tampa bay." pit's 8:00 a.m. on this sunday pmorning. pi'm anjuli davis. p>> alcides: i'll alcides segui. pwe have lindsay to talk about pthe forecast. pit was soggy yesterday, but pthings are clearing up today. p>> lindsay: a few showers this
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pa cold front moves in and it pgets windy and cooler. pkind of crazy. pspring started this morning, and pour last taste of cool air pcoming in tonight. pdon't expect to see a ton of sun ptoday, maybe a little. pwhile i keep the rain chance at p40%, it's spotty, and obviously, pthat cold front is already assed through citrus county. pso your rain for the day is pbasically done with. pbushnell is seeing showers and pdade city and polk county. prain picking up a bit north of pi-4. pinto portions of pinellas and phillsborough, we had spotty pnuisance showers racing through. puntil we move in the front, pwe're going to hang onto a few pof these. pmacdill showing a shower this pmorning. pmuch improved at the air fest pthis afternoon. pnorth port seeing some shorts to pstart out the day. poffshore you see the narrow band pof rain. pthat's the front that brings the pchanges. pbehind the front there is some pdrier air. pthere are breaks in the clouds,
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pall in all, more clouds and sun. pstill 70 in sarasota, but watch pwhat happens from today and ptomorrow. p74, 65 and windy on monday. pyou know 50 in tampa for a low pmeans colder north of the bay. pwe discuss how cool for how long pcoming up. p president obama is heading pto cuba today. pthe first presidential visit in p90 years. p>> alcides: he plans to spend ptime with raul castro and hang pout in the stands for the pbaseball game. pkellie cowan is live at tell me a international arment airport pwith a handful of people leaving pfor cuba right now. pgood morning. p>> reporter: good morning. pthere's more than a bit of a phandful. pthere's dozens here. pthe line was longer earlier ptoday, and you can see they're pready to go to cuba. pi've talked with several people pmaking their very first trip to pcuba this week, many of them pvery excited about not only the prays, but the president and the prolls stones playing there as pwell.
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pfirst visit for a u.s. sitting resident to cuba in nearly 90 pyears. pso a lot of anticipation about resident obama's visit to cuba pas well as the tampa bay rays pvisiting cuba. pof course, they play on tuesday pagainst the cuban national team. pit's the first trip for an mlb pteam to cuban soil since 1999. pi've been talking with a couple pof fans going to cuba pspecifically to see the rays on ptuesday. pthey tell me it's a little pdifficult for them right now to pfind tickets. pthey're expecting to just go pahead and have to scalp them on pthe ground. pi did catch up with one family pwho's extensively tlavled pthrough the worl. pthey say cuban has been a pdestination they had in mind. pthey travelled to a lot of ptransitional governments and pcountries including east germany pjust before the wall fell. pthey tell me it was important pfor them to get to cuba before ptoo many changes happened there. p>> i mean, look, it's great that
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pi wish it was any other week. pwhen the president comes to ptown, it's always -- it adds to pthe difficulties of the pvacation. pso thrilled he's going to be pthere. pjust not the week we're going to pbe there. p>> reporter: so you can tell pthey really have been looking pforward to this trip. pthey have been planning it for pover a year, and you know, just pa little bit more, i guess, phoopla on this vacation than pthey were expecting with the resident, the rays and the prolling stones in town. pnot everybody so excited about pall of the attention that cuba pwill get this week, but they're pvery much looking forward to pthat trip. pso are all of these people. pt.i.a. has been running trips to pcuba, charter flights since p2011. pwith normalization going sxo the resident's trip, it's panticipated that perhaps tampa pcould begin direct service on
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pmaybe jetblue beginning this pfall. pwe have to see how this shakes pout. pthere's a lot to be worked out. pfor now, reporting live from ptampa international airport, i'm pkellie cowan, back to you guys. p>> thank you so much. p>> anjuli: the anyway era of prelations between the u.s. cuba pmade its way to the hotel pbusiness. pstarwood hotels has pen a deal pto renovate and run three cuban photels. pit makes a return of u.s. chains pto the island more than 50 years pafter american hotels were taken pover by castro's socialist prevolution. p fox 13 will be in cuba to pcover the game and president palley visit. pcraig patrick and scott smith pwill take you beyond the pballpark to give you a front row pseat to history. pcoverage begins tomorrow. p>> alcides: developing right pnow, tampa police have arrested panother wrong-way driver on pi-275 this morning. pwe're told an officer was on his pway home, almost crashed into pthe driver traveling south in pnorthbound lanes.
