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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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all, and with this, it's going donald trump's way, so hillary clinton's not going to make up any ground in santa rosa county. there's a couple other counties where we don't have 100% of the vote, but those counties, other counties where we don't have 100% of the vote have been reliably delivering for donald trump, so hillary clinton is not going to regain lost ground in those counties. it all comes down, therefore, to broward county. i keep go going there to see if something changes, but we've been stalled. we've been stuck in place here at 74, 75 i believe we heard that before just four years ago, and also we had a similar situation. in fact, this map looks very, very similar to the map we saw in 2014 between rick scott and charlie crist, and while it was very close, rick scott won. while this is very close as well, it certainly looks as if at this juncture that donald trump is on the path to victory here. >> and craig, i may have a little bit of light that i can shed on the broward county
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going on down there. the herald reporter there and the supervisor of elections office recently just asked the supervisor of elections there, brenda snipes, what's going on. why are these results coming in so much slower than other counties, and her response was, quote, we are not comparing ourselves to other counties. >> you don't want to compare yourself to other counties when you've had a history of trouble, and southeast florida has had a history of trouble. it has historically lagged other parts of the state. thero and transporting them from point a to point b has lagged much of the rest of the state. with this, this is something that is not new to florida. we've dealt with this year after year. we infamously dealt with it in 2012, as a matter of fact. >> well, if there's any good news here, we know there's no major problems. they're just on their own clock. >> we know there's some big stakes you're watching, too, craig. we'll come back to you in a few minutes. this other big race we're watching very, very closely.
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murphy. rubio was declared the winner pretty early. he has defeated patrick murphy. there are the numbers. fox 13 is live at senator rubio's campaign watch party in miami. hi there, evan. > >> reporter: hey, kelly. think about this. a republican senator in florida has never won reelection at the same time -- in the same year as a presidential election year, and marco rubio has done that in convincing fashion. marco rubio came out here and thanked the back after delivering him a crushing defeat in the presidential preference primary back in march, so a big win for marco rubio. he thanked the voters and he also said patrick murphy ran a good race. he said that murphy would have a bright future in front of him. he looked forward to seeing what murphy could achieve. but take a look. marco rubio here earlier. he gave a passionate but brief speech where he insisted that americans need to heal no matter what happens in the election.
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by the people themselves. he said we can't spend our time allowing issues to pit american against american. take a listen. here's marco rubio. >> of course, i want to thank tk the people of this extraordinary state for giving me another opportunity to continue to serve them in the united states senate. this is an extraordinary plagues, florida, it is the collection of all the things that make us the greatest nation on earth, a people who have lived here descendents of slaves of the children of immigrants. florida is america, and it's such an honor to be able to represent this extraordinary state. >> and you know what's so interesting here is that marco rubio outpolled donald trump in miami-dade county by at least 70,000 votes. this was a crucial area for marco rubio. this is the area that gave him his first victory. this is his base. marco rubio polling ahead of
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to get this race called much earlier than we're able to call the state of florida. marco rubio headed back for six more years in washington, and he says that he will -- he says that he will stay all six years in the senate. >> all right. evan is reporting from senator rubio's campaign. we'll talk to you soon. thank you so much, evan. let's flip the coin. patrick murphy holding his watch party in west palm beach. there's no celebration parties tell us. aaron, tell us. > >> reporter: it seemed as the room started to clear out. there was a lot of optimism earlier this afternoon as patrick murphy started to meet with his supporters, trying to get out every last vote that he possibly could. he was optimistic when broward county had record turnout. that usually means democratic, but just as quickly as those results came in, it seemed as though all of that optimism evaporated and shortly after that, patrick murphy came out
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most important and challenging elections of our lifetime. he said we need a new era of politics and i'm hopeful that that new era has begun tonight. he also said the people of florida have spoken and i respect that decision, and he want to thank his supporters. >> to all the volunteers, all the floridians across the state that came together to help make this campaign possible, from the bottom of my heart, i thank each and every one of we were in this fight together from the very beginning, and i wouldn't want it any other way. i'm pl proud of what we've been able to get done and what we've accomplished over the past four years and i'm proud of the campaign we just ran. >> yeah. and congressman patrick murphy also pulled in a lot of high profile endorsement leading into this election tonight, and the
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vice-president joe biden. that was not enough to push him past senator marco rubio, and mark, he said he's hoping at this point there's a lot to build on moving forward. >> aaron is reporting for us tonight. thanks very much. we have breaking news now. >> let's go right to craig patrick. i understand there's some decisions about florida, craig. >> we have a decision here because we're looking at the numbers. remember how we told you just a moment ago that we were waiting for broward county to deliver those well, most of broward is already in. yes, hillary clinton gained some votes, but not enough to make a difference. donald trump still leads by 1.13%. there just are not enough votes in south florida. 98, 99% of miami-dade county in. you have 95% of palm beach county in. paved on ex-- based on extrapolations of the numbers, it just isn't there. it sounds like a repeat of 2014. crist versus scott.
