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tv   Fox 13 News  FOX  September 22, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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box selects improvement pass rush past events offensively like to run the ball better than some of those turnovers one of the areas is not what were are to b chemistry between jim swenson and vincent jackson was tina played out the first two games a season jackson is just six catches targeted 15 times. a couple of occasions in both games where jim swenson appears to be on a different page as receiver. jackson now is 12 season so now there naturally questions about whether or not he's lost a step in quick to respond to that question. >> come out watch practice. hat you see on sunday sometime doesn't always translate with reality.
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very high level our coaches have all the confidence in me. my teammates do as well. for me it's just continue to do my job. i don't have to do too much press do anything extra ordinary can only mean i trust my training i know that i can make plays. when those opportunities come out more come my way but until then i'm going to continue to do my job. >> ready to go for week three of the nfl season starts sunday 10:30 a.m. with tailgate sunday on the big game headed out to the guys in la for fox network coverage before the rams and box get set to kick off right here on fox 13 at 4 o'clock. >> baseball at the top raised take on the yankees final meeting of the year the first who loves to play against new york. brad miller five hits in this series 5 rbis had when this game of course. figure 1-0 lead.
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allowed five strikeouts in the six still 1-0 cory dickinson doing courtney dickinson things third home run in the last four games has 23 now on the season one away from his career-high chase whitley work in the later inning 6-7 eight hold the lead striking out three is to into third innings of work. alex column a and the night shut the door and ellsbury letter to center field incomes kevin picks up his 30 fifth save of the year and the race get the win 2-0 as a final for next up the boston red sox coming to town starting tomorrow night for the final home series of the season. >> wishing them a suite. >> thanks so much before we go grab your calendar because of days for the 80 second annual florida strawberry festival announced.arch 2 through 12.
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song. apparently this is to tell you a little bit about what you can expect and they say this year the theme a lot of music. have announced any of the headliners yet but they will. every year some half a million people visit that festival for the livestock shows exhibits the concerts of course the rides don't forget the strawberry shortcake. >> news keeps going right here in our news app on your phone right now money power politics is next
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we have a sewage crisis in st. pete and governor scott ordered a review.
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this problem for years. tonight he weighs in with his view. nine years ago this young man from florida coined a new phrase. we'll show you how the rest of his life played out in ways you may not expect. >> 270 to win the big enchi la da. >> more changes on the election map. and a closer look into what's working and not working for the candidates. this is money, power & politics. our first b hillary clinton may have just made a move that could help her bounce back. remember when the president was on the ropes with obamacare and it seemed like nothing with was going right. well the president remembered how he got elected. he turned to celebrities who connect with young adults who don't follow the news every day to bail him out. >> a lot of young people think they are invincible. >> did you say invisible? >> zach in particular helped obama reach out to young people. now that hillary clinton is
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she's following the president's lead. >> for a younger generation you become their first white president. that's pretty neat, too. >> she regretted doing that bit but trump may regret it more if it shows millennials how clen ton can play along and roll with the punches. >> are you down with t-t-p? >> i'm not down with t-t-p. >> you're supposed to say, yeah. you know me. like the hip hop group. say. >> our second big point. the reviews are in. pollsters don't just ask people if they want trump or clen ton. tey ask what voters like or dislike and how much a certain issue or theme weighs into their thinking. based on the number, particular rily in the nbc and wall street journal surveys here's what we're saying. trump is -- that attack is not turning many votes in trump's
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clintons claim that trump is unfit for office is resident nating with more voters. that perception that trump lacks the right temperment is moving more votes. so trump should certainly keep that in mind and be ready to address it when today meet head to head on monday night. the polling also shows trump is at a big disadvantage with women. and that's our third big point. trump has a slight 2 point lead among men. clinton has a 14 point lead among women. that can burn trump in especially since late deciders to tend to be women. what's going on? pun dits said trump is trailing badly among women because he offended some by the things e he said. >> you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that either. >> women, you have to treat them like breep bleep. >> but that's strategy may not work as well as hoped because something else triggered the gender gap and it started
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democrats since 1980 when ronald reagan came along. >> it is time to check and reverse the growth of government which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governored. >> reagan focused on making military bigger and the rest of the government smaller. that attracted men who valued self-defense and turned away women who favor a more active government for several reason equal work. >> women statistically earn less than men and favor government intervention to address that. women make a big part of the health and education work tos forces tend to favor more government help in those professions. >> i felt the nine most terrifying words in the english language are i'm from the government and i'm hear to help. >> that gender gap that started with reagan took hold. democrats developed a problem
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developed a problem with women that exist to this day. they didn't help their case with things they said. >> binders physical of women. >> and that brings us to donald trump who said some thing that is are off putting to many women. that certainly is not helping his quays. but remember, the gender gap started with differences on policy. and trump could close or at least narrow that gap by promoting different policies than the republican establishment on monday's debate. from foreign affairs education to healthcare. >> everybody has to be covered. >> universal healthcare? >> i'm going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? >> the government. >> monday nights debate is a key turning point in the race. in the meantime we have a sewage crisis in st. petersburg. after heavy rain swamped the system. the city dumped 150 million gallons of sewage into the bay. turns out a study warned that something like this could happen if the city closed the plant.
