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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 21, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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pin cuban and so are the ((russell/ ahead this hour: history.. in havana. the latest on the u-s visit to p>> ahead this hour, history in phavana, one ray's tearful preunion. p>> local celebrity back in court plooking for a bigger check. phuge pay out hulk hogan expected pto get. p>> plus it is the facebook post, pwhy one mother's joke could lead pto serious charges. pwelcome to "good day tampa bay," pi am russell rhodes. p>> i am laura moody. pfirst we need to start with ptraffic.
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p>> nasty crash, effecting puniversity parkway. pwe'll show you video from the pscene. peastbound and westbound lanes of puniversity are completely closed pin the area of desoto road, all pthe way to bradenton road. palternate, myrtle street. pclosure can be fairly extensive, pdeadly crash investigation. pif we can, we can show the pvideo. pthree people have passed away in pthis crash. pspeed was likely a factor paccording to police. pone other person injured, pexpected to survive. pwe'll keep you posted any new pdetails that come from this one. p we have cloud cover tampa psouth this morning to the north pmostly sunny. pit is the temperatures that are pgoing to get you. pcooler than they have been. p52
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p58 in tampa when i came in, pbrooksville, 48, 46 crystal priver. pgoing to be cooler tomorrow. pwe have about 30 hours, i think pof a nice cool down. phighs in the mid 60s. resident obama and first family pin havana. resident obama first sitting resident to step on in 90s. p>> rays arrived last night.
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pcastro both expected to attend pthe game. plet's get to shayla reaves. pgood morning. p>> reporter: second day of the ptrip. resident's schedule packed. phe is expected to attend a pwelcoming ceremony with cuban resident rau l castro. resident obama and first lady lan to end their day by pattending a state dinner and ptomorrow president will deliver pa formal speech and watch the a pbaseball game.
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p>> deron cube an native. pseveral of his teammates pcampaigned for him. pfox 13 has a crew in cuba at p5:00. pscott covering game between rays pand cuban team. pcraig covering president obama. p5:00. p today in washington. ptalking trump, republican party pmeets with the front runner. p>> topic is unity. pwill lit bring them together or ush them further apart? p>> fox 13 doug luzader. p>> reporter: for trump it is
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psame side, republicans. phe is expected to make an pattempt, meeting with a list of prepublican insiders. p>> we have to bring our party ptogether. pif we bring our party together, pwe will win. pwe will win by numbers you have pnever seen before. p>> reporter: speaking in pflorida, trump talked about the pimportance of uniting the party peven facing opposition from ted pcruz and john kasich. p>> sure it would, of course it pwould. pit is far too late. p>> reporter: one trump tactic. phe is prepared to make promises.
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pfive or 10 judges i will put in pfor nomination. p>> reporter: doug luzader fox pnews. p>> republican led congress still pnot budging on the next supreme pcourt pick. psenate majority leader mitch pmcconnell said he may not even pget confirmed after that. pnra and national federation of pindependence opposed. p hulk hogan and lawyers plooking to get a bigger paycheck pin the sex tape. pjury awarded him 115 million pdollars. ptoday the jury decides on the unitive damages. pthat could triple the pay out.
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pgawker media is planning to pappeal. p tampa police need your help pfinding a driver who hit and pkill add bicyclist not far from pmacdill avenue. pman in his 40s riding his bike pbefore 11:00 saturday night when phe was hit and killed. pthey haven't identified the man pin the vehicle vovred. p series of overdoses. pseven people arrested at crest plake park on a variety of charge pdrug offenses relating to psynthetic marijuana known as pspice. pcaused overdoses at the park and paround the tampa bay area. pfirst responders found a dozen
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psuffering from seed seizures. p spring break season is pkeeping law enforcement in pflorida keeping people busy. pdaytona beach police and volusia pcounty deputies have made phundreds of arrests. pover the weekend deputies a parrested two young men for pstealing a jetski. plast year panama city beach assed a series of laws. p that is the wrap, another psuccessful air show in macdill.
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pthe crowds. pevent reached capacity by 4:00 .m. tampa police had to turn eople away, 75 percent panniversary for airfest. pno word on if it is back. p still ahead, look mom, no phands. pnew phone you don't have to ptouch. p>> new racing sport that doesn't peven need roads. p>> i know it is cooler, windy poutside. pit is pretty, too. plet's look in polk county. plakeland to the east. an of clouds moving. p52 , north wind 12 miles per phour. pmany spots to the north have pdipped into the 40s. pmid 60s for highs.
