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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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((russell- a boycott by a espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. buccaneer. mike evans >>russell: a boycott by a bushing mike evans refuses to stand during the national anthem. >> two big hires to talk about. i'm in washington. we'll have the latest on the president elect coming up. >>laura: and "good day" says thank you. jennifer epstein starts her series this week of reports on people making a positive difference in our community with a story of a woman who has spent decades saving lives. welcome to the 7:00 hour of
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>>russell: and i'm russell rhodes. we'll start with traffic. >>vanessa: this is the crash. particularly we're seeing the blockage on the exit ramp. this is exit 27 in the westbound direction. you can see they have most of this completely -- or most of this blocked off but folks are actually trying to skirt by here on what is now the left shoulder that's available and it is causing some concerns. i want to show you not only the lanes that are leading up afterwards so this is a shot we'll show you here. i'm just going to switch cameras, before you go to the crash site, backups are reported to about the area of memorial boulevard and polk county. and it takes a little while for those speeds to recover. you can see this is the camera shot a little bit to the west of county line road. we finally start to see relief. looking slow and enough that you'll want to avoid the area. u.s. 92 is going to be the best
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road. we'll let you know once we hear more about lane blocks. we'll keep you posted on those. >>dave: thank you. we do have mostly cloudy skies and a little bit of fog and it's really been confined to eastern portions of hillsborough county. notice the 3/4 mile visibility there and you can see it on the river view camera. it's mild, though, this morning. we're keeping the clouds around today, a little filtered sunshine and highs in the mid 70s naming names. the president elect has already chosen two high level jobs for his administration and there are more to come. >>laura: and he gave the first interview since president elect. a lot to talk about. >>reporter: good morning. there is. the president elect spent part of his weekend on the phone with world leaders and also in the process of building an administration from the ground up.
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>>reporter: donald trump telling "60 minutes" he was a little overcome when he learned he won the election. >> i did my final speech in michigan at 1:00 in the morning and we had 31,000 people. many people outside of the arena and i felt -- when i left, i said how are we going to lose? >>reporter: he's beginning to fill key white house positions. behind-the-scenes campaign chief executive will be chief strategist in the white by a consummate insider. priebus who won confidence over the course of the campaign will serve as chief of staff, responsible for day-to-day management. trump says he will address immigration, promising again to build a wall or at least a fence in some areas. >> so part wall, part fence? >> there could be some fencing. >>reporter: then obama kair. he's talking about keeping some
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to you take a look at this video. this was a peaceful protest of sorts and the person in the middle of this is mike evans. you're looking again at him captured there on the bench, seat add head of the game. he later told reporters the protests centered around tuesday's presidential election results. last week republican presidential nominee donald trump became the country's 45th president elect. veterans day followed friday. then the bucs paid military service members during a special salute to service sunday. here's how evans explained his decision to remain seated during the national anthem. >> i'm not -- i don't want to, you know, disrespect the veterans or anything. men and women that serve this country, i'm forever indebted to them. but the things that's been going on in america lately, i'm not going to stand for that. when ashton kutcher comes out
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i'll stand again. >>reporter: the buccaneers are deeply committed to the military and honoring great men and women that have dedicated their lives and made great sacrifice dozen sure all the tremendous freedoms we have in this country. that is part of a statement released by the bucs. the statement goes on to say, quote, we encourage all members of our organization to respectfully honor our flag during the flying of the national anthem and we recognize constitutional right to freedom of speech which is crucial to the american principles we cherish. wide receiver told reporters he did not share his intentions with the team ahead of time, saying that he did not want his decision to be misunderstood. reporting here at raymond james, fox 13 news. >>laura: thank you. >>russell: and we have this. oprah winfrey is pretty vocal supporter of hillary clinton but
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with president obama at the white house on thursday. oprah says that trump's body language gives her the impression this election has made him humble. even a tweet says everybody take a deep breath and with the hashtag, hope lives. well, that didn't sit well with some of her nearly 35 million twitter followers. one person said, does oprah have amnesia? was she not here the last 18 months? another follower said, okay. whoever the phrase, oprah just sold out. well, oprah has never really kept her political views private. she's always been a big supporter of president obama. seems like the anti-trump protestors have been attracting more people every day and sunday saw some of the largest crowds here in the bay area. nearly 1200 people attending two separate rallies in st. petersburg. the protestors kept it peaceful. >>laura: and donald trump says
