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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  September 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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is stolen from a >> a specially ee equipped van
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>> for the is iewftd sue esh. >> concerns over waste water dumb noopped the bay. what is being done to make sure the water is clean and why one local mayor insures it is. >> this is our new florida. >> ah hashtag but still no action. the govenor spends day two no n- our nation's capital fighting for zika funding. so what is the hold up? and a shop lifort take down at wal-mart turns deadly. new tonight what happened moments before the attack and what employees told investigators. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 10:00 news starts now. >> good evening everyone.
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>> and protesters making good on their pledge to show up at a city of st. meteorologisting again night. they are angry over the a. waste water that has been nowrd the bay thanks to hurricane hermine. >> and the mayor says he is take their suggestions to heart and axel is there to explain it all. what did they say. >> reporter: well, the mayor spent 45 minutes with the protesters personally outside the meeting where he answered city's response. he also said that he would consider their demands for an independent investigation into the water quality. >> before the second meeting in as many nights on pier redevelopment could end up in what happened on tuesday. >> that's a joke. >> reporter: oo. >> reporter: the mayor asked the protesters to go into another room to address their concerns. >> and would you be willing to
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investigation. >> we're going spend a lot of money. >> reporter: they are demanding to know why warning signs about water quality were suddenly removed around the area of st. pete after last night's meeting on the pier was disrupt ood it is quite ironic that yesterday everything was still dirty and unsafe and today they are saying it's clean and really in 24 hours, you wouldn't see that much difference. >> reporter: the mayor insist said that a study showed the water was back t levels last night and it was # 9.9% clear of fecal matter. but protesters want long term assurances and several members in pinellas including clearwater and largo have over came their systems too sending over 175 million gallons of sewage into the bay. one commissioner wants to launch a task force. >> there needs to be a study of the in filtration into the
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the ground waw tech attack the pipes. and they will spend a big portion of $60 million to expand the treatment capacity in the next several years. >> and the frustration i share as much as those folks do is i can't flip a switch and fix everything even if i had limited dollars. it just takes time to dot repairs we have to do. >> >> reporter: and just for some perspective here the mayor says that the city got 24 inches of rain he said it normally takes mark, six months to get that much rain. >> evan axel bank in st. peevment thank you very much. >> and zika case in south florida continue tin to climb. tonight two new travel related heir cases in our area. one in hillsborough and one in polk county. first the department of health confirmed another local case today in miami-dade county.
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riel whiel visiting our state, 80 cases transmitted here in florida. all total the statewide stands at more than 800. funding to fight the virus is running very loasm ghofer rick scott spent a second day in the nation's capital. he is urging ca congress to pass a billion dollar zika bill. the cdc director says time really is running out. >> if congress doesn't act, caiftionz their lack of action for decades to come. >> i'm up here because i want congress to act soon. i want them to act today. >> even after the govenor met with paul ryan, today there are still holdups. democrats and republicans are fighting over the funding for the other things that are attached to that bill. no one is happy about it. >> the govenor is back in florida and says the state has
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and deadly recordings of a shoplifter in lakeland. three employees charged with manslaughter. we're seeing the moments leading up to the death and hearing the employees describe themselves exactly what happened. hayley heinz on that one in our control room. what have you learned hayley? >> the state attorney's office released 300 pages of documents as well as audio and video recordings from that early this morning february. while the employees charged in this case told police they were trying to restrain the shoplifter, one witness described something more brutal. it's february 7th, just before 3:00 a.m. 64-year-old kenneth wish land is pushing his cart around lakeland wal-mart filling it with $400 worth of items. video games, toast ter. rolls passed the register and sets off an alarm and he dishes the cart and runs through the parking lot with employee randy tom could tailing him.
