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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at noon. an online sale led to murder outside of a polk county dollar store. now a man is in custody. >> good afternoon eveon linda hurtado. thanks for joining me president clinton detectives just arrested victor mans jury sheriff grady judd is releasing details of what led up to his arrest. kelly cowan is in winter haven with an update on the case. kelly, good afternoon. >> hey good afternoon, yeah sheriff judd just wrapped up talking about this case in particular. he updated us on a few things. but in this case which we've been following since it happened, he confirmed that they do indeed have the suspect in
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they've matched up his profile that corresponded with his on loin profile that he was using on the app where this sale initiated. they were able to a track him down because his profile picture on that app actually matched one of the pictures that they found for this suspect on facebook. now he was using a false alias on the app. but they were able to do enough detective work and track down victor mans that way. today they took him into cussed. he's been charged with first degree murder and the man actually confessed to the murder. sheriff's detectives also traced mans to two other burglaries robberies that happened in just the days leading up to this murder. they say that they don't believe that mans initially intended to kill to kill 21-year-old jeffery morrow. but this was a robbery gone bad. and take a listen to exactly what happened. they say that day when morrow
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>> when he starts to run, the passenger jeffery morrow rolls out with a shotgun. at that time, the suspect hollers at jeffery morrow to stop, i have a gun. and he begins shooting. and he shoots times striking him one time in the face instantly killing him. >> now sheriff judd had discussed in previous robberies that they knew were connected to mans that he had indeed used a gun in one of those online robberies, those meet up type robberies over an item. he presented his gun before and actually hit one of his victims with it. i asked whether or not these two knew that mans was armed.
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he quickly grabbed the cell phone they were trying to sell as he was running away. morrow had brought a shotgun with him. supposedly for protection. just in case something like this had happened. but he wans able to fire a single shot before mans began firing at him. as he described four shots fired at morrow. one striking him in the face and killing him instantly. he's in custody now and sheriff judd zest he now facing a life sentence if convicted of this murder. i'll send it back to you. update we know you will more for us later on tonight. we're also learning more about an officer involved shooting in polk county last night. three police officers and polk county deputy were conducting a stop as part of a drug trafficking task force. they say man they pulled over francis perry pulled out a gun and shot at officers at least five times. those officers shot at least 28 times. perry died at the hospital.
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comply. all he had to do was comply. we didn't choose to shoot francis perry. he chose for us to shoot him. and we accommodated him. >> the sheriff says perry was wanted violent felon. he said the gun perry used to shoot at the officers was stolen. and they also found some meth in his car. >> we have a news alert out of texas now. schools in west texas down of police investigate an active shooter situation. officers say someone brought a gun on to the alpine high school campus. a spokesperson for one hospital says they were tending to thee victims but they didn't say how those victims were injured. alpine by the way southeast of el paso. >> new at noon a teacher at a bradenton day care is facing a charge of child neglect. the mother of an 18-month-old boy says her son was bitten on his face and all over his body. enough to where he had to go to
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case. and in tampa police say a plant high student is recovering after getting hit by a car on way to school. witnesses say she walked into path of on coming cars. he was taken to nearby hospital and we're told her injuries or not life threatening. that's good to hear. an employee a jewelry store is fighting for his life after he tried to take matters into his own hands to catch a thief. as fox 13's shayla reeves reports that clerk is in the hospital and the thief is on the loose. >> right now deputies anyone with information to please come forward and share what you know. check out your screen. what started in a jewelry store land ad worker in the hospital hurt. this is video capture ad mirage diamonds and fine jewelry a west brandon mall tuesday. deputies tell us a man asked to try on about $25,000 in jewelry. but instead of handing over cash he bolted. a worker chased thief all the way to the parking lot and hopped on the hood of a get away car. he couldn't do enough. the thief still took off.
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>> this victim sis valiant as he was trying to be is you know has been critically injured. and hopefully he'll survive it. so, it is definitely a serious offense. and we take it very seriously. we hope the public will give us some information in identifying who he is. we're told worker was not only thrown from hood of car but run over as well. he's in the hospital in critical condition. and, closed wednesday deputies are focused on finding thief and they describe him as a man, between 25 and 30 years of age. the vehicle has been described as two-door knewer monldz chevy camero last seen heading north on i-75. if you have any information about the thief or any information about the vehicle just described to you please go hoo heed and give hillsborough county sheriff's office a call. reporting at the hillsborough county sheriff's office, shayla reeves, fox 13 news.