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he told "60 minutes" that is what he will take, only what the law requires. >> i think i have to by law take $1 so i'll take $1 a year but i don't even know what it is. do you know what the salary is? >> $400,000 you're giving up. >> i'm not taking it. >>laura: there it is. salary of $400,000 a year he's refusing. over the course of four years, that's $1.6 million, double that that's not like he needs the money. he has a net worth of $3.7 billion. >>russell: other news right now, a woman is fighting for her life after a fatal crash on i-275. she was a passenger in an suv that hit a concrete barrier that went off the overpass. the car fell 70 feet, landing upside down. driver died. we've not been told names yet. cause of the crash is still under investigation. >>laura: an suv hit the side of
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sarasota. there it is. also hit a few tables before coming to a stop and a gas line. the driver was given a ticket for careless driving. >>russell: abandoned ship. that's what four people had to do yesterday morning off the coast of longboat key. the boat they were on was rescued and everybody is okay. >>laura: paying more than $2 million for property worth less than that. the reason that many people consider that a small price to pay. >>russell: teaching your social skills. why they'll thank you later on. hello, dave. >>dave: hello. 66 degrees outside at tampa international. in fact, everybody is in the 60s this morning. we have a little bit of cloud cover, also a little bit of fog in eastern hillsborough county so we're going to go with the filtered sunshine today. and if you happen to run into a stray sprinkle, don't be surprised but we're not going to get much in the way of rain as the whole front moves through.
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>>dave: there's the sun this morning popping up. beautiful. i know we have a lot of cloud cover and for those of you that got up early, early, early to see the supermoon, i hope you got a chance to see it filtered through some cloud cover and the john hopkins all children's hospital camera shows us, yeah, we do have some breaks in the clouds. 66 in tampa at this hour. mid 60s wesley chapel, brandon, bartow, lakeland, brooksville, new port richey, degrees at this hour. as you step outside, you're going to notice it does feel -- i'm not going to say it's muggy but you do notice a difference because it was dry over part of the weekend and then started to get more muggy. now, to the north, you see this blue. there's all temperatures in the 40s. alabama, mississippi, georgia, you get in the panhandle in jacksonville, 50. 57 in gainesville. 50 in panama city. we have 50s to the north across
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is definitely headed our way because this front is slowly working southeastward. we have the cloud cover around. one or two little tiny sprinkles to go with it. rain is not an issue. and then high pressure is going to build in, just build in behind this front. i think tomorrow morning you're going to wake up to temperatures five to eight degrees cooler than they are right now. what is this? what is this, you ask? southwest caribbean, we have a little area that we're watching down here. and right now, the computer model is kind of up in the air as to whether they want to develop it or not. it could become a tropical depression sometime this week and work toward the north and the east. something that bears watching. the hurricane season is not over until november 30 technically so 7:14. let's go through the forecast. 76 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, cooler weather and yesterday hit 81 degrees so we're going to be
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to the 59 degrees in the tampa area and i think areas east and north will be several degrees cooler than that and then for tomorrow, the sunshine returns and the drier air settles in, lovely, lovely temperatures. your high of around 75 degrees. boaters, moderate chop set up for later this afternoon. water temps 73. next tide is 7:44. a little less than half an hour or so out at the st. pete pier. high tide at next seven days, back to the upper 70s. we may even touch 80 for friday and saturday. just nice weather, though. other than a stray shower or sprinkle this morning, i don't see any rain for the next seven days. we continue with the dry spell. >>vanessa: thank you. we want to update the roads with the latest crash and then back to i-4 that's still a problem for folks in the hillsborough county area. causeway at u.s. 301, rash is
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otherwise, you can see on 301 itself, running up to speed in the area and through that intersection. all right. we'll get back to i-4:this is a live look at polk county. we're watching that crash that's on the exit ramp off of westbound i-4 onto polk parkway exit 27. same lane blocks as before. looks like folks are just barely able to skirt by on the ramp on that left-hand side. so very slow from this point, basically line road so continue to avoid the area. i tossed out work arounds but you can see the delays are creeping further and further. best work around is going to very widely depending on where you're coming from and where you're going to. you can see right now, the area to avoid, particularly county line road, back to memorial boulevard. we'll let you know when this clears out.
