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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  November 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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have you checked your vet bill lately? the price of pet care is exploding. but have you checked your vet bill lately? the price of pet care is exploding. but there are a ways to keep the cost down. >> and trump's vision for america fra the economy to immigration, and what about the wall? the president-elect is opening up. from tampa bay's news station, this is good day tampa bay. hey everybody eighths 8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. good morning we thank you for waking up with us on monday morning november 14th we need to get look at the forecast with dave osterberg. morning. a lot of cloud cover around right now. and the visibility its beginning to get better we did have fog but i'm show you lakeland net camera 64 degrees and cover cast skies. really not a big deal. i mean brook dale bay shore you
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and there at 65. an then out toward the beach where we of mostly cloudy skies and 64 degrees. so keeping with that cloudy or mostly cloudy theme for today. i think we should still manage to make it back up into the mid 70s. i think decent overall vanessa. >> yeah, absolutely no complaints with that. >> all right dave, thank you. it's 8:0 one on roadways we want to get back to i-4 good news for folks even though still reporting lane blocks westbound i-4 polk county parkway number 27 exit, looks like you might want to plan few extra minutes still if you have to head this way other than i don't see a big need to take any big detours like we were seeing earlier in morning a quick update here pasco we mention this in last hour. state road 54 crashes two westbound lanes oak grove boulevard definitely seeing notable delays i went up and through alternate route for you just to south of you if you can please take county line road. i know russell not only thing happening on roadways. no it isn't.
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main break caused a huge hole on truman boulevard, in beverly hills. a car is look at that. that yes tha what you're think it is a car stuck in the water filled hole. car keeps sinking. it's now completely engulfed citrus deputies firefighters on water company are all there. nobody's hurt. but, needless to say we've got an issue for a time. this morning we're seeing a new side of president-elect donald trump. one that's softening up on som he's not backing down from others. >> fox 13 jen epstein is here now with look the some donald trump's first what he said during his first interview since winning presidency. and what is next. good morning, jen. >> good morning, russel and laura donald trump says he would build wall between mexico and u.s. plans to deport millions of immigrants but says there will be a fence in some places instead of a wall. and he'll only deport those immigrants he feels are a threat to society.
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dangerous. and it won't happen immediately after he takes office. now that's a big change from estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants he threatened to deport during his campaign. something to note here, president obama deported about 2 million immigrants who were here illegally during his time as president. during interview president-elect wanted to calm americans fears and let them know they are in safe hands. we are going to do is criminal records gang members drug dealers, we have a lot of these people, probably two million could even be three million. we're getting them out of their country or going to incarcerate. trump also says he's fine with supreme court's decision that same sex marriages are valid even though he vowed to repeal and replace obamacare he seed wants to keep some key provisions like one protecting people with preexisting conditions. trump also appeared to back away from has promises to a point of special prosecutor to
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server. in fact he spoke highly of her during interview. one thing he did not soften on abortion rights. he plans to keep his promise to name supreme court justice appose rights and help overturn roe v. wade. which would take it out of the federal government's hands and put it the into each state's. and if state does not allow abortion trump says that mean as woman would have to go to different state. >> all right jen, thank you. and to other byes a pew named two top advisors reince priebus will a serve a white house chief ralph steve bah none chief strategist and senior ban inran a conservative website. >> donald trump didn't waste new time he's already hard a work overnight oh spoke with chinese president. trump's office says two leaders established a clear sense of mutual respect for each other president-elect says moving forward he will have one strong e. relationships for both
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to move into white house jeern 20th. while many people couldomy dream of living there, donald trump is the exception. he says he's going to split his time between washington d.c. and his penthouse apartment in manhattan. trump advisors told "new york times" that he plans to do it as he transitions into the job. but as advisors also say there's a chance it could become more permanent once he feels more comfortable in it. you know we've seeing protest across bay area an their figurings amendment right to oppose the presidential election. and a bucs player demonstrated in his own way about sunday's gabing mike everyone's sat during national anthem he said in protest not to do veterans or flag it had everything to do with donald trump winning the white house. fox 13's shayla reeves is live for us raymond james stadium what wide receiver had to say about whole ordeal and why he's not done sitting.
