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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the holidays are almost here. this morning, well, the holidays are almost here. this morning the gift no one wants to get but everyone loves to give. the gift giving dilemma. >> and so close you can touch it. we're talking live with nasa about this weekend super moon and best places you can watch good friday morning we made it i'm russell rhodes. law last few days. it is really, really nice outside. i am jealous. come on. come on. >> and we have recovered quickly from the cool morning that we had too. because we have chilly. first those in the 40s. citrus county was in the 40s. and now we're beginning warm things up. and it's, because of all that drier air we have here at the surface. 67 in tampa. now 64 in brandon. how about sarasota. already made it to 70 degrees. let me tell you, it's going to
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lots of sunshine 78 degrees for high. sunny and nice tomorrow. 80. stick around i'll have your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> see you then, thanks, dave. and on the roads we really don't have too many complaints throughout morning just few crashes with lane blockage. but overall very quiet. right now this is latest one we're following. along university parkway in tuttle avenue. is this is manatee sarasota area. two lanes are going to blocked in westbound direction. so that will be your area of concern in your direction of co yourself extra time here. >> overnight more demonstrators took to the streets. in portland police are calling them out right riots. broken windows and businesses, fires started. they are warn protester to stay in their designated zone are be arrested. and while these were violent, there were other more peaceful demonstrations too. including here in ybor city. again last night. then more violence in chicago. david will cox told chicago
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accident. he parked and other driver asked if she had insurance. and he then said that the next thing he knew he was being beaten by several people. and this is video on the audio you can hear people yelling don't vote trump. one attacker eventually drove off with wilcox's car. he says he did vote for trump but no would have known that he didn't say anything and doesn't have any stricker or signs on his car. police orb now teens who are audio don't voel trump. that reminds us reginald beating back from 1992. l.a. 4 as they were known afterwards grabbed denny a truck driver out of his cab and nearly beat him to death. the attack was on the first day of the now infamous l.a. riots those came after acquit four los angeles police officer they were accused using excessive force of arrest of rodney king after high
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was captured on video police say he was aggressive they believe belief he was high on pcp and video was disturbing after verdict the l.a. riots began. they lasted for six days. donald trump tweed last my protest are unfair after an open presidential election. he also claimed that these are incited by professional protesters. but this morning he's glad to see protest are passionate about our country. no matter who is starting them. its day 2 and in chicago are closing because of the violence. even worse there are reports of people shouting white power. and women and minorities being harassed and assaulted. >> not exactly a peaceful transition of power. >> and president-elect trump met with president obama yesterday. it was supposed to be 15 minute meet turned into one hour and a half. it was good meeting that was respectful and informative. but what they are saying,
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normally the two couples meet for a photo. out going president and incoming with their spouses like this picture with then president george w. bush and his wife laura and president-elect trump and michelledidn't happen yesterday nobody is saying why. just that it didn't happen some speculating because divisiveness of campaign. others say it was because meeting between president and president-elect was two along first time in modern that photo has not been taken. after that meeting with president obama, president-elect trump went to capitol hill to meet with paul ryan and other members of congress. he told them his top three priorities after he's sworn healthcare saying he's going to make it before ifordable. border security, and jobs. >> repealing or at least dis-mantling majority of obamacare and border security were pillars of his campaign platform. trump also said the jobs he wants are going to be are not
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oriented jobs. they will be as only he could say big league jobs. both house speaker paul ryan and senate majority mitch mcconnell says congress basketball busy come january. 9:05 we're following a developing story out lakeland this morning one brother being hailed hero another is dead after trying to kill their mother. fox 13 shayla reeves is live for us in neighborhood where this all played out last night. good morning, shayla. >> yeah, good morning to you, laura. a figment a family fight ending in gunfire a mother shot and son dead. right now i want you to take look at this video. this happened here in lakeland in 2900 block of dell rose drive north. right now, you're looking a some pictures as crime scene technician took pictures and collected evidence. some used metal detectors to search ground. i could 91 after ran argument
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asked for a move a disabled car. anger intensified when she could not get car into neutral. she waited outside for deputies who arrived and entered the house. while those deputies were looking for 53-year-old john, deputies heard gunfire and rushed back outside. authorities found john holding a gun and tussling with his brother. according to the sheriff, when told by deputies to stop fighting authorities say one brother followed directions and the other did not. according to sheriff john pointed a gun at deputies who fired and killing the armed man. the investigation revealed john fired shots before he died striking his mother and each of her legs. 75-year-old woman is in the hospital recovering. we're told her other son had actually tried to intervene to save his mother's life. as she continues to recover in the hospital, we know the investigation is still ongoing.