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this is going to be a win for donald trump. donald trump will win the state of florida based on the fact that we have now nearly 99% of the vote in, and donald trump, look, has picked up just in the few seconds we've been speaking here, now leads by 1.45%. you need one half of one percent to trigger a recount. donald trump is well above that threshold heading into 99% of the vote here in florida. florida for donald trump. with that, the ultra battle ground state goes to the republican, and the map at this point is giving him a very good path to the presidency as we speak. >> here are the numbers, craig. 99% as we said, you called it. fox 13 has called it. donald trump with a big win, a very big win. winning the state of florida. 51% to 49%. all the totals in. it's about 130,000 votes, and
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>> yes, it certainly has, and of course, craig made the decision, you know, called it just a few minutes ago. the numbers really have, even though broward came in, we were waiting on that, that was the last piece of the puzzle for state of florida, so craig, now you're watching north carolina, ohio is still trending toward trump. you're watching iowa, michigan, what other states are you really paying close attention to. >> well, ohio's no surprise. we saw this coming tor donald trump. he's winning by 10%. it's a state he needs for this one is razor close as it has been the last eight years, but you have donald trump holding on to a slebd lead. you combine that with a donald trump lead that's also very close in new hampshire, and at this point it is advantage donald trump. clearly a significant advantage, and i think the clinton campaign must be stunned by what they're seeing on the map as we speak. i think the coup de gras for donald trump would be the state of michigan if he can hold it.
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reporting, it's looking decent, if not good, for donald trump. he's leading in the state. look at wisconsin, a state that democrats thought they had in the bag. a long way to go, yes, with only 27, 28% in, but again, it is looking favorable for donald trump. with this you start working the map. hillary clinton just does not have the electoral votes, certainly not without arizona, and we have a long way to go, but again, donald trump seems to be significantly out performing poll numbers heading into election night. there yet, a brexit 2 in the making right here in the united states where a lot of people are waking up perhaps on wednesday morning saying we just didn't think this was going to happen, and yet we are on that path. >> so much talk about those polls and here with re. the polls are clearly off. >> stand by. let us know if any anything develops. we've got a number of races. the u.s. house of representatives for starter. >> starting with the hot one,
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former governor charlie crist who is now a democrat, of course. he's won this race, defeated the republican. you remember david won this seat after bill young passed away. josh is with charlie crist and his campaign. his watch party is at st. pete beach. josh? > >> reporter: this was a big night for charlie crist. political resurrection, if you will. the race was called around 8:30 this evening. 52-48 for charlie crist, defeating incumbent republican david joll up short in the race for the governorship a few years ago. crist thanked supporters and pledged to bring civility to washington, dc. he says he was humbled by the win and he knows he has a lot of work ahead of him. here's a little more from charlie crist after a big win. >> i just can't thank the people of pinellas county enough. i mean, this is home. they've been so kind to me and my family for so many years, and i'm just more grateful than i can say. thank god.
