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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  November 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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three big rallies today in the bay area... including but not all are against donald trump's election. when the news dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers. america runs on dunkin'.
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be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> i think he is the wrong man to lead this country. >> the largest rally in the bay area yet against the election of donald trump. but why not everyone who was out has the same >> this means a lot to a lot of people. >> hundreds of people get much needed free medical care this everyone was allowed inside, including some doctors. >> -- the duration of the quake, it was quite a strong quake. >> and we have the newest details of a strong earthquake
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>> good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm lloyd sowers, haley has the night off. protests of newly elected president donald trump hit the bucs. it is tough to tell who is sitting on the bench during today's national anthem but it was buc's wide receiver mike evans. >> mike evans is the first playing to protest during the national anthem after colin kaepernick started the trend back in august. and ce koetter was asked about s
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evans was asked why he felt the need to protest on the day our military was being honored at raymond james. >> i said this a long time ago, i thought when he ran that it was a joke and the joke continues. >> this is something you will continue. >> i will, as long as he is president elect, i'm not a political person but i have common sense and i know when something is not right. >> the saying they are greatly dead dedicated to honor the military, and while the team encourages the players to honor the flay, the bucs also said they recognize their constitutional right to freedom of sp speech wh is critical to the freedoms we
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cherish. >> and this was the largest protest so far in the bay area, around 1200 people marched and chanted not my president. evan lambert is life, and in tampa another group had a different approach. >> the protestors here, just started marching past us here on central expressing their frustration over donald trump's election. but we had another where another group was calling for unity. >> in tampa, a small group gathered at water works park, their mission? unity. >> there is so much anger, and people are feeling so much no
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healing process and bring people together. >> but across the bay, (chanting). the division was still clear. according to st. pete police, nearly 1200 people protested the president elect making sunday night the largest of the tampa bay area protests. >> my son is biracial and the day after the election someone used a racial slur against that. >> that gave this man another reason to show up against trumper impending presidency. >> i don't believe he should be president and he is not my president. >> others said his policies and opinions just don't align with their values. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go, hey, hey,
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>> and tonight st. pete police say the protests have been peaceful. no reported incidents. lloyd? >> all right, evan lambert reporting life. and president election donald trump is filling his cabinet and today sel sel s chief of staff. he had been head of the rnc for five years. and a driver is dead after a car he was in fell 70 feet off of the side of 275. state troopers say a female passeger is in critical condition. the dodge durango was existing
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barrier and went over, landing upside down on the ground. and four people were able to escape a boat fire today off of longboat key. no one was hurt and good spare samaritans rescued those on board. and a scary moment whe when a crashed into the side of a business and landed near a group of tables. a gas line had to be fixed but no one was injured. police ticketed the driver. and no one is seriously hurt following a wreck in clearwater. you see here a car on its roof just west of i-19.
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on what happened, and a police officer may have been to blame for a wreck on 275. the officer was traveling with lights and siren when she lost control of the vehicle. she was going to help another vehicle who was asking for assistance. investigators say they hit a 2016 ford expedition and then a guard rail. no one was hurt, but the police officer was taken to the hospital as a precaution, and one of the two scuba divers injured in the gulf of mexico has died. she and her husband were found unresponsive five miles off of madeira reach. the husband was able to let others know that his wife was unconscious but he was unconscious by the time authorities got to the scene. and five months after a deadly
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city is healing and city leaders want to turn the pulse night club into a me permanent memoril in honor of the people who died there. >> the city of orlando will meet tomorrow for the pr purchase ofe price above market place, which was a compromise between the club's owner and the city. however, don't expect big changing right away. >> we want to preserve it for the next 12 to 18 months as is so people can lif visit the location, it's very meaningful
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but to the community as a whole. >> the community will be invited to share their ideas for a memorial following tomorrow's vote. >> we want to get experts that have done stuff like in this other communities to give us some advice so we have plenty of time to decide. >> one year ago today terrorists killed 130 people in an attack on paris. co the victims and what family members did at each individual attack location. plus, a powerful earthquake rattles new zealand causing a tsunami but up next, find out why hundreds of people along
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>> more than 1200 patients received free medical treatment this weekend as manatee technical college was transformed into a one-stop shop for those who couldn't afford to go to a doctor. but as fox explains a florida law may have prevented even more people from getting in front of medical professionals. >> medical, and dental, benefits that many people don't have and can't afford. >> it's eat or pay the rent. >> money is fight for this family, and so dental needs have had to wait, until now.