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shooting as is procedure in this case and these types of cases on administrative leave pending the outcome. reporting here in lakeland shayla reeves, fox 13 news. all right shayla. thank you. >> and animal rescue crews arrived to quite scene in orlando. not one, but two american bald eagles were spotted near a storm drain. one was inside. while others stood nearby watching over it. one the heing eagle flew away crews were eventually able to rescue the oth blanket around her and pullin her to safety. experts say this time of year tey see large numbers of bald eagles fighting. sometimes those fights result in injuries they and a monitor the wounds. take look at these lines. hundreds of people lined up as early 4 o'clock this morning because there's free clinic starting today. not only can people get free check ups where they can get
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morning long checking in on this pretty remarkable thing they are doing in bradenton. good morning. yeah, exactly right. and crowds are getting larger and larger. last year they served about 1600 people. this year they are expecting even more than that because last year was a two-day event. this year as three days. this is dental service area. you can see how many people are lined up right now. and this i mean this is, an incredible operation they are running here. this actually you see here, all of the equipment you see here was put in place within a 24-hour span. again, this is a 60,000 square foot facility at the manatee technical center. and just about every inch of this building has different pieces of equipment. and it's put together and run by an organization a nonprofit called remote area medical. and then they operation really across the globe.
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here in bay area. they are providing as we just talked about short time ago dental services, this is the most sought after service last year. and it includes cleaning and fillings and ex transactions as well. and it's not just that, we're talking about vision services. it includes basic screenings. eye exams, and free prescription eyeglasses if it's needed. it will take about 20 minutes for that. medical services they include general consultations diabetic screenings mammogram, hiv exams. flu shots provided by wall greens. i mean this is, an enormous operation. it's going on today, saturday, and sunday. really a one stop shop for all of your free medical care. all your you basically have to do is just arrive. you don't even have to be u.s. citizen according to the organizers. just come on board. you don't even need medical
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and an email address if you have it then they will give you whatever you're looking for. so we're at mtc on the back of this building, is braden river high school. and they have another set up for your pets. free vet care for your dog and your cats as well for your animals. it's going on again today, tomorrow and sunday. for more information go to our website, the event runs from 6:00 a.m. until 4 o'clock friday, saturday and on until 12 o'clock. but again, large crowds earlier this morning. hundreds and they are even more people out there now. so if you're coming out here be ready to wait. although it's, they do a great job of getting in and out. just so much. so many people here. everyone needing that free medical service. no doubt. back to you. all right. alcides, thank you. 44 days. that's it until christmas. you're welcome.
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listen to this, while we love gift cards, we don't like to get them. this bank bank more 50 percent of people polled said they will prefer a real gift of something. anything other than a gift card. just a quarter people said gift cards are good. but most people plan to give them anyway. at least to someone on their list. people surveyed said they will deal with getting a card but just make sure card is getting at least one thing from the store. give $50 g can't buy anything $50 gift card to target is different story. >> and then look here santa is back. he'll make first stop year international plaza in tampa today. mall has decided to make an interactive experience too. they call santa's flight academy. kids get to wear a badge, they get to wear virtual flight suit. it's free but you have to pay for pictures santa moves on to
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wire grass mall in wesley chapel starting to tomorrow. i'll take a $50 gift card to tiffany i guess you're right. i will take several of them. yeah. who am i to be picky. add them all up and line them up like little soldiers. coming up dave's next with nasa talking about this super moon. significance. plus best time to watch. then a little later we are honor veterans this morning on good day with special operation that will change their lives for coming up a little later. and then charley, one of our fvorite events at the fall auto fest. fall florida auto fest in lakeland. good morning. now $50 gift certificate to ferrari dealership it will help. yeah. yeah. pay for maybe one of the mats. >> no it won't. probably not actually. no, no.
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ferrari i know where you can get come out lakeland sun and fun area lakeland linder airport. carlisle events fall auto fest happening today and tomorrow and sunday. today and tomorrow, big auction. there happens be a ferrari up for auction. sitting right over here. tom is not here. but anyway that car really is for sale. i will tell you how this auction works and why it's so much fun to see in person whether you want to buy it or not when good
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fox 13 meteorologist dave osterberg. oh, wow. it is beautiful outside this morning. just love days like this too. humidity, we drying things out. a little bit of a breeze where i'm standing. making you feel even nicer. let's check what's happening because we're at 67 degrees now coming off our low right around 60 this morning. i think tomorrow might be cooler in spots. 61 in new tampa. 64 in westchase. you've got lower 60 how fast it will warm up. once the sun comes up because it was in the mid 40s in citrus county. just couple of hours ago. now already back to the lower 60s. what's going to be gorgeous day. 70 for sarasota. for venice, i got mid to upper 6s in polk county, hardee de soto and highlands county. dew point wise sitting in mid 50s. very, very comfy air. here's the best part about it.
