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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  March 23, 2016 7:00am-7:59am EDT

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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 ((russell- a fear of flying. airports across the country on high alert p>>russell: fear of flying. pairports across country on high palert after the bombings at pbrussels. pmove here in tampa will keep ptravellers safe. p>>laura: war of words. ptwitter exchange between donald ptrump and ted cruz. phow they're both defending their pwives. p>>russell: the perfect man if he pexists, a lot of things women pwant from the person they marry. pwelcome to "good day." pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pall that ahead and a whole lot pmore. pfirst we need the forecast from pdave osterberg. p>>dave: good morning here. pit's beautiful outside. pit is a little cooler than pnormal in many spots but it is pwarmer than yesterday.
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pgoing to be as it comes up in pabout 29 minutes and 14 seconds. plakeland, equally as beautiful pbut cold. p48 degrees. pthe thing is, we're looking at a pvery fast warmup for today. pit shouldn't be a huge issue. pwe're shedding the jackets by pnoon time and the highs today pwill go eight degrees above pyesterday. p>>vanessa: we're still watching p75 southbound in the area of pbruce b downs boulevard. psky fox is still monitoring the pearly mentioned crash and proadway. pif you're just joining us, this pis involving what appears to be pseveral bags full of lawn debris pand you have crews out there pthat have been trying to shovel pall of it up and get the bags pout of the way. pmeantime, right southbound lane phas been blocked and there's a pseparate crash you're hearing pthat came from one of the pvehicles hitting this lawn pdebris and you can see that a pbit further down on the roadway. pbackups.
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pseven minutes and continue to pgive yourself that extra time pout the doorway. p>>laura: thank you. pnew developments this morning in pthe terror attacks in brussels. pinvestigators say that two of pthose suicide bombers were pbrothers. p>>russell: they caught the third psuspect this morning. pisis claiming responsibility. pthe terror group issuing a pterror threat to other countries pthat opposed them. pstatement says what is coming is pworth worse and more bitter. pthey showed pictures of isis pfighters handing out candy to pchildren to celebrate the attack pin brussels. p34 people are dead, dozens more phurt, including americans. pshayla reaves is covering the pincrease in security at tampa pinternational airport. pdoug at reagan international pairport outside of washington pwith the latest on the pdevelopments there. pdoug, you start. p>>reporter: good morning. pdepartment of homeland security
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psecurity at a number of airports pand rail hubs. peurope, meantime, there is one preport, not confirmed yet but pone report indicating that one pof the individuals seen in a psurveillance image at the pbrussels airport yesterday has pbeen arrested. pjust a day after brussels is procked by explosions at its pairport in one of the subway pstations there, investigators pare now focussing on this psurveillance image. pthe two men on the left are pbelieved to be the airport pbombers and may have killed pthemselves in the explosions. pidentified by a bell gium pbroadcaster as brothers. olice in belgium carried out praids through the night, derping pwho was involved in an elaborate lot, perhaps accelerated by the pkey suspect in last year's paris pattacks, salah abdeslam, who is
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pbrussels just days ago. p>> they were able to use it or plose it in the flot plot's pavailability. pthey decided to conduct the pattacks now. p>>reporter: one of the striking paspects of the picture, two psuspected bombers are wearing a psingle glove. p>> these men are about to die pvia suicide and blowing people pup and that could be to conceal pa detonator meaning when they pgot shot, it went off. p>>reporter: the t.s.a. is pincreasing coverage ahead of the peaster weekend. resident obama continued with phis trip to cuba, even attending pa baseball game with castro pwhere he was questioned about pthe attacks on espn. p>> the notion that any political pagenda would justify the killing pof innocent people like this is psomething that's beyond. p>>reporter: the state department pissuing a travel warning to
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pgoing to europe, warning them to pbe extra vigilant, especially if pthey're using mass transit. pshayla reaves continues to cover pthis morning at tampa pinternational. p>>reporter: good morning to you. panyone travelling through tampa pinternational airport today will plikely see some of the security pchanges that are now in effect. pa spokesperson told us one of pthe steps they're taking after pthe events in brussels includes padding more uniformed police pofficers, along with more canine punits on the grounds as well. pin addition you'll likely see pmore t.s.a. agents on the roperty, too, all steps that pare being taken to make sure pthat the experience here is a psafe one for anyone travelling. pright now you're looking at pvideo inside of tampa pinternational airport. pit's just one of many airports paround the world where officials pare reevaluating their safety pmeasures after what happened
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phere is what a spokesperson for ptampa international has to say. p>> passengers are going to pnotice an increased presence of puniformed police officer in ublic areas and also an pincreased presence of t.s.a. pagents and canine units around pthe airport. p>>reporter: now, the changes pcome during the busy spring pbreak season for tampa pinternational airport. pthey tell us they anticipate psomewhere in the neighborhood of p2.5 billion people travelling pthrough this airport in the pcoming weeks. pso they are urging anyone, if pyou're travelling, if you see pany sort of suspicious package, pdon't be afraid to report it. pmake sure you reach out to the pfirst police officer or airport pstaffer that you see. pin addition, they're saying that pairport officials and people who pwork here on the grounds are pbeing reminded to keep an eye pout for anything unusual or out pof place as well. pback to you. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. olice across the country are pstepping up security.
