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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  September 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we begin with a developing story in charlotte, north carolina. a violent protest broke out last night... following ?another deadly police shooting. and this one has been ?far from peaceful. at least a ?dozen police officers have suffereed injuries... mostly minor. but one officer was hit in the face with a rock. several police cruisers were also damaged, along with a t-v news truck. the protests also shut down the interstate... when people started looting semi-trucks and setting their contents on fire. the protests stem
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apartment complex. police say they went to the complex to serve a search warrant... and 43 year old "keith scott" was sitting in a car outside. when they approached, officers say they saw scott get out of the car holding a gun. they say he quote... "posed an imminent threat" ... and shot him. the gun that scott was holding was also recovered from the scene. but his family says he was ?not holding a gun. a developing story in pasco county right now... where deputies are investigatg fox 13's shayla reaves joins us now from new port richey...
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in sarasota: deputies have finally solved a cold case... about 30 ?years later. and the man they were looking for... changed his identity! on the left is "allen shultz"-- the man officers say beat his girlfriend "doris walker" back in 19-85. she was left a parapalegic. and when she died in 2004 the charge was upgraded to murder. shultz was never found. but in 1988... "allen sherwood" was arrested in collier county. look familiar? deputies say these two... were actually the ?same man! unfortunately they can't put him on trial. shultz died in 2003... in north carolina.
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hillary clinton is stopping at the "frontline outreach center." that's one of orlando's oldest early childhood education and recreational facilities. you can rsvp for free tickets on hillary's website... but there won't be a lot of room. the facility only holds around 750 people. doors open at noon. the event should begin at two p-m. it took a lot of people to handle the "pulse" nightclub attack in orlando over the summer...and all the aftermath. and the governor just thanked a few unsung heroes this week. who coordinated the state's response to the tragedy. within ?one day, many victim advocates were on the scene, working with the families of those who were injured or killed. they coordinated funerals, set them up with counseling services, and helped make travel plans for out-of-state family members. they also served as translators. the efforts of these workers made it easier for the families to focus on loved ones, rather
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each advocate was given an award in recognition of their service. the world is raising awareness today... for a disease with ?no cure. this is "world alzheimer's day" the disease every 68 ?seconds. and by the year 20-50... as many as 16 ?million people are expected to be living with it... worldwide. and it's just a problem with the elderly. an estimated 200 thousand people ?younger than 65 have early onset alzheimers. and here's a few ?early warning signs of alzheimer's. and it's not just your ?memory you need to pay attention. it can change your mood... making you depressed or fearful. it decreases your judgement... leading to a pattern of bad decisions. it can also
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work or social activities. and you may have trouble understanding visual images... like trouble reading or telling the difference between colors. a man in miami is in critical condition this morning, after getting struck by lightning. the man was working construction on the roof of a building when the strike hit the building tuesday afternoon. other construction workers say they began to get away from the building when they realized there was lightning in the area. that's when the man was hit. he was flown to the hospital, and no one else was hurt. a 13- ?prove his toughness anymore. he just has to ?show it. joshua stuart has a big cut on his foot... from a shark bite! and even though it just happened a few days ago... he's ready to go ?back in the water. the attack happened sunday in indian harbour beach in brevard county. he was surfing with friends when he felt something ?hit his leg, then felt a sharp pain in his foot. joshua says he knew what it was, before he even saw the
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the eighth grader needed six stitches... and still has to use crutches to get around. but he's back at school and anxious to get back in the
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launch pad... in limbo? up next: why mother nature is now threatening the next mission to space. and later this half hour: say bye-bye to "brangelina." the latest on hollywood's biggest breakup... and what may have
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new this morning: hillsborough deputies are investigating an attempted breakin... at an at & t store. but this criminal didn't use a door... they actually tried to go through the wall. this is at the store on east fowler avenue. deputies say bricks right out of the wall. but there was a refrigerator on the other side so they couldn't get through... and ran off. deputies are still looking for him. a new threat this morning... to space travel. and it's mother nature. a wildfire is burning out of control just outside the vandenberg air force base in california. and that base houses launch pads for both "spacex" and the "united launch alliance." the fire actually delayed an atlas-five rocket launch, that was suppose to take place over the weekend. the rocket is now locked up inside a hanger...
