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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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i'm mark wilson. turn out has been strong and lines around the block here and in saint pete. look at the lines. the others already voted early and by mail and that kept the process moving smoothly. >> hillary clinton cast her vote in new york. the nominee along with her husband former president clinton they have been voting for 16 years. >> and in manhattan was donald trump with his wife. they greeted children and shook hands and they voted. >> we have coverage this election night. we'll start with lloyd sowers who is live in hillsborough where there have been problems with a few machines. >> the. ers that you slide into a couple were jammed.
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big deal. and a couple of polling places we visited earlier in the day. now in the last presidential election in 2012, there was a 73% voter turn out in hillsborough t is running around 69% with less than an hour left. but folks are passionate about donald trump y? >> just us because it will make change i'm done with the same old same old, she will be the first female president. she has worked hard that i have seen in supporting all people not just a set of people. >> and the vote getting national attention. one reason is that historically
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we'll see if that bears out this year. one other problem to tell you about. fish hawk ranch. slow going, a big line. 701. they sent down an additional scanner. if are you in line by 7 you can vote. >> lloyd, thank you, across the bay and see how vote something in pinellas county. we go to dan any headaches or hiccups? >> and the scene some jamming of the machine. and that's not a big issue, they were able to move past. i don't know if you can see but a better look at what is going on. >> this is the final batch coming in.
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>> and and how will be. and coming and the national level. >> and fort has elected. and pinellas has elected in 11 of the 13. >> are you not goi t >> i like your optimism. we'll stay until all ballots are counted. no problems. and give you an idea hire before noon they were cast. at 75%. voter turn out.
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and the race of course could come down as it does and lloyd and dan say to florida, we heard that for a while now. and fox 13 political editor, he is continuing our team coverage with a look at what is at stake. , control the white house and the senate. balance of power and those are the stakes. and the turn out. we're seeing the record turn night. that is all about the state of florida again. and the last poll hillary clinton is holding ton a narrow lead. we have seen a spike. and hillary clinton.
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and why among other things it will be very, very close. and that's why we saw them in the state donald trump has spent time in the upper midwest because, among other things, he has to find one state leaning to hillary clinton in the polls that he can flip and turn red. we think that one state he is bearing down on has been the state of that's why they have spent time there. that's where the polls closed. and after 9:00 we may get a better idea of which way the story is going. you have states to the west and mexico and colorado. this is what will way in getting too close to call and goes into
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we're watching the race for the the district between david jolly and charlie crist. he may be the undergoing. and we'll start covering the race and here things are just starting. this will be filled with the supporters of davidjolly retain the seat in the district. it will be a close race. and charlie crist holding a slight lead. and working as a staffer and
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office. and he had to fight to keep his seat op his own. he has not received a dollar after introducing the top back and legislation to make it illegal to asker for money. he used the slogan unfinished business. as far as hoe is voting for jolly can cannot support his own nominee donald trump but he did say that they are similar in one way. >> i have only been in office for two and a half years. i have tried to chatter the system like i know mr. trump and supporter does. >> and a 13th congressional district. the fourth most like likely to flip from republican to democratic. we'll find out if that happens.
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campaign. josh. >> things are starting to pick up here in the grand ball room. a lot of optimism. haley said, we could see this district seat flip from republican to democrat. and for crist the race is about selling himself voice. he is fighting for better jobs and higher wages. and he does have an advantage based on the restricting. it is playing well for democrats. now at this point it is in the hands here in florida. , two notes this is important
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house. when the fan is here crist is not far away. and he has the watch parties over at the venoi but it was booked by david jolly. here we have in the grand ball room. not a bad place to have a party. >> we're following. >> and marco rubio is seeking a second term it's not a slam dunk. a look at that race coming up next. we'll have the latest for you. paul has a look at the forecast. what a day today. a nice day and wrapping up on a great note. take a look outside. that's the after glow.
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and a look to cooler weather. that's coming up in a bit. >> and thank you. under an hour to go now get out and vote. our coverage is continuing we're
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese.