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pcity. pnypd has extra officers checking ptrains as they pull into the pstations. pthey're using flashlights to pmake sure nobody is hiding. pthey signal the train engineer pwhere it's okay to pull into the pstation. pthey're not taking any chances. resident obama getting a lot of pcriticism for not coming home. phe's in argentina now after his ptrip to cuba. phe went to the rays game pyesterday when they played the pcuban national team and he said pthe threat of terrorism is to ptry to interrupt our ordinary plives and he's not going to let pthat happen. pthe family is with him on the ptrip. p>>laura: if you're driving near pdowntown overnight, you may have pseen the colors on top of the psuntrust building in tampa. pthe flag yellow and red, the pcolors of the belgium flag and pthey did that as a tribute to pthe victims in brussels. pdonald trump says the attacks in pbrussels are further proof we pneed a temporary ban on muslims pentering the country and he said pthat may help the spread of pterrorism here.
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pcountry is inevitable, he says. pwhile we're on the subject of olitics, donald trump and phillary clinton both won big in parizona. pwasn't even close. ptrump got 46% of the republican pvote in arizona. ptexas senator ted cruz with a pdistant second at 21%. pohio governor john kasich had p10% and that victory gives trump pall 58 delegates in that winner ptake all state. pon the democratic side, hilliry pclinton got more than 60% of the pvotes. p75 delegates were at stake but pthis is not a winner take all in parizona for the democrats. pthey award the delegates roportionally. pmuch different outcome in utah. pbernie sanders beat hillary pclinton there as well as idaho. pted cruz won the republican pcaucus in utah. pkasich finished second and trump pthird. phe also earned an endorsement pfrom jeb bush. p>>russell: and donald trump is a pkuzed of threatening ted cruz.
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plast night telling cruz to be pcareful or he would, quoting pwife. ptrump camp took it down quickly. phe was apparently upset about an pad that features his wife during pago. pdonald, you try to attack hide pheidi, you're more of a coward pthan i thought. ptwo sky divers are in the phospital after a mid air pcollision. p>>laura: they were sky diving in pzephyrhills. pthe men somehow ran into each pother after leaving the plane pand one of them was able to pdeploy his parachute and land in pthe drop zone. p but the other man came down pfour miles away on county road p54 after a reserve chute pautomatically deployed. phe's in critical condition at
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p>>russell: sarasota, a man is paccused of shoving an p83-year-old woman aside to steal pher money at a bank of america patm. phe reportedly withdrew $800. pdetectives think he's done this pkind of thing before. pif you know who he is, call pcrime stoppers. p941-366-tips. p>>laura: also from sarasota, the pcity commission boasts to bill a pnew parking lot for saint armon pcircle. pit will have more than 500 arking spaces, it will be built pon land that the city owns right pat the corner of north adam and pmadison street. pthe project will cost about $15 pmillion. pand construction won't start puntil sometime in 2018. p>>russell: it's pretty neat. pconstruction on the coaster at pbusch gardens finally done. pthey'll start testing it next. pthe features a 70 foot lift that ptakes riders within a few inches pof the cobra's four foot long pfangs. pif all goes well, the ride
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p>>laura: knock it off. pno more dumb blonde jokes, lease. pthey might be smarter than peveryone else. p>>russell: and 15 hours later, a pman still 80 foot up in a tree. phe's not talking to police or pnegotiators. pwhy is he up there? pwe may have an answer for you in pabout 13 minutes. p>>dave: 7:11. pcan you see the hilton pclearwater beach? retty, pretty start to the day. pclear skies. pall children's hospital camera, p64 degrees with the southeast pwind taking over. pgoing to be warmer today. pwe're back up to 79 this pafternoon. pjackets for a couple of hours pthis morning.
