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tv   FOX 13 News at Noon  FOX  November 11, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 news at parades and ceremonies all over the nation. the day we honor our nation's veterans. >> good afternoon everyone i'm linda hurtado. thanks for joining us. today we honor the men and women who put their lives on the line to fight for our freedom. one of the biggest ceremonies in our area is at bay pines where thousands ever expected to turn out for ceremony. hosted by the cw bill young veterans hospital in pinellas county. our own mark wilson emceeing the
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expected to speak the ceremony just gonts under way fox 13 dan maddox is live. we have so much to thank our veterans for. so much indeed. i'm going to keep my voice a little low at this point you can tell with ceremony still going on behind me. this really very, very elaborate probably most elaborate veteran's day ceremony i've seen. let me stay out way to show you exactly what's going on. give you look at just the size of the crowd here. you're looking at thousands of people, families of vetan veterans themselves. you army, navy, air force just to name a few. this started with collar guard from several different high schools and several different organizations. but this really is juicy truly a very touching ceremony to honor to thank those who have served. and to thank their families as well. they've been through a tremendous ordeal. of course, many of the veterans here are in fact disabled that
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ceremony. and it's, a very moving to see just how touched they are. right now we've got an i belief a retired general speaking. and of course our own mark wilson is emceeing this event. but we're continuing to monitor this throughout afternoon. but you know, as we and come back out here just to right now we're at point you get a feeling that there's a lot of division in our country. to see all of these people, these veterans, the families here that are coming to egg ri thank you it's very, very touching. linda, over to you. we certainly need that. thank you so much. and on that subject of division, a third night of anti trump presidency protests turned violent in some cities. police fired teargas to break up a crowd thousands of protester in port land oregon who were throwing things at law officers. foxes lauren blanchard has more on protest and trump's transition to filling out his
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protests. after the election of donald trump. most of the demonstrations around the country were peaceful but others turning violent like these in portland, other. the president-elect back on twitter to blast those protesting him last night tweeting in part, professional protesters inciting by media or protesting very unfair. but then this morning a strikingly different tone. love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have country we will all come together and be proud. >> his campaign manager addressing the protests on fox last night. >> can you imagine if hillary clinton had been elected which i suppose they were all expecting, and the trump protester were saying not my president. i mean people should really take some self reflection and realize we have got a lot in common in this country. mr. trump in new york as focus on his transition team and begins those choosing those who
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campaign but also needs to bring in people from the republican establishment. >> the smart president will come in with folks who have been there before, who have been in the white house before. doesn't mean his whole team will be that. as people continue to protest, president-elect trump around the country his campaign manager is calling on president obama and hillary clinton to speak out against the demonstrations. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox 13 news. and for second night in a row, city. there's a separate protest in downtown tampa. hundreds of people held signs while chanting trump does not represent them. both of those protests were peaceful. >> and other news a family fight and in tragedy after a son shoots his own mother. a polk county deputy is forced to shoot and kill him. fox 13's shayla reeves is at the scene in lakeland to explain what happened. >> a family fight ended in
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son dead. you're look at the video of scene unfolding on dell rose drive north in lakeland. crime seen technicians took pictures and collected evidence. some used metal detectors to search the ground for bullet casings. according to polk county sheriff grady judd, a woman called 91 after an argument with her son. he became angry when she asked for his help moving a disabled car, the anger intensified when she couldn't get the car into neutral. she waited outside for deputies who arrived and entered the hom john, we're told deputies heard gunfire and rushed back outside of the house. that's where we're told authorities found him holding a gun and tuesday willing with his brother. sheriff grady sudden said deputies told pair to stop fighting one brother followed directions the other did not. authorities tell under the circumstances john pointed at gun at deputies who fired killing the armed man. the investigation revealed he
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striking his mother in each of her legs. the 75-year-old woman is in the hospital recovering. deputies involved in this case are still on leave pending the outcome of this investigation. we'll continue to follow and keep you posted should any new information be released. reporting in lakeland, shayla reeves, fox 13 news. tampa police are investigating a homicide near north nebraska avenue in columbus drive around 7:00 last night. office r man lying on the ground. when they found him he was unconscious with upper body trauma. he was rushed to tampa general where he died. at this point investigators don't have a suspect or a motive. and they won't release the man's name until his family is notified. >> friends and family celebrate the life of ma are you a good in bradenton last week 18-year-old good was shot and killed. she was kiting in car with a friend when deputies say devon freeman pulled up and started shooting. investigators say good was an
