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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a developing story in polk county this morning: where a massive sinkhole has been spotted. it's not near any major road... but it's still causing some major problems, for the environment. that's because it's sinking right in the middle of a "mosaic" plant. fox 13's shayla reaves is out at
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and fox 13's shayla reaves is live out by the plant this morning... with the latest on this. shayla?
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the city of tampa will be keeping its red light cameras.. for another two years. the city council passed an agreement thursday on a new contract with
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it will allow the cameras to operate in the city into the fall of 20-18. the old contract had not expired yet.. so the city's 54 cameras at 21 different intersections will remain in full operation, uninterrupted. supporters say the cameras make intersections safer.. . but critics argue that they're simply a source of revenue for the city. the city of tampa will pay a former university of tampa student more than 78- thousand dollars. settle her case with tampa police. "rachel stockwell" was arrested outside a nightclub back on valentine's day in 20-14. she was 18 at the time. stockwell says an officer slammed her head into the pavement ?so hard... she suffered from memory problems and had to withdraw from school. the officer said stockwell resisted arrest when he tried to give her a trespassing warning. that officer was later fired. a distrubing crime at the university of florida. police say a student was secretly videotaping people in
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police say 31 year old "jovany fuentes" was recording other male students with his iphone camera. he reportedly told his friend all about it while they were out drinking.. a few days later.. that friend came forward.. and told police. so far, at least six students have come forward, believing they at this point, police don't think there are others. fuentes is charged with video voyeurism. and u-f police say fuentes is on interim suspension.. and isn't allowed on campus without permission. another florida unversity is looking for a new president today. by a vote of ten to one, the board of trustees at "florida a & m" voted to call for elmira mangum to step down immediately--even though she has six months left on her contract. mangum was the
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position for two and a half years. mangum was hired to repair the reputation of the university following a hazing scandal with their marching band. the board named larry robinson interim president. a scary crash in miami.. could have been a whole lot worse.. a kinder-care bus carrying 7 kids.. ?rolled over? the bus apparently t-boned a red pickup truck yesterday. the driver of the bus.. and the pickup truck.. both had to go to the hospital.. but we're told the seven kids aboard that bus were not hurt. ?all of them were wearing seatbelts. the crash southwest miami dade for several hours. police say the driver of the pickup truck will likely face charges. the a-c-l-u has now contacted a school district in south florida... after a principal ordered a ?ban on "national anthem" protests. ryan nemeth... the principal at lely high in naples... made an announcement last week, to all students attending sporting events. he said quote... "you will stand, you will stay quiet. if you don't, you're going to be sent home." the school district now says it was just
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the principal was addressing a recent volleyball game where students in the crowd were being disruptive during the anthem. but they say it ?wasn't a protest. the school district says students can ?peacefully protest the anthem if they want... as long as they have written permission from their parents. an update on that ?massive rescue operation in citrus county. seven manatees are safely back in the crystal river... thanks to dozens of ?strong volunteers. the sea cows were stranded in a golf hurricane hermine washed them over a bridge. but when the water started to recede... they were stuck in the pond. it was a massive relocation effort... but the volunteers pulled it off. ironically, the manatees probably didn't want to leave. they had plenty of vegetation to eat in that pond... and crews say some of the manatees started swimming right ?back towards the pond, as soon as they were
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?go for launch. the latest liftoff of an atlas rocket is just ?hours away. but up next: why you won't be able to ?see it... here in florida. plus: movie-goers will have to make some tough choices this weekend. two sequels... and a snowden. a look at all the new
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happening today: another rocket launch from the "united launch alliance." this time they're sending up an atlas five rocket. it's carrying the "worldview 4" satellite. you won't get to see the launch here in florida. it's happening at the vandenberg air force base in california. the launch window opens at 2-30 this afternoon. and here's closer look at what that satellite can do. it will be used by the company "digitial global" to take high resolution images of the earth's surface... for commerical use. but governments can use it too.. for security. a similar "world view" satellite that was just launched a year ago was used to provide real-time aerial imaging during the olympic games in rio. it provided 3-d views of all the
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and the new satellite will make those images clearer... and even ?more current.