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ix. where shopping is a pleasure. we're following a developing story out of st. we're following a developing story where the policee have charged a 21-year-old and manslaughter for hitting a school crossing guard. it was on ninth avenue north. and it was close to a school.
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scene. police arrested charles walton. investigators say he hit another vehicle and round tree but did not stop. he went on to a school zone and hit the sign and the tree before he came to a stop. before the crash another driver reported that he saw the car driving eratically. an 18-year-old was in the car and that the 18 year-year-old wt charged. manatee and sarasota counties will break records, they had thousands take a record turn out of voters this year. and they are predicting they will have more than 80% turn out and in sarasota county 80,000 people early voted. more than 117,000 voters. and the supervisor of elections said the candidates have brought
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>> and. >> the enthusiasm is based on the negative ideas. >> and they get some rather and i think in general they wanted to participate in one of the greatest things ever. >> they will tally up the votes and get result to us when they >> first there was the ice bucket challenge and then the running man dance now the latest is the man kin ddmannequin. >> the goal is to see how long can you stand standstill like a mannequin. it made its way through hillary
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and president clinton and onbon jovi and staffers took part know bursted into laughs and cheers. not to be outdone we got our team together. look at this in the newsroom. our very own challenge video. just, mark has his guitar a slice of life on election day you can see the web t updates we follow the campaigns and i took the video i think i did a good job. you got off easy, you didn't have to standstill. it was addictive. >> it is strange isn't it, they were still. that was awesome. >> there it is. >> we have to see the end. we're never one to back out of a challenge. >> it does it is awesome. that was fun. no blink. >> i'm still tired from holding
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of that. >> a busy thing. weather. a lot going on. >> i'm known as paul filler. if we lose the live shot let's go to paul. that's my duty. i'll deliver good weather tonight. let's look outside. it is good. this is the view on the beach camera. a couple of things not only nice after glow but you see the dots. one the left of the banner is saturn, you may need a tv to that's saturn and that's venus, all clear. another day today above average. and boff average every day. >> i do think tomorrow may end the streak of 14 days in a row of above average temperatures. 78 to 80 tomorrow. and then upper 70s to near 80 into the weekend.
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and no rain heading our way. 14 tays in a row. without measurable rain fall. this is the dry season. you want to know that's it. we have issues you know up in the carolinas. >> and tennessee. georgia. it has been a brought and the fires are ongoing. this is from blue ridge now. and residents evacuated due to wildfires. you vacation up there and are familiar with the area. this is from our station up in charlotte fox carolina news.
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carolina. this is a lot of wildfires. you can see how dry. it is exceptional near atlanta and back to jackson, mississippi. what is interesting about this you talk about a state divided in two. east of the drought area they're dealing with the floods. you go from above average way above average to no here. this will work our way tomorrow. all we'll see is mostly cloudy. light showers. 78 in tampa and saint pete. 76 and inland in the low 70s
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55 dew point east northeast winds at 3. can you see the clouds and showers in the gulf you can see the front. the west was great. a record high in seattle. no cold air a lot of people voting around the country w light sweater and jackets. that's about vermont. and lake champlain. and 66. tomorrow mostly cloudy a shower and 77. on thursday the sun comes back the humidity stays low. highs near 80. the temperatures near and a couple of degrees below average. no rain. veteran's day is good. temperatures next week in the
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year under the scheme of the coordinator. it is impacting the production of david. why that is the case next. usf quarterback is on pace to shatter school records before the season ends. a look after the break. are compy should treat you like family... caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit
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certainly struggled this year... from.. not enough pass the bucs defense has struggled from not enough pass rush and the reality the last two weeks they faced two of the top five offenses and this week they face the bears and the offense is nowhere near that of the falcons and raiders. but there are some concerns here and one is at the linebacker's position. and david's production. he is 25 fewer tackles than last year at this and he said that the defense is challenging to get to speed up on is a more well rounded linebacker. here is dick dirk koetter -- here is dirk koetter, when we went back over this bye and looked at all the players there were things that we can do better at every position and
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>> you can catch it all sunday here on fox 13 starting 1590:30 with tailgate sunday and followed by pregame coverage. and bears and bucs. cowboys and steelers to follow. usf heeds to memphis chasing temple. they need to have a chance at the conference championship game. can be tough >> and bulls quarterback having a record setting season. 79 rushing yards and the player in program history shy with three games to go.