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can get something done and we are so grateful. >> they are among hundreds of patients who lined up overnight to get an appointment at this weekend's remote area medical clinic. >> we got here yesterday afternoon at about 5:15. >> dental and vision exams, even new glasses all 100% free. >> this means a lot to a lot of so everybody really appreciates that. >> this is what health care is all about. we are touching the lives of people who are not able to get medical care anywhere else. >> more than 1200 people were able to see doctors volunteering at this weekend's clinic, but organizers say more could have been helped. on sunday, dental chairs were left empty as organizers say at
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the problem? >> for some extraordinary reasons doctors and nurses and dentists are not allowing to cross state lines to help those in another state. >> lawmakers hope to change that but amending the law to allow medical professions from other states to volunteer in events like this. >> at least a dozen states allow licensed medical, dental and vision specialists to come free medical clinics and organizers are asking governor scott to allow florida to do the same. and you went to the bucs game, today, must have been great. >> it was a little on the warm side in the sun but you can't complain. >> i would like to think i'm the reason that they won, you know? they got my number, and you can call me to come to the next home
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are looking for the cooler weather. some of that coming in oarve the next seven days and we have the supermoon. >> this is a great shot, and like a look at this one. you got a shot of the supermoon, and it has to peak just before sunrise but i think it's got to be tonight. this is out of mount washington, you are talking about the northeast, and you have mount washington observatory, and it looks like the moon is just resting right on top of the mountain, a pretty cool looking shot of the supermoon, and as we talk about that, why is this such a special supermoon, it's the closest and largest full moon since january 26, 1948, 14% bigger and 13% brighter you are
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brightness difference but not the size difference but it won't be seen again until 2034. 81 degrees for our high today, 58 the low, a cool start to the day, and a mild looking finish, a couple of degrees above average. a dewpoint of 63, and 87% humid, winds out of the north at 5 miles per it's 66 for you in wi wauchula,d it's a lot warmer now than it was 24 hours ago, in fact, in brandon you are 14 degrees warmer, inland, 7 to 11 or 12 degrees warmer. up against the coast, even 3, 4, 5 degrees warmer.
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warmer than it was yesterday, and we are also dealing with some isolated fog out there this morning. another chance of locally dense fog heading into monday morning. here is your satellite and radar. here is the frontal boundary draped over this right now. as we head over the next, say, 12 to 24 hours. not expecting a lot of rain but you can see a lot of see that cloud cover starting to push through the area. here you go. by monday afternoon, stuck on some of the bigger cloud cover, and maybe a stray shower, but the rain should be less than 20%, and some gradual clearing from north to south. i think to the north we get into a little bit in the way of sunshine, and a cool morning, tuesday temperatures back into
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wednesday and on into thursday, we are talking about cooler afternoons. high temperatures into the mid d to upper 70's. temperature-wise seasonal and you would notice a big surge of wawarmth across the nation's midsection and then look what happens back to the west. look what happens in bismarck, perhaps below zero, and some south and eastward. your forecast recap? 64 degree, so warmer than last night, partly cloudy and heads up tomorrow morning, visibility may be limited, mostly cloudy and cooler. 4, 5, 6 degrees cooler. a cool start, and gradual
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mid to upper 70's and more in the way of clouds and sun, and then more sun, wednesday and thursday. perhaps slipping above average, friday and saturday and there is that cold front back into the low 70's heading into next sunday. >> lloyd? >> thanks. >> and this fire at the evangelistic church started around 6:00 this morning. no reports of injuries. the church was when the fire started. firefighters say an explosion inside the church caused a partial building collapse, and one wall even collapsed on to a fire truck while firefighters firefightersbattled the bl blae of the fireis still under
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derailed were carrying plastic pellets and new automobiles. no one hazardous was on the train, and they are working quickly to clean it up. >> we appreciate their patient, and understand that it is an ob instruction. >> csx is investigating and moving the derailed cars to a few hillary clinton would win and enforce restrictive gun sales but now since trump won, some of those buyers are staying home. >> some begun shop owners say that gun sales surged. -- >> people stocking up,
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well as high-capacity magazines as well as the ar-50's. >> -- particular reason why there was a pre-election day spike in gun salesperson. >> i think a lot of people were afraid of hillary putting gun laws into play. >> but now gun sales are back where they were before, thanks to trump's win and his tone on gun laws. >> he has settled t a lot of the gun owners. >> and they say that gun sales are getting back to pre-election day levels. >> gun shop owners across the state are looking forward to brandishing new business before the holidays and say -- david williams, fox 13 news.
