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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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approaching the dock. something they've been waiting on so long. we got to wait for it. there it is. that's a beautiful sight. so special. time now for the "fox 1311 o'clock news. and here's cynthia and chris. >> right now at 11:00, more protests. those protests continue almost a week after a man was shot and killed by deputies in tampa. >> our whole family we just want answers. >> we have more on the for answers and how police were involved in today's a community on edge after an online meet up to sell an item turns deadly and now they're looking for a killer. as the floodwaters begin to recede residents in the hardest hit areas are not in the clear just yet. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now.
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another day of protesters demanding answers in the death of a man who shot by a deputy. a member of the hillsborough county s.w.a.t. team shot and killed lavonia rig inz as they were executing a search warrant of his home. deputies say rilgins reached for his waistband but was later found unarmed. do you think we're going see more of this? this was day six. >> the protesters say they're be out there for as long as is necessary. they spend about half-hour in the middle of demanding that deputy caleb johnson be punished for what happened last week. take a look. they were escorted the protesters were. they were escorted by several deputies who were on hand to ensure the safety of the protesters and the public. on several occasions the protesters even or i should say the deputies even asked cars on 78th street to go the other direction so that the protesters could have the road. the protesters held signs that said black lives matter and
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lavonia riggins was killed on tuesday after deputies say he reached for his waistband during a s.w.a.t. team raid on his home. he was a suspected drug dealer. he was later found unarmed but deputies say he had been known to have weapons before and was under investigation for suspected dealing of marijuana. but protesters say that there are still unanswered questions. >> we all out here to make sure that the officer get -- goes to we are -- it's a very sad, sad tragedy. our whole family we just want answers. we don't understand what happened and we want to know. >> it's an epidemic that's happening without accountability and we have to start resisting and we should be treated just like every other human being. >> the sheriff's office says they are conducting a thorough investigation and that it will be referred to the state attorney's office. deputy caleb johnson has been put on administrative leave.
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the s.w.a.t. team. riggins famsy says they will be announcing funeral arrangements shortly. cynthia? >> thank you so much. the polk county sheriff's office is still looking for a killer tonight. deputies say someone shot and killed 21-year-old jeff morrow sunday night outside a family dollar store in lakeland. as fox 13 haley hinds reports it was the result of a sale gone wrong. >> this all stemmed from an online advertisement. a local seller posted an item to meet up at this family dollar store in lakeland. it was dark about 9:45 p.m. sunday night. the sheriff's office says the several was accompanied by 21-year-old jeff morrow. when the seller who isn't being identified parked his truck a man approached. at some point during the transaction the man grabbed the item and ran off without paying. they chased after him. then there were gunshots. the seller took cover behind his
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the suspect was last seen running north across the marathon gas station parking lot. the owner was woken up by deputies asking to see surveillance video. >> we did everything we could and whatever they need we try to help them out. want to watch out for each other. pkeep the crime down. report anything that is in the neighborhood. it's unfortunate something like this happens. scare my wife and the family a little bit. >> amora had just moved to polk county from pennsylvania. investigators have not said what however when it comes to meet ups with strangers most presidents encourage people to meet on their properties. the likelihood for trouble is much lower there. detectives are still searching for the person who killed jeff. in you know anything call the polk county sheriff's office. report blg in lakeland, hayley hinds, fox 13 news. police in bradenton beach are trying to piece together what they call strange events that led up to a man's death early yesterday morning. stay with me there's a lot of
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police got a call about a naked man running around cocina beach. they took him to the hospital. police say they got another call five hours later. this time about a body on the beach. they found the body of 42-year-old samuel colins. the clothing of the man they took to the hospital they were next to the body. both men have had issues with drugs. they're calling collins death suspicious and think he drowned or tampa p. d. announcing funeral arrange thes for one of their own. officer arnold will be laid to rest. the services start at 11. officer arnold died last week during an off-duty diving trip in nevada. people in one of the hardest hit areas when it comes to flooding from hurricane hermine are allowed to return home. pasco county officials say worthington apartments are no longer under that mandatory evacuation order.
