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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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that we're able to remember our men and women that sacrificed their lives. >> and served in afghanistan and iraq where he was wounded. >> he is perhaps one of the most touching moments came after the service when he thanked he retired major arnold fields for the service in vietnam. >> it makes me feel warm and in terms of the commitment of young men and women. >> they are from a life and seen a lot, probably some of the west to offer perspective on inside of the country. >> seal the division, heal the wounds. >> and not going on in our country t is part of the democracy and it is part of the proper course of how our country works. i asked for everyone to use the system because the system is
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lives. >> in bay pines, dan matics. >> it has landed tampa for veterans to live. and the low unemployment for vets with the economy and health care services makes tampa the ninth best in america for vets and the best in florida. the president paid tribute to the veterans this morning speaking at arlington national cemetery. he called on all americans to appreciate and thank all the servicemen and worn the uniform. it is after took in the wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. speaking in the midst of protest after the election of the president elect donald trump. he asked the americans to come together for the country. , when you doubt that courage and self-lessness is possible
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and they don't tell stories of heroism it is up to us toe ask and listen. he hosted a breakfast for those who served and their family. in the bay area, operation revelry brought tooth different sections of the government. they are finding permanet housing for veterans. it helps care, clothing, benefits and transportation. her name is tamara leisure and convicted of killing a man in 2009. at first she said it was self-defense then said he shot himself. after serving several years she is blaming her aforeign for a bad defense. and gloria gomez explains that if the judge believes her, she gets a new trial, tamara leisure wants out of prison and hopes
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>> in the statement to the police and a portion of the 911 call there were things untrue, correct? , correct. >> he was saying to admit that you lied during the portions. >> yes. >> did you agree with that recommendation? >> i didn't because it wasn't lying i was so confused and shocked but he said just say that you lied. because he was my counsel i said okay. >> she was convicted of killing arthur tillie but she was given bad advice, she never wanted to testify during a stand your ground hearing. >> he said you might as well testify, that's what he said to me. >> but it was her decision to testify and she would not have it any other way, i don't think wild horses could have kept her off the stand. >> in 2009 they argued and she so
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self-defense. later she changed her story claiming he shot himself. but she even went as far as staging the crime scene. >> she got next to the body and put the gun in his hand. >> he did everything coto give her the best defense possible but her lies caught up to her. >> there was a problem she had lied and lied and lied to the police. ti could the game work this gloria gomez, fox 13 news. the judge did rule but he could have a decision in the next few weeks. deputies say a man they were forced to shoot and killed may have killed his own mother if his brother had not stepped in. this snowballed from a call about a family disturbance in lakeland. deputies say 593-year-old john pachuik's mother called for help. she said he had a gun.
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in the legs. he was outside with his brother. we're told he pointed his gun at deputies who then shot and killed him. he died at the scene. his mother will be okay. florida attorney-general pam bondi will play a role in the president elect's transition team. and mike pence will lead that team and replaces the new jersey governor who will be vice chairman. he started leading the team several months newt gingrich and michael flynn, and jeff sessions will be part of that committee. three of the trump children will play a role. >> all of my work on behalf of him has been out of loyalty and friendship to him. >> and today the president elect told "the wall street journal" he is open to keeping key parts of obamacare letting adults stay
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preexisting conditions. it is just the second weekend of the cross bay ferry connecting st. pete to tampa. they are calling it a big success. and aaron mesmer joins us live at channelside and they are saying it is better than expected. what are they now expecting? >> officials on both sides of the bay are hoping for another strong weekend and theying the lightning game is going to help out. >> the cross bay ferry received rave reviews. >> great, smooth, from the first group some are listening a return trip. >> because we left st. pete and left tampa to go back and forth and in a fun boat is awesome. >> they are heading into the second week and the numbers are in for the first first round of ridership. they are better than expected.
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including 90% for half of the one way rides. >> we're trying to be measured in our excitement, it is a long process. we want people to give it a try and ride it. >> that's important who helped spearhead the project. if it is popular coask for state or federal funding. >> we'll look to the government for some help in the infrastructure which is really the vessels themselves. >> there is a f the lightning are trying to help. >> we have a large group coming from st. pete and we have bought out the ferry. >> they secured the seats and shuttle across hundreds of fans during the trip to amalie arena. they will shoot a video to help spread the word about the ferry. >> and he has shown time and time again it is important to be involved. we think it is a wonderful opportunity for the region. >> where a lot of people hope
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a bright future. >> and that promotional video is going to play in amalie arena during the lightning games they hope to get it up by doing that. full time ride during the 7 day as week service will start november 28th and will last through april. live in downtown tampa. >> aaron mesmer. >> fox 13 news. and people are in venice to bring their artwork to life. this is the chalk fti pieces of work. some will trick new believing they are 3-d. and they put their hearts and soul into the work on the pavement. love and peace is the theme. you will see 70s and beatles references. the master pieces will fade away with the first rain fall, they do it for the public. >> it's like bringing a gallery to the general public t is not something that a lot of people don't go. they don't see the artwork.