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and two other employees. nathan hig gons charged with second degree manslaughter. here's what they told police. and i would like a little help and he it was like he was about to call toy pushed him a little bit. >> i tried to grab his wrist and just told him from maybe getting in his pockets because i didn't know if he had a gun or no. just went over and grabbed the guys feet to keep him from kick. i only held him for a minute. go. i didn't do anything. at one point did say i can't breathe. >> all three employees acknowledge wal-mart policy not to touch shoplift eemplez here's what the witness saw. >> the first gentleman as he he was rung the lady caught up with him and fell on the back. and she was punching him in the head closed fix the the j- gentleman never punched back. he was holding his head. fell to the glownd and got back up. the lady was 12eu8 punching him
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limp came and put his knee in the wack the third man she is referring to is tom could. he was streaming, let me go, let me go. >> how long would you guess ta mate how thong long they were on top of him before -- >> probably four to 505 minutes. they say he died from mechanical asphyxia due to restraint. and he had 16 broken ribs and heart disease them could tell the ribs were broken before they >> jeffrey homes, the lairdzs for randy tom could says it is tragic that wish umm died but she's employees were just doing their job. he says the employees have the right to detain shoplifters. if convicted tom could, nunez and hig gons could each face 15 years in prison live in the control room. hayley hiefnltz fox 13 news eye oo. >> all right hail hayley, thank you. and they say catle have nine lives. and he hit internet by storm
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survival. he is starting a new life in his forever home of the heat you may remember barkts a zombie cavment the former owner thought he died after he was hit by a car and bawr bur read him in shay low grave but bart include his way oil. was brought to the humane society of tampa bay where they have been rehabilitated him and fighting for custody. they recently got custody and today they celebrated his adoption with cake and champagne. one of the vet techs who nursed new mom. >> we're so dishietd we're finally able to make it legal that he is our cat and we know he will stay in our home forever. he is such a big part of our familiar lynx we can't maj imagine life without him. >> his familiar home is familiar to him because she has been his foster home for the last year. think about what he's been through.
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>> go back home. >> a group of man na trees trapped. >> what a story this is this. >> they were washed into a pound pond a couple weeks ago during hurricane hermine. >> coming up tonight how they got there and who is giving them a helping hand. what do you got paul? a tropical storm nup south carolina sning place. we'll talk about. that it sim pacing our weather in the sense it is bringing tropical moisture from the south and south woasms not a lot of have the thursday forecast in detail in five minutes. i'll see you then. more than 60 years eag became a circus performer. if i had to do it again, woi do it again. >> meet lily and norma. circus people. >> it's a beautiful light. you are together as much as you can.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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>> new at 10:00 tonit. port richey is the first city in pasco county to de crim na ma lies maul small amounts of pot. officers can choose to write a ticket instead of making an a reessments similar riewz are if place right now in tampa and also in orlando. >> wildlife volunteers in for a busy morning. getting ready to move a half dozen man na tease tomorrow morning that are stuck in a golf coast pond in citrus county.
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hurricane hermine washed them over. a small bridge. live at the plantation on crystal river. how are they doing tonight aaron. >> reporter: and it's a dyer situation but experts tell me the manatees are stuck in a pond that is full of food for them. so they are basically sphwhimg a buffet. and it's time to get back to a crystal river. and in a golf coast pond. you have to watch yourself. but a half dozen man na teams. and that shock didn't last long because manatees are common in the canal that leads into the body of water on the plantation of crystal river. a bridge keeps them out but when hurricane hermine pound citrus county, a storm surge pushed the manatees over the bridge. >> and the water recede so quickly they weren't able to get
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wasn't long before someone saw them. actually one of the moms was stuck when we discovered them. this a volunteer fleeing man a team. she and her calf are one of two come boz. it additional adolescent ones. those are happy manatees right now. because this water hazard is far from hazardous. it's full of weeds that are a feast for these animals. as soon as they were given an opportunity to cross over into here, it didn't surprise us at them. but time to move on. they will join a eye team of experts on thursday as the manatees will be hauled back to the canal. there are several aligators also in there. there is one much bigger issue. >> there's two big moms in here that are pushing 1500 pounds. >> it could take up to 20 people to get a manatee on a massive stretcher and move too. it's man power. you get a person on every handle and lift and walk.
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river from what these are calling a manatee vacation. >> they probably haven't had this much to eat ever so i think they will miss this place. >> and i snoo and i mentioned the one wig issue moving the massive mother cafls, mother manatees but they have to be moved together with their calves so this will be an ee nor nows mows process. they cannot be separated otherwise the cafl can be ab tears not of man a ceesms all six of them, 20 yards to that canal. it will take all the volunteers that start at # a.m. and we'll have a good day crew ow here as it happens. >> aaron mess mer. fox 13 news. >> and they finally get a quiet spot and untouched vegetation ierks oo and they will be gaining a lot of wait.