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city leaderses say they didn't see that study. governor scott ordered an investigation. st. pete mayor placed two officials on leave and now where do we go from here? this is a problem the former anchor john wilson looked into for decades. >> this is jon will son's my view now. >> this one calls first for straight talk from john. thank you for joaning us. we have this crisis with the plant closing. i what was your first story you covered here? >> 35 years ago it was a sewage spill. it was the albert plant. what i don't understand is why it's taken all these mayors in the last 35 years to see this and not know there's a problem. they know. we've all known it for a long time. the sewage system in st. petersburg has been archaic for years. there's talk about bottlenecks.
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and ignoring that at city hall is a major mistake by city hall. >> ignoring that at city hall. nearly a hundred thousand dollars spent on a study that showed what would happen, then did happen, and yet the mayor and city council said they didn't see it how can that happen? >> how can it happen? also it's supplied by craig, one of the ten plant operators who asked for pro the federal government rnd the whistle blower act. he was so sensitive to what criticism he was going to receive after stating that things have to be done here and they are not being done and we're headed far a serious issue. that's where we are now. >> how do we get to this point? failures of multiple administrations to look under the rug? >> all of it falls on rick criesman right now. he's the mayor in charge. it goes back many other mayors.
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hundreds of millions of spill because of all the -- we've had more rainfall, as you know. in the last 7 or 8 months than we've had in years in st. petersburg. they did not anticipate it. but that's in the report. anticipate rainfall. that was the failure. >> we need something now. can they not take corrective action now and where do we go from here? >> it takes two years from today. if we started now spending the money that's what they are saying. it'll be two years before improvement at all. we hope for no hurricane or heavy rain in the next two years? they need help from the federal government. that's where they need to go. >> the federal government needs to help us with zika and other things. what are the chances congress is going to come through on this knowing what we know about congress? >> well, now chances are terrible. this is an election year and it's going to be another year before this could get on the docket. as much as the congressman and
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there. it's slow going in terms of sewage repair. >> john, this was the first story you covered. thank you for coming back to give us your view now. >> i hate to come back on a sewage landmark but that's where i am. >> see you next week. thank you. coming up. trump defies conventional wisdom again with his ad strategy. on throw back thursday what happened nine years after this faithful moment in florida. >> the f i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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the week before a national debate candidates flood the airways with ads. but this year is not normal. while clinton is pounding trump with ads on her side. trump pulled back. after the conventions trump did launch ads in four key swing states. >> hillary clinton's america things get worse. >> and there's a reason he focused on states of florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. trump will win the white house if he wins those states and holds onto the states romney won four years ago. but then the ads ran their ourse and trump did not reload with a new round of ads. that's a risky strategy. ads work through rep tegs. it's hard to reinforce your message if you're not reairing the spots. trump is running an unkoengsal campaign. $50 million cash on hand heading
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trying to save as much of that as he can in the final stretch. and he's trying to brand himself more through media exposure, rallies and dominating social media. so far that worked for hem. no doubt social media and viral waves can shake things up. tonight on that note we have an interesting throw back thursday segment. this week nine years ago within of the biggest viral waves ever. rolled through fa florida. we followed up with the man who started it to happened next. [singing] ? ? this is the day of instantaneous communication. >> the day in age when one moment can last forever. >> the guy throwing the shoe, boom! >> one shoe, one twig, one flimsy chair. >> something happens it's
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that than he cared to learn. >> people will say things like, you know, you really open my eyes to things i didn't see. >> it all started on a night with john kerry he'll never forget. >> thank you very much. >> and we'll never forget. >> thank you for cutting my mike. >> he asked a long winded question. got on a soap box and got angry. then he got pled and way by guards. [clapping] >> what are you doing? get off me. help. help. >> and then he got stunned. >> don't tase me, bro. >> as he way somehow he got tased. >> and it triggered a viral wave across the nation. ? ? >> don't tase me bro. ? don't tase me bro ? >> andrew meyers started