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days of price drops for gas. analysts think they will keep falling as we approach the holidays. >>russell: if you need to ride the bus, if you need a ride to the bus stop, i should say, there's a new app for that. hillsborough area rapid transit authority will have someone give you a ride to one of the major bus stations at usf or in the carol wood area. they'll take you users can pay for cash. it's free. service may expand to the brandon area by the middle of next year. >>laura: fans are mourning the death of another music legend this morning. >>russell: and jennifer epstein says thank you to someone making a difference. >>jennifer: getting ready to retire can be both a scary and exciting time. this week on "good day," we're giving some hard working people in our community the proper
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field for almost five decades. hear what she'll miss most about being a nurse and why her co-workers say the hospital won't be the same without her. first, charley belcher. good morning. >>charley: good day to you. do you know how you can get close to dunedin? you roll down the windows and
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welcome to disney springs.
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time is 7:--. strong >> time is 7:21. strong after shocks from a powerful earthquake are rattling nerves this morning in new zealand. >>russell: most people haven't had time to assess the damage yet. the quake shook the country with a magnitude of 7.8, caused landslides and tsunami waves, at least two people have died. prime minister has taken an aerial tour of the damage. he saw piles of rubble where homes once stood and cracks and holes in many of the highways leading to the area.
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while the quake was strong, the epicenter was deep and far from the urban areas. >>laura: family, friends and fans are mourning the death of legendary musician, leon russell. hall of famer collaborated with some biggest names in music during his 50-year career. beach boys, bob dylan and the rolling stones to name a few funeral arrangements are being made. he was 74 years old. >>russell: several dozen wildfires are burning in the mountains of north carolina and georgia. investigators think most of them are arson. one of the fire has grown to more than 13,000 acres. smoke is so thick in some places that people have to wear masks. federal aid is on the way to help fight the fires. >>laura: competing in the tough mudder is tough business.
7:23 am
intense obstacles you have to complete. this race in las vegas is the worldest toughest mudder. it's a 24-hour race where competitors compete as many lanes around the race as possible. there's an electricity wall where runners are shocked when they pass through. 1,500 people took part this year. is it a relay? they just keep going? >>dave: you j 24 hours. as much as you can go. as many times as you can go around. >>russell: that looks like so much fun. >>dave: do you know what? the race itself, the actual tough mudder, that's fun to do in a group. when you have a bunch of people that just want to help each other through, it's fun like that. i don't know if i want to do the 24 hours, though. 7:23. we have 67 degrees the usf
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enclosed cover. we're getting what we call filtered sunshine this morning. you're seeing it there. we're at 66 degrees and also out toward the beach where the mostly cloudy skies continue and it's 67 in the sirata beach camera. we'll probably make it to the mid 70s today and even though we have some cloud cover around, we'll start to break out in sunshine tomorrow and temperatures should be lovely. mid to upper 70s tuesday, wednesday, going into thursday as well. vanessa? >>vanessa: they nice. all right. thanks, dave. it's 7:24 and here's a new crash we'r you might see minor to monthly raid delays southbound at fletcher. we have a single lane that's blocked. maybe moderate at the most is what i'm seeing as far as the slowdowns in the area. we're still watching the major slowdowns on i-4. this camera in the area of county line road, westbound i-4 still a problem back into polk county around the memorial boulevard is where we're seeing delays start to stack up, too. make sure you're continuing to avoid that stretch of i-4.