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p>> god monday morning, how is pthat for a pretty shot? ptampa skyline in the background. pfurther south, you run into pcloud cover getting down into pbradenton pbradenton. pcooler start. plook at the 40s, snuck their way pback in. pcrystal river to brooksville, pwesterly chapel. pbarely 50 . pthen lakeland 50. pfurther south warmer it is. plook at the difference between
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pwe are running 15-18 colder, pyes. pnoticeable difference. pvery dry. ptook time for the front to come pthrough. plast night, here come the winds, pwinds so far this morning have pgusted, highest wind gusts, 31 pmiles per hour over in pclearwater. pright now, 29 miles per hour pwind gust, brandon 20, winter pheaven 28. pdirection of the wind that is pcarrying in that cooler, drier pair. psaw this with our lakeland pcamera. pto the south it is warmer. pas you get down to miami, pcooler. pbrand of clouds not going panywhere. pfrom tampa south, cloud cover to pthe north, mostly sunny. pstill think temperatures mainly pinto the 60sor f highs.
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pits way in from the northwest as pwell. ponce we get rid of this tiny pband of clouds, sunshine for the prest of the week. pit will warm up. pit is late march. pthese cool snaps when we do have pthem, they don't last long. p66 for a high this afternoon. pthat north wind will make it pfeel cooler tonight, coldest pnight. pmore than likely until the fall. pyou get into late march, you pdon't see lows like this. p48 tampa, cooler to the north. ptomorrow, nice rebound. pmild and 73 . pboaters really have to caution pboaters, seas 6-10 feet, small pcraft advisory. prest of the week it is nice, phigh tide 2:34.
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pif we don't get there wednesday, pwe'll get there thursday through pthe weekend. pthis weekend a bit unsettled pwith a few showers. p>> thank you, dave. psouthbound direction heading ptowards us, bush boulevard. pstarting to jam i in this pstretch of 275. ptravel times, bearss to i-4, 20 pminutes. pslow but not terrible. pif you are waking up with us, we phave a high wind advisory pcrossing sunshine skyway bridge. ptake extra care especially if pyou have a high profile vehicle.
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pmedia event. pcryptic invitation, let us loop pyou in. psome insiders think it could prefer to the address of apple pheadquarters or a lanyard loop pyou could attach to your iphone. pnew smaller iphone and new ptablet. p>> carry my iphone around my pneck? p>> like a lanyard? p>> new phone opening doors with eople with disabilities. p>> sesame enable. pmillions that couldn't use touch pscreens. pspecifically designed for them. ptouch.
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pcommands or use of small head pmovements. p>> you can make small movements. p>> here is the tough part, pinstalled costs $700. p>> another one that is really poff and running. p>> flying drones more popular pthan ever. phigh flying entrepreneurs plooking to make the sky the next pbig racetrack. p>> you get a full body rush. pit is like nothing else i have pnever done.
7:19 am
pdrone racing league or drl. p>> there is drone racing in palmost every country. pwe are taking it and trying to pturn it into something rofessional. p>> competitive video gaming or e psports 750 million dollars in prevenue. pdrone racing needs to draw in padvertisers. p>> people are buying drones. p>> like nascar, epic crashes add pto the excitement without risk pof injury to the pilot. p>> definitely take more chances, pif you crash, change a few props
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p>> still ahead, want to show up plate to school ask the boss. p>> first charley belcher, phanging out with a special camp. p>> i showed late, i got lost. pboyd hill nature preserve is phuge! pit is really, really big in st. etersburg etersburg. pwhen you go to the wrong side, ptakes a while to get around. pthat is why i didn't see you in pthe 6:00 hour. pi was late. psorry. pi am here now. pkids aren't here any way. pcool schools on monday. pwe are checking in on a cool pspring break camp. pthis is the time of year to pthink about summer camps.
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3 in the headlines right now: another dangerous test... for north korea. south korea says the north has
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p>> 7:23, north korea test fired panother four short range pmissiles. plaunch after krt aired the pimages. pbroadcaster claims it shows pleader kim inspecting military pexercises. pexercise in response to south pkorean military joint training pwith the u.s. north korea ramped pup propaganda. pthese launches have resulted in ptougher sanctions from the u.n. p>> two boys fall into a hole poutside of a mcdonalds. pthe boys fell 30 feet. pluckily one of them managed to pclimb out.
