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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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:03:15 now its time for america to bind the wounds of division . have to get together. to all republicans, democrats, and independents. across this nation. it is time for us to come together as one united people." 03:34 now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independence across this nation, i say it is time for us people. and with that, a new era has begun. one unthinkable a year ago. a month ago. maybe even a day ago. donald trump has stunned the country and the world. he will become the 45th president of the united states. >> and for the first time since privately conceding race hillary clinton expected to face the nation live later this morning.
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responsibility at play here including nominating next sprourd justice. and it may not stop at just one. there could be three seats at play here. and good wednesday morning i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave. i didn't get lot of sleep nice to come outside and. fresh air. fresh air. wake up a little bit. you know it's not bad. i know we have clouds. and we're not as much sunshine as we had yesterday. but still >> nice. you get up in citrus county. levy coun. but other than that, we're good today. right now we're about 71 degrees. dew point of 62. let me tell you when this whole little weak system moves through, tomorrow those dew points are going to kickback into the 50s. going to be even nicer out. i think today with the cloud cover we'll get back to the upper 70s. and wait until you see our weekend outlook which we will have in few minutes i think you're logging going to like it vanessa. looking forward to it 9:0 one.
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on couple crashes that really have been causing most concern throughout more than apologize about picture this best look we have of this crash along 275 in pinellas. this is northbound direction, north of 38th avenue north. and we do have a just a little bit of lingering congestion here. good news you can see this donald trump truck involved crash is on the shoulder completely. the delays are still back towards the downtown st. pete exits. but good news not dense sfrgs congestion we're seeing in area delays have to head that way unfortunately it still looks same last time we checked in on this crash. 75 south near university parkway. we actually have pair of crashes in this area. sounds like one of them will be a little bit south of university. but lane blocks report with both of them just a think is el lane in each case. so there is some traffic passing but quite slow. still looking similar with delays. so thick congestion back to 64. and then we have moderate
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>> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can workog our great country. it was a historic win. a definite upset. but the tone of the president-elect speech was humble, serious, and presidential. so how did he do it? he won all the swing states. and it started with florida. he took the state by one and a half percentage points and then the rest fell. ohio, north carolina, iowa, and the state that put it all over the top was pennsylvania.
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well. important ones including race between senator marco rubio and his challenger congressman patrick murphy. in end it wasn't as close it is a what polls might have suggested. it was tied within three percentage points. then senator rubio handily won it last night as you see there, 52-44. everyone axelbank was in a miami in rubio camp last night. he's up early for us today to talk about what he saw, what he thinks and how it all went down last night. >> hey evan. couple of things here. first of all, marco rubio says that before even the election was called he said you know i'm going to have strong disagreements with whoever becomes president. so going to be very interesting to see how marco rubio positions himself to be the check on the president's power. members of same party but obviously have lots of differences. they were not as trump would say very nice to each other during
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wound up losing to donald trump. i think it will be interesting to see whether he goes full throttle at trump or whether he givers and takes a little bit on issues like trade on immigration. these are going to be very key things to see how the republican senate goes up against donald trump or works with donald trump depending on your view of things. and marco rubio is now a key cog in that republican senate majority. mitch mcconnell asked marco rubio to stay in the senate to run for senate that. and so now, marco rubio is one of the most prominent members along with ted cruz of feksz and certainly the majority leader mitch mcconnell marco rubio will be a major voice he try to speak very passionately about how this country needs come together to heal wounds not hate one oos ae put it he's going to be very kind of a little bit of a chess match here between the two of them. they are again don't like each
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clear. now their governing partners going to washington together. so you know, russell it's going to be very interesting thing to see play out. >> you know i haven't heard entire speeches just jet sheared snippets of president trump. and rubio you played this morning they do both sound as though you know, it was a tough campaign. it's over. now let's all try and work together. >> well, i would say to that one politician who has won anything over the last 240 years of american democracy who hasn't said that. i think they all say that. the question is what actually happens when you have to work together and get something done or not. the american people are going have very high expectations for this administration. the bottom line is donald trump has promised almost the world you know some in ways he says he
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fix inner cities fix infrastructure build a wall. he's going to we're going to have great trade policies replace obamacare which will provide better coverage and be cheaper. these are going to be very big things and many of them will have to go through congress. so and that includes senate and that includes marco rubio. so it's going to be the expectations are high. how does this all play out marco rubio will be key in either things getting done or not. >> i think i'm just trying to be hopeful on wednesday morning after. everyone, tha we'll talk when you get here. a job then, right? take care. all right. and with the senator's reelection a few other key races the senate will remain in republican control. gop did lose one seat but they still have the majority. not only that house of representatives will remain in republican control. they too lost a couple of seats but not enough to change the balance of power.
