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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  August 11, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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they are being called to modernize their computers. fox news starts now. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11 o'clock news starts now. >> how could it happen? how could a night of safety training at the punta gorda police department end up with the shooting of a volunteer? 73-year-old mary knollton was accidentally shot and killed tuesday night dur shoot/don't shoot exercise. there she is right there in the light blue. and it was an officer who pulled the trigger. >> fox 13's haley hinds is in pun day at that governor da -- purchase at that governor da. punta gorda where investigators are trying to figure out what went on. >> haley: she was very well known and very involved in the community. she supported the police, her son said, that's why she wanted to be a part of chamber police
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tuesday. she was picked to be part of a shoot/don't shoot role play scenario. she is excited to do it. but during the exercise the 73-year-old was mistakenly shot with a live round. she was taken to the hospital but died. officer cole had been with the department 2-1/2 years. the recover he fired had been used in previous classes with no problem. how and why this happened is still a major question that the florida department of law en answer. >> we believe that the particular caliber of the weapon used, that there were only blank rounds available to the officer. >> being bitter and angry and hateful isn't going to bring her back. she was iconic and she lit up the room. she's a hero. >> reporter: officer cole is on administrative leave. we learned he was the subject of an internal investigation after an incident last year where he used his canine partner to take down an unarmed man on a bicycle
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that man was significantly injured. the department's canine policy changed. he said his family will forgive that's what his mother would want. real guns will not be used in further training operations. >> in many police training it's standard for officers and citizens to leave any loaded weapons at the door before any kind of trainin a retired tampa police officer told us real guns are never used in their training exercises. fox's crystal clark is digging deeper into what was supposed to happen during that kind of role play in punta gorda. crystal, you've actually been through one of these? >> crystal: yes, this time last year i tried out tampa police shooter program. usually there are two types of fake weapons, these are called blue guns and comes in larger
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situation a. r. 15. these are solid plastic. they can't do any harm. however the weapon of choice is actually called a simunition. and those can easily be mistaken for the real thing. >> stop, police, don't move! >> what? what are you talking about? >> it looks and sounds realistic. but look closely at the gun used in this shooting simulation. it's a training tool known as a simunition. >> they provide a click that you can hear it go off. >> they produced this training video with lee a roundtable. in his 30 years with tampa police it was always a priority with officers and citizen groups to keep loaded guns out of the training area. >> whether concealed or not concealed nobody can have a gun. >> last summer i underwent a virtual shooting simulator at tpd. training is meant to put people in a highly stressful real life
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fast. that's why it's too dangerous to have real guns in arm's length even for an officer. >> all of a sudden you see a gun being produced. you yell gun, gun, put the gun down. it's easy to get caught up in the scenario fyou have a gun in your ankle holster or under your shirt, on your side, you just by instinct go for it. >> there are usually training inspectors on site-specifically to check each weapon and make sure nothing gets mixed up. he says it's been decades since tpd has used the real thing very popular. but before that we used real guns with blanks. >> the officer in punta gorda believed he was shooting blanks when he pointed a gun at a citizen, tragically taking her life. >> i reached out to punta gorda police requesting a copy of their standard procedure for the training academy. they said no specific policy exists. however, this is designed to be
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portion, the most important role playing scenario as the last interactive activity of the night. right now they say it's unclear what steps they will take to make sure it doesn't happen again. however, they do not plan to use any real weapons in the future. cynthia? >> a lot of questions to be answered, still. thanks a lot, crystal clark. >> a shooting death in hills borrow county has a strange twist tman who was shot and killed today actually killed a man 15 years ago in another road rage fox 13's josh cascio is live in dover where this morning's shooting happened. josh, fill in the details for us here. >> josh: well, chris, tonight we're hearing from the victim's wife from that 2001 incident. she tells us in her words her husband's killer basically experienced car may and she says he got what was coming to him. let's recap what happened in 2001. gary durham and timothy gibbs. they get into a road rage
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gibbs, knocking him to the ground where he hits his head and nine days later he dies. durham would serve 10 years for that. now fast forward to today, wednesday. this morning deputies say durham and 42-year-old robert padgett get into a road rage dispute near forbes road and mml. another road rage incident involving durham. now, we don't know who the addresser was but padgett ends up shooting durham. he then tries to perform cpr. we know he is cooperating with office. no charges filed at this point. earlier this morning we spoke with timothy gibbs' wife nancy over the phone. she admits it's tough to say this but she said she is happy about how this most recent case ended. >> but he got what he deserved. you know, he did exactly what he did with my husband. i feel really bad, the man that shot him today, because i don't want him to feel the grief and
