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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  October 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: slow down and move over. with tragedy fresh in their minds, tow truck drivers spread that >> alcides: both donald trump and hillary clinton bring their came pain right here to florida today. that's right here on the sunshine state. >> anjuli: the chicago cubs make history. they advance to the world series for the very first time since 1945. good morning to you, welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui.
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forecast. first, we want to talk about tuxes and tails. how did it go? >> lindsay: it was a one of time. it's for the humane society of tampa bay. i believe over 50 adoptables got adopted. some pictures of the fox crew. they're sherry was there and this is snickerdoodle. we love to support them and all the one of the, good things i'll try to find out this morning how much they raised, but i believe it was close to $200,000. congrats to them. it was a wonderful night. it's a wonderful morning if you like cold temperatures. i couldn't believe the 40, and i saw that it was in the forecast. north of tampa bay it's really chilly. a warmer jacket in brooksville and it's 42. 55 in tampa. that's cooler than yesterday. wauchula is 49.
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the blue. 24-hour changes were big yesterday and bigger for some today. 14 degrees cooler in lakeland, and the reason why our air is to dry with the lighter winds overnight we took a tumble temperature-wise. sunshine today but as high pressure slips to the east, an easterly component will develop the next few days. we hit 78, so still below average. some 80s on the seven-day forecast but a good seven-day overall. we talk more about it rain chances coming up. >> anjuli: pinellas county deputies arrested adriver as well as his passenger after causing atwo-car accident in palm harbor. according to investigators 23-year-old anthony lockenor was seen driving recklessly. a deputy tried to pull him over, but he continue to weave in and out of traffic before crashing into the back of a pickup truck. deputies then arrested him and his passenger, 20-year-old kyle
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smith's .45 caliber handgun, crack cocaine and pacts of the synthetic drug spice. lockenor is facing multiple charges. smith was charged for being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> alcides: investigators are still working to identify one of the men killed along the veterans expressway. this is video of that bad crash taken by connie oliver. in that individual joe actually hear her sobbing in the background because she realized the magnitude of the situation and see how bad that crash was. troopers say just before 2:30 saturday morning, 54-year-old anwar askar rear-ended another cr pushing it off the road and into a concrete barrier near independence parkway. that sparked a fire in which the car's driver and passenger were killed. >> there was just a huge blaze of fire.
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engulfed in flames. >> that crash killed 33-year-old jesus londo of tampa. he was charged with dui and taken to the hospital with serious injuries. fox 13 spoke with him last month. there he is right there. we interviewed him about the recall of the samsung galaxy note 7. again, he'll be booked in the pinellas county jail once he's released from the hospital. >> alcides: local tow truck drivers hd morning for one of their own. earlier this month troy mcguire was hit and killed by a driver. he was towing a car after he was arrested for racing. the drivers hope to draw attention to the state's move over law. >> alcides: he writes tickets for family, friends and fellow officers. this morning a haines city
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ticket that he actually has to write to himself. listen to this. officer tim glover oversees the red light camera program. he was reviewing the camera footage recently whether he noticed a marked patrol car. let me zero in on the unit number. he realized it was his own car. technically he can't write his own ticket, so a fellow officer wrote him one for $158. he was on his way to lunch, and that sandwich he'd ever eaten. >> anjuli: the international space station is about to get a fresh delivery. supplies from one of the orbital at k's spacecrafts makes it's way on board this morning. it launched from waltz island in virginia earlier this year. it has more than 5100 pounds cargo. they will use the station' robotic arm to grab that capsule
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>> alcides: in the race for the white house tim kaine will sfufrp for hillary clinton in florida. donald trump is scheduled to be ? sunshine state following a rousing speech in gettysburg, pendz. he doubled down on his claim that the system is rigged and vows to go after every woman who has accused of sexual assault. this comes at a time when hillary clinton's campaign has been hit with another release of wikileaks e-mails. fx's mike emanuel has more that. >> reporter: republican presidential nominee donald trump offered insight into his first 100 days in office if he wins next month's election. trump promised to ban white house and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists after leaving office. >> a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated. >> reporter: campaigning in