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just me but for windon. and you all here me say you are getting better or worse. no one stays the same he is better than what he was. >> and if he is better our team is betr. >> and all the messages for the cubs in chalk on the brick around wrigley field. some were encouragement and others were sames a nice little peace of artwork there. but it hated to do so. it had to go.
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they have it preserved. >> too bad they cannot save that. >> thank you. candidates both awaiting results in the big apple. that's coming up. how they are spending their final hours of election night tonight. the battleground state at play. that's when our corm continues tonight we'll be back with some
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the campaigning is over ... and the voting is about to wrap up in what has been an the campaign is over and the vote something about to wrap up in an unprecedented. >> and they voted in their home state of new york, they cast their votes they are hoping that the supporters turn out in and if they swing their way a handful of battleground states. >> the team coverage of the election night we want to go back to the political editor and the battleground states. craig? >> well. let's start with the upper northeast and the returns are coming in. you cannot tell much from new hampshire just yet 567895 people so far have wayed in. and we're going to be in for a longer night.
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this is a small state but maybe a telling state in the scheme of things. this had been leaning in hillary clinton's column for the summer, donald trump did close the gap in the closing days. with this, this is a small state that if it goes for trump could trigger a tie at least the number of combinations go up. that's why this is one of the key states that we're watching. another the donald trump is watch something the state of pennsylvania. here donald trump has closed the before. it is called fool's gold for republicans. it looks like they can win and what happens time after time they are wiped out. they cannot make up the difference when you watch the returns come in and they close at 8:00 tonight. philadelphia will weigh in in a big way for hillary clinton and then the rest of the state, pittsburgh and western and central pennsylvania will deliver. what will the mix be. this is one of the states that
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chance of winning w this we have interesting developments in the exit poll so far. what we're find something that the late deciders who did not, they broke fairly evenly for hillary clinton and donald trump. with this you saw a spike in turn out for gary johnson. checking in at 8% and what we typically see. you have more than half of all voters voting for donald trump and hillary clinton. and having casting the vote for that candidate. what you have are voters holding their nose and they have made their decision and it will depend not just of course in new hampshire and pennsylvania but where they will close at 7:00 in our neck of the woods. and in the western panhandle. we may have an idea where this is going by 9:00 or 10:00. >> we'll see you in a few minutes, thank you. >> and joel waldman is covering
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>> hillary clinton is hoping that today is the day that voters make history electing the first woman to the white house. >> hillary clinton casting a ballot home in new york calling it a humbling experience. >> and so many people are counting on the outcome of the election. what it means and i'll do the best that i can if i can win today. >> with the record setting 46 million early votes and a surge in the latino turn out. supporters their path to 270 electoral votes to win the white house. it will be a long night and short. look at florida. voters brave long lines. >> hillary clinton, why i voted for her, we deserve a woman in.