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amendment 1 fatal. yes vote would allowed utility companies to regulate solar energy and charge customers a fee for using it. it got 51 percent of the vote. it needed 60 percent to pass. amendment 2, it did pass. it allows medical paurn in state. wasn't even close really. 71 percent. it was close two years ago remember, 58 percent when it didn't pass. changes have timed in those two years including people acceptance of only medical marijuana, but in some states, marijuana in general. a lot more election results for you this morning. all you need to go is go to our website, we've got everything right there. and one first thing that president-elect trump needs to do nominate a judge to become a supreme court justice. you'll remember that last february justice antonin scalia
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said he would not hold hole confirmation hear his stance was controversial but he stuck to it a republican that gets to appoint someone to high court. most likely to keep the 5-4 conservative balance of the court. but take a look at this, justice ruth ginsburg steven briar getting up in age even they admit both have talked about retiring. ginsburg is 83. briar is 78. both of them are liberal. so the question is could trump actually seat three justice in editor expert craig patrick back with us. good morning to you, craig. amazing really when you thing about this. first let's talk about replacing justice scalia. there there was lot of talk judge merritt garland this will be a republican appointee. absolutely not mer rid garland we don't know who it will be appear donald trump put out list of 11 specific names. you had six in the federal circuit. and 5 across the state supreme courts then expanded that to 21 names.
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common is a strong conservative bnt. i think donald trump released that list of names to show an example of who he would pick help him galvanize support on far right and long conservative base. but it doesn't mean he will specific actually pick of those those names should used a guide. we know donald trump can be a bit unpredictable. whatever the case, you're absolutely right. from 4-4 split supreme court will clearly take be t yes democrats have an ability to filibuster a pick. pick could go down as they have in the past with harry meyers, and then robert bjork under the reagan administration. but in the end, donald trump will pick the next supreme court justice. if not more than one, bet though that ginsburg and briar may likely will certainly postpone retirement plans. that's what i was going to get to. she's been very vocal about her
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hang on for another four years? take to bank she will try to hold on long as her health holds up i do not see any scenario she publicly said what she said she regretted and decided to retire. and say okay, president trump please pick my replacement. it doesn't work that way. but then again, i have to face the realities of age and health too. that's going to be a decision that both of them are going to make. and you know, certainly have the possibility of unexpected things happening scalia. so yes you have at possibility of not one but many more. and with that donald trump has said that he wants a supreme court that would reverse roe v. wade you can't rule out that possibility. he wants reversal same sex marriage. i think that is in fact quite likely to happen. and then you have if he's able to pick more than one justice here, based on what he has said and of course very focused on second amendment and gun rights as well. with this i think you have some changes some supreme court that
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throughout course of our last time. donald trump talked about his first 100 days in office he mentioned specifically taxes, tax reform, obamacare illegal immigration. how, how much of a priority do you think that those more controversial sensitive social policy issues will play in like row versus wide like gay rights? i think donald trump has said a lot of things and made a lot of promises. but you look at his core promises that drove his campaign, first and foremost cracking down on immigration. i think he will have to play mrais emphasis on trying to stop that building awall. we'll see how far that gets in congress. and he also of course railed on what he called bad trade deals. that's what drove him to reelection. much more so in exit polling than did his position on illegal immigration. that's how i think buy and large he won for example wisconsin. perhaps michigan. ohio, as well. and with that i think that there may be a push and pull between republican establish position on
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something he will confront first. all right. that is the question too. how much unity will there be within their own petraeus. craig patrick we've got leave it there thanks so much for being with us we know it was late night for you. thank you. >> time change. i got tell tell you something, laura. we got word hillary clinton is going to speaking at 10:30 rather than 9:30. and yes we will carry it live right here on fox 13. and still lots more ahead including a ray that's making a big splash in the biggs. that's right vanessa rufus one police officer this a great story. one police officer is going above and beyond to help a family. walter allen has this story of a second chance. and charley belcher at a family owned business. we love to show these kind of places off. good morning. just thinking same i go love highlighting small family owned businesses thank you might not know about plenty of people know about ward's seafood market because it has been hear in
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the fresh fish stone crab claws everything you expected to sea for aed market plus great deli counter with all grab and go. then all the hot meals that they are making here out of their catches. oh my goodness. this really does set them apart. we will talk about that in just
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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it was another good night for kevin keer mire. he won his second gold glove last night. even with missing 48 games and two broken bones in his hand he was still awarded trophy for the best american league center fielder. congratulations to him. and of course, i had the opportunity to interview him last year when he won the first gold glove. so sir, come on back in. let's have another little chat.