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to describe. [singing] ? don't tase me bro ? sno songs in protest and commercials like this one for a-o-l. >> i haven't done a thing. . i want some chips. don't tase me, bro. >> leave him alone. >> a lot of people what they took from it was, you know, police brutality or freedom of speech. >> but as the years passed the world missed the rest of the story. >> i was just learning. >> this is andw >> i wanted to talk about the e-t-fs for a minute. >> the first answer i want to give is i hope i've changed. >> he sounds different these days. >> a lot of the metrics i've seen can put a new face on the federal reserve. they've been talking about tapering off the the q-e infinity. >> he got a law degree and works behind a desk as an advisor in the precious metals market. >> a lot of people don't want to
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became a bit of a conformist. >> the angriest one is the loudest. >> he's been talking two hours. >> the angriest ones are the loudest. that's what people would have said of you. >> funny how things come full circle! are you going to errs me? >> calm, cool, collected. this is the pleas you can help people. >> we asked hem if they violated his right to free speech? >> i got to say everything i wanted to say. >> he said but he left it at that. >> i don't want to judge those officers. >> as it turned out, he said that was a blessing because it helped him re-examine his character. >> i'm doing a better job now than i was then. >> meyers said he did not mean to cause a scene that day. today he's living in the miami area and made more changes since we last met. now he's editor and chief of an independent news outlet called
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coming up. the election map changed in a big way and trump is closing in. evan joins many e to map out the
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welcome back. it is map time we van. >> love map time. how are you? >> we learned a lot of people did why we don't look at the map before labor day. >> we did.
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it's helpful to look at the maps. you can see where things are at. when we last did map time the advantage towards hillary clinton was much moree seg cant than it is now. the polls have changed. when we first looked at the map, it was 347 electoral votes for hillary clinton. only 191 for trump. you need 270 to win. nw things have changed. let's start to move some states back to where they appear to be now. we can take iowa hillary clinton kol m. that looks like trump may have a good chance of winning that. he's up to 197. look at ohio. trump is doing much better than he had been many ohio. put those in his kol m. take colorado and nevada. trump has 230. he's also doing bert in the key state, our state of florida. take those, move them from blue to red.
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gone but he's doing better than he had been. only within one or two points and leading in some of the polls that he was behind by three, forfive points. now look at the way he can win. he can win north carolina's 15 electoral votes. that puts him at 274. should he win new hampshire 263. he gets closer. left turns say he can maybe pick off a state like wisconsin, that's 273. >> each scenario it's close. i but i have to. there are 32 combinations with the battleground states that produce a 269-269 tie. >> why mention something like that. >> because it's fun. >> it is. one of the things about the electoral map is all the different scenarios, if she wins new hampshire she still doesn't have enough. she's got to pick off a north carolina, an ohio, certainly florida. if she wins florida, even if donald trump wins all of these
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wisconsin. she still has 283. if he doesn't win the state of florida he's got to win a pennsylvania and a state that looks more certain for hillary clinton like wisconsin. the road goes through florida but he has a lot more room than before. >> thank you for your time. coming up. house speaker ryan accused the obama administration of chilling for iran. we have a debate over the policy with iran. we'll break it down ? ?? ?? ?? ?? know you can save today
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is our nuclear deal with iran paying off or emboldened iran to become more aggress i have. james has perspective from both sides. >> with the gop congress holding fresh hearings on the secret cash payments maid to iran. a long standing court dispute over funds and only disclosed in full in the last two weeks. the top blunt language who accused the obama administration of coddling the islamic regime. >> i don't just mean all of these concessions, cash infusions and side deals. i don't just mean sending the secretary of state a show for iran like he's the president of the chamber of commerce. >> aids to kerry admitted the iran nuclear deal may have emboldened the are e jeem to become aggressive to the u.s. >> that's going to buy a lot of
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>> at the same hearing, a foreman aid to secretary of state rice told lawmakers the payments did not amount to ransom and reflected a bipartisan approach. >> since 1979, each american president sought to use economic leverage to address the challenges. >> kerries top spokesman told fox news the deal is achieving the objective. >> the middle east is going to be that much easier to deal with with an iran that cannot get and >> that's our show tonight. check out our youtube channel for extended interview and investigations.
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? dish nation ? >> welcome to "dish nation." it is ricky thursday! >> ricky, ricky, ricky. >> all right. last night was the season premiere of "empire" and things got juicy. plus the game is dete with mills. but first we have some major news in the brangelina update world. >> oh, lord. >> so y'all remember miriam cotillard, the actress who possibly had an affair with brad pitt. well, she's pregnant. >> congratulations. >> girl. >> wait, wait, wait. by who? >> right. >> well, normally celebs leave it to their publicists to kind


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