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pexit. pthen another officer managed to ull over 34-year-old aja conela pat busch boulevard. pshe failed a field sobriety test pand was arrested for dui. p this morning tampa police pcontinue their investigation pinto a deadly hit-and-run crash pinvolving a bicyclist that took lace around 8:45 last night at pthe intersection of sixth street psouth and inner bay boulevard. pthe deceased man is in his 40s. phe was hit by a car and the pdriver left the scene. proads in the area were shout pre-opened. p family and friends pidentified the victims of a pislands. pwe know their name are louis pcaporicci and kevin kor pcarreno.
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rofiles they graduated from air pforce academy in 1983 and they pwere good friends. pinvestigators say theshld have a reliminary report out about the pcrash within the next ten days. pthe airport is back open this pmorning. p>> alcides: another developing pstory. pmore disturbing than anything pelse. pfirst responders in st. pete say pthey have responded to a number pof cases dealing with synthetic pmarijuana. pthe drug otherwise known as pspice was to blame for 12 poverdose calls yesterday alone. preactions range from vomiting to punconsciousness. pluckily, no one died but four pwere arrested for possession in pthe area of fourth avenue north pand 15th street. p>> anjuli: a man dies shortly pafter he's accused of breaking pinto a port richie home. asco county depth dees say ptorrey robinson brouk into a phome. phe cut himself badly breaking pin. phe started to fight with a erson inside hoement and that
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pthe sheriffing says the deputies ptased him because he wouldn't pstop fighting. phe said he wouldn't even stop to plet first responders treat his pwounds. p>> this is over 11-minute pepisode at the house. pthey kept treeing to calm him pdown. pit wasn't a rapid suck ses of pthe die mroiment of the tasers. pwhy we handcuffed him is they pwere trying to get him to relax. p>> anjuli: officials say probinson was knocked out by the ptaser. aramedics tried to revive him, pbut he died at the hospital. p>> alcides: on the campaign ptrail, donald trump's campaign pstop near phoenix, arizona, pcaused a stop on the roads for psome people. plook at this. rotesters blocked the only pmajor road leading to the site pof the gop front-runner's rally. pa massive crowd of anti-trump rotesters hit the streets in pnew york as well in front of ptrump's building in manhattan. pat least one person was handcuff
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pcrowds took out cell phones and pthe man wearing the american pflag shirt gets punched by ptucson pguy. phe's 32 years old and named tony pmisdemeanor offense. pthis video appears to show pdonald trump's campaign manager pcory pcorey lewandoski dwrabs a rotester by his collar. pit shows the protester reacting pto the man that pulled him and pnot lewandowski. pit's just after reporter pmichelle fields accused plewandowski grabbing her by the parm as she tried to question ptrump earlier in month. plewandowski denies he touched pher. pfields pressed charges against phim. p>> alcides: republican residential candidate john pkasich says under no
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pcruz's running mate. pearlier this week he ruled out pjoining a ticket with pfront-runner donald trump. pthe ohio governor made it very pclear he's solely running for resident. pkasich is currently in third for pthe race for the white house pwith 143 delegates. p>> anjuli: and to the pdemocratic side, hillary clinton phas a huge delegate lead, but psenator bernie sanders refusing pto concede. phe believes his campaign can erform well in upcoming races pand focuses efforts out west. pclinton has been campaigning pmostly on the east coast. p this week there's six pcontests on two separate days. pon tuesday in arizona they vote pmany primaries and caucuses in putah for both parties. pdemocrats in idaho will also add ptheir voice, and then 172 pdelegates will be up for grabs pthere in the democratic race on psaturday as alaska, hawaii and pwashington state all hold pcaucuses. p still ahead, it was a good pnight for bay area sports fans.