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fire has burned over 12 ?thousand acres... and it's only 45 percent contained. and just how ?close are those flames getting to the launch pads? this picture... says it all. this was taken the santa barbara county fire department. you can see the fire... right in the background. crews say the launch facilities are not in ?immediate danger... but fire crews are on standby at the pad... in case the flames get closer. the "atlas-five" launch has been pushed back until next monday... as the
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the time is now 4xxx... and heres a look at the top trending stories from overnight. and with a shocking loss in hollywood. director "curtis hanson" has passed away. he made about two ?dozen films... including big hits like "the hand that rocks the cradle'"... "l-a confidental"... and one
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yup... he directed "8 mile" too... the drama starring rapper "eminem" . hanson also directed "tom cruise" in one of his first roles... the movie "losin it" back in 1983. hanson died tuesday at his hollywood hills home. it was apparently a heart attack. hanson was 71 years old. another hollywood shocker on tuesday... with one of the biggest celebrity couples, calling it quits. "brangelina" is no more. brad pitt and angelina jolie are getting divorced. and even more surprising than the breakup... could be the reason ?why. the n reporting that pitt may have ?cheated with his latest co-star. and that jolie even hired a private investigator to visit the movie set. the co-star is oscar-winning french actress "marion co-till-e-ard." and her people ?deny the affair. jolie filed for divorce... citing irreconcilable differences. some insiders say jolie was also upset that pitt prefered
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the family. jolie wants full custody of their ?six children, but pitt would get visitation. and the person getting the last laugh in all this divorce drama could be... jennifer aniston. this cover for today's new york post... sums it up. of course aniston was married to pitt ?before jolie. and pitt cheated on ?aniston... while making a movie with jolie. sound familiar? "us weekly" is reporting that when aniston divorce she told a friend quote... "thats karma for ya!" ?think you can pull off a diamond heist? or survive in the wild west? up next: the new local attraction... that could be the "perfect escape." plus... dave has another check
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my sweethearts gone sayonara. w4h80fthis scarf all thatsp?su? left to remem... ?bl?s?.?av(?$ what! she washed this like a month ago
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today in tampa: the city holds another public hearing, for the proposed 20-17 budget. mayor bob buckhorn presented the budget back in july... totalling about 900 ?million dollars. today is the second of ?two public hearings that need to be held before the budget officially gets passed. the first meeting was earlier this month.((more) the proposed budget includes 250 million dollars to reduce flooding and improve water quality. it also sets aside funds to p including julian b. lane riverfront park and curtis hixon park. it also pays for improvements to the tampa convention center. today's meeting starts at five at city hall. the new fiscal year starts... on october first. a great escape today... in clearwater. an "escape room" attraction is having its grand opening. "escape thrill" is on u-s 19, north of the clearwater mall. the attraction has been open for several months, but tonight the clearwater regional chamber of commerce will do the actual ribbon
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people to r-s-v-p get free admission. it has four different themed rooms to choose from... including the "diamond heist"... which this group experienced. starting today in tampa: you can hear the florida orchestra... without paying a dime. the orchestra will have fifteen free concerts, over the next four days. and they're taking the show on the road. today.. they perf hospital... the sundial shopping center in st. pete, and even tampa international airport. this is video from them performing at the moffit cancer center, earlier this year. and what happens when you
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pop music? you get "il divo"... a quartet that sings classial tunes with a modern twist... and all in ?italian. the group was actually brought together by simon cowell... back in 2003. the show is at ruth eckerd hall in clearwater, starting tonight at eight. and today in orlando... you can hear a popular tv theme song... ?live. the "bo deans" are performing at the epcot international food and wine festival. yup... the band behind the "party of five" theme song. they'll be there today, tomorrow and friday performing several sets. it's included with
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((//2shot)) toss to dave... ((vanessa toss to shayla.... toss to ((vanessa toss to shayla.... still ahead in the five o'clock hour: the latest on the massive chaos... in the city of charlotte. protests over another police shooting... are getting ?very
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county... on a father.. accused of doing something ?awful in a school car line.. also ahead in the next hour: this week's extraordinary ordinary is a mother... on a mission. how she's keeping her's sons memory alive... good day is back.. in just two minutes.
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i wore a badge for 38 years knowing how much you trusted us to keep you safe. yet when a officer was killed in action florida was not doing enough to give their families the help od. that was wrong, so we changed that law. to ensure these families get the benefits they are entitled to and the honor they deserve. dana young has our back and she has yours. dana young a return to common sense. first there's shaving. blades. sharp and precise. then gillette shielding.
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oooh... got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get. proshield. available with or without chill. chaos in the carolinas...
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?another fatal police- shooting... involving a black man. ((jen a pasco parent... gets really "out of line" at school. what he's accused of doing... with children just feet away. ((walter having trouble waking-up this wednesday morning? don't reach for the ?java... there are other, ?non-caffeinated ways to get some quick energy... and they're right there... in your ?pantry... and ?bathroom! ((walter)) its now 5:?? thanks for joining us. i'm walter allen((jen)) and i'm jen epstein. let's start off with a check of the skytower


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