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>> josh: now take a look at this. we tried to reach out to durham's family. but a sign was put on the door shame on you for coming here and go away. no comment from the padgett family. as for the case, it is in the hands of the state's attorney's office right now. they will determine whether or not charges are filed. we're live in hillsboro county, josh cascio, fox 13 news. >> all right, josh, thanks. >> new at 11 tonight, a woman in or man beach up her son when bullets flew right in her minivan with her 8-year-old inside. police were out looking for shell casings and anything else that might give some clues and lead them to a gunman. her name was sonya. she was sitting at an intersection she says when she heard a loud bang. she got out to investigate. she found that a bullet went into her passenger side door and into the console. she doesn't know what made her a
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will come forward. >> donald trump: isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. [cheers and applause] he founded isis. [cheers and applause] and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> and that's the latest volley tonight from gop nominee donald and hillary clinton for the rise of isis. this is at a rally in sunrise. he felt that debates won't be fair. also the second amendment people to stop clinton from naming new supreme court justices. >> on that note, hillary clinton herself weighed in. >> yesterday we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that
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comments hurting donald trump? well according to a new quinn incompetence yack university poll, they're pretty much tied in florida. 46 percent for clinton, 45 for trump. well within the 3.4 percent margin of error. >> not a good day to fly delta. delta still struggling to get back to normal after a power outage forced them to cancel thousands of flights. they are not the first live tonight at tia. more cancellations, evan? and what are you hearing now from some of these consumer groups? >> well, cynthia, i can you that there were 10 planes, 10 delta flights that were full-fledged cancellations today. there were 22 planes that were otherwise delayed. take a look. i want to show you this right now. this is the scene. this is the big board here at
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this is nowhr first delta plan and consumer groups proof -- it is a bette .a canceled peee them in the m bernstein's m tia to lax was one of 10 canceled flights on wednesday. delta is working its way back from a power transformer flights have been canceled since monday. this family faced a 90-minute delay. >> it should be taken care of by now, i think. i know it's a big thing to take care of. but it should be already taken care of. >> last month a computer outage at southwest forced them to cancel a similar number of flights. the wall street journal reports it all raises questions about whether four recent airline mergers have built companies too large and too reliant on old systems that date from the 1990s. >> i would think the level of
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this year on upgrading its systems. but douglas kid of the national association of airline passengers says it's unacceptable that part of delta's backup system also failed. airlines some rather could happ. >> $200 vouchers after seeing
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department of transportation to allow consumers, travelers who are holding flights from stranded planes because of future outages to use them on another airline. guys? >> okay. that would be an interesting concept. all right. thanks so much, evan. so zip tied and duct taped. >> a florida man facing child abuse charges for what he allegedly did to a teenage girl. >> it seems like they've calmed down. but the guy was chasing her. she was on foot and he was in a car and he caught up to her. >> tt there that ended with the man's arrest. >> leftover rain still underway in citrus county, but i tell you: active weather pattern continues into the weekend. we'll talk about that.
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>> new at 11, a volusia county is out of jail on bond tonight. he's accused of duct taping and zip lining a teenage girl from stoppi a car stuck in sand led to his arrest. >> volusia county police were called after sand got stuck in this yard. the lady who lived here showed us the marks in the grass but didn't want to talk on camera. witnesses say the car belongs to anthony hubble who was in his car chasing a teenager. three people called 911. >> it seems like they've calmed down, but the guy was chasing her. she was on foot and he was in a car and he caught up to her. >> deputies say hubble was
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he's responsible for. hubble told the deputies she's a repeat run away and was just brought back to the home sunday night after run ag way to daytona beach. hubble told deputies on monday he tied her up in duct tape and zip ties to keep her from running away again. when he fell asleep the girl took off and started running. you can hear hubble explaining this. laying next to my bed. i fell asleep five minutes. >> the 911 called seemed to side with hubble as they waited with deputies to get there. >> it sounds like discipline problem. >> you're lucky you have a mommy and dad. you don't run away. >> the 15-year-old told deputies say hubble would occasionally hit her. he told deputies he punched her with a closed fit 15 to 20 times when she was tied up. hubble was arrested and faces charges of felony child abuse. >> now your sky tower radar forecast with chief meteorologist paul. >> paul: lots of blue sky for most of today.
