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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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pwhy investigaters need your phelp. p>> feel great. pi'm really happy about peverything that's happened. p>> i'll bet he is. panother multimillion dollar win pfor hulk hogan. pwhat the pricy pay out means for pthe gossip web site gawker. pjill: a new day but the same old pchallenges. phistoric meeting between resident obama and raul castro. crash killed 44-year-old michael bladen. 3 right now fox 13's kellie cowan is live along interbay where that hit and run crash took place... she spoke with bladen's family and friends who are just heartbroken
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3 p p p44-year-old michael friends and pcoworkers were expecting him. phe was going to stay the night pas his best friend's house for pthe two would get up early the pnext morning for the plandscaping job. pbut bladen never made it. pblatant lifeless body was found palong interbay boulevard. ptampa police say someone hit phim and drove away. pleaving the scene of a fatal pcrash and leaving latent pfriends and family members pwondering who could show such
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p>> it's not just a piece of ptrash. ptwo hit and run off and leave. olice said the still searching pfor a suspect and hoping more pwitnesses will come forward. p>> i would just love to have psome sort of closure here as to pwho is responsible for what is phappened to my dear friend. p>> chris at this point police phave not yet released a pdescription of the vehicle they pbelieve it michael bladen as he pwas riding his bike to this pneighborhood on saturday night. panyone with information is pasked to contact the tampa olice. p>> developing tonight hulk phogan and libra massive payout. pterry and his six tape trial pgets the gawker website just
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pin damages. pthat's on top of the $115 pmillion they were to him last pweek. plive at the pinellas county pcourthouse with a trial left us pthis evening what was his preaction to all of this money pthat may or may not come his pway you never know ultimately pon appeal and all that? p>> yeah the word he used is pvindicated. pthat's how hogan feels after pthis he also feels like he made phistory with this really pstunning sum of money that he pcould be in line to receive if pthe jury awarded him. pis a breakdown of what it would pamount to more than $140 pmillion on friday yours awarded phogan $150 million for the pemotional and economic stress pthat they felt he suffered pafter gawker posted video of phim having sex with the wife of phis then best friend radio psponge clam. phogan was real name is terrible pthey are city didn't know he pwas being recorded in his rivacy was violated.
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pagain today to the tune of 25 p$.1 million in punitive pdamages. pthe websites lawyers called the pverdict devastating for the pcompany and really for the pentire industry they claim to pfile an appeal we heard from pboth sides as he left court pmonday evening. p>> i feel great. pi'm really happy about peverything that's happened. pi think we made history today. pwe protect a lot of people for pmay be going through what i pwent through so are very pexcited and very happy. p>> we look forward to going to pthe appeals court. p>> spoke with a juror pafterwards she says the video pis what sealed her decision pbecause she felt was clear the phogan didn't know he was being ptaped. pshe also said she hopes to send pa message to gossip with sites plike gawker. pheather the president of cocker preleased the statement after pthat the company is going to
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pthat the appeals court poverturned the verdict because pshe feels that this is both rotected by the first pamendment and was also pnewsworthy but she also feels pthat the jury was denied pcritical evidence like the ptestimony from bubba the love psponge club who is not forced pto take the witness stand. pa lot more could happen on pappeal that's for sure. pthank you, so much. p>> it was the handshake seen paround the world today resident obama and cuban resent o castro met pface-to-face and a historic in pcuba there calling this a new pday between the two countries. pbut both presents admit the pstill some pretty significant pissues standing in the way of pbetter relations between the us pand cuba. pkevin cork reports from habana. p>> on an overcast and blustery pday, wins of change of cuba. pas president obama and cuban resident raul castro make phistory becoming the first
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pneighboring countries to be on pcuban soil in 88 years. pthis is a new day. pbetween the two countries. p>> a new day years in the pmaking. pthe embargoes going to end. pwhen? pi can't be entirely sure. pbut the us overture comes as pthe differences between the two pnations remains dark. rotest out of the meeting pgoing major differences in the pway each government use prights. p>> contrasting viewpoints say pcritics that will only get pworse with us engagement.
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padministration continues to pwork around the was trade pembargo with cuba which has pbeen in effect since 1960. pin coordination with the ptreasury and commerce pdepartments, the administration phas relaxed restrictions pallowing investments business plicenses and some travel to the pisland. pburgeoning cold war thaw that pcould have unintended pconsequences to experts. pon tuesday the president is pexpected to speak directly to pthe cuban people in a speech pthat we expect will be carried plive on cuban state television. resident will also make his premarks towards the american eople and particularly the pcuban-american community where pthere's been a great deal of pskepticism about the recent
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pthey were watching for tomorrow pthe game between the tampa bay prays in the cuban national pbaseball team first pitch paround 2:00 p.m. fox 13 sports pdirector scott smith there to pbring us complete coverage of pthe game in the of a preview of pit coming up later tonight in psports. palso from baseball to politics pand cuba political editor is pthere covering the president pvisit and the impact of this phistoric trip coming up at p11:13 and about five minutes pgoing to show us a touch of pcuban culture and shows around pold about the capitals pdowntown. p>> all new at 11 tonight a man pis dead after an incident on a st a bus earlier this month. pit happened at the intersection pof 72nd street and 22nd avenue pnorth. pinvestigator said the bus pdrivers try to make a yellow plight he said to the turn what phappened and 91-year-old man pspeeded on his mobile scooter pover. pthey say he hit his arm and pchest on a metal box.