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p>>dave: i wanted to show you one pmore time that beautiful moon pset.
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pisn't that pretty? pjust a great start to the day. pnot only that but how smooth is pit out here at the gulf this pmorning? pspin you around and show you the pbayshore camera, gorgeous. pwe do have clear skies once pagain this morning. plooking to lake labd land, pretty much pthe same thing. p15 minutes and that sun will be pup. pour temps this morning, they are pwarmer than yesterday. phowever, notice these 40s. pyou're going to need your jacket pfor a couple of hours. plike yesterday, by 10:00 you can pshed the jacket. pwe're anticipating once again a pfast warmup today. pwinds have shifted more of a psoutheasterly direction but we pdo have a lot of upper 40s, pbartow, lake labd, wesley pchapel, brandon, mid 40s pbrooksville, crystal river but pthese spots, five to 10 degrees pwarmer than they were yesterday pat this time. pa lot of 30s around the area pyesterday. pi see none of that this morning. plook at the southeast wind to pmiami and marathon.
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povernight lows and eventually, pyep, our overnight lows this pweekend will get 70s. pthere it is, 10, 11 degrees pwarmer than it was yesterday at pthis time. peight degrees warmer in tampa so pwhile you still need a jacket, pit is a noticeable difference pand to be honest, we had what, p71 yesterday? pif we tack on eight degrees, pwhich we can do today, we'll be pup closer to 80 for a high ptemperature. pwe still have drier air in place pfor now. pfor now is the key phrase. pthen when you shift the wind to pthe southeast, which is what pwe're anticipating the next pcouple of days, you'll drive up pthe humidity levels. pso mostly sunny today, back up pto 79. ptomorrow lower 80s and then it's pthis. pwe just wait for this front to pwork its way into the state. pthe problem with this front is ponce it gets here, it's going to pstick around for awhile.
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pmakes its way by friday pafternoon and just hangs on top pof the state all easter weekend. pwhile we won't have a washout, pwe're going to have to deal with pshowers each and every day pmonday. pkind of pesky and annoying. pthe rain chances overall this p50%. pa lot of moisture, the lift from pthe front is just hanging around pto give us that unsettled easter pweekend. pthe problem is i can't tell you pexactly what time these little pdisturbances will go through. pi wish i could. pwe'll fine tune it as we get pcloser to the weekend but in pgeneral, anticipate a lot of pcloud cover, occasional rain pshowers. p79 degrees, warmer today than pyesterday. ptonight overnight lows, high peven nicer, right? p63 degrees tomorrow morning in pthe tampa area. pinland and north, you're back pinto the upper 50s and a bit
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pafternoon with a high ptemperature around 81 degrees. pboaters today, seas running a pcouple of feet. pmoderate chop at worst. p67 the water temperature. plow tide is next at 8:54. phigh tide straight up at 3:00 pthis afternoon. punsettled weekend, not a washout pbut high temps in the lower 80s pand there are low temps that psneak up to around 70. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. phere at 7:18, here's a new crash pwe're following in the gibsonton parea along u.s. 41 and palm pavenue. pthere are some lane blockages preported so this is just south pof gibsonton drive. lan a couple of extra minutes pout the door to deal with any pjams that might be occurring in pthe area. pspeaking of jams, looks like pwe're dealing with quite a few paround our majors. psticking here mostly with 75 psouthbound, that seems to be the pbig culprit. pwe're up to a 31-minute drive pfrom the 275 junction all the pway down to i-4. pwe're watching that crash and pthe debris in the roadway that
7:19 am
pnear bruce b downs boulevard. pdlis at this point are up to peight minutes. pat the very least, give yourself pthat extra time out the doorway. pwe're seeing some jams on 275 pitself, area just south of bruce pb downs so it's a situation of ick your poison. pi would probably pick sticking pearlier. p>> what? p>> i've been thinking about it pand i think it's the right thing pto do. p>> you're breaking up with me? pi thought you were proposing. p>> proposing? pno. pif i'm going to be a senator, i pneed to marry a jackie. pnot a marilyn. p>> you're breaking up with me pbecause i'm too blonde? p>>laura: there it is. pa clip from the movie "legally pblonde." preese witherspoon went on to rove that blondes are smarter pthan they get credit for and now pscience is backing her up.
