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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  September 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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an 18-month old boy loses his life.. what led up to it and the women investigators are questioning. plus.. despite another round of protests last night.. police in charlotte have released body-cam video from the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott... and in this weeks faith in serves up films -- as well as faith.. good morning.and welcome to good day tampa bay.. it's 6 a-m on this sunday morning.. i'm anjuli davis.. and i'm alcides segui.. thank thanks for
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the thing about the setup is even though it's hot and humid any storms could be heavy and briefly strong, so we'll talk more about the timing of that at opening kickoff coming up. >> alcides: police are questioning two women this morning in the suspicious death of an 18-month-old who was found lifeless at a home in
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guardian and her wife are in jail facing charges but not yet for the death of that child. we're also learning that one of those women had a troubled past that led to her having her own children taken from her custody. 34-year-old angela burgee and her wife are under arrest. zephyrhills police say their persons of interest in the death of culp's 18-month-old cousin. got a call from a home on apollo street and found the child not breathing in the doorway. the toddler later died. it was bracking to all of that responded to the scene. >> police were suspicious when they noticed bruises on the child and haven't revealed a cause of death. they're only charged for drugs police say they found in the home. >> i feel bad.
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the neighbor gave him cpr and revived him a few months ago. >> she told me got choked, but i doubt it because he was pleading through his ear, nose and mouth. >> he said the child stayed in the women's care. court records in his home state of ohio show she had two of her biological charn taken from her because of drug use and mental health issues. now a child in burgee's care is dead. >> i'm sorry it happened, but people like that, don't deserve a kid. >> there was a second child in the home according to police. that child is in the care of child protective investigators in pasco county. in zephyrhills, evan lambert, fox 13 news. >> anjuli: deputy remain on a scene. around 9:00 last night a man walked into the store armed with a handgun. store employees and shoppers ran from the man.
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hearing gunshots. he was found in the back of the store a short time later. no one else was hurt. new this morning despite pasco county deputies telling people to lock their car doors every night at 9:00, thieves broke into 23 cars this weekend. deputies say they're surveillance video shows two men walking in the division to land olacks. place say these giems may other car thefts in the past couple of weeks. now to developing news out west. police say they have caught the gunman from the deadly shootings at that mall in washington state. he was seen on security video on the cascade mall in burlington holding a rifle. he's believed to be responsible for shooting and killing five people before fleeing the scene. after a massive manhunt, he was
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maul. >> he said nothing. just kind of zombie-like is the best way to describe it. he did not have a weapon with him. he had a leather satchel with a computer inside the bag. >> anjuli: one person fatally shot was the 16-year-old cancer survivor. the mother said she was shopping with her and her younger sister before they split up still no word on the motive of shoots. >> alcides: police in north carolina released futurage of the officer-involved shooting. we have a look. >> what we release are the objective facts. >> reporter: police in charlotte, north carolina release dash cam and body cam footage of tuesday's fatal police shooting after daying the public outrage and protests. >> what we give you is the most
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without trying the case out in public. >> the video is still only showing a partial view of the incident that let to the death of 43-year-old keith scott. >> the footage itself will not create in anyone's mind absolute certainly as to what this case represents and what the outcome should be. >> reporter: police release photos of the gun they say was recovered at the scene as well as the ankle holster scott was wearing and drugs found o >> there's no single piece of evidence that proves all the complexities involved in this investigative process relative to this case. >> reporter: shortly after the footage was released, scott's family held a press conference reacting to the news. >> we shouldn't have to humanize him in order for him to be treated fairly. what we know and what you should know about him is that he was an american citizen who deserved better.