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pnight's lightning game and tell pyou how the usf women's pbasketball team did on the pcourt. p>> alcides: they did well, by pthe way. p plus, this long piece of pglass and what it's for and how pit could make some feel uneasy. pgood morning, lindsay. p>> lindsay: good morning. pdon't be discouraged by the pshowers around, because as the pmorning progresses, good-bye prain and hello wind. pwind is picking up today. pwe're at 65 in brooksville and pshowers exited citrus county, pbut treasure island has rain and pshowers along i-4 and we all phave a lot of clouds. p68 brookdale bayshore. pthat 40% rain chance ends over pthe next few hours. pby 5:00 p.m. a few peeks of sun, pmid-70s today but cooler by ptomorrow. pwe'll talk how long coming up. the bigger the burrito,
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3 3 a 69-year-old man from south carolina has passed away.. after he crashed into a p>> anjuli: a 69-year-old man pfrom south carolina pass add way pafter crashing into a fwrup of ptrees in telluride, montana. phe was skiing with his pdaughter-in-law and lost his pskis and slid headfirst on his pside. pthey tried to revive him. pon march 9th a colorado springs pman died in the same town after plosing control in a steep, pwooded area. p>> anjuli: the head coach of an pindiana high school basketball pteam is recovering this morning
8:15 am
pall 27 passengers aboard the bus pincluding 21 students were taken pto the hospital. pnone of those injuries are plife-threatening. pa driver sideswiped the bus pcausing it to lose control and proll over. pthe driver hasn't been charged. p>> alcides: physicians in pnew york state have mixed pfeelings this morning as the pdeadline to switch to digital rescriptions gets closer. pin one way the days of doctors pwriting down prescriptions will pcome to an end. plawmakers say it will streamline pthe process and crack down on ainkiller abuse. pdoctors say it will present proadblocks for patients. rescribers face the possibility pof fines, licenses pcomply. p>> anjuli: look at this. pa 45-foot glass slide has been pairlifted into someplace 70 pstories up near the top of the pu.s. bank tower building in pdowntown l.a. priders can slide down 45 feet
8:16 am
pstory of l.a.'s tallest pbuilding. pthis is an artist's rendering of pwhat it will look like complete. pthe slide is made entirely of pclear glass. pit's an inch and a quarter pthink. pthe new attraction is set to popen in june. p>> alcides: that is not for me. p>> anjuli: no, especially the pglass thing. pi'm sure it's an incredible pview, though. pgoes to see up there. p>> i'll take a picture. p>> anjuli: yes, from the ground pand zoom in. p>> alcides: that's right. plindsay has been busy, but pthankfully the rain is starting pto slow down a bit in time for pthe air fest, right? p>> lindsay: yeah, finally. pyesterday we had delays and pissues with events in the pafternoon. ptoday even if it's raining in pyour neighborhood this morning, pit's not as major. pshowers are spotty and a cold pfront is moving through. pit's past citrus county, so pyou're good to see the remainder pof the day. pif you see spotty showers in our parea beaches, don't be pdiscouraged because this rain pmoves out.
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peventually cooler temperatures pare coming. pby the way, spring officially pstarted this morning at 12:30 pa.m. phere's a wave of showers ointing it out from treasure pisland towards bayway and tio pverde and you see that. pthese made their way into peastern hills pmaybe sun city center. pwe had a few sprinkles over pmacdill air force base. pmuch improved this afternoon. pwhile showers are moderate over pi-4, that rain pushes up towards porlando. pdade city and sumter county this pmorning. peven more showers and they're pscattered and no lightning here. lain old rain moving along from pwestern hardy county to north ort this morning seeing rain. peven more offshore that we pmonitor for southern county pbeaches. pagain, rain ending this morning pfrom north to south for the time
8:18 am
pthen it drops off. pyou see the showers in the pdistance. pbrookdale bayshore looks cloudy pand gray, may squeeze out a few pbreaks in the clouds this pafternoon. pa lot of clouds to contend with pfor the time being. plakeland is showing gray skies. pwith that temperatures are not pwarmed this morning and will ponly climb into the mid-70s this pafternoon. p68 in venice, and pwesley chapel and 67 in tampa pand 64 in crystal river. pthe cooler air is lagging in the anhandle. pwe have 50s and 40s headed our pway tonight. pwinter weather lovers, this is pour last taste. ptonight and monday night we pbring back cooler temperatures pand in the upper 70s in psoutheast florida. pbehind it some breaks in the pcloud north of the bait. pyou see mainly cloudy skies ptoday and while winds are light pthe northwest.