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car. >> in bradenton, as we continue to honor those men and women who serve our country on this veteranses day walter allen is in tampa with look how several groups are coming together to help veterans find homes for the holidays. >> good afternoon everybody walter allen coming to you from port tampa bay. in middle of operation revelly. is an operation and this mission is to end homeless veterans out homelessness. with me is antonio bird. you are with the tampa hillsborough homeless initiative. what's all going on today? because from start to finish, these folks are going to get all the documentation, all the stuff they need and they are going to have their own apartment by end of the day. is that correct. in eight hours, less than eight-hour time span from time they start which will be roughly around 10 o'clock, to actually for some veterans up until like
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home. but benefit of operation revelly is we have all of services on site in terms of immediate needs services rather free government cell phones, food stamp applications, whether they apply for veteran benefits because lot of vets don't know there is additional benefits they can seif. now earlier this morning on good day you shared your story of being homeless briefly. when you were in college. from your perspective, having known and gone through all of that, what these folks have gone through and knowinghe these volunteers are here for them, that's got to be an amazing feeling. it is an amazing feeling and have beening somebody in their shoes, i can't imagine being a veteran being homeless or serve in our country. then not having a place to call home. but i do know what that's like being a team you know as a youth. young adult per se, experiencing the issue of homelessness i know that feeling of not really having a home if it keeps
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so without housing, your health can tarnish which at the time i have a lot of health issues that i didn't know about until i got housing and got stable now stability cameeverything else became stable rather it be health finances and life. all of those things do not become stable until you get a home. >> yeah you can't, hard to get a job too because you don't have an address. no. what you put on application. you can't get mail. simplest things, as we get home, you know those of housing hav we take those little things for granted. but, when you see a person served our country, go through those issues, this is the most that we can do. he mean the least we can do to pay it back to for serving our country and fighting for our freedom. fantastic program thank you so much. >> thank you so much. all right. that's operation revelly. walter allen, fox 13 news. great to hear about that, thanks, walter. there lot freebies for veterans
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day. we have provide ad complete list on most businesses require a valid military id or proof of service. nm bradenton hundreds of folks lined up early this morning to receive much needed medical dental and vision care. all for free. as you can imagine the line is long and people have been waiting for hours. fox 13 haley heinz is live at manatee technical college. and haley who can take advantage of free medical care? >> every once in blue moon a chance for everyone. no questions asked, no money required to get treatment for whatever symptoms they may be experienced. whether it it's medical whether it's dental or vision. this is run by the organization which stands for remote area medical. mission is to stop pain alleviate suffering focussing on working poor uninsured and under insured. that is what they hope to do this weekend in bradenton. there are more than 300 volunteer doctors all standing
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prescription glasses if needed. i want to put this out there i just heard they could use help if there are any ophthalmologists out there that could come by and volunteer their services. there are diabetic screenings mammograms, hiv tests, flu shots, you name it more than 1,000 people attended last years event receiving more than throw 00 different treatments in that amounts to more than million dollars in free care. and this year's event is expected to draw even more people after being extended from two days to three especially helpful to families who have a lot of kids. it is huge. i mean, because owning our own business you know we don't have dental coverage. and for us to be able to do something like this and you know we saved quite a bit of money we can spend on other things, christmas is around the corner and things like that. so you know, it helps us afford some of these other things we can do.
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getting help here. there are even veterinarians on hand just today in case people have sick pets they can receive vaccinations microchips and even vouchers for free spay and neuter services. so if you want to come out the event runs from 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. today and tomorrow. and on sunday it runs from 6:00 a.m. until noon around here at manatee technical college. anybody can stop by. and an it is first and first serve there maybe a wait. but still a medical professionals out here volunteering their time. so whatever you need you maybe able to find it right here. for now live in bradenton haley heinz, fox 13 news. thank you haley i certainly hope a lot of our viewer can take advantage of that all right look at this we have special guests this morning and humane society of tampa bay calls them a box of chocolates. we just call them adorable. they are dhok chocolate lab mix puppies. so of course we had to have them
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adoption yet. but they will on november 25th. which by the way is black friday. there's jen epstein loving puppies. available on first come first serve basis. that is if none of our fox 13 talent maybe laura takes some of them home. entire newsroom was filled with smiles once these guys came in. we all need it had after this week. by the way, all pets overfour months old will be 75 percent off at the humane society of tampa bay on black so cute. you can almost smell it close your eyes. rib fest this is weekend we wil take you live to the park after break for preview. hey jim its going to be beautiful weekend to get out and listen to music and eat ribs. certainly is. what beautiful day we've got today. we started out with pleasantly cool and mid 40s up to north in brooksville. 44 degrees this morning. you look outside right now, just thigh hin cirrus clouds passing through the area.