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of days. you can take computer model and forecast dew points. sitting in mid to upper 50s right through today. then all of sudden tomorrow, we start to drop those dew points. by tomorrow evening, you're looking a 46. so okay. even drier air is going to settle in. other than a few very thin high wispy clouds, tons of sunshine for today. what a veterans day. gorgeous sunshine like that. highs will be around 78 degrees. tonight mostly clear. now, once the sun goes down, it's going to cool off just as fast as it warmed up this morning. keep that in mind. okay grab those jackets throw them in back seat you might need them. more sunshine, dry air for your saturday high around 80 degrees. delightful weekend for boating. do check back on saturday though
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a moderate chop come sunday. and high tide which is 11:32 this morning. through the next 7 days we do have maybe unsettled weather coming our ware early next week to be honest we will take it because, it hasn't rained in like 26 days. but friday, saturday and sunday do look stupendous. i haven't used word stupendous in while stick around nasa about super noon in few minutes. looking forward to that dave thank you. we want to switc check on roadways really want to update some earlier crashes which you can see get the theme here. starting to clear out. and we really don't have an any big complaints for our drivers right now. shouldn't getting any concerns for awe any slow downs. university parkway right now, tuttle avenue that earlier crash last report lanes are clear here or in clearing stages. so really, not seeing any big delays for. but you do want to use caution look likes tow truck or two on
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we mention that before a couple reports back in the last one, northbound we had some concerns. but the delays are gone. i'm not seeing anything big and bother some here through that intersection. live look outdoor right now. congestion has pretty good on roadways pretty live look 275. mlk jr. boulevard. this is in hillsborough county. northbound and southbound look pretty good bye way southbound heading away from us on screen and northbound is coming towards us. a look at our travel times showing pretty good c and we'll keep it here with driving theme. charley belcher stick around see what he's up to. lots of cool looking cars. so he'll have more for us in just a little bit. oh yea, everything is digital now-a-days. this thing never leaves my side. that is why i signed up for publix digital coupons. and i got the paper ones too. so retro... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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((dave/dbx)) would you here to talk more about nana is a scientist joins us. top of the morning to you. hey how you? good morning. doing great. i'm excited too because telescope out and enjoy. but you don't don't need that. moon is going to so big. tell me what is the super moon? >> that's right. so super moon occurs when we have full moon that coincides with moon being in actually its closest points in moon's he lipt cap oshl. why we're able to see bigger and brighter moon. and we haven't seen this type of super moon since the year 1948. and we won't get that chance
9:23 am
question. will that this just popped up into my head. will this have any significant impact on say some of the tides around the earth? >> you're not going to see any catastrophic changes due to the super moon. you'll just be able to see beautiful, beautiful moon full moon in the sky as long as weather permits. i know. that's where i got to put pressure on me. it might be cloudy. but eastern if you don't get to see mopped pretty big over the yeah that's absolutely right. so if you have clear weather any time during the weekend, hopefully you know, for the november 13th to 14th time frame, you'll be able to see the super moon. >> now i love to you guys ana is a because there's always little things we find out. and from what i found out 6 o'clock, you've been traveling around, not not you personally but you've had ship traveling around moon now for years. what are you v. you been looking for? what have you studying? that's
9:24 am
recognizance orbiter orbiting moon right now. we hit our seven year mark last june. it has been providing exquisite mapping and beautiful imagery of moon. it helped us realize it moon is not static a we might have initially thought or observed. moon is constantly being bombarded. it's changing. it's lot more dynamic. and one of the things we realize is that the footsteps apollo astronauts might left gone might be gone a lot sooner so instead gone in tens of thousands of years. >> that gives us plenty of time to you know get a colony up there go check out footprints, right? gives us plenty of time. absolutely. >> i appreciate you joining us. and we hope to see you guys soon. >> thank you. have a great weekend. don't forget everybody. >> speaking of super, mr. charley belcher is joining us now.
