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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rocks thrown, cruisers >>russell: rocks thrown, cruisers destroyed, officers hurt. violence erupts in north carolina after another officer involved shooting of a black man. this time, though, the o >>laura: and car line rage. a man is accused of sending an elderly volunteer to the hospital. what deputies say he did when he was told to move his car in the school dropoff line. >>russell: and the federal government is making way for cars that drive themselves. tampa is leading the charge. >>dave: a couple of isolated
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you may see a couple of showers along the coastline early this morning and then what we'll do is shift them inland for the afternoon. 79 in tampa, 76 in new port richey. 80s still in clearwater and st. petersburg as high temperatures today make their way back up to 90 degrees with the 30% rain chance. vanessa? >>vanessa: thanks, dave. it's been quiet throughout the morning. we'll give you an update on your trav sunshine skyway bridge looks clear. only 15 to 17 minutes if you're coming from the 275/75 junction in manatee county over the north end of the bridge. mean meantime, lots of green out there. no big complaints. the only slow spot we have is going to be northbound along the veterans expressway near gunn highway. no incidents reported here but
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>>laura: chaos in charlotte following the fatal shooting of a black man. they could be seen setting fires, too, at least 12 officers were hurt trying to break up the crowd. one was hit by a rock. the freeway reopened just a short time ago but the tensions remain high. >>russell: officers were searching for a suspect with an outstanding warrant. they confronted an armed man. his family has a different story on this, though. >>reporter: riots break charlotte, north carolina injuring at least 12 officers and several protestors after police say they shot and killed a black man with a gun. >> people are calling my phone saying that your brother had a gun. he had no gun. >>reporter: police were serving a warrant when they saw a black man getting out of his car. >> as they engaged him, he is
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scene as well. he made some imminent threat. because of that, at least one officer fired. >>reporter: scott's family said he was waiting in his car for his son like he does every afternoon. >> he was waiting on his son. >> he was getting off the bus. >> this man is disabled. he was shot and killed. >>reporter: the family claims they have a video. >> i'm going to get it out. don't worry about that. do you understand that by me having a video means that i'm a target, >>reporter: the unrest comes on the heels of a police shooting in oklahoma. police officers are calling for the arrest of officer belty shelby. >> her life wasn't in jeopardy. we saw the tape. everyone saw the tape. >>reporter: the officer in the charlotte shooting has been placed on administrative leave while an investigation is underway.
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this morning. >>laura: we're learning more about his past. rahami is charged with planting a series of explosives in new york and new jersey including one that injured more than two dozen people. a federal criminal complaint shows the f.b.i. looked into him in 2014 but came up with nothing. his father had expressed concerns his son may be a terrorist but during questioning, he said that he meant his son was hanging with >> what's going on? we don't know yet. >> now he say he's a terrorist. >>laura: rahami was never personally questioned because he was in jail accused of hitting his mother and stabbing a brother. grand jury let him walk. federal agents have tried talking to him in the hospital but they say he's not cooperating. meantime, officials are examining his computer and phone records to see if he had any
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at this point, it appears that he acted alone. >>russell: he was carrying a handwritten notebook when he was captured and authorities say it is filled with extremist ramblings and references to terror leaders. there is a bright spot. both police officers who were wounded in the shootout with rahami have been released from the hospital. a shrapnel grazed one officer's head. he was released yesterday. officer padilla was shot in the tors sxoe a bulletproof vest quite likely saved his life. >>laura: members of congress were pushing to suspend refugee programs for syria and the middle east. >>russell: now funding could come down to a fight over national security. yesterday morning we told you about a new report showing how the department of homeland security mistakenly granted citizenship to more than 800 emigrants who were supposed to be deported, many coming from dangerous parts of the world.