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security. obviously medicare, fight for our veterans, protect the environment. i mean, there's a lot on the plate. a lot to do. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of work for sure. he said he looks forward to working with the next administration, whichever one that may be. crist also addressed david jolly saying even though they were opponents, they were never enemies. he spent the rest of the night hugging and thanking supporters. a big night for charlie crist, now congressman-elect charlie crist. we're live >> jolly could pull off a win and retain his seat in the u.s. house. both of them within three and five points of each other through the night, but eventually when it was clear, crist was taking home the
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thunderous applause. he stood on stage with his wife, lawyer, and the son of former congressman bill young and thanking g g god and the communy that stood behind him through his campaign and his last two and a half years in office. while tonight may be the end of his campaign, this is just the beginning of what will be an historic journey. >> our journey continues on behalf of everybody tired of congress mortgaging our future with greater debt, on behalf of every mom and dad who wants better for t that has faced all odds in the past eight years, and wondered how they will stay in business. for every senior who wants the next generation to be another golden generation that they experience, that is why our journey will continue from tonight here on. and together, we will not stop. >> i asked jolly what he was most proud of from his time in office. he said probably introducing the
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congress from contacting people directly asking them for money. if you see a sign behind me, those two words, unfinished business out there, jolly said he's not done trying to bring common sense to washington. i asked him what his future plans are, what he'd like to do next. he said he's not quite look that far ahead. he's looking forward to relaxing a bit, spending time with his wife and his dogs and eventually considering his next step. mark? >> yeah. i would bet we'd see him back. haley, did he mention anything at all the movement that we're watching right now across the country, you know. i know a lot of his supporters and some of his opponents as well will remember that he was one of the first republicans to come out and say i do not support donald trump. i'm not sure if he has any regret. do you think that affected his race? >> you know, it's not clear if it affected his race, but certainly there were a lot of questions tonight, who did you vote for because that's what got a lot of people talking. he said he would not support donald trump, and even up to last night he said he would also
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we asked who did he vote for today, and the answer was still unclear, but he did say that he did not vote for either candidate, but still unclear whether or not that had any effect on his votes here in pinellas county. >> sure. i'm sure we'll hear from him again. haley hines reporting for us, thanks. how about some of the races for u.s. house of representatives? we have big wins for long time incumbents. caster coming in with 62% of the vote, easily winning here in district 14. this is an she repeats newcomer republican christine quinn. district 12 covers pasco and small parts of pinellas and hillsborough county. tager was defeated with nearly 70% of the vote. the winner moves on to his sixth term. district 16, also a sixth term for republican buchanan who wins easily over schneider.
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ross has won. district 11, another republican win, daniel webster beats dave kohler and bruce rigs. another incumbent win in district 17 covering desoto, hardy, highlands county. rooney has defeated free man and sawyer. and finally, district 9 represents a portion of polk county. grayson gave up the seat when he tried t there's a new representative here and it is democrat darren soto ot over the republican. and still ahead tonight, we're going to take a look at all the amendment results that have come in tonight. >> florida voters finally having their say about medical marijuana and also solar energy up next. which controversial amendment got the green light, so to speak, and which one failed. what it all means for going ford on this historic election night.
