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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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tim kaine rallys voters here in the bay area.... and donald trump is rushed off the stage at an event in reno. details when the news begins in 60 i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to
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donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. is. >> let's go make history and let's win this race! >> right now the 10:00, tim kaine addresses a large group of supporters. bon jovi, addresses, saying, it can give them hope. it's donald trump's last chance to connect with voters here in tampa bay. what he had to say to thousands of supporters gathered at the fair growrchts fairgrounds today. >> it's scary. >> afternoon officer-involved shooting had seasonal people in plant city shaken.
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>> you're watching fox 13, the news stawrts now. >> i'm lloyd sowers, haley has the night off. john bon jovi joined tixg, to rock and get out the vote. evan lambert is live at the and rally just wrapped up. evan. >> lloyd, most of the people that came for the main event, they were strong hillary clinton supporters. but the message was to those that haven't voted yet and anyone still undecided to take advantage of that last day, of early voting. and help turn florida blue.
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>> john bon jovi rocked the small state theater for about 700 ticketed supporters. he played several of his hits and also stressed why he was supporting clinton. bon jovi stressed why there wasn't anyone else qualified for the white house. kaine pushing anyone who hasn't voted, to vote for secretary clinton and help her win one o states in the election that is polling so close. >> florida is really important and here is a thank you. you guys have already more than 5 million of you have already voted in early voting. that's astouning. that's astounding. and if you're in hillsborough or pinellas, you can vote tomorrow too, 7:00 a.m., to 7:00 p.m. please vote early to keep the
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8th. >> he spoke for less than ten minutes. the event continued the event for the campaign, to encourage people to vote on election day. that will continue. jimmy buffett, holding a free concert in st. pete on monday. donald trump has criticized be clinton for bringing out stars. saying he has brought out people on his >> hillary clinton also spent her day in the sunshine state. the democratic nominee making stott stops at the west community center and little haiti. an pembroke pines. it is a must-win to win the presidency. donald trump also in the bay area today, the republican nominee taking the stage at the florida state fairgrounds. three days left in the race now
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cast their ballots. shows clinton leading trump by a narrow margin in florida. widely considered a must-win for trump. the presidential hopeful wasted no time slamming hillary clinton and reiterating the same points that had proved popular for the supporters for months. >> we will knock out i.s.i.s. we will win a trade, we will win at the borders, we'll start winning we'll win so much you're going to get sick and tired of winning. >> donald trump is scheduled to make one last visit to the sunshine state monday, he'll hold a rally at the sarasota fairgrounds. donald trump was rushed off the stage tonight.
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>> you saw here, secret service agents were told to get down. the candidate rushed offer the stage. it happened after a fight in the audience, apparently. cnn reports it happened near the stage. secret service agents did arrest a man in the audience. trump was later allowed to return to the stage just a few minutes later. a strange development for elections here in florida. the florida professional firefighters told us they have amendment 1, believed the language to be misleading. however a lawsuit taken to the florida supreme court, failed to have it removed from the ballot. the organization has asked for consumers of smart solar to stop broadcasting ads showing firefighters in support of the amendment. two years after falling just short of passing, a approached constitutional amendment to
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2 with more than 60% support. that is the requirement for approval. a similar measure in 2014 received only 58%. changed the amendment's wording to tighten oversight and protect children since the election two years ago. new at 10:00 a 15-year-old pasco county student was arrested after authorities say he threatened to shoot people at his school. the prerp ra preparatory academy. the teen was talking to two other classmates and he made statements about shooting up the school. it was also reported he knew where to get a gun and the perfect time would be lunch time. deputies said the teen admitted to making the statements while being questioned, he wasn't serious or trying to scare
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was under arrest, got a calm about a theft in progress at a downtown store, an officer caught up with the suspect who was trying to get away in his car and there was a confrontation. >> the officer at some point during that confrontation became fearful that the subject was intent to cause him harm and he discharged several shots the officer attempted to render aid. >> this all happened right in the middle of a busy shopping day in downtown plant city. it is usually a quiet place but not today. >> i'm really shocked to see all this happening downtown plant city. this is a lovely town. everything is quiet. and then just to have all this go on. i mean i don't know. it's kind of scary. >> no word on the condition of the suspect who was shot.