7:20 am
pthat men and women with natural pblonde hair had iq scores psimilar to brunettes and predheads but on average, their pscores are higher. pthis was done by ohio state puniversity and here is what it pfound. pon average, blondes had an i.q. pof 103. eople with brown hair scored p102. predheads had 101. eople with black hair scored p100. phere's the thing. pknock off the blonde jokes. presearch shows that stereotypes phave a big impact on hiring and romotions and overall erception. p>>russell: so there. p>>laura: natural 102 chlt . p>>russell: all right. pcoming up, what a local man did
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pawards for bravery. p>>laura: and then finding the erfect man. pjennifer epstein has been doing pthe research. p>>jennifer: i've been doing presearch for a long time. p>>laura: haven't we all. p>>russell: a hit song was pwritten about it and now men's phealth has come up with their pown list. pwhat women really want in a man. pthe top five traits to get and pkeep your girl. ptall, dark, handsome, funny. pi think that describes one pcharley belcher perfectly. p>>charley: so much i want to pcomment on. pwelcome home. pi'm glad you finally made it. pi worried about you for days. pmake sure that jennifer epstein pgot home okay. pso much to comment on with the phair. pi'm just going to move right palong and keep the news cast pgoing. pi'm at florida works park in pbeautiful downtown tampa. pyou can see it from here. pi'm surrounded by -- look at pthis -- shakespearean actors.
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steak 'n shake,
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3 ((laura- welcome back to good day tampa p>>laura: it is 7:25 now and pwelcome back to "good day." pformer toronto mayor rob ford plost his battle with cancer. p>>russell: he's 46 years oel. phe was charismatic, pcontroversial. phe made headlines a few years pago when a video surfaced pshowing him allegedly using pcrack cocaine. phe later admitted smoking the pdrug. phe spent two months in rehab and pthen lost his re-election bid. phe went back to serving on the pcity council after that. p>>laura: new this morning, a pstudy that debunks the theory pthat moderate drinking is good pfor your health. pscientists took another look at
7:26 am
pflaws. pthat includes non drinkers might phave been suffering from poor phealth during the previous pstudy. pthat means the moderate drinkers plooked healthier in comparison. pthose researchers now believe pthat moderate drinking does not phave any benefits. p>>russell: doesn't look like the pman in the tree is going to come pdown any time soon. pthis is going on in seattle. pa man climbed 80 feet up in a ptree and he's throwing apples pand pine cones at surrounding olice and medics. pnow it appears he's using pbranches to build himself a fort pup there. phe's been there about 15 hours prefusing to talk to officers so pthey have no idea what he's pdoing up there or why. p>> four, three, two, one, pignition and liftoff of the patlas five -- p>>laura: always something to psee, isn't it? patlas five is on its way now to pthe 250 mile high climb to the pinternational space station. pit should arrive on saturday.
