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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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blows by the by the bay in the bay area churning up surf and dumping a lot of rain on us. the mess left behind and where the storm is now.
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right now at right now at ten, we are tracking hurricane hermine as it nears landfall at this hour. see how the bay area is coping with all the heavy rain and flooding. >> our crews are all over the bay area for you tonight as places on flooded streets and the approaching high tide. >> not worth it. don't try. stay inside. wait it out. >> anchor: high water in parts of pinellas county floods cars and makes some rds impassable. we we're going tell you about the other big conorrn f this area tonight. >> announcer: you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> good evening. welcome tonight i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring. we're of course tracking
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let's get over to paul for the very latest. >> i know some of you this morning were waking up looking at the radar saying it looks like this line is going to stay out in the water and not bother us all that much. by noon it began to move to the coastline. then it gradually moved inland and really got going, producering heavy rain and squalls around tampa bay. wind gusts in pinellas over 70. strong storms into del rico and zephyrhills. now fast moving elements mov north. for this moment most of the bay area is quiet. not a lot going on. but there's another one of those lines kind of lurking right off the coast. it is rotating around the center of hermine which is approaching appalachia cola and way up into big bend. we'll show you the rotation from that storm. this is something you really don't want to see. do you not want to see a hurricane intense tying just before it makes landfall.
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it's having bigger impacts on the eastern and northern gulf. we'll zoom in. for a long time there was no sign of an eye at all. but during the last couple of hours, the eye is evident. and the pressure continues to drop. we want to get this hurricane on land as soon as we can because every single second it's over water it still has the opportunity to strengthen. it's still strengthening now. it will make landfall probably shortly after one, 2:00 in the morning. we continue to be on the bad side. that is the east and southeast side. these feeder bands wrap around the hurricane and this one here contains obviously you can see contains very heavy rain and it does include strong winds between 40 and 60 miles an hour. so the deal tonight is going to be to watch and kind of see how these storms eventually impact us. i think they will.
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but already they're on the coast. they're onshore in levy county. they're on the coast of citrus. they're approaching hernando. off offshore pasco and getting very close to pinellas county. citrus county will have a flood situation later tonight around high tide. 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. with strong southwest winds. they'll have storm surge issues if home oe sasa and along the coastline. on top of that, they've got to al winds. if you are watching us in spring hill, newport richey, anywhere in pinellas, this line is going to head your way. there's not a lot of lightning. and this is mostly straight lined winds. but it would not be a surprise to get a quick tornado. this is one of those nights where you got to make sure you have the weather radio or the sky tower app available to alert you if by chance there's a tornado warning issued. you don't want to be in bed sleeping and have a tornado
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so go to bed tonight but make sure somewhere you wake up in a case of a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning. this continues to the southwest. the problem for later tonight and tomorrow is that models tend to indicate this line getting kind of stuck over us for a long time. so we may see persistent bands of rain coming nnly later tonight but for a time tomorrow. winds have diminished a little speed. clearwater, 26, gusting to 45. st. pete, 29 gusting to 36. gusting to 38 in sarasota. when the squall line or the bands come true, we could easily see wind gusts of 50 to 60. that's a lot of wind. and wind gusts now around the big bend. crystal river at 20. cross city 21. tallahassee sustained 24.
