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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 22, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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palligator ramed 3 ((russell- happening right now. police on the p>>russell: happening right now, olice on the scene of several pbombings in brussels. pit is a terror attack. lus -- p>> we do not have words. pbattle. pa 6-year-old girl taken from the ponly parents she has ever known. pwhy that just doesn't seem to pmake sense to most people. p>>russell: batter up. pthe rays play a historic game in pcuba. pwhy they're a winner regardless pof outcome. p"good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pgood morning. pall that ahead and more but pdave.
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pgotten below 50 degrees now. pwe're at 49 with the sun coming pup in 30 minutes or so. pit's beautiful outside. plet's just say that right off pthe bat. pfull sunshine so we'll have no roblem warming up but right pnow, it is quite chilly not only phere but up to brooksville, it's p37 degrees. pcrystal river at 36. pluckily some frost inland citrus pand hernando counties with padvisories this morning. ponce we get past 9:00, quickly pwarm things up and eventually pget back to the lower 70s but no pdoubt, we have jackets going on pfor everybody outside this pmorning. p>>laura: it is chilly. pall right, dave. p>> we're slow this morning along pthe interstates. pusual stop and go traffic pbeginning to build there and palso delays for drivers psouthbound dale mabry. pan accident just before phillsborough avenue, that is pwhere sky fox is. pthey're checking out the scene pfor us. pyou can see the flashing lights pon scene. pthe right lane was blocked. pdebris in the road.
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pis pretty much getting by now pbut you still have road block phere. psouthbound dale mabry papproaching hillsborough avenue. pdelays right now building all pthe way back to waters here and psky fox pans back. pyou can see bumper to bumper ptraffic. pall the way back to waters. pthink about himes avenue, even parmenia. pthat may help you get around the pdelays this morning. pcheck on travel types. psouthbound 275 from bearss pavenue to i-4 stacking up 18 pminutes through that stretch. p>>russell: 7:02 right now. plive picture right now of pbrussels, belgium. pthis is our breaking news. pdeadly explosion in belgium. rime minister just said we know pthere are many, many dead, many pinjured. p>>laura: and the attacks at the pairport and train station may be pin retaliation for a crackdown pon a terror cell and you may premember that this is just days pafter the prime suspect in a aris terror attack was arrested
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pdoug is following the pdevelopments from washington. p>>reporter: the challenge is pthat we're trying to figure out pthe scope of the attacks but it pis clear now they were not pconfined to just the airports. pchaos at the main airport in pbrussels following reports of at pleast two explosions there in pmultiple fatalities. pgun fire, shouting in arabic, pwhat appeared to be ceiling ptiles littered the floor and pstunned passengers were coraled pin the airport and on the tarmac pbut it was clear what was phappening. pminutes later, reports of padditional explosions in pdowntown brussels, all of these pjust days after the arrest in pbrussels of salah abdeslam, the pkey suspects in the terror pattacks in paris that left 130 pdead. p>> that was another blns
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pwrong way down a one-way street. p>>reporter: the early response pto what appears to be a wave of pattacks. p>> it's in disarray right now pand trying to batten down the phatches, it seems like. pit's like the u.s. and 9/11. pwe didn't know what we didn't pknow. pbut they are quickly confining peverybody to the streets. p>>reporter: u.s. embassy in pbelgium urging americans there pto shelter in place while the presponse continues. p>>laura: and officials in pbrussels say at least one of the pattacks were the result of a psuicide bomber. pthat is just coming out. pand police in new york city are psecurity. p>>russell: 7:04 right now. pit's a big day for tampa bay prays. pthey will play a game in cuba. pit's a sellout plus a worldwide paudience will be watching. pnearly two decades, major league