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against the women that accused him of sexual assault including new allegations from a 11th woman. >> he grabbed us each tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: more wikileaks revelations about what some of clinton's closest advisers think about catholics and pred stants. jennifer palmieri was working at a political think tank in 2011. quote, i imagine they thoet it's the most socially acceptable political conservative religion. their rich friends wouldn't understand if they became evangelicals. clinton made no mention of the wikileaks scandal. >> that was the third and last time i will ever have to debate
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i have now spent four and a half hours on stage with donald proving once again i have the stamina to be president and commander in chief. >> reporter: with election day a little more than two weeks away, the candidates work through the weekend with clinton traveling to battleground north carolina and trump campaigning in sunny florida. in philadelphia, mike emanuel. fox news. >> anjuli: got star power behind it this week. miley cyrus helped her ground game in virginia going door to door at george mason university wearing quite the out fit asking students to vote for clinton. katy perry did the same thing at the university of nevada las vegas. those visits are on the first day of early voting in nevada. early voting begins in most florida counties tomorrow morning. you can find your local polling location and hours of operation on our website. head over to and
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>> alcides: the tampa bay buccaneers are back this afternoon following a bye-week. they're out west to face the san francisco 49ers. tampa bay is without doug martin still suffering from a hamstring injury despite the extra time off. head coach dirk koetter however will still look to get the running game going as the niners have one of the worst defense against the run in the league. the bucs also without earlier this week with a left knee injury. of course, fox 13 has all your football news right here starting at 10:30 this morning. scott smith's "tailgate sunday" and fox spots taking over at 11:00 and then the bucs start at 4:05 right here on fox 13. left side. out! out!
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>> anjuli: what a moment. chicago cubs fans have been celebrating all night long after beating the l.a. dodgers 5-0 and reaching their first world series since 1945. fans streamed out of wrigley field afterwards. steve bartman forgotten and the curse of the billy goat this is unchartered territory for generations of cubs fans. those fans have to sit tight as chicago seeks their first title since 1908. they play against cleveland on tuesday night. this is former rays manager joe madden's second shot at winning it all. the indians, by the way, haven't won a world series either since 1948. game one is right here on fox 13 starting just after 8:00 p.m.
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>> alcides: go cubbies. ben is on the cubs as well. >> anjuli: there we go. good for them. still ahead, a meg an merger finally made official. >> how much it will cost at&t to turn from phone company into a media giant. plus, wonder woman is an american legend, and now she's an inspiration to women across the globe. details on her new international role coming up. >> lindsay: enough yesterday morning, it's kyler out the door right now. we have 40s on the map for the first time since march. brooksville is 41 and 51 in wesley chapel. jackets res in tampa, 55, and bread denton is 58 degrees. into the afternoon we go, though. upper 70s making a comeback. any more cooler mornings on the way, though?
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t of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. time now is 6:xx.. it's a deal that's >> alcides: welcome back.
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people. >> anjuli: at&t has agreed to buy time warner for nearly $85.5 billion. that deal the second largest in media history just shy of aol's disastrous $94 billion buyout of time warner at the end of the dot com boom. they own warn brothers, hbo and cnn. at&t owns the cell phone business, directv and internet service. federal regulators have to sign telecommunications giant would produce and distribute content to millions of people over wireless phones, broadband and satellite tv. the merger is part of a trend of traditional media company adapts to the rise of online outlets like netflix and amazon prime. >> alcides: a reserve deputy in houston is recovering after being shot. he was apparently giving the man on a ride on saturday morning
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both pulled out their guns and fired him. the deputy was shot in the backside and was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the gunman was shot in the leg, but then he took off. investigators say he later showed up at a local hospital. the shooting is still under investigation. >> anjuli: horrible story. an extensive search will continue in new hampshire for a 16-year-old boy who police believe may have been swept away by rev rains into they found the open storm drain on friday with personal items neardy business that was linked to the teen. the officers spoke with several people in the area, but they didn't recall seeing anyone fall into the storm drain. >> alcides: it's one of the most frustrating things about driving. the traffic lights that turn red as you approach, but that could come to an end thankses to a clever gadget tested by ford.