7:27 am
pfood, equipment and experiments pfor the six member crew. pthat list includes a commercial pquality 3 d printer, too. pafter the capsule leaves in may, pthey plan to light a fire on pboard just as a practice round. pthey want to see how the fire pspreads in weightlessness. pthey say they're going to use pthat 3 d printer to print tools pthey need. p>>dave: could you imagine like pthe owner's manual here trying pto figure out how to use that? pno clue. pbut hey, i can't wait to see pwhat happens with that pcontrolled fire they're going to phave in space, too, in a couple pof months. pwe're at 64 degrees. pthat is how pretty it is. pliterally the sun will be up in p2 1/2 minutes now. psoutheast winds at 15 miles an phour. pit's 57 in tampa so grab your pjackets, your light jacket. pyou're going to need them for a pcouple of hours this morning but plike yesterday, very fast warmup
7:28 am
ptomorrow 81. pbetter chance of showers moves pin for friday afternoon and a phigh temperature of 81 degrees. p>>vanessa: thank you. pcheck in on the veterans pexpressway. plooks like we're dealing with psome usual delays here and usual ptravel times. psouthbound direction running pabout 32 minutes or so hop to pbottom with some of those delays pyou saw starting around ehrlich proad, northbound direction is prunning about 12 minutes. pwe do want to check in on 75. punfortunately this situation is pjust not going away. p75 southbound at bruce b downs pboulevard, looks like crews are pstill out there trying to clean pup that yard debris and plastic pbags that are still sitting pthere in the right lane. pit is pretty jammed up. pwe do have quite some psubstantial delays for up to pabout 10 minutes or so in that psouthbound direction. pit looks like the only way pyou'll save time by taking 275 pis if you're heading anywhere pwhere you have to exit, maybe at pbearses or going to bruce b
7:29 am
pif you're exiting at fletcher, pfowler avenue and then looks plike in the area of busch pboulevard. potherwise, heading anywhere pelse, your best bet is to stick pwith 75. pgive yourself an extra 10 pminutes out the door. p>>laura: listen up, guys. ptake notes. pcoming up, a list of what women preally want from the men they plove. p>>russell: plus the rays spent a plot more time in cuba than they lanned. palcides segui will tell us why. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you. pa seven hour delay. pthe tampa bay rays were stuck in phavana because of mechanical roblems. pwe're going to discuss more pabout this issue and what this pmeans for their game at 1:00 pthis afternoon in fort myers pcoming up next on "good day." pbut before we go to break, let's pgo to walter allen. pgood morning. p>>walter: thanks. pwe're live in pinellas park pahead of a training exercise. pthe event in brussels reminds us phow dangerous and how quickly a pterrorist attack can happen.
7:30 am
pexercise here, medical rofessionals as well as pvolunteers in case a terrorist pattack happens here. pin this case it will simulate a pbiological weapon. pwhat goes into the training. pgrab a the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. 3 (laura) welcome p>>laura: welcome back. p7:33 now and in the news, the prays' trip to cuba was historic. pwe know that. pbut it ended on a bit of a pdowner. pthe team sat on an airport prunway in havana overnight for pmore than seven hours. palcides segui is live at t.i.a. pwhere the team finally got home pearlier this morning. pyou hated it for them, pespecially coming off a pgruelling schedule. p>>reporter: absolutely. pi can't imagine sitting in a lane with a bunch of guys who papparently didn't shower, paccording to chris archer, for pseven hours and that's exactly pwhat happened.
7:34 am
pand they're stuck on the plane pfor a very, very long time. pa second plane arrived at 4:00 pin the morning. pthey loaded in that aircraft, ut all the gear on the players pand coaches and arrived here at ptampa international airport at pabout 5:00 this morning. pwe actually got video of them pgetting onto the charter buses pand heading towards st. pete and pthen eventually going home. pyou can also see two large box ptrucks. pyou can see the airport pemployees were putting all the pequipment onto that bus and onto pthose box trucks. pit was a long day for the rays. itcher chris archer took to ptwitter making funny comments. phe tweets, quote of the day went pfrom hashtag rays in cuba to prays stuck in cuba. phe said the showers at the pstadium in cuba today weren't pworking for the game, after the pgame so many guys didn't have a pchance to shower. papparently the team was hungry, ptoo. phe tweets, i'm thankful for play's potato chips, only thing
7:35 am
pthis was a historic visit no pmatter where you stand olitically. pthis is only the second time a pmajor league baseball team has ptravelled to cuba since fidel pcastro came to power in 1959. pit's the first visit by an pamerican president to cuba since pkal calvin coolidge did it in 1928. pthe rays game, mr. obama psomething to cheer about as pwell. pthe rays were up 1-0. pa shot to right field, and you pcan see the president actually pstand up and give the safe sign. phe looks at president castro, plooks at him and just says, plooks like he's talking a little ptrash. prays dominate the game 4-1 pwinning it. pduring the game, commissioner psaid that he hopes the prelationship between major pleague baseball and the cuban pleague improved. phe actually said he hopes to see pa day where cuban players will
7:36 am
pand major league baseball so pvery interesting to see how all pof this plays out, especially pwith the embargo and what this pmeans for the cuban people. pi will say this as well. pwith the rays arriving here at p5:00 this morning, they had a pmeeting scheduled for 1:00 this pafternoon. pthat game will be on but it will pnot be the team that travelled pto cuba. pthose guys will have a day off. pinstead, the team will be made pup of minor league players. pthey'll play minnesota today at p1:00 in fort myers so the team pthat was in cuba, day off. pvery interesting. pi got to tell you, very, very pinteresting. pi love to see the rays dominate pthis game 4-1. pi have relatives that live in pcuba and they describe this team poffer. pso the fact that we beat them p4-1 gives me a little bit more ptrash talk next time i talk to pmy uncle down there in cuba.