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monitor the election race, new york city is buzzing with political power as we head to break, a live look at the hillary clinton party where katy perry is speaking, so we will be right back with a lot more in just a you few minutes. >> we've always been in this we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of
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what's been going on, ncaa might surprise you. maybe they don't. here are your presidential numbers with 41% of the popular vote counted nationwide. donald trump with about a two million vote lead, 49% to 47%, and in florida, the numbers have been as close as ever, but donald trump winning the state of florida. our own fox 13 political editor craig patrick calling this race a short time ago, and craig, i know you've well. what have you seen? >> well, we haven't seen any changes since just a couple of minutes ago. we have some other big changes on the national map. let's look at florida. look. you now have 99.15% of all precincts reporting. donald trump is leading by 1.45%. the numbers have not moved. if anything, they've moved in donald trump's favor just in the past couple of minutes, and what you have are maybe a couple of panhandle counties that are not 100% in, but these are not going
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clinton. if anything, based on the patterns we're seeing, it will give more separation for donald trump. so the only path that hillary clinton would have had would be maybe there's some outstanding votes in southeast florida, but you look at the numbers. here's the bottom line. 99% of miami-dade county reporting. she needed much more than that to be able to catch up to donald trump. okay. we, what about broward county? on? not any more. 97.75. 98% of broward county is in. again, the numbers just mathematically are not there for it leaves palm beach county approaching 97% of all precincts reporting. so yeah, there may be some more tightening in favor of hillary clinton, but she cannot on this night catch up to donald trump mathematically just based on the less than 1% of the vote that it still outstanding in the state of florida. this was a must-win state for donald trump. he needed to win florida to have a shot at the white house. the polls favored hillary clinton ever so slightly, but it looks as if there is a path for donald trump. in fact, not just a path, but
10:21 pm
this point than there are for hillary clinton. so hillary clinton is still very much has a shot of winning the race to the white house tonight. we still have to see what happens in nevada, for example, utah. do we have an evan mcmillan surprise. what will happen in which and michigan? right now donald trump is leading in north carolina, but not by very much. 30% of the vote yet to go, but if this holds for donald trump, again, he is in a much better white house than is hillary clinton. the key states to watch at this point, you have new hampshire, small state but could make a very big difference approaching 43% of the results in. donald trump leading by near a thousand votes. very close as we said in north carolina. donald trump is running away with it in ohio, winning by what is this, more than 10 points now. it leaves michigan in particular, wisconsin, missouri we think will come in for donald trump. let's see how arizona goes.
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if so, donald trump at this point may have the inside track to winning the race to the white house, although hillary clinton still has a shot. >> do you still think we may know a little more by like 11, before midnight tonight. >> yes. >> is this going to be well into the night. >> it may go well into the night because i think the campaigns may want to take a closer look at this before one concedes and the other accepts, but i think it will become increasingly clear to us. i would tonight we will have a much clearer idea of whether or not donald trump, in fact, maintains that inside track or if hillary clinton finds a way to catchup and overtake him. >> all right. we'll be coming back to you regularly. thank you so much, craig. >> about 40 more minutes before the polls close out west. hopefully numbers there. >> florida voters decided on several constitutional amendments. we were watching these all night long. >> we had one of these two years
10:23 pm
last time. how this new law is going to work and the reaction. >> an amendment needs 60% support to pass, right? two years ago a very similar& version of this amendment came just shy of that with 58%. well, tonight it was no contest. 71% voting yes on amendment two which now means that people suffering from certain illnesses will be able to use medical marijuana in florida. that is once the legislature enacts this amendment. that will include people with cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, ptsd, als, ms, several chronic conditions. patients will have to be certified by aness willd physician and they'll have to get a state issued id card. the department of health will regulate the distribution siscenters where patients preset the card to get the marijuana. the department of health estimates there will be more than 440,000 certified patients which will require about 2000 dispensaries to open up around the state. this is a victory, though, for people united for medical
10:24 pm