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office are investigating. new at 10:00. a 24-year-old man is in jail accused of murdering a teenager at the tampa hotel, happened last weekend at the tampa hotel on east bush boulevard. kelly stacy junior died in the shooting. johnson faces a number of drug charges. fire does a lot of damage started around 3:30 this afternoon in the 1100 block of carlton street. the front part of the home was engulfed in flames when the firefighters arrived. no one was hurt fortunately. well, this presidential election is causing a lot of stress in many families. coming up. what you can do if you and your partner support different candidates to keep the peace at home. maybe you can agree on the
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say? >> yes stress free weekend lloyd, nothing going on except for warmth and sunshine. we've got more of that coming up on sunday, details when our next cold front moves through, coming up. bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win?
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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veterans day is still nearly a week away - but tampa bay is ?already celebrating veterans... today.. officials closed hanley road is.
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veterans day parade. service members, hillsborough deputies and families came out, it will be celebratefully november 11th. >> several chicago cubs players, fresh off their historic world series win went to disney world. .ben cubs parade down main street u.s.a. to celebrate the team's big win. special salute to a baseball championship victory that took 108 years, the longest championship drought in sports history. is the election causing problems at home? one mental health counselor says if it is, you're not alone.
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clients are stressing about the outcome of the election. she says many of those are dealing with family members who are not supporting the same candidate and it's causing problems. >> one family member is for this candidate, the outer family member is for someone else. and unlike in other years, people are more passionate about it this year. they have mostly strong negative feelings i think and that makes it harder for everyone. generally that's not something we talk about in counseling but this year there's anxiety that i hadn't seen before. >> may advises anyone struggling with worry to set a time to release that concern daily. she says once you've done that you should distract yourself necessary if @necessary from thinking about t for rest of the day. when tuesday comes it's going to be finally over. i've heard that sentiment expressed a number of times. >> you know one thing, though,
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>> really. >> it's been quite a pattern, we've been essentially mid 80s, no rain. >> we'll take it. >> as a meteorologist it is a little boring. >> we'll take boring if it's good. >> boring is good when it comes to this. look at that -- that's a nice opening. here we go, just leading the way to this. by the way, look at the bottom right screen there lloyd. >> what is they're setting up. >> right there is he sirada. >> at the end of it you actually see the bride and groom there, perfect day to have a wedding right? >> you may kiss the bride. >> rat sunset, wait for it, i think so. >> -- right at sunset wait for it. get it done before daylight saving time. it's unlucky to get married on
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right? >> really? >> no i just made that up. we do drop back an hour. remember to set back those clocks if you have any manual winding clocks, set them back one hour before you go to bed. 81 in bart offerings, 79 in crystal river. current temperature 71, temperatures are dropping. dew point 58, relative humidity 58%, those winds today, still somewhat gusty, no big change there. new port richey. 68 in winter haven. i know, it was hard to tell we had a cold front moving through today. temperatures, mid to upper 50s, dry more comfortable air that's what we're going to be in
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of days, with dew points in the ump 50s, low temperatures getting to the low 60s. 65 for tampa, 63 in bartow. you will be the cool spot, 60 in crystal river. not a whole lot happening accreditation the state. shower activity on the east coast, trying to make its way on shore. i wouldn't be surprised if we get one or two of the showers to work over the state on suny of us stay dry throughout the day on sunday. here you go, futurecast shows best chance for shower on the east coast on sunday. otherwise warm and breezy, mix of sun and clouds type day. heading to monday, likewise warm conditions, somewhat breezy, overall, kind of a quiet week. there is some uncertainty as we look out towards the west, this trough developing, some of the
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monday, others for next weekend. i think that's a more likely scenario that we'll see that push through and usher through some cooler temperatures as we head to saturday and sunday. again, there's uncertainty, something to watch for coming days. forecast, 65?, partly cloudy cooler. warm and breezy during the afternoon hours, sunrise 6:46, sunset mix of sun and clouds, seasonably warm, average high temperature this time of the year should be right around 80. winds out of the northeast, seas 2 to three feet, gulf temperature 76. here is a look at your seven-day forecast. we get more seasonable tuesday, wet, thursday friday, both election day and veterans day at this point look pretty nice. maybe cooler weather for
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a veteran is beaten, the chief is apologizing, the reason it shouldn't have happened to begin with. >> i'm kevin o'donnell. it's rays on ice. not a show you would pay to see, what ball players are making their first shots in uniform carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom dana young. for things she never did. it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience.
