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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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arizona. so we're definitely down. >> whoever brings it back gets a free year of chick-fil-a sandwiches. i would be the first to college local campuses. >> did you say year's worth of sandwiches? >> probably one a day. >> they'll get it back quickly. time for the fox 13 11:00 news. >> for a year's worth i'll find a cow. right now at 11:00, the party will continue. >> tampa sports authority votes festival going. >> please don't punish thousands for a few consenting adults that made poor decisions for their own health and their own safety. >> more on the decision to keep the sunset music festival in tampa and the new safety rules concert-goers have to abide by. >> an unwelcome surprise for tee
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the beat will go on for the sunset music festival in tampa. the sports authority voting today to bring back the event, but there's important safety changes when it returns. at this year's festival two people died of drug and almost 60s were hospitalized. josh cascio is live at raymond james stadium where the event was held last summer with a look at what will be different when sunset returns. >> the keyword is more, more police, more water stations and more measures to ensure next year's sunset music festival isn't a repeat of what we saw this year. despite two deaths related to
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this year, andrew fehr rhone says there's more to the sunset music festival than the neck active headlines. >> it's a safe and fun environment for everyone. they should come every year. >> monday he spoke out at a special tampa sports authority meeting where the future sat in limbo. >> please don't punish thousands for a few consenting adults that made poor decisions for their own health and safety. >> the tsa board would ultimately side with smf voting to allow it back next year providing the organizers put in place several new safety measures. things like additional water stations and bottles, more police, more drug dogs and increased medical personnel on site. in hand tsa, tpd and fire so control a very safe and happy experience for our customers. >> reporter: that isn't satisfying stark opponent tampa
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festival. he told the tampa bay times these are promoters in pursuit of profit and could care less about the health, safety and welfare of attendees. nevertheless monday's vote is a victory for local edm fans and the event itself around since 2012 and attracts tens of thousands of guests that come back year after year. >> there's more than what everybody hears in the media and press. >> a going to be taking those necessary safety steps, but they need guests to do the same and show personal sponlt when it comes to the use of illegal narcotics. back to you. >> live for us tonight outside raymond james. thanks, josh. we have a security alert tonight. a lot of teco customers got an unwelcome surprise after paying their bills online. a computer glitch caused them to be overcharged, some of them by
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haley hinds is live with what the company is doing to make it right. haley. >> reporter: cynthia, imagine an unexpected charge for $1,000 on your checking account, maybe $3 $3,000? for a lot of customers this is not just a frustrating mix-up. it also means overdraft fees, and this happened to everyone that paid their teco bills on sunday. thousands of customers. at the root of the problem is a computer glitch coming from the vendor teco uses to process bills. when a customer paidor subsequently charged for all the rest of the months of the year. teco didn't give the name of the payment processor. they said it's based in tampa and has had a long-standing partnership with teco. we talked to connie johnson. after making her payment sunday she got the confirmation e-mail and another and another. in total she says she was carged almost $3500 because of
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>> i thought i did something wrong because i was sick. is my brain fuzzy? did hit the wrong button or something? it would be a very bad surprise for our family that needs, you know, their money for groceries or for whatever to find out it's gone. >> reporter: for any customers who were charged overdraft fees, teco promises to pay it back. they haven't said how soon reimbursements will happen. until the glitch is cannot accept any bill payments. if your bill is due right now, don't worry. for the time being teco is waiving the late fees. again, this glitch is affecting all sxcustomers that paid their teco bills on sunday. they're working to get in touch with all customers impacted by this to get the reimbursements out to them. cynthia. >> so glad to hear they will waive the fees. thank you, haley hinds. if you have the uber or lyft
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it in the tampa area often, you want to pay attention to this. in two days the hillsborough public transportation commission will take a vote to decide whether uber or lyft continue to operate here. >> today mayor bob buckhorn made his position clear. he says the city needs those ride-sharing services. crystal clark joins us from the control room. if the rules change pass, what do riders see? >> each ride has to cost a minimum of $7 for the drivers have to weight 7 minutes before that driver is able to pick them up. it's all an attempt to even the playing field for taxi companies. now, the rules proposed by the hillsborough public transportation commission would require uber and lyft drivers to get fingerprinted background checks, too. it has uber threatening to leave hillsborough county altogether. it doesn't make the mayor happy.
