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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  September 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday! ((laura/wipe vo)) too know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. much water. and no where to go. all along the coast, dangerous flooding. too much water. all along the coast. dangerous flooding. and it's not just water. look at this downed power lines on fire. highway 60 in beverly in brandon. look at that. >> and good friday morning. it may be end of week but we've got a dangerous mess on our hands. 2 o'clock this morning. coast getting pretty hart too. let's get right over to dave for a look at the weather.
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close to 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. for lot of spots. we had this big storm tide roll through. and you had some flooding issues. tidal flooding. tide going out. so that's better, but i mean we still have fresh water issues that we're dealing with. and flood watch continues. we've had flood warnings and i imagine we're going to see lot more of those throughout day today. because this moisture channel, this goes a t way out into the gulf, it's not moving much. so it just continues to rain at the heavy rain out of metro area for the time being. i know it had to go somewhere in entrepreneurs now south and east. duette myakka head. let me tell you, in arcadia now getting into the act. you get into some heavier thunderstorms, and the winds are gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour. so don't be surprised at some tree limbs are coming down with some of these heftier thunderstorms. also up into polk county we go
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60 from brandon to bartow and over to the lake wales area as well. sort of coming in behind this. you see we're setting another band of moderate rain right back over parts of pasco county. which they just finished flood warning. and now you're getting more rain. so new port richey and hudson. and then some moderate rains down here over pinellas county. into parts of the south tampa area. just a lot of rain, we've had rainfall amounts, 22 inches in the past 3 days. 22 inches of rain in the past three days. late tarpon canal and to go along with heavy rain this morning we still have pretty hefty winds coming in with some showers and storms. tampa for instance, wind gusts to 32 miles per hour. 33 miles per hour wind gusts clearwater 25 in st. petersburg. 28 in sarasota.
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around 33. our highway resolution models are showing us that this moisture feed, this channel will continue. at least into part of the afternoon. so while its not raining every second on you iets going rain again for most of us. that's going to cause more cily. wrer away chalk full point. we can't put water anywhere else. so we're going have to toss it over to vanessa and talk a little bit about what's, what's going roadways right now. >> all right dave, yeah. i'll take it from here. >> we'll start you off, we're going to look at the skyway bridge. there we go. and it is closed still. you can see this closure started yesterday. high winds reported here alternate is going to be i-75. just getting this picture here from pasco county sheriff. this will be fulton. fulton avenue. right near little road. we do have a have reports of some storm damage. we've got trees down.
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just a good reminder at this point. because we're dealing with downed lines. anybody encountering wires down, just treat those as if they were live. whether you know or not. just to be safe. >> hills hillsborough avenue. sheldon road. eastbound flooding from george road to handling road. we're also now getting reports from viewers, between sligh and hillsborough. they say deputies are actually out in that area blocking the road off completely. south tampa, big concern as you boulevard closed between bay to bay. also flooding reported channelside ashley. dale mabrey san miguel and manhattan and area of el prado. out towards beaches gulf boulevard lots of flooding very, very widespread one 80th to johns pass. specifically one 80 lt to one 70 wee seeing reports of one to two feet of standing water. and then, from south there to johns pass, we have lanes down too. sebl one lane of traffic there. bay shore drive also a concern.
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want to give you some work arounds on structure fire we will talk about in second. not letting folks over that ard- bridge. park boulevard bridge. we also have delays reported on gulf. so avoid that era. bridge alternates here to the north to the south. tom stuart causeway. >> all right. vanessa, thank you. it is 9:05. developing story out indian shores this morningappear small condo complex caught fire. it's the weather though that made it very difficult to fight the fire. walter a condo complex. good morning. russell, laura good morning to you. it is weather that has still allowing this fire to kind of flare-up at times. let me step out of the way. at points during this live shot you might be able to see active flames firefighters continue to pour water on this condo complex. it's not clear whether or not weather is the cause of this fire. i'm sure, with storms that came through there was lightning in the area we can definitely tell you its has been able to fan the flames.