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pthis is a chance to break down pbarriers by using baseball. ptwo countries are trying to prestore relations. prays were chosen in a lottery to prepresent the u.s. pit's a lot of pressure but psomething that players say pthey're looking forward to. p>> it's nice. pi'm really happy that the rays pwere selected and that i could pbe a part of this trip to bring psuch joy to the people of this pcountry. p>> when we get back, sit down pand catch a breath and realize pwhat you were part of. pat this point, it's just the pwhole agenda is pretty henomenal to be a part of and pto what it could lead to and pwhat it's bringing for this game pis pretty significant and it's preally an honor to be part of pall of that. p>>russell: you can watch it on pespn. prays plan to treat it pretty pmuch like any other spring ptraining game. pstars probably will not play all pnine innings. pmaybe just a half game. pand don't underestimate the
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pthey're mostly professionals who pwill never get a chance to play pin the major leagues because of ptough rules trying to leave that pcountry. pcuba is currently ranked third pin the world behind japan and pthe u.s. and cuba has won the pworld cup of baseball 25 times. resident obama will be at this pgame. phe has a few other things on his pagenda before flying to pargentina. phe met with cuban leader castro pyesterday. pcastro is adamant that the u.s. plift all sanctions and give back pguantanamo bay. pwe have complete coverage of the phistoric trip all day long. pcraig patrick and sports pdirector scott smith are both pthere and they'll have reports pat 5:00 and 6:00. pyou can follow developments ponline at p>>laura: it is 7:06 now and a pdeveloping story in st. etersburg. pthe death of a 91-year-old man pone week after an incident on a sta bus. pshayla reaves is at the police pdepartment where they are
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plooking for anyone who can precall what happened, right? p>>reporter: you're right. pinvestigators want to speak with pany passengers who may have been pon the bus, if they've seen panything and just did not report pit. pthey're trying to piece together pthe events that unfolded on pmarch 4 and understand exactly pwhat led up to the death of p91-year-old henry gussea of plargo. pi want to take you back to this pscene. pthis was march 4 just after p10:00 in the morning. pinvestigators tell us that the pbus was approaching the pintersection of 62nd street and p72nd street and 22nd avenue pnorth in st. pete and pinvestigators say a pinellas psuncoast transit authority bus papproached that intersection as pthe light turned yellow. pwell, the driver reportedly made pthe turn at a, quote, slightly pexcessive speed.
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pagain, was 91-year-old henry of plargo. phe travelled in a mobility pscooter secured with restraints. pthat scooter tipped over and he pstruck a metal seat belt box on pthe floor and injured his arm pand chest. pthe bus driver reportedly pstopped but did not alert pauthorities. pother passengers stepped in to passist. phe was already on his way to bay ines v.a. medical center for a pdoctor's appointment and he pcontinued on the bus and once he parrived there, he headed over to pthe emergency room to seek out pcare. pultimately he was transported to pbay front trauma facility to preceive care but he did not precover and again, we learned he pdid pass way from his injuries pseven days later on march 11. pinvestigators want any assengers who were riding the pbus at the time to please go pcall. pback to you. p>>laura: all right.
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pinvestigators in sarasota say pthat speeding was the cause of a pdeadly crash yesterday morning pthat left three people dead. p>>russell: wesley mc curly was pspeed ago long the parkway, lost pcontrol and the car went over pthe curb and hit several trees. phe killed himself and passenger. pthe only one that survived was pthomas benton. phe said he has cracked ribs and pa pretty mean headache. phe said his heart goes out to phis best friends and family. pthey were out celebrating his p21st birthday. pmedical examiner is conducting ptoxicology tests to see if drugs por alcohol had a role. phe had four speeding tickets psince getting his license, pincluding one last week. p>>laura: pasco county detectives pare investigating a suspicious pdeath. pit could be a homeless person pwho went missing last year.
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punknown. (russell that's st. pete p>>russell: he's trying to wake pup a couple from unity park. pnot much response. aramedics said to check their pvitals. pthe couple didn't need serious ptreatment but it's an example of phow serious the spice program phas become. pit's made from marijuana that phas often poisonous chemicals pinside it. pthere have been a rash of calls pinvolving drugs in the past pweek. pin fact, officers went to the ark because a dozen homeless pwere vomiting, having seizures pon saturday after smoking spice. p>>laura: mayor buckhorn signed a pnew marijuana ordinance. pit is official now and it pchanges the rule. panyone caught with 20 grams or pless of marijuana will only get pa fine.