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for millenials looking for cities to work, live and play in. he and other in favor of the app say by pushing it out, they're pushing tampa out of the running for future residents. >> whether they come to tampa, florida they had an urban environment that is robust and they don't have to have a car. >> if you look on a grand scale what the city is doing by drawing in corporate bigs right now in our public transportation is horrible. >> regulations created at the state level. today he encouraged people to contact the hillsborough public transportation commission as often and as loudly as they can to tell the commissioners how they feel about the regulations. the ptc is set to vote on the new rules at 9:00 a.m. on wednesday. we'll be sure to let you know what happens. chris. >> very interesting. we have seen other cities across the country pass rules like that, and uber and lyft left the areas. in fact, it happened in austin, texas. one of those cities the mayor
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thanks, crystal. two little girls still in the hospital tonight badly injured after a four-vehicle pileup on the courtney campbell causeway on sunday evening. police say the driver, 23-year-old julie goad was distracted when she reached for a gatorade bottle at on the floor of the vehicle. police haven't said the charges she faces but she's cooperating with investigators. all new at county teenager was robbed and stabbed trying to sell his watch to someone he contacted through snapchat. he met the buyer through that app and agreed to meet in a local parking lot saturday evening. whether the time came, the buyer didn't get out of the car. three our men did and pointed a gun at the seller's head and demanded his watch. the seller tried to fight back. >> he got a stab wound to the leg and some abrasions to his hands. you have to be careful.
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learned. >> police don't think the teen knew his attackers, but they say he likely does know who he tried to sell that watch to. so they're trying to chase the attackers down through that person. so far no arrests have been made. well, after being reschedule because of hurricane hermine, governor scott is set to go to washington tomorrow to talk to lawmakering about the growing zika threat. the money used toe fight that mosquito-borne illness is about gone. the director of the cdc says children born with microcephaly because of that. they show eight new nontravel-related cases of zika virus in our case located in miami-dade and palm beach. the total number of nontravel cases now to 64 with 621 travel-related and infections involving pregnant women grew to 86. that is not a good number. not a good number at all.
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mosquitos when they fly around your house. get them out of there. still ahead, three months since the deadly shooting at the pulse nightclub. >> tonight the orlando community came together as the healing continues. >> i'm trying to do something so i don't feel helpless. >> the message from organizers and the special visitor to the memorial outside the nightclub. taking time to remember children still missing in florida. how a clearwater family is holding out hope they lost 16 years ago. paul, it was really a summertime evening, wasn't it? >> you're correct. a big surge of tropical moisture today and showers and storms are back in a big way. wet tuesday coming up.
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thousands of children are thousands of children are reported missing every year in florida. many return home, but some do not. for the last 18 years missing childrens day remembered the kids in florida kidnapped and killed as well as others who haven't yet been found.
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bernhardt made the trip to tallahassee today to be part of the ceremony. he went missing from his clearwater home 16 years ago, and 16 years later his disappearances still a mystery. >> we know about him dead or alive. whichever way it would be, it would be great just to have it so you know where he is. >> you just can't imagine why anybody would ever harm a child. you just -- you know, you just think about it. how would anybody want to do something like that? students who submitted essays and drawings about stranger danger. several law enforcement officers and police dogs were also honored for stopping potential kidnappings. new at 11:00 tonight, homeland security secretary jeh johnson brought flowers and paid his respects outside the pulse nightclub. it's been three months since that deadly massacre. 49 people were killed, 53 wounded when a lone gunman
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benefit in downtown orlando. >> it was called angels at the abby and was to held to mark the three months since the shooting and since the city came together and stayed together. >> it's special, because if we weren't doing it, you know, who would do it? one orlando has a monumental task of getting that money distributed, so it's we're here to help the people now, and if the need continues, then we'll continue. >> reporter: ellie never managed her desperate attempt to find a way thoep would become the primary support for victims and their families. >> pulse orlando was founded four days after the event. we have raised well over $200,000 and gave out $156,000 to survivors and victims' families.
