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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  September 1, 2016 7:00am-7:49am EDT

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he's tck tropi slrmheode. vehe well outse. 'vad h few sprinkles here and there. we need this tim toryout. the way storms set up, yteverhing has been shifted to the eastern side of the or as itov closer and to the state, all thatn you see in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, that's going to move clor closer towards
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it's quiet now, ion't be later this afternoon. w't for evening commute as well. he aircraft is flying winds at . around, the pressure is falling. the storm is likely strengthg.enin it could become a category one hurricane and even the latest computer models, the oneshat ru kes i to make a hurricane as it just east of alachicola by very early tomorrow morning so even though you look outside now, everything is quiet, i want you to understd tha the potential impacts around here are going to be later today and tonight and the tropical storm warning continues from pasco county north. notice how this is what the wd speed is around t center of the storm, bringghe tropical storm force winds innit. this may be a case where it's quiet until early this
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winds and the rains come in there's yourrocal sto warning. i've got a lot t talk b. coastal flood advisories, surf advisories and so muchmore. a lot of people haveo get out the door. even though it's not raining, we have a few issues on the roads. >>vanessa: we're just getting word from st. pete police that flooding is closing mlk, 38th avenue south to 47th avenue south so avoid that area. f.h.p., high wind advisories, good news is the bridge is going to be open right now but drivers should company gusts in the area and so you'll drive with caution. doesn't hurt always to give yourself some extra room between your vehicle and others around you, especially if you do have a high profile vehicle. flooding reported 16th street north atandy boulevardo avoid if you can a also we have flooding reported manatee county, bowling green , wauchula at hayhw .
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that's reported at mc i will roadway avenue bridge street. that's south o gandy, sth tampa area. it is passable in the ea. if you have any questions about whether you can make it through or not with your vehicle, don't try it. >>russell: 7:03. a lot of bay area students can stay in bed this morning because of this storm. no school today in hillsborough, pinellas, pasco, manatee, hernando and citrus. students in sarasota, thou,gh do have to go to school. so does polk. >>laa: uversity o s florida i closing all three of its campuses. so no school at st. pete ca stay he today, too.trsity no classes today at all. governor rick scott will be getting a tropical storm hermine update this morning at 11:15. he's planning to meet with his advisers. they'll discuss the storm's potential impact on our state. reporters shortly thereafter and we'll continue to track the
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x13newnd we'velsoup a listf sann tampa early this morning. that's where the chase began. pursuit came to an end at a cvs on fourth street in st. pete. police were told by the owner of the store the woman robbed them yesterday. no idea why she drove back t the scene of that crime. we don't know her name yet. >>laura: the staff at a medical center in hudson spent the night evacuating more than 200 patients. >>russell: electrical fire forced them out. shayla reaves is at bayonet medical center where power is still an issue this morning. >>reporter: good morning to you remains the backup sources. we're told tha o ti to retur t this
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restored, addressed and that's what sff and securityo work on t the early morning hours. just a few moments ago, we were in the parking lot and i saw a group of nursesust he. ihoht they were rtingo i asked them if that was the case and some of them told me they've bee up now for about 24 hours. some of them assisting with removing patients from the hospital here in they left this location and headed to pinellas county to there for severalurhos,to so that just givesou an idea what ty've beeneang withow foreveral hours. you're seeing some video captured wednesday night. 209 patients had to be removed from regional medical center at bayonet point after an electrical fire that ultimately
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building. dozens of ambulances lined up to help. medics transported patients to other tampa bay hospitals. some staff members literally carried patients from the third floor down. patients who needed care and th bug them to waiting ambulances down and outside the building. so right now, there are sti some qns about ectly how whyhe t this in thehospallaes end with no iur to e' told. everyone madet out o the building okay. at this point, we are trying to determine exactly if any more information will be provided here in the early morning hours. we know that a phone number is now available, though, for family members. if you had relatives who are maybe receiving treatment here at this location, you haven't been able to reach them, there's a phone number, reunification line made available and i'm going to give that number to you.