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so far said that he did not share his intentions with the team and did not want his decision to be misunderstood. here's some video from sunday. ahead of bucs match up against the chicago bears. you can see there on your screen, tampa bay buccaneer mike eans remains seated during national anthem behind team he later told reporter the protests centered around tuesday's presidential election results. donald trump became the countries 45th president-elect. listen to what everyone's had to say after the game. you know, when he ran i thought it was a joke, and the joke continues. i will so as always, as always he's the president-elect. i'm not a political person, but i have common sense i know when
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statement saying buccaneers deeply committed to a military and honoring the great men and women that have dedicated their lives and have made great sacrifices to an all tremendous freedoms we have in this great country. we encourage all memberses to respectfully honor our flag during a playing of national anthem. we also recognize every individualing constitutional right to freedom of speech. which is crucial to the american principles we cherish. now sunday t tribute to military service members in a special salute to service. everyone's stressed to reporter ed he had no intention of disrespecting the veterans adding, the men and women who serve this country, i am forever indebted to them. he went on to say, but the things that have been going on in america lately i'm not going to stand for that. of course we'll continue to follow and keep you posted should any new information
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laura, back to you. shayla reeves live for us a one buc. thank you. a miracle on road to florida's east coast. take look at these pictures. this phone pole got lodged in car a person who hit walked away minor injuries. overnight palm bay fire rescue crews had to extract the driver from crushed car the driver was taken to hospital but is expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. well, the clouds made super moon a lite but we've got another chance tonight. dave's got the forecast next. then what is hot in toy trend this christmas season? our toy guy is setting up shopt right away he will walk me through some hottest trends. nice. and you go ahead. doctors appointments. medications all expensive. coming up 8:30, jen talks to tells us about healthcare industry. on the rise and why it has
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and charley belcher >> and we're firing up the pipe band here dunedin high school. oh. i love it. yeah. you might say this is fight song. because when when we come back talking about their performance of macbeth. all about the warriors. are you ready for battle?
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8:12 on this monday morning. most of us just kind of sitting in mid 60s. we've literally been here all morning long. because, of the low cloud cover just hanging around. notice to north you have clear skies it's cooler it's 50 degrees in panama city. 50 in jacksonville. and most of us, at least here in central florida mid to upper 60s.
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a little bit fog. look at the dry air. boy this dry air sitting to north of us. and it's going to settle in over the next 24 hours. this is my symbol for settling in. i don't know why i just did that. yeah we're looking a beautiful, beautiful forecast. we will get through cloud cover today. and then future cast will show us that we'll finally clear skies out late tonight, tomorrow morning once we do that, then the rest of the week looks fantastic. so yeah i'll take few clouds, no big deal. mostly cloudy, 76 deee with some cloud cover around may get back to upper 50s as we usher in at the surface some cooler dryer air really a lovely day tomorrow. some sunshine in afternoon your high temperature around 75 degrees. we are expecting a moderate chop by the way for boaters. do want to moint that northwest wind 15 knots. sunshine. 77 on wednesday. 78 on thursday. and then friday and saturday, we're going to get back up to
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so really a beautiful seven-day forecast. time to check roadways heir vanessa. all right dave, thank you. quickly i just wanted to give folks a few more specifics about where we're seeing this hole in beverly areas and work around since we didn't get to touch on those few minutes ago this picture coming to us from heriff's office in citrus county showing water main break true moon shut down area between was are barber streets your work will be re-gina boulevard to north. we right now. we do have really big delays in southbound direction of manatee county. 75. state road 64 is where we have the site of a new crash. and and according to fhp left lane will be blocked. most of your delays from 64 to a little bit south of there down towards 70 p some of those speeds were having a hard time recovering you do have moderate congestion from 64 back to 30 one. those would be areas of concern if you're looking for a stretch
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>> >> all right. so the holidays junior just a few weeks away. you got your shopping list made out snow know what your kids want you looking for ideas kreef chris bern here he's back our toy guy. he's got the best job in the world. you are going to talk about hot holiday is to this year p.m. we're going start down leader leap frog. leap start brand new system from leap frog. takes kids from prekindergarten through first grade with lots of exploratory interactive learning as they can use the stylus to life and learn and play. everything from a letters and numbers to stab and all kinds of great immersive stuff. science technology, educational toys really are popular. and kids love them. they love them. information is a they love learning things. great new show on sprouts super wings the super wings world airport. we've got all of different characters here. transforming characters. this is from oddly usa go down the thing and take off. just really sweet way to play