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it should be yours. >> reporter: there were two pieces of video released by the charlotte police. one from an officer who didn't do the firing who had a body camera on and the other from a dashboard police camera that showed the shooting but still uncertain from the video whether or not scott was holding a gun. in charlotte, north carolina, steve harrigan, fox news. >> alcides: back at home, it took over 24 hours, but all lanes of i-75 near north port are back following a deadly accident. crews worked throughout the night and day as well saturday to complete road repairs after a fuel tanker carrying fuel overturned. around 2500 gallons spilled on i-75. the driver was a 75-year-old that died at the crash. fhp said the truck started to swerve before he lost control.
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calling in a bomb threat this week at want hospital in clearwater. 28 jerld jerrold lemon admitted he called in the threat. he was angry at hospital staff because they refused to give him narcotics and food on wednesday night. he'd been seen at the hospital that night using a cell phone and was discharged an hour before the threat was made. lemon is held on $10,000 bail. >> alcides: all right. another big day of football here in the bay area. this afternoon the bucs take on the l first home game of the season. quarterback jameis winston will hopefully have a hort-term memory. last weekend against the cardinals he threw four picks and lost a fumble during a really bad loss, 40-7 last weekend. the offense has to play without running back doug martin. he was injured during last weekend's game. in his place head coach dirk koetter will use charles sims as well as rogers. >> when you have an injury,
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guys are stacked on a depth chart for some kind of reason. he's an elite player in the league. the next guys up aren't doug martin where they'd be paid lie doug martin. those are the guys we have, and they will go in and do a great job. >> alcides: if you want to watch this afternoon's game, fox 13 has you covered all the time. we start or coverage at 10:30 this morning, and fox nfl sunday picks it up at bucs and rams kick it off at 4:05 >> anjuli: lindsay is smiling about this one. a lot of fans left disappointed because most of the 62,000 people in attendance could get their seats, flowers went deep for 84 yards connecting with rodney adams for a touchdown on the very first play. but seconds later the 'noles come right back.
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not keep up the pace. floors state wins this one 55 identify 35. the bulls travel up to ohio next week for a game against cincinnati. as for my gators, it was a tough one to watch yesterday. they went into halftime with a 21-3 lead but ended up snapping an 11-year win streak against tennessee. led by quarterback joshua dobbs, the volunteers scored 35 points just in the 38-28 victory. the gators will be back in tennessee next week to play vanderbilt and hopefully redeem themselves because that was ugly. >> alcides: that was not pretty. did you guys have a defense? >> anjuli: i don't know. they didn't show up for the second half. >> alcides: usf didn't have a defense either. >> anjuli: still ahead, more flooding forecasted in the midwest. >> alcides: the evacuations in effect right now, and what people there can expect through
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where this couple going on their horse and buggy. hey, lindsay. >> lindsay: good morning, guys. 6:10 and pretty warm out the door. no surprise there. we don't have that wind and circulation in the atmosphere, so a steamy start and light winds and 77 in tampa. a couple small showers and isolated storms, but as i zoom in here west of pinellas county, these should stay over the water. it will be try this morning. will it be dry at
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time now is 6:xx.. police in >> anjuli: time is 6:sp. police in baltimore search for three gunmen this morning. >> they're accused of shooting three people including an 8-month-old girl. the shooting took place out some row houses on the city east side. it was an active retaliation to a labor day weekend shooting. the commissioner did not say how he knew the two were connected. oklahoma hundreds packed a church for terence crutcher's funeral. those in attendance said they hoped it will draw attention to future incidents involving police officers and black men. officer betty jo shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter and turned herself in on friday. she was released after posting bond. >> alcides: wet weather in northeast iowa isn't easing up. storms bring heavy rain to the
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residents spent the weekend stocking up on supplies as well as sandbags. officials are encouraging residents to move out amid fears of cedar river will ride over the 25 feet by monday night. >> anjuli: how about this to get you ready for sunday football? dedicated fans here. for the 15th year a wisconsin couple is traveling more than 200 miles in a horse and buggy to go see their beloved green bay packers play. road for over a week to get to the game. the couple says it gives them the opportunity to slow down and appreciate life at a different separate. by the way, they do have a truck and trailer lined up for the ride home. >> lindsay: shaets so cute. >> alcides: that's a lot of quality time. >> anjuli: i think charles would probably throw me overboard. >> anjuli: a lot of talking with your significant other right there.