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late today with a very active sea breeze. and back to our classic summer pattern. watch the clouds build. still looking good around 3:00. and, yeah, all of a sudden you can see the clouds really just get going and a couple of shelf clouds moving over the bay. some heavy rain. kind of scooted just east of tampa. the heavy stuff is over by plan city and then moving inland through central pasco up to hernando. now, there's been a persistent band of rain in the gulf. this is the same area of rain being generated by which is thankfully moving away. so tomorrow i think we just go back to sunshine early in the day with building clouds along the sea breeze and showers and thundershowers likely. there's still a little leftover rain up in citrus but that's gone buy 11:30, 11:45 and that's that. sprinkles down buy annamaria, that's that. rest of the time we stay partly cloudy. temperatures today finally getting back into the 90s.
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95 in sea bring, 95 after a long stretch of clouds and cooler trem ps back to the august sun and back to the 90s. low pressure way back in louisiana is producing rain here for us. the rain in the gulf kind of scoots away and we stay partly cloudy to clear tonight. and right now, temps are in the 70s to near 80 and typically this time of year and this time of night temperatures not really a big deal. they're usually in the 70s to near 80. this map is in the rust red doll color. we still have deep moisture over us. but it slowly moves away. and we're just left with a south east wind and certainly enough moisture to support afternoon storms. and as is the case was today, nearly any one of those storms can be and will be locally heavy and maybe a hint of some dryer weather trying to come in from the southeast but i don't see really any significant change
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partly cloudy as the rain ends and tomorrow is a claix sea breeze day with storms ending over the bay by 10:00 at night. and then on friday it's another sea breeze day with storms along the west coast late in the day. they're done. we do it again over the weekend as daytime highs stay in 290s. and we talked about the tropics at 10:00. still quiet as dry air continues to kind of blow off the continent of africa and the chances of tropical development for the next four to look pretty small, which is good. 80 dew point, 76. southwest winds at 6. there's low pressure spinning here that gave us the wet weekend. and then you have kind of dry air east of the state. besides that, it's just a warm and summery night in the south. raleigh's 81. birmingham's 81. little rock's 85. dallas still 93. kansas city is 88 degrees at 10:00 their time. any leftover rain ending
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tomorrow. we stay near 90 on friday with afternoon storms. the seven-day forecast, we go from clouds and rain in the morning to just classic august weather next five to seven days. 90s for highs and 70s for lows. have a good night. back to you. >> thanks about right. thanks, paul. a lot of people are coming to defense of first daughter after she was caught on video. >> arntly smoking something. at least that's what it appears. where that video was takaken whn
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>> there is the bear in my backyard. a big black bear. that's not a cub, either. that's a big bear. >> yeah, it is a big bear and the hunt is out to spot the bear in a winter garden neighborhood.
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residents say they started seeing bears this weekend. this morning, they saw one hanging out in a tree about 2:00 in the morning. now they want city officials to do something about it. >> last year we had wild hogs. ier before last we had foxes. then we had bobcats. you know, and it's like we living in a zoo down here. >> i suspect it may have something to do with how close they live to the woods or for fish and wildlife is telling them to secure their garbage cans. that's what really attracts bears. residents say they don't have garages or bear-proof trash cans. hopefully some state money might fix that. that's one of the things they've allocated funding for. >> that's right. and a lot of people this evening on social media talking about this vido from radar online. it's making the rounds around the internet. it shows first daughter may lee an obama at lollapalooza in the background there smoking
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there. lollapalooza concert is in chicago. this was last month. the video emerged today on that website there. now, if it is marijuana, you should know that it was recently die criminalized in the state of illinois. scott, my old friends in filly are getting ready to welcome the bucks to town. >> yeah, the bucks kicks off the series against the eagles. start of a very big year for the biggest buck of them all. damar dodson. why big dot has something t prove in 2016. man versus food. a fan wears his dinner at the pirates padres game. it's incredible video. i encourage you please stick
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i wish i was in school. [overlapping chatter] if only i had a math test today. i'll stay after class. i'll clean the chalkboard.