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roadways. heading into i-4 from bearss, of course, no big surprise there 275 south. that's a 20 minute ride. it should take you 18 minutes to get from 75 to the interchange if you're taking i-4 westbound. >>russell: an impressive win for the bucs. defense dominates and offense scores a lot of points. that's great. the highlights coming up. ll together now
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welcome back to good day tampa bay. the time is 7:--. today in orlando, city leaders will meet to
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city leaders will officially approve the purchase of the pulse nightclub. >>russell: jackie is there this morning. >>reporter: the city of orlando is officially acquiring the pulse nightclub now. what's next, the mayor wants the opinions of the public to figure out what they want to do for a permanent memorial site here. the mayor says the decision to buy the property was made a while ago. the city the appropriate time to take it over. now the city is paying $2.25 million to buy the bulls on south orange avenue. that's $600,000 more than the appraised value. the community is also invited to share their ideas for a permanent memorial following today's official vote. the mayor says don't expect big changes to come right away. >> one of the things that they
7:30 am
sign. again, city council will be meeting later on today to make that official vote. for now reporting here, fox 13 news. >>laura: new research says that clean living can reverse the negative effects of having bad genes. no smoking, eating well, regular exercise, staying slim can all reduce the risk of heart disease by half, they say. the opposite is also true. unhealthy habits can ruin the benefits of having good genes. dna is not your destiny when it comes to health. you have a lot of control over what happens. how about that? how a child acts in kindergarten could foreshadow their success later in life. that's the results of a 20-year study found in the american journal of public health. researchers found that children who share and listen and get along with others in kindergarten are much more successful than educated adults. it's important for parents to
7:31 am
socially ready for kindergarten. if they're immature, it could set them up for a tough road ahead. >> that's one of the things that we had identified in the little mini bye that we were just sitting back a little too much. we needed to pressure more. we needed to add on faster on our blitzes and i thought our guys did a heck of a job with that today. >>dave: the bucs blew out the bears quarterback jameis winston throwing for 312 yards, two touchdowns. it's the first time the bucs have won at home this season. they're going to play the chiefs in kansas city next sunday. bucs improve on the season. by the way, they're only one game behind, game and a half, something like that. second place in the nfc south. everyone else lost in the
7:32 am
so to talk more about the game, monday morning quarterback, let's bring in mr. walter allen. how are you? >>walter: i'm good and i'm very impressed by this win. it's against the bears so it's not like the best team in the league but this team does so many different things and i'll start with confidence. i think all phases of the game, defense, confidence. they forced turnovers, interceptions, fumbles and dimensional without a running game, you get doug martin back. >>dave: the confidence they're having in quarterback, too, and jameis winston. >>walter: that's a great transition. let's get to the play of the game. >>dave: of the year. >>walter: jameis winston scrambling. go the other way. throw it. get rid of it. >>dave: nice block. >>walter: 39 yards to mike evans. are you kidding me?
7:33 am
receptions for 66 yards but time of possession with the offense, it was 37 minutes to the bears 22 so almost doubled their time of possession. >>dave: before we get to the defense, don't roll that video yet, let's talk about this for a second. mike evans has been their offense. but yesterday, jameis winston found other guys. he found other people. >>walter: tha the team. >>dave: that's good. you don't want a one dimensional offense. that was good moving forward. now he knows i can trust this person, i can trust that person. >>walter: and derek koetter would have been common sense for him to throw the ball away before it even got close to the goal line. it went good. >>dave: and talking about the defense, they were channelling the 85 bears yesterday. my goodness gracious.
