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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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getting national attention for his sideline protest of president elect trump. >>laura: the trump administration is starting to take shape. the two key positions that are already filled. >>russell: if you see one of these on the ground, leave it alone. how a stray usb thumb drive could hijack your digital identity. >>laura: supermoon is here and so are the clouds. we have y catching this rare and beautiful event. >>dave: it's all my fault. i brought the clouds in. yeah. so not a lot of us are able to see the supermoon this morning, but get out there and see, maybe the clouds will thin out for a couple of minutes and you can check it out. 66 degrees our current temperature outside. it's mild. no doubt about that. dew points around 63 so it feels on the muggy side as well. we're bringing a front through the area. that's why we have all the cloud
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other than a few sprinkles, we're dry. high temperatures today go in the mid 70s. >>vanessa: thanks. we want to check the roads here, about to switch over to 6:01. overall it looks very nice heading out the door. we don't have too much to complain about. look at 75 and hillsborough county, looks smooth as far as the traffic flow in the area and things are running up to speed. on other major roadys getting the green light. lots of green road sensors heading through pinellas county and into the pasco county area. be safe and enjoy. >>russell: protestors continue to flood the streets and cities across the u.s. thousands are upset over republican donald trump winning the presidential election. they've spread from new york city to san francisco where many hispanics are worried about his promises to deport undocumented emigrants and build a wall on
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>>laura: and more protests are today, including seattle where some high school students are planning to walk out. while the protests are not sanctioned by the students, they have a right. >>russell: according to event's facebook page, nearly 8,000 people are planning to attend the inauguration with 27,000 interested. >>laura: mike evans is also getting a national anthem to protest trump's election. >>russell: shayla reaves is live at raymond james where the protest has overshdowed the team's first home win of the season. good morning. >>reporter: good morning to you. mike evans told reporters that he did not share his intentions with the team ahead of time because he intnt want his intentions to be misunderstood. that is the information he
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against the chicago bears. you can see right here, this is some video captured during the national anthem ahead of game time and you can see evans is seated on a bench behind the rest of the team. he later told reporters the protest centered around tuesday's presidential election results. republican presidential nominee donald trump became the country's 45th president elect. listen to what evans had to say after the game. >> i say this a longim joke. the joke continues. >> is it something that you plan on continuing? >> i will. as long as he's president elects and, you know, i'm not a political person but i have common sense and i know when something is not right. >>reporter: the buccaneers issued a statement saying, quote, the buccaneers are deeply committed to the militant and
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have made great sacrifices to make sure the tremendous freedoms we have in this country. we encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor our flag during the playing of the national anthem and we encourage every individual's right to freedom of special and that's crucial to the american principles we cherish. sunday the buccaneers paid tribute to the military with a special salute to service. evans stressed to during that post game press conference, he said he, quote, had no intention of disrespecting veterans, adding the men and women who serve this country i'm forever indebted to them. he went on to say, but the that have been going on in america lately, i'm not going to stand for that. we'll continue to follow this story and keep you posted should any additional information
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thank you. >>laura: in his first television interview since the election, president elect trump had a chance to address some protests and some concerns about rights and people's safety. >>russell: last night on "60 minutes" trump told the interview they have nothing to fear. >> don't you say to yourself, i guess you don't, you know, do i have to worry about this? do i have to go out and tell them not to be a prayed? >> i would tell them, don't be afraid. >> that's not what you're saying. i said it. >> i'm saying it. i've been saying it. don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. you know, we just had an election and sort of like, you have to be given a little time. people are protesting. if hillary had won and if my people went and protested, everybody would say that's a terrible thing. it would have been a much
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there's a double standard here. >>russell: he repeated some campaign promises while amending others. rather than committing to a solid wall along the southern border, trump said there would be fencing in spots. after vowing to repeal and replace obamacare, he said he wants to keep some key provisions like the one protecting people with preexisting conditions and he appeared to back away from his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate his democratic opponent. hillary clinton, o a private email server and he said he would forego the president's annual salary, taking just a dollar a year. >>laura: trump administration is already starting to take shape. yesterday the president elect named his two top advisers. republican national committee priebus will be the chief of staff and bannon will be the chief strategizer.