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the wind has been blowing embers when this fire first started if blew embers across the bridge on to the other side. so this is, this is certainly an active scene. some two ours after the initial call came out. now we're talking with firefighters, they tell us that three of the four units were occupied. everybody was able to the out safely. however, one person has been transported to the hospital. believe it or not there was an indian shores police officer. he was one who made initial call. c smoke and flames made initial call. somehow in between that and he was transported to the hospital with smoke inhalation. he was, he was in the path of this smoke that was coming out of this condo fire. the people who were displaced they are helped out by red cross right now. now getting back to vanessas traffic report i want dave osterberg want to is a gulf boulevard completely blocked. right around pshg boulevard the bridge, the bridge is also closed. but gulf boulevard is closed as
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as for cause they are bjork working to determine that, russell, laura. >> walter, thank you. talk to you later, walter. >> you bet. glad everybody's okay he did farther south? sarasota, a sailboat broke free from its mooring. there is right now stranded against the shores. sarasota police department sent these pictures to us. look at this, downed and obviously live power line. viewer james sent that in. look at the fire along the power remember, even if it's not on fire or even sparking you should consider that is something. you could consider all downed power lines as still live. and extremely dangerous. call your electric company call teco and duke energy. whoever it is this by way highway 60 and beverly in brandon. this is also from crystal river. this is from earlier this morning water almost up to people's knees. >> the cars still taking chances
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water. alcides has been there since earlier this morning. josh was there all night long. this is one of the worst hit areas we hear. >> yeah. you know, i would agree with that 100 percent. good news is the water is subsiding. but you can see folks are still out and about trying to assess the damage. you can see that most of those are larger trucks that can get around the citrus county area. when we got here earlier this morning, it was a lot feet. you can see that truck right there on left-hand side how deep water is earlier this morning a lot. deep water is now going down. and folks are able to drive around. again see how bad it is. and ryan was gave us a ride on back of his pick up truck. thankfully he was able to do that. he had a. high end pick up truck as well. we really got a good idea of how bad the daniel was. in crystal river.
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especially low lying areas. it could be as high as 4 feet deep. others three feet. and again those residents are waking trying to figure out how bad it is. i will tell speaking with sheriff's office earlier this morning the water was as high as six poit 7 feet. storm surge and high tide from that river causing all of the problem. and twin river marina in crysta morning. the department actually had to relocate some of their fire trucks because of the flood. but, i mean, looking at the damage, i tell you, laura and russell, it's pretty significant. 18 families were evacuated earlier this morning. they are waking up in storm shelters getting help not only from red cross but eoc as well. here you go, this is, this is was we're talking about. actually this is i thought he had a rope he was towing. that's not case at all these
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here because again, the water subsided earlier this morning it was very deep. and a lot of cars and that auto sales shop all way in the back were about easy toel headlights. bad news they got lot of cleaning up to do. lot of cleaning up. debris a lot of cleaning up to do sheriff's office just one the deputies take off because there's power line down. they are trying to figure out if is hot o so again, if you're living in crystal river area citrus county area, homosassa, i'm on social media, facebook. homosassa was hit hard as well. you're out and waking up this morning looking outside, and you had damage, please be very careful. there are some power lines that are still down. back to you. >> was that pick up truck you were in earlier high up? was it regular pick up? yes or higher up than usual?