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man: school ends, blake snell has been fantastic but free lunches for your kids don't have to. >> blake snow has been fantastic since being called up two months ago. the golden arm of the future has hit very few speed bumps in his first 10 big league starts. but tonight his toughest outing blake snell against those blue jays giving up 3 runs shot right here to troy in the very first inning. and really would never recover. gave up a total of 5 runs, two earned. was pulled after just 1-2/3 innings pitched. a huge thorn in the the rays' side tonight. 5 rbis. shut them out. 7-0 the final. rays have tomorrow off before facing the yankees in a
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series is going to be the farewell to alex rodriguez. and you can catch it right here on fox 13. arod's goodbye to the bigs as well as the day about you of shortstop matt duffy for the rays. coverage tomorrow night right here on fox 3. tough loss in gainesville. florida antonio rilz suffers a torn acl. he was competing for the starting guard position. the gator returning starters. they kick off the preseason in philadelphia with position battles aplenty. starters not likely to get a series or two. in that window toffensive line will keep jamis winston protected and looking good potentially. this o line has a lot to prof. especially for dotson battling back from injury last year on the bench. this is a contract year and he's
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>> oh yeah, i ain't getting no younger, man. i'm trying to make the last opportunities i have and realize that, you know, time is short, you know, based upon what happened last year. i didn't expect to get hurt. i thought i would be out there and things happen. so it brings life into its own perspective for you to realize you go to appreciate every snap and every play because you never know which one is going to be your last. so i just come out here and fight and battle every day and just compete. >> dotson tomorrow. finally best for padres pirates. fan has a choice to make. he's got nachos in one hand reaching for the ball and there it is. wearing it. wearing the nachos. this is like an ultimate nachos situation. so you got chile, cheese, mustard, ketchup. >> he got it all. all of it. >> who else is wearing it? man. >> just him. they did give him a free t-shirt, which is nice. >> what happens when you wear a white shirt to the game.
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>> he got it all over. he couldn't have done it again and gotten more of that on him. >> not if he tried. wonderful. >> >>: thanks, scott. >> i'm hungry after seeing that. if you're craving a late night snack, you may want to reach for the march malowes and chocolate. >> it's national snores day. the ladies behind our favorite cookies to make the big announcement tgirl scouts in west central florida are adding smores cook toys the 2017 lineup. yep. the graham cracker sandwich cookies filled with a creamy filling. can you stand it? >> can't. >> it will join classics like thin minutes and samoas. they have strong ties to the traditional camp fire treat. they wanted to do something special to celebrate 11 years. you have to wait until january when they come out. >> january? i can't wasn't until january. >> thin minutes. i can't even open them. they will be gone. >> i can't wait to get my hands on them. >> that will do it for to us night. money, power, politics coming your way next.
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from all of us here at fox 13, have a great night. >> announcer: the following paid presentation for cooper chef is brought to you by tristar products incorporated. are your kitchen drawers starting to look like a bad garage sale -- steamers, rice cookers, roasters, slow cookers. and just how many pots and pans does one kitchen really need? and every time you cook, cleanup's a disaster. scraping, scrubbing -- what a chore. what if you could replace all this with one single, nonstick pan? and what if this pan was the highest-quality craftsmanship? and what if you could cook with it on the stove and in the oven? introducing copper chef, the nonstick, all-round square pan with ceramitech. it's a breakthrough in technology. copper chef with extra-deep sides replaces a roasting pan, a rice cooker, a steamer, a stock pot, a wok, and a baking dish. even cook mac and cheese from dry right in its own sauce. delicious! no more boiling and straining


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