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trying to reach, that number is 877-344-1313. you can call that number and select option nine. i'll be back within the hour with another liveept a fo t toshistal back u antue. back to you. >>russell: all right. we will see you later on then. thank you. >>laura: it is 7:07 now and it is a classic case of he could run but he couldn't de. aan is in jail this he'scc aed ofunning away wearing handcuf aft officers found marian and 20 bags of heroin during a traffic stop. he is facing several charges this morning. and watch this. this is video of a woman setting a car on fire on sunday near the blanch b little john trail in clearwater. she's seen here walking away. pohe may have lt of a bike. they're not sure of her moefb
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crime stoppers. >>russell: southwest airlines now will soon offer daily non stop flights from tampa to havana. bsng for theserviceyuld ser o rvice to fly. you can find fares online for as lows $4x oer y,januar delta, frontier and united. two of the nine airports will provide service to havana. that includes havana, l.a., new york city and orlando. >>laura: it has been more than 50 years since u.s. passeer airlines flew a commercial flight to cuba. it was 1961. you could buy a gallon of gas for 27 cents.
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that yearas nd turning" by bobby lewis just to give you some perspective. >>dave: 7:09. radar is lit up. everything offshore for now. now, that's going to change later this afternoon as hermine tsloser and closer. here arehe t rticuls. 60 me-per-ho s been disa tveonion . think the rn does come back in with some very gusty winds for te today. we have a lot going on, a lot to
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da>>: good thursy moing. gettingereak in actionor now tn j continues to spiral offshore. now, as the storm moves closer and closer to the statou're going toctlly get we're gngo ve
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wants to wrap all this convection around the center wich is over here but there's some drier air over here, and it's impeding it just a little bit so everything gets pushed to the eastern side of the storm. as it moves northeastward up to the big bend area today, all ofs in. now, if we hadn't had inches of rain yesty,erda it might not be that big of a deal but any heavy rainfall that we get today, and we'll get some late today, will aggravate a fresh water flooding setup for us. .clearwater beach reporting 21 mile-per-hour windsts. as o:00 a.m., t winds at 60
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ea at t as we nouo t thein05vesacut hrou the lay in the waasrnin that they t tropical storm watch near jacksonville and made that a tr. ver towae river from e anc pasco county toev coty is is wtha we clal the wii.use d thesre 40 plus mile-per-hour winds. and the forecast brings them o into s by tonight and notice, cits unty, hernando,
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getting into that 40 mile-per-hour wind, that's why the tropical storm warnings are ed. hillsborough, it's going to be windy. don't get me wrong. stronin wd gusts here tot go along with some rain as the storm makes its way she. ere's that lit sliverf rrhueorce winds. l verned into a small area if it does become a huicane later toy. so t potential impac of this storm on ourarea. we have advisory, right, fmro ts afrnoon at 1:00. until friday we may go through two or three high tide cycles running a couple of feet above normal. now, foran areas, that won't be a huge problem but some of you'll typically getoong, s above you may tt again toda so just b the rip cnow that you
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three feet above the ground for later today. then as you go f nort o, hernand citrus county, there's your wind ile-per-hour gusts. even inland portion of those counties as well as you get further north, though, notice how your tides go four to six feet above normal. so that's where we may start to see the potential of some low lying flooding along the coast would be as you get further north and even fth to the norths well because look at the storm surge forecast. no matter what type of storm goes through there, they may be looking at 10 to 12 feet. you go further, citrus county and parts of pasco county, yo tu'rewoo four,o too, aloe co. we could get some indion but worse it wiend one to go, the three feet as we showed you in
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oue notab ones, crystal river, 3:14 this afternoon and again, 3:41 tomorrow morning. so again, ts afternoon, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, those three cycles and then things will probably start to die back a little bit. davis island is 2:44 this afternoon. 3 c. -- 3:32, one to two feet insaso. further n you go,he t higher etherhinge have ihe dwah. five to0 inches of rain n pickee ore r tnend thing to potentiall happen today and that's severe you t a storm heading towar the coastlinend a we' h you'll t lites here. of thoseds,
