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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> i don't believe he should be president. >> protests continue in the bay area all over president-elect trump. we are there as thousands speak out. >> i'm not saying i love it but it does get the word out. >> donald trump sits down for his first interview since the election, w give up social media and the big name added to his cabinet. >> and the bucs seize the day with their first home win. why one player is making headlines for something that happened beforekickoff. >> good evening, i'm lloyd
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us, haley as the night off. in san francisco, immigrants were among those taking part in protests. a part of trump's campaign including building a wall with mexico, and having mexico pay for t the wall. 1200 people marched in st. pete to show their anger over the election of trump. the protests were peaceful with no incidents reports. >> two rallies one at demen's landing and this one here, not far from the police department. they were much bigger compared to the smaller protests in ybor city, police estimate that 1200
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and protestors shouted chants that sounded like dump trump, and carried signs that say not my president. they say they know it won't stop the election, but say they want to make their voices herd. heard. >> my son is biracial and the day after the election someone shouted a racial slur at >> i don't think he should be president. >> the protestors were made up of several groups including students for a democratic society and black lives matter. >> one tampa bay bucs player made headlines, wide receiver mike evans sat on a bench to protest the election of donald trump. this comes on a day that the
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military, the bucs released a statement saying they are proud to honor the military men and women and all of the great sacrifices they have made for this great country. and matt treza has more on how some sunday services today offered prayers for the president elect while others had a very >> misogynistic, and bigoted reality -- and tv personality, has been handed the presidency -- >> reverend james morris of this church railed against trump from the pulpit and he called for a revolution against trump, harkining back to the days of the civil rights movement.
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seen since the 1960's. >> but the air at orlando's city beautiful church was filled with music and worshippers there took turns at the mic. >> we bless the in-coming president and the out-going president, and trump and clinton and president obama. >> we take our eyes off of the systems of men and focus on the letlord because empired because they come and go. >> as the end of the day we can create change with him instead of against him.
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the president elect tapping steve bannon and preibus to be his chief of staff, recommended by house speaker paul ryan. preibus pledged to help create a society for everyone, and secure our border islamic terrorism. president elect trump spoke on 60 minutes tonight, and was asked among other topics if he planning to tone down his tweets. >> if i use it at all i'm going to do very restrained.
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helped me win all of the races where they spent much more money than i spent, and i think that has power and i think to a certain extent i approve that >> and when asked if he plans to follow through on a comment he made about prosecuting hillary clinton he side-steps commenting on jobs and immigration. and a driver is dead after car fell off of i-275. a female passenger is in critical condition, and the southbound vehicle fell on to i-175 when the driver lost control. he hit the concrete barrier and went over it. the suv fell off of the elevated overpass and landed upside down on the ground. a sat update tonight, one of the
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37-year-old blake gambda sur succumbed to her injuries this morning. her husband flagged down help but he was also unconscious by the time they got to the scene. at last check, he was listed in stable condition. and several people were able to escape a boat fire today thanks to good thankfully no one was hurt in the boat fire, and a scary few moments in sarasota when an suv crashed into the side of a business coming to a stop among a group of tables. it happened at the intersection of main and 301. luckily no one was sitting at the tables but a gas line was hit that had to be fixed. police say they ticketed the driver.
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this weekend. manatee technical college was transformed into a one-stop shop treatment location for those who can't afford to go to a doctor. vision exams and dental and even new glasses all 100% free, and the remote clinic, also known as ram, but organizers chairs were left empty and more than 300 patients were turned away. >> for some extraordinary reasons, doctors and dentists and nurses are not allowed to cross state lines to provide free care in another state. >> several states do allow professionals to cross state lines to give volunteer work for free medical clinics and the
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doing the same thing. and new leads on dozens of sea bird deaths, what they say could be behind it and a massive earthquake in new zealand has left at least two people dead. >> and plenty of sunshine this weekend, but most of those that. a look at your forecast coming
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>> new at 11:00, salmonella could be to blame for dozens of seabird deaths following sewage stills in studies know that birds died of the disease. stumped caused millions of gallons of suage sewage to be dd into the bay. and these are not your average
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transfer to the zika carrying mosquitoes. and the new zealand prime minister is traveling to the area of a powerful quake that filled two people and injured dozen s of others. for many the quake brought back memories of a attitude in 2011 that kills over 300 people. >> what concerns us is the duration of the quake. it was quite a strong quake. >> military hospitallers and red cross teams are being dispatched to assess the damage and help those in the worst-hit areas. a massive wildfire burns in north carolina turning the sky
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now is expanding across 3,000 acres forcing dozens of communities to evacuate. the steep terrain and conditions are making it difficult to contain the flames. and check outside and you will see a bright moonlighting up the sky, but this is not your average full moon, it's the straightest supermoon in years. the moon won't be must have been getting a lot of great pictures of the supermoon out there. >> been sharing them on twitter and face book. amazing pictures. it's been an incredible weekend. >> and mike says it's going get cool. >> if you like mid 70's, and we are going to have a few of those days the next few days and looking ahead to next weekend, we are getting into the time of
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not a lot of rain with them but they filter in, and a couple of them in the seven-day forecast. here is a time-laptslapse from , and you see the fog this morning in riverview, i do expect more fog to develop later on tonight and on into the start of the day on monday, and so heads up, you may want to give yourself extra time. there is there not everything, but there will be some as you head inland. supermoon, you were talking about it, lloyd, the closest and largest since january 26, 1948. we've had supermoons around the last year, i mean, every year, really, but this one is the closest and fullest in almost 70 years.