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was higher up. it wans as high as this f 250 here coming now. but it was pretty close. you can see this, this 250 is taking it with ease. high enough that we felt comfortable, yeah 250. we felt comfortable that enough, he had been going up and down the street as well. so i knew he has been living in citrus county, crystal river for nine years he knew area very well and had high and trucks. just checking. all right. >> all right. see you. >> all right. we have still lots more ahead. we're back with dave and jim coming up right a. this. >> let's give you another live at the radar right now. we have, guys, we have to figure out when this is going to end. you going to tell us when this is going to end? i'll give you my best estimate. >> i'm we're ready for this to be done. we're kind of ready. okay mother nature mother nature russell is ready for this to be
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(dave - new pictures this hour of storm damage in pasco county. the sheriff's off wow oh wow new pictures this hour of storm damage pasco county. as sheriff's office just tweeted these out. you can see part of an old semiwhich is turned over on an
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damage. this is just a small amount of the damage that we're seeing across our area this morning. it's, it's not just along the coast. but it's inland as well. we're still not done with this. i mean part big bend area we're about done with this we just have this moisture channel. rain is just feeding in coming in off the gulf. and jim's joining me now so we can talk about this you know, just unbelievable amount of rain. it just comes in waves. sue get little brief breaks. breaks just aren't coming along enough to really be able to recover from anything. it's been slowly shifting further to the south. which i guess is good news. because at least we're shifting into areas that haven't seen as much of the rain. but now you're seeing flooding as well.o manatee and sarasota - >> you know look now the storm
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but this band of rain is just straight across our state. and it's just lined up perfectly to bring us the heavy rain. and it's over and over and over the same spots. and spots that were dry, literally an hour or two ago or now wet again. we're talking about brooksville. down through parts of pasco county. we just got done with flood warning here come more thunderstorm activity. what catches your eye what jim was talking about all this activity is working south and east. to wauchula getting heavy stuff. >> yeah. these are the areas, you know, not that we've been ignoring you throughout hardee, de soto and highlands county. you just haven't seen much throughout this entire event. now you're starting to see some heavy rain coming in. and it's really holding together. this is a very intense band. so down into these areas up southern polk county. down towards wauchula you're seeing it come through now. you're going to see some winds gusting inside these stronger
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so get set for that also a little bit of lightning in there as well. seeing some breaks along the coastline. still, dealing with some rain from central, southern pinellas county across the sunshine skyway bridge. still remains closed at this point. and more rain started to redevelop. look at that to the north. and people have been tweeting us in pictures. please, but we, absolutely greatly appreciate them. but we want you to do it safely. and when we get to those pict then i'll go back to the wind gusts. some of this stuff, jim. down in sarasota, and starting about hour, maybe 90 minutes ago. more of these very strong squalls moving through this. so there you see sarasota pd tweeted this picture of officer miller. calling marine patrol we're starting to see lot of boats break loose from moorings. another good reason, not to drive during this. we're sent this picture here.
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tree while he was driving. so can you imagine how bad that could have been. and down into manatee county. i, nicole ridge well took this picture. folks, can i tell you, what you should definitely not be doing? russell, laura, look at this. oh. ridiculous. please don't drive into water of that depth. even if you've driven that road a million times, how do you know the road's not washed out underneath? how do you know your car's not drifting away. >> is that stalled? by way water is moving they probably at least made it through. even if you made it through you have no idea what kind of damage you've potentially just caused your car. it might be two days from now, and suddenly you find out your transmission is trashed. forget a trade-in too. >> how about this, pasco sheriff
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power pole half down. and again, power line to coming down want people to stay away completely stay away. you saw this one earlier dave can you imagine. if this tree wept the other way. >> uh-huh. >> boy. let me tell you that house is lucky. maybe i don't know i can't see whole house that tree coming down over water obviously jim, a lot better than situation before. obviously going to be an entire weekend full o labor day weekend, we're heading into. things will start to improve later on this afternoon. but obviously, we're all left with a lot of clean up across the area. >> yeah. i want to show this. again here's, here's what you're center of hermine is tropical storm down graded from hurricane earlier. and just the moisture that is just been driving in from the gulf. like a hose. it's just, not turning off the tap yet. and i think that this is something that we will be
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and then eventually later today we'll turn everything off. this will weaken. and then we can kind of start drying things out a little bit. but at least in the short-term, in the next few hours, we're still right in thick of this. i just amazed at this rainfall total coming from lake tarpon canal. 22.36 inches. that was as of couple hours ago they probably added more to that since wednesday. i don't know where that is. i've never heard. like, lake tarpon. what part of it? i don't know. largo. 15.27 inches of rain. some of these numbers are obviously going to be updated as we move along. these are from a couple of hours ago. some of the peak w gusts that we've had, 71 in treasure island. macdill 55. crystal river 53. tampa international with a wind gust of 46. now, a lot of fresh water flooding going on. but, i also want you to throw in the back of your mind that we're
9:21 am
afternoon on anotherhtide. now. it not be as hig earlier this morning. so that's good news. but we're still maybe dealing ng . crystal 5:49. 3:21. 1:50 for tarpon springs. you can pick the tide closest to you. but again, basically what happened is it's like a big washing machine in the gulf. everything just kind of going like this. until storm moves far away it calls. you got picture of where it is?. of the lake tarpon canal. it's coming. here's the map. there it is. you asked and you shall receive. this is west of oldsmar as you're going into pinellas county. and that little bridge there, that's lake tarpon canal. i know.