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pfines start at $75 and then pincrease will each offense after pthat. pnew ordinance should start psometime next month. palso in the news, another big pwin for hulk hogan. pjury has awarded him $25 million pin punitive damages from his plawsuit against gawker. pthat is in addition to the $115 pmillion they gave him last week. pgawker plans to appeal the case. phogan sued them for posting a psex tape on the internet. p>>russell: 7:30, the dangers of pbinge watching. ptaking up your time and affects pyour health. pdr. jo will talk about that. p>>laura: an update on mary and prambo. pyou remember this couple? phow the community is reaching pout to florida fish and wildlife pto help keep them together. p>>dave: quite cold outside. p30s on the map in several plocations. pcitrus county, hernando county, peven parts of polk county are in
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psome folks, grab your jackets. robably a little frost in other pcounties as well but the sun pwill be up in a few minutes and pthat should take care of that. pthere's your frost advisory puntil 9:00 this morning for pinland, citrus and hernando pcounty. pit's going to be a nice pafternoon despite the chilly pstart. pwe'll bring it back to 73, even
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p>>dave: it is 7:15 and oh, yeah, plook at this temperature poverlooking bayshore this pmorning. pit's gorgeous, by the way. pwe have beautiful blue skies, psunshine coming at us, 44 pdegrees. pif you're jogging down bayshore pgetting ready to this morning, peast winds at seven miles an phour. pand that is the key to the pforecast. peast wind because that really
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pchilly as it is now, tampa pinternational at 49, you're pgoing to lakeland, it's 43. pwe've got three bids in our pfavor today. pthat's the sunshine, dry air and peast wind. ut those three together and pyou're looking at a very fast pwarmup. pit needs to, right? p37 in brooksville. ptemperatures inland, citrus pcounty, are in the mid 30s. pyou look bartow, they're in the pupper 30s so it was very cold pstart, especially when you think pabout the time of year we're at. pstill have until 9:00 this pmorning. pfrost advisory inland, citrus, pinland hernando, levy county as pwell. ponce that kicks out, then we pstart with what i think is going pto be a lovely warmup today. pclouds this morning, as they pwork their way down through psouth florida, we're good, pright? pas far as that goes. pall the clouds to our south and
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pas it moves across the state. pso it's a win-win. pjust have to get out in the 40s pfirst. pwe're near 73 degrees. pit's going to be a very pleasant pafternoon after the coldest pstart that we had. pkeep your jackets handy. pwe'll need them tomorrow pmorning. pbut it won't be quite as cold ptomorrow morning as we start pthat warmup process. ptonight 55. pmaybe 40s as you go east and pnorth. pthat's why you still need your pjackets but look at tomorrow. pit will be up near 80 degrees. pi think tomorrow afternoon is pgoing to be picture perfect. pboaters, still a moderate chop ptoday, seas two to three feet. pnortheast wind around 10 to 15 pknots. phigh tide is 12 minutes before p3:00 this afternoon. ponce we get back in the 80s for phighs, i will probably see that pthrough the easter weekend. pthe thing is, we do have a pcouple of disturbances coming pthrough this weekend which will
7:18 am
pclouds. ponce you look at the seven-day, pyou see the bunny hopping. pwe're not looking at a washout. pjust a few showers. p>> look for the beach day. pokay. pnorthbound along i-75 this pmorning, very slow heading from pthe selmon expressway toward pi-4. pthere's an accident. pyou can see it here off to the pleft side. pthis is just north of state proute 60 and it's really not pblocking any travel lanes. pit's mostly off to the left pthere. pit will cost you 14 minutes pnorthbound from the selmon pexpressway through i-4. pbig delays southbound dale mabry pthis morning. pan accident just before phillsborough avenue. pone blocking the rate line -- light prain. ptaking himes southbound, that's pheavy as well through the area. psky fox is up and checking on preports of downed power lines palong kennedy and himes. pcrews have been on scene and it pdoesn't look like any activity pthere. pnothing in the way to slow you pdown.