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you can just tell by the way the maps are setting up that the further north you go, higher the impacts are going to be in general from this storm and the rainfall, of course, will throw a few inches at us as well. that's my main concern in the tampa area is all the excess rainfall coming off yesterday's rain which could definitely cause some flooding. increasing wind and rain squalls. we may see nothing until mid-afternoon but then things start to pick up because the storm gets closer and closer and approaches the big bend by friday afternoon, we'll see dramatic improvements around here and then over the holiday weekend, we'll start to lower the rain chances to the point that we'll get back to 40% on sunday and even 30% rain chances for monday. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. thank you. we have an update now to flooding in the pinellas county area. looks like fhp has officially cleared this spot so that's good news at gandy boulevard. it should be good to go so that does mean our sole flooding spot out of pinellas county is mlk
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enue south to 47th avenue south. this crash is carrying over from the last hour and it is causing some southbound delays. u.s. 41 at 10th avenue so that's just south of palm river road. southbound lane blocks. looks like traffic is passing in a single lane still s you'll hows igoiny.?f a
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mexico. doug has more for from washington. >> let's start with the numbers. these are the results of a few fox news pol showing if you factor in third party candides, this is just a point race now betweenlary innd that doesn't even take into account everything that happened yeerday. donald trump taking the stage i phoenix to talk immigration. serving up the kind of red meat that first put him on the path to the g.o.p. nomination.
7:24 am
president where the tone was ttle friendlier, even from the mexican president who once compared trump to hitler. >> we might disagree on several issues, but your presence here, mr. donald trump, shows that we do have fundamental common ground. >> we are united byur
7:25 am
insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> as far as the border wall is concerned and who would pay for it, donald trump said the issue was not discussed with mexico's president. the president said he made it clear mexico would not foot the bill. >>laura: before meeting trump in arizona, running mate governor pence spoke tootersn the bay fter attending a private fundraiser in st. petersburg. he travelled to sarasota. a few hundred people met with him for a rally. >>russell: and timaine will t bominto florida today. heas going to make a campaign cksonvil., panama ci tropal i g stormoing to be keeping haway. no word when they will reschedule. >>laur a newols almost
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stat. 48n near miami. itd if this poll holdstrue, at rehan 15.5 million people made overnight visits to miami and the nearby beaches this time last year. >>russell: and a new poll sheds light how adults feel about police. 24% of african-americans report some type of harassment by offirs in the past. that compares to 16% of hi as ianicane ul m elain youngla alts a>>ura: hauhaai i e ng taking nessary
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>>ssell: well, panhandleaye hitic storm become stronger. da is upex with everything we need to know, including the impact for us. plus -- >>reporter: good morning. water treatment plants in st. petersburg are at max capacity.
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hillary clinton: i'm hilla d clinn i approve nanirt coh cty has e since eiteen eightthree. we have over s people here making shirts labled made in america. but do t'snd c om chis cty has e since eiteen eightthree. we have exitfrisoa frts ind. haveeen made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is. you know donald trump says he'll make america great again while
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yann thet's e got l of
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coastline n forow and we're thinking whiveic little break this morning, later today we're going to get into some of that windy, squally weather as the storm approaches the big bend area and that may linger in through tonight as well so your radar, if you're getting anything done this morning outside, it's quiet but i'm watching the lines of rain very closely a a tropical storm hermine continues to move toward the north and t most of the activity is northea e northeast a make landfall somewhere tonight east of apalachicola, that's when i think the weather starts to go downhill again. 60 mile-per-hour winds. we're close to an update from the hurricane center, believe it or not. 8:00 advisory on this. north-northeast, movement at 12 miles an hour. they don't mehe track. thus j particulars like where it is and wind speed and stuff like that and we'll get that and pass it to you. it h t become a