9:25 am
superman reporter. ist going to be a super weekend your weather forecast said it a great weekend out on a great time to come out and check out some beautiful cars. it is at carlisle event fall auto fest. they do it at the sun and fun. right next to lakeland linder airport on same property of the side. cars, is a swap shop accessories parts, plenty of plenty of everything carey lated. we'll be here. including a live auction. lance today and tomorrow is live auction. this is the first car you auction off today with 1944 deluxe? you got it. i know my cars. >> rare car. i know my cars because randy back there just told me. this is beautiful. now, what do you, some things come in probably with minimum or reserve. some things don't come in it doesn't matter whatever it brings it brings. what do you think this will bring you today? this car will probably bring in
9:26 am
but that's what i was going say the fun of seeing somebody come in buy this for 60 grand it will be fast and furious. oh yeah. it's exciting cool thing public can come in and check it out. they don't have to be a part of it. >> right. great opportunity. you see audience people are getting good seats already. i see numbers. you guys going to buy a car today? think about it. maybe. they will buy cars. >> yeah. but you don't have to. you can come in here and get a seat. and just watch the action. because it will i got a car. i mean it's fun. bumps. it's a good time. that was don't have me be your auctioneer. i'm terrible. but anyway, that, that. boom. so and this car is out next one is in. boom, boom. boom. but they are not all going to be $60,000. $100,000. if a car comes up some will go for $1,000. right? exactly. there's opportunity for everybody. that's we try to be very diverse in that because we want everybody to have an opportunity.
9:27 am
10:30 this morning you cans gets under way. remember it's a car show here too. not just auction got show out all around the grounds. lance thanks so much appreciate it. this forget the bat mobile is here too. you can take rides in bat copter. if you love engines and things that move on weebles you've got to come out to fall auto fest. sounds great. sounds great. i leave you with to the bat cave. good bye holy russell rhodes. let's do it. bye. today, is the 11th day of the 11th month of the year. marks the end of anniversary i should say of end of world war 1. now u.s. honors its veterans
9:28 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is good day tampa bay. and welcome back. time right now is 9:30. and leonard cohen the canadian away. he was 82 years old and known for that voice. songs like hallelujah anthem. he blended folk music with a darker sexual edge that one him fans world wide as recently this year he leased new album just last month he wasn't just musician he was poet. and novelest, and an aspiring sment aechlt n monk. his death was announced last night saying we have lost one
9:31 am
visionaries. exactly when and how he has died is has not be announced. memorial will take place place in los angeles in a later date. looks like not just phones we have to worry about charger can dangerous too. student was taken to hospital after his cell phone charger burst into flames. school officials say he was in the student center last night when his charger caught fire inside his pants pocket. he grabbe it and the phone which were in the same pocket and threw them on school officials are not sure of the chargers make or model. >> why would somebody steal a gum ball machine? somebody did a restaurant in winter hiven. this is no small deal either. it's worth $800. and maybe that's why they stole it. pretty crazy story. man walked in told employees he was there to service machine machine picked it up and walked out with it employees just toad this watching this gum ball
9:32 am
well, today is veterans day. it is a day to honor those who have a served in the armed forces. since the special day. and it coincides with armistice day and remembrance day. all celebrating the end of world war i. technically the treaty was signed at the 11th hour on the 11th day of 11th month. why veterans day is always on november 11th. when veterans come home sometimes it is difficult to reassimilate back into wind up on the streets. but today there's help. and walter is at operation revelly to tell us more. good morning. tell us more. i mean good morning look all red shirts a sea of red. that is the support they are looking at in the all to end homeless veterans that are homeless. operation revelly what fantastic. so many different organization that are here to help out
9:33 am
nathaniel porter you are a vet. walk me through what you're going through. today is veterans today. and to see some other veterans that kind of loss when they got back. >> i actually see a sign of hope. a sign of i guess you could say a gathering of collectiveness of agencies that actually do care about our veterans. it's amazing to see how much support is out here to actually want to get home to their own homes. i'm glad you mentioned that. because, you know when you think about veterans that are homeless it can be kind of a dark feeling, daunting task. but when you see all of these here to support light at the end of the tunnel maybe? >> yeah. i would say that. i've worked with homeless veterans for about year and a half last year. and just seeing what their life
9:34 am
very dark is very grim. this here actually seems more like a light on other side of the tunnel where hey, there are people out here that care that want to get you reconnected back to society. >> for a little back story four folks at home operation homeless veterans will a different services available to them birth certificates, licenses, dress clothes, things for employment. and at the end of thes day they will get a key to an apartment and they will have their own address. you are a buddy. you kind of aaccompany a vet van into that transition. from your perspective what's that's like? actually a feel good really good feeling to have when you connect with the veterans for the first time. maybe they know you maybe they don't know you. but it's good to know that you've experienced that type of life-style that they used to
