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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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3 3 memorials... p>>russell: ahead this hour from pmemorials to the manhunt, the platest on the brussels terror pattack and how it's affecting psecurity here at home. p>>laura: the wild west lives up pto the billing. pwhy the race for the white house pis still far from over. p>>russell: and the explosion pthat has nasa scientists very pexcited.
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pit is cool but it's warmer than pyesterday. pwe're at 57 degrees outside at ptampa international. p48 in brandon as well as plakeland. pbartow is at 50. pa lot of spots were in the 30s pyesterday so it is an pimprovement and over the next pfew days, upper 70s to lower p80s. pthe thing is as we approach our peaster weekend, the weather pstarts to get unsettled. pi'll describe what we mean by pthat in a minute. p>>vanessa: we're checking out 75 pjust south of fowler avenue. plooks clear heading in south ptowards i-4. pi do want to let you know pmoments ago we had a crash a bit pnorth of here, usually the pcameras -- excuse me, closer to pbruce b downs are working well. pwe're going on what we hear from pf.h.p. psouthbound lanes are blocked. premember the move over law. phere's a look at your travel ptimes. pfowler avenue to the selmon pexpressway just an eight minute pride. psorry. p>>russell: latest on the terror
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pthe world is mourning as the pdeath toll continues to rise. p>>laura: and the tributes pcontinue to pour in, including a pmemorial on the streets of the pbelgium capital. pnumber of people killed in the pbombing has now risen to at pleast 34. pfox 13 jennifer epstein tells us pthe very latest on this. p>>jennifer: while all the pmemorials are taking place, a pmajor manhunt is going on, too, pto find thouz responsible for pthe attacks. pislamic state has already pclaimed responsibility and they pwarn that more attacks are in pthe works. phere's a quick look how the pattacks played out. pinvolved three bombings, two at pthe brussels international pairport and one at a nearby pmetro station. plasted between 9:00 and 10:00 in pthe morning in the middle of prush hour. ptoday authorities in belgium are psearching for any possible psuspects. pthis security video could be the pbiggest clue. olice believe these three men pat the brussels airport could phave been some of the terrorists pinvolved. ptwo on the left may have been psuicide bombers. pthey point to those single black
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pinvestigators say that glove pcould be hiding a bomb trigger. pbelgium authorities are also pbelieving those two are brothers pand they may have been involved pin the pair ace ris attacks last year. pduring the raid tuesday, belgium olice found a nail filled bomb pand an islamic state flag in one phome. pthree mormon missionaries were pkilled in the attack. pthey are all from utah but pthey're working in europe. pthey were taking a fourth pmissionary from the brussels pairport, a woman from france. precover. resident obama has been giving pupdates on the attacks during phis trip to cuba and argentina.
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pen -- buenos aires overnight. pthe u.s. military has a strong presponse to terrorists. pthe air strike on tuesday ptargeted an al qaeda training pcamp in yemen. pdozens of those fighters are pbelieved to be dead. pback to you. p>>russell: no specific threats pagainst the u.s. right now, but psecurity is being stepped up in pour airports. pthe flight to the sanford pairport near orlando knows this ptoo well. pa plane left brussels yesterday pjust before the attack, forced pto land in a remote parking lot pfor a security sweep. poperations at the airport are pnow back to normal. p>>laura: tampa international pairport is tightend as well. pit comes at a busy time, too. pmore than two million people pwill make their way through the pterminals in the coming weeks pfor spring break. pshayla reaves is live for us at pt.i.a. right now with some of pthe security changes, what pthey're doing differently at pthis particular time. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you.
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pthat airport officials are premaining in contact with t.s.a. pand federal agents. pthat's close contact, of course, pafter yesterday's explosions in pbrussels and those explosions rompted not only the airport phere in tampa to take a closer plook at security but airports paround the world. pso for folks that are travelling ptoday through tampa pinternational airport, there are psome security changes that you pwill see. pthey include more canine units pthroughout the airport, more puniformed police officers in ublic places. phere's what a spokesperson had pto say about safety. p>> the entire airport staff that pworks here at the airport, pthey've been told to keep an eye pout for anything suspicious. peveryone is making sure the pairport is safe. pyou know, in addition we always pask passengers to keep an eye pout for any unattended bags.