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tomorrow morning and on that path tshould keep the tropic storm force winds to the north of tampa. that pasco, hernando, citrus county, you've got wind speed in your forecast for late today and tonight. maybe 30 or so in and around the tampa area. it's going to get windy. it's going to get squally with the weather for later today. some of those wind gusts forecast, this is for gusts, not necessarily sustained wind coast, especially around the big bend. we have allfrnndwh coming up in a few minutes. >>vanessa: thanks. i's 7:32 and we mtioned mlk an the st. pete area closed due to flooding. sky fox is checking e south. yeah. a lot of water we're dealing
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i mentioned the last report, this is the only notable flooding that we've had reported out of pinellas county and pretty much overall bay area. we're not dealing with a whole lot of flooding. a lot of that has cleared since yesterday and overnight. we'll keep you posted. if you want to check out my facebook or twitter, please let me know what you're sing your areas if you have anythg notable as faas flooding or storm damage, what not. we happy to pass that along to folks and let drivers know. we have some debris reported in the roady. and we have a crash out of venice blocking one lane. tamiama trail, be careful here. give yourself a few extra minutes. >>laura: people living in largo should try to conserveat w day. av using the dishw the whirm sgling to up the pip a it got so bad that some of t sewage came to
7:34 am
has subsided this morning and there's a similar situation playing out in south pinellas county. st. petersburg's mayor is urging people to conserve water in the same way. we're going to get to alcides segui live for us on treasure island. this is a mess. >>reporter: yeah. do you know what? the mayor is asking everyone as you mentioned to conserve water. whether that be hold off from washing your clothes or cleaning your dishes, whatever you can do to help. here is how it works out. beach and h iport, st. pete ndisla they all send their sewage water into st. petersburg for treatment and that's what's been going on. we have all this rain the last 24 hours or so. wlants are gotten so mucht 24 nd again, with all those water treatment plants at caci, the city will likely have to discharge all of that waternto they. what is bng releed it's not from the toilet.
7:35 am
pipes took a beating yesterday. millions of gallons of rain. officials said all three plants were operating at capacity and they need to make a move before we see the effects of the tropical storm in the area. we contacted the department of environmental protection to notify the that they'll lel have toarge paraltreatedater ioa back in june tropical s colin present this se situation. e city wa fceo dump abou 10 milt wage into the bay aft t stpersb three million gallons of emgency stora at onef the treatment plants but eventhat as of right now,s not enou and that's why t may and other city officials a urgingks to conserve a much waters ss. doow if youan see the
7:36 am
offen the next cplef minutes,ian li the area, try to pos mle s gd reminder inituation like this, you part kntis others. re >>russell: teo powercompany' emergencys ready if they nee it. about 180 workers from other stes in the southeast are already here to changing fees heine. offering flexible rebooking options for today and tomorrow. they can typically cost about $200 for domestic flights. we already know c of local attractions will not be opening today. florida aquarium and lowry park
7:37 am
gardensr aentu island. >>laura: a lot parents w be looking forhings to d todayit mhese missinhond recation is one option for them today. they decided to open today for all the kids. jennifer epstein is here now to show us how they're planning to keep the kids busy today. a lot of parents are trying to figure it out. they're struggling. not a lot of rain and a whole lot of time, right? >>jennifer: i've got one id. we're at copeland park recreation center. i was afraid i was going to break a nail but i didn't. so yeah, parents are worried.
7:38 am
anyone. you don't even need that rec card and they're even helping seniors today aswe a rec center farland park. that's going to open for seniors as well. so parents, don't stress out. we know you have to get to work today but you can still hang out and go to one of the rec centers instead. and the mayor just showed up. you want to come on in?pt you d?