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the house, senate and the white house to the republicans. keith ellison is considering a run for the democratic national committee. the job is basically unoccupied after series of scandals. emails reveal staffers favoring hillary clinton over bernie sanders during the primary process. acting chair, that cnn contributor, donna brazille obtained debate questions and passed them to clinton. hillary clinton is blaming james comey for her devastating defeat. in a saturday call with top campaign donors, clinton said her campaign was winning until comey announced that the f.b.i. had uncovered new emails on a device used by former congressman anthony weiner.
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initial statement, nearly 24 million people had already cast their ballots. roughly 18% of the vote total. >>laura: in local news, driver is dead and a woman is in critical condition after their car fell 70 feet off the side of i-275. it happened yesterday evening. investigators say the dodge durango was exiting on i-175 near tropicana field when the driver lost control. the s.u.v. hit the concrete barrier and landed upside down. female passenger is in critical passenger this morning. they're still investigating what caused the crash. >>russell: deputies investigating a deadly diving accident. saturday evening, blaze and her husband william were five miles off the coast of madeira beach. william managed to flag down a passing boater before he fell unconscious. they were taken to a hospital where blaze died yesterday morning.
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recovering. >>laura: rise of the do it yourself gun kits that on sem bell law enforcement rifles have officials worried. they can be bought without background checks. at least six companies who make the kits have sprung up in recent years, including one in central florida. they're popular because the parts have no serial numbers or other markings that make them untraceable. no manufacturer's number is needed if you make a gun for personal use. >>russell: council is voting whether to approve to buy the nightclub. the city has reached a deal with the club's owner to buy the site and turn it into a permanent memorial. purchase price $600,000 more than the appraised value. a public process will determine what kind of memorial will be created at the site. property will remain as is for the next 18 months and continue to serve as a gathering place
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>>laura: after shocks continue after a massive earthquake rocks new zealand. >>russell: new video of roads ripped apart during the sdaser and this is the navy's new state of the art destroyer. it has big guns but no bullets. why lawmakers say the price is too steep to arm this warship. >>dave: i have a couple of sprinkles on the skytower radar this morning. trust me, it's not much if any of this is reaching the ground. rain is not the we do have cloud cover stopping many of us from seeing the supermoon this morning. so just keep a lookout. maybe the clouds will thin out for a beef period of time and you can see it. 66 degrees in tampa. 67 in st. petersburg. 68 to start in sarasota so we have quite a warm start to the morning. cloud cover lingering today.
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>>dave: it is 6:13 on this monday morning. i want you to notice the temperatures. everybody is in the 60s this morning. remember late last week when we
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50s and, well, the 50s are coming back. but we have to stop briefly up here in the low to mid 60s. cloud cover, that's the main culprit this morning with mid to upper 60s in bradenton, sarasota, venice, low to mid 60s in manatee county and polk county and the thing is, it's like the one morning we wanted to have clear skies so we could get this awesome picture of the supermoon which by the way, the moon is going to set coming up in about a half an hour or so. we areev than we were yesterday at this time. some four to seven degrees warmer and the dew points are up a little bit. no, this is not oppressive humidity but you can feel it, definitely notice it outside this morning but just to the north of us, and i mean literally to the north of us, panhandle, we've got drier air which is beginning to spill down very slowly to the south. so watch, even though this morning you're sitting here with the juicy dew points in the low