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories today. and we begin... with the box office. traditionally... september is supposed to be a ?slow month for new releases. but today... movie-goers have three ?major new films to choose from. a conspiracy drama... a sequel... and a very scary remake: yup... the ?witch is back. "blair witch" is a new chapter in the horror franchise, started by the "blair witch project" the first film was a social media phemonenon 17 years ago... because a lot of people
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also new in theaters... the story of "edward snowden" gets the oliver stone treatment. joseph gorden levitt stars in "snowden"... which tells the story of how the former c-i-a employee leaked the nsa phone hacking scandal. and if you're looking for some laughs... "bridget jones" is back too. renee zellweger stars in the second sequel to "bridget jones diary"... "bridget jones's baby." this time bridget gets pregnant and doesn't know who the daddy is. the candidates: actors colin firth and patrick dempsey.
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and finally... another late night stop for a presidential candidate. donald trump paid jimmy fallon another visit on the tonight show thursday. and this time... jimmy asked the ?tough questions: and trump let him do it! the hair wobbled... but it did not fall. fallon also gave trump another presidential job interview... and asked why trump was leaving his ?current job. still ahead: a hiring event... a happy hour... and some horror. a look at some of the events you can check out this weekend. plus... dave has another
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a heads up for homeowners in citrus county. if you still have storm damage from hurricane hermine... start piling it up this weekend. county crews will be picking up storm debris on monday. the county will collect debris from every road with public access.. west of highway 19. and make sure you separate your debris: trees and limbs in one pile.. furniture and building materials in another. county lears do one other debris addition to the one monday. no word yet on tonight in tampa: some brillant minds will be honored. the florida inventors hall of fame will induct seven new members. the u.s. commissioner for patents will be the keynote speaker. and these were all ?major inventions... mostly involving cancer research, laser eye surgery, and solar energy. between all seven inventors... they have about ?ninety patents. today in tampa: a job
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taking place at the c-w young armed forces and reserve center in pinellas park. more than 50 employers will be on hand and the positions are for all skill levels. it starts at 8-30 a-m with a workshop. then, there's a brunch and information meeting at nine. the actual ?fair starts at 10-30. "forget paris... we'll always have pairings." thats the catchphrase for this year's tampa theatre wine fest. that's because the theme is "casablanca" the theater will into's "ricks cafe" for the two day event. it starts tonight with a wine tasting featuring dozens of wines and restaurant samples. then, a vip dinner tomorrow night. tickets for the fundraiser start at 55 dollars. something ?strange
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it's a "stranger things" party! based on the ?hugely popular netflix series. "the bends" bar will transform into the small indiana town from 1983 where the series takes place. you can dress up in your favorite 80s attire and listen to 80s music. the bar will also hand out masks of all the characters. just don't forget your eggos. it starts at nine p-m... there's no cover, but it's 21 and up. this is the first weekend you can enjoy halloween horror nights at universal studios. it kicks off tonight, and runs through october 31st. and they're pulling out all the stops this year... with haunted houses based on some of the scariest films and tv shows of all time... including "the exorcist" "texas chainsaw massacre", "the walking dead" and "american horror story." tickets start at 56-dollars
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa toss to shayla.... shayla.... toss to toss to shayla.... still ahead in the five o'clock hour of good day: your kids will never be lonely again... in the lunchroom. the new app... that helps them fight back, against bullies. and fox 13's shayla reaves is live in polk county,
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man who does portraits... for pets. and his clients don't have to pay a dime. he's getting a much better reward. and that's what makes him today's hometown hero. meet him... in our five o'clock hour. good day is back, in just two
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((walter holy cow... a big sinkhole opens up in polk county... and is leaking radioactive water. how in the world, are they gonna fix this? ((jen ?apple i-phone fans, today's the day... the new i-phone sevens are hitting store shelves. and we found people already waiting in line! ((walter plus... after 59- years together, a touching farewell... the sad but oh- so-sweet way... this happily married couple... finally had to part. ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's


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