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is happy and i'm upset and you're upset. >> lindsay: i didn't even rub it in this morning. >> anjuli: you're a class kri seminole. >> lindsay: nfl fans are excited. finally a home game at raymond james. it's later this afternoon, so we'll watch extra showers and storms popping up and symptom may be near the stadium towards kickoff. if you're up early and have some plans, weather is nice and warm. no fog in spots they may creep in, though. we're above average. we're at 77, and winds are out of the east-northeast at 5. light winds this morning that will prompt the sea breeze to push away from the beach. a fantastic beach guy to you. we're on the lookout for fogs and maybe hints up towards inverness county. most spots are good for the time being. crossing the intr zones where we saw storms last night.
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in st. pete, 75 in palm harbor. brooksville at 73 and 72 in dade city waking up in venice at 73, myakka city 71 and 70 in wauchula and arcadia. enjoy it. a couple showers and storms offshore, but the light winds around moving onshore but they're hanging out and raining themselves out. they're briefly heavy. closest one another one is 30 miles from coastal pinellas. so we're quiet on the radar. with this upper low nearby, the thing about the pattern today is while the chances for rain are about 30% favoring the inland zones. any storms that get going could be stronger today. we say a hint of that yesterday. we watch for a passing shower or storm at raymond james. they're taking on the l.a. rams. make sure you drink water sxr the sunglasses.
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how about futurecast this morning? look how quiet we stay until lunchtime. as that sea breeze pops and more of a northeast wind late in the day, here we go. 4:00, some scattered showers and storms developing. while they're spotty, if you get under one, you will see a lot of rain from it. a couple downpours build back west and monday morning features dry conditions. light winds keep that rain chance 40% favoring want inland areas. tropics are bu one disturbance we watch closely way out there near africa. it's invest 97l. the areas we've been watching, lisa is posttropical and karl hanging on as a tropical storm moving northeast. notice that 80% chance of development over the next five days. with in setup, the latitude is more favorable for this to enter the car dare bean and get strong
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we will watch this for over a week, but some models indicate this could be an impressive hurricane in the caribbean over the next five to seven days. the models runs on 91 and a few storms developing and steamy this afternoon. any downpours tonight are slow to exit. for monday more heat and the average high is 88 and scattered storms develop and skip inland. on the water it there's a couple of showers around. smooth waters this morning and high tide at 9:56 on st. pete pier. i wanted to tease this. we have a cold front that could creep into the area late in the week. notice the lows back into the low 70s friday and saturday. fingers crossed it pans out and we drop the human briefly. >> anjuli: president obama presides over the opening ceremony of a new museum in
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obama says: "african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger underside of the american story. it is central to the african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story. it's not the underside of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> alcides: president obama joined thousands in washington, d.c. for the opening of national museum of african-american history and culture. there was a long list of celebrities and dignitaries on hand including oprah winfrey,
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display at the museum, many telling the story of the american experience. speaking of museums, there's another one opening soon dedicated to the war that brought our country's independence. >> chris murphy has more on the american revolution. >> in philadelphia they put the finishing touch on the mu sfwleem of the american revolution scheduled to open next spring. cool stuff inside this museum from the curator himself. these items hidden away in a warehouse somewhere secretively in the delaware valley. >> the american revolution was the longest military action, so people forget this was eight years of conflict. we look at the somewhat romantic paintings from the 18th century and the flags are flying. even when someone is falling in
6:24 am
forget that this is like all war, whether it's with stones or gunpowder, was incredibly brutal. our mission and our story is much broader than just the military history of the revolutionary war. you'll see the tent that george washington used as his home and command center. we'll have probably 75 to 100 just supreme examples of the type of weapons used by american forces but also american loyalists, british probably the most iconic painting in the collection was actually paint the in the 1880s in philadelphia. it was drawn to a line to a biography of george washington that talked about the troops marching into valley forge, and you could trace the route of the soldiers by the bloody footprints in the snow. there's some kinds of things that haven't survived. we don't have a single uniform