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pofficials remind passengers to preport any sort of suspicious ackages to the first police pofficer or airport staffer they pmight see. ptampa international airport does pnot have any sort of direct pflight or non stop flight to pbrussels. pa spokesperson tells us they do phave flights that connect pthrough tampa, to brussels and pend up in the discretion of pindividual airlines if any of pthose particular flights are pchanged. pin the meantime, all of this pcomes as the u.s. state pdepartment issues a travel alert pfor americans. pthey have plans to go to europe pin the coming weeks. pthey're reminding americans to premind vigilant if they're pwilling to be there and there pare concerns about terrorist pgroups targeting sporting pevents, restaurants, mass strpgs psystems and they just want eople to be alert and aware of pthose surroundings when they're pback to you. p>>russell: talk more later. pthank you. pit's 6:06 and the tributes pcontinue to pour in for the
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pin new york the freedom tower plit up in the colors of the pbelgium flag. palso empire state building was pkept dark all night as another ptribute to brussels. p>>laura: tributes continue here pin florida, too. pright here in tampa, similar pdisplay at the suntrust building pin downtown tampa. pthe top of the building is also plit up in the colors of belgium. pand now to the race for the pwhite house. p>>russell: we begin with arizona pand the biggest prize. pdonald trump won on the prepublican side. p47% of the vote well ahead of pted cruz and john kasich. pwinner take all state so trump pgets all the arizona delegates. pthe democrats, big winner was phillary clinton. p75 delegates to be distributed. pclinton has 57%. pbernie sanders, 39%.
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pthe democratic caucus, bernie psanders was the big winner. phe got almost 80% of the vote. pclinton got just 20%. p33 delegates at stake there and pthen the republican race in putah, another shift. pted cruz was the big winner. phe got 69% of the vote. pand because he crossed 50%, he pgets all 40 delegates. pdonald trump finished third in putah behind john kasich. promney. p>>russell: idaho just a pnight. pbernie sanders took the win 78% pof the vote. p21%. pthe delegates go to sanders and pwe're just getting this in right pnow. pted cruz getting even more psupport in the republican field. phe's about to get an endorsement pfrom jeb bush, expected to phappen later today considering phow bush and trump were during pthe debate, not much of a psurprise here. p>>laura: could you imagine what
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pa presidential debate and all pcandidates game? pyou can get an idea tonight at pu.s.f. pcampus student government is phosting a mock debate. pstudents will represent each pcandidate taking questions from pthe moderator. pthe event is free and open to pthe public. pif you want to sit in the paudience, no protestors, please. pit all starts at 6:00 at the pmarshall student center. p>>russell: developing story out pof pasco county. ptwo sky divers in the hospital pafter a mid air collision there. pcity. pthe general manager said the men pwere experienced sky divers and pthey were wearing wing suits. pnot long after they jumped from pthe plane, they collided. pone of the men was able to pdeploy his chute and land in the pdrop zone. pthe other man was knocked out or pincapacitated. phis reserve chute activated and phe landed four miles away on pcounty road 54. p>> we do use automatic pactivation devices.
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pif you do get knocked out, sky pdiving is dangerous, you know, pwe have something that will pthrow a parachute over your head pand that will ultimately save pthe jumper's life. pthis is a very, very rare pinstance. p>>russell: well, both were taken pto tampa general. pone in critical condition and pthe other in serious but stable. pthe wing suit that trained both pmen said it can take 400 jumps pbefore a person can even wear a pwing suit. pin 2014, they reported 24 deadly paccidents out of roughly 3.2 pmillion jumps. p>> three, two -- ignition and pliftoff of the atlas five rocket pwith supplies for the crew, pexperiments for the science. p>>laura: with that, another psuccessful launch at cape pcanaveral.