7:34 am
six, 20 yarder bringing that back. that just set the tone. >>walter: it really did. >>dave: they have four turnovers. two picks, four tumbles, four sacks. and then this ridiculous safety. i didn't know what was going on. okay. so there was a safety. it was just they were pressuring and pressuring and pressuring jay cutler all day long. and i think as you that goes well. you have to go to kansas city next week. they're tough to play at home and you're bringing in the confidence and the defense that you just shredded chicago and i think it's fantastic. >>walter: when you as a defense generate eight points, you're doing things the right way for sure. the right way, bring it back. doug martin. now we have a two dimensional offense again. doug martin didn't have like a stellar day. 16 carries, 33 yards but here, you get him into the end zone in
7:35 am
at the full back, shall we? you might know him. i believe his number is 93. he's a big boy. that's gerald mc coy leading the way for doug martin. he's a fullback. i think you or i could score that touchdown maybe. >>dave: i don't know why teams don't do that more often when they get down to the goal line, get the big lineman in there to help out. >>walter: mc coy. if you want to play them on all three phases of the game. >>dave: up next, chiefs in kansas city. >>walter: i like the chances. guys? >>laura: very nice. thank you, gentlemen. some of you woke up in the middle of the night to see the supermoon. it's the closest the moon has been to earth in 68 years and it won't come this close again until 2034. we sent ken to check it out, do
7:36 am
>>reporter: supermoon deal is a once in a lifetime opportunitied. -- opportunity. if you've been checking out the skies and haven't seen anything because it's been so cloudy, well, you may have to wait a long time before you get another opportunity to check it out. the next time the supermoon is going to show up is going to be 2034. that's 18 years from now. now, obviously some folks were able to and lucky enough to see it. took these photos and sent them in to us. the best time to s supermoon was supposed to be about an hour ago. but at least from our vantage point, at the regatta point marina in bradenton, we couldn't see anything at all because the sky was so cloudy. in a perfect world, the supermoon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual. now, that was supposed to be the brightest full moon since the 1948. so if you haven't seen it this time, don't give up. you might take a look tonight. but i understand from dave, our
7:37 am
be cloudy as well but that depends on where you are in the bay area. photos you saw were from people in a huge vantage point. don't give up. but if it doesn't happen tonight, you'll have to be waiting until 2034. good luck on that one. back to you guys. >>jennifer: there are a lot of hard working people in the community and this week, we're honoring some of those people who spent their lives making been helping save lives for almost five decades. the adrenaline, spontaneity and most importantly, the people. just some things that lori loves about her job. >> i like to be able to look at a challenge, you know. i like to come in and have a bunch of drips and a really sick patient and know that i'm going to make them better that day,
7:38 am
worse. >>jennifer: nearly half a century helping folks heal. >> how is your head feeling after being up and around? are you okay? >> it's sore. >>jennifer: these had the title of registered nurse most of her life. after 46 years, lori is getting ready to hang up her stethoscope and scrubs. >> it's something that's been part of my identity so that's going to be different but i'm ready for an adventure, a new one. >>jennifer: from medical to technological advances like different now than it was in 1970 when she graduated from nursing school in tampa. >> you know, you do what you have to do to take care of patients. >>jennifer: that's gotten lori so far in her career and remembering the good ol' days. >> from midnight to 1:00, it would get quiet and we would have bedpan races down the hall.