amendment. they say that this going to lead to a better quality of life for floridians who are living with painful conditions. we caught up with supporters at their victory party tonight. >> i was so excited for the patients of florida to have access to life saving medication for them and their children. i'm ecstatic. i can't even describe. >> it's a beautiful feeling. it's a feeling of absolute joy to know that two years ago, i was sitting in a prison cell for being a good care giver to this life-saving medicine. >> the end game is not medicine for the very sick. the end game is legalizing marijuana across this country. >> a polk county sheriff judge speaking there. the florida police chiefs association came out hard against the amendment, saying there are no clear guidelines for enforcement, and it could lead to more impaired driving on the roads. the florida medical association also opposed it, saying there's
10:25 pm
illnesses, but the voters have now spoken. this is now the law, and so it's up to the legislature to figure out how to enact it. kelly? >> all right. chris, thank you so much. and amendment 1 did not muster the votes to pass tonight, and cynthia's here with more on the results of the controversial amendment 1. cynthia? >> yeah, kelly. the language of amendment 1 was so confusing, you may remember that the state supreme court was asked just last week to take it off the ballot, but they didn't. it survived to be voted on, it was close for yes, actually. 51 to 49%, but you need 60% to pass, so it went down to failure. now, the companies behind amendment 1 claim it would have protected florida residents from having to subsidize those who use solar, but the opposition, and there was a lot of it, pointed out that utility companies spent more than $26 million trying to get it passed, and that ultimately it would have imposed fees on people who
10:26 pm
1, held a watch party tonight in st. pete. >> a no vote on 1 is going to send a powerful message to these policy makers. we need to make it easier for people to have solar and not simply have big utilities control the market. so message sent to groups like say no to 1 are calling this a solar uprising, noting the voters did pass an amendment in august that would provide tax breaks for people who do indeed install solar. back to you. >> thank you so amendment 3 is a homestead property tax exemption for disabled first responders. it did pass. it got 84% of the vote, and amendment 3 would also exempt first responders who were permanently disabled on the job from having to pay property taxes on their homes. and now let's take a look at amendment 5. it also passed. it's a further adjustment to the homestead tax exemption for low income seniors, clarifies the
10:27 pm
pay property taxes. >> all right. fox news gets breaking news here. has just called colorado for hillary clinton, and then ohio has been called for donald trump. these are two big states we were watching. coming up tonight as well, a look at some key local races across the tampa bay area. >> first, a check on the weather, so we've got to turn to paul. we can't forget about you, pal. >> weather pretty good today. there was some rain up in ohio that did impact some of the turnout in that state, but our weather today looks good. there's some look at skytower 7. some of that rain may finally make it into the bay area. tomorrow we'll talk about thattibility to and some cooler weather ahead. that's all coming up in a few dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. a pretty good sky tonight. this is your election night sun set from fort desoto. that's actually from kathleen who sent that in. very nicely done, kathleen. andrea walker tonight from tampa bay, beautiful sun set over hillsborough bay tonight, and
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the sky and nice day today, and i think more good weather is coming up. we do need some rain, and it could be a couple sprinkles tomorrow, but nothing significant, maybe some rain coming in early next week, but the pattern really fundraiser temperatures near, maybe a couple of degrees below average beginning tomorrow and lasting right into the weekend. these highs today, tampa above average again at 83. brandon hit 86. st. pete, every single day this month, 83 today. that's a string of eight straight days above average. in fact, 14 days total going back to october. it looks to me as though the next couple of days will be near to maybe a couple of degrees below average. another front could impact us early next week. it's 14 days in a row with temperatures above average. it has been 24 days straight now
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so the drought is a big problem. it's a problem here. i wouldn't call it a drought. i would say a stretch of below average rainfall. it's a major drought in western north carolina. a lot of you, you know, have vacationed up here. have property in western north carolina, and lots of wildfires are on going. that is very unusual for november. this is the blue ridge now from lake lure earlier today. this is from our fox station in charlie # charlotte. this is party rock fire in north carolina. again near lake lure. this is a couple of many fires underway in western north carolina and western south carolina. the coastal plain was soaked from hurricane matthew, with you # but that rain did not extend too far to the west, so from near clemson and asheville and grgreenville all the way through atlanta, lakeland near chattanooga and back to birmingham, all the way back to jackson, this is an extreme to an exceptional drought which is