9:22 am
tampa road. that general location. curlew. that's not way up there then. no it's not. closer i thought was going to be on other side tarpon springs. it connects lake tarpon with bay. and 22 inches of rain since all of this started in that one area. i can imagine just how much that swelling that whole river area as well. after today, things will start toimprove. we today. we're going to hav more flooding today. for only second time this morning since 3:30 i will show you seven-day forecast, okay. >> by the weekend. by labor day. you take look and rain chances will get back to 30 percent back to kind of drier conditions. but really for today, i just need everybody to please be safe out there if you have to go out on roads. vanessa. absolutely a lot of flooding we're dealing with. debris in roadway. downed power lines. and reports of traffic signal
9:23 am
and so, yeah we're going to try to touch on as many as we can. i want to focus on northern counties as well i promise i haven't ignoring you in hernando county hadn't gotten any official reports yet from the sheriff's office until very recently. but i will let you know this is what they are reporting. all main roadways in hernando county passable at this time. and any concerns you have are going to be on coastal area side roads for instance they are just now posting this picture. pine island drive spring we can see at least this area will be closed under water, got barricades up. we're also seeing a lot storm damage particularly in that area. pasco county drivers, we have a long list of closures that we received from the sheriff's office. by the way are on my facebook page if you want to look full list just picking out few areas. hudson essentially hudson avenue west of u.s. 19 we see lot of delay there is flooding reported. road closed in some portions of it. green key road as we head to new
9:24 am
19. and then we'll get to citrus county. we have flooding reported since early this morning. with road closures. u.s. 19, cardinal street homosassa. all way to state road 448 crystal river and still have word of closure here u.s. 19 fort island trail to crystal river mall with a traffic west of u.s. 19. being limited to local traffic only. we're hear deputies are going enforcing that. some of our northern counties. we will touch on other areas as we get on throughout morning. okay. all over the bay area we've seen flooding from storms surge on the coast or fresh water flooding from the rain that's got no place to go. one hardest hit areas is pasco county. as we've reported from both the surge, high tide and rain that continues to fall too much water. and nowhere to go. fox 13 shayla reaves as hudson beach where water is or has at least recede ad a little. good morning, we hope, shayla. yeah, good morning to you.
9:25 am
where i'm standing was covered by about two feet of water. much of that water is now receded. but the work is not over in this area. in fact, just a few hours ago we were here when people were being evacuated from homes in the area of old dixie highway. and old dixie highway and clark street. just about a mile or two away. we know first responder worked throughout overnight hours. and their work was at one moment, you would have winds, i would have rain. the rain would be coming down sideways. almost limited to know visibility. and short time later you would see that all change. it could be silent for just a few minutes. then it would start all over again. it's been a changing fluid situation throughout the morning. firefighters rescue ad number of people who had decided to stay in their homes.