7:19 am
plooks like crews may have pwrapped that up. pno problems on kennedy and phimes. p>>russell: there's a petition to pkeep mary and rambo together pforever. pyou remember mary. pshe lives in lakeland and has phad rambo as a pet for 10 years. prambo is six feet, fish and pwildlife says that rambo needs pto be removed because mary pdoesn't have enough land. prambo is too big. pmary says if rambo is taken, phe'll die because he's not used pto being in the wild. pright now the petition with the pdirector of fish and wildlife to pkeep them together has nearly p1700 supporters. ponce they reach 2,500, they will psubmit it. p>>laura: we hesitated to cover pthis story because it was when pwe covered this story, it went pviral. pour viewers really responded to pthis. p>>russell: it was one of those pstories that people i never met pin my life walked up to me in
7:20 am
pwherever, and they said, what's pthe story on that? pyou saw it. pit struck a cord. pall right. pwe'll keep you updated on mary pand rambo. p>>laura: all right. pyou heard the story, the power pof serena williams. phow the ladies of professional ptennis joined forces against one pman's ignorant comment. p>>russell: a float catches fire pduring a performance at animal pkingdom. eople start to realize it's a preal emergency. pcharley, good morning. p>>charley: "good day" to you, prussell. psalvage. pstuff. pcypress street, rome avenue is pwhere we are. pi'm @ -- at an atlantic city pcart. pfrom this to that, you need a
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3 welcome back... the time is 7:xx. in today's headlines.... a popular show at the animal kingdom p>>laura: 7:23 now. pa popular show at the animal pkingdom came to a scary end. p>>russell: a float caught fire pat the lion king show. psmoke started billowing from the pside of the set. pit was coming from a giant pelephant float. pannouncer told the crowd the pshow was cancelled, everybody prushed to the doors. pnobody was hurt. pearly reports say it was an pelectrical fire inside that pfloat. pstill not clear when the show pwill resume. pthe lion king show has been prunning at animal kingdom for 18 pyears. p>>laura: the f.b.i. might not pneed help when it comes to punlocking the iphone belong to pgo a terrorist. pthey think that someone else can phelp. papple is refusing to assist, pcalling it a privacy issue. pit belonged to syed rizwan
7:25 am
phe and his wife were fatally pshot after killing several eople at a christmas party in psouthern california. pthey think the phone contains pevidence of future terrorist pintentions. p>>russell: trip on a hot air pballoon turns tragic in central pmexico. ptwo people are dead, two hurt. peverybody else is okay. pwitnesses say the balloon fell pfrom the sky before catching on pfire when it hit the ground. pthe area is very popular for ptourists. p>>laura: controversial comment pabout women has cost ward his pjob. phe submitted his resignation pthis morning as director. pit's less than 48 hours after pwomen pro tennis players who he pbelieves ride on the coat tails pof the men. phe said that the women should pget on their knees every night pand thank god that players like proger fedderer and nadal were pborn. pthat didn't go over too well
7:26 am
p>> you look at someone like pbilly jean king who opened so pmany doors for not only the ptennis players but women pathletes in general so i feel plike, you know, that is such a pdisservice to her and every pfemale, every woman on this lanet that has ever tried to pstand up for what they believe pin and being proud to be a pwoman. p>>laura: in other news, all psystems are go for another procket launch from cape pcanaveral. patlas five rocket is set to take poff tonight to the international pspace station. pit will take a 3 d printer that pallows them to make tools or pother gadgets. plaunch time is set for 11:05. phow is the weather looking for pthat, dave? p>>dave: absolutely wonderful. pweatherwise, it should not be a roblem. pclear skies, light winds so they pshould be good.