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evening they're back in the mid to upper 50s and then eventually they drop into the 40s so drier air is hours away and that will settle in and eventually the sunshine comes back. it's going to be a beautiful week. it really is. only really blip being today because we have some cloud cover and one or two isolated sprinkles. we haven't seen a lot of rain come down, and we're not going to. it is november. and you can't buy raindrop some here. .01 inch of rain. that's all we've had at tampa international and not much is anticipated with this. notice the clearing line to the northwest. we'll get some filtered sunshine today. enough so that i think we do manage to bring the temperatures back up into the mid 70s so mostly cloudy skies, cooler, sunrise at 6:51. the moon sets, i think it's like 6:43 so right around the sunrise
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to catch the super moon and the clouds are definitely not helping and i apologize for that. it's not like it's my fault but i'm apologizing anyway. cool tonight, low 59 degrees and then tomorrow, breaking out in sunshine in the afternoon. lovely temperatures with a high of around 75 degrees. boaters, northwest, five to 15 knots today with seas running two feet and a moderate chop. high tide is at 2:33 this afternoon. no significant rain, no significant cold, no heat. steady as she goes through the next seven days. it might get back to 80 degrees by the end of the week. normal is like 78 for this time of year. >>vanessa: looks good. overall very good looking forecast. right now we have a camera pulled up in eastern hillsborough county along i-4. we don't have any official visibility advisories issued by fhp but it's looking hazy. this is i-4, paul buchman highway. leads me to believe since there
6:17 am
closer to the level of the camera than the ground level where all the cars are driving. that being said, if you do have any visibility problems, wherever it is you're driving, make sure you're slowing down and using low beam lights. buchman to 75 should only take 11 minutes so we're running up to speed and looks good on other interstates. 275 northbound, you get green light. >>russell: thanks. strong after shocks continue hours after a powerful earthquake rocked new zealand. 7.8 quake triggered landslides, a small tsunami, left at least two people dead. the quake struck mostly in a rural area but the tremors were felt as para way as christchurch, bringing back memories of the 2011 quake that killed 185 people. >>laura: this weekend france marked one year since the terror
6:18 am
honoring 130 people killed and hundreds more who were injured. country remains in a state of emergency over the threat of another attack. and the american rock band eagles of death metal was headlining the show when terrorists entered and killed 89 people. later the band's frontman suggested that the security was in on the attack and he later apologized for that. the band had planned to be there when the venue reopened this weekend but they were turned there are things you can't forgive. >>russell: gp s guided rocket powered projectiles for the battleship cause $80,000 apiece, nearly as much of a cruise missile, making them too expensive to buy them in bulk.
6:19 am
far down the road without realizing the price tag on these projectiles was so high. >>laura: all right. you've seen these before, right? these thumb drives, usb drives, call them what you will. they provide quick, convenient storage but they can also be an easy way to have your identity stolen. >>russell: at 6:30, how to avoid falling victim to a new scam and you won't see this again until 2034. the supermoon is here and it won't get much brighter than this. kenny is next with a look what makes this moon so super. >> more money, how to ask, when to push and why what you negotiate day one can determine what you make over the course of your entire career. >> the best thing you can do is never say yes right away. >> i'm consumer reporter. how to get the salary you
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. get out your >>dave: get out your telescopes,
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brighter and closer than it's ever been since 1948. this is the supermoon. we've been waiting for it. but depending on where you're at, the clouds may get into the way and we're coming to ken right now and around 6:22, 6:23 because this, ken, is when it's supposed to be the brightest of the brightest, the biggest of the biggest right now. what do you got? >>reporter: really? i got nothing for you, i feel like i'm charlie brown waiting for the great pumpkin here. i see a beautiful sunrise but no supermoon. if you haven't seen it before this, you may have missed your chance. don't give up yet. keep looking tonight but no promises there. some people in the bay area got a really good look at the supermoon. they snapped some pictures you're looking at right now and sent them in to us. pretty darn cool stuff, right? obviously these pictures were