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pcarrying supplies for the pinternational space station, pincluding a 3 d printer. pastronauts will be able to print pany of the tools or gadgets pthey'll need. plaunch is also part of a firing pscience experiment. prockets -- a fire will be set pin the rocket. p>>russell: and that's not the ponly amazing sight from nasa ptoday. pup next we'll show you the pexplosion more than a billion plate years away. p>>laura: and then later this phour, rays historic trip to peurope ends in a frustrating pway. pwhy the team spent seven hours povernight stuck on the runway. p>>dave: we're at 57 degrees this pmorning. retty close to where we should pbe this time of year. pupper 40s, it's going to be a pgreat day. ptemperatures are in the 40s, pbrandon, lakeland, brooksville, pcrystal river, easily slide back
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pthis morning. peventually we're going to make pit back to the upper 70s for phighs today. pwe don't stop there, though. pseven-day outlook in a couple of
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3 and now... an p>>russell: it is 6:15. pnow an amazing sight caught on pcamera. p1.8 billion light years away. pwhat you're seeing is a star pexploding. pnow, it lasts 20 minutes but the patlas based telescope was able pto catch it on camera. pthey had to search through three pyears of images spanning phundreds of galaxies and 50 ptrillion stars to find signs of pthis explosion. pit's the first time the chock pwave has been captured. pdave, have at it. p>>laura: it looks so cool. p>>dave: it does. p>>russell: it looks like it's pfrom a movie.
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pthat just doesn't look real. pline p>>laura: it's true. p>>dave: how long ago did it phappen? p>>laura: because it's blue, pthat's the hottest it can get pbefore it dies out, right? pi think so. p>>dave: crazy awesome. plook at her, her little space pknowledge. pthey say that the blue part of pthe flame is the hotter part. p>>russell: there it is. p>>dave: there you go. p6:16 this morning and yeah, it's pgrab your jacket wednesday but plike yesterday, it's going to pwarm up quickly. pi think quicker than yesterday pso sun city center, you're at 26 pdegrees but you were in the pyesterday. lant city at 48. pbrandon, new tampa both at 50 pdegrees. plow to mid 40s to the north. pmid 30s yesterday so obviously pstarting that warmup.
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pto englewood and for the most art, low to mid 50s. pinland a couple of 40s are pscattered in there. plakeland and bartow. pit really is just a nice start pto the day. olk county, it's seven to 14 pdegrees warmer than it was pyesterday at this time. pand tampa it's seven degrees pwarmer. pit's noticeable, though. pnow that the winds are in pearnest shifting toward the psoutheast, that will really pstart to warm up in the pafternoon. pon the flip side, it also brings pup the humidity level. ptoday, tonight okay but tomorrow pafternoon, you're going to start pto feel the impact on the higher pdew points and the humidity pstarts to drive back in. pwatching a front to the pnorthwest, there's not much to pit right now, but as it slides psoutheastward, we're going to phave a lot of moisture sitting pin place. pand then you get the lift from pthe front, unsettled lift from pthe front and just in general, pwe're looking at rain chances pincreasing over the course of pthe next two, three days.
6:18 am
pit's a great map to show you how pdry the atmosphere is right now. pas we fast forward over a couple pof days, these brighter colors pare moisture and just look how pmuch moisture by friday morning, psqueezing in. pthen you bring a front in and pinstead of pushing the front pthrough, it sits on top of us pfor a few days. pso that means that any little pdisturbance along that front pkeeps it unsettled and the pshower chances in the forecast. pwhile we run 40% to 50% rain pchances all weekend, none of the pdays will be washouts. pbut every day you just got to pkeep an eye on the radar because pyou just don't know when the pshowers are coming through. plovely sunshine today. pwarmer, near 79 degrees. pyesterday was in the lower 70s. pbeautiful. ptoday even nicer. p63 tonight, tomorrow back to 81
6:19 am
pthe humidity slide in, pespecially by tomorrow pafternoon. pthere are the rain chances, 40% pfor friday, 50% for saturday, p40% for sunday. pno washouts but it may be wet. p>>vanessa: thank you. pwe're in pinellas county. pa live look at 275 near proosevelt boulevard. pvolumes are starting to pick up pa bit. pwe still have green travel ptimes. pthat's good news for folks. pa crash is reported in the tampa parea. pmorse bridge road, east of phidden river parkway, we're not psure quite yet of the lane pblockages. pwe're waiting for final word pscene. pjust keep an eye out as you head pthrough for any folks you see pworking there, either on the pside of the roadway or blocking ptravel lanes. p>>laura: thank you. pcoming up later this hour, a pbeautiful tribute for the pvictims in brussels from one of pthe biggest pop stars in the pworld. p>>russell: but first, today is pnational puppy day.