7:27 am
pyour jackets this morning. p44 degrees the brookdale pbayshore camera. peast winds at seven miles an phour. pwe have wall to wall sunshine, pquite chilly this morning. pwe'll warm up quickly. pby the time we get into the pafternoon, just about everybody pis back in the lower 70s for phigh temperatures which ptechnically is still below pafternoon. pthen the warmup continues. pnotice by wednesday, we're up to p80 degrees. pthursday 81. pwhile we do have a chance of pshowers in the easter weekend pforecast, it doesn't look like a pwashout. pwe'll talk about that in the pnext half hour. p>> usual slowdowns, an accident pmay cause you delay along pnorthbound 75. pthis is just north of state road p60. pyou can see here the flashing plights on scene. pstill a 14 minute trip for you pthere northbound along 75 from pthe selmon expressway into i-4.
7:28 am
pfollow this developing news out pof brussels this morning. pa series of terror attacks has pthe city on lockdown. p>>russell: other countries, pincluding here in the u.s., ptaking precautions. pwalter allen has the latest pafter the break. p>>laura: then ken is in the phealth department with new pinformation about the zika pvirus. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: you know, we have pmore mosquitos in tampa bay than pwhat we know what to do with, pincluding the kind that carry
7:29 am
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3 3 (laura- we're following a developing story from p>>laura: we're following a pdeveloping story through pbrussels this morning. pseveral explosions. pit is the work of terrorists. pwalter allen has the latest. pgood morning. p>>walter: two separate scenes, pone at an airport and one at a
7:32 am
p15 dead, 55 injured at the metro psubway station. pthat's just been confirmed pwithin the last five to 10 pminutes and this is, as you pmentioned, labelled a terrorist pattack. ptwo explosions rocked the pbrussels airport around 4:00 our ptime this morning. pfirst at the baggage counter. pair travel in and out has been psuspended. pthis is a scene later in the pcity. pmetro subway station. ptransit spokesman says that 15 pdead, 55 injured in the attack. ptrain service is suspended as pwell. eople in and around the city pare being told to stay where pthey're at. pthis is just days after the pattack in paris that left 130 pdead. pfrench officials have said pthey're adding some 1600 pofficers at train and bus pstations and we should expect pheavier law enforcement presence
7:33 am
pwhether or not this will have pimpact, the president is in cuba ptaking in a baseball game. pwe'll see if that will have an pimpact on whether he continues pwith his plans today. pif you do have friends or loved pones in and around brussels, the pairport has put out a phone pnumber to call for information. pi put that on my twitter account pand facebook page as well, as pwell as facebook has activated pthe safety check feature. pi put both on my facebook page pand twitter page as well. pback to you. p>>russell: thanks. pit is 7:33. pzik pzika virus, people are afraid to pget a mosquito bite while ptravelling in certain places. p>>laura: and tampa bay may add pto the list soon, too. pken is live for us in the health pdepartment to explain. pgood morning, ken. p>>reporter: good morning. pmosquitos carry all kinds of pdiseases, including this new
7:34 am
pthe kind of mosquito that spread pit pit, we have several in tampa pbay. pthe cities at greatest risk are palong the gulf coast and the patlantic coast from miami to pcharleston. pthat's because those areas are pthe perfect environment for pmosquitos during the summer. pas you know, they're hot and wet pjust like tampa bay. panother factor that puts tampa pbay in the danger zone for zika, pit's a destination or a vacation pspot for so many people from pother countries where zika may pbe widespread. pas you probably know, it's an pespecially big problem in pcentral and south america. pwhat do you do about this? pyou take the same kind of recautions that you should take pevery year, to prevent getting pall kinds of disease, pmosquito-borne diseases, it's pcommon sense thing. pthis year in particular, we pshould do them like use deet, pwear long sleeves, try not to go pout at dusk or dawn.