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from the hurricane. nine homes destroyed. nearly 300 have major damage. 200 with minor damage. in all 322 structures were affected by the storm. as those floodwaters recede now residents still aren't in the clear yet. today the county handed out 660 cases of water to families in those badly flooded areas to make sure they're getting safe drinking water. many of the properties in those neighborhoods are using both well water and septic systems. when it comes to floodg bad those wells and those septic systems can be easily contaminated and make a lot of people sick. >> the septics lids are popped up. the septic water bubbling up from the system itself and drain leech into the ground. so you are getting awe all that septic bacteria water floating down the river and down the roads through the neighborhoods yards. so yeah it's dangerous. >> anchor: right now the county
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emergency officials say they will continue to get out bottled water until lab tests show the county's public system is safe to drink and those on private well systems will have to have their wells tested. hermine added to the beach erosion problems at lido key. for nearly two decades the city has been working with the army corps of engineers to try to save the beach. that would provide re-nourishment every knfive yea. th army corps, state and tourist development funds. residents saying they sure hope after this especially that plan is approved sooner than later. >> i walk this beach quite a bit and i like to walk it in the morning and sometimes in when the tide's up you can't even walk around it. >> it's not lido's problem. it is right now. but it's everybody, the whole west coast of florida. we need to get comprehensive plan. >> they did a smaller restoration project calm of
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$4 million and didn't take very long for all that sand to wash away. >> let's get to politics now when does not take a holiday at this point in the season. both presidential nominees in cleveland, ohio doing campaigning. >> for the first time in months hillary clinton actually took questions from reporters. >> never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral proces we've never had a nominee of one of the major parties urging the russians to hack more. so i am grateful that this is being taken seriously. >> anchor: that q & a session came 275 days after her last news conference. she avoided questions about her email controversy and the clinton foundation. trump meanwhile was campaigning in a large county fair where the economy appeared to be the hot
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for many of our problems. >> here in ohio what is going to be the biggest challenge? >> i don't know we're up three and four points. just came out. so you see the crowds. i love ohio. we're going bring jobs back peter. >> anchor: immigration is trump's other significant issue and he is seeking to clarify his position about what he wants to do with illegal immigrants. he says to become a citizen they have to come back to where they're from and re-enter the united states legally. >> and hillary clinton is another campaign stop in tampa tomorrow. holding a rally at usf student recreation center. that event starts at 1:45 p.m. doors open two hours earlier. a release from clinton's campaign says that she will be discussing her plans to keep the nation safe, work with america's allies and outline why she believes donald trump doesn't have the temperament to serve as commander-in-chief. of course fox 13 will be there and will have the latest from the event on air and online at
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them. >> yes they've already visited several times and we have a few months to go. still to come on the fox 13 11:00 news. >> president obama weighing in on the quarterback's controversial on going protest. >> my understanding at least is that he's exercising his constitutional right to make a statement. we'll hear more from the president and more athletes are kneeling in solidarity. >> a disney firework goes rogue. landed in a busy roadway and it was caught on we'll tell what you the theme park says it's doing to prevent something like this from happening again. busy day today. storms fired up on the sea breeze. the beaches today had heavy rain but weather pattern change gaines tomorrow. it's -- begins tomorrow. it's pretty significant. we'll talk about it in about five minutes.
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that caught on camera was a rogue firework that landed right in the middle of 1 of the road's at disney. it hit a passing car and barely missed a crowded bus. now a youtube user called vuewzer posted this last notice but it happened last night. it was driving past the hollywood studios. disney released a statement say theying they are aware of the video and made the show out of abundance of caution. go rebels!. >> go noles. >> four amazing nights of college football coming to a close in orlando tonight. fsu battling it out against ole miss at camping world stadium. we'll let scott smith get to the highlights in a moment. this is the latest major event at that stadium after it under went a massive renovation. it's what orlando boss johnson thought would happen if the stadium got the mills of dollars
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it's something they fought for for years. >> this is a good start for what we promised and what we hoped we could put on the map as soon as possible. >> tonight's game completely sold out been ole miss and florida state. more than 60,000 people packing camping world stadium filling hotels, spending money at restaurants. i'm sure more than a few visited theme parks in the orlando area. the city of orlando says it is the kind of stuff that will keep those big events coming again and again. >> city leaders s near for the total demolition of the old inverted pyramid. that project was supposed to be done in february but some of the pier and a lot of the concrete still remained. tampa reporting that demolition should be done by end of this month. the city says it was safety issues that caused the company to miss the deadline. that workers had to go slower because parts of the pier and the pyramid are deteriorated as construction of the new pier is slated to begin next year. we continue to track what's left of hermine even though the
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cape cod. much of new england is still feeling affects from it. the post tropical cyclone is packing tropical storm force winds. governors have announced emergency preparations including dozens of beach closures bam the storm is being blamed for a third death as well. that's a south carolina man who tried to remove a tree from a road and was hit by a car. >> officials announced that he died from his injuries over the weekend. >> we saw tho too didn't we paul? i just hope nobody up there in new england, you know, loses a house or something to any of them. >> thankfully not another sandy for them. we are looking at the system two-and-a-half weeks ago. >> we've been talking about it forever. >> it was the longest -- it was really an invest around for seven to eight days. finally by thursday it should be off the map which is good. also good right now the tropics
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we'll show you action off baja in a few minutes. what a day today. most of the day was great. lots of sunshine and a pretty good beach and boating day. but very late in the day we saw storms really fire up along a sea breeze near the coast. we go from sunshine to building clouds and rain. heaviest rain kind of skirted clearwater beach. but big storms in southern pinellas county and even bigger storms in sarasota county. they had a heavy rain. talk boundary pinned along the coast today. from western pasco where they don't need the rain down through pinellas. then the jackpot was our viewers in southern sarasota county. northport, inglewood, venice. very hef ray rain. same in punta gorda and down to fort myers. now things are quiet and prevailing northeast wind tomorrow may actually drop our dew points a little, little bit into the upper 60s.