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suspend the refugee program to find a resolution to fund the government past september 30. >> we've already seen this, you know, with orlando, san bernardino, chattanooga and the attacks just in the last couple of days. this is our future. when the administration seems to be communicating to the american people that we'd better get used to this, i don't think so. >>russell: this debate comes as president obama address united nations general assembly for the eighth and final time as president. he's already committed to accepting 10,000 syrian refugees by the end of the month. the president did not mention the recent domestic terror attacks or a failed truce in syria. instead he focused on the threat posed by groups like isis. >> if we were to turn refugees away simply because of their background or religion or because they are muslim, then we would be reinforcing terrorist
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own are somehow opposed to islam. >>russell: the chances of suspending the refugee program are slim because there's so much riding on the government spending bill, including money to fund the bill to fight zika. that needs to happen to avoid a government shutdown. >>laura: a pasco county father is accused of ramming his car into a volunteer in a school dropoff line. fox 13 us. we know car lines can be frustrating but this is ridiculous. they say he did this with intent. >>reporter: yeah. this particular parent took matters into their own hands and landed a picture you won't find in the year book. this is 34-year-old lawrence dean franklin. he's accused of not only breaking rules but breaking the law. you're looking at his mug shot.
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in the parent dropoff loop. deputies say franklin refused to switch lanes and could have put people walking in danger. a volunteer stood in front of the car to intervene but listen to what happened next. authorities tell us franklin intentionally took his foot off the brakes. the car struck the 79-year-old man, injuring him. deputies arrested franklin for using his car to hurt someone over the age of 65. he's behind bars in the land o lakes jail and he has a bond at $50,000. as for the volunteer, the volunteer is expected to be okay. of course, we'll continue to follow this story and we'll keep you posted if we learn anything further. back to you. >>laura: we know you will. thank you. top officials at mosaic are apologizing for how they handled a massive radioactive spill at their plant in mulberry. >> we realize that we could have done a better job and providing more timely notification to our neighbors and the broader community. i deeply regret and apologize
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information sooner. >>laura: mosaic senior vice president and other senior managers went before the polk county commission yesterday. massive sink hole and the radioactive water spill happened last month but the public didn't find out until last week. he would not say why the company was tight lipped until now. if you live near the plant, mosaic will pay to have your water well tested. you can contact the department of environmental protection for help testing company. >>russell: pinellas county officials are dealing with another water issue. million gallons of sue yaj that poured into tampa bay during hurricane hermine. it was a packed house as a workshop. city of st. pete got the most attention. lawmakers wanted to know why the waste water facility was closed last april before improvements
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mayor kriseman said his focus is on prevention. >> it's going to take time to bring that capacity up. we cannot get that work done overnight. >>russell: a long-term solution is already underway. that could take two to three years. there was no time for public comment. officials are planning to hold another meeting to allow for public comment. >>laura: attorney pam bondi is defending a $25,000 political contribution fro >> i would never, ever trade any campaign donation, that's absurd, for -- for -- for some type of favor to anyone. >>laura: she rejected accusations the donation influenced her office to dismiss complaints against trump university in 2013. she said only a single complaint had been filed. she said it was handled by a lower level staff member and she
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complaint at the time. trump said he sought nothing from bondi. trump university is the focus of lawsuits in two states. >>russell: well, success for your weekend barbecue. finally, finally someone has created a hamburger hot dog hybrid. >>laura: you always wanted one, didn't you? that's coming up in 15 minutes. then a big day for both sides of the bay. we'll learn much more about the ferry that's set to connect st. petersburg and ta up at 6:30. >>dave: and it's 6:11. a couple of quick showers. boy, they're getting close to pinellas county but they're also falling apart as well. we have a quick shower north of clearwater. we'll see a few more as the morning moves along, but the overall rain chances are dropping going from 40% yesterday to 30% today. we're going to finish up near 90