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notice the north wind? that means the hurricane is going this way. north wind on the back side and south wind on the east side. and the wind gusts over the water now running about 45 to 55 miles an hour. here is the latest position. this is the 10:00 advisory. 29.4. 84.5. top winds are 80. moving north northeast at 14. pressure 984. by this time storm's in south carolina and it's moving away. even when it's up here there could be trailing areas of moisture that will give us showers and thunderstorms during the day then it's long gone by the weekend. the tropical storm warning will stay up for awhile longer. probably at least until tomorrow morning because of strong gusty winds on the backside. tornado watch is up until 11:00. that makes sense as well. the storm surge around tampa bay
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but the biggest concern is our north counties. we're watching this closely. this could be a significant situation with a southwest wind crystal river all the way down into homo sasa could see water levels six to eight feet above average. that would cause major flooding. obviously move away from the center and the risk of flooding begins to decrease. the times of high tide to our north. again, in citrus county it's about your spot. the bottom line is, after midnight, the water levels start coming up as we pass low tide and start heading to high tide. around the bay area, high tide generally 3:15 to 3:30ish. and tides will be running above normal with flooding about one to three feet. wind gusts on friday generally about 40 to 45 from the southwest around tampa bay. and maybe 55 to 60 up in big
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the 11:00 advisory coming up. but i think the number one thing for tonight, of all the things you do, is pay attention to that band of line moving onshore. the line of storms. it will contain strong winds, isolated tornados. and we'll be tracking it all night long. >> anchor: thanks very much. for updates download the sky tower radar app from the app store. it will really help out and give you a radar in the palm of hand. schools canceled tomorrow. citrus, hernando, hillsborough, pasco and manatee. some other closings that are crawling across the bottom of the screen. across our area the wind and rain knocking out power to thousands tonight as crews rush to turn back on the lights. here is a look at the latest numbers. tico last check has 19,000 customers in the dark. and they join close to 22,000. duke energy customers. and 16,000 florida power and light customers still waiting
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back on. >> anchor: the sun has gone down but the surf was still up on treasure island tonight. in pinellas county high winds brought high waves and strong gusts blew the roof of a mobile home in sarasota even without making a direct hit there's plenty of impact from hurricane hermine all over the bay area. and there are a lot of reports of tree limbs down and minor wind damage too in the plant city, dover and valrico areas. >> these pictures of downed facebook page by viewers in plant city. we've got live coverage from citrus, pasco counties. josh is first where they're expecting high storm surge this evening. >> reporter: right now judging by the radar app we're being brushed by one of those rain bands. that's the story in citrus county. on and off. the big concern is the overnight and early morning hours when we
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reaching eight feet and that could cause major problems. there's been a local state of emergency declared here in citrus county tonight. we've seen a few flooded roads here and there and high water in areas. right there behind me the road is closed. again, the big concern, that's really the overnight hours when those high tides hit. that's when things will get really crazy. really scary. i do want to show you a few things we saw today. winds knocking down tree limbs in the roadway. residents were clearing out due to rising floodwaters. some even parking their car high on the ground. listen one resident as he describes what it was like. >> it's pretty bad. we've had it this high if not higher before with storms. but the worst we've had here was a no name storm up about four feet.
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county. schools are being shut down and for those living in the low lying areas, the places that normally flood, the recommendation tonight is to evacuate. again, the big concern, that is the storm surge that has yet to come. that is likely three, four, 5:00 in the morning. we'll see that. of course we're going be staying out here all night and keeping a close eye on that storm surge on those flooded roads. i'll be updateing my twitter account throughout the night with pictures a we'll let you know exactly what happens. right now it looks like at host leer in citrus county the worst is yet to come. back to you. >> anchor: we just hope that everybody heeds the warnings and just safety. if they have to get out, get out and don't question it. josh cascio we'll talk to you soon. >> the city closed bay shore boulevard between plat street and bay to bay because of possible flooding. if you live and drive around south tampa they're asking you to avoid bay shore.
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>> anchor: and the sunshine skyway bridge has been closed much of the day because of the high winds. this is a live look from our fdot and the florida highway patrol says they've had winds averaging 46 miles an hour. gusting to 56 throughout much of the day into the night. so you are guy have to use other routes. >> halfway there so to speak. could be a long night for some folks in the bay area. residents in one pasco county neighborhood are going to keep an eye on flood creep ever so close to their homes. >> we're live with a look at the conditions in pasco and what one county commissioner is hoping to do to try to help them. it's the final days of the ford freedom sales event... and the deals just got better.