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tourist has been found shot to death outside of a hotel in the city's popular international drive area. fox's jackie is following the investigation this afternoon. >> deputies say an attempted robbery left a hotel guest 5053-year-old osmond dead and a gunman on the run. just past 1:30 this morning on international drive, orange county sheriff deputies received a call about a shooting. the call came from at wind ham orlando resort parking lot. when they arrived the found the up times, his wife okay during what deputies are calling an attempted robbery. >> there's a struggle that ensued. and the victim, male victim, 53-year-old was shot. he was pronounced deceased on scene. deputies say the couple was staying wind ham unclear for how long or if they were tourists deputies are warning tourists in the area to be careful especially since the gunman is on the run. fortunately, in the world that we live in today, there's always
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aware of our surroundings. i know that people are on vacation mode. but unfortunately, there's people out there that are looking to harm us. so just keep your eyes, you know and ears open. be vigilant. investigators have been collecting evidence, checking to see if any surveillance video captured suspect, and interviewing witnesses because as of right now, there are no leads on how the gunman looks like and where he took off jackie, fox 13 news. aten-year-old manslaughter charges in death of his own cousin. journey was found unresponsive at an ocala home back j june. she layered died ten-year-old cousin was baby-sitting her and gave investigators three different stories about what happened. but another child in the home told investigators the boy had been abusing journey. the an autopsy showed the girl's injuries were not consistent with the fall and ruled the death a homicide. the little girls father is in custody as well. awaiting trial in the 2014 killing of another child. investigators say they believe a
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whole incident. that's sad. well help continues to pour in for veteran attacked area walmart. just minutes st. pete police told fox 13 that an anonymous donor dropped off a $600 in cash for jeffery hartman. last week someone robbed him and attacked him with his own walker outside store on 34th street police described suspect a black man in his late 20s to early 30s. around six feet tall. weighing about 200 pounds. they also think he may the scene in a blue dodge durango. officers say man who donated the money also wrote a note saying "from one vet to another, hope this makes things better. nice. >> some customers aren't too thrilled with one change coming to the new apple iphone. and speaking of phones, a local man is warning others about their phones. why he says his phone set fire to his jeep. look at that picture. and why this may be part of a nationwide problem.
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a place of beauty and tranquility in today's one tank trip. and jim's here checking your forecast. another beautiful start to the day. lots of sunny skies. temperatures actually a little on the cool side this morning in some areas. down into the mid 60s. that's cold for us this time of the year. you look outside right now. you're seeing partly cloudy skies. we still have that slightly lower humidity across the area. but that's going to be changing as we go through the next couple of days. we're also watching a couple of areas in the tropics.
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mazda is recalling more than two million cars and suvs worldwide.. because the mazda is recalling more than two million cars because rear hatches can fall on people and injure them. mazda says corrosion protection coating applied to the hatch lift wasn't sufficient when to bring their vehicles samsung galaxy note seven phone started a fire that torch hid his beloved jeep. after dozens caught fire. last thing anyone thinks a like this can do so much damage a ream problem for samsung and owners. that's why many are just turning them in. unfortunately, for this guy in st. pete he didn't know about the recall until that happened. he says it was charging in the car when it blew up like a ticking time bomb and only had
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>> it was very surprising to me how kwish the dash caught on fire. and the once they got the dash, airbags went and started exploding. it was, you know there was nothing that i could do to save it. >> and insurance will pay for the car but likely he's out a lot of money he put into all modifications. it was the family vehicle and for now they are getting help from friends. wow. >> there's a lot of talk about apple new iphone 7. some people aren't happy that the new iphone won't have a head phone fox's jackie has more now from new york. we are so excited about iphone 7. it makes all the things you do every day so much better. apple unveils one most controversial new iphones yet as they eliminate analog audi jack at the bottom of phone instead iphone 7 will connect to blue tooth head phones. but they are providing another option for those who are a bit
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world who do have analog old connected devices out there. so we've also made this. it's an adapter lightning to mini for no audio adapter. we're going to include that in the box with every iphone 7 and 7 plus as well. apple is also providing an adapter for older head phones in addition to the lightning head phones which experts say should satisfy users. there was real feel like a down grade rather than upgrade to people. and so i think by including of those things in the box. still, many con sierms are upset their wired head phones may become obsolete. that means i have to buy an extra accessory to go with my $300 pair of both and beats. just another, i guess way to make money. yet some consumers around accepting change that apple changed power adapter. and many are excited. iphone is now waterproof. and has a better camera zoom. >> i feel like i always get used