6:24 am
it is now. the supermoon is a stunning sight, when you can see the darn thing, because it's the brightest full moon in the last seven years. it's the closest it's been to earth since 1948. it's 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. when i say closer to earth, i'm using the term close relatively. we're talking about 217,000 miles away from the earth. that's about 22,000 miles closer than usual. so if you missed the supermoon this i haven't seen anything. take another look tonight. but dave, you were saying before that it's probably going to be cloudy tonight as well. so we're going to have to wait a long, long time before we see it again. we're talking about what, 2034 or so? >>dave: november 25 of 2034. a couple of things, by the way. and you're right. the biggest, the brightest. you were accurate as far as that
6:25 am
great pumpkin, ken. come o. not charlie brown. >>reporter: really? i don't know. they cast me as charlie brown in high school in the play. it was type casting. so that probably type casts me. >>dave: tonight it will still be full, still beautiful. if you catch a glimpse of it, catch some for us. thank you, ken. appreciate it. >>reporter: okay. be good. >>russell: all right. still ahead on "good day," why a free health care clinic was forced to turn away hundreds of people in need of affordable care. >>laura: and they look tiny but they can pose a big threat to your digital identity. how hackers are using usb thumb
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good morning, i'm russell rhodes and i'm laura moody. >>russell: welcome. i'm russell rhodes. >>laura: and i'm laura moody. we'll check back in with dave for a look at the forecast. >>dave: good morning. there's enough moisture around that we've had a couple of sprinkles but also some fog. i know brandon, the visibility has dropped below a mile. also near brooksville, we have a little bit of it's not widespread and it's not a huge deal but you may notice it as you walk out the door this morning. temps low to mid 60s and one of the reasons is because of all the cloud cover that we've had so i do expect mostly cloudy skies to continue today. a slow warmup. we'll get back in the mid 70s. it should be a decent day overall. let's see if any of the fog impacts our roadways this morning. >>vanessa: traffic is certainly
6:30 am
i don't know. we do have to check in on to mean of the visibility concerns right now, dave. you mentioned you're seeing that in the eastern hillsborough county area. this is the camera along i-4 closer to county line road which, by the way, apologize. they keep moving the shot around there at the fdot center. we have a crash newly reported in the area, and i believe they're looking for it. there's some lane blockage reported, definitely seeing some delays indicating there could be a pretty major blockage. we're seeing westbound traffic, that's what is really, reall west of the county line road exit. as we check the map to see where the delays are and how far back they go, about to the polk parkway. drivers could probably take frontage road or u.s. 92 in the immediate area which is from west of county line to just where you get to the polk parkway area. >>russell: buccaneers getting a lot of attention and it's not for the first home win of the season. mike evans sat during the
6:31 am
protesting around the country, says he's not happy with donald trump as the next president of the united states. the third-year pro says he feel electing a reality television star to the highest office in the nation is, quote, not a good look for america. >> i don't want to, you know, disrespect the veterans or anything. the men and women that serve this country, i'm forever indebted to them. the things that's been going on in america lately, i'm not goi when kutcher -- the joke continues. >>russell: the organization is deeply committed to the military and honoring the great men and women that have dedicated their lives and have made great sacrifice dozen sure all the tremendous freedoms we have in
6:32 am
evans had four catches for 66 yards against the bears. he entered the game leading the league with eight touchdown receptions. he said he'll continue to sit for the national anthem as long as trump is president elect. coming up in 10 minutes, walter will join us with highlights from sunday's big win along with the reaction from coach koetter and jameis winston. missed out on free health care. officials sent up a one top spot. it was organized by remote care medical. organizers were forced to turn away more than 300 people because they didn't have enough volunteers. a florida law prevents medical professionals from crossing state lines to practice medicine. >>russell: 6:33 right now.