6:25 am
revolutionary war. on the other hand, we have these incredible political artifacts and the first newspaper printing the declaration of independence. the 18th century paper is pretty tough. you can immerse that in water to clean it. as you may know, july 2, 1776 was when congress actually declared independence from britain. >> not july 4th? >> no, that's when they adopted the deck lar we get to the end of the day and thises the announcement of the birth of the united states. >> what would be the one thing you take them to and say, isn't this cool? >> i'd show them a little pair of baby shoes that were made for the first child of a soldier of massachusetts. he braet home a captured british soldier's coat, and in the spirit, he cut it up and made a
6:26 am
child. it says everything about sacrifice and hope for the future. the american revolution as an experiment in self-government began in that period. we're still living in it. it's still up to us as citizens of the republic to keep it vibrant and alive. >> anjuli: that museum is scheduled to open on april 19th. that's the day in 1775 when the shot haerld round the word in lexington, massachusetts sparked the american re long distance is a strain on any relationship. >> alcides: one local couple is on their way to getting married. they're very special surprise up next. we're about 36 hours away from the first presidential debate, one we can't stop talking about in this newsroom. there could be some unwanted guests attending as well. we'll explain. >> lindsay: it's 6:26. it's a warm start to the day. it's a dry start to the day, though. boating plans while we're dry
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i don't clip, i don't plan, but i still save a lot. i just shop for publix brand products, cuz they're great. and that's it. no really, that's it. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good a good morning. thank you for joins us this morning for "good day tampa bay." i'm alcides alcides segui. >> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. first up a quick check on the
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? zephyrhills a toddler is dead and two women are under arrest in connection with the case. the guardian and her wife are in jail this morning but are not charged with the child's death. police say they're persons of interest in the death of 18-month-old sebastian lieb. he was found unresponsive saturday morning. police became suspicious when they noticed bruces on that child. there was also a second child in the home. they're now in the care of child protective investigators. >> alcides: the man police say mall is now in custody. authorities say 20-year-old arcon chaten shot and killed five people. he was arrested last night. among those killed was a 16-year-old girl. her mother says she survived cancer as a child and was a happy teenager. police are still trying to figure out a motive. >> anjuli: bucs fans are excited this morning for the first home game of the season.
6:31 am
inspired effort this week against the l.a. rams than last week against arizona. fans of this afternoon's game are able to see the new displace board and other upgrades. the game starts at 4:05. you can see it right here on fox 13. >> lindsay: if you're headed to ram monday james stadium this afternoon, check it out. weather could include showers. we watch the radar through the afternoon and evening hours. storms are spotty, but there could be one stadium. really hot, so i hope you take breaks in the shade under some tents if you tailgate. this morning the weather looks great and good visibility area-wide. i don't see any fog but i have a couple showers offshore and they fall apart west of pinellas. if you boat check the radar before you head out. temperatures this morning are above average. inland is milder and near the coast it's warmer. i have 79 in st. pete and 77 in
6:32 am
signs by late week it could be cooler in the mornings. we'll watch that. the radar today and satellite picture feature light winds. we watch showers and storms slowly meandering inland after 3:00. that's the time frame for a 350% rain chance this afternoon, and 91 is the high. that's three degrees above average and storms today will be heavy if you get under one. so keep an eye out. >> alcides: it was the surprise of a lifetime for a bradenton woman a bride-to-b ladies will love this story. she thought it was just a weekend shopping trip to university town center mall. all of a sudden she was handed a rose and then another and another and another. you can see how many roses she has there on the left-hand side. she was led into the microsoft store where she saw her boyfriend, who is a marine currently serves in japan on the giant screen. from thousands of miles away daniel ramirez asked her to marry him.