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do. so eventually, like everyone else they will get used to it. for all of you excited about this, preorders start friday. and go on sale the following week. in new york jackie, fox news. bach tower is place of tranquility and beauty of oasis really. big changes over the years. russell rhodes takes you inside in high on a hill in lake wales bach tower gardens, all of these years later the singing tower still sings. they say if it ain't broke, but somehow, some way, they managed to improve on edward backing vision. new gardens at bach. when i head heard you guys were doing things how is that going to work? i look around, and it works very
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and it took a lot of thought. and we, we asked the same question. when we change things are we going to change the nature of this place. and, and a design planning and construction and so, what we see is, result of probably 5 or six years of work. the new gardens really are extraordinary like this one. you can see the insects flying around. small as a gnat. some of them are really large wag. butterflies, some flies here that actually mimic wasps and bees they are all policy natures and an important for seed production and a well a vegetable production. outdoor kitchen for demonstration and events. a children's garden allow to children to climb and play. ecosystem gardens most everything here native plants.
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to enhance mission edward bach set out for this place in the 1920s. it's about conservation. it's about beauty. it's about education. teaching people about the beauty of nature as wells agriculture. and agriculture is trong part entry road is mile and a half drive through citrus. and so agriculture been a big part of what we do. all right. russell has convinced me. i want to in case you missed first grand opening of bach tower garden in 1929, there will be another one this saturday september 10th. this will be official grand opening of new garden spaces. just like in 1929, when edward bach was there, a few baches will be there this time. >> well tonight nasa plans to launch it's first mission to land on asteroid. sounds like a movie. 7 o'clock an atlas 5 rocket will blast off cape canaveral it's
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robotic probe designed to an ancient asteroid taller that empire state building. is ambitious mission with goal that's just as ambitious. finding key to life in our universe. if everything goes as plan the probe will scout it out for about two years before scooping up some sample and heading home. all tolled the mission will take seven years. outer space just fascinates me. that is cool. something we recreated here is going to go out to space and take sample of an asteroid. nasty what so nea you hear this, reading premise of movie that's coming out. that's real life right there. so cool. so, certainly really cool stuff. and you know what, this morning, these temperatures, pretty nice. a little bit lower humidity. and look at that. to our north up in brooksville crystal river. this time of year mid 60s that, feels pretty nice outside. here in tampa wee 74. still warm and muggy over in st. petersburg at 77 this morning.
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lakeland all the way down to 70 degrees this morning. with that in mind everybody's been talking about hey, that cooler weather is just around the corner. humidity will start to come back over the next several days. but at least we can start to count numbers down. it's fitch days until we actually officially move into fall. probably about another month to month and a half until we start to get cold fronts that. swing through here. and cool things down and just really get rid of that humidity. if you want until halloween. so maybe almost right around the corner. visible satellite loop. you can see once again, weaver got that easterly flow across the state. so we'll continue to see, just partly cloudy skies. and still, a pretty dry atmosphere. especially once you get up across north florida. it is just basically this time of the year. it's a bone dry atmosphere. and then across the central florida, still seeing a fairly dry atmosphere. a little bit more moisture as
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pretty low for today. the only rain we're finding is down across the southern tip of the state. across 75 alligator alley down across everglades in miami. kind of working its way from the west. from the east, rather on towards the west. outside right now, we're at 87 degrees. dew point is 72. that makes humidity. at 61 percent. ask & currently winds are east northeast at 7 miles an hour. so over in brandon you're currently at 90 degrees. sarasota 89. st. pe clearwater currently sits at 86 degrees. that high pressure still primarily in control across much of the southeast. just meander over the next couple of days. eventually weakening in front got to push into southeast that moisture works its way back in over the next couple of days. starting a little more activity in tropics. this here is invest 93. over west next couple of days watching another tropical wave
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percent chance we will see development with that. a little bit less, about 20 percent chance with this invest 93. computer models much more aggressive with this one further out into the atlantic. and that one, model basically working, basically until middle of atlantic. something we will continue to watch. we go through next several days. daytime high today 92 degrees. with partly cloudy skies. few showers to our south. mainly clear skies for tonight. overnight low about 76 degrees. for tomorrow, once again, hot, around. daytime high of 91. seas two feet. light chop on the bay. high tide 8:44 this evening. that seven-day forecast, you can see we keep rain chance low. again for today. but then we're back up to 30 percent on friday. up to more typical 40 percent chance as we get into weekend, linda. thanks jim it has become known miracle on hudson. story pilotwho managed to land
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on big screen.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america.