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all kinds of great things. that's about 44.99. now we will test out your el at that magic my elsa magic has not not, woulding too well lately. small kingdom. enchanted else is a ride palace supposed to work motion activation it doesn't always work on tv lights. okay. so unfortunately. but we've done one here. where actually i'm go cheat show you how it actually rises up. will rise up. motion activation it rise up. and you can have all the tiny kingdom characters comes elsa and olaf. just really, really creative play. there she goes. oh my gosh. it's going. >> see. >> i will no go being building a castle here in tampa bay. >> great new characters we love. great new character we love called mood sters 5 little guys that help kids understand
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lovering and frightened. and what we love about this is it really is a way for kids to make emotions real for them. so it really does help them understand when they are feeling sad when they are feeling happy and comes with bunch of activity books and stickers. then we've got some plastic. >> over here. this is the john deere super treads two x scoop. it's just a basic classic play. it's the scoops, it lifts. this is the trends anything. from tomey to done injury line. about 29.99. so it's really, really classic construction play. and finally >> and finally. lion guard training lens. lie an garden is huge new show from disney. it actually takes kids through all different things. all about this guy here. son nahla. and lion king simba. right. and yes. exactly and this is all got all kinds of great things for them
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we've got doors that open. all kinds of great ways for kids to bring this show to live center from just play. that's about 54.99. that's a zip line you can ride down and just really a cool way to play. because kids love to bring series to life. this looks likes real joy to put together. it actually not bad. actually not bad. here's my big tip read instruction don't wait until 12:on one on december screwdriver. and sometimes santa will be nice. amazing. always amazed when that happens. hang around next hour too. i have stuff for older kids. thank you so much chris burn. all right russell send it over to you. i love your fail safe. that was great. great. all right. from cancer to cataracts your health is hereditary. that doesn't mean your genes are stacked against you. xhug up a 9 o'clock this morning how to get upper hand on your
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but first. shakespeare said once done is cannot undone. a lesson we all know as adults hih school students are learning that too.
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where this thursday night, they are opening shake spears macbeth. the scottish play being done in scottish town. love cindy fuller theater teacher. thursday night, friday night and saturday night. that's it. lot of work for three performances. it is a lot. but that's how it goes. it cannot perform shakespeare without an especially a tragedy without some a little bit violence. stage combat. stage combat. basically, i taught them the basic stance. so you've got, you know like a sword fighting stance like this. then 5 basic cuts. so the head, right arm, left arm, left flank, right flank or something like that. i forget as i'm going. there's a basic pattern to it. >> a head, upper both lower body. yes, that's it. then they embellish and make it their and put emotion into it.
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the weaponry which the weaponry, it was created all by well all by this gentleman down here mike monroe. and he actually made many of the swords backstage. here's an example of one light here. he did the research for it. historically they are heir storecally correct for scottish weaponry. >> let's see a little bit. let's see tell me about this fight right here. >> okay so they have more choreographed scene they've incorporated a jump. basic cu we have music to set the stage. give me some fighting music, boys. ? ? ? ? ? ? yeah. yeah. i like.
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cute little smile on your face whole time. yeah. very good. very good. all right. now this is the main event here. in this scene we have king duncan played by george hunt dallas one of our warriors they went a little more violent because the king, you think he's so passionate about scotland. they threw a little more into their scene. safely and controlled. all right. here's more of that fighting music, fellas. oh. spoiler alert. yeah. all right. what are you getting back up there for? >> i think you're missing something there. his knee or foot on my back. crazy triteaking you this morning. that's all right. not opening night yet. not opening night. lot work goes into that because
8:25 am
83 a lot here too, you know. a lot of hair. >> it looks like you don't come out on winning end on this no. we had a make up done, took about 5 to ten minutes from that lovely lady over there busy. busy. we'll talk about make up in a minute. where's your hand. there's make up artist right there appear great job. well done. it's fun. always fun. yeah. love being on stage. good. be careful. controlled. look violent don't really be violent. that's all right. thank you. >> boys and their swords. all right. there you go. russell and laura. when we come back we will breakdown this language and talk about special effects and hopefully they will have a good day. all right. that was fun. that was impressive, man. yeah. all right. we'll see you later. >> this morning a local teacher with cancer is learning that she
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our pets hold special place our hearts they can also take a huge bite out of your bang account. jen epstein is going to be here