9:26 am
wanted wanted to evacuate. we spoke with one gentleman who described water coming through the walls inside of a friending home. and we did also speak with a nearby business owner who said about eight feet of water reached interior of his business during the height of all of this. so we will continue to follow throughout the morning. we're to keep you post ad we learn more. still active, still windy, still raining here near hudson in hudson beach in pasco county. i will back with another live report for you shortly. ok. job. thank you for everything. sure have. thank you. >> all right. not just a coast that's being slammed by this storm. tampa streets are flooded trees are down just a mess. getting a live report from
9:27 am
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((russell/2sh)) much of the bay area continues to feel the effects of welcome. just about 9:30. much bay area continues to feel effects of hurricane. now tropical storm hermine. and some places that haven't seen flooding in a while are now under water. >> charley is in shore acres. they flood fairly regularly. we've got to say, that's one of those places that we always know it's going rains hard, right? they are used to it unfortunately. they are used to worst of weather, worse the flooding will be. the good news is much like my hair line, everything is receding here now. there you go. >> that's the levity we need. you didn't want real news i will tell you about the weather. no look, when we first arrived here you couldn't see the double yellow line on shore acres boulevard. so you can see how much it has
9:30 am
neighborhood. >> they have whatever downed power lines that were reports of issues that have been taking cane of st. pete police at least think safe enough to let residents back in. i will warn you it's worth repeating these guys driving through this water, remember, this is water out of tampa bay. is salt water. it is not good for your vehicle. if you're driving in any water like this, you really want to make sure you hit car wash get that salt off there. because much like when you drive up north they salt the roads because of snow. just eats the bottom of your car could roded. this water will do really not good for your car. another reason if you don't have to come out in this stuff, don't. don't risk the under side of your car there. and you don't want to be out there walking around people love to some guy was jogging down the middle of the street. you don't want to see that stuff either. bacteria oil and grows stuff in water. receding i will tell you mayor rick kriseman just got in truck. he is surveying neighborhood we
9:31 am
when he comes back see what he has to say shore acres. yeah. okay. thank you, charley. all right, guys. see you in a bit. okay okay. we will take break. when we come back governor's press conference. governor rick scott.
9:32 am
? ? ? ? hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ?
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st. bright house networks. ((laura/2sh)) hermine made landfall as a hurricane overnight. it's now a hermine made land fall a hurricane overnight now a tropical storm storm mover over george joo right now. still affect ths governor scott will be holding a news conference any time now. and we will take it as soon as he begins. meantime though, wind from tropical storm hermine is fueling a big fire in indian shores.
9:34 am
wow, that, that is an example of when you mix a storm and a fire how bad it looks. the condo building on gulf boulevard caught fire early this morning. the wind is making it very difficult for crews to fully put out these flames. a police officer who arrived at the scene early on was hurt. we've learned though he's not hurt seriously. two families who live in this complex were able to get out unharmed. red cross is helping to assist them. we still this know e started this fire. and you know, it's not just these coastal areas that are being affected. i mean they are seeing some damage inland too. relatively. and downed trees big mature oaks coming down. this is from viewer christine wilson. sou thank you for sending this in. a tree is down on meridian street. downtown tampa right in channelside district. and then, there's all the water coastal communities from pinellas through pasco, up into
9:35 am
the water though has started to recede. and that is good news. but, there will be damage left behind in & let's get off to dave rig and see where we are with things. >> and where it's headed. we've watching this last of this feeder band roll through. and now it just seems like it's just staying. that's the thing. hovering. it's stationary. this confluent band of moisture if you want to be technical about it it's stationery. it's not moving what you're doing is unlimited moisture riding in from the gulf. i mean looks being look how heavy the rain is getting ready to move back into pasco county. you thought you were done. i'm telling you you are not anywhere from citrus county all the way way down to forth meyers. we're not done with the rain yet. there's moisture band set up shop just kind of moving from southwest to northeast. i will zoom in to a couple of areas.
9:36 am
appreciate that because it has been quiet up until now. and now you probably see darkening skies off to your west a this band of rain, pretty gusty winds too. wouldn't surprise me sebring lake placid to get wind gusts 25 to 30 mile an hour is an of that wauchula area. southward on 17 to arcadia. so that's the initial line, go. pretty heavy rn considering ek take much to cause some problems on some of those roadways a well. even though further inland back toward coast moderate rain persistent from bradenton down through sarasota. north port has heavy rain and thunderstorm activity going on. just to the northwest of punta go gorda. as i managed kind of filling back in. notice this secondary line of rain. which is getting ready to move into parts of pasco county.
9:37 am
rain and & thunderstorms activity. so no we're not done with the rain yet. other thing i do want to point out 9:30 in the morning in several hours tied will be coming back in that may lead to more cowsal issues. good news watery seeding. and it may start to come back in just a bit. not as bad as last night though. inside some of these bands of rain, the winds are pretty gusty still. 29 mile per hour wind gusts recently out of tampa international. brandon at clearwater 33. st. petersburg we went through photos boats, anchors they are not holding storm surge. brought some boats on shore. again, hit by falling tree while driving and people don't realize how dangerous this whole
9:38 am
see anybody trying to drive through water. it may be done in another actually hours or so it's not going to be an another week. a week. i've got, i just got to show you. first your tides for later this afternoon. they will not be as high as they were this morning. they may create a couple of issues. some of the wind gusts we've seen well over tropical storm strength. some close to hurricane strength. watch for this. okay. the computer models. bring back over the water. look at this. good luck with that. it just sits and spins off the coast of new york.
