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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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the stage is set... a >> welcome back tonight. the stage is set. the results are trickling in. you're looking live over hillary clinton's watch party in new york city. >> and just about two miles away, supporters at donald trump's watch party eagerly waiting for the final results. the republican has florida, but is that enough? >> yeah. the polls are closed here, and the end of the contentious race is finally near. will it be hillary clinton? will it be donald trump? we've got your complete election coverage right here on fox 13. >> you're watching fox 13 and the 11:00 news starts now. >> good evening, everybody. welcome back. i'm kelly ring. >> i'm mark wilson. thanks for joining us. what a night it's been so far. we're not done. here are your presidential
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reporting all across our country has donald trump with 49%, a three percentage point lead over hillary clinton. that measures out to a little more than two and a half million votes so far, but florida, the big story here locally. here are your presidential numbers in the state of florida. with 99% of the precincts reporting. fox 13's political editor craig patrick calling this race at 10:06 in favor of donald trump tonight. 51% to hillary clinton's 49%. about 130 donald trump in florida. a big win for him indeed here. how that factors into the national race, well, we don't quite know yet. we're watching another big race closely. >> it's the u.s. senate showdown between marco rubio and patrick murphy. the race has been called, of course, more marco rubio. he defeats patrick murphy by a pretty wide margin. let's go to craig patrick now because craig, you went out on a limb early on to call this race for the state of florida, and
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back there looking at the broward numbers, really, it was all about that, wasn't if? >> >> well, we were first to call at 10:06. we weren't really going out on a limb because we're looking at math here. what we have is 10:06, roughly 99% of the vote in. you have hillary clinton trailing by more than 138,000 votes at that moment. we say okay, can hillary clinton make that up? what's the maximum number of votes she can make up. we looked at broward county. it h states, and broward county delivered. donald trump's number actually went up a little bit because you had some rural panhandle counties that were delivering in a very big way for donald trump. he was washing out hillary clinton's gains in broward. we said okay, what about miami-dade, no. 100% in. what about palm beach county? no. it wasn't there. this was a replay of 2014. we've seen this story before except instead of clinton trump, it was crist versus scott, and this math lines up almost
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years ago. although the vote totals were significantly higher, the margin was very close, very much the same. in looking at the counties in which charlie crist needed help, they matched up exactly with what hillary clinton needed. she did not have the votes to get to where she needed to get, and with that, we called it at 10:06. then the associated press follows roughly an hour later confirming the call. florida goes brick red for donald trump, although it was very close. wi close to a strong advantage donald trump as you look at the map fill in. hillary clinton's going to need some help somewhere, so you say well, where is it? well, we don't have a call officially yet for jurors, but if you look at this, 71% in, donald trump winning by 10 percentage points based on we have to say at this point hillary clinton's chances of winning the state of georgia are only slightly better than if she had never been born.
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da. it's not there. maybe it's in new hampshire, but that's not enough at this point. very, very close. it takes us to wisconsin where donald trump is winning by three, four percentage points with 60% of the vote is. it takes us certainly to michigan. now, with half of the vote in, donald trump clinging to a very close two-point lead. hillary clinton to have a chance at this point has to reverse this in the upper midwest. she really needs to make some hey and she's got to turn back what's happening in either nevada or arizona if not both. you see that oregon is coming in and washington will be coming in as well. california has already delivered, but she needs 270 electoral votes. donald trump has a clear edge, and the states that may tip the balance, they're not in the west, per se. they're in the east, the upper midwest, and these are the states now that we're watching, and it effectively is lights out for hillary clinton if she
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florida for a second because if there's any bit of good news for those of us who live here and like to call the state of florida home, while we're playing an important role in the race, it doesn't look like anything got really messed up tonight. the election ballots, the polling places seem to have gone well. no major problems across the stays of florida with the exception of broward county which is clearly on its own time clock with reporting the results. things have gone well from procedural point. >> thankfully, we didn't have a mess. we were left hanging because of some troubles, particularly in southeast florida. they couldn't figure out how to get the votes in. that held us up to national ridicule again. we've learned from this. with the surge we've seen in early voting, look, how many votes are in. you have 9 million plus votes.