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we're on top of a >> we are on top of a developing story after a strong earthquake happened early this morning aftershocks and tsunami waves. >> a powerful earthquake struck the south island had shaking residents awake and causing severe damage to homes in a rural area close to the city of christ church. >> -- clearly on the east coast
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there. we have had very limited communications. >> a number of strong aftershocks were felt more than 120 miles away and a tsunami was reported about two hours later. the prime minister says the damage and force is still being assessed and those living near the coasts are being told to move to higher ground. >> downgraded but we urge people to continue to be cautious. >> a 2011 quake killed over 130 people, and new zealand sits on the so-called ring of fire.
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>> military helicopters and red cross teams are being dispatched to assess the damage and help those in the worst hit areas. >> in vietnam, nearly 5,000 pounds of seized elephant ivory and rhinos horns was destroyed this weekend, the country is trying to send the message that they want the illegal traffic to stop, the horns were worth more than market. vietnam is one of the highest traffics areas in the world in ivory and rhino horns. and coming up how the city is remembers those who died. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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fast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. france marks one year
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somber events... including a >> paris is marking one year after the terror attacks after 130 people were killed by islamic extremists. >> for a lot of folks in paris is feels like only yesterday that these attacks devastating the city, the country and most of the western world, and today the french president appeared on the site of the series of highly coordinated attacks. this morning at each location, survivors and family members of the victims stood in silence as the names of those who lost their lives were receipted and d looked on as wreaths were laid. >> there was some exchange
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police, some of the bullets went into the wall and i was just on the other side of the wall. >> today's ceremonies follow last night's reopening of the concert hall which was the longest and bloodiest of the paris attacks. tickets for the performance quickly sold out and the artist started his concert with a moment of (speaking french). >> only one of the terrorists behind the paris attacks is believed to be alive, and one year later, abda salam is awaiting trial in france. >> police look at a man who threatened to set fire to a university of michigan student
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a man walked up to her and threatened to set her on fire with his lighter if she didn't remove her head scarf. she com complied but the schools taking the incident seriously. >> i think it's a sign of racism and bigotry and it's a sign of people interpreting political events as excuses to act in ways that are value as a country and as a campus. >> hateful words have a lot of impacts. and we as a community are very familiar with the impacts of that and we are just bracing for impacts as to how things are going to unfold. >> the university of michigan students says they thinks that the man was drunk because he was slurring his words and had a bad body odor. and three teenagers are under
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off-duty police officer, law enforcement officers are calling this a flash mob attack. at least seven were injured and hospitalized. the officer suffered a broken bone and a cut to his face. and when it comes to getting legislation passed president-elect opinion is he may have a leg congressional republicans have concerns about their party's candidate, questioning his credentials. he will have a complicated relationship with capital hill. capitol hill. >> -- immigration, he says he
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away, but that is very different from what the top two republicans in the house says just this morning. two of those lawmakers say their top priority is securing the boarder, not mass deportations. >> we are for did d focused on g the border, before we get into immigration issues we have to know who is coming and going and we have to secure the border. >> the first thing you have to do is secure the border have those discussions going forward. >> speaker ryan says the past is the past and he is excited to work with mr. trump to fulfill his campaign processes and at the top of the list is repealing obama care, although he said on friday that he might be open to keeping some of the provisions of obama care.