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i do see one near dunedin and it's falling apart and that's going to be the theme as a lot of this activity works closer to the coastline this morning. yesterday was interesting because we had a little extra umph in the atmosphere this morning and held some showers together. we don't have quite the umph today. you might get one or two hit the coast. they'll start to fall apart. the thing is, over the course of the next two or three days, drier air sits on top of chances. i know. the thing is, when you do that and it's still summertime for us, that means you're almost guaranteed to get back up to the 90-degree mark in the afternoons so crystal river, you're at 72. brooksville, wesley chapel, lakeland, bartow, all these areas nice. they're in the mid 70s. tampa international is 79. clearwater and st. petersburg, still at 80 degrees this morning. it's tough. when you have a water
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then you get an onshore wind, good luck trying to cool that off. i think it's going to take a strong cold front to knock down the water temperatures and we don't see that in the foreseeable future. like seven to 10 days. i have 70s around the state. lower 80s to the keys. obviously the juicy dew points so even though we have a lot of surface moisture, we don't have a lot of mid level we're splitting the state in half this morning. to the south, a lot more moisture in the mid levels of the atmosphere. to the north it's drier. rain chances are going to be best further south and then to the north, we're just going to keep chipping away at them. yesterday we had a 40% rain chance. today will be a 30% rain chance. toorrow will be a 20% rain chance and so on and so on. so hot with a few isolated
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inland. 90 degrees for a high temperature. even though we had the rain at about 10:30 yesterday morning, we still managed to make it up to 90 degrees yesterday so we'll do it again today. warm and muggy tonight with a low near 77. 90 tomorrow. tone's rain chance will drop even further as we're bringing it back to around 20%. other than an isolated shower, i got to tell you, it looks like the boating does look fantastic. tomorrow at 10:21, we'll usher we'll stay around 90 for the first half of the weekend and then rain chances will go up to 40%, probably not until next monday. >>vanessa: are the leaves going to fall just like that in that graphic? >>dave: not here. >>vanessa: all right. it's 6:17 and good news is we are crash-free right now on the major roadways and so with that, we'll give a check of the speeds and the conditions out there. this is a live look.
6:18 am
tampa international airport, that general area looks like we're flowing very smoothly with the traffic in this stretch of our majors. 275, by the way, heading northbound from i-4 up towards pasco county, that junction with 75, 15 minutes, four minutes eastbound coming from the interchange taking i-4 to the mlk exit and then it should only be a nine minute drive from the fletcher to selmon taking 75. >>laura: thank you. protests hav in charlotte, north carolina after the fatal police shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. officers say they were serving the warrant at an apartment complex when they saw scott get in and out of the car with a weapon. 12 police officers have been injured during these demonstrations. >>russell: air force continues to investigate a deadly crash over california involving a u-2 spy plane. tuesday's incident saw one pilot killed, another injured. it happened just north of
6:19 am
training mission where witnesses reported seeing the pilots ejecting from the plane. officials have not revealed what caused the crash. >>laura: and relief at the pump is coming soon for drivers across the southeast. officials say a bypass line that leaked about 6,000 barrels of gas has been fixed. pending an integrity test, the pipeline is expected to reopen today. it will take a few days before the fuel supply chain can recover, >>russell: one county as plan of action to remind you to lock your doors to prevent your stuff from getting stolen. >>laura: and a piece of movie history is on the market but can the average mother afford harry
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible.
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you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's time to see what >>laura: 6:22 and time to see what's clicking on the web. >>russell: vanessa, what are you doing? >>vanessa: good. how are we doing? you're getting me again for hot clicks. >>russell: there's nothing wrong with that.
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i'm glad you're enjoying them as well. when you go to a hotel, of course you expect fresh towels, soap, clean sheets and maybe when you get to a really nice hotel, you expect a little bit more. maybe a mint on the pillow. maybe some slippers, a robe. well, one traveller expected something extra special and he got it. so take a look at this. seth friedland shared these photos on facebook. when he booked his hotel room, he asked if there was anything they could do more comfortable and he asked for framed photos of jeff goldbloom and they delivered. all right. friedland said that goldblume is his girlfriend celebrity crush so if you're looking for extra special treatment, maybe a vacation, check out the huntley motel in santa monica,
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wall. can you put these pictures -- >>russell: that's a high end hotel if you're going to do that. >>vanessa: i feel like i need to come up with a creative something the next time i go to a hotel. here is this one. magical new listing on the market in london. harry potter fans will recognize 12 picket post place as number four the house is 30 miles west of london and was only used in the first installment of the harry potter film. in 2010 it went on the market for about $380,000. it's currently listed for $616,000. i wonder if it has the broom closet. harry potter fans will know that. and finally, i may or may not like this idea.