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standing invitation to show up here any time he wants. >> nice guy. and what anice guy he was when he was here, too. >> that's, i'm glad there was an accolade coming down the race. vanessa will cook something if you cook in that day too. all the worries. we have 71 degrees outside. might notice cloud cover we have. kind of pretty today. to be honest with you. we had at ton yesterday. clouds today and then the sun's coming right back tomorrow. so 71 degrees from that particular advantage point. brook dale bay shore camera, mostly cloudy. east winds at 7. you're 73 degrees. then weaver got lakeland net camera sitting around 70 with light winds. really what we just have is this disturbance moving across the state. now bringing with a sprinkle. maybe you'll be one to get
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talking about rain chances which are going to be less than around 20 percent for today. once this moves through we're going to clear it out tonight, the sun returns tomorrow and it gets even drier outside. so variable clouds, 78 degrees today. less than 20 percent for that sprinkle/light shower. mainly north of tampa if it's going to happen at all. clearing late tonight. seasonable weather dropping it sunshine returns tomorrow. lower humidity. 80 degrees for a high temperature. boaters by the way, looking good for you folks out there light chop expected. water temperatures in the mid 70s. now through the next 7 days, just seems to be drier and drier and drier. and we'll be in upper 70s florida veteran's day all way through weekend in through beginning next week. not to mention comfy low temperatures which will range from 58 to around 62.
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9:19. we want to get back to 75 if manatee county area. it likes like we are seeing some improvements in the delays here. lanes are actually clear here south of university. so we have some improvements in situation so travel time should get back closer to normal. already seeing red gone moderate delays back to u.s. 301 delays sitting around ten minutes or so. and i expect probably in the next ten minutes we souled see even better improvements maybe down 5 or no delays we're following some sad news out of st. petersburg this morning appear 72-year-old crossing guard has been hit and killed by a drunk driver. it happened yesterday. fox 13 shayla reeves is live for us near mount vernon elementary where this memorial is starting to grow and we are seeing and hearing from some of the people whose lives he touched. so many people, shayla. >> yes, you're absolutely right.
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and for some of the kids here, they say he was like family. and someone they came to know and love. and expect to see in morning and in the afternoon as they made their way back and forth across the ninthed avenue north. right now we are here as memorial continues to grow at the intersection where so many describe seeing him every day. people have left pictures or actually messages here and they've cards. and a number of people that we spoke with this morning said the thing they will remember the most about david roundtree is his smile. he had a smile that resonated not only watt children who he helped cross the street every day but he was someone that they tell us made them feel protected. they knew when he was here, they wouldn't have anything to worry about crossing the street. that's what we are hearing from
9:22 am
neighborhood. you're seeing some pictures shared of him. by his family. mr. roundtree lived not far from the intersection where he served for at least the last three years making sure that the kids who lived nearby were safe. if we bankrupting you back out here just to give you picture of what some of the children have had to say about him, this is a message left here this morning by young girl who( arrived by a grandfather mr. great man. he was kind and happy and loved by all. special twinkle in his eye was great he had laugh like santa. he will be very missed and a krousing guard and conversationalist but more importantly a great man he loved his kids and we love him. we've seen tears shed here this morning. st. pete police adding extra patrols to area just as an extra measure to make sure the kids
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continue that this afternoon. but we know that he is someone mr. roundtree who touched a lot of lives right here in the neighborhood. he was just a couple of doors away from home. but it's a job he took seriously. and a job those in the community valued. back to you. and you hope that he knew while he was alive the mark that he was making. you know. oh absolutely. and yeah. we're hearing a lot of stories about missed. that's great. all right shayla, thank you. there's shock, there is sadness, there excitement. there is a lot of emotion across the country this morning on the news that donald trump is the president-elect. we're talk to voters to get their reaction to this historic outcome. charley is up next showing family owned seafood market that has been around for decades. has been around for decades. we're back
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z25ehz z16fz
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. good day tampa bay i'm charley belcher coming to you from a clearwater this morning. mlk and bellair road to be exact. you'll find ward's seafood rob owns the place after 26 years only three owners in the history of this place. you walk in and it's that nice nostalgic feeling of you know ike only imagine go to butcher shop and go to sea for aed market and hit produce market and get prou. you know you go home. and you could anything seafood related by golly you can get it in here. absolutely. it's old school. lot of people that come from outside to inside will sit there and go wow.