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more than seven years after the so-called "miracle on the hudson"... the untold story behind the emergency water landing comes to light -- in clint eastwoods' ?sully?... fox's adam housl comes to light in colin eastwood sully. fox adam housley gives us a sneak peek. new clint eastwood bio pick sully. a drama focus investigation why he chose to land the damaged plane on the hudson river instead of returning to a nearby airport. not a crash a forced water landing. simulation show you can get it back to airport. not possible. it was fascinating story i didn't know there was conflict to it. so when it came it was presented
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thought well, what's at conflict to give it a drama? >> this is the captain. brace for impact. based on his book highest duty sullenberger also consulted during filming. >> i had turn buckle on. it was important that you get the emotional temperature of this riot. it was important that he told the story as truly as he could. as accurately as he could. ourselves. after all of this captain sully is still as humble as ever. >> well i'm not best pilot in world but i think that day, we were at our best. and we, we found a way to do something that we had never done before and got it the first time in 208 seconds. in hollywood, adam housley fox news. bargain shoppers good deals today. where you can check out a massive estate sale that's under
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find. a sailing race that began in 1930 is coming back. >> we have grandsons and sons from sailors that raced in that race. and they are going to be a sailing in that race back to cuba. i'm lloyd sowers, how sailing
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iour four legged friends wasat if a trapped in a hot carne of you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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(linda) donald trump and hillary clinton slammed each other as they took turns on welcome back. donald trump and hillary clinton slammed each other as they took turns on stage during a commander in chief forum in new york city. it was a bit of dry run of the debates that will be coming. and joel waldman has more on that from washington. last night was yet another test and donald trump failed. roughly 13 hours shaky
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hillary clinton tried reshaping the narrative in an improv to you press conference battle ground state of north carolina. >> if i were not the candidate, if i were not the nominee, if i were just a concerned citizen i'd be out here doing everything i could. the to sound the alarm about someone like donald trump. with an audience made up most of military veterans the former secretary of state vowed she would use extreme caution before putting america way. going so far as to say american troops will never again be on the ground in iraq. >> a point her gop rival who appeared in different segment of last night's town hall seized on. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. trump taking heat for statements of his own. from doubling down on controversial claims he was against iraq war from outset to praise for russian president
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had painted himself into a corner. he pivoted to now familiar line of attack clinton's private email scandal. she deletes 33,000 emails and that's after getting the subpoena from congress. if you do that in private business you get thrown in jail. >> libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson is getting chewed up for a morning cable show interview. in which he admitted to not knowing what an lepo the syrian city at the heart of refugee crisis. in washington joeled waldman, fox news. president obama wraps up his week-long asian tour in lavment os. he visited a century old boo buddhist temple before attend a summit. >> president obama is fresh off g invent summit in china where he pet with putin as well as other leaders. >> the old film looks almost dream dash like, right? and these are sailing yachts off
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st. pete to havana regatta. the event ended in 1959 when can electro came to power a fox 13's lloyd sowers shows sons of those sailors are bringing it back. the race from st. pete to havana started in 1930. and it's still legendary in the halls of st. pete yacht club. richard winning was commodore in 1959. the final year. now his son also named richard will lead the those sailors that raced in that race. and they are going to be a sailing in that race back to cuba. sailing is another reconnection of historic ties between tampa bay and cuba. >> the rays helped renew common love for baseball. sailing may warm it even further. really our vision in the club is to create good fellowship amongst the tampa bay area, cuba
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that if low lip born st. pete way to sail out great depression. race to havana drew a crowd. old million dollar pier had thousands of people watching them start. they had some great times down there. and enjoyed it and brought a lot of publicity to st. pete. winning up to 70 boats sail to havana a contingent of junior sailors from st. pete visited cuba last year a prelude. coming full circle. er area back around again to havana after all of these years. 58 years since the last one. 87 since the first one. and once again, the sons of sailors in st. pete will race to havana. lloyd sowers, fox 13 news. and that february 28th it take 3 to 4 days for them to go nearly 300 nautical miles to st. pete to havana. >> and american flag that