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tis art reproducing. this is work they will never see and here they are seeing them not only in person but being creative. >> the venice chalk festival runs to monday. they will be finished sunday and it is a 10-dollar donation. >> it says it on her shirt. free medical vision, dental care, no questions asked, no money required. how to take advantage services. >> look at this a firefighter hurt on the job is frightening fall. how he is doing now. >> if you discovered a place like this who would you give it to the people tha well when i shop, my coupons are in a neat little stack, and my weekly ad is folded like this. ready to go... that's how i save a lot at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure.
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today is the day this is the daze americans honor the men and women in the armed services. hundreds of people line the streets of new york city for the annual united war veterans council parade. the theme marked the 15-year since the september 11th attacks. honoring the first responders and the soldiers who served post afghanistan and iraq. >> a scary scene caught on camera. a firefighter falls off a ladder. it was in they were fighting a fire at a warehouse. when they climbed up the ladder the video shows the firefighter as he falls. it was in the attic and the roof area making it hard to fight. >> we're told he is expected to be all right. >> a train derailed and spilled
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minnesota knocking out power and forcing evacuations. >> and the cars came off the tracks some had flammable propane and butane. >> closed down a local highway and schools but nobody hurt. crews are cleaning out the chemicals. >> they don't know the cause. >> if you sniff and smell something savory in the air this is what is going on. >> the smell of barbecue will be wasting back. never do this when are you hungry, we'll send mike bennett. >> you're not hungry. >> not any more. >> it is no surprise, it is my fourth year doing this why i volunteered my services to cover a story. you got the best food and the music around, local music as well, great weather and for a great cause.
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don't need teeth to eat these. >> we cook low and slow and use hickory as an apple for sweetness. they love my sauce. you ought to try it. it will improve your doctors you want to try? >> 32 seconds. i will get hiccups in 10. >> i got hiccups >> this is good, care mellize them. they are like this. >> got to be like a wet noodle that's how you know they are good. >> besides the great barbecued food you have fantastic musical acts all weekend long. >> we have 24 bonds -- bands but we'll open up with the millennials.
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the news. blackberry smoke. and the doobie brothers. we have a country day. claire dunn and chris young will be the big act on sunday night. >> and the bands here. you have got a second stage with the local artists. look at the entertainment been coming here. we have a good time. rib fest, come on! >> now, i mentioned it is for a great cause. the northeast exchange club that puts this on over the course of the 27 years here has raised over $4.5 million for local charities. and a great cause, guys, event and great weather, you never know who are you going to run
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my gosh. >> and this is -- my gosh. charlie belcher. >> did you eat all the ribs. >> try best ribs the hot ribs over there. >> they're not too hot. >> you will love them. >> all right we'll see. >> if you interview huey lewis i'll be jealous >> that's for tomorrow. stop here all weekend long and more information and head over to fox 13 news. >> and you know how long charlie has been up so they must be good ribs or i don't know we would see him. >> 12 hours at least. >> seriously. >> some of the women were partying without us. they started. >> you know, and perfect weather, we need to catch up, i
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ago for the rib fest. >> learned how critical it is to pace yourself. >> you start off too fast you are done. >> are you done and the wheel barrow comes you pick up and dumped in the bay, good time for all. the weather is good. let's take a look outside. high clouds increasing today. it is going to be a outstanding sun set tonight. high clouds, a little more moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere but delightful day. we have a full moon coming up. monday into tuesday. we're hoping skies are clear. may have cloud cover to deal with. this is a super duper moon closest in largest full moon since january 26th, 1948. we have a lot.
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will not be this big and bright until the 25th, 2034. i want to stress. it will not be huge but brighter. it's not the size of the man, the bright left. monday into tuesday clear skies. that forecast is dicey and the front near us monday and tuesday. clouds increasing a nice one. temperatures as of 5:00. 68. 68 degrees at 5:00 in the afternoon. >> and 73 in tampa and sarasota and 73 in st. pete. the air mass is dry. dew points in the low to mid-50s. high playoff games are around. the weather should dopt nicely. clear and cool. wind coming official the gulf.