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people who goes out there and throw more food out. really nice. >> and a tropical storm on the map. a tropical depression way out in the atlantic. we'll put into motion today heavy rain moving from southwest to north east. you can see it on the rear view met cavment just a lot of tropical air in place. then you get a break and it rains again. the rain goes by. you know, the break and eventually it turns towbt a good sunset tonight. check it out. first off tonight. double dell recox a lot of rain in eastern hillsborough county. nicely done for our boweddy ron and after the glow tonight engel wood. picnic island. all these photos by the way on my facebook page. they make nice wall posters on the computer. today tropical moisture over us. we still havel storm spring up over south carolina.
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for a couple more days but i think most of the time it's not going to be raining at all and now, we've lost heating there. is a south and southwest wind in play. so later on tonight. there will likely be at least a few showers pump ago long the coast but i don't think there will be anything necessarily wide spread. temperatures well, now where they should be sn time of year in the low 80s near the coast. mid to upper zero's inland and of course right now we're pretty much in the peek of the hurricane tropical season. track. actually we have invest in the central gulf as a 10% chance of development. that's moving west to texas. we have tropical storm julia. we have tropical storm ian and tropical depression knox 12, td12 will most likely become tropical storm karl with a k as it moves to the northwest. and those who picked this weekend to vacation in charleston, not great.
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you all weekend long. going to kind of spin out over the atlantic over the gulf waters. a lot of shear so not expecting significant intensification but still low pressure, tropical storm here will bring with it bands of rain and gusty winds. the computer models a little bit confused. i mean, not a lot of wind in the atmosphere so most likely just going to meander out across the now this is td no. 12. for the time being there will be a lot of shear. not expect significant development but nay couple of days, specifically over the weekend. it could become tropical storm kar lnchts still tough to say. the high north system,. the gfs doesn't, sunday and monday still way out there. we'll be watching it as it moves west across the atlantic and the european model shows ian going
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be karl moving to the west and then behind that one, another one developing here and that's really about it. so we'll be watching these two systems with ernest as they move west northwest to the european curves it out across the atlantic by wednesday. we're 82. dewpoint 76. winds southwest at 75. rest of tonight. a pretty decent moon light out there tonight. isolated showers near the coast. down to 78. a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow and showers and developing by afternoon and they'll move southwest to north east. we're back up to eight #. the out look for friday is more of the same. should on can i think for most of the high school football games friday night. 88 for a high. after that we're still 85 to 90 for highs. 75 to 80 for loavmentz still bouncing between 30 and 50% rain chances. as the summer season conditions continues. back to you. sounds good paul. it may just be a van but for a
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represents so much freedom. >> you can't measure the viewfl that van in dollars. there's no way her husband's wheelchair access able van was stolen right out of their driveway. up next why the thief hurts more than 1als family.
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new at ten... a heartless a heartless crime has left this wheelchair bound tampa man with no way to get to his medical appointments. someone stole his specially designed van right out of his name is eric chapman. he has battled als for five years equals that van for is rob vee os reasons his life line. it's the only way to see his world beyond his front porch. and chris is here now. and this van has a story behind it right. >> and not only is it his medical life life goat him to his value bell aiments but there's more to it than. that and i hope quhofer has that van out there here's this and
10:25 pm
the family in her receipted that van to to him who lost his life to als and when he losses his life they were going to donate the van to another family with als. and margarita chapman went outside at 11:00 this morning t was gone and it is a devastating blow for this couple. margarita says not only do they depend on that van to getter can to his medical appointments but it's really freedom and normalcy. >> my husband is trapped in his body with als so we try not to be trapped in our lives. even even though we might not go out as much but just to know we have the van available to us so we can drive down the road or whatever it is we need to do, it gives us a sense of security. it gives us a sense that we're okay in the mist all this. >> all right. i want every one to stop quha they are doing at home and look
10:26 pm
road and maybeel of able to hevment a hunter green, 2005 chevy up launder. if you see this van or think you know who might have t call tampa police and eric's wife says the thief can return it no questions asked. she says if you don't want to bring to the drive way, just block top of the tblok block. they just want the van back oofnltd police license to this. the thief may have gone off the van because it's a wheelchai the metal ramps can be vawl bell as scravment but let's hope they haven't destroyed it and they will find desen si in themselves to return it. >> and let's hope something good bms cops. replacing it if we have to and i'm sure a lot of people interested in helping out if they can. let's find it first. >> thank you chris. >> and three tampa police officers intentionally run down by a driver in arizona.