7:39 am
>> it's a busy time. >>jennif: y've proting rec centers the last few months and years to tell people, come in here instead of gettinn oue.e strt and what a great idea to open this. >> there's a lot of parent single moms who are doing the best they can. they have to go to wo. with sools closed, those kids are going to be home alone. that's what we don't want. weon't want them on the we don't want them atom so i id, look. we're going to open up our faciti and we're going to a kid that lives in the neighborhood to drop off their kid here and take good care of them. now.nnifer: i know it's e do you think it's going to be full later today? >> i think iwill. i think there's a lot of parents who can't afford daycare. they can't find a baby-sitter this late. this is a place where they can be under the supervision of adults who care about them. we wantt to be helpful as we possibly could for the parents who need us now. >>jennifer: and what a great opportunity for people who have
7:40 am
this one day, free pass and check out what it's all about. >> we have great facilities here, great coaches, great teachers, great mentors. this is a safe place, where kids can just be kids and get away from the lure of the streets and in situations like this when the is pla where they can come this and spend the day with our folks. >>jennifer: what a great idea. mayor buckhorn and the city of tampa looking out for us. hang out, play a little basketball with me. a little horse. >> don't dunk on me. what about that? he jecan i grabbed omn>> letet g to in sports torso oicllyve f thbu ey tthedskin at home last night 20-13. theth condione pretty sppy and left the stands mostly empty. for the most part, srters
7:41 am
roster spot. matt brown right here giving his coaches something to think about, breaking loose for a 60 rd touchdown. a total of 149 yards oncu,y neee by saturday. bucs start theegular season a week from sunday against the falcons in atlaa. i know we've been on roberto for last night he hit close to a 50-yard field goal in the rain. so mbe he's stautto pt together. now, this should be interesting. 49ers play the diego. san francisco quarterback kaepernick will play. he'smisi pro toontinue his protest of sitting over the national anthem. he's upset over the treatment of african-americans and other people of treatment in this country. things might get awkward. this is san diego's annual salute to theary night. thousands of military mbers and veterans will be in the mont ahs ifs sitduring the
7:42 am
lot oboos.meer camp pesre t in san diego so there will be a lot of military members on hand. eay a d ohiff weekend. theyosto t t red sox yesterday. miakbeckham made a costly he did make it to home plate. that was the final out of the fourth. the rays had a three-run lead at that time. so t beckham goe >>dave:nk thau. look at eth rain offshore. i like it as long as it sit offshore but i can tell you that later today, we're going to start to get more o this o ohore. bands of rain a gusty winds. so while we're getting a littl brk right now, it will change later this afternoon. i have more skytower radar views, watches, warnings,
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>>dave: we've been watching skytower radar all morning as these of rain just move up from south to nor and theve steday offshore for now but let me give you a little instance. when i first got in, this band o see how it's slowly by aer hours, i do anticipate we're going to getleh in the actn is n going toas ver. still think we' theimcts,ou yo rth of ay. tampa, pasco, hernando, citrus county, i'm specifically talking to you right now, tropical sto warning. wnds 39 miles per hour or greater. the best chance of that, i think it's going to happen tonight. late this afternoon and tonight,
7:47 am
that could go over 40 miles an hour. coastal flooding at high tide and the further north you go, the higher the tides are going to be. for instance, in citrus county, they could be four feet or a little more than that so that's something that you have to keep in the back of your mind. i know this is a tropical storm. ouldece ainim but theay the gulf is s up'r pog a t water ione le sonf il r above county as well, tornados. it would not least bit to have a wind gust over 30. it really wouldn't with some of the rain coming through later today. coastal flooding at the time of high tide. we're looking at tides to run one to two feet above normal and in some spots, some lower lying spots in pinellas, i know that's enough to cause some coastal flood soing be on the lookout
7:48 am
tide. isolated, fresh water flooding as well. meaning we've had so much rain, if we get a couple morenches ra,re's nowheort to go. by the way, i'm going tow sho you the tides in a second. the enhanced e, it's obviously elongated a little bit. this storm is strengthening. reconnaissance aircraft flying around inside this storm waiting the 8:00 advisory on this storm. but you see h everything is pushed for the most part to the eastern side of it? and it is beginning to
7:49 am
the east, let's say around saint mornin so on this path, your hurricane force winds, if this whereaxpfca would be from tao race off to the north and east. it may cause problems for forecasters in new york over the weekend. maybe some rain there but again, 're worried about this. tropical storm warning from anclote river. you have pass unty. you wouldn't think with a minimal hurricane, you would have a storm surge like this but the water just funnels into this area and the way it's coming in, you may see 10 to 12 feet, believe it or not. obviously in citrus county, maybe four feet or so and then lester -- lesser amounts, two to four feet, in and around tampa bay. here are the tides.