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just spectacular. we are look ago chance of showers and to be honest we could actually probable use the rain. it's been nearly a pont since
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((linda vo )) good music and good eatin' this weekend in downtown st pete. the annual good music good eating in downtown st. pete annual rib fests back. individual from last year becauseness don't kick off until
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ribs cooked to perfection. fox 13's mike bennet is there to show us how that's done. it's lunch time. i know you're going to tease me right now aren't you with those ribs, mike. >> woo. >> i, linda i'm hungry too. i'm sitting right next to it i goat to smell it and not eat it just yet talking to you for a little bit maybe i will get some soon. yeah 27th annual rib fest down here in st. pete. and they've doing this for 27 years. northeast exchange club has david hood with nth tell me a little bit about rib fest in general. >> so rib fest was a created 27 years ago northeast exchange club in st. petersburg where national organization but we did the event in in order to raise money for nonprofits in our tampa bay area. and over that 27 years we've given almost $5 million back out to community to nonprofits. so if you needed another reason to eat good barbecue, it comes with a charity aspect. now how many different barbecue vendors do we have here? 13 barbecue vendors. they are from all over the
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ones this year that have never been here before. we're all excited about that. then we have a mike johnson where we're at today has here for whole 27 years. wow. they will contest all weekend with them. not just a ribs brisket, chicken. there's everything. we have a family fun zone that's operating tomorrow between 11 and 5. also on sunday. so we've got families that come out early in the day. then of course bands all weekend long. we have about 24 different bands during the weekend. what are some of those bands? i know lot of people come here just for the so the some of the main bands for today are millenials and greg billings band everybody real excited about hugh lewis and news this evening. including producer jen. exactly. >> come out. and then on saturday we have black honky opening up for whiskey meyers blackberry smoke. fire and ice fabulous thunder birds and doobie brothers. huge draw. big draw, music you've got food and you guys at home are seeing
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looks almost ready. i feel like i could do at least two of those racks maybe one of whole chickens three sausages perhaps. that looks pretty good. that's, that good stuff there. we'll come talk more about this coming up at 5 and 6 o'clock maybe some methods with this. david, hours by the way, hours operation will be 11 to 10. on friday and saturday. and 11 to 8 on sunday. and you can get tickets here? >> right so we have tickets here that are $30 on friday. and $ and also you can buy them online at rib there you have it guys. i mean no reason not to come out here. you can smell this all the way down at tropicana field. i guarantee you, linda. certainly this is a great event. fourth year i'm doing it. and the ribs, the food here, it's second to nowhere else. i wonder why why you volunteered so quickly to cover this today? i don't know. >> see it's a tough job. tough job. someone's go to the do it. thanks, mike. see you tonight at 5.
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you'd like on tell you what bands are playing when and when you can when the kid zone is just go our website. i love, jim, 80s bands they always have rib fest. i saw pat ben tar. it's good time. yeah good bands there. >> because you, you can see how clean the shirt is and right. it's not going to be so clean. you know we've got some beautiful looking weather. we've seen it over the past day or so here we're back to more sunny skies. and you know, it makes take look this view clearwater andrew des sitting in. this just gorgeous looking picture here after week weave had to see pictures like this, this kind of reminds us why we all live here this time of the year you get pleasant temperatures tony over fort de soto beautiful sunset last night. and sunrise this morning ronald over in valrico with cooler temperatures see a little mist on lake.
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next several days. all the way through the weekend. we're going to see plenty of clear skies. you do see some high thin cirrus clouds. these will pass through the hear from time to time. we straarted out this more than northerly flow winds become more available right now winds west southwest. temperatures at 75 degrees. dew point very comfortable at 58. giving us that humidity currently sitting at 55 percent. we're warming some temperatures up down to our south already in the 80s. bradenton has a 79. st. petersburg currently sits at 71. brandon 77. start out a 44 degrees this morning in brooksville. you're sitting a very comfortable 75 right now up in brooksville. and as you look at the dew points, just measure amount of moisture in atmosphere. when you get numbers down into lower 50s, it really feels nice. we're going to continue to sit kind of in this range as we go through the weekend. like squeak up just a little bit by time we get into sunday.