6:25 am
successfully patented and started selling a ham dog. >>russell: i'm for it. >>vanessa: laura? it's a combination of a hot dog and a burger. they're in one bun and this sketch is required in filing for a patent. it's not too tricky. it's just a burger split in half, allows the hot dog to be placed between the pattys. i was worried. >>vanessa: it first appeared on shark tank. judges turned him down for funding but there's a big demand at fairs. >>russell: you'll bet you mark cuban would be all for this. >>vanessa: haven't you ever been to a cookout and the host says, do you want a hot dog or hamburger? >>laura: at some point you have
6:26 am
what do you want? >>vanessa: i want that. >>dave: you want both, you can have both. >>vanessa: dave is a good host. >>russell: i like everything about this. >>laura: just make up your mine, folks. >>russell: i was worried about the bun. they have it. now we know. the state wru live can be an indicator of whether your marriage will last. >>laura: and a warning for people in alcides segui has that story this morning. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. yeah. auto thefts are a problem in many parts of the bay area. sheriff's office here at pasco is doing something a little different outside the box. but is it preventing auto theft snz i will tell you this. it's getting attention of a lot of folks at home.
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good morning i'm russell rhodes and i'm laure moody .. summer i almost >>russell: welcome. >>laura: good morning. summer is almost over for most people in most parts of the country but not here. good morning, dave. >>dave: we love summer around here, so we just extend it for a few weeks, okay? yeah. summer starts tomorrow morning minute. and we're still back up to 90 degrees. i see a little bit of cloud cover that's going to mix in with the beautiful sunrise. i think it's going to be another pretty day. we do have a couple of isolated showers offshore but the difference today, a little less energy, a little less moisture in the mid levels of the at months fear. 30% the rain chance, muggy as we start or drive off at 78
6:31 am
back above normal, 90, 91 in many spots. >>vanessa: thank you. about to switch over to 6:31. and so far, so good throughout the morning we haven't been really dealing with any incidents and that continues into this report here. we're checking out hillsborough county. 275/mlk, the traffic is starting to pick up a bit but great travel times so cruise at your leisure here. we have you on the road here, 275 between pinellas and hisb eastern hillsborough county along i-4 and southbound 75 getting the green light. >>russell: protests continue after a man was shot and killed by police in charlotte, south carolina. officials say keith lamont scott got out of the car holding a gun. officers opened fire, killing him. he was 43 years old. since then, chaos all over the
6:32 am
bangs to try to control the crowd as they lit fires on the highway. 12 officers hurt, including one who was hit in the face with a rock. >>laura: emergency crews had to prepare for a full scale evacuation at florida hospital in wesley chapel. that after an explosion blew out the air conditioning. luckily that didn't happen. the a.c. is back up and running. explosion happened in an area of the hospital under construction at the time. officials say they were prepared to evacuate all 125 patients if emergency crews in pasco county had to deal with something similar at bayonet point. they did have to evacuate. >>russell: do you want to see something really cool? this is the newest look if he future of channelside. developers unveiled a series of renderings yesterday. they say the $3 billion project is now bigger than they initially planned. plan is connecting the port and channel district with downtown tampa and it will include 500
6:33 am
new waterfront park which includes a pavilion and a beer garden. phase one of the project should start early next year. >>laura: that's exciting. >>russell: it's not going to be quick. i'm sorry. >>laura: protecting your car and your home may be as easy as logging on to facebook. >>russell: a local sheriff's office came up with a great idea to get people to lock their doors every nice. alcides segui is live at pasco. we talk car break-in so what are they going to try to do to prevent it from happening there? >>reporter: sheriff's office is using social media. it's a great idea. they have thousands of followers not only on facebook but also on twitter as well and we know that social media is expanding every single day and we know that pasco county has a history of auto thefts. back in june, in two to three weeks only, they had 50 car break-ins so the sheriff's office is doing something new.