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the drivers the status of the lights and how long each color will actually last. the alert also advises the best speed at which to drive so you can get there just in time for the lights to change to green. this is a great idea. the technology could spell the end to the estimated two days per year commuters spend waiting at intersections, not to mention i imagine the amount of money you save because you don't take that red light as you app you should. >> whether you should slow down. >> alcides: that's a great idea. >> anjuli: this weather is too much. i love it. >> lindsay: want to bottle it up, right? maybe it's a little too cool for some. any guesses the last time it's been this cool this morning, 55. >> anjuli: i would say february. >> lindsay: alcides. >> alcides: all right. end of january. >> lindsay: you guys, end of
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>> alcides: it's florida weather. it's always -- you know what i mean? it's always in the 80s no matter what. >> lindsay: we'll push 80 this afternoon even though it's 59 right now. it's the last, real cool morning of the week and it's the coolest of the season. 55 currently in tampa. the north wind and dew points in the 40s, and temperatures in the 40s north of the bay. hopefully you remember where your jacket was. if you forgot it yesterday, you'll need it this morning and st. petersburg at 65. not far inland, pinellas park is at 54. it's 53 in new tampa and 41 degrees in brooksville and 43 in crystal river. we have a pocket of 40s thanks to the drier air mass in the rural areas. 52 in inglewood this morning and 52 in lakewood ranch and bartow at 64 and sebring at 65 and wauchula 49 degrees.
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they relaxed and our air is dry. that's why it's so cool out the door, it's radiational cooling. we have dew points in the 40s. there's a comfortable, fall-like feel to the air. they rise into the middle part of the week. nothing extreme. it's in the 60s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we have another cold front on the way, it's a weak one reinforcing the northeast winds on wednesday. this morning lighter winds and still a bit breezy by the bay but not quite a if you like sunshine, check it out on the way. high pressure nudging in from the north and helps us warm a bit with the northeast wind. by noon we hit 78 for the high and a couple inland may flirt with 80 degrees. tonight we add several dries to the overnight lows, so planning ahead for the bus stop and back to work on monday, low 50s north and upper 50s here in tampa and mid-60s in st. petersburg and upper 50s inland.
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average low is still 66 degrees. it's all relative. remember the 40s i showed you? it's cooler in brooksville than new york city this morning. it's 48. 57 in kansas city and 41 in chicago and 45 in atlanta. bucs are away taking on san francisco this afternoon. you can watch it right here on fox, 4:05 kickoff. comfortable day there, 72 degrees. in the northeast a little snow to toss in on the backside of the low. it's mainly in the higher terrain across northern futurecast tonight, watch the wind arrows going northeast. the slight wind shift keeps up a few degrees milder on monday morning. tonight we're done to 59 degrees and call it starry skies and limited clouds on the cool side, but as the up winding veer east, you can notice more high cloud cover tomorrow. 81 and a pleasant afternoon with humidity in check.
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little bit choppy. seven-day forecast shows the low to mid-80s, and that's normal for this time of year. that seasonal trend will start to set up shop, i think, tuesday. >> alcides: thank you very much. iraqi forces are making progress in the fight against isis. the special forces are pushing into two towns surrounding mosul. u.s. defense secretary ash carter traveled to baghdad yesterday to meet the country's prime minist turkish leaders on friday where the u.s. and turkey agreed to retake mosul from isis despite tensions between the two countries. ? wonder woman ? ? now the world is ready for you ? >> anjuli: a comic book icon received top honors from the united nations this week. wonder woman was named an honorary ambassador to empower girls and womens.