7:25 am
p45 minutes later recovering. plucky kids. p mother in memphis, tennessee punder fire over this facebook ost. pit is a picture of two toddlers pwith their hands and mouths duct ptaped sitting in the back of a pcar. pcaption reads: kids for sale, p45% because they are bad. olice believe the mother of one pof the kids posted the picture. pthe photo got tons of negative pcomments. pwomen claiming to be an aunt psaid it was gist a practical pjoke. pshe said the kids are fun. p little boy in los angeles pgot the coolest late to class pever signed by a rock star.
7:26 am
pnine-year-old zabby went to pspringstein -- bruce, i am going pto be late to school, please psign my note. pboss wrote zabby has been out plate rocking and rolling please pexcuse him if he is tardy. pthat is your ultimate hall pass. p>> yes, it is. p>> as soon as you show it to the pteacher, quickly take it back pand frame it. phey, pretty cool and breezy. pnorth winds dragging in colder pair. pcrystal river, 46 , brooksville, p48. p50 westerly chapel, lakeland, p52, brandon and tampa area, mid p60s for today. pbreezy, north winds.
7:27 am
pwe are going to drop it back to pthe mainly the upper 40s. plook how fast it warms up, ptomorrow afternoon, 73. pby wednesday, cool air gone. phighs approaching 80 at that oint. p>> up next a cool golf charity pyou can check out today. p>> dancing shoes still the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. p>> update here to this deadly pcrash in sarasota shutting down puniversity parkway. phearing from sarasota police, pthey are still working to notify pthe next of kin. pthree people passed away. palso await ago tow truck. pcould be longer until the scene
7:31 am
puniversity parkway shut down pbradenton and desoto road. pearlier i tossed out myrtle, pstill a good alternate. plooking a little congested panother one talafast. pfairly light congestion along p275 southbound in pasco heading pdown to the interchange. punder 30 minutes. pwe are picking up westbound pdriver. pthelma to fletcher 14 minutes. p>> big salute to all veterans pwho live here in florida. pthere is 1.5 million. pthat number could be getting pbigger. lan to lure young veterans to
7:32 am
p>> fox 13 news ken suarez joins pus, good morning, ken. p>> reporter: good morning, guys. pwhen you think about it, the pmilitary trains men and women to pbe professional and reliable? pwhy wouldn't the state to move phere and put down roots? pthat is why they are kicking off pthis new campaign. pit is a win-win situation. pstate pushing hard to lure them phere. porganization veteran's florida, psingle purpose to set down roots phere in the sunshine state. pwe know about the beautiful pweather and no income tax. pbeyond that the state is doing pback flips to make life easier. pspecial discounts and fishing pand hunting licenses. pstate has a number of programs
7:33 am
pwith companies that give vets pspecials. pthey are looking across the pentire country for vets to prelocate. pin this state there are already p20 different military pinstallations. pone being macdill in the being pfar from here. pthe trying to capture that opulation as well as advertise pto others that don't know the pbenefits of living in florida pall to get them to settle down. pit is a win-win situation. p>> back to you. p>> macdill is a choice selection pknow. pweather doesn't hurt, either. psell. pi doubt it is. p>> reporter: yeah. p>> all right.
7:34 am
p>> the folks at sea come are pincredibly professional. ptop notch people. p[laughter]. p>> all right. pken, talk to you later. pwe'll get a look at sports with pdave. p>> biggest story in the country pinvolves our own tampa bay rays, pmore importantly, where they are laying. pteam waking up in cuba. peven president obama going to be pin the stands. pbefore they flew south, they had pan exhibition game in sunday ptaking on the orioles. pbases loaded grand slam. prays only used their bull pen. itching little off. plongoria pulled rays to within pone. pfifth inning, another grand pslam.
7:35 am
pit came from the rays. pstephen souza jr. cleared the pbases. ptie, 8-8. pcloser look at the ray's pschedule in cuba. pstarts this morning at 8:30. pteam held a news conference. palong with rays stars chris parcher and longoria. pworkouts continue for the rays paround noon. pfirst pitch against cuba, 2:00 .m. one more reason we love pformer rays manager joe madden. pcrazy fashion sense on full pdisplay with his current team, pchicago cubs. phe said this about the dress pcode: if you think you look phot, wear it. pmaden said he didn't, whether
7:36 am
phe said players wearing $5,000 psuits for plane rides doesn't pmake sense. pwomen's team won first game in pncaa knocking off colorado pstate, 48-45. pcourtney williams scored a pschool tournament record of 31 oints. p48 total? pimpressive. pnext up, sixth seeded bulls face pl.a. winner makes it to the psweet 16. prussell? p>> it is a hockey game, not pinside an arena. p>> hey, walter? p>> laura, russell, good morning.