10:27 pm
that we're not planning three funerals right now. >> an update on how the officers are doing night and what we're
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an update to this y246wy yy6y shocking video out of >> update now to shock video coming out of phoenix. three police officers hit intentional lynx look at that. tonight we're learning more about the man who was behind the wheel and how the officers are >> and as o jonathan hunt tells us this is not the first run in with the police. >> it was around 5:45 a.m. on tuesday when the nissan pulled into this phoenix quick trip gas staismtion the driver back nothing a space and sitting there for three minute as three police officers stand talking in front of convenience store. >> then with no warning, the nissan driver pulls out of space and aims his vehicle directly at the officers, sending all three
10:31 pm
to subdue the suspect but he fiessments eventually one officer fires a taser and the suspect goes down. >> they were victims of an unprovoked violent intentional act. these officers could of easily been killed and i thank got that we're not planning three funerals right now. the officer flying through the air is 33 year oasmed it was he suffered a head injury. another officer has a broken leg and the third was the fight with the suspect. all expected to be okay. mark la quon pane who is 44 years old was arrested at the scene. he made his first court appearance over night and faces three charges of attempted murder. >> this intentional act as the police chief called it follows the targeted murders of police officers this summer in dallas and baton rouge. >> this isn't pane's first altercation with police. according to court documents, he
10:32 pm
stop in 1997. he had a clean record after that until the early hours of tuesday morning. >> in los angeles. jonathan hunt, fox news. >> and closer to home tonight investigators in hillsborough county are searching for main who raimed deputy as well. the sheriff's office says the deputy pulled over the driver last night in plant city when he went up to the carks the driver wakd up and knocked the dut the deputy, thank goodness, was not badly hurt. and the pasco county sheriff deputies have been sniewd federal court after a mentally ill man was shot with a device while in his jail cell. matthew tra bee no suffers schizophrenia. last august he was dook booked into jail on a patrol violation. video shows what happened next when he wouldn't put his hands through the food shoot.
10:33 pm
him thaisms weapon described as a flash bang grenade from a shotgun a. core knees say the blast caused lasting injuries to his leg and could have cost him his life. >> part of their job is to de escalate situations. when they chose to make verbal commands to him that they knew he wouldn't comply with because of his mental health state and then his noncompliance is used as a means to shoot him with the nova round. it's really honestly discussion. >> in a lawsuit filed in federal cowrks the attorneys for tra vino say the sheriff's violated his constitutional rites. the suit also accuses them of official misconduct for false filing records about this incident. state attorney bernie ma caib says his office does not plan to file criminal charges. pasco county sheriff chris nicole declined to comment on that lawsuit. >> well, after taking time off
10:34 pm
hillary clinton expected to be return to the campaign trail teem. but it's an e-mail leak from another former secretary of state raising eyebrows tonight. a web site favored by russian earkz released private e-mails belonging to colin powvment it's what powell broat about clinton that is getting attention. in one e-mail i wrote quote i would not have to vote for her although she say friend with i respect. a 70-year-old purge with a husband who is still blank bim goes at home of the heat the clinton campaign is not commenting on the e-mails neither is her running mate. and howard calls the republican nominee a national distress and international pariah who lead a racist farther move ment against pred president o bhavment all this coming as trump is gaining ground though. a new poll shows clinton at 48
10:35 pm
in the same poll. >> new at 10:00 tonight. video from the newest ationd of the greatest show on earth. the bring lg brornlings and barnum and bailey sir scus started back in 1919 and for many years with the ringling objection sarasota has been a center of everything sir ciewssments and including ther early years. and lloyd sow wers show us tonight their window through time. 90-year-old norma fox creates ul her friend who is 93. they living history of how it was performing city to city in 1948. it was miss ra bell on the train but great on the train t. was an experience t. ways great experience. i f- i had to do it over again, woi do it again. >> norma was born in denmark. a heard her family sold her to the circus but she says not quite i was just donated, let's
10:36 pm
and say they got rid of me. >> but norma got the last laugh. she became a star in the circus. she was called the norma and in 1951 da mill shows her the big circus movie. >> one frayed row. one week link. all one frais of fair. the glamorous start of fim was betty but norma was the stunt dem no and did all the strifnlgtz the looks were close >> she was a lot bigger than me though. >> they loof and love their dog heidi. and they remember the people they performed with. >> a beautiful light. you try to stay together as much as you can. >> many of their friends passed on but they still know what they love most about the circus life. >> when the people applauded. you don't do it for the money. you do it for the plawz applause