7:37 am
p>>laura: you're never short on pthat anyway. p>>reporter: that's true. pall right. p>>russell: other sports new, plightning beat the red wings plast night. pthe win moves the bolts into a pfirst place tie with the anthers with nine games left of pthe season. pnext five games, by the way, are pat home. pand the bucs finally opening up pabout the firing of former coach plovie smith. pfranchise co-chairman glazer psaid that the team was looking pto the future, not the past, pwhen they fired him back in pjanuary but ultimately they said pthere wasn't one major reason pfor the firing. pthey hired derek koetter as the pnew head coach. phe's the team's fifth head pcoach. p>>laura: there is an emergency phappening right now at pinellas ark high school but don't pworry. pthis is just a drill. pthe florida department of health
7:38 am
pready they are for a biohazard pevent. pwalter allen is there. pgood morning. p>>walter: laura and russell, pgood morning to you. pthis is not your typical medical ptraining exercise. pwe were talking earlier, you're pnot going to see the fake blood pand people with broken arms and pthat kind of thing. pit is just as serious. pyesterday in brussels, obviously pwe saw how quickly, how pdangerous a terrorism attack can pbe. ptoday we're simulating -- you pguys are simulating a bio terror pattack. p>> right. p>>walter: and so the scenario is pthat someone released anthrax in pthe air. lanning chief, what can we pexpect today when it comes to pthe bio terror? p>> today we're simulating the presponse to a bio terrorism pattack. pso what we'll be doing, scenario
7:39 am
od and it's where we're to peverybody in the county, roughly pa million people, so we have pabout 48 hours to do it. pwe're doing exercises to better repare and plan for the presponse. pthe more you practice and pexercise and close your gaps, pthe better you are to really be psuccess informal that role. ptoday we're dispensing pmedication to about 150 pvolunteers here. pthey'll keep coming in, realize pthe situations and we'll see how pwe do. p>>walter: i know anthrax is bad pbut if you ask me to describe pwhat it is, to a lay person, pwhat is anthrax and what do you phave to do to prevent that? p>> it can be inhaled, ingested pthrough cuts or things like pthat. ptoday the scenario is based on pair anthrax. pif there was a release, there's pa plume headed over pinellas pcounty, we would have roughly 48 phours to start getting pantiobiotics into people so no pshots or injections, anything
7:40 am
eople can start exhibiting eople can start exhibiting psymptoms within a day or so, so pour goal is to get meds into eople before the symptoms start pexhibiting so the sooner, the pbetter. p>>walter: don't go anywhere. pat 8:00 we'll talk about why pit's not just as easy as handing pout antiobiotics to everybody pbecause there are certain pconditions that people can or pcan't take them for whatever preasons and we'll get into that pat 8:00. pback to you. p>>laura: scary to think about pbut necessary. ptraining is everything. pthank you, walter. p>>walter: absolutely. p>>russell: not all marriages pstand the test of time. pabout 50% of marriages fail. pand that number has held steady pfor most demographics except for eople over the age of 50. pthe divorce rate for them is pskyrocketing. pgeoff simon is in this morning pto talk about that. p>> good morning. p>>russell: why? pwhat's going on here? p>> it's pretty remarkable henomenon but over the last 25 pyears, the rate of divorce for
7:41 am
pdoubled. psome other demographic groups pare going down but for people 50 pand older, it's actually pdoubled. pyou can see it. pthe highest rate still for eople getting divorced are eople who marry young. p17 to 24 years old. pthose are about 60%. p but the fastest growing is eople age 50 and 60 or now 15% pof all divorces. plook at that. pages 64 to 80 is 10%. pand those numbers were tiny a pfew years ago but they're pgrowing very rapidly. p>>russell: do we know? phave we changed our perception pof staying married for the long phaul and it's reaching into polder adults? p>> it is and there are a number pof reasons for it. pone, we're living longer and eople are saying, you know, we pstayed together for the kids, pthe relationship was fine but we pmay have another 30, 40 years to
7:42 am