9:35 am
saying hey, i'm a veteran you're a veteran, lets get together. let's try to get you back on track. >> that's fantastic. thank you so much thanl. thank you for your service. >> yes, sir thank you for everything you're doing today. thank you. operation revelly. so program ends then they will go into different services and then later today, they will get their own apartment. the buccaneers are here clinton mcdonald is here. i think you brought some food trucks e really fantastic thing. very appropriate here on veteran's day. >> yes, it is. thank you, walter. i was looking this up thinking leonard cohen my favorite leonard line from hampton. ring the bells that still can ring perfect your perfect offering there's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. isn't that great? that is great. >> hey dave. it's beautiful out here. that ooi like that. that was nice action russ pell a
9:36 am
you're right. 67 degrees our current temperature outside. i tell you though you get out like right in the sun, kind of away from the shade it does feel a little bit warmer than that. but it's if you feel. i mean 70 in brandon. and bradenton. sarasota, 72 in venice how fast did we warm things up in citrus county? i mean, you woke up a couple hours ago sitting in mid 40s. now you're already in the 60s. tallahassee was down to 38 degrees this morning. they are back to 54. ye it's like summertime. they are near 80. most areas are a couple of degrees cooler then they were yesterday at this time. not a massive difference. and as far as our humidity levels go, keeping knows in low cad gory. really not only today, but through the rest of the weekend. so we'll mention just few clouds. mainly upper level clouds with our gorgeous day today. veterans day. doesn't get much nicer than
9:37 am
degrees. tonight, mostly clear. i love to use the term coolish. 59 in tampa. but it would not surprise me to lows in 40s back up citrus county tonight and hernando. more sunshine drier air for saturday high temperature around 80 degrees i'm thinking about, who wants to go beach this weekend? why not? a light chop the water temperature not going oh last long still mid 70s. i'm sure that will drop with overnight lows getting a little bit weekend. and if we can time this out get back to work, back to school on monday, 30 percent on the rain chances. so we a little unsettled weather pattern early next week. but at the same time, vanessa, up until that point, it's going to be fantastic. >> certainly looks like it. all right, dave, thank you. >> and we want our to remind drivers in sarasota area of some road closure congestion we're seeing. due to veterans day events more
9:38 am
road closures that we're seeing too many to list here. but if you want to check out my twitter a fox 13 traffic ivory tweeted sarasota police department with the fullest list of closures. generally speaking the area fruitville main street looking very congested right now. orange, washington boulevard, so that general area. we're expecting to see roads clear out by about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. roll the prompter for anne marie young man helping other teens because o through. jen's got look at how many town hero coming up next. live look at the board on wall street. dow's down. thought that show was over. i was packing up. down 20.
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((jen)) being the victim of bullying is tough at any age.. and when you're a child it often leaves you feeling alone and unloved. being victim of bully tough at any 18 when you are child it often leaves you feeling alone and unloved this week home town hero knows what like to be picked on he's using his experience to teach kids how to stand up for themselves.
9:42 am
message to victims of bullying. be courageous. it does take a lot of courage to talk about bullying. levi knows all to we will when likes to get picked op spent most fifth grade year hiding from bullies. you're seeing unpleasant stuff and just, kind of being mean. but then it kind of got worse and worse and became physical too. hitting and pushing even though he kept it to himself levi's mom says she knew something was wrong. >> i just noticed something was different. i mean out going. they seemed a bit more withdrawn. he didn't seem himself he wasn't eating as much. but it wasn't until a bully threaten levi with a gun that he finally asked for help and situation got better. he channeled his pain into something good. writing two children's books about his experience with bullies. made me feel really great like i was helping other people going through similar situations. >> he used book signing platform
9:43 am
across the country. so i decided it was important to go to the school and talk to them about it before they get into middle school and high school it becomes more severe. he's received a lot of recognition. and an include diana award an award gwen out to young role model that help transform lives of other daily point of light award which honor people making meaningful change in communities across america. levi even got to meet congressman ron barber who was injured in same shooting that with fooer brain damage. i was able to go on like floor of congress with him and talk to like the congressman and senator which was really cool and i was only 12 years old. that was a good experience. levi recently took anti bullying platform national taking part in self esteem project be change. but ghoul for leave isn't book signs or awards message for hope for kids out to stand up to bullies and be courageous.