10:33 pm
there's a canopy of high clouds increasing from the west. these clouds could drop a little bit of light rain tomorrow. i'm not expecting much except for mostly cloudy skies. maybe a sprinkle, and any rain should be under .01 or .02 of an inch of rain, not much at all. along the gulf coast now, we've got 60s and 70s and the dew points are in the 40s and 50s, so pleasantly cool across the 72in sarasota and inland, readings are holding in the mid 60s. overnight tonight we stay partly cloudy and mild. we bottom out at 66. tomorrow it will stay mostly cloudy, maybe a passing shower, and 77 for a high. the forecast for thursday as the sunshine comes back. we have low humidity, and a high temperature near 80. temperatures will be very pleasant. thursday into the weekend, near
10:34 pm
up on tuesday. back to you. >> all right. thank you, paul. our political coverage continues right after the break. >> up next, results from big races all across the bay area including a look at the winners of some state senate races and some house races. >> as we head to break, a live look from trump's campaign watch party. it's a at the new york hilton in mid town manhattan. the republican nominee outperforming preelection polls, that's for sure. we'll take a look at the exact numbers in a few minutes. >> remember, you website, fox 13 still a few numbers to go, and
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z24zxz z12fz y24zxy y12fy (kelly/ all right. we have another look at the presidential numbers. right now, razor thin margin in
10:38 pm
so many of the swing states still too close to call. here's a look at the popular vote. it's really stayed the same for almost an hour now with trump, 49% and hillary clinton with 48%, very, very close. and now except we do know that florida's been called for trump, of course, taking a look at those numbers, 49 to 48%, and so trump wins the state of florida. fox 13 political editor craig patrick keeping a very close eye be v trump a little while ago. >> yeah. ohio called for trump, virginia called for clinton which is important for her. she desperately needed that. i would say we entered this night based on all the projections from apo polling acs the nation saying basically that donald trump had a very slender path to victory and hillary clinton had multiple paths to victory. at this point, the situation is reversed, so you can't call it for donald trump. we have a long way to go here, but at this point, donald trump now has many more paths to victory and hillary clinton is
10:39 pm
needle. let's go back to florida very quickly. just to show where we are. donald trump leads by 1.45%, 99.3% of the vote is in. why do we say that hillary clinton cannot catch up? because in the counties where she is strongest, most of the vote is already in. there just aren't the 130,000 plus votes she would need in the remaining cowngs. 96, broward county, 98% virtually in. miami-dade county, 100% in. the numbers are not there for her, and her strongest part of the state in the southeast, and with this, she simply cannot catch up to donald trump. with this, she needs something to happen in north carolina. you see us just now bringing ohio into the fold for donald trump. you'll see virginia turn for hillary clinton. that was critical for her, but she needs more than that. she will need help, for example,
10:40 pm
look. it's very close. 80% of the precincts reporting. she needs to close that gap to have a chance of winning. i think the same definitely can be said. it's small but an important state for new hampshire as well. we have a ways to go here. hillary clinton can certainly catch up there. that would help, but she would need more than that as well. that's why i say she's going to have to thread a needle at this point. she's going to need an awful lot of help in michigan where 38% of the vote is in, donald trump holding on to a near 4-point lead. she can do it, but point. coming in for donald trump but very, very close. hillary clinton is behind the 8 ball. she has to make some magic happen at this point, particularly in the upper midwest given what's happened to her in the south in order to have a shot at this, and she needs some help, perhaps, in arizona or certainly she needs so this is going to get very interesting. earlier i said 11:30 may be a critical time point here.
10:41 pm
better idea of which way the west is tilting and which way this race may ultimately fall. >> craig, you know, back to pinellas county in florida, do don't you think it's interesting how pinellas county has gone. donald trump didn't step foot in pinellas county. >> pinellas county is a classic bellwhether county in the state of florida. this reflects the actual vote totals that we're seeing all across the state. with this, yes, they split the vote in pinellas county. charlie crist trump wins as well, but not by very much. yes, it's very, very close. they're separated by what is that, 1.2%. what's the overall margin, 1.4%. it is said that pinellas county reflects the mixture of north florida and south florida, and it's a good indicator of which way the entire state is going to go. boy, that seems to be holding true here tonight. >> certainly does. okay. i know you're watching it for us and we'll talk to you soon. thank you, craig.