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pthan with these little cutis?
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phot cli it's time to see what's clicking on the w p>>laura: it's time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>russell: taylor katz, how are
6:23 am
p>>taylor: well. phow are you? p>>laura: good. p>>taylor: today we're starting poff things with a sweet story pout of baylor university in ptexas. prussell, that's your area of ptexas. pjust for you guys. pa new mother, also a student, phad to bring her baby to class pwith her one day. pwhat her professor did when she pgot there. phere it is. pjust held her through the entire p55 minute lecture. p>>laura: i don't know if i can pblame him. p>>taylor: here is the story. p33-year-old katie and her 4 1/2 pmonth old daughter, it was one pof those days. pthe baby-sitter cancelled on pthem last minute and since katie pspent time in the marines, she's pdedicated to becoming a physical ptherapist to help wounded pwarriors. pshe brought the baby with her. pwell, it probably interfered pwith baby's nap time a little pbit because she started to fuss. pthat's when the professor pstepped in.
6:24 am
pas he walked around and pcontinued teaching to his pcompletely content baby, mom was phappy and the internet is pexploding. p>>laura: hung around for after pclass. p>>russell: you go to the rest of pyour classes. pi got this. p>>taylor: all right. pnext up, this is hilarious. pit's one little girl dancing to pher older sister's music. pmom thinks it was the music we pjust heard. pit's more in tune with those pdance moves. pall right. pthis is reality. pit's mary had a little lamb but pshe still is just moving and pgrooving. pat 6:00 in the morning, it can
6:25 am
pthere we go. p>>laura: that's cute. pthis one is for you. p>>taylor: yes. pthis is for you guys. pin honor of national puppy day, prussell, we have six of them priding on a lawn mower. pit's a motorized lawn mower pwhich is kind of cool. pmaverick, major, mac, magnum. p>>russell: that's cute. p>>taylor: it's so cute. p>>russell: that's just cute. pvanessa says the cuteness pexpress. p>>taylor: how do we celebrate pnational puppy day? pthat's a good start. pi'll get back to you guys. pbest day ever. p>>russell: all right.
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3 3 (dave) 3 3 (dave) 3 wx live p>>dave: 6:29 on this lovely pwednesday morning. pgrab your light jacket. pyou'll need it for a couple of phours. psun will be up in an hour or so. pit should be a beautiful day. pit's starting to get warmer, pmuggier. pbehind that banner, we have a pbeautiful moon shot. pyou can see the moon reflecting poff the water toward the beach pso that will give you an idea phow clear it is. pwe'll introduce a few clouds pthis afternoon. pwith the sunshine, there will be pa big difference in high ptemperatures. pyesterday we were in the lower p70s. ptoday back to the upper 70s to pright around 80-degree mark. p>>vanessa: thank you. pand right now we have sky fox pchecking out that incident i
6:30 am
pdowns at the top of the hour. plooks like it is starting to pcause some delays at this point. psouthbound 75 at bruce b downs, pa wreck is reported here. pthere's a scene here on an pemergency shoulder but there's palso a scene here blocking a pright lane. pthat we're getting reports of psome road debris in the area and pf.h.p. is calling it an pextensive road debris. phere's a look at the delays pwe're seeing. pessentially from bruce b downs pboulevard heading south toward pthe fletcher area so plan a pcouple of extra minutes out the pdoor. pwe'll keep you posted if the pdelays get bad enough you'll phave to avoid the area. p>>russell: we have a news alert pout of brussels. pmassive manhunt today in belgium pmay be at least partially over. olice believe that these three pmen at the brussels airport pcould have been the terrorists pinvolved. pthe left ones may have been the psuicide bomber. pthe one in the white coat is the pone they believe got away.