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in pinellas coutny flooding caused problems for drivers and overwhelmed sewer systems in several cities. in pinellas county flooding caused problems for drivers and overwhelmed sewer systems. clearwater beach high wind and high surf are the biggest concern there. >> reporter: the wind is really whipping out here. it's the last five to ten minutes or so. you can see also where the waves have pushed all this water over the sea wall right into the road here as well. but other places in pinellas county, the floodwaters, they also caused a major mess. as hurricane hermine churned off the coast, it didn't take long for strong storms to lead to flooding in portions of pinellas county. in tarpon springs, several roads
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bracken with dead cars. >> ended up getting water inside my engine and my car wouldn't start. i had to push it over. not worth it. don't try. stay inside. wait it out. >> reporter: in largo and clearwater, 11 inches of rain in 24 hours in some parts literally backed up water treatment systems. in some cases in largo, raw sewage gushed from crews worked to street as much water as possible. >> that is raw sewage. you don't want to go near it. you don't want to have kids playing in it. just stay away from that completely. >> reporter: meanwhile on clearwater beach people should have been staying away from the water but we found several people taking a major risk and swimming in the pounding waves. for those that kept a safe distance though it was a chance to watch mother nature's power. >> a lot of waves, a lot of
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really nothing bad. >> reporter: because of those sewer system problems, officials are asking people to conserve water in clearwater and largo. so don't takes a many showers. also watch how many laundry loads you do as well they're saying to help alleviate some of that stress on the system. live in clearwater beach, evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> thank you very much. it's so amazing. take us back a week ago. we're talking about the storm that wouldn't leave. tonight and you have this perfectly formed hurricane that's involved much of the southeast. >> paul said we have to watch it. >> we led the newscast for a week over literally a little spin. and people saying what are you doing? this is ridiculous. and we did it for a week straight. this is why. once it becomes a depression in the gulf, all bets are off. now we have an intensifying hurricane approaching the panhandle and we've got damage in the bay area.
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today very active indeed. you talk about a bad day. we'll put this into motion today on the serrato beach cam. just multiple band of very heavy rain and late in the afternoon we had this one squall line go by. that produced winds up to 70 in pinellas. confirmed 62 in downtown st. pete. kind of bent over some street signs. there you go. just a windy, wet, wild day today. it's not when you get a big hurricane and hurricane intensifying to your northwest and you are on the east side, you are going to have impacts because, you know, the hurricane spins and you get these feeder bands that kind of rotate around the center. everything is always tilted at least usually to the right-hand side. and we're kind of in the bad spot. we said this a number of times going back a week. maybe on the east side not good. for the most part all we had was off and on rain.
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are those lines. when they go by, that's when things really get bad. that happened a couple of times today and will probably happen one more time tonight at least. so here's the center. you can see a developing eye. it's getting awfully close to land. as i said at the top of the ten, we want to get this thing on land as soon as we can. every second it's over water is another second that it can intensify. these colors are not radar temperatures of the clouds. and the red and the purple are cold cloud tops indicating the higher thunderstorms and, in this case, the more severe thunderstorms. and they kind of match that squall line approaching. so this line i moving our way. at the same time, the individual rain moving about 45 miles an hour to the northeast. at the same time, the line is
10:20 pm
southeast. the problem with this line is a lot of the high-resolution models eventually move it our way then kind of drape it over the peninsula for a long time. for at least three to six hours and that could bring with it more significant rain and strong and gusty winds. so that is the key to the forecast for tonight is the positioning of this line after midnight biel be on it -- we'll be on it all night long tracking it. you won't miss a thing. now you've got the storm up by josh cascio did his live report up in citrus county with the rain beginning. his weather goes downhill. weather in coastal citrus goes downhill. it's approaching hernando now west of pasco. then west of pinellas. we've had bands, a quick shower move through the bay area. watch it here. whip by and south tampa it got windy and gusty for five minutes. that went from here to pasco and it was gone. that's how fast this stuff is moving.