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just of a 911 terror attacks is and returning to world trade center site. flag goes on display today at the september 11th museum in new york. it was turned in two years ago by man in fire house in washington. >> starbuck's is jumping into at streaming video market. fox's lauren simonetti has that and more in your midday market report. investor take clue overseas leaving them disappointed after european central bank leaves both interest r asset purchase program unchanged. investors were hoping for more stimulus back home fewer americans applied for unemployment benefits another sign healthier u.s. job market. despite weaker than expected august jobs report 259,000 americans filed or first time unemployment benefits last week. that was lowest level in two months. barnes & noble reporting quarterly earning that missed expectations as sales of the
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iphone ipad by december. first time nintendo putting games on non-nintendo devices. and a starbuck's original series. that's right. starbuck's is making videos. it's odd with the original content. it's a series of ten episodes called up standers. they are meant to inspire ordinary americans to make a positive change in their communities. that's business. for more log on to in new york i'm lauren simonetti. we have big world you ever probably heard new york mets won tim tebow sweepstakes of a working out for number of teams show casey last monday 29-year-old signed a minor league deal with the mets. according to fox sports mlb insider about 8 teams were an exploring a spoblt before mets did. tee bo will begin with instructional league team in port st. lucie florida ae hones his skills as an outfielder
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california is getting a lot of love from her football team. foot hill high school football players enter the field for friday night's game. look at this. all 57 of them laid an orange rose at the feet of ashley. orange, if you didn't know is designated color for leukemia awareness. the senior cheerleader was diagnosed with chronic leukemia in early august. her cheer coach said teen had going through daily chemotherapy treatments ever since. on her twitter account, said she was shocked and overwhelmed and overall speechless from all the support. she went on to thank the school for making her first game one to remember. and for making her cry tears of joy. >> loved that story. posted on my facebook page. kent state university in ohio students may no longer have to eat that mystery meatloaf or any meat product with gluten in it. here's why kent state became first university in the country to offer alternative cafeteria
12:37 pm
food products will be designed to especially benefit students with ceil be aing disease. change happened after university administrators noticed an increase of students within tolerance to gluten. a lot of schools i was looking at did not offer gluten free as much as kent state did. so i no when ever acome here for breakfast, lunch or dinner is safe environment. i can pretty much eat whatever i want. knowing that i won't get sick from it. >> gluten is product found in grains such a wheat, rye, barley, even in flour. celiac disease is sdi jestive disorder that damaging a lining small intestine between foods that contain gluten are eaten good bargain hunting going on in
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z2301z z5yz y2301y y5yy foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs, a delicious plump frank wrapped in a honey crunchy coating. a corn dog with 7 grams of protein
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((linda)) need a car? how about a motorcycle...or a hub cap maybe? antiques are do you need a car or motorcycle or hup capa massive estate sale and walter allen reports, there lot history packed on pretty large lot and it can all be yours for the right price. >> good afternoon everybody walter allen coming to you from we're actually right by tampa international airport. just south of hillsborough east of air cargo. and this is an estate sale. really interesting. i'm going to have roy pan around all the different things while i'm give you back family. this family apparently traces back to norway. em grade over in 1800 and came to this plot on corner here. and this why they set up shop
12:41 pm
year it happens. over the years, they move away or members pass away. and so they had all of this stuff here. why they decided to have an estate sale they hired a company to come in. organize everything. appraise everything. and that's when what you're having here. a 4 dash day sale today through sunday. 50 percent on sunday high pressure hours or 8 to 5. really incredible stuff. you saw all items in kitchen cook ware and glass and all of really interesting. but you really find historical stuff too. oh, sorry about that. sou have this world war ii. this was interesting, 48 star american flag. i think this is $40. aiwas look ago price tag. all clothes and different items. you have an entire room of antique cars and a toy cars. look, roy's going to show you these. that's not all they have a bunch