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conference from the commander-in-chief. >> i think we'll do a good job. >> we're told that hillary clinton has two speeches prepared. the democratic nominee delivering her final remarks under a real glass ceiling n new york, joel waldman. let's go to caroline shively reporting,. >> reporter: they were making the final pitches last night. now the fate the american people. >> after a campaign season election day has arrived. donald trump casting his ballot in the morning near his home in new york city. >> the republican nominee was acompanied by his wife, daughter and her husband trump's running mate casting his vote and the governor was the final nominee on either ticket to cast a
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>> and trump filed a challenge in nevada alleging violations a judge rejected the request for an order to be issued over the concerns that the hours were extended to accommodate the long lines, they brought a lawsuit that founded like a good one. we have to keep the system honest, the world waits to see if they concede, contest or flames victory in the election. at trump we're watching the senate race here in florida with patrick murphy and marco rubio. we'll start with evan axelbank at the marco rubio campaign in miami. evan? >> and just eight months ago he planned to be the one on the stage. now here he is in the airport hilton here in the ball room
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in. his campaign i spoke with a member of the staff they can do that. over the last 53 polls over rub reason and patrick murphy. marco rubio has led in 48 of those 53 polls. the average is just over 3 points and he has a chance to hang on but there is a reason that we count the >> and rising star. he and murray sparred over his senate attendance record during the campaign. >> and if he should be and we
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>> and he would be serving a and for anything. >> and in 2018. it is my, as i said my desire and plan to be a senator for the next six years and go down that's one of the most successful and impactful senators that florida had. >> remember back in june marco rubio went back on his pledge to be not win and maintainch mc mcconnell from kentucky said that you know we need to you hold on to our majority. he came back into the race he thought to have a better chance against murphy than the other contenders. now he is hoping to make good on that promise to mcconnell to help the party keep their senate majority.
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us, let's go to aaron mesmer who is in palm beach gardens where patrick murphy will be watching the results come in. >> and it is optimism is what we're hearing. >> and he has to feel that way difference the endorsements and the he has to know and a battle and that has been the case since senator marco rubio entered the race back in every vote that he can get and he spent the day today making one last pitch here. he is trying to focus op the issues. they are familiar with the ads. and one thing murphy said he is
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breaking through the negativity. people see through that. we're feeling good about the chances this evening. >> although most of the polls have marco rubio ahead by a few to several points ahead of patrick murphy. murphy said ther a show him ahead or very close and that, at this point, is what he has to be hoping for. now it is a matter of wait and see. wait and see how they shake out. >> live in west palm beach. mystery is which party will control the republican dominated senate. >> we want to go to craig patrick to tell us more about
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advantage republicans control the chamber. democrats have to defend 10 and the republicans have to defend 24. if the democrats gain four seats with the win they would control the united states senate. we think we know that are you going to have a democratic gain in illinois. tam tammy duck worth will mark kirk. go to wisconsin you have the return of russ finegold. he has built in advantage and name recognition. they are tightened. we are scoring this one at a likely gain with ron johnson being the victor. that's plus two against four gained seats by the democrats. where else do you go. you look at pennsylvania. here is another example you have
6:40 pm
mcginty and it is leaning in favor of mcgintw. that's democrats plus three. we outlined three where they have three of the four needed at least you add in a close race in missouri and one in nevada that could go either way. new hampshire and kelly ayotte in trouble. one of those four states, they could; all probability, gain control of the united states senate if hillary clinton wins. if she loses they will gain another but the map favors democrats to six seats based on the protections. that's not the case in the house. this very to pick up 35 at best a dozen to 20. >> craig, thank you very much,
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one of the most controversial amendments on a amendment on the battle is use of medical marijuana. polls show that it will pass and do they understand how the law would work. we have more with a look at the pros and cons. >> it is the inability to implement a low on the books that has marijuana support. and the state has dragged its feet in setting up the aspect of
6:44 pm
champions by people, they want to improve the quality of life. it will make it available and cancer and hiv and aids and als, they would have to have a issued and where the people take their card to get that. supporters say many doctors support the use. and 24 states have a similar law and in those states the rates have fallen. overdoses have fallen and work place absences have fallen. >> they say there is no proof that children are abusing the marijuana. but this is the flip side a lot
6:45 pm
saying there is no evidence showing that it helps treat illnesses. and the chief's association against it. the childrens are there are no guidelines for enforcement and heat to an increase in impaired driving and the amendment allows forms of marijuana which children could mistake for candy. now it needs 60% support to pass. if you remember a similar amendment was show of that 58%. a poll of 800 voters will pass and 74% support. we'll know if that holds true. kelly, thank you very much, chris. a live look tonight at the clinton camps. they are both in new york city it's not just america watching the race either. >> the impact of the election
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builting on big gains closing in the green and they
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here. all eyes on the election. and in russia and it has been as polarizing as here in the using are backing donald trump. and in europe lawmakers are taking a more weary approach. and the president of the united states after the campaign after they decide to nominate candidates and select figures. as they come in. they will be hosting watch parties and all nationalties to watch the process play out. >> everyone paying attention that's for sure. >> the weather is calm around the country here. >> no excuses if you waited to vote because of the weather. dry today. not so cold. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s.