6:34 am
every night at 9:00, they tweet out a picture and post a picture on their facebook and it serves as a reminder to everyone living in the county and everyone living around the bay area to lock your car door, also lock your house and this social media blitz seems to be working as well because they have more than 100 retweets last night. folks are taking pictures of their locked doors and the word is getting out. auto break-ins are a problem for many parts of the bay area and pasco county, break-ins are focused around the u.s. 19 also happened in trinity, land o lakes as well as wesley chapel. most of the suspects are juvenile, coming from other counties. the pasco county sheriff's office do what's called an enhanced neighborhood check. deputy goes door to door and put up electric signs with a message, "lock your doors and keep what's yours." the sheriff says they've reduced the number of car break-ins by 90%. they could reduce the number of
6:35 am
would simply lock their doors. so coming up a little later on "good day tampa bay," we'll go inside the sheriff's office, we'll speak with top brass about the new campaign, what they want to achieve and the reaction they're receiving from the general public. >>russell: thank you. federal government issues the first rules for self driving cars. tampa launches phase two of a project to bring connected vehicles to real city streets. this morning, walter takes a technology. >>walter: good morning. tampa is one of three sites in the united states authorized to test fully connected vehicles. the leroy selmon expressway serves as a test bed for cars designed to reduce the risk of crashes in the traffic flow and trig the carbon footprint. this week the expressway authority is launching phase two of the connected vehicle pilot program. 40 wireless communication
6:36 am
and other roadways. the devices will communicate with hart buses, trolley cars and more than 1,500 other connected vehicles. the data they collect will help study traffic patterns, reduce problems like wrong-way drivers and as part of phase two, the authority also plans to recruit drivers to participate in the program. that will happen sometime next fall. faced with a growing fleet of self driving cars, federal government issued it's been the wild west when it comes to cars. google acknowledges that one of the self driving cars caused an accident near san francisco. they swerved to avoid some road debris. there's only minor damage but that proves a point this technology is still in the driver's ed phase. >> as more and more people are using devices and getting used to them, i think they see a progression in giving control to the vehicle.
6:37 am
for self driving cars. the government also wants companies to share an extensive amount of information with regulators, not just crash reports, but also details on cyber security. 94% of road fatalities are the result of human error. some driverless cars, in theory, could reduce the number of deadly crashes dramatically. white house promised to set aside $4 billion from the budget for the development of autonomous driving technology over the next >>laura: still so much more comfortable with tentative. do you know what i mean? 10 and two. cuba will not allow flight crews to stay overnight. only two airlines are making regular commercial flights to cuba. american airline and jet blue. cuban government says anyone born in cuba cannot reenter the country without a passport so the airlines were forced to comply. human passports cost $500 and
6:38 am
they have to be extended every two years. >>russell: dave joins us next with your wednesday skytower radar. >>laura: and big news for people who need a new samsung. when and where you can get your replacement if you still want one. and we know you're sick of hiring about brangelina already. it's not even 24 hours into the news cycle yet but we dug up interesting statistics in
6:39 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok.
6:40 am
how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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>>dave: we are beginning to see a glimpse of the sunrise this morning. while we have cloud cover, you do see clear skies as you go further inland. it's actually a pretty nice start to the day. our temperatures are within a
6:42 am
yesterday. notice how some showers start to work onshore and they fall apart immediately. remember yesterday when they didn't fall part immediately? yesterday we had extra energy in the atmosphere that allowed the storms to keep going. today we don't have that so you're going to get your typical bump up against the coastline, fall apart showers very early this morning. that plus we have some drier air beginning to settle into the mid levels of the atmosphere and lower the rain chances in general. not what you want to hear because by the way, we are well below normal for rainfall during the month of september and any time you lower the rain chances, you've got to bring the heat up. we're at 75 in brooksville now. mid 70s in polk county from lakeland to frost proof. 80s still in st. petersburg, sarasota at 77. obviously the dew points are sky
6:43 am
and radar just kind of showing us it's a very similar setup. you have a weak high pressure, you have a few isolated showers. maybe a few more this afternoon inland but in general, the next few days because of this, this red, this drier air coming in aloft, you'll hold back the rain chances a little bit. i mean, this is a case where citrus county rain chances are going to be lower than highlands county just because obviously there's more moisture in the mid levels of the i want to take you quickly to the tropics, too, because we have a tropical depression karl. then you have a very strong, tropical storm and this being lisa. the thing is, both of these storms are going to turn north and eventually out to sea. neither are going to impact any land masses. that's the way we like it so that's good. 90 degrees for a high temperature today. hot with a 30% rain chance.