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rather, and 14% larger and not again until 2034, so if you see it tonight it's going to take a while for the moon to be that close again. 81 the high, 84 in brandon, 81 in lakeland, 80 in w w leesberg. locally dense fog heading into monday morning, give yourself extra time and this is going to bring more clouds than sun, on monday, in fact, mostly cloudy skies and cooler temperatures as well. should keep the temperatures into the mid 70's or so. warmer as we head for the end of the week. average and then our next comes the second half of next weekend, and on into the following week. a dewpoint of 73. dewpoints have come up a bit
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winds out of the north at 5:00. in other temperatures it's 71, and 75 for you in key west, 58 in tallahassee, and you widen out the view and it's 42 in little rock, and 47 in atlanta, so there is cooler air north, and some of that is falling out, just won't get the brunt of the cold air. all of the cloud cover back to the west, there are showers in the gulf, and there is at least a slight chance of a stray shower, but in all all it should be staying dry, and shouldn't really last that long and by monday night, and into tuesday we start to see the front with the clouds swinging a little bit clearing to the north and eventually to the south by later
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partly cloudy skies and heading up again for that fog. for tomorrow, 76, mostly cloudy and cooler and cooler indeed for the next several days. 77 on wednesday, upper 70's on thursday, and bouncing a bit above average, and then into the 70's for the second half of next weekend. >> paris continuing to heal a
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hollande. >> the people of france are marking a somber anniversary, today is one year since the deadly terror attacks in and around paris. 130 people were killed in a series of highly coordinated attacks targets bars, restaurants, theaters and sports stadiums. the names of those who lost their lives were spoken as many watched in silence, and then the president laid wreaths and honored plaquing to those who lost that their lives. >> most everybody was when there
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there were some of the bullets went into the wall and i was just on the other side of the wall. >> today's ceremonies follow last night's reopening of the bataclan concert hall which was the longest and bloodiest of the attacks. only one of the terrorists is belibelieved to be alive, he isn jail awaiting trial, and tomorrow city leaders will night club at a price more than $600,000 more than the club's value is a compromise between the city and the club's owner. >> we want to preserve it for 18 months or so as it is so people can visit the location, important not only to the lgbt
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important to the community as a whole. >> and donald joins us now, and a big win for the bucs today. >> a huge win, and this is what tans have been clamoring for, finally, finally we got a home win and they did it in a big way. there were a ton of great plays but none better than this one. jameis winston escaping and connecting with mike evans but
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>> it's been a long time coming and long overdue but the bucs finally give their fans what they've been begging for, a home win. the greatest margin of got a started early, intercepting jay cutler, twice. and he is taking it the other way. it's cone's first interception of the season. jameis winston off to a little bit of a slow start, throwing it
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of his hands and the bears get nothing out of this because of this, jay cutler just having a rough day. he is sacked and loses the ball, and next possession for the bears gets worse. jordan howard, on the run is tripped by goldston and this is the bear's fourthur it ta takes jameis winston no te to get this done. the bucs up 14-3. seven first-half penalties penas stimie's the bucs offense and the bears quickly get it down the field and gives them a chance to this, a hail mary, but, no.
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meredith's hands, and you have to wonder where this game is going but as good as that was for the bears this is going to go down as the play of the year for tampa bay. jameis winston scrambling all over the field, he avoids the sack and the safety, and gets it to evans. unbelievable and then he dials long a two incredible plays that added up to a 24-10 lead and the bucs got contributions from everywhere, check this out, taking down royal and the 1 yard line and that is a big, big play because it led to this. ayers providing the pressure and it goes in and out of the
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against the d dolphins and then gerald mccoy, a lead block tore er toget martin into the end zo. the winless drought at home ends 36-10, the biggest below-out since kansas city >> we didn't have to go to silent count today, and so hats off to the fans and let's do it again in a couple of weeks. >> it felt good for the fans, especially the fans who come out and support us week in and week out. i was so happy for them being able to see the other team's fans leave, basically looking like they were escorted out the building and our fans still cheering on.
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aid on koetter's head, he was
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tonight we have a trail tales bonanza. how historians may tell the story of 2016 in the form of an old school doment tear. >> the vast communication network overwhelmed this establishment using flip >> how we could tell the story to our kids. >> fix that mess as fast as i can. >> plus our game show political squares with our pabl of stars and maybe a few surprises along the way. this is money, power & politics. president trump... the political elite in both parties did not see that coming. republicans were blind sided first.


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