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cooled. 73 degrees. and now at clearwater beach. heading out to the beach. can you swim in 75-degree water. and in northeast this is bath water for them. a 78 long key and 79 in key west. the weekend outlook both days we'll be in the 70s. maybe more clouds on sunday and it will have tomorrow. low humidity both days. 60 for and there will be a front near us earlier next week. the models really don't squeeze out that much in the way of rain a couple of showers and monday and tuesday. 73 and 53. around the country. high clouds increasing from the west. rain along the coast. that's the rest of the country is quiet with a front driving to
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61 in witchia. and bill clinton is 42. buffalo is 39. new york is 54. and we're in the 40s, 50s and 60s. >> you will have lots of sunshine through the clouds. and high temperatures on average. getting up to near 80. here is the weekend forecast with tonight. high clouds and comfortable. lows down to 60. sunshine. high clouds tomorrow. and nice a decent day. the boating forecast is okay. northwest about 10 nods, 2 feet or. >> at 1120. 7 day forecast. >> we need rain. let's face it very dry. 30% chance of rain. we'll talk about the bucs game
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>> 8 years old and in need of a bone marrow transplant.
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increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. (cynthia) a sarasota family is asking for your help. a family is asking for your help they are looking for a bone marrow match for their son. he has leukemia and he is
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platelet transfusions. he need as bone marrow transplant. on sunday the family will hold a registry drive. his parents say they are encouraged by the community and praying they will find a match. >> if they donate and sign up for the registry for them. there are people that need it every hour so it feels good they are rallying around him people like him. that will be sun 11 to 4. and for more information about how to help visit go to seen on tv. here in the bay area there is a place on a river that's peaceful and a mom who lost her son in afghanistan. that mom has turned her loss into a gain for veterans and active duty military. lloyd sowers has the story.
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never waiverred from that. >> he was just 20 years old in afghanistan when his vehicle flipped and he was killed. but his spirit moved his mom in a special way. >> really and truly it was i think my son the other veterans and god that pushed this to happen. >> what happened is called my warriors place a retreat center in the little manatee river. jason. >> i went through a lot of stuff. and just gives me a chance to think about it and get it out without doing. >> they were active duty military and for me or stay here at minimal cost they set up
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the tt is a far cry from how kelly found the place, when i say junk-yard what better than this place that is a understatement. >> the owner of the land believed in the vision and gave her a bargain and now thanks to volunteers it is an oasis, ron fredericks is a regular. >> it is magnificent, boats that can you use and fishing equipment and bikes anything else that you may want to do. >> all for veterans memory of a son. >> over time as i was healing from my grief, i started realizing that some of the veterans and active duty were struggling with the loss of brothers in arms. >> for veterans. >> i have a place to think about it and relax with it. >> a place to heal, lloyd sowers, fox 13 news.
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nation. what very more information at fox 13. >> and we would not have known about that. one person look what they can do. >> touch so many people. next, free medical care. no questions asked. , we don't need to know if are you from here or the moon, we need to know where does it hurt. >> where does it hurt. people have been get dental vision and medical care without paying a dime. >> being very cautious. >> a consumer alert what was a
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(cynthia) there is an incredible event happening all weekend in bradenton. there is see doctors and get treated and be free. it is at manatee technical college. people here this, and what is te
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more help from local dentists, optometrists and opthamologists.if you can volunteer your time, just bring your license, and they'll provide the tools. >> it looks like a line on black friday could save their lives. >> because of the treatment of radiation my teeth deteriorated. >> he suffered after his gums grew over his broken teeth. >> it willing, he will look add take care of my teeth and if he cannot take care of everything he will refer me some place else. >> you heard it will be free. and the technical college is turned into a one stop medical treatment center to the ram organization which stands for remote area medical. they have had 800 of these around the world and to
5:32 pm
the volunteers are ready tore help, we don't need to know if are you here but where does it hurt, he got his teeth cleaned. >> they have seven children and now a little extra peace of mind. >> it is big owning our own business you know we don't have dental coverage and for us to be able to do something like this and you know we saved quite a bit of >> good. >> a free pair of glasses she can see the world with a clear set of eyes. >> it means the world to me. >> 1600 people attended the event. that amounts to more than a million dollars in free care, the need is overwhelming. >> in a world where nothing is free the difficulty is price less, they change lives and help others in the community.