7:35 am
pif you have a bird bath or maybe pa pond or something and the pwater is not moving, get rid of pthat. pthat's the perfect breeding spot pfor mosquitos. pyou should be cautious of the pdiseases. pthis year zika, do all the stuff pyou may not have been doing pbefore. pall important things to do. pwe're going into the rainy pseason now so it's time to get pgoing on all of that. pback to you. p>>laura: ken is live for us from pthe health department. pthank you, ken. p>>russell: 7:35 and this morning pout of pinellas county, a street pdrug that looks like xanax is to pblame for at least nine deaths. pthe drug is a mixture of xanax pand fetanyl. eople buying the drug on the pstreet don't know what they're pgetting. p>> there's only one. pfetanyl is so strong, all you phave to do is take one like
7:36 am
pit's a big deal. p>>russell: sheriff says he will ursue murder charges against pdealers if he can prove the drug pis responsible for any of the pdeaths. pif you can help solve the case, pcrime stoppers. p>>laura: most of us have a pfavorite show we like to watch pbut some people take it to the pextreme spending hours of binge pwatching the shows they love and pfor the die hard faithful, some pwill spend -- some watch an pbed. pthis morning. pgood morning, dr. jo. p>> good morning. p>>laura: i think that the thing pand the reason is because it's pso nice sometimes to mentally pescape into a story line. pyou say it could be putting our phealth at risk, right? p>> the concern is that pindividuals who binge watch on a pregular basis, a study was done pand it was done last year but pthey asked people about it. pthey had an increased risk of phaving depression or loneliness
7:37 am
pso it was a small study but pindividuals had been asked, pabout 77% said they did binge pwatch and now there's a pdefinition of binge watching. pthey said watching two or more pepisodes in a row, you know, you pget up to go to the bathroom or pget up to go to the kitchen but pothers have said, netflix pdefines it as two to six. pso again, 40 million people have pnetflix. pa lot of people are binge pwatching at this point in time. pthere may be correlation with pthis depression or this ploneliness but it doesn't end pthere. p>>laura: cause and effect prelationship. pa lot more studying is going to pneed to be done. pwhat do they attribute it to? pyou hunker down and seclude pyourself from the world? pi wonder what the connection is. p>> that has been brought up, all pthose things have been brought pup. pyou know, what are you doing? pis it actually increasing your pability to interact with other eople? pyou're watching orange is the
7:38 am
pmaybe you're going to go to work pand talk about some episodes so pthere may be some interaction ponline as well of individuals pbut again, it's an addiction in pthe sense that you sit down and pjust can't get up. pit's that cliff hanger that gets pyou and then you say, okay. pi'm going to watch the beginning pof the next episode to see how pthis resolves and you keep going pand keep going and keep going. pthe other thing that's been pbrought up is that self pregulation, that inability to psay, i'm going to stop. pi really need to go to bed. pi've got to get to work tomorrow por i've got to get this done so psome individuals said they did pfeel some guilt because they pweren't doing something they pshould be doing and then they psay, hey, look. pif you're watching something plike netflix, they tempt you to pgo to the next episode. pyou're counting down like oeb pokay. pthe bottom line is you're not pwalking. pyou're not moving.
7:39 am
pshould do and some people, all pthose things together can be a phealth issue. p>>laura: interfering with your pday-to-day life like any other paddiction. pall right. pthank you. p>>russell: 7:39. pelection day in three more pstates. pidaho, arizona and utah head to pthe polls. pa new cnn poll has donald trump pand hillary clinton as the pfrontrunners pfrontrunners. ptrump has 47%. pdemocrats, hillary clinton has a psingle digit lead over vermont pit's more than that. pshe has 51%. phe has 44%. pthat saint poll has hillary pclinton beating two of three prepublican if the general pelection were held today. pthe one exception is not donald ptrump. pshe's beating him by 12 ercentage points and even with
7:40 am