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little disturbance we moving through the area on monday and tuesday. then we're back to some great looking weather. visible satellite loop across the southeast, combined with radar you do see more clouds out across the central and western gulf of mexico. so we hold the vast majority of that away from us for the weekend. but by time we get into monday and tuesday, some of that will start to work its way towards us. that's what's going to give us week. at least for weekend it looks really nice. there's that front kind of working its way down into southeast call a back door cold front. because not coming frlt northwest coming more from that northeasterly direction. that will help to bring in more clouds and off and on showers as we get into monday and tuesday. still only going to keep that chance of rain probably about 30 percent as we get into the first part of next week. still this time of the year it's
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been 26 days since we have seen measurable rain here in tampa. we could actually probably use a lttle bit of rain. of course november being our driest month of the year. so gorgeous sunshine for today. daytime high of 78 degrees. then for tonight, a pleasant night overnight low look at that 59 degrees likely more mid 40s across northern counties. for tomorrow morning more sun, dry air for tomorrow. daytime high of 80 degrees. high tide comes up 11:20 ts evening. extended marine forecast winds running 10 months throughout weekend. seven-day forecast, we do see the rain and some showers heading our way as we get into monday and tuesday of next week. lots of games going on boston college up in tall had had see 63. game is actually tonight at 7:30. then in the swamp, south carolina game cox 72 degrees tomorrow at noon. just a pleasant day up in gainesville. usf heading up to memphis 52
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tomorrow night. linda. >> thank you, jim. do your kids have too much homework and does it interfere with family time? there's a new no homework trend hitting certain schools. we'll talk to the teacher and parents who support the idea and
12:25 pm
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school doesn't end for children once they get home. have been expected to do homework. but a new trend is changing that. for last month? work sheet book reports, a lot of kids may not as lacks bart simpson when it comes to their homework but it can overwhelming. scrambling to get it done especially on weekend. he has lot of activities after school. he piano. many schools across the country
12:27 pm
trend. texas second grade teacher brandy young sent home a letter to parents letting them know she would not assigning homework for entire school year and it quickly went viral. on her website she encouraged other teachers to do the same. research has unable to prove homework improves student performance. this doctor agrees. research just doesn't show that deeper learning occurs from more hours of homework lutz take different approach in order to help their students who are already struggling with learning challenges. >> our goal for each is to not have homework. we'd like them to work hard while they are here. 8 grady student an andrew oh and her mother randy say this tactic has been game changer. i liked it better because then you could just go to the teacher right then and there ask and everything then you can bring the easier stuff home. going home and having that free time and not feeling stressed out that you have to continue to
12:28 pm
there's no struggles a home. there's no crying at home and she feels accomplished. grades have gone up because she has the help throughout day with homework. she says students like alex dree a struggled in public school setting. one of the reasons was because homework policy. they could not get their work completed or completed correctly. we checked the homework policy and certain bay area counties. and according to a policy in hillsborough county, homework should not exceed 15 to minutes per night for kindergarten. 30 minutes for grades 1 to 3 and 45 minutes for fourth and fifth grade. in pinellas county scoot a teacher by teacher decision in all subject areas polk county policy states number of frequency and degree of difficulty of homework assignments should based on the ability and needs of the student. alexandria says her school policy is given her more time with her family and made her a better student. also helped me be able to just
12:29 pm
time into my studying for school instead of like just sitting there do homework as well. >> and if you have an opinion on this there's a conversation already under way on my facebook page. well new video from inside orlando's pulse night club. body came video from first
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ia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 the orange county sheriff's office has released new body camera footage of welcome back. orange county sheriff's office released new body camera footage of deputy after deadly terror attack we're now getting first hand look at what they saw. >> let's go. let's go. well this video shows deputies entering the building with guns drawn as flowers shaped disco
12:32 pm
know what they were walking into before gunman was alive or dead or more than one shooter other points in video you can hear cell foeps going off. people trying to reach their loved ones inside that club. >> authorities hope there's something to learn from videos oh how to respond to future attacks. just days ago the city of orlando announced plans to buy the night club george zimmerman is back in news a victim of another crime. this time battery. after an argument and a zimmerman says incident stemmed from unfemale friends being touched inappropriately. another patron accused zimmerman of using racial slur investigators say no crime was committed. >> we have new video of a coast guard rescue about 90 miles west of john's pass. the captain of a commercial fishing boat named swordfish suffered a hand injuries and need of medical assistance. the crew lowered a diver who helped hoist the captain on to helicopter. he was flown to tampa general hospital and officials say he