9:39 am
and we have we haven't updated our track map our i'll show it to you tracking ?through this through next wednesday. next wednesday. as high pressure blocking it from move anywhere. russ he couldn't tell you. this storm. stake through the heart. we've watching this for 15 days. absolutely done nothing. was supposed to do in the lagging couple of days. right? we're still going to have t deal with up eastern seaboard for next several days. for us here in next let's say 12 hours. weot a rain around. more fresh water flooding anticipated by especially the second half of the holiday weekend. things will start to improve. temperatures go back up. rain chances go back down. hopefully a few days to dry things out. vanessa. i'm just looking a computer models. it's like hermine is hey guys, what's up on east coast. party over there.
9:40 am
oman what a met. check roadways. 9:39. flooding to talk about pinellas county this time. a lot of widespread flooding but i'll just focus on what areas i can. tarpon springs we have flooding reported alternate 19 in area, roosevelt, pinellas that general cluster of roadways right there. sea breeze drive seeing flooding down the entire length of that all way to dead end o we will get to dunedin and slowly down into clearwater. harbor view subdivision west alternate 19, south of curlew. we have new flooding reported with a road closure. sunset point road a highland avenue. then seeing delays eastbound. where we have flooding reported furtr south here, pinellas park, southbound closure, let's looks like that that's still in
9:41 am
on 83rd. waverly to river side, and then, kenneth city drivers look likes your main area ofoncerns 5h street. that's going to be flooded from 59th to 53rd avenue north. we saw charley out there earlier shore acres. so i'm going to go ahead and change this flooding to just standing water as we saw in his live shot. but apparently accessible now. and also, looks like snell isle. we had limited access there. so that's an areafncern. >> even further south, mlk we saw this yesterday. it's going to be near the lake area. 38th avenue to 47th avenue. and then, kind of towards the gulfport area shore boulevard. that will be affected. 54th to 58th. and 22nd between 57th and 54th. just a reminder of course skyway is still closed as you head further south. you won't heading furm south and drivers will be forced to take i-75. all right. vanessa, thank you one first birthday today. we will take a little bit of
9:42 am
we love it. turning one on this soggy day. she loves to dance and play hide and seek. and say data. we hope you have great first birthday despite all weather ta in house enjoy it eat cupcakes. mayor kriseman just toured shore acres. charley talked with him. now at havertys furniture, it's our labor day sale. where you can create the perfect outdoor living space. now thugh ptbe e arfifortve p o where you can create the perfect outdoor living space. , ustakells off ery e one-ourtor p o where you can create the illows mndore.r living space. delivery, and
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((russell/2sh)) it's a ((russell/2sh)) ((russell/2sh)) well, it's a neighborhood we've always come to realize is going to get a lot of flooding when it rains. remember 04-05torms talking about shore acres. once again it flooding massive flooding charley belcher is out there. charley you took ride with first responders to to see just how bad it is, good morning. >> hi. hi. how you doing? good. good. m not use to working wet e weather here. we're in shore acres in st. petersburg. you probably already said thatreceding things look a little better st. pete police letting residents back in mayor rick kriseman has just taken first hand look did a tour
9:46 am
give us your report, mayor >> yeah, there's still flooding in the narpt. in a number of streets. but, it's gotten better. the waters are starting to recede. and so we're certainly optimistic that if we can get a break here, we're going to get somef. got high tide com ainggain around 2:30, 3 o'clock. that makes us nervous. but, it is getting better. ur oh cityeadeor t our s leader. apparently governor rick scott getting ready to hold a press conference right now up tallahassee. let's listen in. >> last a lot of work to do. i left following the storm. we will spend the coming days assessing the damage, and responding to the needs of our communities and florida families. but number one thing is to stay safe. do not drive in standing water. stay away from downed power lines. just because its clear outside does not mean it's safe. take all of the precautions. beginning early this morning we
9:47 am
initiated our response and recovery efforts to assist those who have been impacted by this storm. here's what we know right now. there's going to be lot of debris. including uprooted trees and fallen limbs. do not travel on the roads until they are clear and it is safe to do so. the storm has caused a lot of downed power lines. do not touch them or approach them. call your utility power company and report any downed power lines in handle it. >> we expect to have significant amounts of flood water along coastal and inland areas. don't drive in it. >> stay out of all standing water, especially around power lines and power sources. if you're home has been damaged you need assistance, or to find a shelter, please visit your local emergency management office or visit florida