9:27 am
these cases are impressive. we showed fresh fish down there deli case there and this hot grab and go section down here. this, is pretty amazing that all of this is offered. this a neat concept right here. you've got lot of people that work, two people working in families now. they come in and it's nice to sit there and say you know, can i get couple pieces of blacked salmon. and a little appetizer some things like that. he put everything in observe and boom. the seafood lasagna looks fantastic. he's 13, 14 years. chef jessica one creations. it sells like wild fire. can't keep in showcase. i love you go up and get a piece of fresh fish you want to let me have that grouper you can blacken it up for me. cook it for me. yeah we offer that to people who are what they can do get customers walk grouper awant it
9:28 am
grilled and fried. pound of each. right out of the showcase. how much fresher can you get? you also do sandwiches to go. a little to go restaurant. to go restaurant. we have the menu, yes. we have just customers they want to see. and see. and then lastly hit your mralters lots of platter holidays coming up seafood platters all kind of stuff seared tuna platter. we customize platters for you. we can do, you know mix and with jumbo stone crabs. lobster meat. thank you, rob. appreciate it. my pleasure. coming out. good stuff. russell rhodes i know i'm going to stop by and stop by scone crab claws when i'm in the market for them. because i, i, best, you know stone crabs every year you forget how good they are so you don't have them for so many months i tasted that. the best i've ever had. i always feel that every october because i missed them. yeah, cool. nice place.
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have a good day. >> it's never too early to start donating ahead of the holidays later on this hour we're live with for all you friendsgiving hosts,
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bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
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((russell/ donald trump upset hillary welcome everyone 9:31 a hi store end to nasty race donald trump upset hillary clinton. and it was an ugly cap pain. but it is over. donald trump now has the opportunity to follow through on campaign promise to make america great. during a speech to supporters early this morning here's what else he pledged to do. ours was not a campaign. but rather an incredible and great movement made up of
9:32 am
women who love their country and want a better brighter future for themselves and for their family. it's movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs. who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. i've spent business. looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. tremendous potential. i've gotten to know our country so well, tremendous potential. it's going going to be beautiful thing. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his
9:33 am
our country will be forgotten no longer. he also went on to say this he el rebuild infra stur and help veterans. but he will a work with allies across the globe. he said he will always put americans first. and this result has shocked a lot of people some are happy, some are not. reaction has been passionate. but everyone's saying we need to come together now. fox 13 alcides segui is at tampa talking to folks there this morning. what are you hearing? >> yeah, new day and new president-elect. we came to tampa international airport hoping to get both sides of republican and democrats. i think we got exactly that. listen in. >> unfortunately i am a little surprised. i really wasn't expecting it. ion the side kind of suspected that there were a lot of people who weren't vocalizing they were
9:34 am
i was right. >> i was completely shocked. yeah very surprising. based on this negative campaign, i just couldn't believe it. we have to accept that. we're sad about some of his character issues. i loved hillary. and wanted her to win. sorry about that too we all have to learn to get along. >> yeah, that one thing we all just have to learn how to get along. all but one person ipo came ahead and won last night. but again, they are hopeful that trump will lead this country in the right direction no matter you know what obstacles are at hand. they wanted clinton to win. again trump is our new president. they are very happy about that and again, they are hoping he will lead this country in the right direction. back to you. all right, alcides, thank you. voting early may be convenient, but voting in one california polling station on
9:35 am
look at this. this brentwood where stars live in brentwood. station at the sunset boulevard hotel offers appetizer and refreshments yoga meditaion complimentary parking soothing live music to relax voters ae this cast their ballots. luxury voting. can i tell you all a funny story really fast? about this? >> so sorboni goes to vote yesterday. and she comes u polling station she hears music she was isn't that nice. they are playing music at the polling station. it was her phone she had touched her phone and playing the frozen sound track. and she was like reaching down to turn off her phone really fast. let it go. i'm not sure what it was. but she said it was, it was just the funniest thing. oh they are playing music. is she in newsroom yet? i don't know. i haven't seen her yet. we should start singing frozen