pjohn kasich is the only prepublican. phe has a six% advantage over pher. pin case you're wondering, bernie psanders beats trump by 20, cruz pby 13, kasich by six. p>> again, trust me. pi will not stop fighting. p>>laura: one of the hardest pthing he has ever had to do, pletting go of his daughter. phe had no choice in the matter, pthough. pa judge in california made him pand his wife say goodbye. psocial workers came to get the p6-year-old girl. phere is kelly wright. p>> i'm scared. pdon't let me go. p>>reporter: a family in pcalifornia torn apart as social pworkers take a foster child away pfrom the family whom she has pbeen living with since she was
7:41 am
plexie blood is allowing her to pbe placed with her native tribe punder the child welfare act. p>> i don't understand. pthe family isn't native pamerican. pwe are. pwe love her so much. pwe've given her a good school, a pgood family. pyou saw how devastated she was pleaving. p>>reporter: the family has been ptrying to adopt her for years pbut have been unsuccessful. psupporters of the family have pbeen protesting to keep lexie pwith them. pfour years. pthis is heartbreaking this is phappening. pi mean, this is our worst pnightmare. p>>reporter: the tribe is sending pher to a family in utah not prelated to her by blood. pthat family has been visiting plexie every month. pand says the family should have pallowed her to move in sooner. p but the family says they will pcontinue to push for her return. p>> this is outrageous abuse of ower that must stop now. plet me speak directly to the
7:42 am
pand you have her now. lease search deep in your heart pand soul and do what is best for plexie. pdo the right thing and bring her pback home. p>>reporter: the chockataw tribe psaid they want what's best for plexie. p>>laura: the couple has a lot of psupport. pfolks have signatures on a etition asking the court to let pthem keep lexie. pthat did not make a difference. pthey plan to appeal. p>>dave: in sports, basketball pseason is over for the u.s.f. pwomen as they lost last night in plos angeles to ucla. pthe bulls were awful in the pfirst half shooting less than p30%. pthey were trailing 30-24 at phalf-time. psecond half was a different pstory. pbulls had a 15-2 run to start
7:43 am
pthey got one one point later in pthe game. pthat went enough. pthey lost 72-67 falling short of pthe school's first ever trip to pthe sweet 16. pin baseball, rays play the cuban pnational team today in havana. pgame starts at 1:50. prays have been there since psunday. pthe first major league team to lay a game in cuba since the porioles in 1999. resident obama and castro plan pto attend. pkippin will be the assistant pcoach for the jaguars this pseason. phe's been giving the coach add price more than a year now. phe's entering his 50th year of pcoaching. p286 them -- 28 of them in the nfl. phe was the defensive coordinator pthe year the bucs won the super pbowl. pi have to show you how gorgeous pit is this morning. pgrab your jackets.
7:44 am
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p>>dave: it is pretty outside pthis morning. pi mean, look at that. pnot a cloud in the sky. pit's gorgeous. pthere's only one problem. pit's cold. pwe have 40s out there. pmost of the areas are in the p40s. psome along the coastline are pstill in the 50s but even a few pspots inland and north have gone pback in the 30s and that is a pstunning picture as the sun came pup at 7:31. pthat's a few minutes ago. plakeland camera, lake mirror, so pnow let the warmup begin because pwe have a long way to go. pit's 41 in brandon now. p38 in sun city center. lant city at 41. pnew tampa at 43. pzephyrhills, inverness, crystal priver dealing with frost this pmorning. pthey're sitting in the mid 30s pright now. pbrooksville at 37. pit's cold stuff for the end of pmarch. pit's cold. pit's cold any time in winter but
7:48 am
pthe upper 50s, we have 46 in pvenice, 47 in sarasota and we're pstill at 39 degrees, 40s for peverybody else. pgood news is this. pof course, we showed you pbeautiful sunshine. pwe've got an east wind for ptoday. pwe have a lot of dry air in lace and that means a fast pwarmup and i think by 9:00, pfrost is gone, the frost padvisory ends at 9:00 for citrus pand hernando county and then pmost of us were on our way back pto the lower 70s so really, kind pof a cold, chilly start. pwe are looking at a mild finish. pgradually the winds will shift pto the southeast in time and pthat will allow us not only to pget in the lower 80s beginning ptomorrow but also bring the povernight lows in the 60s. pgorgeous sunshine today. pjust a beautiful chamber of pcommerce type day. p73 degrees for a high ptemperature.