12:33 pm
time. that's good news. >> well u.s. led anti ices coalition in syria is making swift progress. coalition fighters now liberating thousands of civilians. foxx john huddy has more now from jerusalem. the u.s. backed coalition advancing on isis capitol says it's making fast progress. syrian democratic forces announcing friday morning they've completed first phase of the campaign to retake liberating 50 villages during start offensive expected to take several months to complete. thousands of civilians now fleeing from areas under isis occupation. there's really hard and exhausting to get out. we went to outskirts and slept on the ground. we left our houses and have no idea what happened to them. >> they got us out and brought us here. they brought us food, drinks and water and thank god we're doing okay. >> meanwhile near aleppo russian military is calling for an independent investigation after
12:34 pm
syrian opposition has used chemical weapons against asad forces. russian say chlorine gas and white phosphorous were used by u.s. backed rebels during recent fighting in the city. but there's be no response so far from either the u.n. or rebel and obama administration has said its main focus with russia has been securing support for a lasting cease-fire to help end hue huey man container crisis. >> we would support any un effort or plan that can access or greater hue huey man container unassistance to aleppo. call in russian regime to allow that access. the russian announcement comes as syrian forces are building up reinforcements east of aleppo. in preparation for a possible all out assault on the city. >> in jerusalem john huddy, fox news. once belonging famous musician david but you woe sold for $30 million. that's just beginning first of three auction to sell his
12:35 pm
total sales might exceed $100 million for his estate. bowie died from liver cancer back in january 2nd days after his 69th birthday. >> that unmistakable voice. leonard cohen singing hallelujah. iconic singer has passed away. legendary singer poet and song writer died a his l and a bird on a wire he rored reese released his first record 1967 and released 14 album last month he toured earlier this year oh won a grammy for are his music and given grammy lifetime chooechld oh ward in 2010. he leaves behind two adult
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you probably remember the ice bucket challenge. the challenge was to raise awareness for als - also known as lou gehrigs disease. als is a progressive neurological disease that als progress ig neurological disease that destroys nerve cells doctors usually don't know why als occurs. al offer often begins with much twitching and weakness in a limb or slurred speech eventually affects muscle need and speak and all they were doing here to raise awareness to this. because there is no cure. and eventually the disease is fatal. treating a patient from als costly and it takes a village
12:39 pm
school. this is all of hisville annual i want to the introduce you to his members and teacher bev and principal kelly king and doctor. thank you all so much forever joining first of all start with you how als affecting you? i know you're still teaching >> i am. it affects me primarily with my speech. so it delays that and so far also impacts me >> dr. king i know you guys have been very supportive at steinbrenner for michael. you did an ice bucket challenge like we saw video before. what else were you guys doing? planning? >> one the social studies teachers actually had challenged $50 in administrators to do ice bucket challenge. so of course for michael we all took took up that challenge and raised $300 for him. many more events that are planned but our entire school community has really come out to
12:40 pm
businesses in the community. and we're just fortunate to be able to in place where everybody is so connected i just gave you another degree. i called you doctor. >> so you, i think came up bev with the idea of a kick ball game which will be fun to get students involved. tell me hue came up with. i kept turning in my mind stadium was place to go. football wasn't going to work everybody lovers kick ball game. we have faculty versus students. are michael's doctor. there no cure for asl. you guys are busy overu sf working on some things first of all with stem cells we know stem cells isolated from umbilical cord blood show down the disease and preserve function and experimental animals. so we're working on protocol right now to see if this in fact can be achieved in humans. so we're hoping to get that study up and running some time next year.
12:41 pm
trial a different one. he's in a drug that enhanced muscle contraction. so to preserve respiration and function. wow. so all of these are very important. i guess we can put on my website later if there's any clinical trials it is a people you're still looking to enroll because we've got to get more information about this certainly. so liz back there i'm sorry, we were full on couch here we appreciate you being here. how important is it for you to have community support for family i can't express how supportive we've felt a family. we have three seeing going through school halls and seeing t-shirts and we've really feel strongly that god has put us exactly at this point in our lives where we need to be. i just close my daughter goes to steinbrenner that's how i found she came out and wanted to buy the t-shirt for entrepreneur that sounds like something we should tell everybody about. because we want to raise awareness and funds. so let's tell everybody about it kick ball game is friday november 18th. steinbrenner high school 1:00 p.m. donations accepted and all
12:42 pm
it's going to fun to kick it better teachers or students and public is also invited. correct? so i will post all this information on my facebook page. if you'd like to see all you have to do look for fox 13's linda hurtado and like the page. we are back right after this with another look at your forecast. i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating.