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know now? >> they need to know we exist. sometimes people don't know we exist. so, you know, that's why it's so important to keep getting the word out. there's more family members and more survivors that need our help, and they don't even know we're here. >> i asked ellie if she's trying to do something so i don't feel helpless. we'll see. >> tracy yja su >> today was the late day to give an application for the one orlando fund. it has gotten more than $23 million. >> in the meantime on the subject of the pulse nightclub shooting, police in fort pierce are looking for the person who set fire to the mosque that was attended by the suspect in that nightclub shoot thing. investigators want to find this man in the surveillance video. this is the mosque that omar mateen, the pulse nightclub suspect, the pulse nightclub
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officials are investigating this as a possible hate crime. they're asking for help from the fbi and the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. we're used to seeing storm clowneds this time of year, but check this out. cindy gilmore snapped that photo right there. it sort of looks like a funnel cloud forming in new port richey. paul, you say this is a low hanging scud cloud? >> it's a low-hanging cloud. it's about the perspective. from the other look completely different. it's kind of a low-hanging chunky cloud from a big thunderstorm and probably a minute or two later looked nothing like that at all. they're tough to tell, and it's all about what ngle you look at it and have different views. no reports of tornadoes today but lots of heavy rain. i think the rain is around a couple more days. this is cool, guys. watch this. let me hit the button and show you a time lapse today and watch these multiple bands of rain
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there's a little bit of a break. and it comes with other rounds of rain and the clouds kind of rotating and it looks really bad. you say, that's that. we're done. and then very late in the afternoon and evening, here comes another round of rain coming in off land, and then eventually a good sunset tonight. so very busy day today, and i think tropical moisture will stay in place for at least the next custom of days. last week kind of like on the backside of hermine we were mostly dry, and now on the corner of your tv set, you can see a spin down here, a live wind data showing that spine off the coast of miami. that is an invest, invest 93l. it's not going to develop, but it will move over our state as a tropical wave. our state already this time of year is our rainy season, so you throw in a little tropical wave coming in from the southeast. all that does is increase the likelihood of rain.
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basic forecasting tool this time of year when it's quiet on our coast. at midnight you have rain along the east coast. that means we get rain tomorrow afternoon. it works out most of the time and means tropical moisture is moving from east to west right now. 77 is the lucky number inland, 78 in punta gorda. we have a tropical storm in the atlantic. this is tropical storm north-northwest at 13. that's one of those invests that came off the coast of africa. we tracked it last week, and the good news is this is going to go north and northeast and accelerating southeast of greenland, west of the u.k. the only issue from this storm is the shipping lanes in the north atlantic. it won't impact land at all. this is a problem. this is way out in the western pacific.
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the new update. winds up to 185 sustained with gusts up to 220. this will weaken the next couple of days. it's tough for a typhoon or hurricane to stay at this intense sfe for long. as it approaches taiwan, which is here, it's predicted to be 155. then moving into the mainland of china, so this will make headlines the next couple of days. super typhoon for us we have a tropical wave. we don't have anything like that to deal with. just increases the shower and thundershower coverage tomorrow. it will decrease tomorrow night. then additional showers and thundershowers are likely on wednesday. kind of a wet setup for us as our rainy season slowly begins to wind down. patchy clouds overnight. we stay rain-free and 76. it won't take much to make it rain tomorrow. a lot of moisture and instability, so showers and thundershowers developing back
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showers and storms around and we're in the upper 80s. one nice thing about the seven-day and it could be wrong is that on every one of my days, temperatures below 90. we haven't done that in a long time. upper 80s for highs and 75 to 80 for lows. back to you. >> he add the caveat he could be wrong. he's an honest forecaster. >> there you go. coming up, if you serve overseas, there's nothing like getting a care package from home. >> there's one item in there for the most that is now banned from care packages. why cigars can no longer be sent to men and women serving
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the fight for swing states is at the forefront of fight for swing states now at the forefront of the race for the white house. republican presidential nominee donald trump is using hillary clinton's comments against her in his latest attack ad. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into wha basket the deplorables. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard-working people like you. >> that's airing in the top four must-win battleground swing states. north carolina, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. trump now calling on clinton to retract her comments or end her campaign. the democratic nominee is taking some time off the campaign trail as she continues to recover from pneumonia.