10:37 pm
applause from thousands of shows and so many mem or reesms for willy and norma life will always be a circus. >> for years both willy and norma taught kids to be circus per for mars mers and they are all well-known in the circus community of sarasota. >> isn't that something. >> nice. >> and arson arrest. he is accused of saight mosque on fire. and now police say they have caught their guy. what they found on line linking animal remains found with evidence pointing to religious sacrifices... but why were they left on the courtney campbell causeway?? the
10:38 pm
we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans. i'd like to punch him in the face. you know what they used to do to guys like that? i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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coming up tonight at 11... george zimmerman... >> this coming up at the top of the hour at 11:00. george zimmerman is forced to defend himself even though he is case. we'll here the heated exchange between him and the attorney when the case of trayvon martin got crowt up at trial. and could an insurace defnts a campaign sign put this florida senate in jeopardy. >> we have the video on the fox # 13, 11:00 news. >> thank you sin thee a. and police have arrested a man connected to a fire at a south florida noks. once attended by pulse shooter
10:41 pm
inside his home of michael slieb bertha linked him to the arson. schreiber is the one seen in surveillance video moments before the fire broke out. police say social media comments have also red thoam to consider the fire a hate crime. if convicted schreiber faces at least 30 years behind bars. >> uber and lyft and the commission are far from ending their battle over regulation. the ptca gave up some strictest rules to enforce. the croiz not in agreement here. uber threatening to leave tampa if rules proposed today are passed. the ptd crrks got wid ploiftsd con have fro vear shall ones. fairs and minimum wage time. they include fingerprint pript background checks with you bher and lyft propose and a cap on surge price at ten times the rate and no surge pricing during the emergencies.
10:42 pm
mosm we shall she see how it turns iewt. >> and is it too soon to see who is headed to tan con. nfl release 3rd first ballot tonight. i'll show what you bucs bust rdz on that list coming up. plus the current cast of buccaneers have a tough test in front of the them. a play off team from a year ago. the arizona cardinals well. head taught phoenix to break down the match up with the cards
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new at ten.. more upgrades are coming to the >> well, new at 10:00 now, more m up greats coming to the tampa airport they were grant $5 million tomorrow proft taism way. this new grant will liewt markings for the taxi ways. lawmakers also hoping the up grades will help keep the taxi ways safe and tourist coming to tampa bay. it is already undergoing a 957 million-dollar renovation. immediate a pick me up while getting your gross reevment they will soon offer south tampa offers a solution. the lakeland bay change to test
10:46 pm
location will be in familiar at the west gandy storm of a spokesperson says it's their way to improve us customer experience. experts believe pb lynx is ramping up their efforts as competitors inch closer to their territory. they have to be thinking a little bit what can we do? on thooch every one is lifl living lir lives on line and that includes groceries too. publix is stage tight lipped about where and when kiosk for starbucks will be coming to their stores but they say they will be coming and a a new way to get around ma deer dear beach. the new service begins soon with the ferries. they made a long waited announcement today in a press conference frens and a look at the ferry boats that are take passengers to nine different stops out there on the beach including a number of stores and local restaurants those behind
10:47 pm
the water ways could ease traffic especially on the boulevard where traffic can be a mess. >> it makes sense t makes sense to b- build to use these water ways to move people up and down from businesses to businesses an town to town. the water way is a way to go ahead and open up our street. the madeira beach ferry set sail on october 28 nl. think it it will be a big deal. i think it will work and light of people will be happy because of the tra at all the water ferry and say it's amazing it took us so long to get team i hope so. that would be g. let's see what is going on with scott in sports too night. the half game ballot is out. 94 players including a couple of bucs in the mix from last year. and john lynch. several first year players include donovan mcnabb and they will put cut that list to 25
10:48 pm
quite start of sphornt bucs and jameis winston who's touch down performance earned him offensive player of the week honors. just the third buccaneer to have the ward in the opening week. but now a new week. week two and a challenge a waits to the visit for the a arizona cardinals. this is a new week, we really don't, we're happy that we won but that's the thing about nfl, it's a week to week thing. we're trying to be undefeated this trying to be one and zero you know so we can't dpows on last week's game. and more for this week. two match ups bring in jude from phoenix. welcome in jude. great to see you and we look at this week two performance and i got to think that bruce aaron has a stiff talking to to his arizona cardinals after that week onedud against the patriots. what has been the response thought of locker room?