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can see pretty much the eye well over 200 miles away and it's going through all of these squalls. you talk about a powerful radar. we're doing it up here and we can see way up in the big bend from tallahassee to apalachicola. i mean, that is a classic radar presentation of a developing and intensifying hurricane as it moves well to our north and northwest. so we'll continue to track that. continue to be gusty. 45 clearwater. receive the st. pete. gusting to 32 in tampa. obviously lower speeds as you move inland. tropical storm warning is in yellow and includes all of our viewing area. the stats on hermine, 29.4, 84.5, rapidly moving northeast. what's kind of interesting is take a look at this. talk about forecasting issues this weekend?
10:22 pm
i mean, that is the ultimate spet models. they're dealing with this up in the northeast labor day weekend. we'll try to figure that out in the days ahead. there's the tornado watch up. again, one more look at the tides. the critical high tide for citrus county is about 3:30 to 545 in the morning and around the bay area 3:30 and tides running about two to four feet above normal. so rest of tonight. there will be more bands of rain some thunderstorms and obviously in the band stronger winds. we stay near 80. tomorrow, still no picnic. breezy with occasional rain and storms and not raining all the way. really is going to depend where the line is. there will be sunshine i think away from the line. 84. we slowly improve on saturday but still we're in the soup. variably cloudy. showers and thundershowers. we finally say goodbye to hermine over the weekend.
10:23 pm
to the beach. with temperatures in the low 90s and the rain chances at about 30 percent. a lot going on. another update coming up at 10:50 p.m. see you then. >> take a break. we appreciate it. coming up next we're going to lock at what's going on in the panel handle. . >> hurricane hermine making landfall in a couple of hours. we're going to have a live report from there coming up
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now at 10:26 hurricane hermine making landfall right now in the panhandle. fox is live in conditions, how are they? >> reporter: we are seeing the wind and the rain from hurricane hermine. still overwater but expected to make landfall here in the northeast part of florida's gulf coast in just a few hours. we are dealing with some power outages already in the area. about a mile away we can tell you that a hotel there did lose power. even here indowntown, a block
10:27 pm
power for a few minutes and then everything came back on. as expected, businesses here in the downtown area did close their doors early. accept for one restaurant. there was one restaurant and you can see them right down over there that are still open. and people are making their way in and out of there. now one of the major issues here as this storm makes landfall is going to be the life threatening surge and flooding that we are expecting to be dealing with. storm surges exp six to nine feet. that's definitely something we're going to have to watch out for as hurricane hermine does make landfall here. and those winds now intensified a bit. they're now at 80 miles per hour. so we will see you back here during the 11:00 hour for an update. but that is the very latest here in franklin county. we'll send it back to you. >> natalie be safe. thank you very much. >> back in the bay air why people are still feeling the affects of hermine.
10:28 pm
and flooded streets in gulfport. that's coming up next. a lock at how high the water is expected to be there with the upcoming high tide tonight.