6:33 am
of the most horrific days in our history and there's discussion what to do with the building. >>laura: the city will vote on the next step to make pulse a memory memorial. >>reporter: today the city will official acquire the pulse nightclub. you can see the memorial fence around it. the city hasn't decided exactly what they're going to do but they are asking the public's opinion about how they want to turn it into a memorial. mayor dyer said while ago. the city was just waiting for the appropriate time to take it over. the 2.25 million dollar deal was compromised with the club's owner. mayor dyer says don't expect big changes to come right away. they want to preserve it for about a year or so so people can continue visiting it as is. and the community is also invited to share their ideas for a permanent memorial following today's vote. one of the things the city wants
6:34 am
iconic pulse sign that you see there. again, today they're going to be asking for the public's opinion about how to turn the pulse nightclub into a permanent memorial site. for now reporting in orlando, fox 13 news. >>laura: you know, usb thumb drives, they're a great place to store your pictures and music. but a lot of us don't always have one handy when we need one. >>russell: here's a warning. don't be tempted to just pick one up if you find one lying around. it could be a your digital life. tom johnson reports on that. >> public shops like longwoods coffee shop are where an increasing amount of business is done. people set up a mobile, digital office and have at it. >> it's a new industry, right? >>reporter: but crooks are always on the prowl looking ways into your digital world. >> as soon as you take over the
6:35 am
>>reporter: a professional hacker actually helps people protect their businesses and themselves. >> kind of like a hacking superhero. >> i'll go with it. >>reporter: this day he's teaching us about a simple scam that could ruin your day involving thumb drives like these. >> physically they look exactly the same. you leave a usb device out there and you're basically waiting for >>reporter: these drives, someone seemingly misplaced are preprogrammed to open the front, back and side doors to your computer and let the hacker waltz right in. all you have to do is pick them up, try to use them. >>reporter: you just plug it in. from that point, you're doomed. and once the hooker is in, they can do anything they want, even take control of the camera and watch and listen to any and
6:36 am
>> you can program this device to do whatever you want. remote access, copy files, anything that you want. >>reporter: if you're on a network -- >> nothing pops up, no nothing. >>reporter: -- consider it gone. it's not just your computers, though. beware of strangers asking to use your phone if it has a usb port. >> listen. my son got hurt the other side of i can hold it in a way you're not going to see it. i can plug it in. i can tell this device to do whatever i want. i can tell the phone to email me all your contacts. i can tell the phone to wipe it completely. >> it's very, very scary. >>reporter: he said he's savvy about stuff like this and always watching out. >> hackers are much smarter than everybody else. i'm not surprised. >>reporter: for many others like graphic designer, well -- >> this is mind blowing.
6:37 am
protect yourself? pretty easy, actually. never take candy from a stranger. >> when it comes to this kind of candy, this candy would be very bitter. >> bitter and very hard to swallow. >> it's mind blowing. >>laura: yeah. it's eery. all of that from that little thing. >>russell: wow. all right. >>lindsay: you're welcome, everybody. >>russell: you're welcome. now be carefu our area? >>laura: dave will tell us what is in store the next few days and the mc rib is back. but you're going to need your iphone to find
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>>dave: 6:40, starting to see the light. we get a little break in the clouds here and there, but just in general, we have this mostly cloudy, overcast look and the
6:41 am
some fog that we have to deal with. i can see the low cloud cover but the visibility is still good over lake mirror. the worst of the fog seems to be in eastern portions of hillsborough county. so here are your upper level clouds from the river view net camera, and here are the lower level clouds with the little bit of fog that has -- i can still see the ground which is good from this particular vantage point. it feels a little warmer, muggier this morning but we're moving a front now. behind it the air will turn drier. i think that will happen tonight and early tomorrow morning. and if you're just north of i-4 in polk county, don't look now, but there may be a sprinkle. i know. it's crazy. big sprinkle moving through the area. it's all the rain we have for you as this whole system slides through the area. it's november and we just don't get a lot of rain in november
6:42 am
64 in lakeland. i got mid to upper 60s along the coast. i've got low to mid 60s as you're going further inland and in general, here's the clearing line. back to the north and west, although i think we're stuck in the cloud cover for today. so mostly cloudy skies. once we begin the clearing process, we're also going to dry it out. and tomorrow is going to feel so different than today because we're going to take those dew point numbers and we're going to bring those back into the 40s and 50s versus they are now. watch the future cast. we're going to run through this afternoon, going into the evening, still a lot of cloud cover around but by tomorrow morning, early, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, notice how we're begin to go clear skies out and then we'll get back into more sunshine tomorrow and as we do, the drier air settles in. it's really going to be a beautiful, beautiful week in general. if cloudy skies and somewhat muggy is the worst we have this
6:43 am
it will be cooler because yesterday we made it up to 81 degrees. tonight 59 the overnight low and as we get the sunshine back tomorrow, and that drier air, it really feels nice. 75 degrees for a high temp tomorrow. later today, as these northwest winds pick up behind the little front, we're going to 15 knots this afternoon. seas probably running two feet with a moderate chop. 75 make it up as warm as 80 degrees again for friday and saturday and sunday bring it back to around 75. vanessa? >>vanessa: all right. we want to get back to i-4. that's really going to be the big problem for folks heading out the door right now. westbound once again in eastern hillsborough county is where we're seeing a lot of the delays and right now, it looks like fdot has been able to find that crash that's reported in the area. this is the exit ramp off westbound i-4 onto polk parkway
6:44 am
it looks like folks are starting to skirt by the shoulder. it's very slow in the area. if you have to absolute gl this way, if you do have to exit typically at the polk parkway, you'll be forced to go down to the next exit west of there, county line road. speaking of which, county line road is really where we start to see those speeds bounce back but really just west of there from that point back to the polk parkway and it's getting the point now that we check out the updated delays in the area. it's getting back to the memorial boulevard area. so that's going to be the area of concern that you want to avoid. i-4 westbound between county line and memorial at this point. u.s. 92 could be a good work around and for some folks, frontage road might also work. pinellas county, we want to mention this crash at gulf to bay boulevard at u.s. 19. one lane is going to be blocked in the eastbound direction.