8:19 am
pby 6:00 p.m. breaks in the pclouds. pby lunchtime it's south of tampa pbay and we have lingering premnants and a few breaks in the pclouds, variable cloudy skies pinto the evening tonight. povernight the wind arrow is pshifting and the skies clearing. pmonday during the day we're in pthe mid-60s. povernight 54 at arcadia, 50 in ptampa and 5 in st. pete. pthat's below average, and monday pnight is colder. ptoday 74 degrees and variable pclouds and it's below average ptoday. prain chances dropping off as the pmorning progresses. pclearing tonight and breezy and pchilly down to 50. ponly 65 with a biting wind ptomorrow. pwith the beach and boating, a plittle dicey. pby mid-week we have a great pforecast headed our way. pexercise caution into the pafternoon as the waves and wind pbuild. pif you're boating, head out this pmorning. pi have a low tide at 7:36 on pst. pete pier. pseven-day forecast shows 46 ptuesday morning, brr, but we
8:20 am
pthe 80s late week as storm pchances return on good friday. p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning the usf women's pbasketball team are headed into pthe second round of the ncaa ptournament. pthey beat pyesterday. pit was a strange start, though. phead coach jose fernandez did pnot start pcourteney williams. pthere you see her soith the psitting on the bench. pshe provided a huge spark when pshe entered the game. pher 31 points fueled the pcotback. pthey won this one. pnext up is ucla tomorrow. pgood luck. p and two more scores from pflorida schools in the ncaa pwomen's tournament. pflorida state advances beating pmiddle tennessee state 72-55. pand miami falls to p>> anjuli: and on the ice last pnight, the lightning managed to pstop a two-game skid on the road pwith a 2-0 win over the arizona
8:21 am
pgoaltender ben bishop stopped 51 pshots. pthey used a superior penalty pkill to hold off the coyotes. pthe team comes back home for a psix-game streak at amalie arena. pthe first game is on tuesday pagainst the red wings. p>> alcides: on the racetrack, pthe xfinity series race in pfontana, california. pkyle busch that won the last two pxfinity races blows a tire in pthe final lap. pthat leads to daniel suarez on pthe way for the first career pvictory. pget this. phe runs out of the gas. pare you kidding me? pthat opens the door for austin pdillon. pdillon squeaks on by to take the pcheckered flag. pbusch finished in second even pthough he has a blown tire. pif you want to catch today's psprint cup auto club 400 race, ptake right here. pthe green flag should be waved pat about 3:30 in the afternoon. p>> anjuli: still to come, when pyou go to the airport it's a pritual at this point. pyou take off your shoes and
8:22 am
pline to have ptake a long while. pthere's a new machine out there pthat promises to make things a plittle quicker and catch some pmore the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus
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welcome back.. this is.. the "detect 1-thousand" and the boston area company that created it.. says the new scanner p>> anjuli: welcome back. pin the this is the detect 1000. pthey say it will improve airport psecurity and bead up the long pwait times through security at pairports. pthe fully automated scanner can rocess 30% more bags than the pcurrent systems eliminating phuman error. p>> rick leventhal has the story
8:25 am
plines are longer because of preduced staffing, a surge in ptravelers and extra screenings pat check points. pthis new machine could make it pfaster and safer. p>> this system takes it to the pfuture. pits ability to detect explosives pin a number of ways is very, pvery important. pthat's where we want to get to. pit takes us from the present and ut us in a much, much better lace overall. p>> it's called the detect 1000 pdeveloped by a private company poutside boston. pit uses a cat scan to provide 3d pimaging of everything in every pbag with sensors designed to psniff out weps apons and explosives plike laptop bombs and doesn't prequire passengers to unpack pelectronics or liquids. p>> within four seconds we pcaptured it and analyzed it and phighlighted the threat of the pconcern.