7:37 am
pwe are on bay shore. pbeautiful sunrise behind the prolling thunder trailer. pwe are making our way to the layoff push. pbigger event. pfrozen four. pwe are hosting. pof course is the hockey ptournament for the ncaa. ptampa bay sports commission. pyou guys are in charge of pbringing the frozen four here, pwhy bring it back, you love it phere? p>> incredible opportunity first ptime we hosted in 2012. pevent's first trip to the psoutheastern united states in p64-year history. pthe fastest it has come back to pa community nearly 20 years, it pis a testament to how the
7:38 am
p>> how did we embrace the first pfrozen four one of the top five pattendances of all times. eople travel from all over the pcountry and enjoy the warmth of pthe event. pyou don't have to shovel your pdriveway full of snow. pyou can wear a t-shirt and flip pflops to a hockey match. eople enjoyed that opportunity. p>> what is your favorite part pabout watching collegiate phockey? p>> energy, passion, fan base pincredible. pthey love the sport. pthey love their team. pthey are going to get a chance pto soak up some sun. p>> you get a chance to see pcolleges you don't see. ptypical places, ncaa men's
7:39 am
pi saw it is, quinpiac, st. cloud pstate, lower profile here in psoutheastern part of the united pstates. pthen schools you recognize, pmichigan, boston college and pothers. pit is going to be great to see phow it shakes out. pselections yesterday. pthose 16 teams play in regionals pthen our four teams coming out pof the weekend. p>> reporter: if you are pinterested in coming one of the pfour, two games? p>> semifinals thursday, april p7th. ptwo semifinal match-ups, four pteamers, winners play through to psaturday, april 9th for the pchampionship. ptickets available. phop on it now, p>> reporter: thank you, pappreciate.
7:40 am
lay street hockey. pi am going to try my hand in a pbit, laura, russell? p>> looks like fun. ptalk later, okay p p p>> also happening today, you can pgolf like a rock star, gulf pcourse in tarpin springs, he was pwith the band eight years, late p90s and 2000. lenty of fun during the ptournament, players can dress plike their favorite rock star, ptemporary tattoos, tricked out pgolf carts.
7:41 am
p>> song is going to be stuck in pmy head. p>> better than it is a small pworld. pi just did that! pall right. p[laughter]. pi can't read it. pcoming up next, it is badman vs. psuperman. remier. panother super hero maybe pstealing the spotlight. p>> technically it is b. pi found out the hardway. ower of the passion. pwhat a spectacular show. opular shows, modern setting pand a live performance. pstory of jesus gets a brand new plife. p>> little bit of cloud cover, pdefinitely cooler and breezy pespecially along the coastline. pour temperatures make their ways
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3 you might see a lot of colorful *socks around the
7:45 am
p>> a lot of colorful socks, 11th pannual pannual pannual pannual pannual downs syndrome day. pyou can use the moment to talk pabout down syndrome. psix thousands born with down psyndrome. plife expectancy has gone up, p1960, 10 years old. ptoday it is 60. pnice. p>> all right. pwe are going to look to dave for pa look at the forecast. p>> cooler. p>> big change. p>> breezy. pthat is the first thing you are pgoing to notice that wind prushing in out of the north and pdragging in the cooler air. pdecent start to the day. pfurther south, more cloud cover.
7:46 am
pcounty. pthere is the sun coming up over plake mirror. p52 out of tampa international. lant city, 49 , as the 40 have ptaken over parts of pasco pcounty. pland o lakes, dade city 47, pcrystal river, 45 . pyou have cold air coming in, pwaters are mid 70s. pyou have a lot of decently mild pair left along the coast. pinland, away from the influence, p48 bartow. p50s lakeland and hanes city.