7:50 am
but wherever you live closest to, just get an idea when the high tide is going to be this afternoon and for tomorrow morning because we're going to have, i think, two, maybe three cycles of high tides that are going to be above normal before they eventually drop back again. so overall running one to three feet above normal. the greater storm surges in areas to the north. and really the impact of the storm will be greater the further north you go. so as the day moves along, increasing wind and some squalls, heaviest to the north. 82 degrees. we're looking at rain chances to actually drop. i do want to show you the seven-day forecast. you know, i've been working all week, talking about the storm. forget about the fact there's a holiday weekend coming. this will be out of here for the holiday weekend and by sunday and monday, rain chances back to 40 and maybe even 30%. vanessa? >>vanessa: good to hear. 7:50 right now. a crash we're seeing has some northbound lane blockage affecting u.s. 301 in the area of the selmon expressway.
7:51 am
lighter volumes on the roadways. not surprising since we do have school out in a lot of counti. live look re, mlk, junior southbnd directionking very northbndig no complaints, eith. nine minutes cometely in the n right nowo ge from bear anue to seven minutes branch forbes t alongi-esound and tn give yourself nine minutes to travel southbound 75 coming from fletcher heading to the selmon. now. >>charley: good day. i'm at florida's largest labor day home show at the florida state fairgrounds. everybody is in early because of the storm so it's set up a little early but it kicks off officially tomorrow and runs through monday. when we come back, we're going to go outside where it's dry now but we're going to talk about what happens if your house gets
7:52 am
i'm nojuing throa sale. a limited time only? i'll tels limi y, you want me to hurry? oh sure, let me just drop everything for your one day sale. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always fed amazings on the brands you love, every day.
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>>charley: "good day tampa bay." i'm charley belcher from the florida state fairgrounds this morning for the largest labor day home show. kicks off tomorrow and goes through mo.ay with hermin in the gulf, it's important to keep our homes ready in case the next one comes closer to the tampa bay area. mike is here from serve pro and you're in the business of
7:55 am
then fixing it, too, or what do you do? >> our main goal is to dry the structures out so no molds appear. >>charley: you were talking about this storm water that brings with it so much bacteria that that's the real problem. if you have a washing mac hose break, that's one thing. the flood waters or the tidewaters, they're going to bring so much bacteria, it's going to mold faster and create more troubles quicker? >> that's correct. the type of water that's coming into the home is very contaminated. so it could fester and make molds a lot quicker than your normal, clean water. >>charley: what is advice number one? people say, uh-oh, i'm getting water in my house. what do they do? >> check and make sure it's safe to go in the home. there's no electrical hazards. second of all, you want to start drng t pla out. call arofessional restoration team and let them come out and sanitize your home and dry it quickly so no molds t. >>charley: how do you do what you do?
7:56 am
squeegees? >>ooquestion. it as faasoistures ce t moistu lt not, demifi ns,g m areas so they dry faster than other innt tup, thingsf tha dryhe home as quk as possible and we have commercial type machinery to do that. >>charley: fast action. if you have an issue, g it possible. even if it's just a little bit, right? even if it's just a little bit, you want to make sure you get it dry. >> you want to have a professional remediation make that call for you. >>charley: you're going to be re this weekend answering questi >> certainly will. >>charley: nice. you can come ask t ess, see tessials,d out pricing, find o kp
7:58 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my we first term, to presion mafacturing.
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((russell kissing the coast. all morning long - the rain has missed the bay kissing the coast all morning long the rain has missed the bay area. we won't be so lucky for the rest of the day. and when that rain arrives, let's hope this does not happen again. coming up, st. petersburg's in his city.requestor everyone >rom tampa bay'sber one it. rain came down so fast that drainage and sewer systems could not keep up. while those flood waters receded ast as more rain is expected da dave is tracking that and tropical storm hermine this morning. do you have an update on it yet?


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