12:42 pm
outside. and those are full. they have antic kwits out there pictures. they have magazines they have tools. they have car parts. they even have a cars. these are the model cars. then they have real cars. they have a 1972 carmen. they have a chevy corp v a ir. nice car. if you're into that sort of thing. so really, nice. this might be something that they've collecting for the years and then here they are passing along. taking it. so i, my advice would come. and by sunday going to be cleaned out. again, just east of air cargo south of hillsborough. you find some really interesting stuff. walter allen, fox 13 news. something to do this weekend. and probably going to be nice live look outside right now meteorologist jim weber will
12:44 pm
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hey everybody i'm charley belcher coming to you from westchase neighborhood of tampa. from a police called elite animation academy. this did i nam uk duo right here responsible for elite animation academy. gladys and todd. you all created this how many years ago first one in orlando, in orlando we started in 2012. >> nice. >> and it went so well there you opened upped ts we found lot of kids were coming up to from our orlando studio we decide to have school in tampa. obvious physically i think animation, i think orlando. there's a certain mouse that comes to mind. >> right. of course a probably great place to have launched, i don't know, either great place or there's tons of places like that. but at least that's certainly a focus in that area. but, this sort of education gives you such a great foundation in this day and age. you can almost do anything with
12:46 pm
>> of course yes we're teaching tra tra additional and basic skills we will help children as they increase their skill set later in life. you know, some want to go to college for the arts. and this is, great place to start. >> so basically is this an after school program >> we have an after school program for 4:30 to 6:30 on saturdays again can accommodate groups and set up something special for them if they have a number of group of kids that want to come and take classes. we can do something >> so who are you your students? runs gamut. we have children that eight years and up adults. we have special needs children too we work high functioning autistic kids they opportunity out to be wonderful and great students, very talented. i, i want to reemphasize the fact that this sort of foundation, this sort of skill set you can go into graphic arts, you can go into web design. you can make movies for pixar.
12:47 pm
defense. i mean really sky's the limit for this sort of thing. >> right. absolutely. there are many fields that children can go into. they can like you said graphic arts, defense industry. you did it's not just for the movies. they can also do their own independent work too. >> so there's really a wide field in array of opportunities they can go into. we're seeing them, doing the traditional drawing in here. but this is where it starts. and then, graduate into the next room. they are making things move. it animation. which is so part of every day life. >> right every movie now you see is a done in 3 d. we're teaching the latest 3 d software using latest 3 d software and help's kids develop their own skills in that. >> we will leave it with this. how do people sign up how does it work? check or information on our website which is www elite animation and all of our information's on
12:48 pm
perfect. so fantastic. all right sign up now. if you missed that website you can go to we will link you to the website for elite animation academy. get out there and have an a little fun with a piece of paper and a pencil. charley belcher, fox 13 news. thank you, charley. let's get to be more of my favorite times of the year. weather is just cooperating lately. it has. past couple of days. it's nice because it certainly did not cooperate last week. you know, last c here, weaver ?all enjoyed that slightly lower humidity. we've had plenty of sun. kept rain out hoping to dry some things out across the area. again today, another beautiful looking day. you look out clearwater beach right now. hardly see a cloud in the sky. daytime temperatures, even though they are just as warm around 91, 92 degrees during afternoon, that slightly lower humidity makes you feel comfortable outside. and a everybody starting to talk
12:49 pm
that page. humidity will be coming back over next couple of days we can look ahead. by saturday, we actually drop that high from 90 to 89. i know it's not much but at least it's a start. we're heading in the right direction when we start to drop that average high. you can see by october we're down to 86. november, 79. and by december, we're looking an average high of 73 degrees with an overnight low of 55. so something to look forward to as we go months. visible satellite loop again starting out beautiful. lots of clear skies. with that easterly flow across the state we're bringing a few scattered clouds but really still have pretty dry atmosphere. that red shade shows the very dry air. there is a bit more moisture down across the southern tip of the state. so that's where you're going to see most rain for today. even with that not sooeb much ran few scattered showers working through miami down across the everglades.