9:48 am
>> don't travel unless you really have to travel. it's important for everybody to stay tuned to their local weather station for updates and on road and weather conditions. as the hurricane moved through our ste tn 253,000 floridians lost power loss. in willing to counties the following percentage people are without power. alatch, 19 percentcitrus 13 percent. franklin, 19 percent, gad son, 40 percent, and hamilton, 38 percent, jefferson 34 percent, lafayette 13 percent. lee out, 68 percent. more than 70,000 homes are
9:49 am
madison 13 percent. taylor 41 percent, mccullough, 99 percent. our utility companies are working to restore power. this morning i've contacted the following utilities schwann valley electric taylor electric cooperative, gulf power, duke energy, tall con electric florida power and light. teco as the storm was approaching i reached out to local leaders in the impacted areas to make sure were going okay. and to see if they needed any state help. following the storm this more than i've contacted a variety of individuals. spoke with tallahassee mayor gill am. as of how he says he no unmet needs state can help him with. they are working very diligently on power outages. there's lot of tree danmage. a commissioner cedar key is
9:50 am
there damage to infrastructure there. pinellas sheriff, a pasco sheriff, hernando sheriff, they have no reports of injuries. citrus sheriff jeff, no major issues to report. dixie sheriff hatcher no issues to report. when i say that, that's issues that they are dealing, everybody's dealing with issues. but things what i ask is there something the state can help them. all dealing w road, they are all dealing with road issues, all dealing with downed trees and power lines down. >> sheriff rough night lot of trees down. sheriff jefferson sheriff hobbs. monticello is okay their lot of county roads close. mccullough sheriff. they are doing good. they ed a lot of flooding and they've, evacuated the elderly people there. i've also talked to the mayor down in st. mark's. there's bed breakfast was flooded down there. and there was lot of flooding down there yesterday.
9:51 am
him a couple times last night. since reports people staying on st. george island. madison stewart. a lot of roads close but interstate is now finally open. they are trying to clear highway but no major issues to suwannee sheriff a lot of down trees and no water damage that at this point. but everybody still doing assessments. hamilton sheriff reed, clearing roads and lot of special needs individuals in shelters. right now based on there assessment they don't have significant damage. and sheriff young and an emergency mkt director no major issues to report. lane county sheriff wood, same thing as i said before a lot of downed trees and power outages but they are working really hard. marion county sheriff, no major issues. he did tell me that one homeless
9:52 am
a tree and passed away. earlier this morning florida national guard deployed recognizance teams. there are special forces doing search and rescue. we have six,000 national guards man who are stand ready to assist our state wildlife commission conducted search and missions with high water vehicles and multiple counties. heros across our state answered the call last night to help those in need. fo 52 irrelevant rescue personnel and a sheriff deputies rescue 18 people from rising flood waters and got them to safety. in hernando county fish wildlife officers rescue families from flooded areas. and state provided more than 75,000 sand bags to residents in impacted communities. schools in 35 counties were will remain closed today. bay, gulf, walton columbia, dixie, frank lan, gad son, hamilton, jefferson, la fi yet
9:53 am
suwannee, taylor, macaw although alatch was. baker bradford clay, duval, flagler, gilchrist, levy, marion, nassau, putnam st. johns june i don't know citrus her unanimous go hillsborough pasco and pinellas and manatee. state office will remain closed in 37 counties include some of the arteries hardest hit such a taylor, levy and leon counties. at least 59 shelters were operational last nig s floridians. these shelters will remain continue to offer assistance to residents as needed. including those with special needs. and we had quite a few special needs individuals in shelters. i want to thank the red cross for all their hard work. in helping this effort. we know one death in marion county, but waiting for medical examer to say it was storm related what the sheriff said a tree fell on him. our first respond other are still working around clock to
9:54 am