6:31 am
pfox news reporting he is in pcustody. pa news conference is planned for plater this morning. pdeath toll from the attacks at pthe airport and the metro pstation has now risen to 34. p p>>russell: beautiful tribute for pthe victims of the brussels pterror attack. padele dedicated her performance pin london to them and she also pasked fans to raise their phones pin the air as a show of support. pthat's what you're seeing. p>>laura: our big story today, plast night's presidential rimaries and caucuses. pthree states were on the line. parizona, utah and for democrats, pidaho. pdonald trump and hillary clinton pwon big in arizona. putah, a big flip. pted cruz and bernie sanders won pbig in those states and sanders pwon the democratic caucus in pidaho.
6:32 am
ptrump gains 18 delegates. pand then some sad news in ptoronto, canada. pfuneral plans are in the work pfor former mayor rob ford. phe died tuesday from cancer. phe gained notoriety after he padmitted to smoking crack pcocaine, buying illegal drugs poffice. pchildren. phalf staff. pwe have an update now on a pmother in north florida who was pshot by her son. pshe could now be charged for it. pjamie was shot on march 8 while pdriving her 4-year-old in a ickup truck. pthe putnam county sheriff's poffice just released new details pin the case. pthey say that she put the gun punder her front seat and it slid pto the back. pher son was in a booster seat pbut recently learned how to punbuckle himself. phe reached for the gun and fired pit right through the front seat. pbullet went through her back and pchest and through the pwindshield.
6:33 am
pthe sheriff's office now wants pher to be charged with allowing pa child access to a gun it's a pmisdemeanor charge that could pcome off with a 180-day jail psentence. rosecutors are reviewing just pone day before that shooting, pshe was talking about her pro pgun rights and even mentioned pthat her son was a great shot. p>>russell: it's 6:33 and today pin tampa, a protest over punhealthy food at a healthy lace. pit's all over a mcdonalds, the pone that is at tampa general phospital. pseveral people and health care pofficials are gathering at an poffice on lois avenue. pthey made hand made signs and a phuge banner showing their etitions signed by over 1,000 eople. pthey're trying to convince the phospital to cut ties with the pfast food restaurant. pthe hospital already has packnowledged the health risk pthat they're not alone. pthere are 13 other hospitals in pthe u.s. that have an on-site pmcdonalds. p>>laura: today in tampa, a
6:34 am
pcity is hosting its annual pwomen's history month pcelebration this morning and pit's taking place at the tampa pconvention center. pit starts at 10:30 and it is pfree and open to the public. pduring the event, mayor buckhorn pwill present the josephine phoward stafford memorial award. pthat's a woman's best impact in pthe community in a positive way. pshe's a fourth generation tampa pnative. pmore than 40 years of public pservice. p>>russell: and now to the phistoric trip for the rays. pthey got to play in havana on ptuesday, a once in a lifetime popportunity for the players and pall of major league baseball. p>>laura: the historic trip plasted longer than expected. ptheir flight just landed about pan hour ago. p>>russell: alcides segui is live pin tampa where the flight planded. pcertainly not the ending these
6:35 am
pan amazing experience pnonetheless, right? p>>reporter: i can completely pagree and i'm sure we speak to pthe rays players, coaching staff pand just about everyone that was pin cuba, they'll take seven-hour pdelay on the tarmac to pexperience what they did the plast couple of days. pit was a mechanical problem. pthey were there on the tarmac psitting in havana, cuba for pseven hours. pso at about 4:00 in the morning, ptheir second plane arrived. pthey loaded on to that plane and pthey arrived here at tampa pinternational airport at 5:00 pthis morning. pwe actually got some video of pthe team loading on to two pcharter buses. pyou can also see in the distance pthere two large box trucks as pairport crews were actually ploading up the gear that they ptook to cuba as well. pyou know, no doubt this was a pvery, very long day for the ptampa bay rays and all the staff
6:36 am
pchris archer. phe took to twitter making some pfunny comments very early this pmorning when he was stuck on the lane. phe tweets, quote of the day, we pwent from hashtag rays in cuba pto hashtag rays stuck in cuba. palso tweets, the shower at the pstadium in cuba today wasn't pworking after the game so many pguys have not showered. pthat's not very good. pand apparently, the team was pvery hungry because he tweets, pi'm thankful for lay's potato pchips. ponly thing we have to eat. pglad to see the boys are back at phome. pthis was a historic visit no pmatter where you stand on this olitically or not. pthis is only the second time a pmajor league baseball team has ptravelled to cuba since castro pcame to power since 1959. pit's the first visit by an pamerican president to go to cuba psince coolidge did in 1928. pmore than 55,000 people packed pthe stadium and they all were
6:37 am
pobama walked into that stadium pand of course, he was shaking phands throughout the day. phe had received the -- the first plady received flowers, roses pfrom the tampa bay rays. pearly in the game, rays were up p1-0. pjames hits a shot to right pfield. pshortly thereafter, the resident comes up and, you pknow, gives the safe sign. plooks like he was talking a plittle trash to the president. psay that one more time. pokay. pthe picture you're looking at pright now is with the tampa bay prays and the cuban national team pand you can see them switching pjerseys, they're swapping pjerseys and that's something pthat typically doesn't happen pbut does on special occasions. pyou can guess the rays players pas well as the cuban team will pcherish that moment, cherish pthat jersey as well. pit's such a special moment for pboth of these teams.