6:45 am
>>walter: we talked about mike evans' sideline protest of donald trump. let's not forget what happened after that, the big story with the bucs. their first win at home this season. they put a thump on the bears. pretty much everything going their way. some people call this the play of the game. jameis winston looking, finding, scrambling. he throws up. mike that led to a touchdown. final score 36-10. here is what jameis winston, the improvisor and the head coach koetter had to say about the play. >> throw it away. throw it away. get down. do anything. don't take a safety. but, you know, we talked about that with some of you folks earlier this week. you know, the thing about
6:46 am
for and he's going to do some things sometimes that i don't like. but jameis is going to make some plays. that's just who he is. and i was talking about the fine line. you can't coach that out of him. he's a special player in that respect. >> you know when you put the ball down and the protection breaks down, first thing you do is how can you extend the play? that's the first thing. how can i get out of here? and the lineman, she kept blocking. they didn't give up. >>walter: four consecutive games will be outside of the nfc. first up, travelling to kansas city next sunday. you can watch the game here on fox 13. and let's keep the bucs going. let's check in with charley belcher. i didn't want to call this a must-win but to really show that you guys are legit, they had to beat the bears and they did, in style. >>charley: no doubt. can we just play the 49ers and
6:47 am
if so, i think we'll be fine. and that play, that was so funny. sitting at home watching that play where jameis scrambles all the way back to the end zone, typical bucs fan, i'm screaming at the tv. no, you fool. no. you dummy. what are you -- oh, yeah. great job. i love you. it was sort of you're thinking the wrs -- worst outcome and then it was exciting. >>walter: throw it brilliant. awesome. >>charley: no, no, no, yes. it was nice to see them get a home win. i wish there were more people sitting in the stadium to watch it. but hey, you've got to sack a few more wins to get people back on board. but it was fun. it was great to see. i'll tell you, i really needed the win. after that hockey game saturday night and there is a reason i'm
6:48 am
saturday, my appear latch yan state mountaineers took on troy university and the winner of that will probably win the conference. mountaineers were the favorite at the beginning of the season to win the sun belt conference this year. troy university is suddenly a much better football team. and then the game on saturday. to add insult to anchorman and journalist and a graduate of troy university, when he started here, i started smack talking. the day he got here. and then troy won. troy won the game on saturday. so there you are, chris. you're far superior sports fan than i am and your school this
6:49 am
>>walter: what did we learn? >>charley: i should not talk smack until at least half-time. i will always love my appalachian state. two guys i really want to beat and rub it in on and those two men got the best of me. you have to college the rivalries. there's your little troy colors. great story this morning. how about a little shakespeare for love it. >>charley: i'm going to tell you with the scottish play that mac beth, the perfect town is dunedin. we're at dunedin high school and these talented young students are putting on mac beth. this opens this thursday, friday, saturday only. wait until you see some of the combat, how they included the piper band here into the stage
6:50 am
language. thou wish you have a good day, walter. >>walter: to you as well. i don't know what that meant. i think it meant for me to have a good day. there you go. and to you as well, sir. >>charley: thank you. >>walter: i got nothing when it comes to shakespeare. >>charley: i'll learn you. >>russell: do you want to continue this? >>laura: no. >>russell: that's too complicated, isn't it? >>laura: good job, boys. lettuce, tomato, mayor >>russell: one topping you wouldn't expect to see on a burger is making waves overseas and a lot of people are excited about this. the mc rib is back.