7:39 am
the hall and see who would win. then they got rid of the metal bedpans. it doesn't work as well on plastic ones. >>jennifer: lori wants the next generation to know it's not all gloom and doom. >> there's a lot of joy in it. there's a lot of sorrow in it, of course, but there's joy in it because we do help people and we do become good friends. >>jennifer: lori is more than a friend. she's admired, respected a loved. >> it will be quite a loss. miss seeing her every day and stuff like that. >>jennifer: the hospital won't be the same without lori and finding a replacement will be hard, if not impossible to do. but after five decades of taking care of others, it's time for lori to sit back, sleep in and take care of herself. and she is looking forward to it. lori's last day at st. joe's is december 22, exactly 40 years to
7:40 am
hernando county deputy who spent more than two decades keeping kids in school and out of trouble and we'll hear how the community is now helping her beat cancer. >>laura: that's great. >>jennifer: pretty remarkable people. >>russell: this is great. >>laura: see you tomorrow, thank you. >>russell: big celebrity makes a surprise baby announcement and she's kept it from us for months. >>laura: and the battle at the box office. which new movie did best over the weekend? >>russell: and a look outs dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>>dave: 7:44. came in and there were a few sprinkles on the radar. not much, though. this is one of those months where it's just -- you can't buy a raindrop. one or two sprinkles around cedar key this rn and that's really about it as this front comes through. but interestingly enough, the drier air is not that far away. cooler, drier air is up across i-10 and that's slowly going to work its way toward the south and the east. while it feels a little warm, a little muggy this morning, mid to upper 60s, you have dew points in the low to mid 60s, you see the yellow color to the north? you have dew points in the 50s.
7:45 am
24 hours, that drier air is going to settle back in. it's going to be around for much of the week as well. so this front slides south and east. with it, i think we continue with the cloud cover for the most part today. you might get a little of what i call peek-a-boo sunshine here and there. i still think in general, we'll deal with mostly cloudy skies. watch the future cast. no rain to speak of. you're getting into 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. here comes the breaks in the clouds and it all moves southeastward and we get into sunshine, especially by tomorrow afternoon. other than cloud cover, we're looking good the next several days. temperaturewise, not too hot, 76 for later today. tonight, now, it will get a little cooler as we usher in some cooler, drier air.
7:46 am
to north, you'll be cooler and it all depends on when you clear skies out, what the overnight lows are. if it clears out, maybe a little bit cooler in citrus county and sunshine for tomorrow, especially in the afternoon with a high temperature around 75 degrees. looking at boaters, we have seas two feet with a moderate chop and i believe we're at our low tide right now. just a couple of minutes ago. high tide at 2:33 this afternoon. next several extreme heat, no extreme cool. i'm liking it. i just love november weather. it really is nice. >>vanessa: you have to take a look at this. this is from the citrus county sheriff's office. this is from the beverly hills area and they are reporting a huge hole that's opened up along truman boulevard due to a water main break. there's a vehicle that is stuck in the hole.
7:47 am
picture, though. yeah. it's almost completely swallowed by the hole. so this is happening, truman boulevard and it's shut down the roadway between washington street and barber street and the sheriff's office is asking folks to avoid the area if they can. this looks like a good work around. regina boulevard just to the northeast and we'll be following this for a little while. this is a water main break. this is what they're saying in roadways, we're watching i-4 westbound where we have the slow speeds still in the area of county line road, back to memorial. this is off the polk parkway where we have the lane blocks. the westbound lane is still partially blocked so a lot of you folks are paying the price with the slower speeds and the delays we're seeing so continue to plan extra time or avoid. pasco county, an area to definitely give yourself extra
7:48 am
state road 54 at oak grove boulevard. we have a crash there with two of those westbound lanes blocked. use caution as always, too. >> how do i get from here to there? >> study and practice. years of it. >>russell: dr. strange still wins at the box office. the marvel movie tells the story of a superhero who travels through parallel dimensions. also at the box office, troll $ number the sci-fi thriller opens arrivals at number three. almost christmas in fourth place. hacksaw ridge the top five. >>laura: this week the wizards world of harry potter returns to the big screen with fantastic beasts and where to find them. it's expected to open somewhere between 75 and $100 million. expect to see more, too.