5:33 pm
6 a.m. to noon. you don't need to bring anything. and they could use extra help from some dentists and eye doctors. if you think that can you volunteer a couple of hours of your time stop by, bring your license with you, they will provide all the tools that you need. >> it sounded like a great deal to give customers premium deals at a discount. and sorboni banerjee joins us. a local man is out and wants to warn others what is this all about. >> direct tv offers promotions to the customers. >> right now they have a legitimate deal with at&t. that's why when the subscriber got the deal with amazon, he fell for it. he got a call offering a locked
5:34 pm
>> they were partnering you could only get the deal by buying a $300 gift card. there was a recording that had the prompts as the real company and the last few transitions on his account so he gave them the gift card number. , they said i needed to get the amazon card and they were going the promotion. back and i talked to him when you call back the 888 number that i called, you think are you talking to direct tv. >> that's something else that you need to be aware of at this point the number that he animalsed matches the real direct tv number it is id spoofing, they can trick knew thinking that are you talking to someone you trust. you cannot believe the number.
5:35 pm
the sheriff's department and direct tv fraud department. he is not alone people have been reporting incidents over the of past few months across the country. >> i can see why he fell for it. he had all the details. what can you do so you don't fall for this. >> you want to think that are you being smart and doing all the right things you have to look for the warning signs. it has a warning saying that they don't solace solicit that's the case from the irs to@ all sorts of private companies if they ask for to you pay with that method it is a likelihood it is a scam. call the company and ask about a promotion before you pay anything. there is no way to get that money back when it is on a prepaid card. it's not like a credit card can you say this was fraudulent. >> good advice, i hope people listen and follow it.
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stuck in a drain. they were fighting over territory. it is mating season, nesting season. and common this time of year. one flew off when the rescuers got there the other one was hurt, a female. >> she is at the audoban center. it took hours to get her out of the drain and grab her and that took a >> after all that attention from the people around and the fight. she was in shock. she had more spunk in her. we like seeing that. >> these animals should have a lot of energy. >> they should. so the prognosis is good. she is expected to make a full recovery so they can release her out and do what she is supposed to do. that's managing -- making baby eagles. >> that's good. >> so is this boy did we need
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box of chocolates. the lab mixes still ahead. how they took over the good day set. when they will be up for i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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ok, so here are two cans of vegetables... this one i paid for, this one was free. because they're bogo maybe this one was free. either way... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. there's possibly new help for veterans and others who this could be help on the way for veterans who have severe burns. it is being funded by the department of defense. dr. jo has that for us. >> reporter: the institutes of health has been working with doctors for years, using stem cells to treat the burn wounds some saw rebuilding of skin
5:40 pm
doctors are focusing the treatment on injured military members and civilians who have recently suffered a burn. >> we looked forward to advancing the trial towards our veterans who are who are impacted severely by injuries that they received during combat. >> adult stem cells donated by young battly donors can be applied to the burns through injection. >> the levels and stop the progression and the previous trials there is rebuilding of tissue, leroy james suffered a burn on his arm seven months ago. he received stem cell treatment. >> when you get burned you have a scar. i have no scar. >> it is stem cell. i have a burn on this arm i got
5:41 pm
>> and those conducting the trials at the university of miami say they are excited about the result so far. next they will focus on dosages for injuries. >> one of the things. >> and the events and reported. >> the fox medical team. >> even better no health risks associated with dough fating bone marrow t healthy people to donate so they can treat dozens of patients. to find out more can you go to clinical kevin, a big weekend. >> a lot of what is going on. a struggle for the lightning. what jon cooper saw in the win. tailgate challenge. we'll see how much the three
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this is mia. >> she is a bull terrier, this is her 12th party she has been there for five years. she is so friendly they take her out to do school groups that visit the shelter. because she is now 12 people are passing over her. >> she is a black dog and they are the least likely to get adopted. spotlight. >> they hope that maybe by putting her on tv and how cute she is neighbor someone will be out there for her. >> she is turning 12. she is not a spring chicken. we don't want her to spend her last years waiting to be adopted and have that love. we hope that happens soon. >> they say she has the energy of a younger dog so to find out more about mia and adoptable
5:46 pm
tell you that i adopted a middle aged pet we did not have her as long. a greyhound but adopting the older animals can be one of the most gratify they know they are so appreciative of having a place, a home for the last years. >> what very great viewers. >> and someone will come through. >> this lifted the mood of the newsroom. and the humane society them a box of chocolates. >> were they dropped off at fedex. they were surrendered. the owner could not handle it. >> and they are not old enough for adoption and they will be on the 25th. black friday. by the way pets over 4 months old will be 57% off. we want to get the dogs, including our advanced ones.