6:51 am
6:52 am
hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
6:53 am
since the dawn of >>laura: since the dawn of the email, we talked about how the u.s. postal service is losing money. >>russell: let's get to lauren simonetti to talk about the search for the missing cash. what's going on here? >> i don't know. i don't know. there's a routine out at -- i'm thinking audi, the car.
6:54 am
over six years' time, the post office commissions 97 studies. six year, 97 studies. they're going to find ways to get back in the black to be more productive and efficient. great. now, we don't know how much the studies cost so how much taxpayer money went to studies, we don't know and we won't know because there's a special clause the usps doesn't have to tell us. the rub is, in the audit, they could not find the studies. they were told to find about a third of they couldn't find them. if you can't find the study because you don't have the proper organization or what have you, how are you going to be efficient? how are you organized? how are we going to use what the studies told to you make your procedures work better? >>laura: i have to study on organization here in the office. it's somewhere in the filing cabinet. yeah. that's a problem. >> i always have everything in front of me and then you ask me,
6:55 am
>>laura: they have so much opportunity with technology. it's everywhere. there's opportunity but if they're not careful -- >>russell: yeah. >>laura: let's talk about the mc rib. we did an informal poll here in the news room. >>russell: not a big fan. >>laura: there was excitement for this, the mc rib. >> i'm glad you said that. everyone i've spoken to this morning, i haven't found any mc rib fans and yet, there's a cult following of this pork sandwich at for a limited period of time and the problem is, it's difficult to find because not every mcdonald sells the mc rib. it's 2016 and there's an app now to find the mc rib. it's playing hard to get. there's going to be an app. you can find one. you might have to travel longer to get it, only half of u.s. restaurants are going to sell it this year. >>russell: do we have time for the last one? or shall we save it? there's another topping on a
6:56 am
about. >> nutella on a burger at mcdonalds in italy. are you showing a picture? i'm looking at a picture right now. >>russell: i love nutella. >> but on a burger? i love nutella, too. but on a burger? you're going to try the nutella burger over a mc rib? >>russell: point taken. you're you're so right. >> i love nutella but -- and the italians are iffy on this one. some think it's great and some people are having my reaction. finger in my mouth. >>laura: i'm there with you, lauren. >>russell: all right. we have to run. >> nutella burgers for christmas for you. >>russell: we'll leave it there and see you later. bye. marvel's dr. strange wins at the box office, second week in a
6:57 am
the dmes i guess total to $153 million. trolls comes in second. $35 million. arrival came in third making its debut with $24 million which was actually higher than anticipated. >>laura: don't expect dr. strange to stay on top much longer. harry potter returns to the big screen with fantastic beasts and where to find them. this is expected to open somewhere between $75 million and $100 million. if it does well, expect to see more of it. the author says the new series will span 19 years across five movies. >>russell: at 7:00, why oprah says donald trump's body language has her hopeful for the future. >>laura: and "good day" is saying thank you to some dedicated people in our community and jennifer epstein introduces us to this nurse who has spent nearly 50 years helping others. hear her words for the next generation of nurses. >>russell: and dave osterberg
6:58 am
one. we'll show you a mud run that's unlike any dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
6:59 am
be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
7:00 am
((russell- a boycott by a espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. buccaneer. mike evans >>russell: a boycott by a bushing mike evans refuses to stand during the national anthem. >> two big hires to talk about. i'm in washington. we'll have the latest on the president elect coming up. >>laura: and "good day" says thank you. jennifer epstein starts her series this week of reports on people making a positive difference in our community with a story of a woman who has spent decades saving lives. welcome to the 7:00 hour of


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