pdifferent second stage or third pstage of my life and if you phave two couples working, they phave separate incomes. pone is not fully dependent on pthe other anymore and that's panother factor that plays into pthis. p>>russell: good point. pso sadly, you get to this point pand you decide we're going to pend this marriage. pespecially if you're older, pthere's some things to consider, pyes? p>> no question about it because pin almost every case when you pget divorced, older age where pit's been a long marriage, palimony is going to happen. psomeone is going to be receiving palimony. pthat's just the way the courts phandle it. palso, if you have retirement pfunneds, -- funds, those are going pto be cut in half. pif you have a house, typically eople do, if you want to keep pthe house, that's fine but pyou're going to have to end up pgiving up something else in that prelationship of value. pnow, your kids are older. pthey're going to play a factor.
7:43 am
pthis is, you don't want to make p-- just be business-like, try to phandle this divorce and this may pseem obvious but you should preally wait to date until the pdivorce is over. pthat could work against you in pcourt. pand if you do get remarried pafter a divorce, make sure you pget a prenuptial agreement. pthose are the factors. punfortunately, those are pimportant things to think about. pvery important things to think pabout but it's remarkable how pmany people are actually getting pdivorced. pin fact, the governor of alabama precently got divorced after 50 pyears of marriage. p>>russell: wow. pmakes me sad. pyou know, i know it happens. pit just makes me sad. p>> sign of the times. p>>russell: i guess so. pgood to see you. pthank you. p>>laura: it is sad. pyou know, no one enters a pmarriage already wanting a pdivorce. pyou hope for the best. pjennifer epstein is here now pwith a list of things that women
7:44 am
p>>jennifer: that's right. pmen's health has come up with a plist of top 20 traits women look pfor in a man. pi have my own list, a lot longer pthan this one but we'll stick to pthis for the segment and here's pthe top five characteristics paccording to men's health. pnumber five, fatherliness. p51% of women look for a good guy pwho is a good dad or has the otential to become one. pbeing a go ahead role model, atience and caring are pqualities women like in a artner. pif you're not already a dad, you pcan score some extra points by ptelling your partner about your pfavorite niece or nephew or pyounger employee you're helping pat work. pmoral integrity. p66% of ladies say they want a pguy with guts. plooking for someone who can be a pgood, caring, decent partner in pthe long run. pkindness is also a key to a pwoman's heart. pyoung women may fall for the bad pboy but more mature women are
7:45 am
p67% of women say kindness pinspires confidence. pso if your date sees you treat pthe waitress or the valet guy pvery well, she figures you'll ptreat her just as good. pcoming in at number 20, pdependability. pthree out of four women look for pa man who makes commitments and pfollows through. peven if it's something small as premembering to stop for milk psends for a positive signal that pyou can commit. pcoming in at number one, pfaithfulness. pmore than eight out of 10 women prated faithfulness as the most pimportant trait they look for in pa man to reassure her you're not pgoing anywhere. pdave? p>>dave: what do you think, jen? p>>jennifer: i think you got all pof those down pat. p>>dave: i have no patience. p>>jennifer: don't i know it. p>>dave: 57 degrees. phow about this? pgreat time of year to hit the psuncoast. pright up over downtown, it looks pgreat. pi know you need jackets for the
7:46 am
pin general, we are looking at ptemperatures responding by more pthan the upper 70s for today. retty picture to show you.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
pyour seven-day forecast in p>>dave: i was outside yesterday pafternoon thinking, it doesn't pget much better than this. plower 70s, we had the full psunshine and then there's today pwhich is going to be several pdegrees warmer with mostly sunny pskies. pi mean, every day seems to be pgetting nicer and nicer around phere. pwhat a great start. pheading out to the beach today, pwaters look nice and calm so pfar. plakeland, we're beautiful. pit's not clouds really from the peast coast to the west coast for pnow but with more of a psoutheasterly wind coming at us pthroughout the day today, we mix pwith a few clouds this afternoon pbut not enough to keep us from pgetting back to at least the pupper 70s. pbut grab jackets, wesley chapel, pbrandon, bartow, down to 45 we phave in brooksville. pall these temples -- ptemperatures in the 40s, places pwill be 50 and eventually