10:49 pm
i think bruce was extremely disappointed on what happened against the pay tree ossments not just players. it was game plan. bill belichick at his best and they took garafola and schooled them. and that bad snap that lead to the miss field go late but i think you'll see a cardinal team that comes out full bore with the offense. they will really try to attack and set the tone early in this football game. >> palmer has looked a lack luster. i dmoant if that was just what i saw in week one but is there any turn concern? >> when you look at pal me, the miscommunication from sunday is that the receivers just weren't on the same page and sometimes sometimes you get them freelancing on particular routes. i asked that question after practice today. i think you'll see a tighter situation here waist ond bruce sense of urgency.
10:50 pm
lose your first two games at home of the heat i don't want to say must win but there's a sense of urgency for this sunday against the bucks. all right to baseball and the raise. 2017 schedule is out. play tampa bay at home. first series against the yankees and for the first time since 2011, the rays will host a sith admission double heard. nice. and then on june 10th against oakland and september 1st, a forward too. joe madden and the cubs return. and game times set at later date but they open up with seven straight home games. that's nice to p cict season off. a little sense of comfort and it's come forth talk about 2017. it ssm something good about just an optimistic about look forward. and being healthy at the start of the season and snot limbing into the be quing of too. a fresh start. they are ending strong. kind of. for the most part.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
10:53 pm
war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? >> now your sky tower radar forecast with paul dellegatto ga to. >> look at that.
10:54 pm
that is from jennifer billing hall. we've had a love big storms in north port ingel wood and general ven news going back to late august. huge thunderstorm thrsm huge thank you fo jennifer. nicely done. don't forget to go to my facebook page and like t. a lot of great pictures there today. and weather picks con tests. upload your photos to the app. we give an umbrella way at monday through friday at and today back up to 90. morning low light southwest windout off the water. keeping things steamy over night. the rain we had over head is ca put. done with. that a few showers along the coast late tonight. but i don't think there will be much and tomorrow we stay in a tropical atmosphere. 20% chance of rain early. 30% by afternoon. showers and thunder showers moving inland.
10:55 pm
according a new survey one in eight employees say their thrr either stressed out or less productive because of the political discussions the in workplace and look at. this more than one in four say they have heard employees arguing about politics. and the oil maker announced are moving all the production of the small cars from the u.s. to mexico. the move will take place over the next two to three years. meanwhile mon set to hey monster of a deal with bear, the sd company 60 billion-dollar off femple the merger would create one of the world's largest ago gro chemical companies. that's that is if regular you lighters green light too. and forget kids this. halloween you could see cats and dogs trick or treen treating. a new survey say pet owners plan to dress their furry friends in costumes this year. because we thought you should novment know.
10:56 pm
>> and a little girl making the news tonight.
10:57 pm
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- marco. - polo. - marco. - polo. marco. marco? marco? but it's not a game when our senator doesn't show up. i'm patrick murphy. solving problems means showing up. showing independence. it's why i worked to protect women's health care and worked with both parties to stop cuts to medicare. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message because florida needs a full-time senator. marco? a little girl in marco? michigan..and her barbie car.. are going viral! >> all right. a little girl in michigan and her barbie are karr are going vie rasm the reason the little girl is four years old and she
10:59 pm
with gifts to give to her neighbors in need. 369 nibz lost everything in a so ra beck and her four brothers got to workloading the clothes and toys in the barbie car. the family that lost the home said they are so moved by the self lens act. i criesmed i got tierpd. it was unbelievable. the little girl, for her to donate her own toys and items of she doesn't even know, she's a special little girl. >> well, other people in the neighborhood sent the family cards and toys and set up a go fund me page to help them recover. >> that's a precious little girl learing a lesson at four years old. >> big heart in a small package. >> and time for the 11:00 news. right now at 11:00, disturbing discoveries along the courtney
11:00 pm
tated animal caucus as longt shoreline have bem pem disgusted and outrage oovmentd they should not be here on the causeway or any part. >> it shouldn't be going on but it is and now the question is why? >> think it's very important in order to seat actual quality. >> protesters angry over waste water getting dumped into the baism their demands at what st. pete's mayor is saying about st. >> those are happy manatees right now. >> tho living gt life in a gulf coast pond. that is about to end. here why tomorrow is moving day. you're watching fox 13 and the o 11:00 news starts now. >> new at 11:00, dead, decapitated and de come position. an investigation now underway after a woman says she found a number of dead animals along the courtney causeway. we have to warn you some of the


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