7:49 am
five movies. >>russell: kelly clarkson is sharing pictures of her faep's trip to disney world. there's river rose all dressed up like a princess. there's snow white and tinker bell and the trip ends back at the hotel with river and remington and finally some much needed nap time. >>laura: for everyone. we haven't seen pin now we know why. there she is. she's pregnant. and she has been hiding it from everyone. go ahead for her. nothing wrong with a little privacy. she finally made the announcement over the weekend with a beautiful picture of her daughter willow. she's very pregnant. she captioned the picture, surprise. looks like a boy. >>russell: you think? >>laura: you carry it like a basketball. >>russell: hey, charley belcher,
7:50 am
-- guys. when you're doing it on stage, it's okay to say mac beth. that's what they're doing here at dunedin high school. it's got witches. yes, it does. it has royalty that are very quiet. it has warriors. and of course, mac beth and his lady. tell you all about school production when "good day
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
>>charley: "good day." i hope thou art having a good day thus far. i'm charley belcher hanging at dunedin hig theater students are putting on mac beth, a shakespeare classic known as the scottish play. we're in the scottish town of dunedin. cindy, our theater teacher here, it's quite an undertaking. mac beth probably one of the toughest. >> shakespeare is a little intimidating. we should teach. i had a lot to learn about shakespeare so we're doing it
7:54 am
>> it's been a great experience. >>charley: and i'm shocked that dunedin high school, you would think they would do it every year or every couple of years. >> we try to bring it every 10 years. that's coming in the spring. we're having a scottish theme year. yeah. >>charley: now, you happen to have a pipe band. bring your own kilt and they did. they're doing the wave. so you've incpo >> how could you not? you're in dunedin. we have the pipes and the drums. we have incorporated them in because it's key to the tradition. and dunedin is about the scottish tradition. we're throwing it in wherever we can. >>charley: remind everybody the plot of mac beth. if i remember correctly, a power hungry couple. >> anybody in the game of
7:55 am
mac beth. it's definitely that -- it's pretty violent, it is a tragedy, shakespeare, and so it's just mac beth trying to kill anybody that gets in his way. >> witches have told him he will become key or something and lady mac beth says, come on now. let's make this happen. and kill anybody that gets in your way. is my high school english coming back to me? everything that's ever happened on so you'll realize some of the current literature. it's funny. it's not like you have to translate. you have to interpret it. but the emotion and in their actions and everything, it's very clear. >> we're going to talk about a little combat here, and we'll break down the language a little bit, russell and laura. >>russell: all right. looking forward to it. see you in awhile. thank you. >>laura: it is never too early
7:56 am
check out this american legion post in tampa which looked more like santa's workshop over the weekend. volunteers put together christmas care boxes for troops overseas and for the last 1 # -- 11 years care packages from home. mini christmas tree with decorations, canned home, cranberries and string beans. >> we're bringing america and home to these troops. many of these young men, and they're this far away from home. >>laura: boxes will be sent to troops stationed in africa and afghanistan, iraq and korea. >>russell: some of the bucs will be bowling tonight all for a good cause. bowl for kids' sake. several players will host the event for big brothers and big sisters of america. about 100 local kids are currently on the waiting list for a big brother, big sister.
7:57 am
tickets are $50 to watch or $1,500 to play with the bucs. >>laura: coming up at 8:00, we're getting smart about antibiotics. doctors from johns hopkins all children's hospital will join us to talk about when we need to take them, when we don't and why doctors say they're going to be more careful now about prescribing them. >>russell: and a telephone pole goes straight through a car. the driver walks away. >>laura: and we're talking toys. our studio is packe must-have gifts for little ones. hottest toys of the season and
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have you checked your vet bill lately? the price of pet care is exploding. but have you checked your vet bill lately? the price of pet care is exploding. but there are a ways to keep the cost down. >> and trump's vision for america fra the economy to immigration, and what about the wall? the president-elect is opening up. from tampa bay's news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody eighths 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up with us on monday morning november 14th we need to get look at the forecast with dave osterberg. morning. a lot of cloud cover around right now. and the visibility its beginning to get better we did have fog but i'm show you lakeland net camera 64 degrees and cover cast skies. really not a big deal. i mean brook dale bay shore you


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