6:38 am
pwon the game 4-1 dominating the pcuban team which, if you live in pcuba, and if you know anything pabout cuban baseball, you know pthey love, they cherish their pbaseball. pthe fact the rays went to cuba pdominated this game, they're not pvery happy about. pnonetheless, rays are back home. pthey have a game in fort myers pat 1:00 this afternoon. pi spoke to the p.r. person this pmorning and he tells me the game pat 1:00 will go on but it will pnot be the team that travelled pto cuba. pthose guys will have a day off pand will be the minor league layers that will play against pthe minnesota twins down there pin fort myers for their 1:00 pgame. pmost definitely they need some prest after that long travel ptime. pit wasn't a very long flight. psomething like a half hour but pthe fact they were sitting on pthe tarmac for seven hours i pdon't think helped at all. pback to you guys. p>>laura: and after a gruling pschedule, too.
6:39 am
pcouple of days. p>>russell: 6:38 right now. pstill not taking your kids to psee the easter bunny yet? pwe may have found the perfect pincentive. pyou get free pizza out of it. pshow them a picture of your pchild visiting the big bunny and pget a free slice of cheese or epperoni. ptime is running out. peaster bunny, sunday is easter.
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pcheck of p>>dave: time is 6:42 and you pwill need a jacket as you walk pout the door this morning but pall of these numbers in central pflorida are warmer than pyesterday at this time. ptampa is at 57 degrees. pwe're in the upper 40s yesterday pso it is a noticeable pdifference. pbrooksville, you were in the 30s pyesterday. pyou're still going to need a pjacket but not for long. p10:00 hour, shed the jacket time pbecause temps are going to warm pup that fast. pwe're beginning to see more of a ptransition to a southeasterly pwind and when that happens, pnumber one, it tends on warm us pup and also, it's going to start pto be muggy as well.