6:44 am
tomorrow we're back at it again. more heat with your high temperature near 90 degrees. looking through the next seven days, keep the rain chances down around 20%. that's it for thursday, friday, for saturday and gradually bring them back up to maybe 40% by early next week. good morning, vanessa. >>vanessa: looks like we do have some notable lane blockage right now and this is reported out of the frost proof area of polk county. this trucks and fortunately, no injuries. but we do have some northbound lane blockage reported along u.s. 27. this is near the intersection with george street so your work here is going to be scenic highway. we'll try to get you more updates as soon as we can. meantime, this is a live look 275. this is near the skyway bridge. this is actually a little closer to u.s. 19, manatee county side. reports of a disabled vehicle. f.h.p. not giving a direction
6:45 am
can't see it quite well with this shot but just keep your eyes pealed. look at your travel times. looks like normal congestion levels, maybe slower than normal. 6:45 is the time and we'll say good morning to charley belcher. hello. >>charley: good day to you. how are you this fine wednesday morning? >>vanessa: doing great. how are you? >>charley: fantastic. wednesdays we announce the winner of our "good day rally. voting was between gulf high school and pasco county and clearwater high school in pinellas county. it was the tornados versus the back n-- buccaneers. the winner is the mighty buccaneers of pasco county. both high school -- you know, they just ran away with it from the start to gulf high school, they are winning our "good day" pep rally of the week.
6:46 am
we'll try to get him back as soon as we can. he's back? h's back? okay. charley, hello. you disappeared for a second. >>charley: it was a bit of a magic trick. that was my first trick of the day. gulf high school friday. this morning, the area is known for all the craft breweries where the big boys are still in town. we're at yenling brewery this morning. they've been making beers for years here. they've been making beer in pennsylvania since 1829. they predate everybody else and they still only make beer in pennsylvania and right here in tampa. so just in time for october fest, we're going to tell you all about yengling and the history of this brewery. the power of the beer from the tampa bay area. it will be a "good day." >>vanessa: very cool.
6:47 am
i'll be at the bar. >>vanessa: can't blame ya. all right. russell? >>russell: it's almost 6:47. this morning we're expecting a major announcement about the ferry service between tampa and st. pete. officials with a pilot project are planning to share details about the planned launch, the vessel details and the schedule. ferry service will carry passengers from the tampa convention center to st. pete. the st. pete drive, the trip is minutes. this week is national child passenger safety week. today the citrus county sheriff's office is conducting the free car seat safety check. it's from 11:00 to 3:00 at the whispering pines park in inverness. it will only take 20 minutes to it's in there properly. a gator attacked a homeless man. they killed two, about 11 feet long. the homeless man is recovered.