6:22 am
new program. >> all you children out there, never forget wonder woman lives inside you. you can be anything. >> anjuli: some united nations staffers protested that ceremony and started a petition against the decision to make wonder woman an honorary ambassador. critics say wonder woman is too sexualized and not a good choice as a role model to young girls. still to come, they're relics of a ta
6:24 am
they are a little worn with age... but these are the characters from fairyland. it was >> anjuli: these are the characters from fairyland. it was a children's area in the
6:25 am
they were taken down in the '80s but a city worker squirrelled them away and saved them. now the question is what exact lie to do with them? are they junk or valuable pieces of tampa history? >> alcides: as lloyd reports, the characters could be sold soon to the highest bidder. >> reporter: they sit near a city garage weathered by the years, some in disrepair. "the three little pigs," the humty dumpty. the public art director calls them interesting but not art. crafted from fiberglass or concrete, they're holdovers from fairy wills land although lou we park. there was nothing better for generations of tampa kids like mario nunez. >> once you saw the shell and foun fayne and rain bo bridge as
6:26 am
next. >> you would cross the rainbow bridge to get to the characters. it was a pre-disney destination in a decidedly different age. their reappearance decades later but them in fairyland limbo. >> until the right answer comes along to place them elsewhere, they're sitting in the shade. >> reporter: they won't be here much lodger. the city has decided the characters are surplus property and will be auctioned off to the highest bidder so the three it's bad news to nunez who believes the characters are part of tampa history. >> they don't have intrinsic value to anybody else than those from here. >> reporter: nunez and other activists would like the city to call off the auction. they applied for a grant to restore the characters and return them to city parks. >> in if they leave the area, we've lost them forever.
6:27 am
future for tampa's once famous characters from a different age. >> alcides: the head of the city's purchases department says the auction will happen in the next couple of weeks. he said it's his job to sell them as much as possible to benefit city taxpayers. still to come, a police officer in daytona beach shoots a 16-year-old outside a club. >> anjuli: fall arrives at one buc place. we have mother on the inaugural event that helped thousands of kids across the >> lindsay: what a great weekend for fall activities. the coolest of the season was yesterday, and now it's this morning as it's even cooler. 42 degrees in brooksville, and it's 55 in tampa, wesley chapel, bundle up. 51. we have one of the coolest numbers on the map this morning around the state. we're tied with tallahassee and brooksville at 42. we warm up this afternooni, though. we talk about a nice, bright,
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good morning. thank you for joining us this sunday for good day tampa bay. >> alcides: good mornin thank you for joining us this sunday. >> anjuli: i'm anjuli davis. a quick check on the headlines. pinellas county deputies arrested a driver as well as his passenger for causing a two-car accident in palm harbor. 23-year-old anthony lockenor crashed his ford mustang into the back of a pickup truck on u.s. 19. deputies arrested him and 20-year-old kyle smith. they said inside the car was
6:31 am
he faces multiple charges including driving with a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance. he was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. >> alcides: investigators are still working to identify one man killed along the veterans expressway. this is video of saturday's bad crash taken by connie oliver. troopers say just before 2:30 saturday morning, 54-year-old anwar ascar car and pushed it off the road into a barrier that sparked a fire and the car's driver and passenger were killed. he was taken to the hospital with serious history. >> anjuli: history in chicago. the cubs going to the world series. they beat the l.a. dodgers last night 5-0 in game six to win the ncls. the win paves the way to the world series for the first time in 71 years for the team. the cubs will play the cleveland
6:32 am
game one is tuesday night right here on fox 13. >> lindsay: i bet some people still celebrating right now in chicago. 6:31. it's a chilly start to the day for our standards, well below average. we have 40s and 50s on the map. check it out. brooksville is the cool spot, 42. a warmer jacket, and you need it. wauchula is shy of 50. lakeland at 52 and it's 55 in tampa, 65 in st. pete and 57 in sarasota. if you thought yesterday was cool, it's morning. 14 degrees cooler in lakeland, 10 in brooksville, and our air mass is to dry that's really one of the main reasons why it's so cool right now, and it's dry aloft. look at all the red on water vapor. if you like sunshine, we want to see the red. limited clouds this afternoon, but as the winds veer slightly northeast in the day, it will increase the afternoon highs by a few degrees. we hit 76 yesterday and today
6:33 am