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one neighborhood of pas one neighborhood in pasco county that's been hit really hard by rain most of the evening is watching the water creep closer and closer to their homes in newport richey residents on iron bark drive say it is a recurring problem and now a county commissioner is hoping to finally fix the problem. fox 13's evan axelbank is live with the very latest. evan? >> the good news here is that the rain has largely slowed down here in this part of pasco county. but you can see just how close the water is to these hopes here on this left side of iron bark
10:32 pm
street. this retention pond has spilled over. it's threatening five to six homes here on that side of the street and residents are tired of it. >> at jennifer latham's house the sandbags never really go away. this time it's -- we're expecting the worst. every time it rains hard the water l from the retention monday rises, over takes its boders and creeps to within a few pasco county saw several rounds of harsh rains. >> just as bad as debbie was. we completely lost the house that time. it's been remodeled since then. >> reporter: regular construction projects on sinkholes officials say have inadvertently plugged this pond's drainage. alan wilcox came by to help. >> if you have a truck and got a few extra minutes help your neighbor out. may come a time like last year when i needed the help. >> reporter: county
10:33 pm
county was hoping to install a temporary pipe within a few hours to drain water to an unfilled pond a quarter mile away. >> start filling that pond up which can take hundreds of gallons of water. >> he says he is trying to convince the commission to agree to dig a permanent line to connect the two ponds. he says because the commission declined to increase the storm water fee, they should tap in to back up funds. >> i don't need reserves sitting in the bank when i can fix problems right here. we've got now we got to pull the trigger and get it done. >> latham hopes she'll one day be able to put the sandbags away. >> i've been so used to it i just get ready. i have, you know, a rhythm down. this time it's been a little sooner. i'm not waiting to pick up the carpets and stuff. >> one thing that has changed out here in the last half-hour or so in pasco county is there have been gusty winds and we have been seeing over the last
10:34 pm
we've had a few bands of rain come in. certainly the wind has picked ews is that we've been driving around parts of pasco county most of the day. at this day it appears what we have behind me is the worst of it. >> anchor: let's hope so. evan agsle bank reporting. thanks. back to pinellas. really feeling the affects of her -- hermine. crystal is in gulf beach today. >> the winds have definitely gotten stronger. take a look at just how rocky those waves are. you can see they're splashing up on to parts of the pier and really just inches away from flowing straight over those sidewalks. high tide is expected around 3:00 a.m. so more than likely this is going to add to flooding issues. we're already seeing on city streets. it's sent waves crashing into the shoreline.
10:35 pm
taking a beating thursday as hurricane hermine rolled by. >> i am from rhode island. >> in gulfport no evacuation order was issued despite water flowing like a river through some streets and strong winds causing palm trees to topple. >> i just got home. >> we're definitely getting a lot of calls with the wind and all the rain. >> reporter: and with so much rainfall, there's little time for water to recede from streets in the shore acres neighborhood of s floodwaters rushing to their doorsteps by friday is a concern. >> hopefully the water subsides. >> i live upstairs. it's going have to get awfully high to reach me. >> sandbags are in place and many people say they plan to just stay put hoping it's enough until the storm passes. >> i did all the safe things already and didn't plan on this. >> now i want to you go ahead and look at my feet. this is actually the ocean water
10:36 pm
look at that. barely any sand. this is all sea foam. and we are just about a foot away from the sidewalk. this water is pretty much up to the city streets. explore something of the neighborhoods around here. i've seen debris and down tree limbs. but likely the city and residents won't know how bad the damage is until morning when they get a chance to get out and assess it. for now we definitely recommend staying off the beach and staying inside if you can. >> the morning revelations after a storm like this are a >> yes they are. homeowners on anna maria island are use to seeing flooding but this is some of the worst in awhile. the high water hasn't gone anywhere for two days. many islanders seem to be complacent to this flooding but the beach police department says they should be a fair warning for the future. >> it definitely does do a wake-up call to the citizens. we truly haven't had a real hurricane type storm that has
10:37 pm
years. so, you know, we know that we've been blessed and god's on our side watching out for us. so we just hope that continues. >> yes we do. the holmes beach police chief is asking people tonight to stay off of anna maria island if you don't live there. officers will be monitoring conditions throughout the night and tomorrow morning. >> anchor: so remember the story last night, this breaking news story we brought you last night. the power is back on at bayonet point hospital but the facility can't open until the back-up generator is also functioning. that's where the problem was last night with the fire. that may not be until monday when they get everything figured out. a lightning strike sparked a small fire last night knocking out the main power source and generator. all 209 patients evacuated. the entire process took about six hours but involved 70 ambulances, three ambulance
10:38 pm
responders. >> i can't stress enough how proud i am personally and our team of really the coordination of assets and personnel and highly trained individuals. it all came together and it was coordinated very well. >> anchor: doctors and nurses were using flashlights and cell phones to move around and the cell phone lights as well. some patients had to be carried down three flights. we heard from a lot of patients on twitter how much we should be all thanking all the hospital hats off to all the doctors and nurses and hospital staff that made that easy for them. it was a massive fireball sending dark black smoke billowing for miles today. after an explosion rocked the space coast. it happened this morning. just a few short days from launching space x loses a rocket. >> they've had so many successes you hate to see something like this.