6:43 am
pthey're perfect right now. p40s, some spots 50s. pby the end of the week, though, pthey'll be flirting with 70 and pthat means that the humidity is pgoing to start to slide back. pto in general, just warmer the pnext few days. pwe're watching the next weather pmaker, this front come in. pthe problem is with this front, pit's going to hang around for a pfew days and because of that, pany little piece of energy or pweak disturbance that's along pthis front this weekend pincreases our chance for pshowers. pthe latest computer models are pgoing to keep it weakened, punsettled. pit will shower for a couple of phours, then be dry for a couple pof hours. pit's a mostly cloudy weekend pwith a good chance of showers pand then warm and muggy. pnot the nicest easter weekend
6:44 am
pwe're well below normal for the pmonth of march so we do need psome rainfall. pi know you don't want it this pweekend, but i think we are pgoing to deal with it. plovely sunshine, warmer today. pyesterday it's 71. ptoday up to 79 so even nicer pthis afternoon. pmostly clear, mild tonight. plow 63 degrees. pi think we'll make it to the plower 80s tomorrow and you'll pnotice the humidity starts to pincrease as well. pagain, unsettled is the term for pthis weekend. p40% to 50% rain chances on pfriday, saturday and sunday. pfinally on monday we'll come to pan end and we get sunshine back pfor tuesday. p>>vanessa: thank you. p6:44 and we're sticking here pwith 75 in bruce b downs. pit seems like this situation phere i mentioned the road debris pas well as the crash are really pcausing some concerns and delays pare getting worse so we actually phave two choppers overhead so pfirst sky fox chopper is showing
6:45 am
pcalling extensive debris so we pcan see what it is. pit looks like lots of mulch or plawn debris of sorts and you phave crews out here trying to pshovel it all up. pwe're hearing from our chopper pthat this is actually what pcaused the crash which there's pactually a separate scene pblocking a right lane a little pbit further down. pso you can see the delays are pbuilding. psecond chopper in the area pshowing how far backed up it is. pwe're seeing delays of about pfive to six minutes at this oint so at this point, no other palternates are jumping out as pbeing quicker but perhaps leave pa bit earlier if you have to phead that way. pkeep an eye on it and we'll let pyou know if that changes as far pas the ultimate situation. pas i mentioned before, five to psix minutes heading out doort -- pout the door. pbelcher. pvanessa. p>>vanessa: hello. p>>charley: according to my app,
6:46 am
plike to look at an app called pfun facts because it's pinteresting to talk to you about psometimes at 6:45 in the pmorning, let me ask you this. phow long does it take you to get pready in the morning? p>>vanessa: like 15 minutes. p>>charley: good for you because pyou want to sleep as long as ossible. p>>vanessa: yes. p>>charley: how about normal you pand lucas are getting ready to pgo out and you're getting ready pto go out on a saturday night. p>>vanessa: saturday night? p45 minutes. p>>charley: you are below paverage. pby the way, only in that pcategory. pi have a great wife and she can pget ready in 15 minutes if she phas to. pif you give her as much time pgoing out on saturday night for pa charity event, she'll be 45 pminutes maybe, about like you. p but the average american woman, paccording to my app fun facts,
6:47 am
pgetting showered, dressed and pgroomed. p>>vanessa: i don't have the atience to take a long time. pat a certain point, i'm done. pi want to do things now. pi want to be out. p>>charley: yeah. pi have a bad habit, my wife is pgood but like at the half hour pmorning, i'll be like, see you pin the car. pthen i'm sitting in the pdriveway. pno pressure or anything but the pengine is running. atience. pyeah. pi just got to go. pthen we get there early and she pgoes, we're here 10 minutes pearly. pi could have taken 10 more pminutes to put my makeup on. penough about my life. pi have a great story for you pthis morning. phow about a little culture? phow about a little outdoor pculture? phow about a little shakespeare pin the park? pyeah. pit's the second annual pshakespeare festival here in ptampa. pwe're in beautiful water works ark. pi will show you around but it's pdark here yet.
6:48 am
pwhen the sun comes up, i'll show pyou exactly where we are because pwe're at a cool place in tampa. pdowntown rotary pavilion here, pwater works park, this is where pthey're performing spaks -- pshakespeare in the park. pyou can enjoy the outdoors, see pa little shakespeare and one of pthe shows they're doing is much plike my job performance every pmorning. pmuch to do about nothing. p>>vanessa: come on. pyou know what would be better is pif they had pull puppets for you pto play with. p>>charley: no puppets in these pshows, unfortunately. p>>vanessa: darn. pi'm sure it's still awesome. pthank you, charley. p>>russell: we'll have the latest pheadlines from wall street, pincluding how stocks are preacting to the terror attack in pbrussels. p>>laura: and the story that povernight.
6:49 am
pwhy getting him d (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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3 3 a quick check on today's local top stories: two skydivers p>>russell: quick check of local pstories, two sky divers are in pthe hospital after a mid air pcollision. pit happened at sky dive city. pthe men were experienced sky pdivers. pthey were even wearing wing psuits. arachute was knocked out or pincapacitated and his reserve pchute automatically activated pand he landed four miles away. pone of the divers is in critical pcondition, the other in serious pcondition. p>>laura: today in tampa, the pshock jock trial is back in pcourt. pdefamation case between todd psmhmitd and bubba the love psponge. pnow the legal team says he's not aid up. pthey are suing him for legal pbills topping nearly $1 million. pm.j. is also counter suing, pclaiming that the case was never pwinnable.