81 for a high after a start of 59. >> anjuli: people in hernando county are eligible for federal assistance after hurricane h her hermine. it will pay for debris removal and emergency protective measures and fixing roads, bridges and buildings. citrus, manatee, pasco, pinellas and sarasota counties were already eligible for fema help police say an uber driver is to blame for an early morning wreck on saturday. it happened on fourth street north. police say 38-year-old robert marhaller were taken to the hospital. he picked up the passenger after midnight and made a u-turn. when he did he pulled directly in front of a ford mustang. the driver and passenger of the car suffered minor injuries >> anjuli: after five years the hoover county officials put the
6:34 am
visitors can feel the sand between their toes thanks to a $1.3 million project. it replaced the sand washed away by years of beach erosion. crews also built structures to help control future erosion along the new two-acre beach. >> alcides: the u.s. coast guard is investigating if lightning could have played a role in the deadly boating wreck that killed jose fernandez, the miami marlins star and former tampa bay resident died nearly a beach. the coast guard sent a letter to senator marco rubio this week saying the agency will review whether additional lightning is -- lighting is needing in the area. an initial investigation didn't find any dangers with the jetty, but some fishermen say that low visibility is a big problem there. >> anjuli: a 16-year-old is in jail after daytona beach police say he waved a gun at them.
6:35 am
getting a call about a man with a gun. they chased that teen down and ordered him to put his hands up. instead, he reached into his waistband and was shot once. he was taken to the hospital and later released, however, he's facing several charges including aggravated assault. the officer that fired the shot is on paid administrative leave. >> alcides: four boaters are alive this morning thanks to the efforts of the u.s. coast guard. crews were called out saturday for a they say it began to sink 12 miles west of john's pass. the coast guard says all four people were wearing life jackets and hanging onto the boat whether they arrived. an 8-year-old girl is a survivor. >> anjuli: fall and football go hand and hand. in weekend one buc place transformed itself into a pumpkin patch. there were hayrides and costume
6:36 am
money goes towards the 24 bucs academy schools across the tampa bay area. so many cute costumes. after the break, every day has it's day but this is special. >> alcides: how a sick dog living in florida has been propped up by the kindness of strangers. this week on "fox news sunday," with two weeks until the election, can donald trump close the gap after the final debate? we'll ask trump campaign manager allegations the election is rigged. clinton campaign manager robby mook about any wikileaks revelations, a debate between begin rich and javier on some
6:37 am
i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election.
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failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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here's a story >> alcides: here's a story this morning that will tug at the heart strings of every pet owner. maverick, the golden retriever didn't have the best life. >> he was abandoned as thankfully joy maxwell met him in time adopted him. they have had maverick for more than eight years and he's like their little baby. maverick is suffering his second bout of cancer, and last week his doctors said this was the end of the road for them. rather than crying and wallowing, he was determined to give his dog one very special
6:40 am
to transport maverick. they live in volusia county and at matthew the local store was sold out of wagons. >> that is until the store manager found out what was going on and found them a wagon. they found the wagon at another store and had it assembled and maverick was on his way. memory foam mattress stuffed toy and all. he was ready to rock 'n roll. he wheeled into town and snacked on burgers, hot dogs and ice cream. most love from everyone he met. >> now joey says that mav is gtting a little better every day. he attributes this turn for the better to all of the positivity and love he received on and around that very special day. he says that, quote, mav's kind of everything to us. no matter what happens from here on forward, we're in a good place because we know how mav means to other people. he has felt every bit of that in return.
6:41 am
dog. joey has since taken march rif out for a walk on the special wagon every day. >> it's not clear how long he has left, but it's clear his final months will be full of love and happiness, and that's really all anyone can ask for. >> anjuli: i can't even look at that video. i can't look at it. look at him smiling, too. just enjoying his sweet day. oh, my gosh. we wish him the best. >> alcides: when we come back, we highlight local churches offering wholesome fall fun. >> lindsay: perfect timing for fall weather. maybe even winter-like for some out the door this morning. it is chilly. i think a warmer jacket, you're going to need it in brooksville and crystal river. low 40s out the door. now brandon slipped below 50 as well. 55 in tampa. you see the 60s in pinellas county, but it feels great. sunshine is back a little warmer this afternoon with highs in the upper 70s.