6:50 pm
the 80s. and cooler tomorrow. and showers could head our way nothing to note. a week front heading our support showers and a sprinkle. and in the big scheme it's not that much. can you see the moisture riding along the subtropical jet stream from west to east. this is high level moisture it will be over the state. when that goes by, the weather thursday, friday into the weekend, it looks good. sky tower has showers from near
6:51 pm
along the northern gulf coast near mobile and back to new orleans. as this moves our way, the air is dry. this will evaporate. most will have less than .01 inches of rain. littl rock is the same. dew points under control. 30s and the mid-50s around tampa bay. we're 78 with east-northeast winds a good day around the country and november 8th can you have big storms that produce rain and snow around the country and there was rain mostly light from buffalo to erie to cincinnati all the way to about kentucky that's really about it. out in the west. and a record high. >> and these are all the battle
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and. >> and in raleigh add tonight we stay in the 60s. near 80. and temperatures tonight. a wimpy front. the dry air builds low humidity. and they all look good. we could sues lane. lots of clouds passing and 77. the sun is back in a big way on thursday. low humidity next chance of rape next week. no sign of anything. and this time 85 to 90 every
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companies in the 70s. something i talked about that we're not talking enough about. the wildfires in the carolinas. the eastern part of the states. as you know we're flooded western part of the state has nothing and they're dealing with big fires now which is kind of strange. a couple of write in. did sparky. >> trending on twitter. >> i'm sure he is. >> and the platform is outstanding. >> and three bones for tampa bay is amazing. i work here, i raise my kids here, i even take care of my mom here. but you know what? i could use a hand. hey! we hear you!
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with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think a-a-r-p, then you don't know "aarp."
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getting some numbers. we would like to get some final thoughts from craig. the polls closed here at 7:00 t is all about florida but donald trump would need more than florida to stand a chance to win here and pull off a upset. and leaning in the column and with that much of the focus has been on the state of michigan. the states will come in quickly here over the next couple of hours. keep an eye on michigan. it will be later. all the poll does not cse this has been a democratic state reliably it has not voted for republican in a race since 1988 with the president bush but the polls are tough. you don't have early voting. we don't know which way the state is trending, we don't have the data to go off. that's something to keep an eye on and an unusually important state. what very some interesting
6:57 pm
polling. it is a split decision across most of the nation. you have roughly half of the voters holding their nose behind the candidates that they pick. a lot of people are upset with the candidates on both sides of the aisle here w this, hillary clinton has a slight edge when asked who is more presidential, more prepared to lead. donald trump has the lead on the top issue who would best handle the economy. long night but we'll get the best idea which way the election is trending now in just a couple of minutes. and of course the polls closing at 7:00. western panhandle at 8:00. we'll not have a call until 8:00. >> mark and kelly, could be later than that, too. >> all right thank you. >> we're the election headquarters tonight with the results soon. and and the app on the phone, our
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stand by. we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way.
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in love with.
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it's 4:00 on the west coast, 7:00 on the east coast and it's election night in america. i'm shepard smith. after more than a year and a half of campaigning, it all comes down to this. tonight, we've heard from the candidates. now the voters get their say. and the polls have just closed in six states across america. and of the six that have just closed, virginia is the one we're watching most closely. it's a battleground state no


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