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i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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saint paul's beating of an unarmed black man is caught on camera. a warning... some of the video you are about to see may be graphic. fox's maury
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>> get out of his car and put both hands in the air. because he couldn't or wouldn't keep his hands in the air when he was being attacked by the police dog. at one point, officer kicks him in the ribs, finally baker stops moving long enough for officers to handcuff him and off him as well. >> as st. paul's police chief i'm upset by what the video shows. as a person who deeply cares about this community and our department, i'm profoundly saddened. i'm releasing this video today because it's the right thing to do. >> chief axtel wanted to fire the officer, but instead suspended him for 30 days.
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very good dog, very social. >> while officer palkowitz was placed on unpaid leave and there's an internal affairs investigation of his conduct. >> i want you to know, the content of this video does not reflect the way we striefn o our job day in and day out. it's not the st. paul's way. >> the officers followed procedur they're being attacked because someone else decided that the rules don't matter. >> the chief said he apologized to baker both in his office and in the hospital room. >> because he is a human being and i'm a human being and that's the right thing to do. >> mauerie blover reporting.
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is involved. in case you haven't realized it, we're three days from the presidential election. don't say! >> the candidates are focusing
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?? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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counterterrorism officials issue more warning of a potential terror threat on election day. officials >> counterterrorism officials issue more new york, texas and virginia as potential targets. the fbi is also working with law enforcement agencies, they regularly assess all possible dirt threats ahead of major events. >> our officers like i said are continuing to be in contact with federal state and local authorities them. we believe there hasn't been any
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>> election day is tuesday and both candidates are holding their election day parties in norntion new york city. >> with three days to go there's no rest for the candidates. hitting the ground in key states. hoping to sway voters at the last minute. jennifer griffin has the story. >> hoping to pick up the last minute votes that will push them to victory in the swing states. the support of hillary clinton. not taking the voters for granted. >> i want you to say that i voted for a better fairer stronger america where everybody has a chance at the american dream. >> donald trump hitting the west coast with rallies in california and nevada. >> in three days we are going to
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and we are going to win back the white house. >> clinton's vice presidential pick, tim kaine, is spending the day in the sunshine state of florida, the check mate state along with north carolina. >> we take nothing for granted but we like what we're seeing in early vote here in florida. and we really like what we're seeing. [applause] >> while republican vice presidential candidate mike michigan and virginia, saying trump is the only one for the job. >> i literally believe donald trump embodies the american spirit, strong, freedom loving independent. optimistic. >> for the rest of the weekend, clinton has plans to stop in ohio and new hampshire. donald trump for his part plans to stop in five states tomorrow, including right here in pennsylvania. in philadelphia, jennifer
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>> a shocking crime unfolding along the sacramento river, a trump supporter says someone set his truck on fire. he was fishing thursday whatever he heard someone shout an obscenity about trump. he heard glass breaking, then a couple of minutes later he saw smoke coming from his truck. lee is not sure molotov cocktails or poured gasoline. >> i don't think anybody would do this kind of stuff over a bumper sticker so it's not righ right. >> arson investigators with the sacramento fire department aren't saying if they saw clues for the fire. vandalized, this time the
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north carolina, near greensboro, county's chairman says there is surveillance video of the incident. >> we just keep plugging on and i think that's the best way to combat what someone else has done. it's not let us deter you. >> i just don't understand the mentality for somebody who would do that. it's just cruel, hateful, no point to it. >> the gop headquarters in vandalized with graffiti and fire bombed back on october 15th. the two offices are less than 30 minutes apart. with election day just a few days away, a federal judge in arizona weighed in on a new law that would ban ballot harvesting. will carr has the latest. >> with the stakes so high both republicans and democrats are doing all they can on voter fraud and intimidation on election day.