12:50 pm
soto manatee and sarasota. you'll likely see at least a few showers as we go through the afternoon. but still keeping rain chance 20 to 30 percent. brandon you're up to 90 degrees right now. new tampa to 86. westchase at 87. here in tampa 87 as well. palm harbor 88. pinellas park currently sits at 89. not bad after a pretty mild start this morning. and brooksville you start out at 64 degrees. currently sitting at 85. up in crystal river 86 degrees. down in venice sarasota has an 89. lakewood ranch the same. and you head over into the inlands areas places like lakeland and bartow. both sitting at 86 degrees. so that high pressure still pretty much in control across the much of the southeast. locked in here for about about 4 or five days now. we've got a little bit of moisture trying to sneak in across the southern part of the state. more of that moisture as we go through the next couple of days. we keep that rain chance low again for today. but then we start to bring it
12:51 pm
heading towards the weekend as well. now we are also heading right towards the peak of the hurricane season. which is september 10th. we've got this area here we're watching. off the leeward islands. this is invest 93. now computer model not doing much with it. a 20 percent chance, something will develop with that over next couple days also watching another wave, well out into atlantic off the coast of africa. that one looks a little bit more likely to develop as we go but both of these systems going to take some time, so still a long ways off. no concern, you can log on to and a track those with us. 92 for today partly cloudy skies. few showers down to our south. then for tonight. mainly clear skies. with i don't ever night low of 76. here's your seven-day forecast, you can see daytime highs they stay on warm side. those rain chances starting out low but working there way back up to more typical 40 percent chance of afternoon storms as we
12:52 pm
thank you, jim. we'll still ahead how one business man decided to say thank you to our troops. donald trump facing new criticism - he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. "you gotta see this guy. 'uhhhh i don't know what i said, i don't remember.' he's going like 'i don't remember'." "putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. i don't want to sound too much like a chauvinist." i'm sorry to say it." "he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured."
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
((linda)) an update on a news alert w deputies investigating an an update on news alert we've following a texas deputies investigating a active shooter situation in high school in alpine. student has died self inflicted gunshot after shooting injuring another student at that school. we will have an update at 5. you can kick off your new year with some of the biggest wwe superstars. wwe raw is coming back to amalie arena on january 2nd.
12:55 pm
i said that chris jericho or scheduled to appear. tickets go on sale september 30th. >> we've got it corrected. troops coming home from deployment can use a little r & r. one soldier inspired business man to give soldiers a free vacation. kelly ring reports it's what's right with tampa bay. >> a first time meeting for army sergeant joseph business man tom burkett. they first talked over the phone in 2007 when joseph was in iraq. the meeting i just feel like i owe him everything. joseph was about to come home from we deployment and wanted to take his wife bright neon belated honeymoon. he called tom to rent his condo. was too expensive. he said hold on let me talk to somebody he said what i f. i
12:56 pm
and ooshgs i just didn't know what to say. i, i was like sir, i mean, that's amazing. he is risking his life i'm going charge him to stay in my place for honeymoon? no. i'm not going to do that. the idea sparked tom to launch troop rewards in 2009. a program that gives troops returning home from deployment a free vacation with lodging, and meals. >> to get out of the house, take a little vacation and regroup is great for people. when deployment right back there are life with everything that built up why they've gone take them away. no stress environment. don't have to worry about paying for anything enjoy time for family. >> soldiers get a flag, and a commemorative coin to remember their experience. >> i'm just absolutely grateful for everything he's done for us. >> that was amazing. we agree that was our kelly ring. another good afternoon to go out and maybe kick the soccer ball around?
12:57 pm
sweating kick soccer ball around i sat out there a little while i'll not sweating kind of nice to have at slightly lower humidity. going to start to work its way back in over next couple of days with that we bring rain chance back up to 30 to 40 percent chance as we get into the weekend. let's just enjoy it. news doesn't end here keep posting latest all day on on fox 13 news
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? ? you and me.
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? hey guys, i'm going to tell you what it's like to be a fireman. ? helping you connect to what matters most.
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lights, camera, access. you got to keep at it. you have to communicate. and lots of sex. >> they reunited after a public split eight months ago. how patrick dempsey and wife jillian strengthened their marriage. i'm natalie a surprise new couple alert and it involves nannies. what really happened with taylor and tom. >> is this about redemption with you? >> dancing down the comeback trail. ryan lochte preparing to pull out all the stops on "dancing with the stars." >> if you guys maybe want to see me in a speedo. >> exclusive images of the obamas. what they are revealing about leaving the white house. i'm kit hoover. plus with "people's" ten most


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