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>> they are in love with the dogs. >> they remember if are you going to do something like this for the whom days make sure the person knows about it and you pick the appropriate dog. >> a puppy like that, they are difficult to choose, they chew up the cords they do all kinds of things. >> bathroom on the carpet, they pee know what you are getting into and make that commitment. >> i had three people say during the course of my day, did you see the labs. >> chocolate labs. >> but it is an impact. that video there was the news cast. >> happy gave you that happy feeling. >> we needed something lately. it has been a -- >> a good weekend. >> a rough week. >> a little cool at night. milder during the day.
5:48 pm
over at the monitor a while ago t is good. high clouds off in the distance. and a beautiful day. we still. i looked at the hourly temperatures in the 80s. still hit 80 today. a pretty average day. get the numbers up. and it was a the warm and dry stretch. the average and 27 straight days no rain fall.
5:49 pm
monday and tuesday. that will not last. >> and made for a great sun set. the clouds are moving rapidly. and they are ideal some 60s showing up and 69 degrees. >> and 73 degrees. >> and into motion this is rain thursday at 6:00. >> they have over us monday and tuesday. i think we'll see shower activity at that time. >> and the forecast is good. >> 73 with a dew point and a northwest wind.
5:50 pm
>> and the weekend days looked pretty good. chilly in minneapolis and buffalo. high clouds partly cloudy. we're back once that goes by it will be dry and cool. nice and cool and 63. and the gators hosting the
5:51 pm
it is great. 78. low humidity. after losing five out of seven games and controlling. and that's the islanders. how is this for a quick start. a rescue from the they're not done. playing a game of pass. setting up the shot and scored from. >> bolts more than enough a 4-1 win. >> and looking at the buc's final 8. sunday's game against the bears is a must win situation. chicago has struggled and two wins. they have to beat.
5:52 pm
about the games. >> the toughest part on the losses. that's the toughest part for everyone involved with this. , the part that are you seeing developmental wise maybe that are not efficient evident but you hope will bear fruit down the road. >> we have hit the halfway point of the nfl season. this is where the games take on more weight and when it comes to same. little room for error we have hit to see if the bucs have learned anything over the first half of the season. >> and verner played in all three facets. defense. defensive back. special teams. and offense. what position did he play on offense. >> quarterback, wide receiver or running back? >> he was quarterback.
5:53 pm
>> what university will will golsto go to. >> michigan state, no doubt in your mind, spartans, he brags about it a lot. >> he wears the hat and the gear a lot. yes. >> that was easy, that was easy. i wish that was the last. >> russell shephard is disagreeing with you. >> yeah, quarterback for sure, four touchdowns in a game as a wide receiver. >> all right. >> and what was the gpa of braid at harvard. 3.9, 3.5, 3.0? >> 3.0. >> you didn't give him credit. >> only because it is him. >> 3.5. >> i knew. i wanted to say.
5:54 pm
>> just a little bit. ?[music] ? >> here is what the leader board looks like after three rounds. verner solid later. will and taking a lot of heat in the locker room. the harvard guy. 3.5 at harvard. >> i think that's will said 3.0 you know what he said i'm too hard on tim circumstances that it. loosen up a bit. we traveled the world
5:55 pm
one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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stocks closed mostly higher on wall street as a post-election rally lost stocks finished higher as a rally kind of lost steam. the dow was up. the nasdaq of 28 the s&p slipped by 3. the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. quite the happy ending. >> found in a store. and how to get is thankful to be getting the photo album back. >> how the first latedy is
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
i think something is wrong with my something is wrong with my husband. , they were right. he was gunned down outside of a store. >> all the people and on the day a reminder. can you smell the ribs?
6:00 pm
this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening and welcome tonight, i'm mark wilson. i'm kelly ring. thank you for joining us. >> first up, we honor the men and women who served our country and. and thousands of people, young and old saying thank you for those who have served and sacrificed. >> and every bran reach honored. we spoke recipient what what what this means to him. >> honorable and remember our country gets through many difficult times and the sacrifice of the veterans. >> one of the touching moments when the wounded warrior and arnold fields for his service in vietnam. >> this a reminder in the lives lost in the war.


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