6:33 am
wore a uniform and got done in one knee in front of brenda and presented her a ring. >> i feel really grateful that there's so many people that are so welcoming, like his family. i feel really grateful there's so welcoming. i'm grateful for my family for being here and for supporting our relationship. i just feel really >> alcides: what an incredible job by that guy, that marine, right? the 13-hour time difference makes it difficult for her to communicate with her fiance. she said she is ecstatic and overwhelmed by all the work that went into this very special surprise. >> anjuli: congratulations to them. very sweet. all right. taking place tomorrow in sarasota, a korean war veteran will be laid to rest.
6:34 am
captured and his remains were found and unidentified. thanks to recent dna testing brown's remains were identified. a funeral with full honors will take place at sarasota national cemetery at 11:30. >> alcides: can you believe it. i can't believe it. we're two weeks away from the hockey season returning. to help fans get a taste of what's to come this season the bolts go through live practice today. the doors open at 11:00 this morning, but season ticket holders can be there at 9:00 a.m. officials investigate the death of three people found lying in the ocean off the florida keys. the coast guard says the bodies were found 23 miles east of islamarata. the airplane found the other two
6:35 am
jn an investigate ors figured something was up when two suntrust baj atms assigned to the 26-year-old were missing money. when confronted jefferson said he needed the money for medical bills and credit card debt. he bought a new tv and xbox for his family. he returned cloes to $11,000 the missing much money. >> alcides: hillary clinton took a break from debate prep to speak with african-american pastors in charlotte. theys the city would could together rebuild trust between the police department and community. chin ton is expected to travel to charlotte on october 2nd. the democratic nominee got an endorsement from "the new york ti times". the pair has endorsed only democrats for president back to
6:36 am
>> anjuli: the republican nominee head held a campaign valley in roanoke, virginia last night. there he said he'll do supporters to do more to help women than rival hillary clinton would. the appeal came hours after trump threaten odd twitter to invite a woman who had an affair with former president bill clinton to sit in the first row of their upcoming debate. it's not going to be pretty. >> alcides: it's not but it will be entertaining. south tampa gets a much-needed makeover. >> anjuli: we go inside a movie theater turned churn. you have to do it. here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. the powerball is up to $56 million and the florida lotto for 8 million. here's a look in case you want a smaller prize. tonight is 6:36. good luck and good morning.
6:37 am
sunday" ashgsz as trump and clinton get ready, we can ask mike pence how's trump is preparing. as hillary clinton gets ready, we speak with her chief strategist about her game plan to take on trump. we ask the sunday panel about this week's police shooting and
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an old south tampa
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>> anjuli: an old south tampa eyesore is getting a new lease on life. a church is opening a movie shee ter. it's this week's "faith in action." sorry about that we're having technical difficulties. hopefully we can get ba to come that story in our next block. it's about aid radiant church. it's a church at that took over an old movie theater. hopefully we can show it to you in the next block. >> alcides: we'll toss to lindsay. over to you, lindsay. >> lindsay: hey, guys. it is 6:40. if you're waking up right now,
6:41 am
because we know that heat is back in a big way this afternoon. it's 73 brookdale bayshore and scattered clouds and no fog this morn. inland temperatures are milder after heavy storms last night. rain-wise today a couple of showers offshore this morning, but by this afternoon despite drier air aloft, we will see a few more this afternoon. 30% to 40% rain chance including at raymond james later this afternoon. afternoon. golden outside or fluffy inside. kets or delicious ridges. tasty egg or savory bacon. experience dunkin's new belgian waffle breakfast sandwich. it's not this or that. it's all of it.