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release more medical records later this week and push back at suggestions she has another undisclosed condition. hillary herself took to twitter today thanking everyone for well wishes. >> listen to this one. a new rule by the fda is coming under fire from groups that donate care packages to troops overseas. the fda recently banned tobacco samples of all kinds including cigars saying it's necessary to keep young teens from starting smoking. here's the problem, though. the groups in wesley chapel can't get the cigar samples to make their care packages. the companies aren't donating them anymore and he included them to packages to troops all over the world. now his supply is slowly dwindling as cigar makers wait to see if the rules have changed. >> our folks will be there for who knows how much longer. it doesn't hurt for us to send them a little bit of home, send them a little bit of comfort. >> here is an issue that both sides in the political process
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tampa congresswoman caste caster says there's bipartisan support for legislation to carve an exception for tobacco donations to troops. she hopes that congress will get that passed by the end of the month. scott, what's happening. coming up in sports, alexander with another big game in the georgia dome yesterday. he's only getting better. plus, the season is likely over for one buccaneer as it's
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he was expected to be one of the big contributers in the bucs improved pass he was expected to a big contributor this year, and unfortunately it doesn't happen for jackie smith.
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reserve after a torn right acl in sunday's opener. no corresponding rosters have been made. alexander went to atlanta and had another stellar performance and led the team with 16 tackles. the bucs sure missed him when he had to sit out the last four games, which the bucs lost all four. dirk koetter impressed with the second-year backer on and off the field. before the game, koetter found him studying room. afterwards on the plane he was watching game tape again. >> that's preparation. you know, he's doing a good job of that. i think guys that want to be great, they find ways as they go from rookies into how they become better pros. when you're a pro, you know, you find ways to get better. "monday night football" tonight, steelers at head s --
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covering. antonio brown, third catch. this is third quarter catch. 26 yards, and then a little extra activity afterwards. he had two touchdowns on the day. 38-16 steelers. it will be a noon kickoff for next week's florida state/south florida game at raymond james. the game time was made official today. it's also a sellout and it should be a wild atmosphere. big congrats to quinton flowers named the offensive player of the week this polls. rays open a three-game set against the blue jays. jose bautista and that ball is deep and over the wall. the rays tie it up off two solo shots of their own. first evan longoria. get out of here! then brad miller evens it up with this shot to straightaway
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go. carrera was pinch-hitting and deep into the left field corner and that's the game winner. today the ice went in at amalie arena. can you believe it? hockey season is just about here. first, they freeze a thin layer of water, and then they add a layer of white paint. you see it's kind of missing out there. it's quite the process where you may end up with dozens of layers of ice and p near. when it's done the ice is only three-quarters to an inch and a half thick. the nhl season starts in two weeks, the preseason. the bolts regular season opener is october 13th, guys. >> interesting. i didn't know about the white paint. >> that's very cool. scott taught us something. a popular burger chain is putting their own spin on finfi fingerer looking good.
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wednesday. for 3 bucks you get a nice piece order of dangerously cheesy chi chicken. they're combining snacks and then fast food to come up with things like chee-tos chicken fries. i don't know. we have to check with craig patrick with "money, power & politics" coming up next. >> "good day" starts at 4:00 a.m. from all of us here on the fox from all of us here on the fox 13, have a great night.
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