updated as changes. some of state hardest hit areas were along the gulf coast as you would expect. in taylor county the storm surge was in excess of nine feet. bringing water well into coastal communities. and causing extensive damage. life threaten coastal flooding rip currents will continue through morning hours in taylor county. in hernando and pasco county reports of flash floods causing evacuations in low lying areas. at this time ay confirmed reports of tornado activity some unconfirmed reports. no interstates were closed. surgeon shine skyway bridge is still closed. there are no report of fuel supply distribution or retail issues at this time our ports are doing preliminary assessments to make sure our water ways are safe. for nifgs on road closures please monitor your local news
9:55 am for information on road closures in your area. >> 31 state parks are closed. if you have property damage, you should locate all applicable insurance policies. including your homeowner's policy your flood policy or your car insurance policy. document all damage property and belonging take photos or shoot video footage before attempting any temporary repairs. >> when you file insurance claim documentation of damages. >> free phone app developed by national association of insurance commissioner called my phone can help you store and room by room log of photos my home >> contact your smurns company or insurance agent as soon as
9:56 am
insurance policies require prompt reporting of claims. so it's important to act as soon as possible. business owners who have scombiktd hurricane herm should vit operations center at and a complete a business damage assessment survey. zika. now we've had heavy rain throughout our state. it is incredible important that everyone does their comb the zika virus by dumping standing water. no matter how small. any amount of standing water can serve as breeding ground for mosquitos. everyone should dump the water around their homes and businesses. encourage your friends and neighbors to do absolutely the same thing. remember to wear long sleeves and use bug repellent when outdoors. combatting this virus something we new orleanses do together and everyone must do their part to take precaution in order to
9:57 am
and we know how to lend a hand to our neighbors in need. now is the time for us state to come together. there's a lot of work left to do. we will spend the coming days assessing the damage caused by the hurricane and responding to the needs of communities and florida's families. i want to again thank our first responders for so quickly rushing to aid of their fellow floridians thank you to our great national guard for standing ready to assist communities in their time of need. i want to tha salvation army, florida baptist, and the many volunteers all across the state who continue to lend a helping hand to those impacted by the storm. let's also thank our utility companies across our state who responded early hours of this morning to begin restoring power to impacted areas. and of course, we want to thank our state and local leaders and elected officials who continue to work together to insure communities have resources they need. thank you and i'll glad to any
9:58 am
the fact that roads are open? better than you expect at this point? >> sure. i mean look, first i was scared about the storm surge, especially places like a taylor pie went down to st. mark's storm surge pretty scary if you think 6 to 12 feet of storm surge. we've got a little less rain we thought positive. we do have lot of power lines down. we will see some flooding. and a still doing we will see what happens. the what ska scares me is people driving in a standing water people touching downed power lines a lot of power lines down. really biggest concern. hopefully i know all utilities are working hard and they are working together. they are calling each other to see what they could . >> they didn't have as much
9:59 am
but erik said the same thing. power and light. i talked to the mayor to tell him that. the cooperation between the public utilities and the co-ops. they are all ting to hp each other. that is nice. >> did you feel like the state had enough notice of the storm and how strong it was going to be to give the evacuation orders or w there someurpriseut followed all the through the south of key west. but we've been trying to get people ready. the evacuation orders arelocal. really did pick up a lot of power. the storm surge increase, that was scary. i was really concerned about --
10:00 am
saint george island and there's a power station just across the bridge. they were worried about losing that last night. i checked on them a few times. other than what the sheriff told me, we didn't have a loss of life. that's real positive. but we've got to make sure people don't go in standing water and touchdown power lines. that's what happens brian's team is doing a good job of recovery efforts. but mak sure we've saved everybody if anybody needs anything. >> are any major roads blocked? when you say don't travel if you don't have to. >> well, you ought to be careful. anybody that drove today knows we got a lot of roads, a lot of trees down and stuff. everybody's working hard to get those done.


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