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a 35-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the reported a 35-year-old man is arrested with the reported hacking of pippa middleton's icloud account. about 3,000 photos were stole from the younger sister of princess kate. the newspaper was contacted by the hacker seeking to sell the images for 65,000 doll. using an encrypted message he sent several sample photos of her fitted for a wedding dress. police followed that trail and arrested of computer misuse. >> alcides: we heard about driverless cars making their way onto america's roads, but would you step foot on driverless bus. they carried out the first test to top ha the high-tech vehicles are up and running by 2018. the electric powered buses can carry up to 18 passengers. it's been tested in several
6:45 am
cuteness for you this sunday morning? they're adorable. princess kate and prince william arrived in canada yesterday for their eight-day trip, but it was their children that once again stole the show. princess charlotte made only her third ever public appearance, and there is her big brother. he seemed a little nervous this time. gragging onto mom and dad's hand most of the morning. he's so stinking cute. with parents like >> lindsay: good genes. i love seeing the pictures of them. they don't come out too much. cute kids. >> anjuli: a hot day yesterday and more heat in store today. >> lindsay: 93 yesterday and today is 91. our average is now down to 88, so it shouldn't be this hot. it will be above average today temperature-wise. what we wauch today is a few extra showers and storms. live look over downtown tampa looks gloom and doom, but there's low cloud cover.
6:46 am
i don't see any fog, but i watch the sunrise hours. we could see a few areas of patchy fog creep in. if you are boating this morning, perfect over the bay. i love this pattern because the winds are so light, so the wave heights are a food area wide to start out the day. look at the visibility, and that's it for the time being. temperatures are mild inland. it's 72 in frostproof but 77 in tampa. hop across the bay to st. pe it is, of course, muggy to start out the day, so we have that low level moisture. still some drier air aloft, which will hold back the rain chance until mainly the afternoon and evening. speaking of rain, got a couple showers offshore this morning, so if you're boating most of these will fall apart, but as we zoom in here, the closest tiny shower to show you is a couple miles west of indian rocks beach.
6:47 am
reroute around showers. we have weak high pressure control to the west, and we mainly have clear skies across the interior zones. very light winds on the west and east coast mean the sea breezes drive the showers and storms today. look at the bigger picture. we have high pressure here and here and a cold front to the north and another more potent front that we talk about coming up. water vapor image. today most of that rain develops after 3:00 p.m. and coverage of storms while it's 30% and ot locally be heavy and potentially on the stronger side. how about cooler air in burlington, vermont 39 degrees, new york city is 59. here's the cold front. this is a front that will be moving into our state later this week. behind it it is chilly. 43 in denver, 49 in billings, 39 idaho falls. this front is weaker by the time it moves into the area, but it could cool down at night late in the week and drop humidity some,
6:48 am
bartow, 91 in tampa, 90 in st. petersburg and 91 is my forecast temperature at kickoff at raymond james. in the tropics we have karl moving northeast. we have invest 97l. this will likely become tropical storm and eventually hurricane matthew. got to watch this as it moves into the caribbean, but plenty of time to watch it. we will be talking about for at least a week, week and a half as it's something that's important and we have to watch it. 91 for today, and a few storms develop a some are locally heavy. be on the lookout for heavydown pours tonight. 76 for the low and partly cloudy and warm through the overnight. monday we start out 90, couple extra afternoon and evening storms that push i understand land for your evening commute. best storm coverage is east of i-75. here's the seven-day forecast, rain chances up to 40% through wednesday, but how about friday and saturday? a little milder until the mornings, maybe dropping the rain chances. i hope it pans out.
6:49 am
>> anjuli: we're going to try this again. an old south tampa eyesore is getting a new lease on life. a church is taking over a old movie theater serving up films and faith. it's this week's "faith in action." for years it was overlooked. >> they think it's dirty. >> anjuli: told this south tampa movie theater is getting a second shot. it got a makeover of sor year thanks to new owners with an outside the box vision. >> we had a big dream to take this place and really renovate the whole facility for movies and the church and make it beautiful. >> four months later the $500,000 renovation is finally complete. it's now home to radiant church, a young congregation with big dreams for the future. >> the place is functional. 1400 plus people every surgeoned comes here now to experience church in south pam at that.