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ation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto? significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. warfarin interferes with vitamin k and at least six blood clotting factors. xarelto? is selective targeting one critical factor of your body's natural clotting function. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking you may bruise more easily, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious, and in rare cases fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms.
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tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. hey everybody i'm clab coming to you from lakewood today from the sun and fun fly in area. next to lakewood elementary airport home carlisle events fall auto fest. in fall auto fest and winter@fest. time to get out here and drool and dream and maybe go home with a new set of wheels. lance is here to tell us really a giant car show. >> it is when you boil it all down. exactly cool thing you're bringing people together that like minded they love it.
12:45 pm
coming in just to check it out. all of sudden they are converted. yeah. so from the classics to hot rods and muscle cars all way to giant motor homes million dollar motor homes are here today. exactly we have an errant coach a concourse basically two million plus dollars you can go and check them out you feel like you're going into a casino. beautiful. >> and oh, by way a little excited to see a tv star here at that bat mobile. oh, yeah t how cool that is bat mobile is here guy that owns bat mobile also owns bat cop terrace you can go on rides in here fall auto fest and also one the bat cycles here. but bat mobile. when you see that in person, that's worth coming out. no doubt. the flame coming out the back. awesome. yeah, really cool. and then you've also got the auction. where people can come in and buy a classic. i wonder, buy one of those i mean you really can do that. and the prices will be all over
12:46 pm
exactly. i mean you can buy something, you talked about earlier. certainly a car that you can buy right here right now or get $1,000 car a starter up. you can just start working on it yourself. and the auction itself i always tell people you're not going to buy a car, it's fun to kind of watch the auction. fst furious. it's free nettic. nothing like it. you really need the experience it. you have to come out check it out sit down and enjoy it i mean it's crazy you will get goose bumps. auction is happening tomorrow. and then all three days, it's all about one giant car show. and a swap shop too all sorts of parts accessory and stuff for sale. literally anything you want to buy carey lated it's here. yeah. and food and music. i mean, you got it all. i'm getting hungry. me too think about all of this going to great weather. stresses of the world let's just leave them behind come out here kick a couple tires, have a good time. and relax. just relax.
12:47 pm
prices, really ten bucks to get in awe logistic you go to we'll link you to their website have a great weekend everybody. charley belcher, fox 13 news. thank you, charley. jim we made it. we were talking during the commercial break, this has been longest week with the fall back, you get an hour extra. but for are some reason i still feel tired everybody state up laid with election. that's thing we gave up that hour everybody staying up late on tuesday night. right? to see what's going to happen. so yeah weekend. we need quiet weekend exactly what we're going to get. just some delightful looking weather. you look over lakeland right now. just a little bit of a milky appearance to sky with some high thin cirrus clouds working there way through. none of these are rain producing clouds. we're still going to see plenty of sun as we go through the day. as we go through weekend really nice, nice weekend. nice low humidity as well. visible satellite loop shows we started out completely clear skies once again this morning.
12:48 pm
way through. so they will be here from time to time throughout afternoon still nice looking weather we keep low humidity throughout weekend. i'm outside right now. here in tampa we're survivor degrees. new tampa you're 77. brandon 79 degrees. downtown st. petersburg at 71. pinellas park has a 77. up in palm harbor currently sitting at 74 degrees. starting out in 40s. mid 40s in fact up in brooksville at 44 degrees this morning. right now you're sitting at 75. crystal river 72 gross inverness has a 75. weeki wachee currently at 74 degrees. you work your way down into southern counties, sarasota, lakewood ranch, at 81 degrees. bradenton has a 79. over in venice currently 77. throughout interior, decent amount of sun and temperatures currently very pleasant, sitting in the mid 70s on top of that, that dew point, we talk about this all the time. just measure of amount moisture in atmosphere.