7:50 am
pwarmer than yesterday. pit wouldn't surprise me some of pthese locations touching 80 pdegrees this afternoon. plook to the southeast. pour wind direction will be out pof the southeast over the next pcouple of days. pdo you see how mild it is for psouth florida? pthat's the kind of air that pwe're going to be getting. pright now we're running eight pdegrees warmer than yesterday at pthis time. pdew points in the 40s with that pmild air headed our way which pmeans highs in the 80s and peventually lows back to about 70 pdegrees. ponce this cold front gets here, pthere's your issue. pit's going to stick around for pawhile. pand that's going to lead to very punsettled weather for the pweekend. plovely sunshine today with a phigh of 79 degrees. pthere's that 40%, 50% rain pchance now. pnot washout but we're going to phave scattered showers through pthis easter weekend. p>>laura: congratulations to
7:51 am
phe is the winner of a karn carnegie phero medal for rescuing a teen pfrom a car. phe suffered third degree burns pto more than 50% of his body. prescue took place on easter psunday back in 2015. pthey were returning from a pcamping trip when they saw the ptruck on fire along state route p70. pthis carnegie hero medal is a pbronze medallion, only given to pa few dozen people every year. pindividuals in the u.s. and pcanada perform acts of heroism, prisking their lives to an pextraordinary degree to help psave others. pthat's something. plet's get over to charley right pnow. p>>charley: good day to you, plaura. ptampa. pwater works park. pthere is the beautiful tampa priver walk and the downtown protary pavilion.
7:52 am
pthey just want to fight. phere's a little stage combat pfrom richard iii as we get you pready for tampa's shakespeare pfestival happening free in the ark. pstick around, everybody. pthou (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
p>>charley: "good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from pwater works park in downtown ptampa. pright along the river here, this ark is just a beautiful place pto spend the morning. pshakespeare is going on behind pus. pi got a little excited about pthat. pexcuse me. pso excited, i'm choking. pdan here with the tampa pshakespeare festival. pwho are you guys? p>> shakespeare festivals for plocal actors and directors who
7:56 am
ark. pthere's a lot of cities in the pcountry that have shakespeare in pthe park. pwe thought tampa bay deserved pshakespeare in the park. pwe made that happen. p>>charley: hat trick theater. p>> yes. pwe're still developing our own pnon profit organization. pin the meantime, they're a non rofit theater out of ruth peckerd hall. p>>charley: so you're doing two pshows, one night, one show and pthe next night, the next show. pyou rotate them back and forth. pmuch ado about nothing and prichard iii. p>> try to get a balance there. p>>charley: people should not be pintimidated, right? p>> absolutely not. pa lot of people read shakespeare pin high school and they have pmetaphors and what we try to do pis try to make it as exciting pand entertaining as possible. pwe do a slight script to make psure it runs a certain amount of
7:57 am
pwhen you hear the leak anguage, it's pso much easier to understand. pyou see the emotions and what pthey're doing. p>>charley: shakespeare wrote it pand performed it. p>> exactly. p>>charley: all right. phave a good day or not to have a pgood day? pthat is the silly question. pstick around, everybody.
7:58 am
yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma.
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3 ((russell pmississippi home sweet home. prays finally arrive in tampa pinternational after being pstuckey on runway in cuba for 7 phours overnight. pso what does that mean for ptoday's spring training game? pand then in a pinch, why a p12-year-old florida girl is pfacing charges this morning. pfor what she calls a school yard rank. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pwe thank you for waking up with pus on this wednesday morning pmarch 23rdrd. pwe will great straight over to


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