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sides see eye to eye are the appointment to a conservative justice to the supreme court and regulation roll-back. >> there are a lot of executive orders that president trump is going to have to deal with but with the republicans now in the senate, and house we are more optimistic than leader said they are not even going to wait until inauguration day, they are going to get started on this the very first week in january. >> in the wake of tuesday's elections democrats work to rebuild, a look at a list of people who could be the new chairperson of the dnc. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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the democratic party will >> the democratic party will try to rebuild after >> there is a leadership void as the democratic party searches for a replacement for a key position that determines the position of the party. so far ellison, a 35-year congressman who is also african-american.
10:39 pm
stands in opposition to many of trump's positions like a muslim ban. sanders and warren like him because they believe he will move him in a more pop llist and progressive descreks. direction. >> we love to be the citizens first. >> progressives blame hillary clinton and party moderates for losing touch with working people but moderates in the party are worry bueworried about moving ty too far left. howard dean believes that the
10:40 pm
says ellison can't be a congressman and dnc chair at the same time. ellison says he can do both jobs and will make a decision on monday. >> well, it' been a long time coming but the bucs finally come up big at home. kevin o'donnell goes inside the looker room with their reaction to the win. >> finally the bucs wedefend finding their way toda, four turnovers. we'll get the - opinion from the
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>> here is the snap and winston dropping back. avoids it, rolls out to the right side, still looking, got a block, winston got a block again, he is still alive, throwing downfield and he makes
10:44 pm
what a play by jameis winston, his first target to mike evans in the game, and he climbs the ladder and makes the snag at the bear 39. >> that was the play that really buried the bears. the bucs had just about everything go their way, and finally break their losing streak at home getting their first home win of the season, and do it blowing out the bears. the since 2012, it's been that long. the bucs get the start they needed, intercepting jay cutler twice. this one they see coming and take it back for six. and it's 7-0 bucs. and a former bucs shows they made a mistake letting him go, he has plenty of legs to cut t
10:45 pm
into the hands of jones corte but the bears got nothing out of it, cutler was a mess early on, sacked by spence, loses the ball, and then the next possession for the bears, how about jordan howard? he is going to be stripped by gold winston just four plays and he hits his favorite target. a league-leading fifth touch down for the season. and they manage ad 30-yard fieldgoal with 35 seconds left in the half, and it was 17-13 bucs and then a hail mary for
10:46 pm
in and meredith comes down with it breathing new life into chicago, but as good as that play was for the bears this play will go down as the play of the yearfor tampa bay. winston scrambling all over the field and he avoids the sack and the safety and winston with a bomb to evans and he comes down with it at the bear's 38, and this time to freddie martion. that added up to a 24-10 lead and check this hit out by josh robins, takes royal down at the one yard line, it's a huge play because it's going to lead to this. third down for the bears and cutler is under heavy pressure by ayers. he looses the ball and ends up
10:47 pm
the last safety came this same week three years ago against miami, and then they hate up the first 10 minutes of the fourth quarter. bucs winless at home, that ends, 36-10. it's the biggest home blow out since beating kansas city back in 2012. this is the win the bucs really had to have to half of the season, and beating a team that bottom line they are just better than. an inside look on how the bucs got it done. >> coming off a mini bye, it's at home today against the bears and finding ways to score that you rarely see, a safety, a pick-six and this resulted in a win, the first since december of
10:48 pm
fans that come out and support us week in and week out. i was so happy for them being able to see the other team's fans leave and looked like they were getting escorted out the building and our fans there cheering on. >> and then we had a rough six-day stretch there. and russell shepherd i thought did a good job, and shep was not playing today but he was pumping the guys up were done talking. i thought it was good stuff. >>479 points and 1100 yards the bucs allowed but this time the bear's only touch down came on a hail mary, and this defense held the bears to just 68 yards, a vindicating performance by this
10:49 pm