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it's hard to believe, but halloween is just around the corner! if you're >> anjuli: it's hard to believe, but hall wean is just around the corner. churches across the bay offer fun celebrations. we highlight a few in this week's "faith in action." this friday, october 28th christ nell lowship of tampa on sly
6:45 am
festival. in pasco county, faith united methodist church in hudson is holding a trunk or treat event on october 30th next sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. that's right on church grounds. and over in val rico they're holding a trunk or treat event. this is on halloween night going from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. so fun for folks that don't have anywhere to go, but if you have a lot of neighbors, there's options out there for you. lots going on. it certainly feels like fall finally. >> alcides: it was so cool out this morning, lindsay. >> lindsay: it wakes you up on a sleepary morning. that cool air blasts you, and it's cooler than yesterday, too. yesterday we were so excited. if you like colder temperatures, you're loving this morning. 55, and we have clear skies. so we're starting to see the first signs of brightness.
6:46 am
late october day, shouldn't be this cool. we should be at about 66. so well below average, especially north of tampa bay. check out the 40s that have moved into inverness, brooksville, wesley chapel, ocala as 41. it's 47 in wauchula, 55 in sebring, 55 in tampa. yes, it's 65 in st. pete, but that's a comfortable reading thanks to the dry air mass. anywhere from 2 degrees cooler to 10 in brooksville and hopefully you love the feel to the air. if you don't like the cool air, you probably love the fact it's so comfortable. our dew points are in the 40s, and so as we expected last night, once our winds dropped the temperatures dropped to close to some of these values in the norn counties. stays nice and comfy through the day today. we have high pressure off to the north and west. it is settling in and no clouds to show you this morning. by tomorrow you will see a couple extra clouds around the
6:47 am
locally thanks to all this red. that's drier air in the mid levels, and that's on the backside of a cold front that moved through on friday. with all this dry air, we're actually going to moderate nicely into the upper 70s by this afternoon. up in new england this morning ned heavier rain and now how about some snow flurries into western portions of manine to start out the day. it's cool here and cooler here locally in p it's 45 in flint and 42 in nashville and we're in the mid-50s in tampa. high pressure slips to the east. a slight warming trend in the days ahead. 78 today is still blov average, and even though you see the warm-up tuesday, wednesday and thursday, that's normal and where we should be this time of year. it's below average today. tonight not quite as chilly. 58 in arcadia and 56 in lakeland and low 50s north, near 60 in tampa.
6:48 am
good news. typically things wind down at this point. nothing expected in the next five days. a lot of wind shear as the fronts dive south and east. here's high pressure settling in providing us with a beautiful day. a couple high clouds with more of a northeast wind tomorrow, and how about another cold front? that sounds good, right? this will reinforce our quiet weather pattern we're in. it won't bring us any cooler air, but it will keep us from warming significantly. as it moves in, we can't rule out a sprinkle wednesday. mainly dry most of the week. next weekend we may have to watch moisture to the south, but that's a weak way to watch. we're at 78 today and yesterday we hit 76. another cool night, but at add about 4 or 5 degrees from where you wake up now, closer to 10 degrees in brooksville, 59 is the overnight low. monday is a pleasant afternoon under mostly sunny skies. any clouds around will be high in nature. on the water today, there's a
6:49 am
waves are down significantly. we have a high tide but not for an hour because it's 7:51 at st. pete pier. seven-day forecast, check out the lows and afternoons warming, but not much rain, only a 20% rain chance by saturday. >> alcides: the nba tips off the regular season with a match-up between the cleveland cavaliers and the new york knicks. >> anjuli: america salutes the navy. forks's patricia stark has those stories and more. the world united nations on monday. since 1948 united nations day is devoted to recognizing the contributions of those that serve and participate in the organization, which is dedicated to bringing world peace. a concert will be held at the u.n. headquarters in new york to celebrate the organization's accomplishments. this year's concert theme is freedom first. time to it the courts. tuesday is the official start of the regular nba season. the 2016 nba champions cleveland
6:50 am
loans arena in ohio. you can be sure the basketball players load up on carbs ahead of the big game. lucky for them tuesday is also world pasta day. started in 1995, the day aims to promote the eating of pasta along with its cultural and culinary importance. hundreds of restaurants offer deals and free pasta entrees on this day. just two weeks after the u.s. navy's birthday, the nation celebrates navy day on thursday. organized byhe 1922, october 27th was chosen as the date because it was the birthday of president theodore roosevelt. now is the perfect day to celebrate your favorite fur baeshs. saturday is national cat day founded in 2005, this day raises awareness of the number of cats that need to be rescued. folks are encouraged to adopt instead of shop. that's a look at the week ahead. i'm patricia stark, fox news.