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either at one of the early voting sites or by mail, it made it much, much easier for election managers to get those votes in precinct by precinct, much earlier than what we saw four years ago. >> we're still not within the margin of error for a recount, right. >> the margin of error is .5 percent, a half of 1%. where is donald trump? he's at 1.41, no recoun here again with 99.5% of the vote now in in florida. no recount here. >> craig, i have a quick question. so right michigan, which, arizona and nevada. >> add new hampshire to it as well, but the key states are wisconsin and michigan. let's see if hillary clinton can make some hay in o one or both f these states. that will be the tale of the tape. >> still think we'll know something definitive by 11:30. >> we'll know more by 11:30, definitive? let's say give or take at least a few minutes, if not more. >> all right. we'll talk to you soon. thank you, craig. >> very well done with those
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closely as well. >> of course, we've talked about this all night. the showdown between marco rubio and patrick murphy, and rubio was called the winner very early on, and he has won this race and reelection. evan is live at the senate rubio campaign headquarters. been there all night, and i know you've heard from the senator a little while ago, evan. >> well, you know, this is a state that did not deliver for marco rubio in his race for the precedence see, it certainly delire convincing victory. the reason this state was called earlier than the state was for florida, i'm sorry, was for donald trump was because marco urubio outpoled donald trump by about 70,000 vote. marco rubio held onto his base here, doing better than donald trump in miami-dade county. that's why the callers were so certain that marco rubio would win this race earlier than donald trump won the state of florida. he did congratulate congressman
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rubio also said whoever wins the presidency tonight, the bottom line is he wants everyoe else to say a prayer for america. he says that the bottom line is that americans need to heal, no matter what happens in the presidential election. he said ultimately the country will be saved not by politicians but by the people themselves. he said every institution in america has failed the american people. that was strong language from marco rubio including he said the government and and that we all must pledge, he says, to do better. >> there's still no nation on earth that i would rather be despite all of our challenges. there is no country and there is no people on this planet that i would trade places with. i am glad that i'm an american in the 21st century, america's going to be okay. we will turn this country around. i have faith. i know god is not done with america yet.
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people. >> and i want you to think about this. this is the first time in the history of florida that an incumbent republican was able to win reelection to the senate in the same year as a presidential election, so marco rubio making history. kelly, he's headed back for another six years. at least that's what he says. certainly if donald trump wins the presidency, then marco rubio would likely have to serve six more years. he says he has lots more work to do and lots more to get done. >> all right. evan i in south florida. thank you so much. evan. >> at patrick murderty is holdg his -- murphy is holding his watch party. this night did not go the way they were hoping, aaron. >> no, it didn't, mark, and this room cleared out pretty quickly after that election was called very early on, but there was a lot of optimism in the patrick murphy camp this afternoon. as the evening began, that optimism quickly, quickly faded, and it was time for patrick murphy to concede.
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started running, and then senator marco rubio joined the race in june after dropping out of the presidential race. this became an uphill battle for patrick murphy. during his concession speech. he said this is one of the most important and challenging elections of our lifetime. we need a new era of politics and he's hopeful it begins tonight. he said the people of florida have spoken and he respects that decision. murphy went on to talk about how the state now needs to mov moving forward together. we're never going to give up. we're going to work hard for the state. why? because we know what we're fighting for. we know why we got into this fight in the first place. this is the greatest country in the world. >> and one of the big reasons for the optimism that patrick
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obviously not enough to unseat senator marco rubio. >> thanks very much. we want to take a look now at the bay area races for u.s. house of representatives. >> we're going to start once again with the hot one between david jolly and charlie crist. district 13 covers pinellas county. a lot changed with this district. former governor charlie crist who is now a democrat, he won the race. he defeatd david jolly. you may remember jolly won the seat after bill young passed way. josh is at the cri let's go out to him one final time. josh? kelly, supporters said charlie crist goes from the people's governor to the people's congressman. crist thanked supporters. he told supporters he wanted to bring civility back to you said with a. he -- back to washington, dc.
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home. i mean, there's no other way to put it. it's so meaningful to me because this is the place i've lived for 57 years. it's where i grew up. where i went to junior high school and high school. >> crist said while they were opponents, they were never enemies. he knows he had a lot of work ahead of him but he's looking forward to the challenge. all in all, a big night for charlie crist. you could call it, political resurrection for crist. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, josh. reporting for us in pinellas. >>n the other side of that race, congressman david jolly is at his watch party in downtown st. pete. haley hines is back there. she takes us live. >> reporter: you can see the ball room has long been cleared out. there was no victory party tonight here at the renaissance. the large crowd of david jolly's friends, family and supporters were all optimistic that he could pull it off and retain his
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8:30, it was clear that would not be the case. charlie crist had won the race unseating jolly after two and a half years in office. jolly stood up on stage with his wife lawyer. he thanked god and the community that supported him along the way. he said he tried to challenge the system and felt proud they'd done that, and he got emotional struggling to hold back tears as he right field on his mentor, u.s. house representative bill young. young's son was on stage. jolly said we left it all on the my campaign, this is just the beginning of what will be an historic journey. >> i'll tell you this, folks. we may not have won the campaign last night, but i'll look in the camera like we did because washington, watch out. things are going to change. folks, we will not stop until members of congress, are ready for this? stop rigging the system for their own political survival and instead start working for the