here and work like, that and i felt like we have to keep it up, this is just the beginning. >> don't let up, that has been are usually in it the first half, but it's been rare we've been out the game in the first half, we've been having issues in the game, and the same way we went in, and the first half, the second half, we just kept on going. >> one intereste interested note out of this one, the first quarterback in nfl history to reach 40 touch down passes. and we have seen plenty of news about colin kaepernick's decision to naturally but one buck's receiver did something similar new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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>> a career performance from the
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bears, and how about the performance of mike evans, four catches for 66 yards, 39 of those coming on this wild play to start the third quarter. jameis winston biding his time and checking it deep, following the game evans was asked about this play but also about his decision prior to the game's start. during the decided to sit on the bench while the anthem was played this in a silent protest to the election of donald trump as president. we caught up with the receiver following the game to get his thoughts. >> i don't want to disrespect the veterans, the men and women who serve this country, i'm forever endebted to them but the things going on in this country,
10:53 pm
and when ash ton kuchar comes out and says we've been punked, i will stand again, but america is not right right now. when i ran i thought it was a joke and the joke continues. >> is it something you plan on continuing? >> i will, as long as he is president-elect, i'm not a political person that much but i have common sense and i know when something is not >> you hear from mike evans talking about his decision to protest the national anthem saying it is something he is probably going to continue to do. politics aside, the team trying to get wins and this may be an a accompanying story from the media's perspective, your thoughts on this. >> i'm really surprised it's taken this long.
10:54 pm
earlier in the season and i'm surprised that mike evans is coming this but i don't see the organization having an issue but you do hope it doesn't become a distraction. >> on the day the bucs pick up their most b imi impressive >> i really think worrying about it just one game at a time is the right approach. saying if we win this and they loose that, you lose focus, and so i think we are just going to look at this as seven more one-game seasons. >> mark cook and scott smith here, we'll te sent it back to .
10:55 pm
into contention but the road to the play-offs is going to be bumpy but they got a lot of help out there, today, especially from the panthers. at home against the bucs next opponents, the kansas city chiefs and this gives the panthers a 10-0 lead, with this quarter back keeper and then newton going to the air and he connects with devon for a half-time lead but this game turned in the fourth quarter, newton picked off by berry and berry working his way all the way back. the chiefs down by three by after they the two-point conversion and what a turn-around this was for the kansas city chiefs. newton looking for benjamin this time, and he is going to be
10:56 pm
panthers territory and it's going to lead to this, s santos with the game winning fieldgold, and this is what it does to the standings. it could not have gone any better for the bucs. everyone lost and so the bucs move into second place, tampa bay is 2-1 in the nfc south, they are two wins atlanta, and one game against of the panthers. and the cup series in phoenix today, and basically six drivers trying to get two spots so to the desert we go, and trouble for jimmie johnson. he slammed into the back of greg
10:57 pm
radiator. kenseth needing a win to advance but that shot is gone. logano holding off busch, but the defending champ is also moving on. a pretty good week in homestead for the final. >> kevin, thanks very much, here is a look at what we are working on for the 11:00 antitrump protests continue across the country, and we are there as there are ses several m our back yard, and researchers think that the deaths of hundreds of sea birds recently is related to the sewage spill. new at steak 'n shake! 24 meals under four dollars.
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get 24 meals for under four dollars.
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>> i don't believe he should be president. >> protests continue in the bay area all over president-elect trump. we are there as thousands speak out. >> i'm not saying i love it but it does get the word out. >> donald trump sits down for his first interview since the election, w give up social media and the big name added to his cabinet. >> and the bucs seize the day with their first home win. why one player is making headlines for something that happened beforekickoff. >> good evening, i'm lloyd


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