6:50 am
main auditorium used for services each sunday. they didn't lose site of the structure's original purpose. >> we still have movies seven days a week here and operates as a functional movie theater. >> four theaters still screen first-run flicks through a subleasing agency. radiant church is thrilled to have a headquarters intermixing fun and faith. >> people said it wasn't possible, and i told them with god anything is ss renovated it and now we have a home. >> anjuli: radiant church just celebrated their 3rd anniversary with the new sanctuary as big debut and hold four different services every sunday. you can find them again in the briton thee they are right off of south dale mabrey. isn't that neat? >> alcides: you can watch whatever movie you want there? that's neat. >> anjuli: yeah. you have to kind of walk through church to get there.
6:51 am
people. make it there on sunday. it's neat. >> alcides: that's great. i remember going there as a little kid. >> anjuli: i never went but drove by it for the longest time. it was the second-run movies, right? discounted. >> it was a buck or $2 to watch a movie there. >> anjuli: a new lease on life. i like it. >> alcides: this afternoon raymond james stadium the bucs are looking for a bounce back game. we break down the match-up with the rams and "tailgate sunday." >> here with ricky renle reynolds. this is a big game. everybody wants ton about the bounce backability factor for jameis? >> you focus on what's ha head of you. you go out and have confidence your team is ready too go and beat the next opponent. >> we talk about how mature
6:52 am
quarterback. do you see that with the anlt to put the bad stuff behind him and focus on the next task at hand. >> i see that with no problem. he isn't scared to go out there and put the ball up there again. so i don't see a problem with him going out there and putting this past game behind him and looking to the game coming up. >> much has been made this week about the chemistry issues that there might be between vincent jackson and jameis winston. do you think there's something to that, or is th sunday you've long forgotten? >> i don't think it's a big deal. it's a matter of getting in sync with each other during the course of the football game. you know, being able to -- the more you play, the better everything begins to fit, you know. this will be the third game coming up, so they still have time to gel. >> look at this rams team, especially the defense that played very well. they surrendered three points to the seahawks last week. when you have a good defense
6:53 am
at least at this point, being a former defensive guy, is there a certain cohesiveness that happens with a defensive unit that says we can't give an inch or surrender anything? does that maybe fortify the unit a little more? >> i think it does. i think these guys know what their offense is capable of. they know that they have to go out there and keep this score low to give them an opportunity to, you know, make them win at the end of the football game. so if it's a low-scoring ball game,he >> it's week three, and it's the home opener at raymond james stadium. thanks, ricky. >> you're welcome.
6:54 am
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hour: dozens of tree care their time this spruce up florida >> anjuli: this hour dozens of tree care professionals spruced up the cemetery in bushnell. we show you how saluting branches honors our vets. >> saluting branches started last year. this is the second year. we have ar borists from all over the country volunteer their time and equipment as national cemeteries. we have 36 cemeteries taking part, and i think there's 1400 people we counted.
6:57 am
september 21 this year. we do whatever we can to make the trees safe. if there's something that needs to be removed, we go ahead and do that. this is a huge job. this is probably no less than $50,000 worth of work all for free. everybody donates time. the resources here aren't as well as they need them to be. there's a lot more work they have. by us coming out here, it takes the burden off them. i think it's very important. this site h yard, and they're doing a burn to burn off the debris. so we don't have to take it anywhere, which is great. i think it's incredible as a veteran myself. my father is buried in day pines, so we did that last year. out here this is very important to me. will we do it next i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind,
6:58 am
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. lock your car doors. that's the message pasco deputies are trying >> anjuli: lock your car doors. that's the message pasco deputies are trying to get out after dozens of cars are ransacked. >> alcides: fire the cannons. the buc is back at ray j. to take on the l.a. rams later


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