8:26 am
ptsa agents don't have to stare pat a screen all day. p>> at best case they catch it p50% of the time, and this system pcatches it all of the time. pwe take the decision out of the poperator's hands. pwe give them the answer pautomatically, so we have a much pdoing bag scanning. p>> reporter: the machines scan p30% more bags than current pmodels and it aced tests at the ptsa lab with ten times fewer pfalse alarms. pwhile they wait for agency papproval in america, it's palready installing it overseas pstarting in ankara, turkey later pthis month hoping to prevent panother attack. p>> we know that they actively pcollect against our technology. pthey look at our operations and pvulnerabilities. p>> reporter: this has fewer of pthose? p>> absolutely, without a doubt. pit's a completely different way pto approach the threat and to pidentify those threat vectors as pthey come into the airport. p>> alcides: the detect 1000 pcould be in major u.s. airports
8:27 am
pbill sometime this summer. p still to come on "good day ptampa bay," we'll talk to host pof "fox news sunday" chris pwallace about all that's pweek. p>> anjuli: south florida has a psnake problem. pliterally a ton of burmese ythons found in a month alone. pwhat researchers plan to do with pthem coming up. p>> lindsay: showers are move pcounty. pif you're sick of the rain, it's pbeen a nuisance this weekend, pit's done over the next few phours from north to south. pspotty sprinkles southeast inellas, and we have a few more plighter showers into northern olk. pif you head to the beach today peven after the rain ends, it's pnot a perfect beach day. p68 in clearwater beach tufrns to pthe mid-70s, but windy by noon pand especially 5:00.
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p>> lindsay: good mortgage. pwe kick off the spring season pwith quick-moving spring showers pthat stopped at the northern pcounties. pone is passing through st. pete, pso if you're boating, this
8:31 am
pwinds pick up later today, but pit's 69 and rabing raining in pst. pete. pwe have spotty showers in plakeland as well. p66 degrees. pthe cold front has passed citrus pand hernando counties. psouth of it we have rain that pwill last a few more hours pending from north to south. plight showers moving right palong. pwe have the most of them piling pup into southeastern phillsborough, so ruskin is pseeing some rain and duette with pshowers nearby you. porlando now. pstill spotty showers north of phaines city and lange land this pmorning. pdown south we go. pone pocket of moderate rain psouthwest of wauchula but not a phuge deal. pthe cooler air lags until ptonight and winds pick up late pday. plook at the last taste of pwinter. pback to 73 tuesday, so we talk phow cool tonight after that 40%
8:32 am
pup. p>> anjuli: it's bin a busy week pon capitol hill. pamongst chaos at political prallies there's a supreme court pnomination that may or may not pbe approved. phere to talk about all of it is phost of "fox news sunday" chris pwallace. pgood morning, chris. p>> good morning, anjuli. p>> anjuli: let's start off with pgovernor john kasich's comments pabout how he's in the race to pwin and not accept a vp spot. pis there any possibility he pcould get the nomination here? p>> well, it's a long shot. plet me put it to you this way. phe only won his home state of pohio. pif he were to win every single pdelegate that's remaining, about p20 more contests, 100% -- of pcourse it wasn't happen. pif he got that, he wouldn't have pthe majority of 1237 he needs. pso his only hope is to show some pstrength in the states remaining pand still be well short of a pmajority. pgo to the convention and hope pthat nobody has a majority. pand that in effect it's an open
8:33 am
pof delegates basically decide pwho the nominee will be. pit's a long shot. pkasich will stay in and press pthat argument. p>> anjuli: to the front-runner pdonald trump the rallies are pviolent. pit's shocking with the video. pdo you think trump needs to come pout and denounce the acts weave pseen? pis there something he can do to pstop this? p>> well, i don't know. pi mean, it's an interesting pquestion for trump, because on pthe one hand he's the vessel. phe's the megaphone, if you will, pfor a lot of people's anger with pwashington, with the republican arty establishment, with the pway things are going in this pcountry. phe wants to keep tapping into pthat. pon the other hand, the flipside pis that it can turn ugly if pthere's violence particularly pand if protesters hour pexercising they are first pamendment right, freedom of pspeech, if they interrupt panother event, if they start to pget roughed up.