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that would be great. it reminded me of funny story. it's 71 degrees outside. and grand we have a lot of cloud cover around this morning. but it's nice. and every time some of these sprinkles want to make their way on shore, they just kind of get eaten up. so less than 20 percent chance that you're going to get a tiny sprinkle. basically, don't count on it. and evening if it happens it will be likely north of the tampa area. just a weak disturbance it does give us cloud cover i also think it's going to hold our high temperatures down a few degrees. so while the last few days have been in lower 80s, and technically above normal. today, we'll probably get back to the upper 70s. right now 71 in tampa. 70 in lakeland. 74 in sarasota. 76 in frostproof. visible satellite. it's interesting because the tampa north, it is mostly cloudy. then you go south, and it's an
9:37 am
day. so obviously areas that are getting more sunshine looking you manatee, sarasota, hardee, de soto highlands county even southeastern polk county you're probably going a little bit warmer this afternoon then say areas to north that are dealing with some of that thicker cloud cover. but in general or temperatures should likely be back to upper 70s. variable clouds again. that's sprinkle shower chance there but not great. to the point where i would eve tonight, overnight lows near 64 degrees. as it clears out late. then tomorrow, we've got sun sheen returning low humidity and high temperature up around 80 degrees. take it through next 7 days. upper 70s. starting friday. all the way through until monday. so the gorgeous weather will continue. bunch of first birthdays to pass along to you today. we'll start with julie anna. she loves elmo, dance and most
9:38 am
loves her big brother. happy first birth birthday to jackson opinion he loves mickey mouse and playing outside with his brothers. happy first birthday to alanna. alanna loves to dance, walk everywhere. talk on the phone and play with her big sister. and finally, happy first birthday to little oh alexander. he loves music, and eatingal an of his food. he also just learned how to walk. that's awesome little buddy. we hope each and every one of you have a great birthday. looks like he's l play the piano too. just like you are the youngser you start the better. definitely happy birthday to all of you guys. all right we'll spich gears. get to roads here. it looks like we're pretty clear on major roadways. 9:38 start you off with a look traffic report in area downtown interchange. so, of course 275 and i-4. actually looks pretty quiet out here right now. you will see travel times will reflect that fury heading south from bearss to i-4. ideal nine minutes what is we see with no traffic situations
9:39 am
i-75, four minutes coming florida pasco state road 54 into hillsborough. that junction with 275. and then 5 minutes that drive weston i-4 coming from mlk to 275. please enjoy. still ahead this morning going above and beyond to help an entire family from homelessness to business owner. walter allen has this amazing story of his then we have like live be aing board on wall street.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of. ? sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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the season of giving has officially begun. and with thanksgiving just 2 weeks away... what better way to help those in need than with a nice meal. season of just begun. what better way to help those in need with nice meal?
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one in four children live in households that cannot afford to put food on table metropolitan ministries, holiday tent with fox 13 jen epstein is live for us. they don't just need food, right, jen? >> yeah. a lot of help. about 18,000 families is what they expect to feed just a during holiday season alone between thanksgiving and christmas. and they are already here working today to make these boxes of hope possible. you guys morning? yeah. >> woo. they are working hard. so each box working oh they are packed in boxes, cost $25 to make one of these boxes possible. it has all the food a family of 4 needs for at least three days. so that's what they are working on this morning. you guys don't, you keep on working don't be camera shy. so, while they work on that, like i mentioned these are just a few of the $10,000 volunteers need to make this holiday season happen.
9:44 am
he's helping metro ministries for last 7 years. good morning. good morning. welcome. >> thank you so much. now why? why for last 7 years have you voted yourself to this cause? i've donor here for almost 25 years off and on. i've come to the content tent about 7 years ago my wife anne smith said time to get our hands dirty. so we came down we showed a little expertise and frur oh professions and next thing you know we're down here helping them so who better than you to know just how much of an impact these volunteers have. >> absolutely. because without their hearts and their hands, we would be behind the curve here. we're still setting up getting ready for 20,000 folks we use over 20,000 volunteers during the year. >> a lot of help, i know lot of volunteers that you what kind of volunteers or what kind of work can volunteers do here?