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great deal of support from his most proud of his work introducing the stop act which would ban members of congress from calling people directly and asking for funding. by the way, jolly said he did not vote for donald trump. his own party's presidential nominee that he promised he would not vote for him before, but he also said he did not vote for hillary clinton today. as for what's next, well, jolly said that isn't exactly clear. he's just looking forward to spending some time resting and spending time with home. >> haley hines reporting for us. thanks very much. all right. now to some of the other races for u.s. house of representatives tonight. some big wins for long time incumbents, namely kathy caster. she is the u.s. representative district 14, of course, and easy win for her. she defeats newcomer republican christine quinn. this will be her sixth term. district 12 covers pasco county and small parts of pinellas county and hillsborough. the republican congressman beat
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>> manatee and sarasota counties, district 16 also a sixth term for vern buchanan. he wins over jan schneider. rurepublicans also keep the seat in 16. jim lang is defeated. for hernando, citrus and sumter counties, district 11, another republican win here, daniel webster has won. >> another incumbent win, 17, rooney beat freeman and john sawyer. district 9 represents a portion of polk county, grayson giving up his seat when he tried to run for senate. we've got a new representative here. it's democrat darren soto winning over the republican. if you haven't seen the results from a particular race yet, just keep watching the bottom of your screen. that's where we crawl all the races throughout the whole tampa bay area. >> you can log onto fox 13
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we've still got some time tonight. when we come back here at 11:30, a look at two controversial amendments and how they did in florida. amendment 1 and amendment 2. >> and you're also looking live over at donald trump's watch party in new york city. two crucial states have been called in his favor. florida and ohio. utah was just called for trump as well, and we're watching very closely michigan and wisconsin and arizona. we will be right back. stay with us. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress with sleepiq technology.
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>> all right. back to your presidential numbers now. the popular vote for u.s. president with 61% of our numbers in, donald trump still hanging in there with 49% over hillary clinton's 47%. a little more than -- well, almost two and a half million votes separating them. take a looat presidential numbers. these closed out by fox 13's political editor craig patrick, calling this race at 10:06 tonight. a big win for donald trump with about 49 to 48%. looks close in the percentage points, but it comes out to be about 135,000 votes between them. >> yes, it does. good job, craig patrick. let's go to him. you've been in the election center. you're watching the results come in, not only in florida but in all the important states. craig, i know it's getting close in so many states that are going
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just ran through all the nulls, and at this point, there are really only two states that matter or matter the most. it's michigan right now, donald trump is leading by less than -- or a little more than two percent, ticked up with 57% of the vote in. that's looking very bad for hillary clinton. the same can be said for wisconsin as well where 66% of the vote is in, and donald trump also leading, but very close by a mere two percentage points. if donald trump wins these two states, it's effectively on the rest of the map if you presume, for example, a win in georgia and in iowa and in the west as we expected. so with this, i would say look at the other states, pay close attention to nevada and arizona. yes, and iowa as well, and yes, new hampshire, but key into wisconsin and michigan. those are the two states. now, we also are watching the balances of power in the senate and in the house.
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people that the senate needed four seats if she wins or five seats if she loses. so far in illinois with the fall of mark kicker have we seen democrats making any gains. it's democrats plus one in the ununited states senate. it looks as if they need to gain control of the senate, but there's still some outstanding contests. you also have a situation in the house where there were concerns could lose the house. they needed to protect shift # 35 seats. at this point republicans look like they're in very good position. in fact, it appears as if democrats have only gained at this point two seats across the entire nation, and one of them, of course, in our own neck of the woods in pinellas county with the victory of charlie crist. at this point, the focus now is on donald trump and whether he can deliver the coup de gras.
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36% of the vote in, right now donald trump leading by four points. everything is playing out just as donald trump could have hoped. his best scenario played out tonight. with this, hillary clinton needs to turn back some states starting in the upper midwest. if she does not, i would say it would be lights out probably within the next hour. >> do you know the percentages or can you see the percentages? i know you just saw that and i couldn't really look at it. in i know that the polls closed just a little while ago. they don't have early voting in michigan which is, i think one of the only states. >> it is one of the only states. let's start with the wisconsin, the state where you can change your vote up to three times heading into election day, right, and with this, we don't know how many times people may have changed their votes, but it certainly has changed from what the polls were showing. wisconsin is a brexit state. we say for sure because it's defying everything that the
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kelly, here are the numbers. donald trump is leading by a little over 50,000 votes. this is not insurmountable for hillary clinton, but based on the way this night is going elsewhere, it does not look good for her. again, it's critical for her chances that she turn back wisconsin. then you look at michigan. this is a state that has been reeling from among other things, poison water in flint, michigan, manufacturing losses, people in government, so an agent of change says by gosh, we're going to shake up government. that seems to work very well for donald trump. but it's very, very close. here are the margin is much closer. percentage wise, 47.7% to 47.2%. they're not enough. donald trump leading by what is that, 15, 16,000 votes with 60% of the precincts now reporting, so yes. hillary clinton still has an opening here.