7:47 am
pyou can see the line of clouds pseparating the state. psouth is muggier. plittle warmer to the north pcooler. pbreezy for everybody. pi want to show you something. plook at this. pisn't this cool? pit is for meteorological people. pit is made by all the colder air prunning over the warmer waters pof the gulf and generates the pclouds moving north to south pthrough the gulf. pjust kind of a pretty, pretty plook if you are out there. pin general, once this front pclears the state and high ressure solidly builds in, we pare looking at chilly night ptonight and tomorrow morning. pmost of us away from the water pand 40s. pit is late march. pthis kind of cool snap doesn't plast long, 66 for a high. pa lot of us in the 40s come
7:48 am
ptomorrow afternoon, what a prebound. p48-73. pmild afternoon tomorrow. pone more day for boating, small pcraft advisory through 7:00 ptonight. p79 wednesday, 82 thursday. pwe are going to have to fine ptune another unsettled weekend. pvanessa. p>> thanks, dave, 78. pheads up for folks in lakeland parea, railroad work expected to pstart, north and south crystal plake drives shut down east of pu.s. 19 right in the area of pwhere the railroad tracks are. pdetours on combi road. pyou can expect delays. palso veteran's expressway, speed pmarker ir lick road. pno breaks.
7:49 am
parea of hillsborough avenue. poverall, 33 minute ride, 13 pminutes heading northbound. it's the story of jesus... like you've *n p story of jesus like you have pnever heard before. assion aired here on fox 13. pretelling of the crucifixion pusing the same characters taking pthem into modern times on the pstreets of new orleans. ptyler perry narrated. psome care it to a super bowl phalf time show. pis that a bad thing?
7:50 am
p batman vs. superman hits ptheatres. panother super hero may steal the pshow. pdawn of justice expected to top p150 million dollars this weekend pgiving it the biggest march popening ever. p>> question is, will the guy who psees all the super hero movies pbe there? pcharley, are you going? p>> i have to see the movie. rove they are worthy. pwe'll see. pi am looking forward to seeing
7:51 am
pis about at boyd hill naturer reserve. pthey are gathering firewood and pkindling it is chilly, stick colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase
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know you can save today for what's important tomorrow. colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide,
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pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase
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p>> "good day tampa bay," i am pcharley belcher from inside boyd phill nature preserve. pyou know how you know you have a pgood bring break cam. pthey don't care, too busy having pfun. pbarbara is a supervisor. pwhat a great place first and pforemost, right snack dab in the pmiddle of st. pete. p>> it is our little oasis. pwe have 245 acres. pthis is a whether or not he will pseparate area of the preserve pmore recreational based. p>> how many more acres? p>> at least 45 acres or so. p>> a lot of land. pwe are talking about spring pbreak camps. popen for hiking and any camping pin the preserve? p>> yes. pwe are open to the general ublic. panyone can come in and take a
7:55 am
pmiles of nature trails. pwe do tram tours at 1:00. pclosed on mondays to our public pbut still run our educational rograms. p>> you have spring break camps. pwhat ages are you offering this pweek? p>> we have our sprouts camp for pthe little guys, three and four pyear olds, young naturalist pcamps five and six year olds. pthis is pioneer camp 7-13. p>> little ones 13 years old? p>> yes. p>> still space available for pmoms and dads watching can they pstill get in? p>> there are a couple. pwe have a low ratio. pwe don't have huge camps. pwe keep them nice and small. p>> now is a time to think about psummer camps? p>> absolutely. p>> we offer many different
7:56 am
pthroughout the summer. psome are specialty camps a few pweeks throughout the summer. p>> seems affordable. p>> it is. pwe try to keep it reasonable. prun by the city of st. pete er s etersburg. p>> lastly, pick up and drop off. pwhat are the hours? p>> 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. p>> lunch provided? p>> during spring break they need pto bring it but lunch provided psummer camp. p>> we have pioneer camp, young pnaturalist, specialty camps, may por may not include a snake. p>> no, it is going. p>> you know it is gonna. pit is chilly out here. pwe are going to enjoy it. p>> good, see you later, man.
7:57 am
pis getting political, at 8:00, pwhy atlanta may lose its chance pat hosting a super bowl over a pnewly passed bill. p>> then zombies, it is pfrightening to think about. pthat is what some are being pcalled after police say they the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((russell making history in havana. president pmaking history in havana resident obama tris sore the prays their mission today that pwill have a whole world pwatching. pand it's foifl spring. pand an along with the blooms pcomes the allergies. phow to make season sniffles a plittle easier on your little pones. phey everybody it's 8 o'clock. pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pwe thank you for watching up pwith us monday march 21st. pwe will get straight to vanessa p>> good morning, guys a folks pwaking up with us right now we


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