10:39 pm
moments leading up to the explosion. >> space x is calling the incident ap anomaly. the explosion happened during a routine test of a falcon nine rocket ahead of the launch which was planned for saturday as you mentioned. the company says the rocket was in the fueling process when something went wrong and in seconds the explosion, that massive fire ball engulfing the falcon nine and the launch pad. on board a communication satellite meant to provide facebook's free internet program to sub the blast was seen and felt for miles. >> looked up and could see the smoke billowing up in the horizon there. >> anchor: not the first setback for the program. you may recall last year the same oxygen tank was involved in another explosion. that one right there destroyed the falcon nine rocket that was minutes after lift off. this time though this may lead to a temporary hold on the program until they can figure out the exact cause. this really might be the thing
10:40 pm
back to you. >> thank you so much. still ahead tonight, new developments in the fight against the zika virus. this is in south florida. >> by the way, it's still a problem there. what officials are saying about
10:41 pm
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for the first time -- scientists have found the zika virus in ?trapped for the first time scientists have found the zika virus in trapped mesquite months to miami. >> out of the 19 traps in the miami beach area they had three mosquitos that tested positive for zika. and they were in the areas where active transmission was already occurring. the mayor of miami-dade says the news is not surprising but does not change their mosquito control and prevention efforts. mosquito levels had dropped but rain can change that quickly. and the public to do their part to try to help. >> we go, we spray, we knock them down. then we have a rain event and mosquito counts go a little bit back up. so we have traps all throughout miami-dade. we also need the help of residents to tell us hey we think we have a mosquito problem. we'll go. . >> anchor: the best way to stop mosquitos is to fight the bite. officials urge folks to drain any standing water and to wear
10:44 pm
all right. scott, it's getting busy in sports. >> that's right. in the nfl tonight 49ers quarterback colin cap eric in continues his protest of the national anthem. his team playing in san diego tonight where it was military night. university of tampa volleyball coach on the verge of a momentous achievement.
10:45 pm
10:47 pm
in polk county today... a few high school graduates in polk county a few high school graduates brai the weather to accept their scholarships from the polk county police association. eight students were awarded $2,000 to further their education. the recipients are graduatin seniors who are children of -- listen to this -- active or retired law enforcement officers in polk county. the scholarship program was established in memory of the late auburndale police chief macleod. look at those smiles. can't wait to see what their future holds there. >> let's hop into sports. as we anticipated boos reigned down on controversial quarterback colin kaepernick tonight. tonight's game in san diego was coincidentally military night.
10:48 pm
take a listen. ? banner yet wave ? [ cheering ] >> this time he was join bid a teammate niners safety eric reid kneeling to his right. he starts the game and was booed each time he walk up to the line of scrimmage. leading the niners down the field for an opening drive touchdown. this one currently in progress. how about and we may have an upset to watch here. ap state and tennessee. mountaineers taylor lamb on the run option scores. ap state up 7-0. it's nine years to the day that ap state upset michigan. we all remember that. in the second quarter lamb goes up top to marcus cox and nice catch. stays with it. 33 yard score. tennessee just completely
10:49 pm
fourth quarter. joshua dobbs drops and delivers a c. malone hauls it in. this game is all tied up at 13 with about three minutes to go. it looks like it's going to overtime. so still uncertain if charley belcher is going to be in to work tomorrow. for three plus decades chris has led the university of tampa volleyball program. amongst active coaches he is the second winnies ii. as the spartans begin a new season, he is about to do something very few coaches have done before. >> reporter: since the end of last season, the university of tampa volleyball coach chris cat aknack has been sitting on 999 wins. he could win his 1000th career match friday as the spartans open up their 2016 campaign. >> i am going to be totally honest. it means i've been coaching for a long time.