6:51 am
sunday -- today i only found one car speeding. >> alcides: look at his radar! my, gosh, it's awe soom. he's tiny but tough. meet the 5-year-old police officer keeps his streets safe. stay with us. ?? halloween excitement is back at dunkin' with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99. drizzled, decorated, and all dressed up for the season, share the fun with 2 dozen donuts for $12.99.
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finally this hour.. a pint-sized >> anjuli: finally this hour, a pint-sized police officer patrolling one kansas neighborhood. shannon o'brien has the story. >> reporter: metro law enforcement has a new secret weapon. officer oliver. officer oliver spent his days and nights, rain or shine, in uniform on his police motorcycle. >> so right here. >> reporter: making sure his leewood neighborhood is safe. >> i'm trying to look for bad guys. i have my handcuffs back here. this is them. and i want to see if there's any bad guys that handcuff. >> when he's not looking for bad guys, he keeps the streets safe by running a real radar gun to catch speeders. >> someday they speed -- today
6:55 am
i try to yell slow down, but i can't. i don't -- i keep forgetting to. >> reporter: he has pulled over a few people and passes out citations. >> i got some fake tickets. they're kind of funny. they say oliver just gave you a ticket. >> reporter: the cost per ticket? >> little kids >> reporter: officer oliver is 5 years old and he hasn't wanted to be a cop his whole life. >> i was navy. >> whether a grown-up police officer showed him about bad guys and showed him around the police car, it was on. oliver asked for a police uniform for christmas and wore it out. >> we had to get two or three more uniforms because he wears it to preschool and the grocery store. they know him everywhere by his police uniform.
6:56 am
>> reporter: officer oliver says hours of police training has prepared him for his job, spending time with officers at departments across the metro perfecting his skills. it's a job he takes seriously. >> i can still be a police officer when i grow up. yeah, i'm going to be a police officer. >> thank you for your service. >> you're welcome. >> anjuli: gosh. that's the cutest thing i've ever seen. 7:00? >> alcides: thanks so much, anjuli. former rays manager joe madden has a sholt at a second world series ring after the cubs win the pennant for the first time since 1945. as fans pack the streets, we look at all the signs that suggest this may be the cubs' year. why the number 108 could be their lucky number. and hospital no doubt can be a scary place, especially if you're a kid. a new app is turning scaring
6:57 am
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they've been cursed by a billy >> alcides: they've been cursed by a bill yoi goat, baffled by bartman and crushed by decades of disappointment. now the loveable losers from chicago have a chance to win it all. >> anjuli: if you see flashing lights, move over. this morning, local tow truck companies hope to drive that point home as they honor one of their own. >> alcides: early voting starts tomorrow with more than a million b find out which party has an edge as the campaigns launch a battleground blitz right here in florida. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is "good day tampa bay." >> anjuli: good morning, and welcome to "good day tampa bay." it's 7 a.m. on this sunday morning. i'm anjuli davis. >> alcides: i'm alcides segui. let's start the morning like we always do with a look at the forecast. it's nice and chilly out there, lindsay. >> lindsay: yes, chilly and beautiful.


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