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be enough to notice lower humidity for a time despite the fact we're going for high temperatures in the low 90s. right now it's 73 in lakeland. 76 brooksville. near 80 along the coast. the tropics pretty quiet. there's a wave in the eastern caribbean sea but really is suffering from sheer. that should continue to move just about due west. the remnants of hermine, post tropical hermine. top winds 65. moving west northwest at nine. it will continu pirouette then move off cape cod and should be gone in a day or so. that will be it from hermine. out in the pacific this is not good. this is a rapidly intensifying hurricane. it's hurricane newton which is heading for cabo st. lucas and baja. will probably make landfall tomorrow as a category 2 then eventually by wednesday and thursday will bring moon soon rain to arizona and new mexico. both oceans, the pacific and
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79. the dew point and 70. winds northeast at six. low pressure off the coast of new england. the remnants of hermine. and a big high over tennessee in the middle of those two pressure systems our winds are coming down from the north east. that will help esh ur in some of the red. dryer air and pretty much minimal rain chances between now and thursday. so tonight becoming partly cloudy. down to 75. tomorrow should be mostly dry and mostly sunny. and a then on wednesday there could be a few storms late in the day. i tell you it's going be mostly dry. a hot day. up to 91. in is the time of year when the rainy season begins to wind down. not over yet but we start noticing daily averages dropping quite a bit. especially second half of september. back in the 90s. then a chance of storms increase over the weekend. back to you. coming up, you got to see this. a call to action through social
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this lost flag and it's going
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? she's walking... ? ? watch it, right here... ? again, again, we going to rewind... ? for every hello there's a connection... ? is this your dog? ? waffles! and for every connection we have the opportunity to make a friend.
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for that... we thank you. ? a pinellas county a pinellas county man is hoping that social media will help reunite this folded american flag with it's rightful owner. the man's name is ted. he found the flag on the side of u.s. 19 in clearwater on saturday. so he recognized what it was and posted about it on facebook on his facebook page hoping to get the wordout and so far his post
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times. he says that the flag really strikes a special cord with him because when he was 11 years old his mother received one of those folded flags during his father's funeral. so definitely reach out to him if you know why that folded flag would have wound up on the side of 19 and clearwater. please help ted reunite it with his wife. >> or let us know and we'll make sure you get in touch with the right people. after seven months at sea, sailors are spending this labor day with their flames. >> it's always a big day when tis happens. fox's amber was there for emotional reunions. >> exactly 222 days. >> so long. >> the smiles from hundreds of people waiting anxiousry to be reunited with be this loved ones overshadow the overcast skies. >> we're so excited that he is coming home! >> for sidney and her little brother wesley, the wait felt like forever.
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for so long didn't we wes? >> anne meyers can't hold back her tears. she has a daughter on board. >> it's hard when you don't get to talk to them every day [ cheering ] >> then you can see the ship in the distance. >> these are moments you can't describe. only show. >> daddy! daddy! >> i love sou much. i'm so proud of you. >> we're so daddy's home! >> this is the best feeling in the world. >> i just want to go home and be with them. >> anchor: so good to see these reun yoz. little boy's simple act before heading to school is going viral too. royce thompson is his name. he was running late last week and as he was walking in he heard the pledge of allegiance. so this kindergartner stopped and joined in then said a spontaneous prayer afterwards. the moment was caught on camera.
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and can you tell me about your prayer? >> thank you god. thank you for giving me a wonderful day. >> i couldn't believe he acknowledged that was a moment of, you know, you need to stop and do the pledge. and he just did. he just ignored all the other kids and kept doing it. >> it was awesome. >> he is just a kindergartner. royce's mom says 2 million people have liked, commented and shared that they say all publicity is good publicity. apparently that old adage is working for san francisco 49erss back up quarterback kaepernick. the player's jersey sold more last week than the last eight months combined. according to the nfl store's website kaepernick's jerseys are only behind the jerseys of and giants receiver o'dell ott - beckham junior.
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pre-season games in protest of what he calls discrimination and unfair treatment of minorities. his protest is gaining momentum in the sports world. just yesterday this u.s. soccer player megan rap aknow took a knee. she tweeted today this was her way of keeping that conversation going. >> speaking at the g20 in china president obama was asked to weigh in on the debate. he acknowledged the emotions on but said that kaepernick has generated more national conversation on an important subject. >> i think he cares about some real, legitimate issues that have to be talked about. and, you know, if nothing else what he's done is he's generated, you know, more conversation around some topics that need to be talked about. >> the president went on to say sometimes it's meszy and controversial but that's how
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continue his protest until he is satisfied that the progress is being made against racial injustice. scott, what you got. >> reporter: the nfl regular season is upon us. the bucks getting set for a sunday showdown in atlanta. and we have monday night football to bring you. the college ranks. big tile showdown between florida state and ole miss.
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it's to be expected that a freshman quarterback may, at times, look like a fre expected to that freshman quarterback may look like a freshman but what about the learning curve for florida state's deandre. that learning curve took about half a football. ole miss, florida state.


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