10:42 pm
now. >> let's take a look. you've probably seen a lot of commercials for the new state senate district 18 in hillsborough county.& it's been a dead heat in the polls. dana young has served in the florida house before. she defeats attorney gaining 48 to 41%. joe red rednour is the businessn in. dana young winning district 18. in district 19, part and then part of hillsborough county. joiner is retiring from politics. her successor is going to be fellow democrat who easily wins 67% of state senate district 19 tonight. >> okay. for polk county's district 22. it's a close one there, but republican star gel has beaten wright, so that is 54-46%. finally for district 23 and part
10:43 pm
republican has beaten the democrat, 59-41%. >> look at some of the state representative races as well. there are quite a few. district 70 covers the widest area of hillsborough, manatee, pinellas and sarasota counties. you've got the former st. pete city city councilman winning big tonight, 76% with all of our precincts reporting tonight easily winning. some of the house districts re that's the incumbent beating jos? fig r figeuroa. >> in district 60, the seat young gave up to run for the state senate, look at those numbers. civil engineer jackie toledo has beaten attorney david singer in district 60. 63 is in the new tampa area, incumbent shawn harrison has
10:44 pm
pretty close. now for some state house races. lets start in pinellas county. it serves parts of st. pete and the beaches. incumbent kathleen peters keeps her seat, defeating newcomer jennifer webb, 57 to 43%. >> both of these are running for their first elected office, district 68 covering st. pete and pinellas park. that's lawyer ben diamond defeating home health care company owner joe benchman. 56% for diamond and then that's the incumbent winning his second term for a seat with 59% of the vote, easily defeating challenger david vogel. >> in district 66, let's look at clearwater, largo, seminole, larry ahern goes for his fourth term. he's beaten mary grizzle. state house district 65, northern pinellas county, another win for an incumbent wo
10:45 pm
festerwald. we've got a lot going on tonight. still the presidency hanging in the balance. although given the numbers that have come in, so far it's a big night for donald trump. there's no question about that. >> it certainly is, and we still have a lot to learn. like craig said, another hour to find out. a lot of people watching their local races. they want to know who's doing well. that's what we're going to try to show you tonight. >> america has clearly spoken tonight. that's for sure. we've got about 15 more minutes before the polls out wes coming in. >> yes, we do. after the break, we're going to take a look at the winners and losers in hillsborough and pinellas county. >> also tonight, tragedy striking an elementary school in st. s pete today. this is an awful scene. coming up next at 10:30, the missed warning sign before a
10:46 pm
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10:48 pm
z2623z zy6z >> we have breaking news now. another swing state has been called for donald trump. right now north carolina has been called for trump. they made the announcement a couple of minutes ago. donald trump has won the state of north carolina, and we'll be coming back to craig in a few minutes to take a look at the big map and the very latest on the presidency.
10:49 pm
story that's developing right now tonight here locally. a 72-year-old school crossing guard has been killed after being struck by a suspected drunk driver. it happened in a school zone, middle of the day, this afternoon in st. pete. police say a witness saw the driver driving erratically for several blocks right before that deadly crash. >> as fox 13's crystal clark explains, just a few minutes difference could have led to few more lives being lost. >> reporter: at 2:30 in the afternoon, instead of kids crossing ninth crime scene tape across the roadway five minutes before students were released from school. their crossing guard was hit and killed. >> he had the cones out. he was already prepared to greet the kids. he was struck. >> 72-year-old david round tree lived and worked near the corner of ninth and 43rd street for several years. >> he's a very nice gentleman, always out there every day, always has a good word to say to everybody that comes by.