7:49 am
pagain but not quite as cold. p40s and 50s versus 30s and 40s pand then for tomorrow, lots of psunshine and nice and warm in pthe afternoon. ptomorrow's high temperature paround 80 degrees. ponce it warms up this afternoon, pboaters have a moderate chop. p80s stay with us all the way pthrough easter weekend. pwe're going to work some clouds pand showers in for the weekend. pwe will fine tune that weekend pforecast as we get closer but it pdoesn't look like it's going to pbe a washout. p>> we're stop and go along 275 pthis morning but nothing punusual. pif you're heading southbound, plive look here at the traffic pnear fowler avenue. ptraffic does begin to back up in pthe area of fletcher. pearlier accident along dale pmabry has been cleared. pthis was southbound just before phillsborough avenue but the paccidents have added to the pmorning rush hour delays. pwe're seeing slow traffic all pfletcher.
7:50 am
pway out the door this morning as pwell. inellas county drivers, rescue pis working along 19 a little psouth of gandy and park pboulevard. pthis accident is not much in the pway of delays right now. p>>laura: it is time to start off pthe morning on a positive note. pwe need a smile this morning. pit's a good day, good deed. p>>russell: bradenton, deputies ptook time to show support for pthe community and their dance pmoves. pthis was at pride park on psunday. pseveral deputies with the man ptee county sheriff's office pshowed their support. pthey didn't just drop off the pdonations and leave. pthey stuck around to enjoy the arty. pthree of the deputies joined the pkids in the cha-cha slide as you pcan see. eople said they were happy to psee the deputies connect with pthe kids, letting them know
7:51 am
pout there. pvery nice. p>>laura: well, there's that. p>>laura: it does. p>>russell: it goes a long way. p>>laura: we get over to charley pright now. pchal we? icking and grinning. p>>charley: "good day" to you as pwell. pthis place, you can just come pand explore. pshiller's salvage. plook at this old coke machine. pi've never seen one quite like pthis. p10 cents and somehow you open pthe little thing there and psomehow, the bottles spin around pi don't know. pi know those are highly pcollectible and any time i see psomething with 1982 world's pfair, it reminds me of my days pin knoxville, tennessee. pstick around.
7:52 am
7:53 am
it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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7:55 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm coming from cypress, pshiller's salvage. pit is an amazing place. pthis is larry. psalvage, maybe a nice word for pjunk. p>> it's good junk, though. p>>charley: this is certainly not pa junkyard. pthis is everything that used to pbe something else but can be psomething else again kind of lace. p>> absolutely. prepurpose something for maybe it pwasn't intended. p>>charley: how did you get in pthis business? p>> it was a hobby and still is a phobby but i like collecting pthings and i didn't want to
7:56 am
pso i would get stuff and prefurbish it and get more stuff pand my wife thought we should plook for the future and i said, poh, i'll move my office to a pwarehouse. p>>charley: it's really -- it's pfunny. psome of it could have been at pone point thrown in a landfill psomewhere. pyou, in essence, saved that and pturn it into who knows what. p>> we're repurposing. peverything is green and you paway. p>>charley: it's amazing just to pgo through here from the tiny plittle antique iron i saw over pthere to the giant -- you have pto show that door. pto this giant door that looks
7:57 am
pit was at a driveway in mexico pat the end of a hacienda. pwe'll kick around and explore pand talk about getting the pbiltmore account, being able to psave so much of that. pwe'll talk to him about that. pwe have a "good day." p>>russell: see you later. pthank, man. p8:00 we're continuing to bring pyou the latest developments out pof brussels. pwhat officials have just pconfirmed. p>>laura: at 8:00, most of us plike to track our eating habits. psome of us do. pare they really wo (vo) making the most out of every mile.
7:58 am
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p>> live pictures. panother day of terror this time pbruce else. pmultiple explosion things many pdeaths now how the u.s. is pdealing with the increased pthreat. p and open house. phelp yourself. olice say these men were not pinterested in real estate at pall. pthey were only interested in the pvaluables inside. p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey effected it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning, we thank you for pwaking up with us on tuesday pmore than's march 22nd. pwe will get to that developing pstory in brussels in just a pmoment. p away want to get auto you out pdoor with dave osterberg. pgrab jackets, our 8 o'clock ptemperature in tampa still 49 pdegrees. pyeah.


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