6:48 am
his shoulder. nasa set a launch window for the next supply mission to the international space station. they say orbital atk will launch sometime between october 9 and october 13. it first planned to launch last month but the company needed more time for inspections. this will be the first in the rocket launch in nearly two years after one of their rockets exploded from a launch pad. remember that fiery explosion in virginia. >>laura: sometimes an apology is not enough and the c.e.o. of wells fargo is lesson right now. senators blasted him on capitol hill. we'll get that story for you up next and then who saw this one coming? brad and angelina are over but the warning signs were there all along. the top indicators of divorce
6:49 am
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we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. new this morning ... samsung will have enough "galaxy note seven" >>russell: samsung will have enough galaxy note 7 replacement phones today to replace half the phones recalled. previous version of the phone was called earlier this month after batteries started exploding. company is leaving it to retailers to determine how to distribute the phones. according to samsung, roughly
6:52 am
devices sold in the u.s. have been returned for a refund or replacement. >>laura: wells fargo c.e.o. is clammed for opening millions of accounts without customers' approval. >>reporter: wells fargo c.e.o. looked like he'd been run over by a stage coach. his bank's corporate symbol after angry senators from both parties slammed the bank for opening as many aswo deposit and credit card accounts without customers' approval or authorization. >> you should resign and you should be criminally investigated. this just isn't right. a cashier who steals a hand full of 20s is held accountable. >>reporter: stump said that he was deeply sorry and should have acted sooner to stop the practices. >> i accept full responsibility for all unethical sales
6:53 am
business. and i am fully committed to fixing this issue, strengthening our culture and taking the necessary actions to restore our customers' trust. >>reporter: two weeks ago regulators fined wells fargo $185 million which hit customers from 2011 to 2015 and refunded more than 100,000 of them, $2.5 million in fees. the bank blamed dishonest employees. and said it when they were caught in internal audits, more than 5,000 workers in all. its head of community banking took early retirement and the bank announced reforms. but some senators are demanding they refund millions in stock bonuses. bonuses lawmakers charge resulted from a higher company stock price when executives pushed employees to sell more products to hit sales goals for more pay which inflated profits.
6:54 am
personal bankers in an impossible situation? >> senator, that has no place in our culture. i've actually read that and it hurt to hear those words. >>reporter: some republicans charged regulators with dropping the ball saying they investigated only after the los angeles times reported on the bank's practices in 2013. >>laura: entertainment news now and the cover of post" says it all. jennifer anniston is having the last laugh following the surprise split of brad pitt and angelina jolie. >>russell: jolie filed for divorce after learning pitt was cheating with a costar. of course, nothing is confirmed here. pitt had been rumored to be cozying up to his costar while filming the world war ii drama in london. now he's in the middle of his
6:55 am
behalf of jolie saying the decision to divorce was made, quote accident for -- quote, for the health of the family. pitt said i'm very saddened but what is most important is the health of the children. >>laura: it's not just celebrities. the u.s. has a divorce rate between 40% and 50% and this morning, we wanted to take a look at some warning signs that things could be ending in a relation sinking ship. according to the national vital statistics report, if you live in a red state, you are 27% more likely to get divorced than in a blue state. if you argue about finances once a week, your marriage is 30% more likely to get divorced. this was pitt's second wedding.
6:56 am
the april -- the age gap matters, too. there are ways to save a marriage, too. one is to quit smoking. couples are more likely to get divorced if only one of them smokes. if you marry your high school sweetheart, you're less likely to get divorced. even if you met your spouse in college or grad school, you're 40% more likely to get divorced. share the chores. the divorce rate spiked as women ente researchers found the stress on a marriage due to the wife working was offset when husband dz more work around the house. and finally, they say have sons. a first born daughter makes you 5% more likely to split up. three girls increase that number to 10%. >>russell: why? >>laura: stressful to have a girl. >>russell: vanessa is saying stressful.
6:57 am
yeah. stressful. >>dave: i have one girl but it's like having three so -- >>russell: all right. >>laura: there it is. five years ago a competitive cyclist was hit by a car, was never sure she would bike again but this morning she's prepared to break a world record. >>russell: and jen is going to be there as she crosses the finish line and this woman volunteers her time to keep kids safe on the way to school. those people who take the time to ask about her are with an extra dose of love and heroism. walter has her story at 7:00. >>walter: we have a temperature range of 72 degrees in citrus county to 80 in pinellas county. a similar start to yesterday. as far as rain chances go, they're getting down there, aren't they? 30% for today. then a trio of 20% rain chances thursday, friday, saturday and 30% on sunday. so guess what that means? all those days, high
6:58 am
i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> they jumped off their truck and said hands up! he got a gun! pow, pow, pow. that's it. he had no >>laura: officer involved shooting leads to violent protests in the streets of shar lochlt a dozen officers hurt and a city on edge. >>russell: road rage in the car line. a parent accused of hitting a volunteer with his car at his child's school. >>laura: lock your cars. sounds simple enough but it's the message that deputies are trying to get out to the community. >>russell: welcome to "good day." >>laura: we'll start off the way we do, with a check of the forecast and dave osterberg.


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