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((russell 2shot)) do-it-yourself gun kits welcome everybody. 8ed clop 30. do to yourself gun kitsz are becoming more popular. that's got law enforcement worried. because they are untraceable. he so-called ghost guns can purchased without a background check. because of way the government defines a firearm. at least six companies who make
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recent years. including one? central florida kids are popular begun rights active's parts have no serial numbers or any other markings they do not have to be registered. one man dead another passengers in his hospital after their car fell 70 feet over a concrete barrier. and off the side of i 275. landing upside down. >> just after 5:30 last night investigators say the dodge durango was committing on i 175 right near tropicana field when the driveros florida highway patrol is still investigating what caused the crash. one shooting took lives of baby and two women and jacksonville sheriff's department needs they are still not sure why. man drove himself in three others into a fire station. they had all been shot. right now investigators say they believe the shooting happened after a fight between some women outside of a food mart. detectives say there is at least one shooter. and they are still combing through evidence at multiple
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council meeting to approve more $2 million to buy the pulse night club city. and the owners of club say a sales contract last friday but it isn't a done deal until the council gives the green light. that deal would turn the site into a permanent memorial purchase price $600,000. more than it's appraised value. and was a compromise reached between owners and city. mayor buddy dooir says a public process will determine what that memorial will exactly be. property will remai the next year. 18 months. and continue to serve as a gathering place for mourners. nice motorcycle ride for group of post 54 legion rider a veteran's day parade turned into rescue mission. person they ended up helping was none other than boss himself bruce springsteen. group of men saw broken down motorcycle on side of road. they pulled over to help. they knew who it was. and need ad ride in town until
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>> how great is that? that's cool. yeah. all right. third grade teacher from bradenton is in the fight of her life right now. she's balloting breast cancer. and today, the students and faculty of academy are letting her know that she's not fighting alone. fox 13 ken suarez live in courtyard with students where flab mob is under way to remind her she has lot of support. this ought to be something, excitement here take look at the crowd. we're talking pink all over pink things they wave back and forth. pink shirts, pink dresses. we're talking pink pink pink. for an obvious reason. because this t-shirt unfortunately has breast cancer. her name jessica. out of school for about six weeks or so. this is her first day back. and what a welcome she is going to get. i think she's coming down
8:33 am
[ cheering ] [ applause ] [ cheering and applause ] >> she's coming down. going to talk to very active parents here. her name is tracy rosa. what an event. >> i might be crying. you bot got to pull it together for i can't. this is so awesome. these kids have been preparing to welcome her back. we love mrs. bass. we're a family here. we want her to know that we have her back. and we want her to get better so she can come back and impact lives of her kids here. she's out for six weeks. seeking treatment. this is her first day back. she's a second grade teacher here first time her students have seen her.
8:34 am
this song for her. line ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? cancer certainly a hard thing for anyone to go through. i'm sure it hard tore jessica to go through it coming home toll homecoming like this has got to be pretty amazing we will talk to her get her reaction to all of this quite a surprise obviously. she'te adults, tearing up as well. so what a great way to start a monday. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? >> that's precious. wow. >> pretty incredible. >> yeah. kenny, thanks. i think we all needed that today. we all needed something nice today. >> very sweet. >> hi dave.
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and if this is the worst it's going to be, i think it's pretty good week we do have mostly cloudy skies. we're a 63 degrees today north wind at 5 miles per hour. and tampa net cam showing us watch as you get sun to come up. see how beautiful that time lapse looking gorgeous. even though again we do have mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures haven't moved. haven't moved much sitting in mid 60s now tampa brandon wauchula. couple spots made back to upper 60 around we will limit our temperatures today. probably up let's say mid 70s or so. it is warmer than yesterday because of that cloud cover. we tried as hard as we could to squeeze some sprinkles out as this front came through. but really it didn't happen. ai expect a lot cloud cover high pressure builds in tonight clear and out late tonight early tomorrow morning. then the rest of the week filled
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i like to call peak peek a boo sunshine. then just in general. mostly cloudy. tonight, overnight lows near 59 degrees. tomorrow, we're back in mid 70s again. but get sunshine to come out in afternoon boater moderate chop talk to you folks today heading into coastal waters. rest of week 75, 77. even an 80 for you on friday and for saturday. how many times have you all been fishing, just to find a stowaway on your boat? has it happened to you? >> vanessa? >> well loo i wish that would happen. that's so cool. lake winter set. where is that, dave? one of southern chain of lakes near winter haven. mark smith sent this picture. he had himself a stowaway when he was bass fishing i think one pelican want one of the bass. any way one million reasons why #welivehere folks. pelicans too that never happens to me. but i'm glad it happened to mark. he captured it. enjoy that mug.