8:34 am
pas the protests escalate, the pquestion is how will truch try pto handle it? p>> anjuli: the other big story pout of washington this week, resident obama nominating pmerrick garland for the supreme pcourt justice vacancy. pyou have u.s. senate majority pleader mitch mcconnell on this pmorning. phe's been very vocal about all pthis. p>> we have both sides. pthe white house chief of staff, pdennis mcdonough and he'll make pthe president's case. pit's his duty under the pconstitution to appoint a psupreme court justice, but on pthe other hand, you have mitch pmcconnell, the leader of the prepublicans in the senate, and phe says no way no how there's no pconfirmation hearing. pthere's not going to be a vote. phe wants to wait until after the pelection and let the people and ptheir decision as who the next resident is going to be decide pwho the next nominee will be. pshow. pthank you, chris.
8:35 am
pright here at 9:00 a.m. p switching gears, time is 8 poof 8 p8:34. pif you head to the air fest, ack extra patience. pthese were the lines saturday pmorning. pmany had to go back home after pthunderstorms suspended all pflights and demonstrations until pthe early afternoon hours. pofficials say they're expecting pa full line-up today and plenty pof people. p>> alcides: it's still not pclear this morning what sparked pa fire at the cemex plant in pbrooksville. pthe firefighters spent much of psaturday battling the flames at pthe industrial building. pwooden mulch fueled the fire. pthankfully, no one was hurt. p>> anjuli: it would seem that psouth florida has a huge python roblem. pin the last three months more pthan 40 burmese pythons weighing pabout 1 ton in total have been prounded up by researchers. pamong them one snake measuring
8:36 am
presearchers believe it's the plargest male python ever pdocumented in south florida. psome of the captured pythons are pused to help researchers learn pabout the eco-logical pimplications of the invasive pspecies. pthe so-called snitch snakes have pradio trackers and they want to pdiscover where they're living to pcatch other snakes. p a royal caribbean cruise pship saved 18 cuban migrants pstranded at sea saturday. pnine others did not survive. pthe group were picked up off the pcoast of marco island just sourt pof naples. pthey were severely dehydrated pand at southeast for 22 days. pthe cruise ship took them to the pnext port in cozumel, mexico. p>> anjuli: today is a day of pmourning in russia for the 62 pkilled when they're fly dubai lane crashed on saturday. pthe airline will give $20,000 in
8:37 am
pfamilies of each passenger. p>> alcides: new this morning in pthe vatican, pope francis led alm sunday mass from st. eter's square. pthousands watch the pontiff's pspeech from the scare via live pstream. pthe mass consisted of the pblessing of the palm, the rocession and holy mass. alm sunday is the sixth sunday pof lent and the last sunday pbefore easter. p>> anjuli: how neat to watch pthat on your computer. p>> alcides: when he became the ope, everything changed for pcatholics and that's one of pthem. p>> anjuli: coming up in this pweek's faith of action, a live pmusical event recounting jesus pchrist's final hours. pwe tell you about fox's "the assion" coming up next. p with the florida primary pbehind us, it's time to remember pthe candidates we left behind. p>> the fruit salad of their plife. p>> he knows exactly what he's pdoing. p>> there it is, the memorized p25-second speech. pthere it is, everybody. p>> this weekend's "money, power pand politics" will be different.
8:38 am
psatire, and we'll roll out pwonders and gaffes that
8:39 am
8:40 am
prather forget. 3 tonight, fox is hosting a live musical p>> anjuli: tonight fox is phoeing host a live musical. p"the passion" is a contemporary pretelling the jesus' last hours pset to popular music. pit's set in and around the pstreets of new orleans and has pan all-star coast.