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just weighed in on a new law that bans ballot harvesting. that means political groups collect ballots from voters in bulk and turn them in. it's been a big part of the arizona party's get out the vote campaign. but making vote harvesting in a felony. the ballot harvesting was banned because it integrity of elections, the supreme court has determined that arizona voters are entitled to protections that create honest elections. also in arizona a federal judge has refused to issue an injunction sought by democrats which would have ordered republicans not to engage in illegal voter intimidation tactics on the polls often tuesday. showing not enough evidence that republicans were planning to take part in voter intimidation. at the same time, the arizona republican party chairman says
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and sheriff joe arpaio signs have been vandalized over the past few days. arpaio is facing his closest campaign in decades. will carr, fox news. >> there are new developments in the case of the woman found chained in a storage container in south carolina saturday. a body found there is the woman's boyfriend killed with multiple gun shots. it's been dead. the woman had been chained in the container for two months. more charges are coming. fire danger spreading through florida. in the past two weeks, 20 homes have been threatened by wildfires. as of yesterday morning there were two dozen fires burning in florida. florida forest officials are
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carelessness. mcdonald's is trying to cook up more interest in the bik mac which was introduced 50 years ago. the chain is changing its menu to reverse a slow down in seams. the grand mac will have two beef patties, the mack junior will have no middle bun. one san francisco famil bearded dragon. a medium size lizard acknowledge family says sticky disappeared just a week ago. the bearded dragon, disappeared disappeareds and the outdoors is not good for sticky, where it's been cooler lately. the united states is not
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good day.. we'll discuss the state of the election with our very own craig patrick and a local realtor will share how millenials can get into with is. >> the obamas has a new ambassador to the philippines and has quite a task ahead of
10:39 pm
doug mcelway has more. >> sun kim, appointed by president obama in may, former ambassador to south korea, also served as a special representative for north korea policy. >> i'm thrilled to have the honor representing our country in the philippines, our oldest ally, and our most trusted friend anywhere. >> philippines president rodrigo duterte, has cursed at president obama and threatened to cut off military cooperation with the u.s. which would be a big blow to american presence in southeast asia. the administration is pressing forward with the long standing alliance. >> we will continue to cooperate in efforts to maintain peace and
10:40 pm
prosperity in the asia pacific region. >> duterte not holding back in his criticism against united states wednesday, in a profanity ladened tirade, after the u.s. backtracked on the sale of 26,000 rifles to his country. duterte saying he will see what his military recommends. >> russia they are inviting us, china also. >> china is open, anything you want. >> this latest outburst comes days after he promised god, he said, he would stop cursing. kevin elway, fox news. >> be kevin kiermeyer has a golden glove, may have another one soon. lloyd you got to see this coming
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have been any closer or it would have gone in. did it cost the bolts? carson and i have seen some terrible ads attacking our mom it hurts because mom is cool. she is caring, she works hard. whenever something is not right mom is on it. trust us we know from experience. mom put her career on hold for us. to raise our family. she is a role model for everyone in our community. i'm proud of you mom, we both are. dana young for the florida senate.
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kevin sports the lightning start off against the devils just like they have before is. >> well, the lightning started off against the devils like they have before. the third time these two teams have squared off but the series is now as jersey went to a 3-point lead, victor sees boyle, tying the game up at 1, i think boyle knew the weak spot right there. just five seconds after nikita kucherov, lightning 2-1 after two periods.
10:45 pm
for his first career nhl goal. kucherov finally gets on the board after being denied earlier. lightning win it 4-1, the bolts go back to second place in the atlantic tuition. bulls will travel to memphis next week and willie taggert, is hopeful. bulls, the 11th ranked gaiters, gaiters, gators, many arkansas go up 6-nothing
10:46 pm
back. they go on an 87-yard drive. 21-7 lead at the break. arkansas puts the game away though, fourth quarter, raleigh williams breaks loose for a second time and florida is stunned, 31-10. another slow start for seminoles often offense. generated just 27 yards on their first two possessions, down 10-3 it in, the 'noles defense lets the wolf pack get into field goal range. the pack on the move now late in the third quarter. little misdirection, jaylen samuels takes it in.