6:53 am
psued if his lawyers advised him pof that. p>>russell: lightning were phosting the detroit red wings at pthe amalie. pthe bolts win 6-2. pbolts are tied for first place pin their division. pthey host the new york islanders pon friday. pnow let's get to business pheadlines, including a look how pthe markets are responding to pthe brussels terror attack. plauren simonetti is live in new pyork with more on all of that. p>>laura: and let's begin with pthe market reaction to the pterrorism. pyesterday when we were talking pto you, at the start of the popening bell, you were saying pfairly flat. pwall street expects these things pthese days. p>> yes. pnumb, resilient. pmany stocks were higher pyesterday. pthey're trading high they are pmorning. pyesterday the dow fell about 40 oints. pnasdaq rose for the fifth day in pa row yesterday. pstocks completely flat this pmorning. pyou did see a big hit for the pairline, the travel companies
6:54 am
eople are scared to travel to pso many countries right now. pthe other is nike. pshe's share -- they had $8 billion in prevenue. pwall street said that's not penough. psports authority are filing for pbankruptcy so stories like that pdo affect neighboringy. pshares are down 6% right now and pfinally, i guess we can call it pan air ship, a jumbo jet. pbritish company is testing it pthis morning. pit's 302 feet long, can carry a pton of cargo. pit can stay in the sky for three pweeks without needing a human pcrew to operate it. pso we're trying to think of uses pfor this. plike i said, a floating hotel, a psafari i've even heart, many an parea where you can hold military passets.
6:55 am
pa giant bum. pthey're calling it the air plander 10 but i like the goint p-- giant bum later. p>>russell: now some pentertainment news. psarah palin coming back to tv. pyou betcha. p>>laura: and this time, she's pgoing to be calling the shots. pthe former alaska began jov nor p-- alaskan former governor is pnow working on a pilot. pthe show could be on the air by pthe fall of 2017 and the biggest pirony here, she doesn't have a plaw degree. p>>russell: strangest story of pthe day. pman in a tree. phe's not stuck there. phe climbed this 80-foot tree on urpose. pwhy? pwe don't know. pthis is all going on in the
6:56 am
pfire department got a call paround 11:30 yesterday morning. pclimbed up about 60 feet in the ptree and then just camped out pthere. pat one point he started throwing pbranches and other material down pat the firefighters. pthe man in the tree has been one pof the top trending stories on ptwitter all night long. plast time we checked, he's still pup there. p>>laura: he's got a mission. p>>russell: usually these things pare to protest cutting down ptrees but we haven't heard that phas anything to do with this. p>>laura: the curse is nearly pcomplete. pdo you have what it takes to pride tampa bay's new thrill pride? p>>russell: and does your hair pcolor have anything to do with pyour i.q.? pwe're going to let you know at p7:00.
6:57 am
pwhat a pretty start we have. pbrookdale bayshore camera and pwhile we will need jackets for a pcouple of hours, our ptemperatures this morning are pstarting off warmer than they pdid yesterday. ptampa we're saying above 50 pdegrees. pa few clouds may mix in this pafternoon. pbut in general, just a beautiful pday. plower 70s yesterday. ptoday, look at that. pback up to 79, 80. prain chances really are not in pthe forecast friday. pi'll talk more about that coming pup in the next half hour here on p"good day." pgood wednesday morning. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell- a fear of flying. airports across the country on high alert p>>russell: fear of flying. pairports across country on high palert after the bombings at pbrussels. pmove here in tampa will keep ptravellers safe. p>>laura: war of words. ptwitter exchange between donald ptrump and ted cruz. phow they're both defending their pwives. p>>russell: the perfect man if he pexists, a lot of things women pwant from the person they marry. pwelcome to "good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pall that ahead and a whole lot pmore. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave osterberg. p>>dave: good morning here. pit's beautiful outside. pit is a little cooler than pnormal in many spots but it is pwarmer than yesterday.


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