8:41 am
pdaughtry are big names involved pin this. ptyler perry will narrate the pstory. p>> the reason i want to be part pof it, first of all, when i pheard about it, i'm thinking pthank god oim not producing it. phow do you pull this off? pthe producers are amazing. pthey clearly get it. p>> very, very much excited pbecause if it goes right, i pthink it will be a very powerful pstory to be told, and i think pthe way it's being told is going pto be pretty compelling to a pmuch larger demographic. p>> it's a story way lot of love, pand it's a story that we all pknow for so many years. pit's a cool twist, and i feel plike it's going to be a prefreshing twist to the story. p>> anjuli: producers promise opular songs will be included, pand the executive producer of pthis says it will appeal to eople of all religions. pagain, "the passion" which is a plive television event airs ptonight at 8:00 p.m. right here pon fox 13. p>> alcides: i'm very excited to
8:42 am
p>> anjuli: i'm excited to see phow it plays out. pyou were right. pearlier you said i think this is pout in the streets of pnew orleans, and it is. pso, i mean, how they get all the pdifferent elements to work pduring a live thing. p>> alcides: that's one of the pkey elements, to see it play pout. p>> anjuli: it's going to be pcool. p>> alcides: lindsay, take it paway. pthe forecast is nice thankfully. p>> lindsay: it's improving ptoday especially this afternoon. plook at sky tower. pit's lighting up with showers pthat are spotty, but it's cloudy pand as rainy as it is in a few pspots, the rain is already pending in the northern counties pas a weak front pushing through pthe area. pby the afternoon the rain is pgone but winds are up. pby tonight we go from mid-70s to p40s and 50s. pwe talk about how cool for how plong coming up. p also coming up, the coupons pexpert is standing by with a pgreat deal of the week on a
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8:45 am
3 3 last hour our couponing expert p>> alcides: last hour our pcouponing expert showed us how
8:46 am
pright now she's going to talk pabout the great deal of the pweek. pjoining me this morning is's kati kiefer. pyou have span -- spam on the ptable right now. pclassic easter treat? pspam? p>> there's no way around it. phere's the thing. pwe talk about organic bread for pfree and free shaving cream. p>> we talk about all of it. p>> every once in a while we have pto come out with okay, what is pgoing on? pthere's a lot of freebies, but pokay? p>> good. p>> we're doing it for him. p>> yes. pit's a treat. pokay. pthis deal is at walmart, and pthese are $2.31, but they're on psale right now for a buck. pthere is a $1 coupon in the -- plisten. pyou have to pay attention. pfebruary 7th smart source that plooks like this. phere is your lovely spam coupon, pokay? p>> february 7th in.
8:47 am
pwe teach you to save these pinserts if you want to know, you pknow, don't just throw away if pyou think you don't buy spam, pdon't throw it away. pit could be free. pfor each one that you have, you pget a free spam snack. p10 grams of protein. p>> and 750 grams the sodium. p>> well, even in moderation, pjust one in an easter basket is pall you're allowed. p>> if you don't like spam, pthere's another freebie, rita's pitalian ice. pthey give away free italian ice pto every person. pyou don't need a coupon from pnoon to 9:00 p.m. tonight. pgo to rita's and get your sugar phigh instead of your protein phigh. p>> we love it when you come in, pkati. pthanks so much. phave a great weekend. p>> great. pthanks. pyou too. p now your sky tower radar pforecast with fox 13
8:48 am
p>> lindsay: i'm going to regret psaying this, but i've never ptried spam. pi don't know. pmaybe kati let let me try one pover there. pahead of the front the showers pand behind it item we willing ptemps tonight and increasing pwinds toned. pwe may scour out clouds. pwe're doing so in the northern pcounties, but ahead of the front pstill have some showers. pabout a 40% rain chance this pmorning, but it is quickly pshifting south of tampa bay. pshowers are vastly moving along pfrom west to east. pi've got one little sprinkle pnear the skyway, more light pshowers pushing into psoutheastern hillsborough county pthis morning. pthere's the pockets north of pruskin and south of riverview. pwe have new showers that may pimpact beach plans, madeira pbeach, maybe treasure island pcould deal with a quick-moving pshower. pshowers that were over i-4 pexiting portions of polk county,
8:49 am
pof orlando, morsteady rain east pof orlando. olk county interior seeing some plight rain. pi have light showers south of parcadia this morning and even pmore west of venice. pwith a little heating we can't pend it completely south of the pbay. pnorth of the bay rain chances pdrop in over the next one to two phours. p66 brookdale bayshore with light pwinds and lots of clouds. pit's 69 in our all children's phospital cam in st. pete, so plooking east over the bay looks pgood after some quick-moving pshowers. pit doesn't look so great in pbradenton beach. pit is cloudy. pwe're although the beach today peven with the rain ending. pthe winds pick up so seas are a plittle choppier and rip current prisk is higher. p68 in arcadia, 70 brandon and 66 pin crystal river. phere's the cold air flirting pwith the panhandle. pthat slides our direction ptonight. pthe last taste of winter into pmonday night and tuesday. pwe have cold temperatures and pengland. pyeah, our winds are light this pmorning and pick up this
8:50 am
pmiles per hour late in the day pand especially tomorrow. p70s north. plook at this. pas we scour out the clouds 50 pfor a low in tampa, 46 in pbrooksville, 52 in sebring, and pyou think that's cold, wait puntil tuesday morning. pby tuesday morning we get rid of pthe wind. plow pressure is on the move as pit meets up with the colder air pand wraps around into the pevening tonight, over night and pmonday morning at places like pboston, coastal jersey, snow on pthe way. phow much are we talking? pthe jackpot is in coastal pmassachusetts with some areas icking up over six inches of psnow. pspring starts today at 12:30 pthis morning. p74 this afternoon and 30 herself pto 40% chances of rain this pafternoon. ptonight 50 and clearing out povernight. pthe breeze is up tomorrow and pthe temperatures down to the pmid-60s. pmuch cooler giving way to a few p30s.