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pbay times va for doctors pappointment he was taken to the pemergency room and he died from pthose injuries about a week plater. pwere told the bus driver never preported what happened to pauthorities. pnow police are looking to pgather more information and the pthem. pnuno also this hour is the men pthat pascoe county deputies pthey carried out three pdifferent robberies over the pweekend. phis name is mullen howard he's p33 deputies that he is spree pset up friday when rob the pworld fargo bank and then psaturday the thinking at a pconvenience store on state road p54. pand the metro pcs next door. pthat same day deputy saint phoward tried stealing money pfrom a cabdriver but was punsuccessful any information or pwhere he might be, your urge to pgive them a call. pnuno a street drug out there pthat looks like xanax but it's pmuch more potent and is killed pnine people and knows county.
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psee in a moment here is a pmixture of xanax and something pcalled fenton all. pnote that no is a synthetic popioid is 50 times more owerful than pure heroin. pthe sheriff says people are pbuying it taking that it's pxanax on the street only to ptake it and never wake up. ponly once it's so strong you pdon't have to take a handful pall you do is take one like it ptaking a xanax you're dead. p>> that's a big deal. p>> the sheriff isn't sure pexactly where the drugs are pcoming from within their being pmade locally are brought in pfrom somewhere but he says he pwill pursue murder charges pagainst the deal is if he could rove the products killed psomeone. pscary stuff. p>> coming up last-minute pdiscovery that could make a pmoot point for everything that papple ceo is fighting for. p>> we believe strongly that we phave a responsibility to help pyou protect your data. pyeah but the government now psays it doesn't need apple to
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pwill tell you why coming up at p11:23. pbaseball politics aside there's pback in time. pwe take a tour through historic pcuba that's right after the pbreak and i can't wait to see pthis. p>> absolutely.
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paway. p cuba long been one of the pleast connected countries in pthe world because of this was a p50-year-old embargo by lifting pthe restriction all that's pexpected to change. pbut it won't happen overnight. lans to visit the country at pleast for now is definitely pstill a blast from the past. pfox 13 craig patrick takes on a ptour of old's now pamericans can travel to cuba pand when they get here they ptake a step back in time. pyou watch the surf down the pstreets of havana to see the
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pand yet you don't see much rust por any rust which is different pbecause we made those cars paround 60 years ago. pthey've gone through six pdecades of wear and saltwater pshowers and many still look ristine. pthe culture of havana is so prich the people you know so pfull of pride. p>> at first glance along the pstreets you see the fruit pstands dogs lounging around the pcurb stretching out the pstreets. pbut when you look at the doors pand windows of the people many pof them busy at work toiling paway it appears to be a lot of predevelopment fueled in part by pno american tourist money. pwe asked this man was doing in phis dark room he laughed and psaid he's fixing the lights. pthis is a country with a lot of pchallenges. pyou look at their pinfrastructure and they're pdoing their best to put that panother way the buildings are pnot holding up nearly as well pis a lot of the cars.
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ptourist zone you find a lot of light. pwe will show you how the pchanges here in a panic also pbring some very big changes to ptampa bay. p>> look forward to that and pamericans also be able to pcruise to cuba human pauthorities just give carnival pcruise lines approval today. pto seal between miami and cuba pthat service begins may 1. pcurrently too small a cruise pline service the island pvisiting event in santiago once pa week from nearby caribbean pislands but with this addition pnumber of tourists is in cuba pis expected to jump psubstantially. p>> is that time of the year pagain when florida tax watch preleases its left of budget pturkeys this time though the pfar fewer project on the list pfor the year before maybe pthat's good news. psome of the most expensive plocal projects that went pwithout public review road pimprovements and that includes p$1.5 million for douglas and pburbank roads in oldsmar and
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psome of the other big items pinclude $1.2 million for prelocating tampa heights civic pcenter. p$500,000 was approved for the phillsboro county fair and p$300,000 for port manatee. pthis list of turkeys doesn't pmean the project that worthy of pfunding it just means that they pwant subject to appropriate pscrutiny and no peer review ptook place before those budgets pwere approved. p>> some folks may be watching pright now live on those roads pand no weather they need that pmoney or not. p>> i thought the budget pturkeys would've come out pcloser to november.>> that's pa federal budget. pthe upstate turkeys and federal pturkeys. pright paul? pit with thanksgiving turkey. phelp us get a turkeys early. p>> we've got some scrutiny as pfar as the weather goes we've pgot changes on the way pinitially cold then we warm up pand then we talk about the pchance of showers and pthundershowers over the pweekend. pbig easter weekend coming up to pwatch that in the days ahead if