10:50 pm
say a silver toyota scion heading west on ninth avenue hit a pickup truck. the driver then slammed into roundtree who was standing nearby and kept going. >> hit him, hit a sign, hit a tree, caused him severe injuries to this crossing guard. >> witnesses called for help. >> but the crossing guard was pronounced dead at the hospital. the driver 21-year-old charles hunt w his car a few blocks away after hitting another truck. he had an 18-year-old woman riding with him, walton was charged with dui manslaughter, roundtree's daughter showed up to the crash site in tears. she was visibly heartbroken. >> the daughter just buried her husband recently, and now she's about to bury her father. >> a crossing guard who meant so much to his community and one whose death will be felt by many. >> the kids loved him. i mean, you know, he hooked care
10:51 pm
this happened. >> all right. a blown tire is to blame for that deadly accident on i-75 that killed two people. happened this afternoon. three cars were involved. state troopers say both people who died were in the same car. investigators say a back tire blew on one of the vehicles, caused the driver to lose control, hit a car in the center lane, caused that to overturn. a third vehicle then hit one of them. the interstate was closed for about five investigated and had to clean up this awful accident. let's go back to the presidential race numbers. the popular vote here across the nation, 51% reporting. donald trump with still a lead over hillary clinton by about two million votes. the big numbers, at least for us locally, though, are the florida numbers, and here they are. these are the big numbers that have really shined quite a spotlight on the state of florida tonight because it's a big win for donald trump with about 130,000 more votes than
10:52 pm
fox 13 calling the state of florida for donald trump, and fox 13's chief political editor craig patrick called it almost an hour ago. >> he looked at the numbers and said we'll call this for donald trump. our election conference continues. after the break, craig will check back in. >> before we go, look at hillary clinton's watch party in new york city. sit tight. we'll be back with and update on this extremely close presidential race. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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w this has been. a little less than an hour ago, fox 13's craig patrick called florida for donald trump and then since then, north carolina, ohio have been called for donald trump. so -- >> craig, this is looking to be like bigger probably than most anybody expected. i know the trump campaign has got to be just going -- just ecstatic tonight. >> they seem to be on the cusp of winning the white house. it's not over yet. hillary clinton has to work some magic. let's start with what's happening in florida.
10:56 pm
from about an hour ago. you have 99.3% of the vote and you have donald trump. keep an eye on the upper midwest, on michigan in particular where hillary clinton just a couple of days ago thought they had that state in the bag. the same can be said of wisconsin as well, but at this point with more than half of the vote in, donald trump is winning in the upper midwest. hillary clinton simply cannot sustain that kind of ls. states in addition to losing ohio, in addition to losing florida, then donald trump would be on the path to victory. of course, that would have to be confirmed based on what's happening in the western states, not the pacific west but nevada and arizona in particular and so far, you have donald trump, though, the vote is early yet, leading in both of those states. with this, the map is setting up very nicely for a potential win by donald trump, and hillary clinton at this point would need
10:57 pm
right on a night where not much is going right for her at all. with this it clearly is a significant advantage. donald trump at this point, and within the next 20 to 30 minutes as we get more returns from michigan and from nevada and from arizona, this may be the icing on the cake for donald trump or a potential major comeback by hillary clinton. we'll be charting this over the next few minutes as the results come in. mark and >> after the break, we'll continue to monitor new york city where hillary clinton and donald trump are holding their campaign watch parties. we're going to be there taking a look at what's going on. it's going to be a long night. we're right here right after the
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
the stage is set... a >> welcome back tonight. the stage is set. the results are trickling in. you're looking live over hillary clinton's watch party in new york city. >> and just about two miles away, supporters at donald trump's watch party eagerly waiting for the final results. the republican has florida, but is that enough? >> yeah. the polls are closed here, and the end of the contentious race is finally near. will it be hillary clinton? will it be donald trump? we've got your complete election coverage right here on fox 13. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. >> good evening, everybody. welcome back. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. thanks for joining us. what a night it's been so far. we're not done. here are your presidential


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