12:49 pm
the 30s, that is that nice crisp refreshing air. that's exactly what we've got across the panhandle. then as you get into flel florida low to mid 50s in most areas. really feels very comfortable. that holds basically today through the weekend by time we get into monday and tuesday we've got bit more clouds heading our way. we're going to start to inch that dew point up and humidity a little bit in that will also we'll see a better chance of some scattered showers around as we get into the first part of next week. now as across the state, and across the southeast you're seeing a little bit more cloud cover. lots of showers. and some clouds out into the central and western gulf of mexico. the ridge will kind of hold this away. at least for the weekend. but that's when we start to see lot more cloud cover streaming over the state. as we get into monday and tuesday. same time, we're watching cold front come is located to our north. that will kind of start to sink down across the state as we get into the first part of next
12:50 pm
lots of sun. low humidity. cold night as well once that sun goes down in evening you're certainly going to notice it gets cool pretty quickly. if you're going to be out in evening, this is the time of year. you got to keep jacket with you it gets a little cool in evening hours. then there is that front working its way back across the state. as we get into the first part of next week. so uptick in clouds, and a chance of some showers. for today, gorgeous daytime high 78 degrees. then for tonight, mainly clear skies. overnight low of 59. looks good for as well. more sun, daytime high of 80 degrees seven-day forecast, continues nice looking weather through the weekend. with clouds and showers head our way still we're only talking 30 percent chance of some showers. it's been a while since we've actually seen any rain. so we could actually use a little bit of rain across the area. but wooenl have that 30 percent chance as we get into monday and tuesday. over m raymond james sunday looks good. chicago in town 78 degrees. some scattered clouds very
12:51 pm
linda. you know it's not easy being a kid. figuring out where you fit in. even tougher to do when you're kid being bullied. this week home town hero knows what's it's like and wants to prevent other kids from feeling
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
being the victim of bullying is tough to deal with at any age.. we're being victim of bully's tough to deal with at any age. when you're child is often leaves you feeling alone and unloved. fox 13's jen epstein introduces us to this week home town hero who is using his experience with bullies to teach kids how to stand up for themselves.
12:54 pm
be courageous. >> it does take lot of courage to talk about bullying. he know all too well he spent most of his 55th grade year hiding from bullies. they are saying unpleasant stuff. they were just kind of being mean. but then, kind of got worse and worse and became physical toohitting and pushing even though he kept it to himself levi's mom says she knew something was wrong. >> i just noticed something was different really silly out going. he seemed a bit more with drawn. he just didn't seem himself. he wasn't eating as much. but it wasn't until a bully threatened levi with a gun that afinally asked for help and situation got better. levi channeled his pain into something good writing two children's books about his experience with bullies made me feel really great like that. i was helping other people going through a similar situations. aused his book signing a platform his be courageous
12:55 pm
schools across the country pie decided it's important to go to schools and talk to them about it before they get into middle school and high school. when it becomes more severe. he's received a lot of recognition for his good work. including the diana award. an awater gwen out to young role model who is help transform the lives of others. daily point of light award which honor people making meaningful change in communities across america. levi even got to meet congressman ronar gabrielle giffords i was like on floor of congress with him and talk to like the congressmen and senator which was really cool i was only 12 years old. so that was a good experience. >> he roept took anti bully platform national taking dove self esteem project be change goal for levi isn't book signs awards message of hope for kids out to stand up to bullies to be courageous.
12:56 pm
levi is pretty new to bay area he started to settle in he started to spread that message to as many kids as he can reach. we wish him well. this is no miracle. it's the 27th annual walk on water competition. architecture students from florida international university attempted to ride across a 175 foot wide lake using hand made water shoes. pretty cool. as you can see some of the creations were better than others. some bigge winners from each race got $1,000. but most of the students who participated were probably just hoping to get an a on the assignment. $1,000 isn't bad. wow. 's going. working pretty good. what good idea. and the weather cooperated. so if you feel like getting out, you know, doing something on the water this weekend, you got to have good paint job on shoes also. yes, you do.
12:57 pm
clouds passing through area buy and large plenty of sun low humidity daytime highs upper 70s. a little cool in evening hours then rain chances work their way in as we get into pond monday and tuesday. thanks, jim. news doesn't end here we will keep post latest all day on and on fox 13 news app on your phone. plus look for more news, weather and sports begin a 5 o'clock i hope to see aright back at 5.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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fill our seats with those who have served. >> plus the first daughters are dating. when you a mom like michelle obama you will be all right. >> and they will send everybody on a trip. and it's a homecoming >> "the real" ?


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