8:39 am
we will switch gears and check on roads really looks like our only concerns big ones at least along 75. we have a pair of events we're following in manatee and sarasota county areas. we'll start off with just look again at the delays we're seeing as you pass through ellington and approach state road 64. we will still have that crash with just a left lane that's blocked. but causing some major delays. you can see moderate congestion through the area as you hit that 64 exit you stil looks fruitville. oh my goodness. that pretty widespread. planning extra time or avoiding meantime our second crash reported here at the venice connector southbound as well according to authorities, we have two lanes that are blocked. but good news is here we don't see too many big delays. you do want to use caution here however. 8:39 right now. we love offer pets, we'll do anything for them. we buy them fluffy beds.
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>> bird food. >> lizard food. when they get sick we will do anything we have to make them feel better. no matter how much it cost. jen is here now with a rising cost of healthcare. for our pets. good morning. hey good morning. pets certainly know how to sink their teeth into the household budget. but the biggest culprit is the monthly visit to groomer or their gluten free diet it's their medical expenses. animal owners are digging deep into their pockets to keep their pets alive and well. $15.4 billion on veterinary care for their pets. even cost of medical supplies spending has gone up 60 percent in recent years. and it's a nab that's intrigued a lot of economist compare ever growing cost animal healthcare to rising cost of healthcare for us humans. now they point out two similarities, patients often deal with sudden ill understands decision about treatment are based on emotioned instead of
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differences, only about one's per of pets have health insurance and pelt healthcare subject to much less government regulation. but while we can't make our parents and our grandparents or cody boz or koch koch live forever he ieconomist as so i we will do whatever we can to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible and for whatever the costs may president bush isn't that the truth? sure is. i got health insurance for mine. i've thinking about doing that. it costs some money, but a peace okay. thanks, jen. talk later. antibiotics pretty controversial issue between parents and doctors. so this morning we're learning the facts. coming up we'll talk with specialist from johns hopkins
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one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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every year families face their share a cold sore throats a viruses parents want do everything they can and expect their doctors pediatricians to prescribe and antibiotics. sometimes at last just not what they, we need. get smart antibiotics week johns hopkins always childrens experts will remind prarnts to prevent antibiotic resistance david berman here to explain what we need to know. good to see awe. >> how are you? let's start with a, this is cdc message out. tell me about the week. >> so it's an initiative that the cd drvment obviously does promote. and it's about appropriate use of antibiotics. and when they are need when they are not needed and also discuss the potential side effects that the antibiotcs do have. >> there are many of them, so actually, johns hopkins all children hospital we do lot of activities going on. we were just in st. petersburg over the weekend. at the saturday morning market. to do lot of education in
8:46 am
of education with caregiver and parents. and also, our medical residents and students. and what not. so it's just really basically to increase awareness of our appropriate use of antibiotics. >> i know when i go to doctor i'm not feeling well or if i go to walk-in clinic or something like i walk in give me an antibiotic and that's what parents wan.their kids >> it's not what you want to do. realizing a cold is going to last ten tour 14 days. >> yeah on average children last and if you have your child and they are exhibiting typical cold-like symptom you might be able to wait that at out at home you do go to doctor don't go go expectation you're going to get an antibiotic doctors shouldn't have expectations patients want antibiotics. you should ask they will why they are prescribing apt biekt. you know, i think that, and we can all just talk about this. i think we're learning now. or i guess you always know
8:47 am
everything somewhere down road they may stop working for you when you really need them. true. very, very true. i think for a long time people thought they solved everything. but the biggest thing is they do not treat common cold. they do not treat viertsz. more and more we use these antibiotics and unfortunately they are not going to work any more. and, it's term called antibiotic resistance. and it's certainly is global threat right now. >> yeah. and even taking them, if it is indicated you need about taking them side effects can occur from antibiotics katie already mentioned antibiotic resistance when they no longer work. we see that. and outpatient setting we see that in patient setting adverse drug reactions also occur appear larger reaction resulting emergency room visits and hospitalizations for children as well. and there's also a form of diarrhea that a lot of people in community have heard of. that's very severe form diarrhea
8:48 am
>> so were you're treating antibiotics with antibiotics. let me ask you another question i've hearing a lot latelily tell me if this good or bad to go do if you do take them, it's not a bad idea to take some pro biekts with them. does that help or hurt? or just something that's just flat out is not true? >> well, it's a long, a difficult thing to discuss in two minutes. >> weaver got less than that. >> i know. what cases not going oh hurt whether or not it will have a substantial benefit, there is some data with c different associated diarrhea pro biebts with given antibiotic may help. i can't say it will hurt pro biekts going to cure your infection. so if doctor thinks you do need antibiotic and its indicated you still need to take that. and also, take the whole thing. >> take it as prescribed.