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pyou want to take a walk poutside, kind of cool doing pthis guy a near full moon to pthe left is jupiter. pwhen were that close we call pthem in conjunction that's some pdavid bit more of a degree you pcan't miss it bright star in pthis case the planet just to pthe left of the moon and the pmoon is full tomorrow and today pa chilly day.high 65 degrees pthis would be a cold day in the pmiddle of january. pi mean the average high is 77 pthe coldest high we've had ever pin this month is or today is 56 pdegrees last time we were this pchilly with coolest march day psince way back on march 26. ptwo years ago is not going to plast long it'll be chilly ptonight the march sun does its pthing and by wednesday, were pback up your 80. pcheck out the profile today. pstorm in the northeast most of pit's gone melted away sun came pout today tampa hit 65 at the psame time today denver hit 73
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pso eight degrees colder in ptampa than it was in denver on pwednesday. pit will snow in denver and will pbe up 80. pso things are really changing pfast coast to coast and west to peast across the country. pchilly tonight with high pclouds cutting across the sky. pas soon as this high moves east pof us, that will happen on pwednesday, will start warming pup and by thursday and friday pnot only is it going to warm up pbut the dew point are going to pcome up get us into the 60s and plow 70s it will be muggy in a pcouple of days and that we just pkind of watch and wait for the parrival of a cold front leg pbody into the weekend. pright now, it's chilly. p48 tampa 54 in tampa 50s in inellas. psun city center is 50 pbrooksville is 45 don't be pshocked when you wake up ptomorrow morning and i know the pcounties look outside could be pa touch of frost around it's pnot going to last long as the
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p55 in sarasota nifty myakka pcity and some low 50s inland pincluding a 49 right now lake lacid frost advisories up pinland sections of citrus and phernando counties 4:00 a.m. to p9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning high ressure is west of us. pit's going to move off the pstate east of the state by pwednesday when that happens, pour wins turn they move in the pnortheast to the east and psoutheast developing southeast pwind is a warming went by pthursday, a cold front slowly pheads our way and the problem pis, this front will most likely pget stuck either over us or pnear us over the weekend. pthat happens talk about some pclouds and showers and pthundershowers. pboth weekend days will find to pthat forecast in the days pahead.
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pchilly can you believe it? p45 degrees. pthat's cold. ptomorrow we warm up nicely we phad the 70s by afternoon 73 in ptampa little warmer inland and pon wednesday mostly sunny a bit pwarmer still we hit 80 it turns phumid thursday and friday that pleaves the way for showers and pthundershowers over the weekend pwith temperatures then your 80. pback to you. p>> welcome back from your 36 pday of vacation there. pit was 34 days. pdon't exaggerate. p>> welcome back. pcoming up the legal side pbetween apple
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p p to my court hearing pbetween the fbi and apple pcanceled the government says it pmay not need the tech giant phelp after all. pamong the iphone is by one of pthe san bernardino shooters pfiling late this afternoon pfederal prosecutors say outside arty came forward over the pweekend showed them a method pthat might work. papple so far refused to create pthe software the disable iphone psecurity saying it would put pall iphone customers privacy at prisk. p>> will see what comes of pthat. p>> who is that. pcomes on the heels of another pbat big apple announcement. pwhat's old is now new again. pthe company hoping to boost psales by going smaller. pfox's jolene kent explains. p>> for apple small is the new pbig ceo tim cook four inch piphone essie cupertino
11:25 pm
pas many of the features in the plarger iphone 6x including ixel camera faster processor pfor $ was suffering pfrom slowing iphone sales pfirst-time customers upgrading pto newer models. palso getting downsized a new pand lighter ipad pro with a psmaller 9.7 inch screen. pif you've been putting up pbuying an apple watch, now be a pbetter time. papple dropped the price by 50 pbucks for $300. pbut the elephant in the room pwas one iphone in particular in pthe battle to unlock it. papple ceo tim cook reiterated pthe companies pledged to resist pthe governments demands to help pin the opening of the encrypted piphone used by one of the pterrorist and the san pbernardino shootings that pkilled 14 hundred 22. p>> we believe strongly that we phave a responsibility to help pyou protect your data.
11:26 pm
p>> apple says unlocking the pdevice would put millions of piphones at risk while the fbi psays it's only about one piphone. p that you smaller iphone pessie will be released on march p31 you can preorder starting pthursday.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. p evan longoria said it best pto the us and cuba have one pthing in common and that is the assion for baseball it will be pon display tomorrow 2 o'clock
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pnational team today plenty of pfestivities started with the pteam heading down to the pstadium. pthat visit was paid this pmorning team batting practice pwalked around the grounds the pstate seven-year-old stadium. pit once was the home of the psugar kings. pit currently is the home of the pindustrials which i'm told pother yankees of cuba. p>> latin people have got assion they enjoy the game. pmakes it feel like bigger than


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