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end of the needle that she has to thread not once but twice and maybe three or four times in order to have a chance here. so yes, hillary clinton still has a path, but donald trump has many more paths, and much of the map now is filling in. >> craig, we just heard that oregon was called for hillary clinton, and that's certainly probably no surprise to her camp, but officially just now called for clinton. >> yeah. that's exactly right. so we're calling oregon for hillary clinton, but if you look at where she needs to be, look. she needs 270 electoral votes to even with oregon and california, the largest state of all delivering for hillary clinton, she's stuck below 270 electoral votes at 197, so what state can she pick up? at this point she needs to run the table pretty much on everything that's still out there, and donald trump is leading on everything that's still out there with the exception of minnesota and with the exception of nevada. >> okay. well, we'll see. we'll see if you're predicting in the next ten minutes. >> don't hold me to ten minutes,
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>> let's pump that up to 30. >> you're on a roll. >> you've been right all night. we're going to hold you to that. >> all right. then hold me to it. we'll see you in ten minutes. >> florida voters approved an amendment to legalize medical marijuana. >> remember two years ago the amendment failed. so close coming in around 58%, but the supporters went back to the drawing board, came up with a big win again tonight. chris joins us with reaction. chris, what i'm so interested in about h is that a lot of the polls showed this will be 71%? that's a significant win. >> well, we'll give the pollsters a little break here. they've been obliterated all night, but yeah, the polls of the last couple days said this looked like it was going to pass by 70%. when you came down to it, it was a 71% victory tonight for this amendment number two which now means that people with certain debilitating conditions, cancer, aids, epilepsy, als can now use full strength medical marijuana. there was already a lou allowing
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some of those parents. this amendment came up two years ago short, two% shy of the 60% needed. tonight 71% voting yes on amendment two. this measure was created and backed by a group called people united for medical marijuana. it was led by trial lawyer john johnmorgan. you see him on the commercials. opponents say this is a slippery slope. they say this is just opening the door to legalizing marijuana for recreational use as it has in other states that first purposes, and they say that could lead to children abusing it. but supporters say that hasn't happened so far in 24 states that only have medical marijuana, and also they say doctors have gone on record saying that there is a medical benefit for many of those patients. >> i think those scientific research is there, it's been solid, it's been sup pressed. people are happy. nobody likes things that stay sup pressed. >> people have to know what's
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didn't, and that's why they voted the way they did because they knew. they knew that, you know, all these edible products and all of these drugs are going to be so much available to the children and to everyone. they would have said no. >> now, supporters say the children will not be able to get their hands on it. here's how it will work. patients will have to be certified by a licensed physician, and they have to get a state issued id card. now, minor patients can be prescribed the medical marijuana, but they also have to have a parent's signed permission and g issued id card. now, the department of health will then regulate the distribution centers where patients would present their card and get the marijuana, and the doh, by the way, estimates that there will be about 2000 of those distribution centers opening up across the state. so now the challenge is going to be implementing this law, determining where those distribution centers are allowed to operate and then setting requirements for employees who work there, who will be in charge of handing out a drug that the federal government
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well, florida voters rejected amendment 1 which would have opened the door to change how homeowners who install solar get credit for not using electricity. a lot of controversy over this. let's go to cynthia for more on that. >> you do have to get 60% of the vote to change the florida constitution and the vote tonight fell well short of that. here it is right here. this is yes with 51%, you need 60, nine points off. the nos had the big ones here in florida that backed the amendment and poured most of the 26 million dollars into a media campaign to try to get it passed, making it one of the most expensive constitutional amendment campaigns in florida history. now, we haven't heard from the supporters who called themselves consumers for smart solar, but vote no on 1, watch the vote come in tonight in st. pete, and they sounded confident about how things would turn out.
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than one tenth of our energy need met with solar and we're the sunshine state. that makes no sense. so people are really thirsting for solar and they really don't want more barriers put in their way. >> so amendment 1 failed, but you might remember back in august amendment four passed. that will allow tax credits for homeowners who install solar panels. the next legislative session will have to work out all the details for that. back to thank you, cynthia. and amendment 3, homestead property tax exemption for disabled first responders, that passed overwhelmingly. amendment 5 also passed overwhelmingly. it's a further adjustment to the homestead tax exemption for low income seniors. so still ahead tonight, there's strong voter turnout in the tampa bay area. trump has just been declared the winner of the state of wisconsin as well. that just breaking in. we'll see how that factors into our number. back to craig at the map here in
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than 76% in pinellas. again, what does that mean for our local races? more results for you coming up next. >> and looking live at both press dings campaign parties underway, about two miles apart. in, new york city, oregon was called for clinton. donald trump has won wisconsin. we're monitoring this race very closely. we'll have the very latest. we'll go back to craig in a couple minutes.


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