8:49 am
prescribed also be an advocate for your children as well and open up let your pharmacist know what else you're taking. in terms of to try to prevent other drug interactions that's very, very important too. you have to be an ad voeblth for your child as well too. >> all right. hey, thank you. thank you both for coming in good to see you come back any time. will you? thank you for having us thank you. hey charley. good day russell. cool thing about visiting dunedin high school, they got their own pipe band we will fire them up one more time. we're talking abo macbeth. when we come back we're going going to talk about all people backstage. we're going to talk special effects oh, yeah. creative types that create this stuff when good day tampa bay
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good day tampa bay. i'm charley belcher coming to you from dunedin this morning. dunedin high school where they are putting william shake spears macbeth. opening thursday night. runs thursday, friday and saturday. i definitely encourage you to get here and support fine young talent the people putting on very tough show. sydney fuller is the theater
8:53 am
fights, you can't do shakespeare without some of the violence. a kids watch lot of youtube sxe talk about latex and gelatin a lot of special effects looks. look some of the i like the look arm on that dude right there. like tattoo gone wrong. tattoo that didn't work. look some scar and faces. my man dallas right there. and witches look good over here. yeah i mean that in a good way. icy, how did you learn how to do this? >> from youtube? mostly from youtube actually working with all other girls that just as much efforts that i have. i learned so much from them. they taught them things. we just, yeah. cool. what grade are you? i'm senior. good for you. something something you want to
8:54 am
by way way sorry for eat cheerios at home. all just pretend. how did you do this >> this is actually all stuff you can buy grocery store. gel tin glycerine and water. and then foundation and all your basic stuff. foam pieces we found in the back. hand me other one you have over there. with yeah. yeah. >> so this is just like a little piece like latex you got this no that gelatin. we actually do have latex pi when this is throat is slit. >> lovely. >> stuff. i went my daughter's stuff on youtube. seeing it on youtube. man, oh, that that doesn't smell good. oh. >> yeah. yuck. but very cool. how much time does it take to get all of this done? well we did a lot of beforehand preparation knowing we will need these pieces but we only have 15 minutes between scenes to add
8:55 am
yeah. and, good luck with chest hairs coming up there. you're in high school. you'll be fine. all never get any attention always about actorsi want to go through quickly tell me what part, what will you have in show? i'm nick i'm stage manager. >> i'm brianna i'm student director. i'm have mcgregor the props massachusetts i'm on run crew. master electrician i'm jackie also massachusetts equilibrium electrician. gloria i'm ward i'm amber smith i'm lighting designer gabe oh riley i'm tech director. >> i'm master carpenter. >> i'm teah roberts assistant technical director brandon i sound technician. i am ryne powers also sound technician. my name ed i'm the set designer. >> i'm elian anderson i'm in props. i'm in props. very nice. >> look at that. then you guys, make up right?
8:56 am
yeah. >> i'm melanie i do costumes. >> i don't want to miss anybody. i do make up. very nice. >> oh. i'm steven i do costumes. very nice. all right. good. there you go. when we come back the language. we're going to breakdown the language. iambic pentameter and language that gets people so much trouble. we will break it down for you. really if you just pay in every word easier to understand then you think. much easier see it be performed than try to read it and stuff. okay. cool. very cool. thanks, man. see you later. >> all right. from diabetes to heart disease to cancer, your family history plays a part in what may affect you in the future. but that doesn't mean it has to control you. a big way you can curb risks coming up season for giving thanks. we're starting a series about
8:57 am
we're thankful for. jen's got story of one woman saying good-bye to her job after 40 years why we are amazed and grateful for her service.
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opening up.. president-elect donald trump looking toward the future - opening up. president-elect trump looking forward to the future. and opening up about his a 14-year-old deaf dog coming up the incredible rescue and how dog is doing now. and good monday more than i'm laura moody. i'm russell rhodes. outside with dave right now. it's. very. forecast? yeah. moist. damp. it's wet. not rainy just kind of wet. maybe a little sultry? i think sultry >> meteorological term. it's not warm.


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