9:44 am
own books. he's an amazing kid. levis also new to bay area he was born in arizona then moved to england with his family for couple of years now that he's starting to settle into this area hopes to spread his message of courage to local kids here. coming up it will be the next must have techno gadgets. have you heard about this? snapchat spectacles. but will you be able to get them in lauren simonetti tells us
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
((russell//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. ((laura /2sh/dbx) our own lauren simonetti is back with us. there's a not local 10 going on fairly flat. and lauren. so spoiled. so spoiled. i need another record. we have been all week, we're up 921 points. you're so what is going on. one of what view done for me lately 401k up six percent this year and most of that gain came this week. we are adjusting to donald trump presidency. and figuring outs what that experience for our fort foal leo very clear banks will do well. he's going to be candidate and
9:48 am
tape. less regulation. with you are doing best performance weekly basis in almost eight years. drug stocks doing very well. pharmaceutical type tech stocks like amazon and microsoft and apple not so much because of everything and everybody trump could do repat tree asian of profits. where they are making their products and the like. so it's becoming m >> it is interesting. so if you look biotech the drug stocks the phenomenal. because he wouldn't be as or he doesn't seem to be as stringent on drug pricing as hillary clinton would have been. but some of because of the potential repeal of the obamacare, some of the healthcare insurer are not doing as well because that would mean potentially less customers for them. and honestly.
9:49 am
spectacles. sell out in four >> i love them. >> yeah. in four hours they sold out sorry to step on you there. >> you're all right. they are kind of cool looking i don't know if you showing video. yeah. it's not like google glass that nobody wants to wear theer cool they are 130 bucks. total privacy invaders they take video when you put them on you don't look ma no hands i'm taking video. it's cool. no privacy. >> so with snapchat decided to do, they calle t is they put them in yellow vending machine out of nowhere, in venice beach yesterday. they sold out in hours. >> now people are selling them on ebay for almost $1,000. >> yeah. they are going to make this vending machine go to all the different places. so if you want a pair for 130 bucks or not, $950. you got to stock the vending machine to see wherist kind of like food trucks. yes.
9:50 am
you know. maybe you would. maybe. yeah. what about you? i might. i'm here. i'm hip. i'm hip. just like the kids. just, you know when they come in handy i don't know if this ever happened to you, you grab your phone you're trying you have to, you know capture something that just happened. but as fast as technology is like you cannot get video to roll on your phone fast enough that happens to me all time especially with my daughter would cool for that. draw back you got to walk around with sunglasses on. the whole time. all right. have a good weekend. you deserve it. take care. bye. all right. dave's go the skytower forecast
9:51 am
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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at major news the i guess major news time flies. it's all right friday. yeah time just flew. time to decompress for weekend look back with this week's good day goodies. you want to to see something cute. let me get this out of my pocket. here we go. oh. oh. by wait that was joke. do not put kitties in your pocket. kitty was not really in my
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pocket. i mean you can try to put a kitty in your pocket but you'll only do it once. i'm giving you an alternative to election day. okay. >> there she is. fluffy. >> yeah. it's a bonus. we appreciate the people humane society. what's that? what, are you my producer? >> rock it out. >> yeah. i wonder if store. >> charley's with some puppies this morning. this election cycle. no. no. laura just keep reading for me, laura. oh, wait. see russell i don't write mine down stop writing that stuff down. make it up. just wanted to see.
9:55 am
dave, we're singing to you. listen. i will always take a morning serenade. there it is. we are mid to upper 60s. think about it. perfect. thank you so much, david. you're welcome. back to you. she's a natural in that garden. i think she should go all the time. i think we found our next good day gardener in. that's what he does, jen. be careful. russell somebody else to traipse all over the town let charley do it. be careful, jen. that's how russell moves. russell pawned off on me. i pawned off on you. i use that word loosely we were both busy doing other things. were you busy? no. good day garden.
9:56 am
practice. did you really? okay. veteran's day weekend. 78 degrees for a high today. boy it's going to nice and cool tonight. then 80 tomorrow 81 on sunday. maybe some showers next week. iu know it hasn't rained in 26 days at the airport. yeah. >> okay. it's a fact. okay. >> before we go, in honor of those who have served lots of free things for from free food and meals and restaurants. many attractions are offering free or reduced admission prices. there are certain attraction certain restrictions too. like being in uniform and things like that for info go to our website we should thank all of the men and women who have served who are serving. we love you and we're so grateful for you. shall we go? i think so. today's friday. see you monday everybody.
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