10:50 pm
33rd season with the spartans. only two other division ii coaches have 1000 wins. with one more victory he will become the eighth coach in all ncaa divisions to reach the mark. >> don't get me rwrong, i'm goig be very proud some day. right now i'm not focus on it as i am just day-to-day and making this team better and hopefully achieving goals. it's just another great pillar to stand on that we've got a the university. he is without a doubt the best coach i've been a round. >> 999 of the coach's wins are with the spartans. two of them are national championship from the 2006 and 2014 season. but he's never been the one to focus too much on the numbers. >> i do think if you get caught up in trying to achieve these things they become roadblocks and you are cloud in our thinking and decision making. and i don't want to be that way. i'd rather make the right
10:51 pm
team. i got to keep my focus on the kids and who i am working with and what i am doing as opposed to personal success. it's not going to be that important. >> reporter: if you ask him the important successes are the ones we don't see in the record books. merissa lynn, fox 13 sports. >> coach's next opportunity tomorrow afternoon 2:30 they take on franklin pierce. >> i hope he gets it very soon. he is not only an amazing coach but an amazing person. people who played f him just so much. so great coach. >> tomorrow. big number goes down.
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introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor. discover the craft of cold brew today and keep on. america runs on dunkin'. new information to share with you. new tornado watch up until 8:00 in the morning. the computer draws it like this. but i have to add it does include hillsborough and pinellas county. some of you may have gotten an alert on your phone. it does include the bay area. the bottom line really is we'll stay under the risk of a brief tornado up until at least
10:55 pm
continue to move on shore. now some of the bands are certainly approaching and actually on shore in citrus county. and they're right on the coast of hernando county. really slow moving. i mean, the individual cells moving rapidly northeast but the line itself is creeping towards the coast. we're watching it here. most of the models have this kind of draped around the bay area late tonight and tomorrow morning. so the morning commute could be a mess with areas of heavy rai for a time. here it is. just one of the feeder bands extending out into the gulf. that may get stuck over us for awhile morning. meaning more heavy rain and certainly more gusty winds. some of the winds will be strong inside that line. the center of hermine is about to make landfall no doubt about that. 29.4. 84.5. top winds are 80. it's accelerating north to northeast at 14 miles an hour.
10:56 pm
night and accelerating away. that is good news. the winds are really gusty near the coast. if you are watching me along the beaches, i'm sure you can hear the wind rattling outside. gusting to 37 in st. pete. 36 clearwater. 17 bradenton. 36 in sarasota. more coming up at 11 including
10:57 pm
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the barrier islands off of the sarasota area.. barrier islands off the sarasota area they've seen plenty of rising water. it caused the locals to get creative if they didn't leave the islands ahead of time. some of them breaking out their kayaks on long boat key. they were getting around t this is the north end of long boat key. they're even tying them to to -- in what looks like a makeshift parking lot. one woman took this video of her sister-in-law surfing on the street behind a truck. while it does look like she is having fun it's not safe. be safely. i would not try this at home. time for the fox 13, 11:00 news. >> right now at 11, hurricane hermine approaching landfall. >> we've gotten the very latest
11:00 pm
hurricane center. gielsing to let us know how close it finally is to making landfall. it is close. we've been seeing the affects of the storm all day across the gulf coast. waves crashing on beaches. we're going to show you some of the worst right now. some drivers learning the hard way about driving through water. other problems hermine is causing across we just got the latest update on hurricane hermine. a new tornado watch issued too. >> pretty much covers much of the bay area. expected to make landfall just after midnight near the big bend. we start team coverage with meteorologist paul dellegatto. >> we're tracking it. you are correct, new information new tracking information on hermine. this is mike bennett gi the way. new tornado watch up.


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