10:47 pm
have their first lead in the game, 23-20. nc state on their final drive right here, as this one goes incomplete. and fsu wins by 4. bucs are off this weekend and they need it halfway through the season. what's most disturbing, how the upgrades in the secondary isn't producing better results. there wasn't a part of the team that was under more scrutiny than the opponents completed 70% of their passes against bucs, but still finished 16th in the league. 861 yards through air in the last two weeks and the bucs pass defense has fallen near the bottom of the league ranked 28. >> the two corners that you mentioned, brent and vernon awe added i think are really good football players.
10:48 pm
games. so i think when we get to the end, of 16 games, that's when we really evaluate that. and coach better, to 19 our guys to play better. and one of those spots is corner. >> rays on ice. i know it's not a new disney are ice show. it's kevin odorizzi. when it comes to hockey. it's safe to say they are watching from the stands tonight. >> try to skate was one of the hardest things i've done in quite some time. i only skated one other time my whole life when i was eight years old. today was a struggle but i had an absolute blast out there. body's a little sore already.
10:49 pm
while. awesome time, i can't thank the lightning for letting kevin and i come out there. >> he's great on the field with the shoes on account with the skates not so much. we're going to get kevin out a couple more times. i think he'll get a little better. i don't know how much improvement is going to happen but there's got to be some. >> you got to like stephen you could tell kiermeyer had a tough time with it. >> there's got to be improvement. >> can't get any worse. >> thanks very much. mike is here to look at your seven-day forecast when we come back. and extra sleep, some studies
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>> now, your skytower weather forecast with fox 13 meteorologist mike bennett. >> a beautiful day today, what more can we say? the same for the last two weeks. warm temperatures again seasonably warm getting two, three, 4? above average. almanac for today, 84 again the high today. so 4? above average for high, 4?
10:53 pm
more so you would realize it. going back to july 1st have been above average for high temperatures. you factor that in with average. if you were to say how many days out of the last 128, how many days going back to july 1st have been at or above average, 85% of the dates have been at or above average. that's a pretty incredible st you would find similar streeks going back several years. above average as well, 71?, current temperature, dew point of 58, winds out of the north northeast, 5. 63 in wauchula, 67 in be frostproof across the rest of the state, still in the mid 70s in marathon and key west, st. pete and sarasota.
10:54 pm
be yesterday even at this time up in tallahassee . a pretty incredibility temperature drop this time of the year. east northeast wind continuing are bringing in showers over the east coast for the last couple of hours. may see a couple of those make their way across the state as head through day on sunday. drier in place now, moisture increasing in the west, form of the high cloud cover as we head into the second second halfr weekend. warm and breezy finish as we head into the day on sunday. mostly quiet for week though we see some moisture pooling out of the gulf. some of that may try to work its way here as we head towards the
10:55 pm
a cold front. saturday looks at this point we'll see some cooler temperatures by next weekend. 65, partly cloudy and cooler. for the day tomorrow, 83?, warm and breezy. seven-day forecast, low to mid 80s the flex couple of days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, high temperatures around 80. the one caveat there, wednesday may be a little bit cooler if we see some of that moisture from the gulf make it in the analysis signan the is are models. lloyd. >> thank you mike. make sure you set your clocks back one hour. daylight savings time ends at exactly 2:00 a.m. turning back the clocks falls
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benjamin franklin thought if there were more daytime hours humans would be more productive. in the past it has been felt it had helped the economy but j.p. morgan chase people says the waste in spending wiems out economic boost from springing forward. here's what we're working on for the 11:00 news. star power, and the presidential election, more on theon presidential nominee tim kaine and another star who joined him on stage, their fight for voters. and scary moments caught on camera as the republican presidential nominee was rushed off stage in nevada. plus, the new details in a largo homicide overnight. that and much more coming up at
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. "i don't remember."
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>> i have run and won eight elections, this is my ninth election, oh by the way, i'm going to be 9 and 0 on tuesday, i don't lose. >> more on a free show where kaine was not the only big name to take the stage. >> we will make america great again! >> donald trump making minute push in the sunshine state with a rally in tampa. why he says he's the best choice for president. >> got to be careful and watch who comes in the store. >> scary moments as shots ring out in downtown plant city. details why the officer involved pulled the trigger. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. >> good evening i'm lloyd sowers, thanks for being with


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