8:51 am
pmorning. pseven-day forecast goes from 40s ptuesday morning to warming into pthe 80s late week. pso a short-lived cool snap, and pour last taste of cooler air for pthe season for sure. p>> anjuli: thanks, lindsay. pstill to come on "good day," psome of you may have been pnursing a hangover earlier this pweek after a few too many green pbeers.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
ptaking you know it's the weekend of saint patrick's day p you know it's the weekend of pst. patrick's day when the phillsborough river turns a pbright shade of kelly green. pthis video is from jasmine pthurman via fresco news. pa little bit of rain didn't stop pthe festival. pfamilies from the area got to penjoy some irish tunes, some pgames, some treats as well. pthis is the fifth straight year pthe city hosted the event. pwhile some say that new york has pthe oldest st. patrick's day pfestivities in the nation, pothers would argue that boston pbeats them to it. p>> in 1737 irish descendants pthere organized the first pobservance of st. patrick's day. pit's considered a huge honor to erform in nir parade. pwe caught up with the band from
8:55 am
art in today's march. p>> try that. pmarching many place. phere we go. pthe biggest obstacle to get them psounds that good, from beginner plevel to experienced level. pas a group it takes time and pcommitment from the students, pand slowly, you know, practice pafter practice we meet twice a pweek. p>> band, ten hut. p[ music ] p>> i think the way we play it pand i think if it's played pcorrectly, it's a beautiful pinstrument with a lot of pcultural significance. p>> i usually play the tenor pdrum, and that's my main pinstrument. pit's a lot lighter. pthe snare drum is really heavy.
8:56 am
pthe crowds really love them, pespecially in boston. pthey're so warm, and they say pthank you all the way down and pthank you for coming. p[ music ] pthey are certainly proud of what pthey do. pthey feel good about themselves. pthey realize they set a goal and pthey have accomplished it and pthey feel good about that. pthe audience rewards them. p[ music ] p>> anjuli: best of luck to them ptoday. pthis is the schoolest est pconceal retty neat. p>> talk about the forecast, plindsay. pfinally clear skies. pskies. pthe rain coming to an end and pcooler temps. pin the wake of it, still plingering showers from now until pmidday, tampa south we turn to p46, though, tuesday morning.
8:57 am
p>> 46 on tuesday? p>> isn't that crazy. plate march in florida, last gasp pof wirpt, guys. p>> no thank you. ptoday is sunday, march 20th. pkeep up-to-date on all news all pthe time logging onto our pwebsite at p>> follow us on facebook as well pas twitter. phave yourself a great morning. closed captioning provided by
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i'm chris wallace. europe's most wanted man is captured alive. what will they tell authorities about isis plots against the west? we'll have a live report from europe and we'll ask the white house chief of staff denis mcdonough what it means on the war on terror. then the showdown of the president's supreme court nominee. >> i fulfilled my constitutional duty. now is the time for the senate to do theirs. >> this nominee is not going to be considered. >> mitch mcconnell says judge merrick garland won't get a hearing or a vote.


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