9:45 am
hope. we will stocking shelves to get ready for guests. we're still doing putt-putting on paint on walls still getting ready for opening next week. thank you so much if you want help go tour oh website, we have a link to metro ministries organization. and helping others puts a smile on these ladies, any gentlemen. couple gentlemen's faces. you can make holiday season brighter for a family in need by helping out back to you guys. great story this morning jen, thank you. a tra police officers went above and beyond to help local family when they need it had the most
9:46 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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on the different things and people welcome back. 9:48 we reported different things in people that law enforcement come across each and every single day. but one encounter that changed lives of one family and one tampa police officer forever. that makes extraordinary ordinary. typically, not every guy takes their entire family with them. >> oh, man. when they go pick out lawn equipment at home depot. old school. but, then again, this isn't your typical situation. making history come true. john singleton startig his own lawn care company. it was his dream to do this. his dream now to teach and
9:49 am
generation one day. take care of my family and my grandsons. show them by business. they can have on their own. john also had with him his guardian angel. perfect. again, not your every day average situation. >> once he explained to me he was homeless he just got put out on the street by one of their own family members, and he was caring for his three grandchildren that he had custody over i thought maybe it was a great opportunity for me to see if there was some way i can g officer justin lee first met family while doing park check first he was going to notify them park was closed and they had to move on. when he saw the children that's when everything changed. not something we can look away from. you know, this state's not going to tolerate children living oh streets i personally am not going to tolerate children living on the streets. so i had a duty and desire at the same time to make sure that they are in the right place and they are safe.
9:50 am
put family up in hotel for a couple of nights. then got them into metropolitan ministries. that man helped me a whole year a whole family whole lot. and the community through donations john now has door hangers advertise his new business. donated bikes and trailers to carry the equipment. and the giving apparently is contagious. >> and to think this all routine park check that measured out to be so much more. he helped everybody. we want to be friends. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a police officer. now a days climate between law enforcement and different communities has been kind of rough. i don't know anyone i'm working with that wouldn't have stepped up to help them.
9:51 am
that would have done the same thing for this family i was just blessed enough to be in right place at the right time to find the tuned to help them. this man up here, and that man right there. y'all, i wouldn't where i'm at today.
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((russell/2sh)) in about a half hour - hillary clinton is expected to in about half hour hillary clinton is expected to a publicly thank her staff and supporter and con seat the election. we will bring that to you live here on fox 13. this will be the first time we have heard from her since donald trump was declared the next president. let's get to craig patrick in the little time we have left this morning. craig before we get into i just want to ask you question. about 45 minutes before the or anybody else called florida last night you did it. and i'm just wondering what did you see? what trend did you see to cause you to call it that early? it was a matter of basic math it wasn't that we were going out on limb you look at the number of counties who had already reported versus margin that exist donald trump was leading by 1.4 percent. roughly 138,000 votes. we were waiting for broward county. because roughly half the or 25
9:55 am
okay maybe she had a chance to make it up once 10:06 p.m. we saw more than 90 percent of broward county in most of the vote tallied she no other place to recoup loss of votes. because in all of population centers hillsborough county, orange county, certainly in tallahassee gainesville these were areas where she did very well but votes were already in okay let's get every single vote out there to hillary clinton. that wouldn't happen let's say it did she nint,000 votes he was behind by 130 thouks votes we saw few remaining counties continue to report even broward was coming in you saw donald trump's margin continuing to go up. so it came down to a matter of basic math. there were mathematically not enough votes at that point for hillary clinton to come from behind. and with that, you say it's close. just as it was in 2014. between governor scott and former governor charlie crist.
9:56 am
nonetheless. >> nobody does numbers game like craig patrick. that's experience. that's somebody who has been here a long time who know this is state pretty well my friend. listen i know we're running out of time i just have to read this comment from viewer from i just want to say of all commentator last night i flipped you channels i kept going to fox 13 craig patrick did best mock accurate reporting insights were easy to understand he stayed neutral thank you craig patrick for your hard work. ahh for me. thank you. again, we're going to stay with you going to kelly oh going to dave now. go to dave. >> okay we're sitting a 71 degrees. we do have lot of cloud cover around right now. so we will get back to upper 70s for today. just a slightest less than 20 percent rain chance. mainly north of the tampa area. then tomorrow we get back into more sunshine. you're going to notice tomorrow a little bit drier than at that today. not that today is bad it will be drier. 80 degrees for high temperature.
9:57 am
and for lot of people going right in through the weekend. sunshine, high temperatures in the upper 70s. lows, actually a pretty seasonable weekend coming at us. and again just an um could have book end 20 percent rain chances today and once again on tuesday. >> all right. thank you, dave. that will do it for us today is wednesday, november 9th. we thank you for watching this post election day coverage. we're going to live with kelly coming up next and then at 10:30 we will bring you clinton's concession speech. "realtime closed captioning
9:58 am
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